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Full text of "Christopher Columbus, his own book of privileges, 1502 [microform] : photographic facsimile of the manuscript in the archives of the Foreign Office in Paris, now for the first time published, with expanded text, translation into English, and an historical introduction"

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150 ■^" 

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(716) S73-4503 










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Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical IMicroreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreprodiictions historiques 

V— — ^**?Hl 

Technical and Bibliographic Notas/Notas tachniquaa at bibliographiquas 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 






Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged/ 

Couvnrture endommagde 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurie et/ou pellicul^e 

I I Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps/ 

Cartes g6ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. oth»r than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relid avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
alcng interior margin/ 

La re liure serr6e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge intArieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certainos pages blanches ajout6es 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela 6tait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6x6 film^es. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-Atre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mithode normale de filmage 
sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages/ 

Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagies 

Pages restored and/oi 

Pages restauries et/ou pellicuiies 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxei 
Pages d6color6es, ^.acheties ou piqu6es 

Pages detached/ 
Pages d6tach6es 


Quality of prir 

Quality inigale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary materii 
Comprend du materiel suppl^meniaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

|~~| Pages damaged/ 

I I Pages restored and/or laminated/ 

r^ Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 

I I Pages detached/ 

I I Showthrough/ 

r~~l Quality of print varies/ 

I I Includes supplementary material/ 

I I Only edition available/ 

The C( 
to the 

of the 

the la 
first p 
or illu 


Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible Image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont dt^ filmies 6 nouveau de fapon 6 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 


right 1 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppiimentaires; 

Irregular pagination: [i] • j xvi, [1] - 150, 149 - 150, 153 • 158, 161 -162, 
161 • [285] p. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est fiimd au taux de reduction indiqu* ci-dessous 

10X 14X 18X 22X 












1 details 
uet du 
t modifier 
ger une 
> filmage 



V errata 
Id to 


fie pelure, 

pon A 




The copy filmed here ha* been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

National Library of Canada 

The Image* appearing here are the beat quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and In keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or Illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated Impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — ^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol T (meaning "END"), 
whichever eppliea. 

Mapc. plates, charts, etc.. may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely Included In one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right end top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 




L'exemplaire film* fut reproduit grAce k la 
ginArositA de: 

BibliothAque nationaie du Canada 

Las imeges sulvantes ont AtA reproduites avec ie 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la netteti de l'exemplaire film4, et en 
conformity avec ies conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est ImprimAe sont filmto en commengant 
par la premier plat et en termlnant solt par ia 
dernlAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'iliustratlon. soit par ie second 
plat, salon ie cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmte en commenpant par la 
pramlAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'iiiustration et en terminant par 
la dornlAre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles sulvants apparaftra sur ia 
dernlAre image de cheque microfiche, seion Ie 
cas: Ie symbols — »• signifie "A SUIVRE", Ie 
symbols V signifie "FIN". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent Atre 
fiimts k des taux de rMuction diffirents. 
Lorsque Ie document est trop grand pour Atre 
reproduit en un seul cllchA, 11 est fiimA A partir 
de I'angle supArleur gauche, de gauche A droite. 
et de haut en bas. en prenant Ie nombre 
d'Images nAcessalre. Les diagrammes sulvants 
lliustrent ia mAthoda. 













f I 



^i)ii<itopi)tv @Dlumi)usi 



















/■'acsimile oj 



( 'Ml/' 





I llumimited 


Xotiiriii! (Ill 


is on pi, 

Dot I'MHM 

6us ii (•( 
//., 14 
1405, (I 
DocuMES r 

IIIISWKK IKt.'..;-''. Willi IINMIAM ANIlIll, nKlKS COimi, 
1 IIASl mV I.A>K, l.OMK.)N. 


I 493. '\ 




llluminattd arms oj Christopher Columbus according to the /.etttis 
Patent 0/ 20 May, 1493 .... Front npific 

Contents i-iv 

Pre/ace V-xil 

Faisimite of the bag of Cordovan leather belonging to Columbus, Jact xvi 

liy Henry Harrisse. 

Chapltr I. Origin <'/ Iht four (arlulan'ts prtfiirej hy orJtr of ChriUophfr 

Columhis in \%0i. I'rtstntation of tno of Hum to Iht Htptihtic of (1:110,1 xiii 

Chapter II. A diuovtry ,imong Iht Anhivti of thi Ptptirtnunt of horti):,n 

Affairs in Paris kxi 

Chiipttr III. Whtn ami h,m' iii,i the Paris cartulary tnltr the Archirtt of tin 

Stall Dipartmtnl I xxv 

Chapter IV. Compariion of the Paris, Genoa, and (lost) Hoston lartiilarifs . xxxiii 
Chapter V. The coat of arms which is emblazoned in the original Paris and 

Genoa cartularies xl 

Chiipter V'l. No heraldic motto in the Paris and Genoa cartularies ... xlv 

Chapltr VII. Description of the d,<cumentt ,omprise<l in the Paris cartulary . xlviii 
Chapter Vlll. The autograph letters of Columbus to Nicol'o Clerigo and the 

Office of St. George IxiJi 

Chiipter l.\. The engraving of the Monastery of las Cueras and of the mansion 

if Fernando Co.'ui, bus Ixv 

Reproduced in facsimile loith transliteration and translation. 

Illuminated title-page 5 

llluminattd arms as drawn %ep by Columbus ..... 7 

Notarial dalaration of the trau.uription, ma<le for Columbus, of the 
folio;, ing thirty five documents { The end of this declaration 
is on pages 177-181.) . ^January, 1502 10 

Doif.MKM I. Warrant to Francis de Soria to deliver to Colum- 
bus a copy of the privileges and con/irmalions of the Admiral of 
Castile (.repeated at page 122) . . 2^ April. 1497 10 

Authenticated copy of the eon/irmation and ampli/ications by fohn 
II., 1416 and 1411;, of the patent of Henry III., 4 April, 
\\oi, appointing .Alfonso hnriques Admiral of Castile. The 
certiluate of collation is dated \x, Nov., 1489 . . , . '337 

Ducv.MK.\ r II. Confirmation of the eapilulition or articles of 1 7 
April. \.\e)2— the following patents granted to Columbus : 
(a) Commission as .Admiral. 

ib) Commission as I'iieroy and Governor General, 
c) Right to a tenth of all gold, precious stones, merchan- 
dise, etc. 

(d) Cognizance of suits arising from the trade of his 

(e) Right to contribute an eighth of the cost and take an 

eighth of the profits of all vessels trading in his Ad- 
miralty 2;, April, 1407 3749 
Docr.MEM III. Confirmation, 23 April, 1407, ,;/ //;,• letters patmt 
of ;,(i .Ipril, 1492, conferring on Columbus the rank of Ad- 
miral. Viceroy, and Governor of the land he might discover, i,'ith 
recital 0/ these letters patent and their confirmation, 2S May, 
M^^i, after his first voyage 21, April. 1497 49-66 

i A 

Docr\tEST A /'/. Ddivfrx otdcr 

Poci'MUM /{'. Concession to Columbus (OMaruiMg txpeusis and 

till itghlh and It-nth of tht projils . . . 1 3 /«««•, 1497 
DociMKM r, Otd,r/or the iiptointrntnt 0/ deputies chosen by the 

Crown and Columbus tht better to ascertain his part 0/ the 

Xains 30 A /ay, i.\()y 

DocuMii\r VI. Instmetions to Columhus for the seltUment of the 

Indies Without date [2i ^Ipri/, i^gj] 

Docr.w/ixr VI I. Order for the supply of prox'isions for the Indies 

at customary priies 2}, April, I4()7 

DociMhxi I ill. Instructions to Columbus and Antonio de Torres 

as to settlers, stora, and provisions . . . ty/une, 14^7 
Doci\\/K.\i IX. Hevocatton of the Licence of \o April, i4i-)t„ yor 

t'oyai^es of discovery, with recital of Licence . i fune, 1497 
IJocc'.wK.vr ,\. A'emission of duty and toll upon fmiian exports 

and imports 2 \, April, 1497 

DocrMUxr XI. Further remissions, with Crown officers' note that 

these shall be observed frotn 1 January, 1498 . b May, I4<j7 
I)i\i:^//-:.vr X/I. /'atent alAwifii^' persons x'uilty of certain crimes 

to settle in Ilispaniola, at their own cost, with a prospective 

pardon 22 June, 1497 

DociME.wr XIII. Order to the judicial officers that persons .'table 

to banishment are to be sent to Ilispaniola . 22 June, 1497 
PiHVMExr XIV. Order to the O'ovcrnor of Seville to receive such 

prisoners and deliver them I'll board . 22 June, 1197 

Docf.ufxr A'/'. H'anant for the seizure and freightage of 

... 22 June, 1497 

er for corn from the A'oyal Stores 
for /he Indies 22 June, 1407 

Docr.MK.vr X I'll. Repetition of the warrant to I'rancis de Soria 
(see Ih>e. /.. page \o) 2^ April, 1407 

Doci-.MKxr X VIII. Authority to Columbus to take into pay 3.50 
Pi. -sons 23 April, 1497 

I),'cr.\/j;xr XIX. Mandate for payment of wages upon the Ad- 
miral's warrants .23 April, no7 

DciCVMF.xr XX. Mandate for repayment of advances made by 
Columbus 9 May, 1497 

DocrMF..VT XXI. Licence and authority to Columbus to increase 
the number of persons to 500 (r/. pages i 22-1 25, Av. XVIII) 

2 3 should be 23 April, 14^7 

Docr.MF..\r X.XII. .Authority to Columbus to apportion land 
amongst the settlers in the Indies . . 22 /«/><, 1497 

Docc.UFxr XXIII. Commission to liartholomexv Columbus to be 
" Adelantado" of the Indies .... 22 July, 1497 

I.)oci/.Mi.xr XXIV. Authority to Columbus to pay wages, ite., 
from the merchandise ,ind other things ichiJi may be obtained 
in the Indies . . . . .23 Pee.. 1497 

Docf.MhXi A'A'/'. Authority to the lUshop of Hadajos and the 
Admiral to contract lor provisions 23 /V.., 1497 

Doer.Mt.xi XXVI. Mandate ordering the people in the Indies to 
obey the Admiral as Viceroy and (unernor . \(i.liig., 1404 

D('(. r\'FX r .X.Xl'II. .Mandate ordering toptanis and mariners to 

obey the Admiral as Captain-General 2S .JA/r. 1403 

DvKi'VESf XXVIII. Authority to the person whom Columbus 

might appoint to act in his absence, to grant decrees ana' iharters, 

sealing theni with the royal seal 2>fs May, 1493 









106- 1 13 
i'3 "7 
I I 7- 1 1 8 
1 1 S 1 2 1 
1 22 

I 22- 1 .'5 



I 26- 1 29 
I -JO- 1 33 

1.^7 13S 









































DociwfKf/r XXIX. Licence or lulhorily Uaviiig to iht Admiral 

the sole right of appointinf; fits officers (c/. the second articli 

of the Capitulation, piij;e A,2) . . . . 38 J/<;/, 1493 I4'^-I49 

DocvMKsr XXX. Utters patent authoriJng thi Admiral to create 

the sort of entail called " Mayorazgo" . . i^ April, \^()J 149-161 

Docv.MKsr XXXI. Letter from Ferdinand and Isabella inviting 

the Admiral to the Court at Jtarcelona . 30 v1/(?r<-//, 1493 161-163 

Docc'.wK.vr XXXfl. Letter from Isabella sending the Admiral a 
trannript of a tool: left by him, and asking for a sailing chart 
whieh lie was to prepare .... S -!>ept., 1493 163-165 XXXI/L Letter from Ferdinand ana Isabella in 
r,ply to letters from the Admiral by Antonio de Torres ; they 
send supplies, express their vexation at the things done contrary 
to his wish, and recall Jiernal de J'isa . . 13 ///r//, 1494 165-166 

Diic( '.MKxr A' A' AY y. Letter from Ferdinand and Isabella promis- 
ing great rewards to the Admiral, desiring information about 
the Indies and sending the Articles of the Convention tilth 
Portugal lb Aug., 1494 166-170 

Docf.yfF.Nr XXXV. Warrant to the Admiral and Fonseca to fit 

out the second expedition .... 34^1/(1^,1493 1 70- 177 

End of the Notarial deelaalion (commenced on page 10) of tlw 

transcription of the foregoing documents . . . . 177-181 

DocrMKSr XXX yi. Hull of I'ope Alexander VI,, with notarial 

certificate, y^ Pre., \ioj, should be \^o\ . 4 vl^iy, 1493 183-197 

Docc.stKxr X.\'X I'll. Mandate ordering the delivery or restitu- 
tion of property to the /Idmiral and his brothers, in reparation 
of iorouf^s committed by Hohadilla . . , 37 .SV//,, 1 501 198-305 XXX I 'III. Warrant to Commander de Lares to 

execute /he preceding 2S Sept., 1501 205-306 

Doctwihxr XXXIX. IVarrant to Ximines de liriviesca to give the 
.Idmiral an account of the merchandise to be conveyed to the 
Indies, that he might Jurnish the eighth part . 27 Sept., 1501 206-309 

£)occ:vf:.vr XL. Letter from Ferdinand and Isabella respecting 

the arrangements for the fourth voyage . l.\ Alurch, 1502 309-213 

DocrMF..\r XLI. Fepetition of the lapitulation or articles of 

\-] April, i.(<)2 ((/. /'(j;Y5 42-45) 3 1 8-23 1 

Docrsihsr XLI I, Legal opinion as to the right of Columbus to 
the third, eighth, and tenth, under the capitulation of i 7 April, 

1493 332-236 

DocfMKNT XLI 11. Declaration explaining the rights and privi- 
leges of Columbus under the five articles of the capitulation . 329-245 

Docr.MK.S'r XLIV, Co/y of the letter of Columbus to Juana de 

I'orres, Nurse of Prince Don John of Cat/ He . . .1500 346-265 

Tlio following; four docuiiKMits from tlm Genoa Archives arc added : — 
Columbus to iVicolb Oderigo (autograph letter) 2 1 March. 1 502 268 

Columbus to the of St. George (autograph letter) 2 April, 1 50? 271 

Columbus to A'ieolii Oderigo (autograph letter) . 27 M'.., 1504 272 

Decree of the Republic of Genoa signifying cuceptance of the two 

Cartularies lojanuary, 1670 375 

INDEX 377 

iii A 2 


Patint appointing Alfonso Enriquts Admiral of Castile; 

confirmed and am f>lified IT Aug., 1^16, and 6 June, 1419. Doc. /., 13-37 

'J'/ie Capitulation or Articles agreed upon bttiveen Columbus 

and Ferdinand and /saMta. Doc. XL/., ai8-3ii 

The Kingand Queen to Columbus. Doe. XXXI., 161-162 

Hull of Pope Alexander VI. Doc. XXXVI., 181-197 

Warrant to fit out the second expedition. Doc. XXXV., 170-177 

Mandate ordering captains and mariners to obey the 

Admiral as Captain-General. Doc. XXVII., 141-143 

Authority to Columbus's deputy to grant charters and use 

the royal seal. Doc. XXVIII., i4S-'46 

Licence leaving to Colu mbus the sole right of appointing officers. Doc. XXIX. , 146-149 
Queen Isabella to Columbus. Doe. XXXII., 162-165 

7'he King and Queen to Columbus. Doc. XXXIII., 165166 

ne King and Queen to Columbus. Doc. XXX/V., 166-170 

Mandate ordering the people in the Indies to obey the 

Admiral as Viceroy and Corernor. Doc. XXVI., 138-141 

ll'arrant to Francis de Sorta. Docs. /. and XVII., 10 and 121 

4 April, 


17 April, 


30 March 


4 May, 


24 May 


28 May, 


28 May, 


28 May, 


S Sept., 


13 April, 


if> Aug., 


16 Aug., 


23 April, 


23 April, 


13 April, 


[2 i April, 


13 April, 


23 April, 


33 April, 


23 April, 




2,1 April, 


6 .U.iy, 


9 /,/ay, 


30 M.iy, 


2 June, 


1 2 June, 



1 497. 

21 June, 


12 June, 


2 2 June, 


2 2 June, 


21 June, 


22 July, 


2 2 July, 


23 Dec, 


33 Dec, 


27 Sept., 


27 Sept., 


28 S-pt., 


5 ./■"'•. 




Ni't dated. 

Not dated. 



Confirmation of the capitulation of 17 April, 1492. 

Confirmation if letters patent of y> April, 1492. 

Instriictiont to Columbus for the settlement of the Indies. 

Order to supply provisions at customary prices. 

Remission of duly and loll on Indian exports and imports. 

Authority to Columbus to take into pay 330 persons. 

Mandate for payment of wages on the Admiral's variants. 

liicnce lo Columbus to increase the persons in his pay to 500. 

Letters Patent to Columbus to create an intail. 

Further remission of duties and tolls. 

Mandate for the repayment of advances made by Columbus. 

Order lo appoint deputies. 

A'eiiYalion of licence of 10 April, 1495. 

Concession lo Columbus concerning expenses and the eighth 

and tenth of the profits. 
Instrucliom to Colum.'us as to settlers, etc. 
Patent allowing criminals to settle in Ilispaniola. 
Order that persons liable to banishment be sent to Ilispaniola. 
Order lo the Goiemor of Seville to receive such prisoners 

and d.liver them on board. 
Warrant for seizure and freightage of vessels. 
Delivery order for corn f.. mi the A'oyal Stores. 
Authority to Columbus to apportion land amongst the settlers. 
Commission to Hartholomni' Columbus. 
Authority to Columbus to pay wages, etc., from the merchan- 
dise obtained in the Indies. 
Authority to the lUshop of Dadajos and the Admiral to 

contract for provisions. 
Columbus to the Xurse of Prince Don John of Castile. 
Mandate ordering dciiv/ry or restitution of property lo 

Columbus and his brothers. Doc. XXXl'II, 198205 

Warrant to Ximenes de Priviesca. Doc. XXXIX., 206-209 

Warrant to the Commander de Lares. Doc. XXXVIII, 205 -20^) 

Notarial certificate. Pages 10 <J';i 177181 

The King and Queen to Columbus. Doc. XL., 209-213 

Ijgal opinion as to the right of Columbus to the third, 

eighth, and tenth, under the capitulation of \T April, ncft. Doe. XLII, 222-226 
Declaration explaining the rights and privileges of Columbus 

under the five arti,lcs of the capitulation. Doe. XLIII., 229245 


Doc. II., 37-49 

Doc. Ill, 49-66 

Doe. VI., 73.78 

Doc. VII., 78-82 

/'(V. X., 98-10 r 

Doc. XVIII., 122-125 

Doc. XIX., 125-126 

Doc. XXI., 1 26. 1 29 

Dk'c. XXX., 149-161 

Doc. XI., 101-106 

Doc. XX., 126 

Doc. v., 69-70 

Doc. IX., 89.98 

Doc. /K, 6669 

Doc. VIII.,i39.<) 

Doc. XII., 106 113 

Doc. XIII., 1 13-117 

Doc. XIV., 1 1 7-1 18 

Doc. XV., II8-I2I 

Div. X VI., 1 2 1 - 1 2 2 

')oc. AXII, 129-1J3 

DiV. XXIII. , 133-137 

DiV. XXIV., 137 

D,v. XXV., 137-138 
D,\. XI.IV, 246-265 

sj^crcs, r 
his kccj 
the Art 
he left 1 
and in a 
A I 
in peruj 
after ma 
the pre.': 
of Mam 



Doc. /., 13-37 

Doc.XLl., t\Zii\ 
Doc. XXXI., 161-16J 
)0C. XXXVI., 182-197 
Doc. XXXV., 1 70- « 77 

Doc. XXVII., i4'M5 

W. XXVIII., M5-M6 
Doc. XXIX., 146-149 
Doc. XXXII, 163-165 
W. XXXIII, 165166 
M. XXXIV., 166-170 

Doc. XXVI., i38-'4i 

ndXVII, xaami\ji 

Doc. II., 37-49 

Z;c<-. ///., 49-66 

Doc. VI., 73-78 

Doc. VII., 78-82 

y)(V. A'., 98-101 

Doc. XVllI, 122-125 

/Joe. AV.V., 125-126 

Doc. XX I, 126-129 

Doc. XXX., 1. 19 161 

ZJtv. A'/., 101-106 

Doc. XX, 1 26 

Doc. v., 69-70 

yv.-. /A'., 89.98 

Doc. /K, 6669 

/)rv. VIII.,%if-^ 

Doc. XII, 106 113 

. Doc. XIII., 113-117 

Doc. XI v., 1 1 7- II 8 
Doc. XV., 118-12 1 

/J.V. XVI. , I2I-I22 

I0C. AX/I, 129-133 
Div.XXI/I, 133-' 37 

ZW. A'AT/K, 137 

Doc. XXV, 137-138 
/M-. A7./K, 246-265 

)rv. A'A'Arr//., 198-205 
t'(;.-. AA'A'/.V., 206-209 
■. XXX V///, 205 206 

/'iJ^'M 10 <J«J 177181 

/;i)<-. XL, 209-213 

/)lV. AT///., 2222^6 

Doc. XLIII., 229 245 


'OME years ago, in the interchange 
of civihtles and comiiHmcnts touch- 
ing rare manuscripts, I had an 
opportunity of asking M. Girard 
dc Rialle, the learned Director of 
the Archives des Affaires Etran- 
gercs, Paris, to let me sec the most precious document in 
his keeping. Replying that the most precious object in 
the Archives was not readily accessible to his assistants, 
he left mc, returning in a few minutes with a small folio 
volume, which on opening I found to my delight and 
surprise to be Christopher Columbus's own Book of 
Patents, Privileges and Concessions granted to him by 
Eerdinand and Isabella, a manuscript of exquisite beauty 
and in an almost perfect state of preservation. 

Anticipating the great pleasure stutlents would feel 
in perusing the text of the su[)erior of the two existing 
transcripts of the Codex in the \ery form in which 
Columbus took so much pains to preserve it, I conceived, 
after many months' careful consideration, the plan of making 
the present companion volume to my series of Eacsimiles 
of Manuscripts in luiropean Archives relating to America. 
That plan involvetl the separate steps of photographic 
reproduction, transliteration and translation, with the 
addition of some autograph letters of Columbus, and an 
Historical Introduction which should bring Columbian 
bibliographical and historical information concerning this 
cartulary down to the present time. 

My application to the Erench Government for per- 
mission to photograph the whole volume was transmitted 
through Mr. Whitelaw Reid, the Am(;rican Minister, with 

V A3 


a cordial letter of commendation, and was supported by 
Mr. Henry Vignaud, the Secretary of Legation, himself a 
zealous and enlightened antiquary. It was known that I 
had had considerable experience in making photographic 
facsimiles of documents, and the Director of the Archives 
became much interested in my project. Both he and 
M. Ribot, the then Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 
heartily recommended it to the Commission des Archives 
Diplomatiqucs, a board of control consisting of a Presi- 
dent, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, and about twenty- 
five members. In tlue time my rccjuest was granted on 
the general grounds that it was prudent to let the Codex 
be reproduced in facsimile by some absolutely permanent 
process, and that the multiplication and distribution of 
copies would tend to the better preser\'ation of this 
original text, which in certain respects differs from that 
of the Genoa Codex. 

I was permitted to erect a studio In the garden of 
the Foreign Oftice for the purpose of making my photo- 
graphs, and every facility, under most liberal limitations, 
was cxtentlcd to me and to the operators by the officials 
and attendants of the Archival Department. 

For each separate part of my j)lan I have Ijecn so 
fortunate as to secure the cordial assistance and co-opera- 
tion of the best exjierts, while my own experience in 
printing was of material use to me in the arrangement of 
type and in interleaving the manuscript so that all facing 
pages, whate\er their (luantity of matter (cf pp. 106 and 
166), should have the corresponding amount of trans- 
literation and translation. 

In the transliteration the contractions have been ex- 
panded and a few stt)ps have been introduced, but these, 
with the usual difference in the use of capital letters, are 
the only alterations that have been made. \Vhere\er it 
has been found necessary to emend the text, the reading 
suggested is added in a bracket. Many Latin phrases in 
the Bull of Alexander vi. are faulty in spelling, and it has 
been thought better not to oxerload the transliteration with 
bracketed words, but to give at the foot of each of these 
six pages a cojjy of the text from the Bullarium. I do not 


know wi 
other sci 
to each > 

Mr. Bar 


lation as 


the circl 


" wheelei 

such a ci 

arc meni 
in which 
retain th( 
the cqui) 
that tim 
Fanega : 


Nurse (j 

jaz fase c 

Pedro, y 

as obscii 
ti ' " • 

jaZ IS : 

can be n 

•' f^ , " 
lase = 







tion, it i 


shown ii 


;upportccl by 
on, himself a 
<nown that I 
the Archives 
3oth he and 
reign Affairs, 
des Archives 
of a Presi- 
ibout twenty- 
s granted on 
et the Codex 
ly permanent 
istribution of 
ation of this 
;rs from that 

he garden of 
ig my plioto- 
al hmitations, 
y the officials 

have i)ecn so 
and co-opera- 
cxperience in 
rrangcment of 
that all facing 
'. pp. 106 and 
unt of trans- 
have been ex- 
ed, but these, 
tal letters, are 
\Vhere\'cr it 
t, the reailing 
tin phrases in 
ng, and it has 
literation with 
each of these 
urn. I do not 

know whether the Bull in the other codices, if made by 
other scribes, was more or less accurate than this. 

In the translation every effort has been made to give 
to each wr 1 its due force, and, by adopting a strictly literal 
renderiuf o avoid warping the sense. The following 
illustrati' •;.. points may be specially mentioned. 

(i.) " Frivilegio rodado" (pp. 25, 57): this is not, 
Mr. Barwick thinks, to be found in any Spanish-English 
dictionary, which no doubt accounts for its previous trans- 
lation as " a privilege done up in a roll " ; it is here 
rendered " a privilege with the circle of signatures," and 
the circle is really a round robin having the King's 
signature in the centre. The word " rodado" (//V. 
"wheeled") admirably expresses the appearance which 
such a circle presents. 

(ii.) In pp. 74, 85, etc., several measures of capacity 
are mentioned ; they are probably Castilian, but as such 
measures varied very considerably, according to the province 
in which they were used, it has been thought advisable to 
retain them in the translation, and to mention here that 
the equivalents of the Casti'ian or standard measures at 
that time were approximately : Azumbre = 3 quarts ; 
Fanega = ij bushels; Cahiz = 12 fanegas = 18 bushels. 

(iii.) A passage in the Letter of Columbus to the 
Nurse (p. 246), " Sy yo robara las Yndias o tierra que 
jaz fase ellas, de que agora es la fabla, del altar de Sant 
Pedro, y las diera alos moros," has hitherto been regarded 
as obscure. But it has apj)arently escaped notice that 
"jaz " is simply an old form of " yaz " ( = yace), while there 
can be no doubt that, as already suggested by Mr. Major, 
" fase " = fasia (= hacia). With this r'^iading the passage 
makes both good Spanish and good sense, and its 
punctuation becomes intelligible. 

The ink used in the manuscript is generally well 
preserved, but where the writing is very heavy in the 
initial letters and opening words of some of tne docu- 
ments, and occasionally in the closer writing and folia- 
tion, it is partly perished, leaving a bronzed or metallic 
appearance. Instances in which this has occurred are 
shown in the broken lines in the facsimile, see pages 107, 


In other plr 


III, 112, 148, 152, 155, etc. in other places mere 
arc evidences of the use of a drying powder, which 
still adheres to the ink. 

The rubrications or lines and flourishes at the foot of 
every page to the end of the Privileges (p. 2 12) are not 
mere meaningless ornaments, but the rubricas, or personal 
and peculiar flourishes of the scriveners or notaries, giving 
to every page thus marked the utmost validity. It will be 
noticed that neither these rubricas nor any authenticating 
certificates appear on the subsequent documents. 

To the manuscript volume I have ventured to add 
three autograph letters of Columbus, and the Decree of 
the Republic of Genoa in 1670 heretofore un{)ublished, 
all relating tothe transmission of the precious documents to 
Genoa and their future preservation. It seems to me that 
there is no ambiguity in these letters. I (juote for ready 

reference v - Ct)luinl)iis to Odcrigo. 21 M.irch, 1502 (p. 268). 

" I have tjivcn the book of my writings to Mcsscr 
Francesco tli Rivarola, in order that he may send it to you, 
witii aiKither transcript of letters missive. . . . Another similar 
one shall be finished and sent to )'ou in the same manner, and by 
the s.ime Messer Trancesco; you will find a new writing^ in it." 

ColumbustothcBankof St.deor^e. aApril, i502(p.27i). "I 
h.avesent him [( )dcri;^()l thetranscriptof my privile^esand letters." 

Columbus to Oderii^M). 27 Dec, 1504 (p. 272). "When I 
set out upon the voya.L,re frou) which I have just arrived ... I 
left with I'rancesco di Kivarola a book of tr.mscriiits of letters 
and anniher of my privilej^es in a b.ig of coloureil cordovan, 
with. I silver lock, and two letters for the Office of S.iint Geoi\u,^e. 
... I left .inothcr biK)k of my privileges, like the abovesaid, ;it 
( "ailiz with Franco Catanio . . . in order that he mii.,dit forward 
it to you in like maimer." 

I\Iy own belief is that the notaries put the vellums 
containing the Patents and Privileges together in the usual 
form, making them into one "book," and then they put the 
other letters and writings together to form another " book," 
and that these two books, in notarial style, but unbound, 
were placed in the ixig for transmission to Genoa. 

Perhaps a careful description of the present appear- 
ance of the Paris Code.x will i)e my best argument as to 
the absence of any anticjue binding, and at the same time 
these particulars may have other interest. The volume, 
now boimd in green morocco stamped with the arms 



r places there 
)owder, which 

s at the foot of 
). 212) arc not 
as, or personal 
lotarics, givinif 
ity. It will be 

mturcd to add 
the Decree of 
z unpublished, 
s documents to 
cms to me that 
uotc for ready 

ch, 1502 (p. 268). 

in_t;s to Mcsscr 

soml it to you, 

Another similar 

c manner, aiul by 

cw writing in it. " 

1.1502(1). 271). "I 


272). " When I 

>t arrived ... I 

i.scripts of letters 

loured cordovan, 

:()f Saint Georj;e. 

the abovesaid, .it 

he might forward 

ut the vellums 
icr in the usual 
en they |)ut the 
nother " book," 

but unbound, 

•resent appear- 
iroument as to 
the same time 

The volume, 
I'ith the arms 

of the Second Republic, consists of thirty eight skins of 
vellum carefully folded into seventy-six numbered leaves. 
The first leaf is blank, the second is the notarial title-page 
(p. 5), the third is the Coat of Arms (p. 7), the fourth to 
the fifty-third leaves (pp. 10 to 209) comprise the manu- 
script with the foliation i to l. There is no original 
foliation li and lii, and the Book of Patents, Privileges, 
etc., ends on the back of folio liii, i.e. on the fifty-fourth 
leaf (p. 213). Leaves fifty-five to sixty-three are blank, 
with the exception of their foliation lihi to lxii. The 
sixty-fourth leaf is folio i.xiii, on which begin the Letters 
missive and other writings (p. 218), continuing to the 
seventy-fourth leaf, which has the folio number i.xxni. 
There is no folio lxxiv. The seventy-fifth leaf has the 
folio number i.xxv, and on the reverse of this leaf the 
Codex ends (p. 265). The seventy-sixth leaf, which is 
the last original vellum in the volume, has the folio 
number i.xxvi. It should be nt)ted tlr^t the blank mem- 
branes are between the Book of Privileges and the Book 
of Letters, at the division mentioned by Columbus. 

The manuscript itself is complete and consecutive, 
notwithstanding the irregularities and omissions in the 
foliation. Lach sheet of vellum is carefully folded so that 
it becomes two leaves, and these folio sheets are sewn 
sometimes singly as two leaves and sometimes with one 
.sheet inset, so making four leaves. None of the mem- 
branes are cut in the back margins, and there are no 
.single leaves on guards or otherwise, and hence every skin 
is sewn through its own foKl. The vellums were originally 
intended to be cut to a imiform size, but in a very few cases 
some are a little short or irregular in the bottf)m margin. 
With the careful folding all the top and fore edges are very 
even, but they have ne\er been cut since being folded, nor 
have they ever been gilt. 

There arc some small holes, at irregular distances 
from the back in the inner margin, cut clean and sharp 
like worm-holes, but as lx)ok-worms K)ve not vellums these 
may have been made by other insects that are enemies to 
vellum books. There are no holes made by a needle or 
other form of [)ricking which indicate a previous stitching 

or binding, and hence one must cither assume that the sew- 
ing of the present binding was done with such unexampled 
carefuhiess as to exactly utilize all old sewmg holes or else 
that this binding, which was done between 1S48 and 1852, 
is the first that was ever put on the Paris Codex. 

At the end of the Genoa Codex is added a statement 
to the effect that four transcripts were made (see Intro- 
duction, p. xxxix), but there is nothing to indicate when 
or by whom. It was probably between March 22 and 
]\Iay 8- 10, 1502. The transcript on paper taken by 
Carvajal to the Indies early in 1502 and that on j)arch- 
nicnt deposited in the Monastery of Santa Maria de las 
Cuevas are both lost. The remaining two are the Paris 
and Genoa Codices. 

Adverting to the abo\c quotations, Columbus, March 

21, in the confident expectation of being able to get one 
of the transcri{)ts finished ready tor transmission that day 
witii his letter, writes to Oderigo that he is forwarding it, 
and that another shall he soil. He failed, however, to get 
this transcript from the notaries until the next day, March 

22, as appears by the date of the notarial certificate on page 
213. This great haste may j)erhaps partly explain the 
errors in the foliation of the Paris Codex. 

In the meantime the [)romised ^///i7'coj)y was finished. 
The certificate on page 213 is the same in both codices, 
and both bear the same date, March 22. 

The "new writing" may be the letter from the King 
and Queen dated at Valencia de la Torre, Alarch 14, i 502, 
which Columbus received at the " very time of his depar- 
ture" and caused to be inserted at the end of his Book of 
Privileges, so that the transcript is certified only a week 
later than the date of the original letter. lie marks his 
sense of the importance of this " new writing," not only by 
mentioning it in his letters to Oderigo, Imt also by himself 
marking on one of tlie transcripts (that now in Paris), in 
red ink, the hand pointing to a i)articular passage. 

Instead of giving the two cojjies to Rivarola for 
transmission as intended March 21, he gave him only one, 
in the bag with the silver lock, and two letters for the 
Office of Saint George, and there could have been no time 



lat the scw- 
\olcs or else 
Sand 1852, 

a statement 
(sec Intro- 
licatc when 
roll 22 and 
r taken by 
t on parch- 
laria de las 
e the Paris 

bus, March 

to .i;ct one 
on that day 
ir\var(hnt( it, 
ve\er, to <^ct 

dav, March 
catc on pa,t;e 

explain the 

,vas finished, 
loth codices, 

m the KinjT 
ch 14, 1502, 
)f his dcpar- 
his Book of 
only a week 
c marks his 
' not only by 
;o by himself 
in Paris), in 

Rivarola for 
lim only one, 
tters for the 
been no time 

for binding, as he writes on April 2 thr.. it had been sent. 
The other he retained about a fortnight in Seville and took 
with him to Cadiz, where, before his departure for the Indies, 
he gave it to Catanio, also for transmission to Oderigo (letter 
of Dec. 27, 1 504). It is possible that in this broken interval 
of less than seven weeks the manuscript may have been 
bound, a theory in accordance with that of eminent Genoa 
antiquaries, who believe their volume was bound before it 
was transmitted by Columbus, and that it is now in the 
original Spanish binding of 1502. The alt^ernative, and 
perhaps the probability, is that the interval may have been 
occupied in executing the table of contents, the marginal 
prdcis, and the ornamental initials and borders of that 
transcript, and that the volume may have been bound by 
Oderico on the occasion of the presentation of the 
cartularies to the Republic in 1670. That binding will 
undoubted!^ be technically described in the " Raccolta di 
Documenti e Studi " now being issued, and as, according 
to the foliation in the table of contents, some blank leaves 
between the " Book of Privileges " and the " Book of 
Letters" are missing, and as the subsequent foliation 
appears to have been tampered with, some particulars on 
these points will surely be included. The volume easily 
enters the cordovan bag (p. xvi). 

It is presumed that Columbus, March 21, had already 
obtained, for the two transcripts, when completed, bags of 
coloured cordovan with silver locks, as he says " another 
similar one [transcript] s/ia// be scni in the same manner" 
and that these bags were for the preservation of the 
•' books " of privileges and " books " of letters and were in 
lieu of substantial bindings. Probably the bag that 
originally covered the transcript now designated as the 
Paris Codex was never forwarded from Italy, or else one 
bag may have been lost at the time of the respective 
bindings, whether in Spain, Italy, or France. 

My projected reproduction in facsimile of the Paris 
Codex naturally suggested to th : Italians the reproduction 
of their own Codex. The City of Genoa has this year 
made a limited number of facsimiles of it bv phototype, 
but without any transliteration, translation or introduction, 




for presentation to certain dignitaries and to those 
Governments wiiose men-of-war participated in the 
naval functions and manoeuvres in Genoese waters on 
the occasion of tiie Columbian celebration there in 

It may be mentioned that the Royal Italian Columbian 
Commission announces that a transliteration and translation 
into Italian of the Genoa Codex (but without photographic 
facsimile) wiliap{)ear in the" Raccoltadi DocumentieStudi, " 
Part II., with an Introduction by the learned antiquaries 
Professor I-uigi Tommaso Belgrano and the Marquis 
Marccllo Staglicno. The expressed opinion of the Marcjuis 
Staglieno and Signor i\ngelo Boscassi, the Director of the 
Archives at Genoa, is that the Genoa transcript is much less 
pel feet than the one taken to Paris by order of Napoleon i. 
and wliicii is now preserved in the 1* rench capital. This 
inxites the following very superficial comparison. The 
Paris Codex contains an addition.!.! transcript of the 
Articles of April, 1492, l)age 218, on which Columbus 
bases his claims and arguments, pages 222-245, while its 
text of the Letter to the Nurse is more extended, as 
mentioned in Mr. Ilarrisse's Introduction. The Genoa 
\()liime contains the table of contents inserted before the 
Codex, the marginal precis, and the statement already 
referred to. The Juller text of the Paris Codex is shown 
by my facsimile. The Genoa C-odex is in another hand, 
more neatly and legibly written, with beautiful arabesijue 
ornaments by i)en and by brush, and many of its initial 
letters are artistically illuminated. 

To all contro\ersialists and especially to those writers 
who claim that there were no portraits of Columbus made 
during his lifetime, I have nothing to .say ; but those 
who are much more imaginati\e and who would like to 
find fices for their fancies whether of Columbus, his sons, 
or of the notaries and scribes, may refer to the notarial 
title-page of the Paris Codex, where they will find sketch 
faces in the v of the last line, in the k of the third line, 
and in the first letter of the page. Different ones there 
and elsewhere arc in the Genoa Codex. These faces 
were drawn at a period when portraits or grotesques were 


id to those 
itcd in the 
c waters on 
)n there in 

n Columbian 
k1 translation 
(1 antiquaries 
the Marquis 

the Marquis 
irector of the 
t is much less 
' Napoleon i. 
ij)ital. This 
u'ison. The 
cript of the 

1 Columbus 
!45, while its 
extended, as 

The Genoa 

d before the 
iTient alreatly 
dex is shown 
.nother hand, 
ful arabes(|ue 

of its initial 

those writers 
lumbus maile 
1 ; but those 
would like to 
bus, his sons, 
) the notarial 
11 find sketch 
he third line, 
It ones there 

These faces 
3tcsqucs were 

sometimes introduced into initial letters in English, 
French, Italian and Spanish manuscripts. 

In conclusion, I give my heartiest thanks to all those 
who from the outset have given me their most cordial co- 
operation and assistance. I am indebted to M. Girard 
de Rialle, the helpful Director of the Foreign Office in 
Paris, and to his courteous assistants ; to Mr. Henry 
Vignaud, my never-failing friend at the American Embassy ; 
to M. Gruel, for his technical examination of the binding 
and his opinions, which coincide with those of M. de Rialle 
and with my own ; to Mr. James Fletcher, the United 
States Consul at Genoa, and through him to Baron 
Podestd (Mayor of Genoa), the Marquis Staglieno, Signor 
Grillo, and Mr. William Smith, for numerous courtesies ; 
to Signor Boscassi for the photograph of the bag at page 
xvi ; to Mr. G. F. Barwick, for his transliteration and 
translation ; to Mr. R. E. G. Kirk, for valuable assis- 
tance in proof-reading the transliteration and translation ; 
to Messrs. Palm Brothers, who have made the paper in 
close imitation of that used four bundled years ago; to 
Mr. Zaehnsdorf, who has assisted me in carrying out a 
binding of the period ; and finally, I am grateful to Mr. 
Henry Harrisse for his scholarly Introduction. To Messrs. 
Malby and Sons, who made the photographic plates, and 
printed in colours the Coats of Arms and the manuscript 
title-page, and to the Chiswick Press for its careful printing, 
the higliest praise I can give is to refer to this finished 


November, iSqj 

B. F. S. 



_ The cl 
assi^Mi pcrp 
Giort,'io," c 
the New W 
duty or tax 
Cohimbus t 
to him fors 
Majesties a 

■ ll\L' I'ikb 
- (/,/(,;.//, Ni 
llllllll till' (l.ltu 
Xivt'li lu OliKK 

fust (line at I 

Jr. II, liming; « 

but sulisfi|iiciii 





Orijiin of the Four Carlnlayics pnfarcd by order of 

Christopher Columbus in 1 502. Presentation of 

two of them to the Republic of Genoa. 

In tlie hope of rcprcssini^ tlie tlt.'prcilations committed on 
l,ij,'uriaii vessels by Catalan and Majorcan seamen, the 
Republic of Genoa sent Nicolo Odcrijjo to Spain, in 
1501, as special envoy to I'erdinand and Isabella.' 
Christopher Columbus sou^jht his acfiuaintance at 
Granaila, and hail such tre(|uent intercourse with liim 
during' his embassy, that in one of his letters he 
speaks of thi; (ienoese iliploniatist as "knowinj^ more 
about his (Columbus's) own affairs than he ilid himself."' 
The chief to[)ic discussed was the intention on tiie part of Columbus to 
8ssi},'n perpetually to the Hank of St. George, then called the " Ufticio di San 
Giorj,Mo," one-tentii of his income arising; from all his rights and privilej^c.s in 
the New World. The object of the intended j^ift was to reduce the customs- 
duty or ta.\ laid upon provisions brought into the city of Genoa.' Doubtless 
Columbus then also informeil the (ienoese ambassador of his desire to entrust 
to him for safe-keeping a certified copy of the privileges granted by their Catholic 
Majesties as a reward for the discovery of the transatlantic regions. 

Meeting with no success in his diplomatic mission, Oderigo returned to 

riii; lilc:. ill the lli'iioisc Sci ret .Vrtliivi ^., 
- (/i7/r<,//, No. .'707. '« l'.il,i//iUii, iDiUaiii, 
uiiiki till' il.itcol .\|)ril 1(1, 15 ji, the iiiilruitiuii:, 
|(i\rii lu OnKkli^ii. (01 1'Miiiis iiii't liiiii liir Ilic 
fust liiiiL- at (li.iri.iil I, in llic ^uiiiiiiLr of tluU 
y< II, (lining »lii( li tliiy liail in. my (uiilcrciucs, 
but snlist'i|miitly tluy iirvit s.iwi.u liutliiTat^ain 

II \iii 

• "Myctr Nyiolo ilc Ddcrigi) salic ilc inys 
liiliu> mas i|Uf )i> jinniiii." Lclttr of Co- 
iiMi.u.s to the Hank uf St, llcurgf, .Xptil j, 
i.Suj. /«//ii, |i.if;i J7 I. 

( iiir ( '/imli'f'/ii r i 'I'lunii'Ui ,iii,lliu- Hatik ,/ St. 
</fi'>Xc, New Voik (I.Diiilun, piivalLly |iriiitcib, 
4I0, pajii- 5. 

Italy during' the autumn of 1301, but visited Spain a^'.iin on the same errand 
llu; fdilciwinj; )car, 

Wlu-n CdtumlxH succicdcd in obtaining tin; consent of IsalK-lla that a 
fiiurtli cxiicdition, tin: last which he was ilcstincil to commaml, mIiouUI Ik: littcd 
out, his heart was soro, and tillcil with mis^ivin^js. It is rvidtnt that the 
rcculifction of till' fatiliiy with which the Oiieen. disreyjardin^; i>is positive 
ri;;hts, hail consented two years before to appoint lloliadiila to ruli; over tin: 
newly-found rej;ions, mad<' him apprehend worse treatment .still. Nor ilid he 
feel certain that in case of his death tlie privileges ^;ranteil to him would revii 
to Die^'o, his son and iieir. in lact, the le^^al advisers of th<' Crown openly 
adviK atei! tlw Capitul.itions or /Xrticles endiodyin;,' those ri|,dits were null 
and Vuiil III) initio. I heir princi[>.d ar^jiunent deserve!* to be rctalleil : 

" I'!n espeti.d por la ley dil Onlen.i- " lispcciatly, by l/ic /./.v 0/ l/ic Onti- 
myenio ile Alc.d.l . , , sy el Key iiinicc 0/ /llnt/tf, . . . /////<■ Kitij^tiutHis 
ilicre a su natural e vas.illo e vecino en ///<• _;'/-i//// in favour of our of liia iul>- 
su reino, en t.d caso vala I.i donacion j><ti luui :v..uits, auit a dtnizen in his 

i'iliXiioiii, Unit Ihc i^rant is valid to llw 
full ixhnt of lite xoonliu)^ of the duirUr 

como en la escritura ile previilejo lo 
ili\ere ; pero sy l.i donacion o iritije- 
n.icion se hi/it so en person. i no ti.itural 
iiy vecino del reiuo o estr.mjero del 
reiiio, en tal c.iso l.i don.icion o iiiaje- 
nacion ile las cosas no v.ile ny 
debe ser j;uard.ul.» ; de donde se con- 
riiive tpie pues el ilirho don Cristoval 
Colon hcra estranjero, no natural ny 
vecino il( 1 nino ny nior.ulur en el, 
sei^und I, I dicha dispusycion de la 
ilicli.i ley, la merted ipii' le hie lech.l, 
.iiincpie luer.i par.i syenipre e 
sus herederos, no valio ny si: ileve 

e////; //.;j,'c , tut if liw ^' >ant or aliiita 
lion lo maito in favour oj one w/io 1 
iioitiur a suljiii uor a ilenizrH of llit 
iialiii, or an aliiu, in utdi ai( tli 
iloiialion or alienalion is nol vaiui, autt 
oU'Jtl nol to lo ol'sonni. (\'usc;i.,-utl, 
as llic said Don Clirist^ilur L'oluinhu 
7oas a foiTii;iu-r iiHil ncf .' ■; .-. ocordeui 
-on, and /"ossossos lir.idos no domicile in 
the kiiij^doni, a, oidini^' lo llio Urtns '/ 
llio said law, this pant. althoUi^h made 
lo him and his heirs Jor tier, is not 
valid, and fliould nol Se obsirved." ' 

It was .ipparently under this impression, and for the |)urpo!e of placing 
hi yoiid the re.icli of enemies the document. iry proofs of his rij,'hts, 
Columbus, when enj,'aj^eil at .Seville ii\ |)rep,irin^ fur the lourih expedition, 
determined to liavo several le},'alised copies ol his pri\ ilexes made, and lod^;ed 
safely ill different 1)1. ices. 'I"he fat t two of these authenticated transcrijits 
were to be kept in Cicno.i, indicates perli.ips tlie hope in ease of difllculties 
the Republic vi.ild interfere oil behalf of his di scenil.mts ; as in fact it ilid 
in favour of .1 spurious (icnoise cl.iim.uit ' in 15^^'. when certain lawyers 
eiitertaiiud t!l<: belief til, it no member of the f.imily of ( '"!uiill)US then dwellin;^ 
in .Sp.iiii, vv in t'le New World, could inherit the estate. I his e.xpect.ition 
may aI,o be inferred from the letter which he addressed at tht: same time to 
the Ua.ik of St. Cjtorj^e, conveying' the information that steps had been taken 

' Atsfutil,! ,i 1,1 (■(ti,i,n f'Ktiil.iJ.i f;r f.Dli 
.ill Almiratitt de ,',ii /n./ , in (\H'f,:i.ti ,/e 
.1 ,-umfnl,'i i>u.iii,i i(l,Ui:.s <;/ .t,-u-u'>:m{{'il,', 
,.'«./«/■(/(» _)' oti;auiz,uii"i tU in iinlnuas / ini,'ittt 
I (/<••; ','.ii ,le ultr,imjr. .St\'i,>iJ.i urie. I'ii!:i\\i.lj 
/.r 1,1 Knit .Uiulfmiii lie l,\ HiU.iui. M.nlml, 
i.Xc,i, Kvo, Vol. Vll. V.)l. 1. (if the l'int<! Jc 
C.'.i'ii, |u^;i.'!, 15 16. 'Ilij^ ,irKiiriii.-iil iir(;i'(l, 
in jiicJic|.riM i.'L'iliMj;s.i;;.iiiist |)ii'(;i)('(ii i mju^., 
wliuii ho (.nilc.iVdiircil tu c ,.t iiitii |iijr.M'ssiiiii uf 
llic ri^lils .inil priviU>;fswhi( li de \\m\ inhcriti-il , 
lull il luicss.Trily m i'licd likrwisc In Ins (alliiT. 

I li.uus lo I )u>,n\ m.iiri.n^i' willi tlie niiro of llu 
lliikf III .\i lA, lie iiIiI.umkI .1 M.rl >i| s.iliifai liiin, 
wuh rfMTV.ition, liiiwe it, nil the! 
of the (towM (if \\s I retensions in this rcspci t 
"sin |ierjuii \o ilcl ilerei liu." 

' llernanli) (iiiiiMiio, of ('iit;iiletn. A/issi:.i 
•1(1 .^njt.i ill (,'en,'tn it lli,iml\iltiit,i Dokin, 
.■hn/:is. iii/.tf /<■/• /,/ A'f/uMi„i //•cjin t,l Corte ,!i 
Ma,lnl,,1 ltd 7 n,Kim!rt i5«(i. Sec tin. 
aiilhoiiiies i|ii'ilcil .IS re^.uiS .ilTair 
III iiur C'loi.liflit C'lt'inh, / ■« rri^iiif, i.i rie. ,■!,■., 
"nl, I .■i.r-- ivi-lJS. 


by him to 
ns we havt 
the city.' 

He th: 

de la KiKa 


Maria.'^ I 

le^,'al acts i 

Nieto, Alo 



•ubmitted I 

them to pel 

Copies of ( 


'Ihe di 

five." .Soon 

nnd added, 

Several of 

mentioned i 

mis privile^ 

liirm. W'e 


Columbus i 

additional i 


'Ihe CO 

who li.ul bei 

I iisp.miola 1 

' 'lliese liei 
carriuil into ell 
l/it ll,ink ,'/ .Si. 
' I lie name 1 
liy Si'oioKNO I 
C'liiUx M liein 
|).i,.;e JJS, C'.iiii 
IS I. Ilowa> ra|i.itily il 
of i.ivS. C/tr 
Bole I. 

' Thai lo'.h 
ai'tiiKil iiniil I 
UiiKil Ihe ar( I 
the ili.i{i<'l (if 
Niieiti.i .SiiMirii 
Ihe J (111 ol J II 
d.iiit^iiltT, wIk 
of Ihe liiihes li. 
Of his .UK esliir 
the ( hest ,Tn(l it 
himself. .Must 
•t Madrid, in II 
Oe\, ,1 (lesceni 
thruiinh I'ram ii 
•ml dan. liter of 
I)iif;i)(' iMiii 
Ci'lomt, sol. ii., 


' Si the pre 
the In.' ludiie.^ 
II 2 


the same crruiul 

r iNnbclla that n 
Hhould lie I'lttcd 
rviili'iit tllc 
liny,' hii [iDsitivo 
to rult; ovir th<; 
ill. Nor ilitl h<' 
lim woiiUl rcvtir 
If Crown opculv 
ri>,'htH were null 
icculloil : 

/j.v of the Ofdi- 
i/litt' Aiiix tiiniis 
/ ('«(• (</ /lis suh- 
' ii iifiii:cH in /lis 
nit is talit/ to ///<■ 
'iiif^o/ t/ic f/iartir 
'i\t;'iint t'rii/iaia- 
ur oj oil' ii'//(' t 
ii i/tniccH ('/ l/ie 
in su(/t iise lit 
I is not vaiiii, anil 
\d. Const ;u,-nti, 
uA /■//<>- Cotumbu 
ft .' ::.:: ."ion/fni 
Wis no diymicili' in 
rj,' lo ///<• tcrtns ;/ 
;//, iill/ioUi;/i nioi/i- 
s Jor (xer, is not 
/»• oisitti't/." ' 

urpo! e of placing; 

his ri^jhts, that 
ourth cxpcilitioii, 
nailf, and IiKl|;ril 
tiiatcil transcripts 
case of ilillicultiis 

as in fact it did 
I urtain lawyers 
bus tlun dwelling 

I his I'xptctatiiiii 

the same time to 
s had been taken 

!• Willi tllC lllllC of llli 

(1 ii ^■l^t 1)1 i.ilufai Hull, 
Imwi' ir, (in tlio [uit 
muinii m this rc!ipc(.t 

f ('iii;i>Iclo. Mini; I 
lliii'>it<,utiil.t l)nkn, 
V'//'.i» prtiso la I'orte .// 
tmlrt 1586. Stc lilt 
tiU that singuLir affair 
J '« /•ri^ini; si lit. .7.', 

by him to iiccurc! i.. that InHlilulion one-tenth of his income, to he emnloyed, 
as we have already *aid, in reilucinj; the imiwst laid on victuals brought into 
the city.' 

He that as it may, on the 5th of January, 1 50J, Columbus rerjucstcd Estcvan 
de la Koc.i and l'< ro Kuys Montero, alcaldes, or city jud^jeH, to repair to his 
dwelline-housc, in the p.u h or quarter of Seville c.dled "Colacinn de Santa 
Maria. There they met tht three not.iries public re<iuirctl for authenticating 
le^al acts of the kind which he intended to execute. These were Gonjcz 
Nieto, Alonso I.ucas, .uid Martin kodrli^uci.' 

Columbus then and then ' xhibited onVin.iIs of the titles, privileges and 
concessions which I'rrdmand and habdia nad i;r.»nted to him,' and having 
■ubmitted these ilocunuits to the in,|/<'ction of the m.agistrates,' requested 
them to permit the above-i.i ntioned Gome/. N'ieto to make several authentic 
copies of the same, ihe permission was iminediUely granted, anil four 
transcripts were duly executed, tlin c on parchment, antt oir "n [lapcr.' 

The documents thus copied and authenticated amounteil otily to thirty- 
five." .Soon afterwards,' however, Columbus c.iused nine more to be engrosscil 
and adiled, but, with the exception of two," williout :>ny authentications. of these doubtless constituted the " Libro de tr.isl.idos de cartas" 
mentioned in his letters to Oderigo," as distinct fnmi what he called "otro de 
mis privilegios," which expression certainly refirs to the coilex in its original 
l.irm, We .ire not certain whether these .idditions wi-re similar in the four 
c.irtiilaries,'" but notwithstanding the ambiguity of the language useil by 
Coliiinliiis in mentioning tiie two sets sent to Oderigo, we believe that the 
additional documents were sewed up or buuiul with the rest, and did not fo m 
conse(|uently a separate package. 

Till' cojiy (III paper \v;is remitted at once to Alonso Sanchez de Carvajal, 
will) luid been .ippiiinted I'.ictor to Columbus," anil iiuiiuled to s.iil shortly for 
I lisp.iiiiola on bo.ird one of the ships of the licet of Nicolas de Ovando. 

' Sec the notarial ri'rlilicatc in the (icnocio 
Cddcx, injrii, page xxxix. 

' Tiii'i IS iilKiwn liy till" wording of the authen- 
III atioHH |:lai cil after the liucuiiieiit of May 14, 

'4'M. "'A'. !'••<«>•• '77' 
' Concerning the date of 1501, instead of 

1501, sec iiifr.i, |iaj;e x»xviii. In chai>ltr iv. uf 
the present introiliK lion. 

' Diuuinent X.WVI., infra, page i8i, wliii h 
Ih the I'ap.d I'lill, had been prevumidy authen- 
ticated at .Seville, liecenilier ij, 1501 (Ihe date 
of 150J is clearly erroneous). Doe. XL, injrn, 
pane joi;, was aiilhenliialed also at Seville, 
•March n, 1 50 j, two nioiuhs after the llrsl series 
of dcK iinients. (.'on»e'|iienllv, it i aiinot h.ivc 
lijjiired In the cinlex en^jrd A on papei whlili 
Ciii.iJMiiL'N rtiiiilled In l".\! t\i, as the latter 
left Spain tor llispaiiiola, Ulirii.iry i,?, 150J. 
The prolialnlity is that that coilex Lacked also 
all the d(M uinents of the .second series. 

' See faesimilca of these tetters, infra, page* 

" See infra, page xxxiil, the remarks of 
Mr. Ivlward Km k kit. 

" Novenitier 4, 1501. .\ti'!loz Transcripts, 
vol. xc., f(5. I J. We infer that C.\rvaj.m. sailed 
with OvANDd, from the recommendalion ad- 
dressed to the latter In that dociinient. .Sec also 
cii;i /•j>//' t\'!uml'iiii, under the above date. .\s 
lo ihe paper 1 iipy ol ihe imlex havin^; licen re- 
tiiitted lo Cauv.xj m . see Ihe nolaii.d de( laralion 
III SCdiiik.Su' , i>eiioes(. l udcx, ittjia, p.i^;e XA.\1\. 

' These lienevoUnt intentions were never 
carried Inio eirecl. C/iriil,'flnr CWuni/'US aiij 
tht I'link ,f St. lieorf;f, pa^'e 19. 

' riienaineof .M.irtin K'HiHicur/ was omitted 
liy Si'oroKNo in his Ir.inscript of the (ienoese 
Co(lex as lieinn illei-ilile, — C'./i.c /';//. 'Wi;//'.'(', 
p.Ue J js Compare ihe I'.iris Codex, infra, page 
I.**! He was I'oi.i Mills's own noLiry, and in I ap.iiily drafted the famous deed of entail 
of i.j.;'*. C/iritt<f/i( Cti/(">i\ vol. ii., page 155, 
Bote 1. 

' Thai I o'.lei tion of original doi uments re- 
mained until I'loij in the iron <hcst whii h con- 
tallied the an hues nf t'ol.i'Miius, in a vault of 
Ihe 1 liipcl iif Santa .\na, in Ihe Monastery uf 
Niie>li.i Scii'ita de Ciievas, near.ScMlle. l)n 
the J |rd ol July of year, Niiiio Coi.un i>k 
PoKi 1 i.Ai .gi.indsonoflsaliell.i, Uicgo's youngest 
dauj;lilcr, wliuiii a recent deiisiunof ihe('ouncil 
Cf Ihe Imlies ju-,t declared heir to the titles 
Of hi-. .1111 estor and lo the enlailed estate, 1 aiised 
the 1 liest and lis 1 nntents to lie handed over to 
himself, .Most of that orir;inal cullection is now 
■t M.idrid, in the archives of the Dukeof V'^:l^,^- 
Ol'\, a descendant of Christopher Cul.UMia's, 
through I'raiK Isca, the wife of Uicg 1 Outkc.on, 
tnd dan, hter uf (.'hristoval, who the son of 
I)ligo(' r.Mlius,son of Christoplnr. Chnilof'lu 
Ci'l'^iiil', \o\. ii., genealojjieal table iv. bis, p.ige 

* S. ilu preaiiible ol the lii ,1 document in 
the i».' 1 udiie.s 

II i .<« 

One of the copies engrossed on parchment was completed and remittcj 
a few days after March 22, 1502,' to Francesco di Rivarola, or " Ribarol," a 
Genoese banker settled in Seville,' to be forwarded to Nicol6 Oderigo, who 
had returned to Genoa.' This was enclosed in a bag of red Cordovan leather, 
kept fast by means of a silver lock,* and contained, besides, a letter requestin;^ 
him' to acknowledge receipt to Diego Columbus, his son." In that letter 
Christopher also informed Oderigo that another copy of the codex was being 
prepared, and vould be sent to him in the same manner by Ribarol.' Hut 
when at Cadiz, in May, 1502, and on the eve of sailing, he changed his mind, 
and entrusted that dui)licate to another Genoese banker, called Francesco 
Cataneo," to be forwarded imimtliately. It follows that in the course of the next 
summer or autumn the two codices intended for Nicolo Oderigo were actually 
dispatched to Genoa. 

The fourth cartulary, which, like the two last, had been engrossed on 
liarcliment or vellum, was depositid in the Monastery of Las Cuevas," 
Seville, with the archives of the Cohimbus f.unily." 

We will now inijuire has been the fatu of the four collections dl 
authenticated copies. 

Carv.ijal sailed from Spain on the i_^th of l''ebruary, 1502, taking wiih 
Iiim the code.x on paper. No traces of it have ever been found. TIk 
[irobahility is that, on account of its texture, it was destroyed in the course nf 
time by the worms and aiits in St. Domingo. 

The copy ileposited in Las Cuevas is a[)par(jntly the one which Haldassan 
Colombo, of Cuccaro, imu' of tile claimants in tiie great suit for the heirsliip. 
c.xliihitLil to the Council of tiic Imlics at Madrid, January 12, 15S3, when he 
boldly assumed tin.' title of luir to tlir " inayora/go," or entailed estate, create il 
by Christopher Columbus in i.jiyS. The ilescription of tlu: code.x submitted tn 


' M.irrh ;i, 150;, ('oi.rMiii's writes tn 
Ol)EK";o: " Kl libro dc mys di :i 
iiiircr Fran(,isco de Riliarol, [aM i|iil' os le 
inliio, con otro tr.isl.idi) do < m-sajcras ; ' 
tnftii, p:\go iU-^. lUil tho d,ilc ul liis letter is 
riTtainl)- erroneous, fur the aiilliciitiratiuii uf 
Doe. XI.. is dated .M.irth n, 150J. 

' Ar,'ti;,' MiDiiaf'iil i/i' .V<t7/.'iI, Se\illa, iSoo, 
(uliii, vol. i., t\irpitiii 110 and iii. No. :2. 
("oik erniiij; Ruiakui, hIid extensive deal- 
ings with Christopher Chiimih s, see our J-\iili 
Ci'/ufn/i'ii, and iii/>\i, li.i>;e Kiii. 

' .\t the be^inniuj; ol the letter of .\Iat( h Ji, 
1502, — ;«/r,;, ]>a^'e jfi.S -Coi.lMlifs says to OoK- 
HIGO: " 1j en i|Uc nos habeys desado 
non se puede de/ir." 

' "Tanbien aese tieii-.|«i desc .1 I'ram.isro de 
Ribarul uin libro de Iraslados ile larlas y otro 
lie tuis privilej^ios en una barjne a de lonloban 
eolor.idn eon su i,err.»ilura de plala." Letter of 
L'l 'I.I'M 1" s to Ol'mii-.ii, Deieinber :■;, 1504, 
i'i/r,i, iiaj;c 27J. That silver lock h.i.s Ion;; dis- 
api'tared, but, as we have .dready saul, the 
lag IS yet in existenrc. It is the .•«/>■ object 
onee iK-longing to him wliith has eoine down 
to us. 

' In the above-mentioned letter of .Mardi Ji, 
150.', Coll Miifs relets to " oiro tr.isl.ido de lues.ijeras," .md in his other letlti to 
(•I'Kii',", Dei ember .■7, 1 5c. |, meiitiuiiin- .ii;ain I'aik.ige. he .d .0 spe.iks "I .1 "hbio de 
liaslados de, ' vtlmli he il'^liii^uisliei i\- 
I'lessly iMiiii "otio lie ini, pi uilei:i"s , " (///(.;, 
p.^ei ;''.S ,ind .;: Iii uiii .piiiu.n, lliuse 


traiisi ripts of letters arc Does. .WWII, 
X.\.\VIII., XX\I.\., XI, , XI, I , Xl.ll., XI. Ill 
and .\I.l\'. ; iii/rii, pages i()A-2(>$. 

' " ( )s pido I'eT mere ed i|Ue lo esrrivays .1 
Don Dieeo." Letter of .Mareh .m, 150J; /''0,(, 
p.iKe .".S. 

' "Otro lal se aeabar.a, y se os enliiara pm i.i 
niesma guis.i, y el mesnio inii^er I'ianeisi o." 
I.ettei above 'luoled. 

" "Otro hi ire de mys privilejios, eoniolo sobic 
dielii) dese en Calls, a Iranro Catanio port. id' 1 
desta i<arlal, iiue tanbien os cnliiase, i.l 
lino yd otro fuesen puestos en buen reiab.!'. 
adiui'le a vos fuese bieii visto." Letter "I 
CoiL'Mius to Oiii.Kioo, Deeember j;, i,v-i 
uiriii, page i;.'. 

We read in the Instruct ions whii hCol iMie s 
lelt with his son Diego : " Todos fins priMlegi s 
y esiriluras (| .1 fray don Caspar," and 111 
the iMtarial eeitiliiate, ii:r>,i, p.ige wxix : " l.-i i 
en el dn ho un libio tr.islado de 1 . 
pre\ilegl<'s e 1. 111 is susodiihos, seiiiejante •,■:•.- 

Ci'l-lMl.fs first kej.t his papers in a p!.i:n 
rasket. He refers to it in his letter to I'atlier 
(ioKKiii" o( April.), 1502: ".Mi arijuita pai.i 
al.;iin,is escrituias." N.\v.\KKKII, vol. i, pi.,L' 
,;.ii. This w.i.-, n plai ed by .1 box nui'le ol 1 1.1k, 
.iiid lined uilli w.ix : " (Jiiertia liiaiidar hai ; 1 
una i.ija de 1 "ii li.i iiifoM.ul.ide < era " ('/' ./.' 
page i i ; I in.iU), l"t b"\ hi' siib-.tiliiU.I 
.1 l.ii.e lion ' "Mil Sie the ".itilii lie ol I', dr. 
l'l .\h iiK'.e, jiilv .•.(, r soo. Ill the Mtiiuiuil .u. 
/'. I, , fu, I V. ; I r ; " I ■.• I 





itcd and remitted 
I, or " Ribarol," a 
ol6 Odcrigo, who 
Cordovan leatlicr, 
1 letter requesting 
1." In that letter 

codex was beinj,' 
by Ribarol.' Hut 
;hanp;ed his mind, 

called Francesco 
i course of the ni:.\t 
rigo were actually 

)een engrossed on 
Las Cuevas," nc;ir 

four collections ul 

1502, takinj; wiili 
been found. 'Vhv 
;d in the course of 

e which Haldass;irc 
it for the heirshiji, 
12, 15S3, when liu 
liled (State, creati M 
codex sul)niitl<il in 

an- l>ois. XX.WIl, 
l.,XI,I ,\1.11.,X1,111 

:s i(;.S-j05. 

10(1 i|iic lo iscrivay- .1 

M.ulIi ii, 150:; /«/'.), 

.1, y sc lis cnlii.ira yn l.i 
sine) iiiii,cr 1 Miicisi u. " 

privik'jios, loiimlo siiljc 

raiKi) Catanio iiorlail^i 

lanbicii OS tiiliiasi', 1.I 

c-li's en Imcn icialnl", 

ll-M V!-.!!!," l.lllcr I'l 

1 Ifccmbcr J7, \so\. 

uctionswlui liC<iHMii! ^ 

I'oiliis mis priwlc.Ki s 

IV linn dasiiar," anil 111 

//>,;, 1 a^f \\.\ix : " r.Mi 

iM liliio traslail'i ilr i . 

lidids, sciiujaiilf .;;i' 

,t Ills papers in a pl.ii.i 

ill his li-Ucr tci lallKi 

i;oj ; "Ml ar'iiiila p.ii.i 

WAKHKll-, vol. i., pl^^.■ 

1 l'\ .1 lio\ mailc I'l I "ih, 
(,iucrria iiiamlar lia( u 
i.ul.uli- 1 era." ('/•. ./•' 

ih.U I.IA 111 ■,llll^Ullltla 
ill. . Lllllll itO ul I'l'll" 

,(,(., Ill till MiHuihi! ./.. 


iPMOroauAPHt J f liOM Tm N*L IN l-.i Gi 1 Y MALL, utNOA . 

I I 

I ' 

the judges on 
transcripts of t 
1502, and prof 
that city."' 

The date ; 

31 the original trai 

I believing that 

' that according 

were executed.' 

the others, wet 

Spain. Two v 

as we will soon 

take to be iden 

claimant, bccau 

the notary Mar 

had left Spain ; 

tcr of the prese 

able manuscripl 

We know 
That diploniatii 
to Genoa the s 
of Columbus o 
is made of his 
The two cartul; 
been sent to hii 
Oderigo, the ar 

These two 
dants, till Lorei 
of Genoa, not, 
in that of his 1 
favours, as can 

"1700. 29 Gcr 

s i'aulo Odcric 

ip fiierunt iJfi'Si 

rum i\"' Chris 

II q. hora M 
laimu 1670 [in 

" Un libro cnni 
' laiUis (Ic Ids (irivili 
en Scvilla, CD ciniu 
sit;na(liis ilo .M.irtin 

dc ScVlll.T." .I/f'«i' 

' Sec this tcrtihc, 
.'; ' " Miccr Ftaiicii 
/'i/ni, iUt;o J7J. 

' " IVr lo sped 
nicolo lie oderigo r 
quLst.a e^ccI^a m)sli 
exi;cllemi-'''ini el gli 
una Icttera ile vostr 
thonorable jurist, M 
Seturn from the ciiil' 

^ , the judges on that occasion is as follows : " A bound volume containing 
■;' transcripts of the privileges of the Admiral, executf^d at Seville, January 5, 
:' 1502, and professing to be signed by Martin Rodriguez, a notary public of 

that city."' 

The date and autographic name of the notary indicate that it was one of 

the original transcripts made by order of Columbus in 1502. Our reasons for 
• believing that it is the one which was originally deposited in Las Cuevas, is 

that according to a certificate added to the Genoese codex, only four transcripts 

were executed." Now, one of these, which was on paper, and less complete than 
.., the others, went to Hispaniola, and is not likely to have been sent back to 
; Spain. Two were forwarded directly to Genoa, and can be easily identified, 
' as we will soon show. The fourth one was the Las Cuevas copy, which we 
< take to be identical wilii the legalised transcript produced by the Montferrat 
:'■ claimant, because, to controvert this supposition, the critic must assume that 
;,, the notary Martin Rodriguez made a fi.'"th and antedated copy after Columbus 
:. had left Spain ; which is possible, but not very probable. In the fourth chap- 
'; ter of tlie [jresent introduction, we shall perhaps find other traces of that valu- 
' able manuscript. 

i;V We know what became of the two codices intended for Nicoli) Oderigo. 

Ji,' That diplomatist received them in good order.' Immediately upon his return 
t' to Genoa the second time,'' he remitted to the 15ank of St. George the letter 
;. of Columbus of April 2, 1502, addressed to that institution, wherein mention 
r is made of his intended legacy of a part of his income to the city of Genoa, 
:/ The two cartularies and the bag of Cordovan leatlier, he retained. As they had 

been sent to him for safe keejjing,^ without specifying the manner in which the 
' recommendation was to be carried into effect, we inier that, in the opinion of 

Oderigo, the archives of his own family were as good a place as any. 

;•, These two precious manuscri[)ts remained in the possession of his desccn- 

.Jdants, till Lorenzo Oderico, in 1O70, presented both of them to the Republic 

-•■' of Genoa, not, however, as a gift absolutel)- disintcrcstetl." In his mind, and 

; in that of his son and heir Giovanni I'aolo, it was rather a bid for certain 

4«favours, as can be seen from these two i)reviously unpublished documents :' — 

'1700. 29 Gennaio. Pro M" Joanne 
I'aulo Oilerico <i"' I.aurentii, a ([uo 
fui^runt jircsentati liliri priviicgio- 
runi <.['" Christophori Columbi. 

W Senlii Signori : 

II (|. hora M. Loren/o Odcriro sin 
iy'anno 1670 presento a' Scnni Coleggi 


■-.;?. ' " Un lihro cniiu.uiern.ulo fii ([iie tras- 
,:?|ailiis lie Uis privikgios ilcl Alinir.iiitc, .k.uIo-. 
I'; eii .Scvill.i, en cinioilc Kiicro di: 150.', > , .ircicii 
•'1 !lij;n.i<lii^ lie .M.irtin R.idrigiu/. osi riv.iiiu puMiro 
ydcScvilU." Afrmcrui; M J'li-yl.; § i>)S. 
•;S ' See this 1 crtilic.ite i|iiotc'(l, ui/m, |i,i(^c xx\i.v, 
;jS ' "iMiccr Francisco ilu i|iic toilo llcgo .ilia." 
m/>i/r,i, lUfjc 272. 

■ill ' " IVr lo spectaUile jurccoiisiillo mc^ 
Sivnicolo lie oderigo riturnatu da la lunalionc per 
";" 'quesia e.xcel^a iu)>tra (Mimmil.'i apres^o ile iiuellj 
$fe.xccllenti-'iiiii el l;!llrillsi■,^imi Re, in'e slal.i data 
'V.'lina lettera de VDStra t laritiidiiie. — Tlirou.;!! the 
•■''honoralile jurist, M. Nicolo de Oderij^o, i>n his 
;';teturn from the embassy tothose Must Kxrellent 

'4: " 3 >'V 

" I 700. 29 Jixnnary. For the I\Iiigni- 
j'ucnt Gioianni Paolo Oderico, son 
of the lati Lorenzo Oderico, by 
zvhom the Ihvks containing the Privi- 
leges of Christopher Columbus icerc 

Most Serene Lords : 
lit the year 1670 the late Afesser 
Lorenzo Oderico presented to the Most 

ami Clorious .Scivcreigiis enlnisled to him by 
our exalted Coiniiiuinvealth, 1 ha\c received a 
letter from Vui.r lAcelleiicy." Letter addres.-^ed 
liy tlie liatik of St. Ceor^e to Christopher Co- 
l.lMiits, December S, 1503. C/insLflitr Cj- 
/iimhiii it/hl Ihe /litnkr/SI. (i\vr,;,; pages y and 10. 

" I'ara ipie l,'.: poiiga en Iniena j;u.irdia." 
Letter of CoLL'Miius of April j, 1502, i/i/ni, 
page 271. 

/'///.I, [lage 271, tlie reailer will find a fac- 
simile of tlie hilhertcj iinpii|jli-,lied text of the 
ilecree signifying acceptance of the two cir- 

St.ite Archives in Ocnoa. Files entitled 
" /'ri:i.',\y cnc/T/i,/, — Honorary I'rivileges." 



n : ' 

due risguardevoli libri di carta por- 
jraincna, iic' (luali si contienc copia 
autcntica dclli privilcgt^i conccssi dal 
Re Fcrdinando c Rcj^ina Isabella di 
Spagiia a Cristoforo Colombo Geiio- 
vese, a fin chc loro Signorie Senile 
facessero conservarc detti libri nel 
pubblico Archivio, come degiia me- 
nioria d'un nationale cosl glorioso. 

Si compiacqiiero VV. SS. SeriTie, 

in segno del benigno gradimento dell' 

alVetto c /m\o di tletto M. Oderico, 

decretare die a suo favore ne fosse 

fatta una pubblica testimonianza, con 

raccomaiularlo elVicacemenle tanto a' 

Senlii Coieggi, quanlo all' uno e I'altro 

Consiglio, in tutte le occasioni che al 

metlemo si rapresenteranno di aspirare 

ad alcun oHicio cosl di Terraferma 

come di Corsica, come dal decnto die 

si pres(;nta. Non lia iiavuto lietto M. 

Lorenzo tempo di riccvere ii beneficio 

cosi generosamente da V\'. SS. Senlie 

concessole, nientre assai subito si ri- 

dusse in stato ili non poter servire, e 

poi mori. Ricorre liora alia generosita 

di VV. SS. Senile il M ' Ciio. I'aolo, 

suo imico figlio, liumiimeiUi- siippii- 

candoie a voler essere servile, in se- 

guito di delta devota atlione ili suo 

I'adre, rinovare a suo l.ivore detto 

ilecreto, [)er poter participare del Ix'- 

neficio di delta (iratia, giacdie I'anti- 

cipata niorte del I'adre non le ha 

permesso gotlerne quel frutto die era 

state) prefisso : il die come ilTettt) 

della paterna benignita di \'\'. SS. 

Sernie s[iLnuulo oitenere, le fa pro- 

fiiudi.ssim.i rivcrenz.i 

Di VV. SS. Ser"^ 

Dcllo Sujipiicante. 

"1700. .\ 20. Gennaio. 
Avendo i'ora q. M. Lcjreii/o Oilericn 
presentato neli' anno 1670 a Ser°'' 
Cullegi ilue libri, in ognuno de' quali 
si contiene in carta [jergamena copia 
autcntica delli [jrivilegi concessi dal 
Re l'"ernandij e dalla Iie;;iiia Isaliella 
di Spagna sua moglie a Cri>,turiir() 
Colomljo, Genuvese, in premin delle 
di lui tamose operazioni neila ton- 

Scfiiic Co/lci^cs lii'o notable paychiHcni 
(looks, conlaiiiini^ an authentic copy ,y 
the privilei^es granted by King Ferdi- 
nand and Queen habella of Spain /,/ 
Christopher Columbus, a Genoese, A 
the intent that their Most Serene Lord- 
ships might cause the said boohs to k 
presenrd in the public /■Irchi'ees, as a 
ZMrthy memorial 0/ such an illustrioiu 

i'our Most Serene Lordships 7eei\- 
pleased, in token 0/ your gracious ap- 
preciation of the affection and c<:il of 
the said Messer Oderico, to decree thai 
a public achnoroledgment thereof should 
be made in his favour, by recommendiii' 
him effectually, both to the Most Sereiu 
Colleges and to each of the tioo Councils, 
upon reery occasion that might occur 1 
him of aspiring to any office, xohether ei: 
the mainland or in Corsica, as shoien 
by the decree zohieh is presented. Tlu 
said Messer I^orenzo did not have tin:, 
to receive the favour so generoml) 
granted to hint by Your Most Sereiu 
Lordships, for he fell : cry rapidly i..l, 
a state of inability for sei"vice. and then 
died. The Magniffcent (iiovanni /'ael. 
his only son. now has recourse to tlu 
generosity of ) our Most Serene Lord 
ships, praying that You leill I'c pleased. 
in consideration of the said generou- 
action of his father, to renew the said 
dicree in his favour, so that he may /, 
enabled to participate in the benefit </ 
the said Crace, seeing that his father 
to ivl.-'^m the advantage had been limited 
was unable to enj\y it oiotng to his /n 
mature death. In the hope (f obtaiiiin.^ 
this throui^h the paternal benit^nity ej 
}'our Most Serene Lordships, the most 
profound reierenee is made to you by 
i'our Most Serene I^ordshipi 
said Petitioner. 

" 1700. 2i) fanuary. 
The late .Uesscr Lorenzo Oderu\. 
having presented to the Most Sereiu 
C'llxes, in the year i6jo, t7M book.', 
in each of -which is contained an ait 
thentic copy, on parchment, of tL 
privileges granted by King Ferdmar.d 
and (Jueen Isabella if Spain, his wij,. 
to Christopher Columbus, a Genoese, <), 
a re-ward fr hu celebrated achieve- 

quista dt 
die Ic t: 
cesscro < 
nel publ 
ricevuti f 
zelo die 
al servizi( 

Per il 

legi detti 
loro gradi 
facesse u 
favt)re de! 
desinii Sc 
e I'altro C 
che al m 
scutate d 
I\Ia esse: 
avuto ten 
da lor S:; 
le niedesi 
rinnovi a 
suo figlio 
ilazione il; 
iitficio, ail 
il dovuto 
che ha ilir 
suo padri', 
libri, e si 



Letta ;! 
plica e il 
del 1670 
Oderico, e 

a fivore d 
piicante 1'; 
in tiitto e 
detto iM. I 

We .1 
in tile i)la 

' Si'c in tl 
SClLlMlC fill.-. 


iv notalilc pan/imaii 
an atitlicntic copy o] 
nlai by A'iiiii Jun/i- 
habclla of Spain /,/ 
mbiu, a Genoese, A 
\r Most Serene Lnrd- 
tlie said books to be 
Public Archives, as a 
of such an illtislrioih 

nne Lordships a'.vv 

f your i^racious op- 
affection and C' oj 
^derico, to decree tk,u 
ii^ment thereoj should 

>i(r, by reconniiendi)!^ 
th to the Most Sereik 
h of the tioo Council i, 
n that inis^ht occur I 

any ojjiee, lohether ov. 
hi Corsica, as shou'^ 

h is presented. 'J'li, 
ICO did not have tin:, 
ivour so i^enerouil) 
Vour Most Sereih 
fell very rapidly /, /, 

/or service, and then 
icent (riovanni I'ael. 

has recourse to tiu 

Most Serene Lord 
I You -.vl// be pleased. 
/ the satd i;enerou; 
er, to renexo the sa:d 
ur, so that he may u 
\ite in the benefit e; 
eini^ that his father 
tai^e had been Untiled 
y it o-iviui; lo his / r, 

the hope of obtatnii:; 
fraternal benii^nily ej 
' Lordships, the most 
• IS made to you by 
ost Serene Lordships 
said Petitioner. 

-n) /anuary. 

er Lorenzo Oderuv 
to the Most Sereiu 

Mr lOyo, two dooks. 
is contained an an 
parchment, of IL 
by Kim; Lerdmar.d 

a of Spam, his leij,. 

iiinbus. a Genoese, <; 

J celebrated achieve- 

quista del Niiovo Mondo, ad cffetto ntcnts in the conquest of the Nczj 
clic Ic SS. Loro Scrfiie si compia- U^orld, in order that their Most Serene 
cesscro di far conscrvarc dctti libri Lordships mij^ht be pleased to cause the 
nel pubblico Archivio, come dcgna said books to be preserved in the public 
mcmoria d'un Nazionale si glorioso, Archives, as a worthy memorial of such 
ricuviiti per iiii attestato dell' affetto e an illustrious compatriot, acceptiiii; them 
/clo chc detto M. Lorenzo professava as a token of the affection and zeal xohich 
al servizio pubblico : the said Alesser Lorenzo avoxocd for 

the public service : 

Per 11 chc acccttarono i Scrflii Col- The Most Serene Colh\c;es therefore 

V'{(\ dctti libri, c per dar segno del accepted the said books, anil desiring to 

loro gradiincnto ordinarono die se ne ,!;ive a proof of their appreciation, dc- 

facesse una piii)blica tcslinionianza \ creed that a public acknozoledi^^mcnt 

thereof should be made in favour of the 
said Messer Lorenzo, by recommending; 
him effectually both to the Most Serene 
Collci^es and to each of the two Councils, 
upon every occasion thit mii^ht occur to 
him of aspirini; to any office. Jiut see- 
ini; that he died ivithout havint; had 
time to enjoy the favour i^ranted to him 
by their Most Serene Lordships, they 
have decreed by ballot that the said 
acknowledgement be renewctl in favour 
of the Mai;nificent Giovanni Paolo, his 
son, and that recommendation be made 
on his behalf whenever he may aspire 
to any office, in order that due rci^ard 
may be paid to the zeal and affection 
shown by the said Mai^niffcent Lorenzo, 
his father, in the presentation of those 
books, and that it may also be possible 
to ro/uite him suitably on the said 

(Cert iff ed) Francesco Maria." 

" 1700, 2C) January. 
There havint; been read to the Most 
Serene CoUeces the said petition and 

favoru del detto IM. Lorenzo, con rac- 
coniandarli) elTicaceniente tanfo a me- 
ilesinii Serfni Collcgi, (|uapl() all' uno 
e I'altro Consiglio in tiitte le oc -asioni 
che al medt inio si mssero rappre- 
sentale ili aspirare ad alcun utficio. 
Ma esscndo cgii niorto scnza aver 
aviito teni[)() di godere del beneficio 
da lor SS. Scrfiie concessogli, lianno 
le inedesinie a palle ordinato, die si 
rinnovi a favore del M " Gio. I'aolo 
siio figlio detto attestato, e raccoman- 
ilazione da farsi al medesinio in ugni 
occasione die egji aspiri a <nia!die 
iilticio, ad elfetto die si possa avcre 
il dovLito rii;nardo del zelo et affetto, 
die ha tliinostrato detto M ' Lohmi/o, 
suo |)adr<', nclla presentazione tli essi 
libri, e si possa anche conv(;niente- 
inente 'j;ratificarlo in ilette congiun- 

(C') I-'kancksco Makia." 

" I 700, ;\ 29. Gennaio. 
Letta a Senlii Collegi detta sii[)- 
jjlita e il ilecreto fatto a 10. Gennaio 
del 1070 a favore ilel M. Lorenzo the decree made on the \oth of /anuary 

1670, in favour of the Magnificent 
Lorenzo Oderico, etc. 

The matter having been discussed, [it 
was resolved \ that the acknowledgment 
and decree ajoresaid should be renewed 
in favour of ll'c said Magniffcent 
Giovanni J'aolo, the Petitioner, in 
everything and by everything, as it was 
done for the said A/esser Lorenzo. 
Ad Caleulos. 
[Cert iff ed) Francesco ULiria." 
We are unable to say how \o\v.i the two codices remained un(listurl)eil 
in the [)lace when; they had been dcpositcil. When the great Orientalist 

' Si'c in tin; Sl.itc All liivc^ nf Ok- I'.il.i/.'cltii, in (".liih.i, iliv rul'LClioii .if /'/■/,-//,;,■/ .n.'iifiii. 

bCl'.lWll.' I'llc. 


Oilerico, etc. 

Discors.i la pratica die si rinnovi 
a favore del detto M. Gio. Paulo, su[)- 
plicante I'attest.itn, e dccreto suddetto 
in tutto e per tutto, ct)mc era fatto per 
detto M. Lorenzo. 
Ad Caleulos. 
( C ') I'" i< A Ni i:sco ftL\ u I .\. " ' 

{I [l 



Sylvcstre dc Sacy went to Genoa in 1805, on a mission from tlic l'"rcncii 
Institute,' he saw one of them in tlie State Archives. If he had seen tlie othi r, 
the existence of a duplicate of a manuscript of that importance would have 
certainly attracted his attention. We infer from his silence on the subject tlmt 
he saw only one of the two codices. Whether the other was kept in a chest 
which he did not e.xamine, or had already disappeared,' is a question whicii at 
the present day cannot be satisfactorily answered. 

The codex whicl> De Sacy saw will be the subject of our next cha|)tcr. 
Its mate was recovered in June, 1816, when the heirs of Count Michel-Anj;el() 
Cambiaso olfered his library for public sale in Genoa. The recovery happened 
under the following circumstances. 

No. 1922 of the Cambiaso cat.iloijuc was a manuscri|)t bearing the title of 
Codi'cc dc Privilcfj del Colombo. The Genoi;sc archivists recognised it as one 
of the two cartularies sent by Columbus to Nicolo Oderigo in 1502. It was 
acquired by the King of Sardinia, who, after causing a cojiy to be made atul 
lodged in the Royal Archives at Turin, sent llu; original as a gift to the city 
of Genoa. It is now prgserved in tlie I'.ilacc of the Genoese'Municipality,"in a 
columnar marble rece|)tacle called " Custodia," together with three autograjih 
letters of Christopher Columbus, and tlie original bag of Cordovan leather in 
wiiich the first duplicate of the codex and the letter to the 15ank of St. George 
were forwarded to Genoa, as we have related. 

In 1S23, the Decurions of that city ordered the manuscript to be translated 
and printed.* .Soon afterwards, a translation into I'-nglish appeared in London,' 
and in 1867 the Spanish text w;is republished in Havana." 

' Miiih-iiii ill rimliiut >,'\\il ,/.■ I'liimf, daac 
li'/iist. i-t ill- !itlir,ituviiVhiii:n(, vol. li I. , i S i >, p. i^ i . 

'■' If Hc iD.iy juilj;c frciiii the lullciwinn rcm.irk 
(iC Si-iuir ('(irnciio Dr.siMoNi, iIhto was alreaily 
.1 niniour lliat llic Iwo (Oilircs liad ilis.ip|ii .mil 
.IS I'arly as January ii;, 1700 : " \',-^\\ ikII .\iino 
1700 vi)( ikTaniliisi ( ho i dm.' C'ldii 1 ikiii losscro 
I'lii al li)ni p(istc), si ne rra f.itio iiilcrpi llo 111 
l'imsij;ho oil iirdiiiala al M.ij^i-iralo ilclla liic|ui- 
bi/ionc di Slato una inthiola ad appurarc il 
f.Utu." — .\ri hivio di Slalo. S(i>tlcrtim,]M irv 
21), 1700. l>\:^\'Sii'-!i\, J)i iil.Ktii ri-ietili Ciiiiilr.i 
ir/ti'rrii' ii'/a fatriit i/i Criil.]fi'i.> (V/ wA', pa,i;c i). 

' SiMicik.No, introdui lion tothc (','.//.< /';/,'.'. 
maiiio Ci'/i'inht^.hiifiii,ii!i\ jiagcs l.xxii-lx.xvii. 

' Ci'i/i,e ilijtli'maliii' Ci'li'mlv .■ti>itn\itni> cssi'.t 
KiHiiK'tii Ji JiiYUnienli Orif;it}i>,'i c nif,iili\ s/'cl- 
liinii a Criitr/i'ro CV/r/ii/v. ii/ui j./'/caA/ (./<;/ (/.'■ 
.■(77((' iiW/' Aiiifiiiii. I'lil'llhitti' (<(r , rjine ./ixv" 
/iimi. Diiuiii'iii iliilii Cilt.t ill (idh'-.ii. (iciitna, 
.;',;.'/./ iliiin/'iiiii I- J.rJiii,! /', ntluniir, iVuviUihri; 
iSjj. 4ti>, and j.p'i p|i. \Viih the arms, 

f.icsi;niles iif iwu aiil.i. raph IfUcrsof ChrisloplKr 
CiM.rMiirs, hlhoj;rapli cif the ( '/.)/.'.//.;, ami 
slci-1 Lii^tannn cif a porlr.iit i-nmlcd "Crisidloni 
('ul(iMil)i)." 'I'hf iiUriKliictiiMi is liy Kalhct 
.'^iMHiKNii. Kcpnntid, with other nialtcr, hy 
(;iii-.(ppc liANiHi kn, (.Icncia, i.'s57, lar^c oclavD, 
Ixxix and jSS pn.^es, with (ai'Minilcs. 

^ Mim.n.ili •'/ Ci'lumhii : rr a I'lUilio'i ./ 
iiulhinlii iL'iiiminli I'J lluit ctlr/fiiu.l tuniiyili'r, 
ru-ii'jlnl put Uihi.l fii'iti the orif^iiiiil m,inufiTifli, 
ly-i/Jir .t Ihr /hi:in.-'n .J (I'lnni. Train/iild 
Jr.-m tht Sf^iniih ,(»/,/ llalian. I.iindon ; Treultvl 
and Wiirt/. 'Iri-uttel. Jim. and Kiihter, 30, S<il;.i 
.Sipiarc, 1.SJ3. Svi), ( lix and ^5^1 pp. .Same 
ciiK'aved jHirtrnit as the above, and lacsiiniles 
of the aiitoKraph letters of (..'tiUMlies of Man h 
JI, i5Ji, and Heceinher 27, 150.1. 

Ci;li.f J>i/<l,>m,ili,.' Ameriiiino ile Crisl,''/',i,' 

Ci'iii. (',',',,.1.111 ill- iiiil.ii J,- /-ri: ii'i-xii-s, leJuliU \ 

I). li IS. I ifttip, II ila' i;/,tn i/ii,u/-ii,lct ,/el A/«,,' 

Muii.l.-. llali.Mi.i, ih(>7, 4.1), X and Jyy pa^i , 

with f.K simile and jiorlralt. 

yl Disa 

a mystery w thry cc 
nil lie llian ; 
IJtil tiiulcr t 
to lind f.ivt 
for the siibj 
stn:iui()iis e 
tht; seventci 
succeedcii i 
debarred frc 


public. I'e 
of histori.uv 
division of 
to tile deali 
This paiirit 
earlier peril 
the ilHIjcra 
arciiivcs CO 
SUtliticilt to 

and vagiiel 
was lift of 
States. T 
on ihr lUL 
obt.iiiuil ci 

' .Sii, li, I,. I 

«.i/,7 .'. I /■.//(, 

dil /',!!' I ill,. 

Mr l,..piiM 


from tlic l'"rcnch 
id seen tlie otlur, 
tancc would have 
)n tlic subject thiit 
.s kept in a chest 
question which at 

3ur next chajjtcr. 
lit Miclicl-Angclu 
jcovery liappencJ 

carinj; the title of 
:ognised it as oik; 
in 1502. It was 
■ to be made aiiil 
a j^ift to the city 
Municipality," in a 
1 three autojj;rapIi 
nlovan leatiicr in 
ink of St. Gcorj^'c 

)t to be translated 
cared in London, 

1 k-Ucrsof Clirisldiilui 
the Cinl.'Jhi, :iii,l 
t cmillccl "Cnsiiiloiii 
ictioii is liy KiUur 
mil dlluT iiiaUcr, hy 
la, 1S57, l.irgc oil.uii, 

I cdrl'niltit niiviy.iili<r, 
• ori^imil m.itiusiTif'li, 
I (liiuui. Trti>i>l,ilui 
in. I.omlon : 'rrciitul 
iiui kiililcr, 30, S(il;ii 

anil 25^1 \>\'. Saluc 
above, and laisiinilfs 

l.'ul.rMiii.-.s uf Marili 
17, 150.). 

•iieritiino ile Criilol;i! 
ft prnili'j^ioi, idtuUis s 
iftsiuhi.h') tic/ AiiCiO 
,.0, X ami i'jij I'agcs, 


yi Discovery among the Archives of the Department of Foreign 

Affairs in Paris. 

V. have now to jijive an account of the discovery of one 
transcript of the Columbus Codex and other Genoese 
documents among tlie muniments preserved in the 
Ministry of I'"()rtMj,'n Affairs at Paris. Uut it is neces- 
sary first of all to make a few remarks regarding that 
archival n.'ixjsitory. 

The archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 
for a long time .fter their creation by the Marquis de 
Torcy in 1710, were inaccessible, and surrounded with 
a mystery which is not entirely dis[)ellud at the present day. People imagined 
that they contained l(;rribl<; State secrets. No one, therefore, ventured during 
more than a century e\'en to express the wish to enter such hallowed precincts. 
lint under the reign ol l.ouis- Philippe, when documentary history commenced 
to fuul favour in P" ranee, a number of conscientious workers, who had chosen 
for the subject of their studies t!ie reign of Louis XIV'. and the Regency, made 
strenuous efforts to be allowed to consult the archives of that department for 
the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A chosen few, with great difficulties, 
succeedeil in examining certain files, but the generality of applicants were 
debarred from the privilege. 

Of course, no inventory or catalogue had ever been communicated to the 
public. Perhaps there was none in existence. At all events, the generality 
of historians knew only of such stray lists as could be found in the manuscript 
division of the i'aris National Library.' These, however, related exclusively 
to the dealings of P" ranee with foreign nations one or two hundred years ago. 
Tiiis paucity of data led the searchers (engaged in writing on subjects of an 
earlier period, 
the illiberality 

archives contained nothing which could be of any avail to them. Then the 
CustDilians had a well (.leservetl re()utation for hostility towards all outsiders, 
suflicient to repel cnileavours in that direction. 

Pcing, lu vertluless, anxiuus to study the negotiations initiated in 1629 
by C'ariliual dc Riclielieu t obtain from Pngland the restitution^ of Quebec, 
and vaguely sup[Mising thai tlv dis[)atches of Chateauneuf still existed in wiMt 
was left of the old portfolios, we' ap[iealed, when writing the Notes sur 11 
A'i>tiir//i-/-'mnir, to one of the directors, wiio had been Minister to the Uniteil 
States. This enlightened dipKimatist kindly seconded our research, and, 
on the [lie. I that he reiiuired ilu; documents for his own investigations, 
cibtaiiu d communication of the flies relating to Canada ; which we examined 

r relating to other countries, to view with a sort of indifference 
of the State l)e[)artment ; convinceil as they were that its 

' Sii, li, (ill ill. I. nil I', a. tlu' .I/i'«i'/'/.' ,.'«,, 7 
«.;/.'/ .11 /■J/dv.i ,.', /,; ,/'m<^, ./i \,)il,iin .ii'.l,il 
di\ /■./(' ,\ti,:i: ./) (io;l!), MlUf iilllilisliid I'V 
Ml li'i|'iilil 1 11 1 1 M, 111 tlir r'tbU.'th'i.jtu ■/<■ 
/■/;,.., „■,. 0.U)U,, i.'l; I, pa;;!.' ',51. 

■ See "llepeille (111 Cllilillal de Kitlleliell a 
M de (.'Iiale.iUMeiil, .\iiilj.e.s.idi in .'i l-niulie.-.," 
S Nnv , I'l.'i;, ill ('./.'tJi.'ii Jc iU\uiihiit\ iiitJili 
w./ r/iithii,- ,k J'tiiiue , I'aus, 1X5**, *i'l- I'i , 






in Ills |)rivatc olTicc.' Noihinj,' that coukl hi: seen or heard then .iiul then; 
was calculated to convey the impression that tlic Ministry of l'orei^;n Allairs 
possessed any otiier documents tiian such as were of merely local importance. 
Straiif^e to say, it was iiistorical literature which (InaMy forced tiie doors ol 
those I'^yst'TitJUS archives, and disclosed their riclies. 

The admirable Memoirs of the Due de Saint-Simon (1694-1754), as niucli 
on account of peculiar literary merit as of ^reat historical worth, attracted in 
l'"rance, fron: die moment of thiir first publication in an abridj,'ed funn 
(17S9), the ),'rcatest attention. Gradually, as new fr.ij,'ments were publislml 
(1791, 1S29, iS5()), the popularity of the Memoirs increased to such an extent 
that a reijular campaij;n was orj;anized to ferret out tiie ori^'inal manuscript, 
and other writing's of Saint-Simon which had not then been printed. It \\,i, 
j,'enerally believeil that the entire collection l.iy hidden in the archives of ilu; 
department of l''oreign Aff.iirs ; but nothini; ilefinite could be ascertained nn 
the subject. l''inally, by means of not.irial inventories, the complete list 
mule out, anil proofs were ubt. lined those valuable papers were actually 
preserved in the St.ite I )e|)artment. 

The I'aris press tlureu|inii became so cl.imorous, anil protestations fmin 
I'Vench savants were uttered with such enerj,'y, that the Due Decazes n\aile it 
a [)oint, on bein;.; appointed Minister of b'oreii;n ATtairs, to ),'ive .satisfaction tu 
[)ublic opinion. On the 21st of l'"ebruar)', 1.S74, he decided that the archivi . 
y.){ his department should be accessibk', but onl)' to tiiose who ubtaiui i 
permissioii from a boaril, which was iinmedi.itely instituteil. Unlortun.itel\. 
the anhivists were more th.m ever bitter!)' op|ni'.ed to liln miMsuii. 
aiul those '^uad inti-iitions llu-refure rciii.iiuid .ilmnst ,1 lie.ul k'tter. 

The 1 )iic Deca/es suceeeded b)- other ministers who e.mnut be said t- 
have betn prompted in res[)ect b)- the ei\lii;luened spirit of their predicessur. 
And, miiwbiU (iictii, it was particul.irl)' when a or an academician tonk 
possession tif the olt'ice that dilliculties increased. At last a civil en^iiiei 1, 
M. de I'Veycinet, made Minister of I"orei^ni Affairs, and on a day of il,. 
si)rinj;- of iSSo, i-ver to be remembered, the archives of his dep.irtment wen 
tiirown open to the [Jiiblic! 

Immediately upon beiiii; kindly informed these irclii"es coiitain((l 
numerous ancient Cieno('se documents which h.ul never been brouj;lit to li;;lu. 
on May 20, iSSo, wi' address<-d a iieti'ion to the '.linister, askiny leave to 
consult those of the I'ifteenth and sixteenth centuries. This was (granted i.n 
the 31st of May, and, bright and earl) the next day, we rep.iired t.) the I'akux 
of the Ouai d'Orsay. 

Tlie custodians introduced us at once into a room in which had been 
eollecti'd, for the purpose of ins[iection, a luiir.ber of ni.mustripts, bound 
in volumes of various sizes. We' were p.irticul.irly stnuk with a series of vc i) 
l.irL,'e antl thick folins, in extn-niely old cilf biiuliii;^, sliiil 1,) ine.iiis of bron/e 
clas])s in the shape of iiil;^riin shells. Ikit our astonishment m.iy well . c 
iiiia;^'iiied when, on examiniiij; those stalely m.uiuscripts, we ascertained tii.ii 
they were the famous /,//'/-/ juriitm of the Genoese Coninionwealth, which 
everyone in Italy believed to li.ive been destmyed durin;^ the I'lrst cpurter ol 
tin; present century. 

AlthouL^h their contents are' not quite };ermane to the subject, we Ik-.; 
leave to j^ive a short account of these iiu.ilualile documents. 

In the thirteenth century, the Genoese still adhered to the 

' Those flics cont.iiii nolliiii^ on llic snhjoit, 
l.iil lluTc IS iiiii(k-il .iiiicjii|; the lii.iiiUM M|ls, the 
I xlrcimly i.ire |irinltil |..iiii|.|ili.l, C'.'/h'«/i>;,'«i ,/« 
l\,>y 1/ dt .\f,>ii\ii^>i,iir /'.l.lmii,il till Siiiii ,1c 
Mi./i ,'■■ iir /'/).i.'U,ili:'» .. 1,11,, ,ii /,,/,./,/;, 

J'.iiii, i'liiiil'f'ti J\ili\>,'ii, ifio5, .Svo, — .niul iIa 
liinucil /.<///! I i/c//.'. ;j/.v; ./,■,',/ tt'iii/^f ,/f 1 1,(1. I 
. . ,1, ■nil, It ,i ,\/i'>i>iiur II l>Ui IKimpiitiU \,\k 
ll.inulllc-|, lfi55 , iilli- illil U;ii, 4lo. ,\,Vii 
..,/ ,■< S.ii., ,ii,„i, 1..,;.., 17, .A ;uj. 


custom ' of 
There was 
which, when 

In the 
from Holoj^n 
first ste^)s w; 
with the Chi 
deeds, bond; 
appointeil n< 
and which w 

The rcfj 
dbpcrsion, tl 
very lar^e n 
tW" such CI 
Stxtu!, had b 

It W.IS 

documents w 
not less inv 
bcfjinnini^f of 
and enacted 
to the prosjH 
beauty and 1 
inchulinj,' til 
the two oriy 
Oderi^'o in i 
In the I 
■Cripts ha[)p 
before disniis 
sent from Ci 
beginning of 

' 'IliL' 'system 
BBpiT'ir I'rulf 
of the iwellth n 
1157, when tile 

» SAvn.NY, ( 
Sm MilttUilUr 
1850. 1 S5 I, Xvi 
■OSCIll, SI, ^r ill 
of I So 7, V(p1. iv. 

' The dec ree 
Sacy, Notiits I 
BiHi, 'lh'i,;uf (/.'/ 
Uk fiir t'liiitil 
tux III ■tiifs cl t \ 
tAi,i,ii"iit ,ii-i ii 
1827, page .M. 

' Three ..the 
nted under t) 
tnd i\,"uii. T 
leal Lil'ri jiiriii 
it J.ieopo DiiK 
PrimiK, .ind (!' 


aril tlicn .mil iIutl' 

of I'ort'i),'!! Alliiirs 

ly li)cal importanci!. 

"orccd till: doors oi 

<"M-'7,S-0. as n\ii(li 

worth, aitractiil in 

an al)riilj,' fonn 

nts were i>ul)li.ili(,l 

d to such an txtLiit 

)ri,L;inal nianiiscri|.t, 

•n printed. It \v,i:, 

the archives of tlw 

I be ascertained un 

e complete list was 

apers were actually 

1 protestations from 
ic 1 'ecazes niaili; it 
^'ivv. satisfaction tu 
jd that the archivt , 
■ who had ohtaim 1 
d. Unlortunatcl). 
at lilnral niiM.siiri., 

ID eannot lie said Im 
il till ir pndrci'ssor. 

I academician look 
St a civil eti^inirr, 
id on a day of tin 
Is iliparttnent wen 

irclii'-fs contaiiit d 
n liroui^lit to li;;ln 
IT, askiiii,^ leave tn 
his was (granted en 
aired tv) the I'ahu i 

n which had hiun 
in.muscripts, hoiuul 
itli a .series of vi r\ 
.) of broil, r 
meat m.iy well 
.'e ascertained lli.a 
inionwealth, which 
the first ipiarter i,l 

e subject, we In .; 

II to the 

■;, 1605, .Svo,— .111(1 111 
'/; ,/,' /./ , //,;/ ^c Je I I, ,, , > 
' •• hui IKiiiif'huit |i!i 
.'/.' Jill /,■,.', 410. .\,7., 
•,.,;..3 17, ,/■:, Jo;. 

custom ' of annually selecting a foreign nobleman to rule over the Republic. 
There was no other me.m.s of kei'ping at pepr^ the .adverse political parties 
which, when left to themselves, were a constant cause of strife, turmoil, and 
bloodshed. That imported ruler bore the title of Podest.'i. 

In the year 1229,|)o H.alduino received the apjiointment. He c.imc 
from Mologna, and justly enjoyed the reputation of a great jurist." One of his 
first stei)s was to order that all the comjiacts and treaties with foreign nations, 
with the Church, and with the Office of St. George, as well as the privileges, 
deeds, bonds of fealty, public resolutions, in fine, every act of importance »o the 
Commonwealth, in the past and in tlie future, should be transcril by 
appointed notaries in registers, to which full f.iith and credit was to be g./en, 
and which were di'signed to n.'place the originals in case of destruction.' 

The registers thus compiled soon became so numerous that, fearinjj their 
dispersion, the City Council in 1253 ordered a new transcription, but in one 
very lar^^e register only. In 1296. there were nevertheless ni existence already 
tW" such enormous books of records, and the series was continued until a 
Stxtus had been completed in 1635.' 

It that venerable and m.ignificent set of original and authentic 
documents which been spread on the table. With it were other manuscrifjts 
not less iin|)ortant, particularly the decisions promulgated by Marshal dc 
Boucieaiilt, when, acting as reiiri.sentative of the King of France at the 
beginning of the fifteenth century, he re-organi/cd the administration of Genoa, 
and ciiaeted those' laws which contributed so much, for more than 300 years, 
to the pros[)erity of the Republic' There were, besides, manuscripts of great 
beauty .ind historical importance, such, for instance, as the Annals of Caffaro- 
Tasihifellone, the oldest of the Genoese chroniclers," and those of his successors, 
including the Aiinalia of Giorgio Stella. iMiially, resting upon a pile of 
Misallaiu-a, chielly in the handwriting of Federico I'Cderici, we beheld one of 
the two original cartularies which Christopher Columbus had sent to Nicolo 
Oderigo in 1502 ! 

In the following chapter we shall endeavour to ascertain how such manu- 
scripts h.ippen to be at [iresent in the Ministry of b'oreign Affairs. lUit 
before liisinissing the subject just now, it sl-.ould be stated that they were spoils 
sent from Geno.i during tin; long occupancy of the city by the b'rench at the 
beginning of the present century, and have been retained, although the over- 

' 'IT.i' syslcni of |,iHli.'stas orininntcil nitli llic 
Binpi.t'>r l''r;-ilcri( k l,.M!i;\i<n'.s\, in llic niuldlo 
of tin.' iwiluli ii.iiUir)'. Il l.i.sted in Hcnd.i until 
i»57, when tlic •' puik'sl.'i " was ripLucil liy ,1 
"ca|iii.ini)," n.itivc horn. 

' .s.wii-.NY, (I'i-iilii./ilt ilts A\miit/'u-u A',,/:/s 
im Atillt;\illi-r ; somnil cdilion, llcitkllicr^, 
1850-1S51, Kvi), vol. v., pp. i;i)-ii4; 'I'lKA. 
BOScm, St.'ri.i delUt Itllfulura ilaluuui ; (.•Uil. 
of 1S07, vol. iv., p.'iit ii., on. 167, .'dS. 

' Tlio ilccrco Ills lacn pul)Ii>lictl 1))' M. hf. 
Sacv, .Vi'/i\fs ft f.x/riii/s ii'fs I'hiniiunti iff la 
Bibit.lh',,;uf ,l:i r.n (I iiiiltfs I'lliwthhjUiS i f'uh- 
tUs ,".1)1' /iiililiil r.'Yiil lit fiilihf; fiiisivil iiiilf 
gux n. luts fl f\lt\iili Itis iiu t.mili itiil'li Jam 
tAi'i.iioiif j/i iihciifti^'ns fl I'tUfi-Uttrts, vol. xi., 

' Tliri-i' oilier volinnes are impropi-rly di-sij; 
lUlcil under die n.iincs of Sff-li'iim, (V/.i;;o, 
and .\'"///f. 'I'licsc are '|Miie dillerent from tiic 
real I.ilri jiirium. Tlv \-/'/i>ntis, for instauco, 
to Jaiopo l)oiil.\'s duplii.ite lranseri|it of the 
Primiii, .uid (loos not eontain any new ui.itlei. 

The (■'./.:.•/.( is a sort of ronipcndinui of indexed 
extiaits. The Jtiiiiini .W'liiii inij;ht ho said 
to belong to ihe series If it referred to acts 
enianaling from the City authorities ; Imt this 
/iiiliumi-iit:<nim tl Inialituiiiiiim I.ibtr is a 
chrouologii al repertory of the deirees promul- 
K-itcd l>y the representatives of the Krench King, 
CliAKiis VI., when (ienoa plaeeil herself under 
th.- protection of Iranie ( iv/'-MO'.))- 

Sec C/irist.'flitr Ci'/umhis ii/ij the Bank cf 
St. tifi'>x,\ pages 5i-'h). 

' As with the Colunilms Code\ and a nuiuher 
of .|to volumes of that Ciciioese collei lion, the 
oiiginal liindiux has fjeen torn away, and re- 
plai ed hy a very poor inodetn one. .\l the end 
of the C.uTaro M.S., there is a note by Ctiovanni 
Cliio, dated \S''^< sLiling that he li.uight it from 
a piiest lor four gold " nonima." Then comes a 
note by C.iuiio I'.v.mjia to ihe effect that he 
purrh.ised it Irom C'ino in 157.V. ^"d one by 
I'cderico I'K.m.Kiti relatini; that he a<'iuiredthe 
MS., November ^5, i6i;>, for twenty-five gold 
'■ nom." 



') I 

throw of Napoleon s empire hail in most cases led to llio restitution of tin 
foreijjn arciiives coliecteil in I'aris. 

Nearly ail the otiu r ilocuments of Genoese ori),'in were in fact sent 
back to Italy in iSi6, but they remained in Turin durinj; at least forty years,' 
I'Mnally, the Sardinian (government consented to restore the Genoese (lortion 
to the city of Genoa ; anil when the cases were opened, the absence of the 
Lihti jurium, Caffaro and Stella was noticed, but without surjirise. 'I he 
archivists shared the common belief that those manuscri|)ts had disappeard 
from the Li^jurian State Repository at the time when the archives were bcin^; 
jiackeil to be sent to I'" ranee; as it was well known that several of the Genoese 
employes then committed great depredations, and stole (piantitics of valuable 
manuscripts, especially from among those which were engrossed on parchment 
or vellum. 

Patriotism, or a taste for collecting historical documents, was not the 
incentive of sucli nefarious acts. They were jiromptcd simply by the desire to 
turn the volumes into money ; and, in fact, entire files were sold, and put to 
ignominious uses in liie city. I'artlinient was an article employed in variiuis 
ways; but it had become so scarce in Cieiioa, that to copy the treaty of pcm 
of i74iS none could be obtained, except by tearing olf finir blank sections from 
the //<;/«;« Septimus} So that wiien, several years after the removal of the 
archives to I'aris, a liuplicate of the Primus and one of the Secundus^ \\{:\v 
found in the workshop of a gold-beatet in Genoa, ready to be cut up, everyone 
became convinced that the rest of the Lidri had been destroyed in serving tu 
foliate gold for gilding purixises. 

This great misfortune did not deter the last archivist of the Office of 
St. George, Signor Cornelio Desimoni, from endeavouring to reconstruct thusc 
documental series, which are of such jtanimount 'inport.mce for the history ni 
the Ligurian Republic. When wif first met tliat venerable savant, at the. tiiii< 
of our early researches among the Genoese ..rchives, he was seduloiislv 
engaged in that patriotic undertaking, but with 'incited success, notwithstanilii:]^ 
the e.xtracts and notes left iiy I'ocii, I'ederici, I'ottj and other ancient svarchir, 
It is easy to imagine his ' "• wiun wi: inforiiui' him nf the existence of il;, 
original documeiils ; aitlmugh : >mi: time el.ipsed before he could be perinittn. 
to learn where they were ilepo.s >,d. 

' These .irrliiM's «ere sliil at Turin in 1S51, 
and even in N'oveiiiljcr, 1S5;. .Sec .•//.*/.■<•< i/ct 
A/iisioni i,iinlijii/i4fi el litlintirrs, I'.iris, 1S51, 
vol. ii., I'.i^e 3S0, arul, injrii, the i|iuitation 
from C.ANAl.i.'s iianipliitt : l)<t n./i.Vi!,; ■•',«/,, 
ih^ti Arihi: i di den. a, (,'>iu>m imiini::!' i, '■'i^;.'- 
uatil Ji tulli i J.\hmnili xi'l tt,tif;-rl.iti ili liniiiu 
a J'iiri,i;i. Hut tluy were liiially restored, as almve. 

' .See the note m the liainlwrilinH of tlic 
AM)e I'licii 111; Sak/ani;, al the eiul u{ the 
Sfflimiis so failed. 

Tiicy still possess in the State .Arrhives at 
(Icnoa three of those volumes, vi/. ; a I'riiiiut 

juiiiim duf-!iiiitus, a StciinJui jutium (wanlii 
its serond |".', . I a sort of triplKale of t' 
J'rimus. The latlir, not lifing kept with 1! 
cithers in the Secret Arihiven, Imt ar;ion^; tl, 
papers of the "Camera" (Imam cs), e!Ma|« 
the f.ite of the vnliimcs whieh were sent 1 
r.iris. The other two are the ///'/(' wliic h mt. 
•aved from the hanus of the ^;old-U•ater. 'III 
/ ihirjuiiiim, liuMished in the UtiU-rue l\Un 
Afi'iumcnta (iSifi.1855, fol ), constitute .1: 
.nmalf;ainatrd edition of the three volumes j:,- 
descrilied. ('opici from the other Ijhi h.iu 
oince been secured. 

fy/icn aii 

in 1809,^ was 
>,Jo6 cases of 
in the attic of 
on their way f 
to follow. A 
the archives c 
besides ntimci 
and Holland.' 
the consignme 

At first, o 
rtation to th 
dily, and ft 
became so crc 
wal of his chit 
lligh road, in 
legitimate aboi 

The little 
irchives, is to 


' Dcrree of Ma 
htd already in hi! 
inmense palace, 
ibowed them to 
The ^ulldlll^; had 
when tlie Work w; 
plans and c iirres) 

Bt preserved in 
SS. N. Ill, &11 
• MhriF.KNlCll, 

(■ses 106107. 

" Daiinou pri 
Ckives partout cji 
ion cirapeau, et il 
dt printer main-fu 
I fcivrier iSio.' 
«!«'« Je ri'.m 


i restitution of the 

were in fact sent 
it least forty years' 
e Genoese iiortiim 
the absence of tlie 
lilt sur[)rise. 'llu! 
ts had ilisappeartil 
irchives were beiiiK 
tral of the Genoese 
antitics of valuable 
issed on parchment 

ents, was not the 
|)Iy by tlie desire to 
re soil!, and put tu 
niph)yed in varimis 
tile treaty of pcau' 
l)lant: sections from 
tlie removal of the 
he Secuniius ' were 
be cut up, everyone 
royed in scrvinj,' tu 

it of the Office (if 
to reconstruct those 
e for the history ii 
savant, at the linn 
he was sedulously 
:ss, notwilhstandiii- 
•r ancient searcher', 
lie existence of ih. 
touKl be i)ern>ittn. 

ii/nJiti Jitn'iim (wanlir_ 
sort (if Iril'lK ate nf l! 
ml licing kepi with i) 
.riliivi-s, l)iit aniiint; tli 
r.i " (I'inain cs), ei<a]H 
R's whiili were sent i 
arc llu' / ihi wliii h viii 
if the ^dlil-lifatfr. 'Ill 
1 in llic Ihiti-rut I'alri.. 
55, fill), lonstitiitc .11 
f llic llirec voliiinis ]\i\: 
m tlie otlici Ijhi liau 

CiiArri'R III. 

if^/icn and how did the Paris Cartulary enter the /Irchives of 
the State Department f 

NE of the greatest wishes of Napoleon I. was to make 
i'aris the capital of the civilizeil world, in every sense 
of the term. An entire chapter could be writtiMi on 
the plans which he devised to that effect. One of them 
was to centralise in a lari'e iialace, which his architects 
commenced to build,' all tlie archives of the French 
l-'mpire, then embracing most of the continent of 
Lurope, with a fair prospect of soon absorbing the rest.' 
The project, which seems to have been conceived 
in 1S09,' was immediately put in execution. On the 7th of October, iHio, 
8,20'j cases of documents sent from Vienna were already unpacked and lodgeil 
in the attic of the Soubise Palace ; thirty wagons full of Spanish archives were 
on tlu.'ir way from Simancas to I'aris, and about 470 more had been [irepared 
to follow. Austria again forwarded 933 cases, Rome 12,147. Then came 
the archives of Florence, I'ertigia, Spoleto, Sienna, I'arma, I'iacenza, Genoa, 
besides luiincrous files taken from the rejiositories of Tyroi, Galicia, Belgium, 
and Holland,' Archivists from those countries were compelled to accompany 
the consignments to I'aris. 

At first, only important documents seem to have been selected for trans- 
rtation to the l'"rench capital ; but soon afterwards, the rest was [jacked up 
idily, and forwarded.' The Soubise I'alace and its new deiieiulencies 
became so crowded, that Napoleon himself had to interfere, and damp the 
Kal of his chief archivist, Daunou." The bulk, however, was already on the 
bJgh road, in long files of wagons, m.iny of which finally returned to their 
legitimate abode without having lieen unU)aded. 

The little we know concerning the Parisian history of those foreign 
irchives, is to be derived from certain printed statements written and published 

' Derrcc of Ntarcli ji, 1811. lliit NaI'OI.f.on 
h>(l already in his possession the plans of that 
tainiense pala( c, at least since iSio, as he 
iboweil thcin to MKi-rrkNlcH in that year. 
The lniilcliMH hail risen Iwn nietrcs alKive j;round 
»heii the Work was stcippeil in iSid. All the 
|ians and < orrespondence on Ihc sul)jert arc 

Ct preserved in the National Archives at I'aris, 
SS. N. Ill, Slim, loSi;. 

' .Mkiieknich, Mimoirts, I'aris, 1880, vol. i., 
ysccs io6'io7. 

' "I)aimiiu provoipia I'enlcvement des ar- 
chives partinit oii iin ri'^;inient I'ram.ais plantail 
■on drapeau, et il fit ecrire .\ tons nos j:eneraux 
dl prCler iiiainforte ;\ I'exi'ciition du detret <lii 
t fiivricr iSio." M.iriiuis nr. I.Af.oRUK, Ar- 
dUfts de I'Empire. Mcnumenti historiquts. 

Paris, i.-iCifi, 4to, paj;c cvi. This derrcc, Hon-- 
ever — Archives Nationalcs, A !•' iv, 4,^3, MS. — 
refers exi lusively to the an hives then 
collected at I'assaii, and to those of the Vatican. 

' lioKiiiKK,.7/./r/icj </< /.I /•/i;«i<', I'aris, 1S55, 
8vo, p.ine 40J. 

' " Nos gt'iiiVaux prcnant "1 la lettrc le decnl, 
[du 3 fevrier iSio] les envoyaient |ces archives j 
sans triaKc ct tout enticres en I'rance. " 1)K I,a- 
iiomiK, if. lit., page cvii. .\n eye-wilness re- 
lates how curious it was to meet on the high- 
ways of I'.urope those imniense wa^jons loaded 
to the tup witii heavy boxes full ol manuscripts, 
drawn liy loni; teams uf mules, travelling at a 
very- slow pace, and led on liy drivers in their 
natidual custunie. 

//iJfiii, pages civrvi. 


l)y D.iimou in iSi i, iSi j am! iHij, wliith have become so extremely jcarct 
tliat only lliree cupiis are known to exiHt.' 

AcconliiiK to thise laniiihlctH, not one of whirli is C(>ni|ilet<', tin; arcliivt , 
t»f Genoa iliil not coiiNtitiite a stparatc srttinn, nor iliii tiicy |)rcscrve tliHr 
entity, liavln^; luen aniai^janiatiil wiili otiiirs, first under tiu: title of ///(///;■, 
ilu /'ii'iiioiit </ (/<• /./ Satvi,-, then *>( j-l n/ii: i.\ </«• A; /.ii^uru' ti'ituiis. In Aii^jiut 
iSii, that iii\isii)n was yi t simply prospective, so to speak, as a noti; of th, 
lime met\iiiins l''rencli .i^^ents wlio " were tiun eniMgeil iireparin^ the trans 
port.ition of till' s.iiil arciiivis from Turin to i'aris."' 

On August I J, iSii, paunoii was commissioncil "to repair biyoml tin 
.Mps to ex.nnine tlie various Imilies of archives, ami ascertain which it heemci! 
(Ii sir.iMc til unite with the /Xnhives of liie l'!mpire."' Ami as we fiml him ii 
CicniM fnini Aii^;ust i^i until Scptc niher 7, iSii, il\i; pmbahiiity is tht 
na! sil< ition ' eommrnccil then. Nloro than a year elapsed, however 
lirforc th(' arcjiives selected on that occasion v/err sent to I'aris. 

In (ienoa or clsi whc ri', no positive inform.ition on the subject cnuld he 
obt.iined ; nor a dct.iiled list of the documents which at any time had been 
removed from tlie city to be found. 'I'he "-'udule in the possession of thi 
(ienoese .irciiivist is a very mea^^re one, not sup< rior ;it all events to the roiigh 
list inserted in a rare and curious p.imphlet wrilfei. by the Lite Si^nor Canaie ii, 
1S57.' I-'roin this piiblicition, we learn that theshi|)ment wasettected in ( )ctiibrr 
,ind November, i.Si 2, and comprised 1 10 cases." C'oiuise as may be the listr, 
lioctiinents then and thus sent, it issutticient to w,irr,int the assertion that neither 
the'n jiinuni. Cilfaro, Columbus Codex, nor any ol the documents whici 
■u-e at present in tin: Iremh Ministry of boreiy;!! All,iirs, lormi-d iiart of th.i; 
sliipment. We must also infer that those vaiii.d'ie manuscripts had alre,i(l', 
disappeared from (i( noa when P.innou first came toor^-ani/e the removal of \h 
lienoese archives. It is evident th,it he woiiiil havi'. selecti-d them before ,1; 
others, p,irticularly in the Anhtvio .uxtt/o, if they had then been <'xtant in tlx 
.Stat<" repository. 

I'iie fail of tile breiieh I'.mpire and the Tre.ity of Vienna compelled th' 

' \Vc have litcn able to sec Inil two of those 
paiiiphlcla. line is cntitlcil yi;//c.;« 1 1 i/<'«i///yK/ 
i/ii Arihiifi lie r/'mfiK au 15 ■;,■/</ iSi i, 41, •, 
iS p.iKi'i Hie 1.1*1 el wliii li llie ini|irmt,'iH, Jmfnmtru lie I'/nUiliil Imf'truil. 
I lie iilliei IS MliiiUr, exiept tliat the nuuilxrs uf 
ihe re>;ii>krs, lilis .iiul |Mclii.ij;i ^, iihIljiI dI Imnj; 
ili.Mj;'i.iteil !•)■ .1 mere laplMl letter, aie given ill 
I'liiiletl li^iires. 

I here must ha\e I'een a Ihinl eiliuon, lirnrint; 
I 11 llie title, ,;// )o Ui.embt/ iSij. liiiall,, »f llie |i.iMtne as.erlinn nl the Mati|iii^ m; 
l.,Mll:^'l'^,./ ,//.,pa^;exi ii,ii<ile,th.itaiiecliti. nw.n 
liililishiil umli r llie title el /I;.',V,<// \ultmati.;ue 
iiti ,\rjiije\ ilf ri'.inf'irt iiii i" jjmifr i.Sij, 
fiitcnlt .1 ,S'. ,1/, n.ntl<,rtut il A'.'l par j,'/t liti- 
h II iii/'i'f, Ilf I ; '1(1 fuiiil el Ire . lul/l, sn/el, f;. irjeje set 
lUiJir.fU yi.ini.u We tliii.l. that Iletiti llekhiKR 
horrDweil friim the latter his iluisiiin entilli'il 
.h, fillet iif^iiiitniiei riiinie!, on pa^e .|oj el his 
\ iliialile ArJinei Je la hrat.<e. A<< online to 
this, en the i.sih ol J.inii.iry, 1S13, there were 
|p<l^;e(l III the .Sipiihise I'alace ,i,ooj lurka^es of 
l.i^iirMii (lo( iitiunts ; lail liolhin^; imlnates how 
many of these helonjjed i)ii^:inally to (ienoa. 

' "l)n est (« ( ii|i(! en ce inoiiRnt clii transport 
lie res an hives lie I'uriii.^ Tans. D'autre-. corps 
il'aiihives sunt encore .'i reunir." DAl'.soe, 
Ta'!e.ui ■.utoiuili.iu:-. p.ij;c 17. 

' l)K I.AIK1KUII, «'/. .7/., pane cviii, note. 
' "'rria(je»,"lo use thenclarious I'retic htcrr 
- sec in our S.tei i.v/ la S\'uielle-h'uin,i -, 
hi^torv of Ihe an hives of the Krrmh Navy |l 
parliiieiil, in tl'.e InlriKluction, paf;e xi.-m-. 
ii.inever, made also m luriii, as, in a jellci 
li.MNoe, .Sipt. 7, i.Sij, he teioinmencls \ 
IifiKK as a fit iKtson to make the rei| in 
self! lion in lie anhives of |lcl^;iuin, owin. ■ 
Ills having "cie).\ rcnipli avee suiiis une m 
Moll seiiiMaMc a I'uiin. ' Hi {..MieKlH', ,■/.,;■ 
paei- I \ 11, note. 

Miihele (iiusi-p|>e Canai K, Pel riri.i.': 
»:,»l.-ile.l. .liJiitiJi (teni':a,,vn una in./i.,ri . 
ta^h'nata Ji li.lli 1 J.eitmenli ^i,i l>,np,-rlali .• 
(»c//i>. ,1 ij J'lirt^i, eJ era einltHli iiegli at.liiti .. 
L'crte in Jeii'if. (ieiiova, 1.S57, tni Km, ;• 
paps. _ 

" Nous Mitnsi(;n(!s Agens (•c'nt'ratit <les tnr 
jiorls lie la Marine et dii .Miiiistire ile I liv 
rieur, nrliiions aMjir re(,ii ile .\lons. Raimon: 
Anhivnle ile la I'refei lure dc (lencs, tons 
papiee., re^istres et litres I'lionii's au pri'M- 
elat, renleriiu's dans cent ilu laisses, les.iin: 
ont <!li .ulressi'i's .\ Muns. DainoI', selon ' 
instnntions tie .\Ions. Kokhs, cnirepreiav 
^riieral du susdit If.msport. — Ci-nes, Ic ,50 r 
veinhre, iHij. Ciiakiiunsi. fieres." (Juo'.i, 
hy ( 'ASAi r, ,/ ,('/ , I a,'es 1 1 1 j, note. 
XX vi 

restitution of .1 

by .Sp,iin, Koi 

sent .Si;,'nor A, 

had supersede! 

c.ises containii 

.Savov and I'i 

schechile or lisl 

their original e 

>,'reat I'Vendi a 

Costa's re 

to whom the .ar 

received in all < 

tile origin of v 

posed ()(■ rloi jr 

.\le\.iildria, .im 

include oilier c;i 

autumn of i,Si j 

inents weri' t.ik 

c-ases remitted 

know |)()sitively, 

manuscripts wh 

to investi'iiatc tl 

On May 7 

archives of tiic 

lirou^^ht to 'i'liri 

for the notion c 

ori;,'in.Ue till a 

|jractice, still foil 

m its chief city. 

On the 9th ( 

Was it in compli 

.seciuente, wire 

see why so;;e 

I'Veiieh capit.i 

the .iddress iiisi r 

bulk of the cxpei 

schedule of the c 

vi/ , F .\1, and w 

that they ci)nt,iin 

junum, Caftan . 

them ; and Septi 

documents from 

On the uStl 

' llmusiljcs.iid, nc 
Dm'noi: sown siateii 

closi'of|||iy,-,,r iSlj, 

on the shiivis ol tht 
bundles and rejjistei 
Daunoi; rapivllc ,iv 
•nicies, ',.is,ses et n- 
rayons dc I'lloiel de 
' " le 7 mai iSo> 
ordonne l.i rLunion, 
«■/., pa^e (vi, note. 'I'h 
the kind issued two 



rcnicly .Karcc 

, tlu! archive , 
)rfS('rvo their 
c of ylfi/iivi 
. In Auj^iiM 
it iwU: ol' ih, 
iiij; ihu tr;ms 

,ir bi-yonil ilu 
uth it .st-inic.! 
AC I'lnil liim ii 
ty is tlu 
iscd, however 

l)i<'Ct cniild li, 
tiPJC liad Imr, 
scssiim of thi 
iH to the roii^!; 
j;iu)r Ciinalc ii 
ted in ( )cUA)r 
y be the list i 
on tluit neitlii- 
iiitntnls wlili, 
d part (if till 
Is liad alrc:i(!; 
removal of ;h 
hem before a 
n extant in iK 

compelleil l! 

(C cviii, note. 

irii'in I'tini lili" 

,\ru:ftlf-Frit>i,t . 

Krrrx h N.ivy li 

, iM>;c ».,-»f 

as, in a Icllrr 

c til iimmcnds v 

luVc the ri'i] Mti 

c suitis unc ni 
r I.AiKiHi'r, •/,.,■• 

u r, /'<■/ ri.-'.i:' 
.■,'« «»!» (>r./(..i:i • 
.(,( tn'i/'.tlali : 

mil nfj:li iitthr] . 

1H57, mi KM', ; 

hiiMi-rc lie I'll,' 

Mom k,\rMoy. 
tc (li'ncn, loin 
111)111 OS au |iti'sc- 

<aisM'^, li'Miuv' 
I iMNnl', ndim 
<iiN, cntrc|iiir.i- 

-C.inti, le ,^0 I 
ficrcs." (Jiio'.i 

I J, iujIc. 

restitution of all the foni^jn archives in 1S15. Commissioners were appointed 
by Spain, Rome. Austria, etc., to retake possession. l he Kin^; ol Sanlini.i 
sent Si^jnor A. I- Costa, who received, April 33, r«i6, from M. de la Kue, who 
had supursedeil Uaunou, in the Soubiso I'alace, " one hundred and fifty-one 
cases containing tin; archives of denoa, to^;ether with a portion ol those ol 
Savoy anil I'icdmont." The wording' of the receipt, and the f.ict that no 
Hcheilulc or list was ailded, seem to indicate that the documents were still in 
their original cises, and therefore had not been placed on the shelves of the 
yreat l-nuLh archival centre, or even unp.irked.' 

Costa's receipt covers 151 case.s, whilst Charbonel, the common carrier 
to whom the archives were delivered .it tienoa in 1S13, arknowled>,'es havin;; 
received in .ill only i 10. The Soubise I'alace has harboured tluirefore 41 cases, 
the oriyjiii of whith nei ds to be ascertainetl. Were thcsi! e.xclusively com- 
posed ol rlc jinents coming,' from Savona, Chiavari, Ivr<a, 'I'lirin, Cliamlu'ry, 
,\h\andria, iiid <ither cities of I'inlmiml and S.iv()^', or did they not also 
include oilier cases which mi^,'ht have Ix'cn n.'moved from G<'noa prior to the 
autumn of 1S13 .' This may be, as we sh.ill presently show that Genoese docu- 
ments were t.iken away before the latter date. Hut the point, so far as the 
eases remitted to Costa are concerned, can be of no im[ioitance, sinct; we 
know positivily, from Canale'silescriiition of thtjn, that they did not contain the 
maiuiscripts which we are now examining;. Nevertheless, it behoves the critic 
to investij,'atc the question first removal of Cienoese archives. 
' l)n May 7, iSoS,' an Imperial decree was issued, orilirin^ that all the 

archives of the 'Iransalpitie Dep.irtmeiils, of whith Cienoa was one, should be 
brought to Turin, not however in trnnsi/it pre|).ir.itory to bcinjj sent to !•' ranee ; 
for the notion of makinj; Paris the ),'reat centre of luirope did not 
orij,'in.ite till a y<'ar or two afterwarils. The decree was fouiuKil on the 
pr.ictice, still followeil in I'r.mce, of centralising the archives of each province 
in its chief city. 

On the 9th of September, 1 ,SoS, t\venty-('ive cases were removed from (ieiioa. 
Was it in compliance with the alle^jed decree of M,iy 7, precedinj,', and, in con- 
.seipience, were they sent to lurin, or, r.ither, t<» Paris.' We do not 
sie why so I.irge a shipment of archives should have been forwarded to tlu 
,( I'Vench .it such an e.irly ilale. Dur impression is that notwithstandini.;; 
the .idilress inscribed on the boxes, — "To tlu; Minister of the Interior," the 
bulk of the expeuition of iSoS went to Turin, lie that as it may, there is no 
scheiliile of the contents of the twenty-livt; cases. We possess only their in.u k, 
vi/ , !■' M, and wci>,dit. Can.ile, however, says, without statinj,' his authorities, 
that they containeil " the <iri^inals of the I lislory of Cienoa." ' ll so, the>rt 
junum, Caifaro, Columbus Coilex, and the rest, may luive been in one or two of 
them; ami September, 180S, is the time of the ri'tnoval of those 
documents from tjenoa. H'lt, thus far, this is only .m hypothesis. 

On the i.Sih of June, 1.S52, a brenth archivist, M. Camille I'ricss, was 

' Iliiiilstl)cs,iiil,tlfvt.Ttliclo»!>, llialari (irilln^;l() 
Dm'noI! s DWii sialciiicnt, .i-, i|iuiti<l lij llu- Mar- 
quis UK l.AiinKiih, •'/: ,if , pa^c ix\, iidIc, .il the 
chiM'iiflhiyiar iSi j,lhi ri-mii'alri'.Klyarraiimd 
on the shelves 111 the .Suiiliise I'alaic, iijj,;,!') 
biiiiilles ami re^i'-lcrs: "\ la liii ilc iSu, 
D.MNiiiJ r.i|j|ielle .nee sallsfuetKiii nue ii;.',; ;>) 
arlii les, ' i»«'s et renistres, repci^iaiem Mir les 
rayiiiis iIl ri Intel de SiMihise. " 

' " le 7 iiiai iSoS, iin ilecTCl im|ierial .nail 
Otilnime l.i teiiiiion, .'i ruriii, ties an hives iles 
di'parteiiieiits traii>al|iiiis,' |)|-. I.AiinkiiK, ,/>. 
fit., pa^e I vi, nute. There is, !,i)wevcr, a ileirec uf 
the kind issued Iwo years previous, March 7, 


iSo^i, ileilarinn that " les jirchives ilti 1 i ilevaiit 
I'leiimni, e\i>l.iiit .'i Tiirin, soiit imedependaiK e 
des .\ri hives N',ilinnales,".ind .1 ^;elHr.ll at, hui-.l, 
M, I'. .\. (', \\ci//i, was a|ipoiiiled lor all the 
"ar<hives <les deparleiiieiils .111 del.'i des .Mpes." 
Ms. Ill the An hives ot the .Miiii-.tiy ol the 

' " rrerede:iteiileiite alia spedi/ioiie in I'aiigi 
da Oeiiov.i dei stiliiduati iloi iiiiienti, addi <) 
Seltenilire del i.XoS, erano ni,\ Male inviatc lol.i 
.ll iiiiiiislro deir iiitetno 1 as^e n. 25, (diiteneiiti 
^li oriniiiali delie slorie di (ieiima, e niolte carle 
relative a diverse le>;a/ioiii.'' (.'anmi, <•_*. .7/., 
p.ij;e .'.•. 

xvii c 3 





■ 1 


sent by the Institute of Franci: to Genoa, for llic purpose of niakln^^ ri'senrdics 
in tlie State archives. The main object of liis mission was to study the 
documents relatiiij^ to Corsica ; the Academy, however, also instructed him to 
investigate the tiles whichconcerned the administration of Marshal dc IJoucicauIt, 
and others relative to I'Vench history.' 

Mis report, when lie returned to Paris, was read before the Academy, 
March 1 1, if>,S.3. The Permanent Secretary, after remarkini,'' that the mission 
had |)rovetl a failure,^ matle tile following; statement : " AccordinL,' to what was 
said to M. I'riess, tlie St.ite papers anil historical documents were abstracteil 
and taken to I'aris, //i iSo6, followinu; upon llu- researches which M. dt- Sacy 
hail m.xdv in the jiuhlii; repositories of Cicnoa."' 

M. de Sacy had tiien been dead lilteen jears ; but many of his former 
col!e.iL;ues were present at the meetinjj, and no one protested atjainst the 
allei;ation, which, after all, rested only upon the statements made to M. l''riesi 
by the (ienoesi; archivists, nearly half a century after tile alleged event, 
rile .Secretary, however, made tlu' followinj,^ remark : 

" Without h.iviiiL; to justify happens to have been ;i (oi)uiili)ut\ and 
not a lOinialhui, as rei^.irds the eiitirel)- scimtitic mission of M. de .Sacy tn 
Genoa, ami die rem(i\.d of the jiapers, it is to be rej^Tetted that M. I'riiss 
slioukl not have known, before repljint; to the custoili.uis of the Genoese 
archives, of the declar.ition from the rliic f .ircliivist of the kini^'dom made in 
iSi6, to the effect he hail just remitted to Sii,Mior Costa, the Sardinian 
commissioner, all the collections which c.ime from Genoa."' 

Til. It st.Uenieiit indie. ites a sort of coiifu.'iion in the mind of the .Secretar\-, 
who e\ ideiitly possessed inform. ition only as rei;ards the arciii\is sent to the 
Soubise I' which c.inie to I'.iris so late as 1S13, and were returned t'l 
Piedmont in 1 S 10, ajip.inntly witliout havinu; been even unp.uked. 'I"he word 
" ci'ineideiue " in his rem. irk is con'ii:(|Uenlly an error on his p.irt : and until .1 
document has iicrn ]>ro.lucrd by the Genoese .uxhivists to provi' tlnir 
aliet,'.itio!i tln' renio\.d of the .irchives in Gt lui.i .uid the mission of M. 
de .S.icy were " eonni'Lti il." or e\en " coincidi'd." the st.Uemeiit must be 
lelt in abey.uice. 

I his allej^ed intervention of M. de Sacy induces us to relate how lie 
ha])pened to ^-o to Genoa. 

At the close of tlu- last century, there was current .iuioiil,' the I'reiuh 
savants a letjend, just as there is one .it present e\(r) where, relati\r 
to the existence ol imiiortant orient.d in.uHiscripts in certain inaccessible 
recesses. In our il.iys, credulous people point to Sam.irc.uul. or to the 
Golden Horn in Constantinople. I'liruurl)-, it (ieuo.i which enjoyed 
that reput.Uion. The old orientalists were couvinciil that the inunerous 
incursions of the Genoese in the l^ast. and their wars with the S.iracens. ha 1 
been ])roducti\e of numerous .•\r.d)ic. Turkish and Hebrew manuscripts, 
which were entombed, as they believed, either in the P.dace of the Govern- 

' Rt|'i>rt ef .\I. l.lN.iRMAM, /'/,',<■, :ir/\i.:.\ 
1/.. 1, ■,;«,(, ,i, . .I.,i.i,niu J,, lr,i.i,f-ii<ni d HfUii 
l.ill<is, .\|s;. in iKi: utiii L' of tiiu .'^ii.n.-tary of llic 
InstuiHc of Ir.uirc, Jijno iS, 1S51. 

ir .\I. Ii.uI ^iihe 10 1 urin, .md a^kcd 
lur lla- iluiiiimnts ( 111 i .i.scs cj.S-ios, In- 
vm.iM li.iic olH.iim il all lif ilisirci!, mi :is tlie 
( hicf elijc( t ol Ills lnls^i,)n, vi/ , iliu hihlury ol" 
L'uisi'a, was coiucriied. 

■ " iiaiiiiTs d Klat tl Its dociiincrils liis- 
leiiiiiics luruiit cnluvcs, liii a-t-«;ii dit, ct trans 

.MS., |.a>;c scS ; and Mnihins ,i( i'.lt,i.i,'i, 
•in /tiurt/'liriu rt InUes l.rtliis, I'aris, \M,\, 
Mil, \\.. ]ia.;i' II). 

" .Sills avoir .\ jiislifior I.-ici)inridt'ntc ct n ■, 
|i.i-ila liaiv'iidi'la inisMiiri toiilcM ifiitifniin' ile \I 
M. Sai V .1 liiiif.savti I'l'iili'MMiicnt dcs ;u|>ii'rs, i' 
isl ,1 rej^rcltcniiR' .\1. Kiiris-, pour ri'jiohdrc ai;x 
i"n,i.r\alcursili-siltpols 411 il visitail, n'ail yxs m 
ioiin,iiss.iiuc do la dc< laraliuii dii ^jardi' j;i-nir.c; 
du royauiiR', in 1S16, |«irlanl ijii'il vcnail 

l"irles .1 I'aris en iSor,, .'i la suite dcs rcchcrtlics icimitrc.'i M. Costa, 1 oimmssaire du roidc .Sar- 
cjiicM. '"■, ^'^< \ •''^■'>'' f-'i'i"- dans Ics dcpoLs daij;iic, siir son n-rcpissc, toulcs Ics collcrlions 
Jiiil.;i< ■, V.', V,: lie,." /'/,,,: . ,,/,;.vi „', .'•./,,;.,■..■/.■;, pnncnani. dcs ar. tiivts dc (Iciics." ('/. ,;/. 


' " Deux 
i'cndruit .' 
nicnl in m 
tri invent . . 
Ics privilcj;c 
Ics riijs d'l 
i'i;o par 
ricuscs dc 
autrcs ; Ic 
infolio, iiit 
%ur Irs re,, 
UiiliHie el . 
cfiisst iVhiit, 
iii , I'aris, 
M. ne Sac 
jurium est ci 

iKikinj; ri'sen relics 
was to study the 
instructed him to 
ihaldc lioucicault, 

)re the Academy, 
y that the mission 
rilinij to what was 
ts were abstracted 
rtliicli IM. de Sacy 

any of liis former 
csted ai,Minst the 
nade to M. I'Vies; 
he alleged event. 

1 a (oiiici(iiti('(\ anil 
of M. de Sacy In 
ed that M. Friess 
s of the Genoese 
kini,nlom made in 
ista, the Sardinian 

d of the Secretary, 
chives sent to tlii' 

were returned t^i 
)acked. The word 
s part : and until :\ 
ts to jirove the ir 

tile mission ol M. 
latenient must lie 

; to relate how 


imoni; the I'nnch 
very where, relati\c 
certain inaccessihl'' 
iiarcand, or to the 
loa which enjo\((l 
that the numerous 
li the Saracens, ha 1 
■brew man\is(Tipl-^. 
ace i>f the (loverr,- 

■ Ullr.i ,/<■ I 841) .) iK^;. 

/fj- /.f.'/llS, l'.in^, 1. I'l. 

fior 1.1 loincidcMKO ct n -ii 
m UHilcM iciililii|iifili' M 
MilcM'iiicnt (Ics jiapicrv, l 
Kfiss, |ii)ur rcjKiiuIri; ^i\;x 
s qu il vi.sitail, n'.iit |FaM-U 
lar.ilioii ilii i^anle j;i-in r.ii 
, portant ■[ii'il vi-na\l I'.c ilu mi Av 
.si', toules Ics rollt'ruoii.'. 
.!(_ COiR'v" Of. <;/. 

ment in Genoa, or in the Bank of St. George. To ascertain the matter. 
Napoleon ordered the Institute of France to send a mission to initiate 
researches in the Genoese archives. It was intrusted to M. Sylvestre de Sacy. 

The great French savant repaired at once, in 1805, to Genoa ; and, let it 
be said and noted, he never made another journey out of France. His first 
visit was to the Palace of the Government ; and when by the orders of Lebrun 
and of M. Bureau de Puzy, the French Prefect of Genoa, the employes 
opened to him the Arckivio sei:;rdo, he went deliberately to two cabinets, or 
presses, which had been privately pointed out as containing many ancient 
manuscripts of importance. 

We know from his own debcription that the Libri jurium, Caffaro, 
and Federici's memoranda, together with the Columbus Codex, were then kept 
in those two cabinets, the entire contents of which he carefully inventoried.' 

M. de Sacy's account led us to infer that these documents, all of which, 
as we have already said, still exist side by side in the Ministry of Foreign 
Affairs, just as when kept in the Genoese repository, eighty-seven years ago, 
were not separated by the parties who first packed and sent them to France, 
evidently all in the same case. Our inference was strengthened by the fact 
that the documents form a sort of medley, with no historical connection for 
the most part. It is clear that the Columbus Codex, or the papers concerning 
the difficulties with Savona, for instance, have but little analogy to the col- 
lection of Statutes at large and other legal documents embraced in the Libri 
juritim. These circumstances forced upon us the conviction that the Genoese 
series which we are now examining were originally packed up precisely as 
they came out of the cabinet, and belonged to a case kept undisturbed and 
entire until its contents were lodged in the State Department of F" ranee. 

The deliberate manner in which M. de .Sacy caused the cabinets to be 
ofjened, as well as the priv.Ue information which prompted his action, indicate 
that in the opinion of his informers, and in his own, those two cabinets con- 
tained the most precious documents in the Archivio segrdo. And although 
tiiere was among them only one of immediate interest to that savant, a Hebrew 
Bible in six large folio volumes, the careful analysis which he gave then and 
afterwards of the Libri jurium shows that those documents proved extremely 
interesting to him.' 

Taking into consideration that his countrymen in 1S05 were absolute 
masters of the cit)', may he not have conceived then the desire of endowing 
F' ranee with this admirable set of ancient and historical manuscripts ? Such 
a thought was in keejiing, it must be said, with the practice of the time. 
The conquests of the F'rcnch, in Belgium, in Holland, in the Rhenish pro- 
vinces, in Italy, were always followed by the arrival of agents sent expressly 

' " Deux armoircs m'avaicnt i\6 d(!sign(?cs 
par i]ueli|uc5 renscigncnients parli'-uliers.coiiime 
IVnclruil siir lci|uel jc dcvois liirigur principalc- 
nient m hi aUciuinn. . . . C'est l.\ quo so 
trouveiit . . lo luanuscrit dcs annalesdoC'afTari, 
les privilej;os accorilos a CliriMtuphe Culomt) par 
lo^ ruis d'l^spaj;no ot donnos au\ archives on 
i();o par Louis Odorito, lo.s collections pro- 
Mouses de Kedorico l-'odorici, Roccal.iijluta ot 
autros ; lo recuoil luanusrrit on oiue volumes 
inl'ulio, intitule l.tbfr juriiim." See Kaf/'itt 
siir Its ri.htnltfs failfs J,ins Us archim ■.'« 
g.'iiKrntmenI tt iinlxs ,/,/,V/ f'ut'lui a Chies, in 
Jliitoitt ft Mhih'iifs dt I Imlilut routl Jt Franci-, 
clitsse d'/iistoire it Je iitlaalure iimiemu; vol. 
iii , I'aris, 1818, .(to, p.igo Qi. On paf;o loj, 
M. UK Sacv says, " lo recuoil intitule I.ihtr 
jurium est compose do dix groa volumes infolio." 

' See in vol. iii. of the Iti^toire tt Mhnoirts 
de I'Inslilut >•.').:/ de France, jusi quoted, pages 
1 03- 1 25, Nctiie! des f'ikes lir/es des An/in ts 
stirfles du );i'uvernemfnl, d Gi'ies, wtiere M. 11K 
Sacv gives an analysis of a number of doru- 
menls taken I'rotii the I.ihri jurium. In iS;; 
lie published, in tho Notu/s et Estrails des 
manusLTils de hi liilii,>llih;ue du Koi, vol. xi., 
pages 1 96, tho full text of many of tho docu- 
ments which he had copied in 1S05, and besides, 
very important ones of tho years 958, 1178, 
1181, \i2f), ,-ind i.^So, also borrowed from tho'ri jurium, but theretofore unnoticed. It is 
worthy ol remark that wo find another l-'ronch 
savant. Saint .Martin, publishing likewise, c/. 
.;/, p.iges 9,-ii.:, an .Armenian document of 
considerable importance, derived from the same 



>- 3 


from Paris to select in the conquered cities such objects cf art and manuscripts 
as the Govcrnm('nt thoM,t;;lU ilesirable to add to the p^ lie collections in the 
Louvre and National Library. Those agents were extremely keen and com- 
petent, and invariably chose manuscrii)ts of historical, jihilological, or artistic 
importance,' disdaining, as a rule, that mass of theological and ecclesiastical 
writings which constitute the bulk of collections everywhere in Europe. So 
fir as Genoa was concerned, a number of its media-val charters were in the 
hands of French savants so far back as the year kSoo,' The famous original 
Caffaro, which is among the jewels of the Paris National Library, ' is one of the 
manuscripts which found their way to the ca[>ital of I'rance in that manner. 
Under the circumstance's, it was not impossible that AL ile Sacy should have 
called the attention of ^L iJureau de Puzy to those ilocuments, and expressed 
the wish to have them sent to 1'" ranee, in iSo6. 

All this reasoning, however, would contratlict two facts. The first is thai 
there are no traces in Genoa of a removal of archives b'^fore iSoS ; and con- 
seejuently, the archivists who made the statement to M. Priess spoke- at 
random. The second fact is that on the 7th of July, 1S07, those ilocuments 
were still in the same cabinets in Genoa where M. de Sacy hail examined 
them two years previous. We possess his own statement to that effect. 

In the report which he submitted to the Institute at the above-mentioned 
date,' after describing the Libii juriutu, Caffaro, Columbus Codex, iSrc, &c., 
and the two c.diiiuts where they were k<'pt, M. de Sacy adiled: "I have 
examined with the utmost care all the volumes, imnuscri|its, boxes, bundles 
and portfolios vhiih arc priscncd :^nlltin the sdinc, and tlr.ifteil a succinct 

What is more, after calling tlie attention of the Institute to the importance- 
of th(" Genoese archives for writing a history of Commerce and N'.i\ ig.uion. 
,ind to m.ike a eor|)us of cert.iin documents which would timl their proper 
place in I'umont's Corps Diplcmatiquc, 
language : 

"je I'ai ck'j.'i insin\ie et ie Ic re]ii'te, 
!i" travail ilont il s'agit ici ne pent t'tre 
1 ;en fait qu a Gene.'s ; il n'y mamiue 
pointdi- iiersonnes c.ipable del'executer 
,'i l.i satisf.iction du public eclaire. II 
n')- .1 point de doiue (ju'un semblable 

' SiilIi ni.iniiM 111 t< ■^''t' I'.'^i'y roni^riMil in 
llic I'drti^;!! liliniui-s to wliirli llii.) hch- rviLnul 
111 iSid, liy ihf st.inip R. I', it., " Kt'inililnnic 
Irimi^.iUe," wliii li iticy slill 

' Mimi'itti d( I' Institiil n.iluna!. Cla^ir tin 
i:-ii-n,rs m.-rii.'es rt /■i/i/:,/iifi, vul. ni , An IX, 
IMijc ;.?, uhire wc- : " I.cs < h.irtcs (,u'i'n 
.1 cnvnyics ile llcncs sont ciincu'ics a nl 

' 'I'lic three .-ildcst an.i inc^l cmn] lotc ni.iiui- 
srri|its of CvKtAKi" .ire in I'.uis, \i/.. . i ^t, ihc 
MS. .tIiovc iiR-ntioncil, in tin.' N.itu I.ilir.iry 

/..iti'i, 10,1;/), — where it arrived lictH-cn 
1795 .iiul 1S05. This v.ilu.llile eeulcv is tile 
lirst in every rcsjiect, .ind proli.iMy the e>ne 
which .McRAioHi was not iierniitted to see in 
(lenoa; 2nd, Kkhkrici's index, in the .Stale 
I le|Kirlnient. whie h we havi.- already 1 ilid : jrd, 
(;iMrt;io SfKl i.a's cwn eeipy, aKu in the .Vatlonal I ,ilin, 5X1,9, ai'|ii;redin I'.fii, with 
iilher inaniisiti|>|s, whirh, hy the order iif l.mis 
XIV,, were lioUi;ht Iruin the heirs of the liook 
:,i.llii '1'ne.llKr In 1 1;1.~M . 1 1 li -iin.;, under the 

tile; celebrateel savaiit useil this neible 

" / liavc already intiviatcJ. and f 
repeal, that this undertakini^ eatl he 
properly earried out only in (ienoa, 
:ehere there are persons eoiupetent to 
a,eo»iplish il satis/aelorily. There /> 
no doubt but sueh a nvrk xcould ae</uire 

de5i.;ii.ilioii of .In/i./ui Anniild Hinutmn, .( 
tn.ii..; Ill the C,i/,i/,\'iis lihriiini li/'/ir//:,:, 
A',i/'n,ir/i Tn,hrli />u I'lrsni ■ I'tinuK, ,ifti,l 
1 tJuam (I iiinttits, mik.i.xii, 411), List \>.\f,c ol 
the Otiittt uilixi. .Mlhoiigh De iKtsM ■- 
nianiiscri|ils had heen for tl-.e ijrcater part piii- 
1 iiasi'd liv hinisell in Italy, tlie /.;//", 5Si)i), nitit 
have lieen in Kranre already in the lilleenlh len- 
t'.iry, siiiie it was lAinsulted there liy 'IrisLin 
(Ml HI, the Secul.iry nf l.iu Is .Ml. 

' l'.\li,i'.t ilu tiif'f'rrt III it /.; L.'iisie il'/iiili'ire el 

Ji- Itlltl.llliK illhuimt ,/f r hiaitllt Jt l-lil>uf, f,!! 

M. .'^liinlif lie \i,y, mr lei 'fih.nhis J,utei Jiim 
lis iirilmei ,te liiii/s, en exeuti.'i dci cr.irei du 
iliniiernement et dc lit d/lil'er,ttti'ti de eette clitae 
ilii \^ Iheiinidir lilt \ x,. Small .Smi, sitie itnmi iti.l 
l<ii\ II pa^es. See also the Aft'niteiir, .No. iHi., 
July 7, iSj7. paj;e y.'S. 

'• J'ai e\. inline avei' le pleis t;ranil soin ton. 
lis lolnines cl iiianii^irits. Us rartons, liasses ii 
piirlileiiilles i/iit y >,'iil renjiinns, et j en ai fait 1111 
elat soiniiiairr." (^/'. li/., \ .\^i: 5. The italu . 
are not in the oiiijnal. 


recucil n'acqu 
h'II est fait 1 
dOsir d'attach^ 
lection reclu; 
te't eifglieil n; 
tracer les anci 
patric." ' 

The iTian 

("leiieia eif her 
% ,\ltliougli 

M in the: De'part; 
.'M wards, fe)r the 

:f ■'^P<'l'" e'//wf. y 
to be stated. 

It was tin 

great patriot, 

Cieiioa. I le I 

bfi'ii sent with 

1 Kepuhlic te) I" 

i De Gerai 

■S junta appeiint 

.\s lie was a o 

in.iile aware ol 

il is not imi)os to Pai 

till' Ministry o 

■ tiiose v.ilu.dile 
, eli-p.irtmeiit, p 
f l.ibr. 

r.iris in iSoS. 
C'llld he helel i 

■ (Mses ,■' .Must 
V r.itiil from the 

ilM]lossillll' to 

■ ed iiii|uireTs. 

.\s the re;t 
the ni.iin is p 
to the; meist v. 
UKo, we re'giTi 

|al the't, 

[de'Iloi-se" ejoci 

Aliairs at P 

/.\!r.iit .in 

•' .\s III iSi : 

\Y niiiiil. an.l iv.i 

Il rem li llinpae, i 

Ins J'lrei^n, and 

|t.lllltl- to Ihrin 

It' .■ Miiii>try if ill 
|.\iul as its ah li;\i 
[Kile lie (Irene 
f.ff lnrei;;n .Allan 
1 .lusc, .lUi 1 
|(ieiioese doruinci 
Stlie present d.iy. 

ctions in tho 
;i;n and coni- 
il, or artistic 
liiirope. So 

were in tlic 
nous ()i'ii;;inal 

is one of till' 
tliat manner. 

should have 
nd expressed 

le first is that 
oS ; and con- 
less s[)oki; at 
se ilocuments 
\ad examined 
t effi'Ct. 
lex, ivc, ^c, 
ed : " 1 hav(.- 
loxes, hnndles 
ed a succinct 

le imjwrtance 

1 Navigation. 

1 their iirdper 

sed this noiiie 

ima/cif. iUid I 
takhti^ can /'<• 
nly in Ccnoa, 
.V coiiipclcnt to 
<-i/y. There ts 
[■ icouhi acquire 

uiltS (iiniirnifi, ■\ 
/■mum /•i/','i\'l/:(\ ■ 
lit: /'iimiit, iipuJ 

4ti), \>.\)f,c <■! 
i;h I'l- iKf'-M ^ 
(.- i;nMtiT l>.itt I'l;:- 
c /,i/;'/, 5.Hi)<), imi-t 
III the tillccnth i cii- 

ttuTi' liy 


I'.j i!,isie il'/iiit<ir( (I 
liliil ./<• l-'i,iiiii: f.ii 
lilunhis Jxititi Jttiii 
uli.'i da ct,irti ii:i 
-.(/(,"; tit crtlt i.'(jj.' 
I .S\.), iiiif ,inni> ijht 
Af,ni/,ur, No. |SI>, 

Ills t;ran(l snin ti)ii> 
■s ( .irtiins, Ii.issi's vl 
niis, 1.1 j 111 ai fail uii 
a^i; 5. 'I'hc ilali< . 

cucil n'acquiere tin noiiveau miiritc, additional value if made by men li'fio, 

s'il est fait par des liommes fjui, an besides bcinff incited l/y the desire of 

desir d'attacher leiu'S noms a une col- add ins; their names to a collection of that 

(lection recherchee, joindront cncnrc important character, loould be further 

cet onnieil national ([ui se plait a e- animated by the national pride 'iehich 

I tracer les anciens litres dc gloirc ile la delights in rcz'iz'inj; ."icicnt testimonies 

patrie." ' l^ the glory of the country" 

The man who spoke in such terms certainly did not endeavour to deprive 
I Genoa of her national archives ! 

AllhoULjh it matters hut little whether the Cienoese archives now deposited 
! in the l)(|iariment of I'dreit;!! Affairs camt; to Paris in 1S06, in iSoS, or after- 
' wards, for the fact is inccjntest.ihle that they were forwarded to P'rance as 

sholia opima, yet every circumstance calculated to elucidate the subject recpiires 

to he stated. 

It was the celebrated ISaron de (ierando, a scholar, a [ihilanthropist and a 

I'lvat patriot, who sui^ijested to Napoleon the idea of sendiiiLj- De Sacy to 

Vlciioa. 1 le had himself occupied a hi.Ljh offici.d position in that city, havin;,; 

jieen sent witii He Champagny in US05 to elfect the annexation of the Ligurian 

Rqiulilic to Franc('. 

De (ieraiulo rcturn(;d to Italy in iSoS, as one of th' five memljers of the 
' junta appointeil by the Miniieror to reorganize t'-.c Kingdom of I'.truria. 
' ".\s he was a colleague of De Sacy in tln' brench Instituti', he must have been 

made aware of the great im|)ortance of that .series of Genoese documents, and 
' il is not impossihli: that he availeil himself of the circumstance t<i order their 
'. removal to Paris. Anil as he occupieil then the office of Secretary General of 

the Ministry of the Interior, it is natural to that tiie eases containing 

tiiose v.ilu.ilile m.uiuscripts may have- lieen directed to the archives of his 

(!i|i,utineiU, pre[i,u;itor)' to a distribution between the Institute and the 
, N.uioiial I-iiirary. 

Put G.male asserts that twenty-five cases ("casse n. 25") wee sent to 

r.u'is in iSuS. Now, ail tin; Genoese m.uuiscripts at present preserved there 
*! Could he held in one large box. What became then of the other twenty-four 
^e.ises .■" Must we su|)|)ose that these were sent to Turin, whilst one was sepa- 
'r.itcd iVom the lot and forwarded to P. iris ? These are (luestions which it is 
'. inipossihie to answer at the [ircei.t ilay with the inlormation within the reach 
• (if iii<|iiirers. 

.\s the readi'r will perceive, if the P.irisi.m history of the It.ilian archives in 
; thi: m.iin is pretty well known, soiiu'thing )et remains to be ascertained relative 

I 1 the most valu,d)le portion of the archives ot Genoa; and, more than anyone 
1 1 ! ii', we regret to h.ue filled to answer in a positive manner the ([uestion raised 
lal the outset, vi/. : — 1 low d "S it hapjien the Columbus Codex and other 
ICifiKJise' ilociiiiunts are at present preserved in the Mini.itry of b'oreign 
iAff.iirs at Paris .'^ After all, it is sulficient lor us to know thai the inanu- 

l.xlrjit .1:1 r,i/>/;»/, .iliovi' ijUiilril, jLTge lo, 
.N-, 111 iSij (icnoa liail cfaM'il to In' iiulo 
.!.;il. ami was a iiu-re ilcp.irtmciil ol' llio 
Si uw 11 ljii|i;ri', iis an l.uu- were nut < onsiilcroil 
ja^ I"rci,;n, aivl ioiisei|iiciuly every a( lioii per- 
ll'.mini; lo ihem iiiider the sii|.ervi-.iuii iif 
It! e Mmislry of the IiUeiiur, or II. une .Secrelary. 
Aiul .0 us all liius .It ill. II lime were kepi ni ihe 
[Kill- lie (Irene He, as well as those of llie .Miiiisiry 
|t!l |iirei:.;n .AlT.iirs, lliis coini ideiiee may lie the 
is''y i.iuse, .ifter all, of the |ire>eiiie of the 
Mienoese iloi iinieiils in the .Stale !)e|iarlnienl at 
,:J.tlie ]iieseiil il.iy. We are loiuiiieed lliat iliey 

never went to the Sou!ii-.c ralare ; olhe^wi^e 
they HoiiKI have been restored to ('o-i\ in 
iSiCi with the 151 other cases of I,if;iiri.iii .11- 
rhives. .And if |ieri hanre they had heen 
uinitted, ownv, we siiii use, to the lase having' 
been mislaid, Init disiovered alurwards, when 
.\rtu le .'6 (if the Treaty ol Vienna made 
it l.iwfiil for the I'reiii li to kee|i that (lass 
(if all hive:., we would find the /.ii'iii /uiiiim, 
< 'oluiiilnis I'odex, \e., iVi',, still in the gre.u 
anhival |i.dai e, side by side with Ihe lar^e 
residue Iroin .Simaiii as, whu h is ye'. Ilieie on 
lile. We laii see no reason why .i dill'ereiil 



script in that superb collection which alone interests the student of American 
history, viz., the Hook of the I'riviieges of Christopher Columbus, is still pre- 
served in the archival department of the Palace of the Quai d'Orsay, ami 
generously placed at the disposal of the public. 

course should liave been pursued reg-irding this Archives Nalionales parting with them for iht 

SLt of Cicnocse manuscripts. With the cNrep- hencfil of the Ministry of Foreign AITairs, it i, 

tiun of tlie Slalitlii cn.ictcd liy m: (hlti( ult to inuigine of what use suih foroitn 

lioL'dCAULT, in the name of Charles VI., they records of the Middle Ayes could he 1 1 

do not interest French history. And as to the Ciiami-auny or to Talliykano. 




■ WIlLll 

cMi p.rchnicnt 

J4 warn, coiitaiiii 

■'•^ f.illoMin^; tilli 

f(/.- /it C(, 
C'/iris/i'rii/ Coi 
..^ u.^c 
' II. I .Utcnipt I'll 
t liy the public.i 
' oi .1 Iriind, nf 
[ surpriitd tu liii 
i (iCIlD.l. .'.uppi)> 
<•/.,/;/)■ closely \ 
\Si~\'i diiciinicn 
i iiiorcdocuiiu-n 
[I'.iill of.Alex.ii 
In the 1. 1 
II mii-'i iipl, \u 

I .i'tc/..!.-. C wll.l di; 1.1:. (. 
'Otr.'^y I ■ 

. i!,Lh"s, si.nuj.1 

I 'Otrotr.! 

\\, escri|ii 
' III, 

s iiiLilt and line 

I til it pruciireil is nil 

i 1 hijpc to h.i' 
\i irtitulaily in 

.Mr. l.\ 

w I n!y dcscripi 
■^ai'pc.ired aiti 

i; Iv 
\J'\m,'Ulh, Put I 
|bu', p.igcs 6.i-6j 


indent of American 
liimbus, is still pn 
Quai d'Orsay, ami 

rting v/ith ihcni for iIk 

■ of Foreign Aflfairs, it i, 

what use sm h forcijiii 

lie A^ics could be i, 





Conipai'isoit of t lie /\ii-is, Cciioii, n//,/ {/osf) Bos/on Caytiilavics. 

S \v(' have already reinarlcd, two ofilic ioiirauiliLiUicatcil 
(•ii|ii(s which Ciiristoiihcr Cokinilms caused to be made 
ol his Hook uf l'riviir;;es at Seville in 1502 are the 
I'aris and (icnoese codices. 

There has been ina private lihrar)' of lioston atodcx 
on parchment, which was perhaiis the thinl one enijros.seu 
oil tiiat substance, and certiliid as above stated. We 
i^now ol' it only tlirouj;!) the foliowint; statement written 
in iiS24 by Mr. lidwanl Iwerelt : 

' W iiui i u.i-- ii; I'loreiiceiii iSi.S, a sin. ill fulii) manuscript \va:^ br(iUL;lit to nie, writtL-ii 
iHi n.ifilinunt, apparently tun dr thrre cciittirii's did, in bimlin;,; once very ricli, bnt nnw 
unrn, eoiitaiiiin;; a series (if lincnnKiit'^ in l„itin and .'^pani-li, mostly the 1. liter, with the 
filliAviii^; title on the lirst pa^jc, ' irciliiiio di las lUttlas del l\ifti Alcxandio VI. 
</,' Li C( 'i'i'i.u\'ii dc Ills /iidid.i y Ins tilnli'S, /•i:;'ili\i;u's, _)■ ctdiiliis itiius, i/iw si' dii'ivii a 
C'/ins/.riil Ci'lvii.' I w,is leil by this title to piMeh.i--e the umU; but, ileterreil by tlie 
alnuulant of abbreviations ,iiul .1 liiniteil acqu.iintauci- uilh the lanj.;u.ii.;e, I made 
11,1 .ittempt for several ye.irs to it. My attention h.ivin^; been turned .ij^.iiii to it, 
b\- the i)ublieation of tlie work in (ieiicM, and h.ivin.; had an opportunity, by the kindness 
oi .1 friend, of seeini; .1 copy of it, the only one perh.ips in tliis p.irt of the c ountry, I 
.s.irpriied to tiiul ni>' in.inuseript, as ,is it tjoes, /;,, ;;.'_!' identie'.il in its contents uilh of 
(lenoa. .'.uppo'.ed to be one of the only tuo in existence. My manuscript con>i^tsof about 
(■/.,///)■ closely written folio p.ij^es, which coincide precisely with the text of the lliiily- 
SiVCii documents, cont. lined in two liundrcd and foity p.i;.;es of tlie Genoese Volume. A few 
more documents, u.intm^; in my m.inu.icript, are found in the ( work ; and ,1 secoiiu 
]',;i!l I'f Ale.xaiuler \'I., in I„itin, is contained in tlie former, ,ind i-. uai lin^ in the l.uo r. 
Ill the of the documents, cont.iineil in the (jenoese volume and wanting; in my 
i n;.uiu-'ifipl, we read .is lollows ; 

' l.os ori;;in.iles destos priville;.;ios y cartas y cedulas y otr.i-- much. is c.irla-< dc sus 
i .\Ite/as e e.^, toc.intes .il >ciior Almir.iiUe, est. in en cl Mwn.isterio de S.iuct.i 
i Maria de las de SeviUa. 

'Otrosy esta.enel dicho Mon.isterio, uii libro tr.l.■^kulo de k)s privile^ios e suso- 
jdichos, seiilejante cpie e^to. 

'Dtro tr.i--.l.iilo levo este aiio de .M.lJ.II., y tieue .\lonso S.inchc/. de t'.irvajal .1 kis 
l^, escripto en papel e .ibtori/.ido. 

' l)i. il.ido en peri.;amino tal conio este.' 

Mcntiui. ■ hero accordiiii.;ly m.ule of four copies of these documents, three on p.irch- 
iliient and one on i-'per. Two ol tliem were sent liy t'olumbus himself to tieno.i. \\ lietlier procured by me ,it I'lorence be .1 third ; whether il be supposed to be at I'.iris ; 
lor is more pmb.ible perh.ips, .mother cop)-, theie .ue .it present no means ot deciding. 
[1 hope to have in my power, on some other occ,i--ion, to ilescribe it more .iccurately, 
fp.irticukirl)- in those respects in wliich it difler-. friun the ("icnoe-e volunu." ' 

Mr. lAcrett nt'ver referred .I'ain 

to ti 

le su: 



ver made uf that v.iluabl 



1 the al 

)ove is 

ipeared altoj^ether. 


:>1 I'.VKKKrr, An Outic 

e mami.script, which has since 

li-.iu.t III iiol to lie found in he suhsei|i:ent 

iy.V/H.'ttW, /hi<m/'fr 21, i.S.V(. Itoston, 1.SJ5, editions of tlial oratioi 'lor even 111 llieioiiiiilet 

■ 6i, nute 11. 



neeMract is 

wurk;, iSc.. 




\Vc notiti; first that its title was dilTciciU from that of tlic Paris nii': 
(IcnoL'si; coiliccs, aItliou),'li to the same purijort. Then the manuscript i, 
reported to liave containeil " a series of ilocuments in Latin and Spanisli, niostK 
liie latter." The Genoa and Paris eartniaries contain only one document i: 
Latin, and tliat is the scvitd Hull of AlexanchT \'I., said inadvertently hy Mr. 
Lverett to have existed in no other codex than his own. Hut as the title oi 
the manuscrijjt mentioned " lUillas," in the plural tense, we suppose that i; 
embraced both Bulls (May 3ril and 4th, 1493). 

On the other hand, Mr. I''vcrett's cocU'x was written on [)archment, aii(| 
set ft)rth the first thirty-seven ' documents of the Genoese manuscri()t, that is 
the on'ijinai series which the j;reat navi^'ator exhibited to the notaries, an! 
caused to be authenticateil by the alcaldes. 

These data, however, are not sulVicient to identify beyond a doubt tlv 
I'iverett codex with the vellum one which was dt'posited at Cuevas. jiu; 
if the former is ever found attain, and shown to contain the preamble of Martin 
l\<>ilri,i;ut'Z, as well as the authentication at the end of the thirty-sixth ' docunicm 
of the Genoese manuscript, then it will very prob,d)ly be the Las Cuevas (>: 
Uaklassare Colombo codex, thouj;h the documentary additions should o. 
ilifferent from those in the Genoa and P.iris c.irtularics. Haldassare may h.u. 
t.ikcn that valuable maniiscri])t to Italy, when he returned home in 1605 ; ;uu: 
its beinu; discover<-d in I-'lorence by Mr. Lvt rett couKl be accounted for in tin; 

We now come to the codex |ircserved in Genoa, the vicissitudes of whli: 
have been already described in the preceding' j'-iK'^'^' '^^ '^•>'' ••^ known. N^t 
havinjj it before our eyes just at present, we borrow P'.ither .Spotorno's descri], 
tion, having had occasion several times to ascertain its exactitude : 

"Till" til .n nil script is on p.irchnicnt, in .i sni.->l! fnlio vnUimc, bound in S|.,iti' 
Ic.ithcr, with Hvo silver orn.mKnts on tlic siilc<, ,uul inilosi'd in a .Sp.inisli liatlur Im 
which hail orii^inally a silver lock, but it been t.ikeii ufl', leaving only a mark on 1!, 
place to whitli it li.iil been fastened. 

At the be(;innini; of the ninniisrript is an original letter of I'liilip II., Kinj; c 
.■^jjain, to Ottaviano (.)ilerico, I)ot,'e of Genoa.' 

'Ihen fi>llows .1 leaf (if p.irdiiiKnt, < 11 tile ff which is a nuniorandiini rel.Ui\; 
to I.oren/o Oileiico, who, in \(^ti), or ifi'o, g.ive this ni.imiM ript to the Krpnblic' 

Then comes the title, written in red and bl.ick letters, with arabesipie ornament-, 


I'KI vil.Ki,', (,i;i'll AS 


1 11; 

l)i).N ClIM^lnV.M (■'■I.d.N, 

AlMIK.A.MK .M.WoK ni.I. .\I.M; Ui l.ANK, 

\'l-(il<I.V V G'AKU.N.MimK 

M. I,.\s Isl.AS V riKi;U.\ IlK.Nir. 

The wri 

The ne> 

Tlicn bi 
only on one 
e.ich docimK 
speaking;, the 
the subscript 
ei(,'ht pafjcs 
letjaliseil in t 

Next cc 
defends his r 
f,illows is of I 
the articles n 
out on liis 1 
reason inf,'. '1 

After th 
tills ten pat,'e.' 
On the I 
the orit;iii.d | 
oil p.irc liineiil 
'Hie two 
|Mper, arc pa: 

At the ( 
symbolical of 

Jal, wh 
discovery o 
having seen 
.'ilt'ixed tfi o 
which may 1 
.1 se.d, whic 
l.itcly disco' 
.Mthoiigh v<. 

lUI detto l.orei 
i.). (JeniKiro 
.niiilii intil/.ili 
j;luc( 10 de' pi 

' .Afti'ally ihirly-si.\. The (knoa (_ odcx in- 
.idverleiuly imiiis ilic fi.ijurcs xsxii. in numhcting. 

Ihirty-llltli in ihe I'aris C'odc.x. 

1 lie icUcr uf I'liii.ii' II. lias no connection 
whatever with the eodcx. It i ontains imly ecin- 
j;r.Uu!aticins .addressed by the Km^ tu tJtt.uiano 
(iMKieo on his Ijeiiig elected I)o;;e of the 
(ieiiixse Ke|)ulilic. 

' Here if the text of that nieinoranduiii, 
heretofore unjuiblislied : 

" Qiiebto cim I'altro 
simile labro, die anibi 
conlcngono i privilc>:gi 
cun( essi ilal Ke Ferdi- 

" J ills tin J till other 
iimitar loci, luil/i <</ 
7i'/iii/i ivn/jin //le /iriii- 
/.;,vx ;^iJn!iJ I) AV'/.v 

nandi) di .Spa^na c 
Ke^iiia Isabella sua 
cuiisiirtc a Cristoforo 
Coluiiilii.', lurono do- 
nati .ilia KejHiblK.i 
da I.oreii.'o Odeiiei, 
eiiine d.\ attestato e 
grai 10/0 dec reto ar- 
eurdatonh dc .Ser*' 
Collt^i li 10. (ien- 
najo 1^170, che ve- 
desi aiiiiesso ad altr'> 
biiiiile Detreto ton- 
I esso al M" tiiovanni 
I'aulo Odeiico, l'f;iio 

I'tr.linandt'fSftiin ;•• : 
i^iKeti liiibelU his , r 
soil lo Chtisloph(r ( 
luml'us, littt frtur.u . 
to Ihr Ktf'ut-.ii h / 
renw OJrriii, lUootJp 
to the itrlijiiii iin.i ^1 : 
lion, Jioree ii,io>J(.i I 
him by the most sen r 
CoiUj^ei on the loM .: 
y.inuitry, 1670, u>hi,i. 
iipftiirs annexed 
another similar Jeot- 
firanleJ to the A/jj^ni- 
Juent (jio antii I\t. ^ 

The text of 1 
this nieiiiiiraiul 
.-;.( ; liir that 

' I' letter \ 
I'.i'Ki'oM, in tin 
^.ive fifth at 
I'lintcd irciii tl 
into lai^liili ir 
the lumk.f St. 

' riieic IS 11 
h.iliility th,it t 
(.'hristopher ("i 
■■Mted,- Christ 
.;nols, p.if;e 17. 
pruject lur a f 


of the I'aris and 
tho manuscript is 
ml Spanish, niostK 
• one ilocinnciU i: 
ulvcrtcntly hy Mr. 
Hut as the title HI 
vi; suppose that it 

on parchment, an 1 
iianuscript, that is 
I the niitarics, and 

syond a doubt tin Cuevas. Hu'. 
)reainl)le of Martii, 
he Las Cuevas it 
lilitions should ou 
lUl.issare may hav' 
lonu' in 1605 ; anc 
counted for in tii.i; 

cissituiles of whii''. 
r as kiiiiwn. N.; 
S])otorno's descrij. 
;itude ; 

:, hniiml in Spani-i 
Sp.iiiisli katlicr li.i. 
y uTily a m.irk oil ih 

r riiillp II , Kinn r 

lunu'raiuliini rclati\: 
tlic Krpiililic.' 
bcsiiuf ornanicnt.-, 

Tlic writinp is a species of Gothic. On the back of the title is the coat-of-arnis of 
Cliristophcr Columbus. 

The next leaf contains the table of the documents contained in the manuscript. 

Then bcj;in tlic documents themselves, which occupy forty-two leaves, numbered 
only on one side. The initial letters are painted and ornamented ; antl die ar^jument of 
each document is written in the margin in a beautiful miniature character. Strictly 
^iicakiiit;, the MS. finishes at the end of the forty-second leaf (Document XXXVI.), w'.iere 
the subscriptions of the nntaries and alcaldes of Seville are placed. . . . Then follows, on 
tii'ht pages of parchment, the Hull of I'ope Alexander VI. about the famous lire of 
demarcation. Then follow eight other pages of documents, written after the first, and 
legalised in the usual form ; and these are succeeded by five blank leaves. 

Next comes a document in which Columbus comments upon his privileg .<! and 
defcnils his rights ; this occupies three pages, the fourth heing The piece which 
follows is of tlie same description ; in this Columbus himself reca|)itulates methodically 
the articles of the convention which he matle with the Catholic nionarchs, on his setting 
out on his first expedition, and defends his rights with inuch warmth and force of 
reasoning. This occupies nine pages and part of a tenth. 

After this comes Columbus's Letter to the Nurse of the Prince Don Juan, which 
fills ten pages. 

On the last leaf is a memorandum of the different copies which had been made of 
the original privileges of Columbus ; and this finishes the part of the MS. which is 
on pan linient. 

The two autogr.iph letters of Columbus to his friend Nicolo Oderigo, written on 
p.ijier, .ire pasted into the book ; as is also the reply of the Magistrate of St. George to 

At the end of the whole, there is a pictorial .sketch' on half a sheet of paper, 
.symbolical of Columbus and his discovery." ', wiio e.\amincd the Genoa codex in 1S34,* says that ' back of the 
frontispiece is to be seen t\u: seal wliich Cohunbus used, wlien after his 
discovery of America he was m.ule an Admiral."'' We do not recollect 
havinij seen that or any seal in the Genoa codex. l'orha])s tliere was one 
.itti.xcd to one of his letters to Oderigo then inserted in the cartulary, and 
wiiich may have since frittered away. It is certain that Cohunbus possessed 
a sc.d, wiiich he frequently used. An im|iression on sealing wa.\ has been 
l.itcly discove-id by the Diupicsa tli; Alba in the archives of her family." 
.Mtlioiigh \■^../ much injured by time, it can yet be reconstructed as follows : 

'I . 

/r r. lim inJ i 'fSf'lin ,; : i 
(^>iia>i /siiMij his i, r- 
u'll lo Chttilofhtr C, 
iumbus, u<ti frtitnliJ 
A' llie Kiput'iti by I. 
tem^i OJem:, tUivrJif:. 
I,' the itrtijUd .j«./.;f.i 
i/i'/d J(irt( Uii,itJfJ I 
him by the mat lerin 
C\'i'i'</;n on the loth .; 
Jaitiuliy, 1670, U'hui. 
apf'eari annexed t. 
inii'lhei liniiAir ,Ii,il 
);ranteJ to the Mj^m- 
Juiiit Gu jniii J\i » 

ikl dctto Lorenzo, di 

j.|. (Ii'iitiarn 1700, 
.Tiiilii inlil/.iti iicl Fo- 
gliaci lo lie' priviletjgi 

Oilerut), ii'n cf the .(.;;',/ 

/.I'renzo, on the jc)th ,/ 

January^ 1700, both rf 

them pled in the eolUc- 

tion of honorary priii- 


The text of the decree ol 1670 nicnlioned in 

this niciiiiiraridiiTn is ^ivtn in facsimik' on pnfje 

.'74 ; ((ir ol the year 1700, see sufia, wii. 

' 'rh:Uk-lltr«as (ir^t m.ulc known kytlirol.imo 

l!oKliOM, in llu' edition ol the Unloiie \\'n\i\\ he 

u.ive forth at Mil.m in 1014. It keen re- 

printic' ir(>m th'? ori^ text with .1 tr.mslation 

mill I'^nnlisli in our Chriitofher Coiuinbiis anil 

the r^xnk if St. Cieort;e,;es 7-1 1. 

' Then- IS nut a shadow of evideni e or pro- 
iMliihly this sketch was ever dr.iwn ky 
(.'hrislophiT CoieMiies, .is we sec it so ofiin 
■■'..ilisl,- C/:rislo/'he Co/omb et ies liiitoiwis o/.r- 
,;ncli, p.i^e 17. In our opinion it is simply a 
project lor a fresco, or for a < paintinj;, 

perhaps a ccilln.i;, jircpared ky some 
artist of the end ul the si.xteenlh century by order 
of Otlavi.ino OiiKKK'o. 

' CoJioe Difloiiiatioo Colombo- Americano^ pages 
Ix.x-i ; tr.mslation taken from the Knglish edi- 
tion of iSjj, p.ages cxxxviii-i:.>.li. 

' J.U., Ve Vans ri Naples, I'aris, 1836, 8vo, 
vol. i., p.iKC 257. 

" Hcrriiri' le frontispice se trouvc le ciclict 
lie ('iiloiiili, cchii dont il se servit lors^iu' aprls 
l.i iki'ouverte de r.Xiiu'riiiue il cut obtenu ks 
di^'nius damiral, de vice-roi ct f;oiiviTneur dcs 
Iiid'-s." We have ascertained that there is no 
trace ol suih a seal in the Codex at the jiri-'seiU 
time. A. J.\i., l.e Triomphe de Clm\lophe Colonib 
di-ssin,'- par lui-mome, in /.<i J-'rame Maritime, 
ky (iKi.iiAN, I'aris, 1S5J, ,Svo, vol. ii., page 2(i4. 

" Autografos de Cnslo/al Colon y J'apeles de 
Amlrica, l.'s piibii.a la lhi,;:usa de I'.kkwick 
y de \v\\\, Condesa de ■A\v.\:y.i.\, Madrid, 189;, 
lolio, fronting p.age J9. 

V il 


i ) 


This monogram constitutes the well known signature of Christopher 
Columbus, but without the words " xi'o ferkns," and with the addition of a 
terrestrial globe, which is not mentioned anywhere. The exact meaning of 
these initials has not yet been ascertained ; and although his successors are 
ordered in his will to use the same signature, he has failed to give the 
necessary explanation. The clause reads as follows : 

"Dan Die^o, my son, or any other 
who shall inherit this entail, after in- 
herilini^ ami coming into possession of 
the same, shall sif;n with my si_i;natinc 
which I mno make use of, which is an 
X with an S over it, and an M with a 
yeoman A over it, ami over that an .V, 

" D. Diego, mi hijo, 6 cualqui(;r otro 
que heredarc este mayorazgo, despucs 
lie liabcr horedado y estado en poscsion 
lie clio, tirme do mi finna, la cual agora 
acostrumbro, que cs una X con una S 
(.ncima, y una M con una A roinana 
cnciina, y cncim;i dcihi una S, y despucs 
una Y grifga, con una S encima con 
sus rayas y virgulas," ' 

ami then a (ireek V, with an S oi'er it, 
7oith its lines and commas." 

According to Spotorno, these seven letters signify the words Xiustin, 
.San'Cta Makia, VosKi'iius, and, added to the last line read : Salva-me, A'ristus, 
Maria, ]'ose/>hus. 

Other interpretations, however, have been proposed : 









bVlllGAT AVr.HIAT .sVllMi iVKAT 


/ AAf ri/E SHAl.l.Vr OF TUB MOST 




sLxcorn ME. 

CllKlsr, .WAKy, JOSE/7/. 

! AM HIE lOl.iOiVEK, IVl'EK, 

SEKi'ANT, !</■ CUK/Si; VI- 

.MAHV, or JOSEI-ll. 

CHAISi; .1/./AI-, Ji'.SEril. 

The letters, indeed, lend themselves to a multitude of combinations, but 
what Columbus really meant cannot at the present clay be confulciuly alfirmtil. 

As lu the two autograph letters to Oderigo, both of wIulIi bear the above 
described signature, they are no longer pasteil into the book.' The Synilic of 
Genoa ordered them, some years ago, to be taken out, and inserted each 
separately, between two i)anes of glass, and frameil. 

There is no necessity fur ilescribing the Paris codex, as a facsimile of it 
is presented herewith, complete, and taken direct from the original, recently 
on exliibition (on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the discovery ul 
.America), in the Geographical Department of the Paris National Library. 
The only additional iletails of interest are that each leaf measures 29 by 2v 
centimeters ; that the vellum is particularly fresh, with some blank membranes 

' Navarreti, vol. ii.. Doc. CXXVl., pa^e ' The two letters to Nicolo Ouekigo an- 
219. (Icscribcd, in/ra, page Ixiii. 


between the 
insert other 
since 1848, 
bearing on 
Liber t(, ligc 
As we 
detail the I 
(litferences i 
more compK 
addition the 

" Digo qii 
lie desconqei 
que mis ser\ 
e.\einplo es 
liitui'o. I'ag 
(le onbres h 
niMi Miircsqi; 
y con el nun 
y se les cons 

srri|)ts cert.u'i 
a siirt of om 
p.iir of wave( 
light (if the I 
vari 't)', ('s|ic( 
t'nicarm is ail 

'1 here a 
Cieiina. Til 
lollowing wot 

" V. teiigo 
g>uiain,ias ([u 
major oviere 
o [lor 1. 1, 
Ils, e el diillo 
e yeilclo cI p( 
(iich.i llot.i, 
|iartc della st 
syn sii mancl. 

This rel 

lulievcd to 
him, might il 
our ail. lis sis 
The lirs 
till.' lort)-loiu 
lollowing sei 
.unendeil lr.\ 

' C!ln^l,•f■lli 

' I'nr 5(11110 1 

,>i C,'!iimhi\ (11 
t^Ml'hic l.n:.iimili 


of Christopher 
i addition of a 
ict meaning of 
successors arc 
d to givu the 

», or any other 
entail, after in- 
\lo possession of 
til fiiy sixnaturc 

of, which is an 
ui an Af with a 

over that an S, 
th an S over it, 

»vords Xkisti's, 
ha-me, Xristus. 

OF TllS MOSl- 

r, jRsus, 

SAVE, HEir AA-/) 

IE a; IWEK, 
/IKJsr, OF 


E, n-RN A HAY, 

; jLKsEn/. 

:ornbinations, but 
riilciuly alTirnu'd. 
h l)c;ir the abt)Vtf 
' 'I'lic Syiulic 1)1 
id inserted eacli 

a facsimile of it 
original, recently 

the iliscovery of 
lational Library, 
lasures 29 by 20 
jlank membranes 

viicoLo Odekico arc 

between the fifty-fourth and the sixty-second leaves, as if Columbus intended to 
insert other documents; and that the original binding has been torn away, 
since 11^48, and replaced by a very common one, in dark green morocco, 
bearing on the recto of the first side, within a circle, the inscription ; A'. /\ 
Libcrtf, Iii;aliti\ Fraternit/. Archives dcs ^Ijfaires litrangires. 

As we had oceasion to state when we first maile known and described in 
detail the Paris codex, in 1884,' there are between the two codices many 
dilferences in the spelling and abbreviaticms. The I'aris codex is somewhat 
more complete. Its text of the Letter to the Nurse, for instance, contains in 
addition the following sentence : 

" I)igo que la fuerqa del mardesvr "/ assert that the violence of the 
(!(■ desconqertailos me ha mas il.= .) calumny of turbulent persons has in- 
luie mis serviqios fecho provecho, mal J>""! >'"• """''• '/''^'^ >>'}• sen'ices have 

1 ... ..,„■ ,.1 ,„.,.c..,.t.. .. ,,„r !,•> hrojitcdmc ; -amich IS a had example for 

cxtni )lo es por el presente y por 10 ',■' . , • r ,, r , ' rj 1 

' ,. • ' .-11 the present and for t/ie fiilure. I take 

luliM't). I'airo luramento iiue cantulau ,7,1, 1 r 1 

luiuii . I .'^ J , \, ,. my oath that a niiinOerofnien have i^oiie 

de onbres )clo a las \ (pie /,, //,,, y^^,^,,,^ ,^/^^, ,^,,^ „^,^ ^^^,^.^,..,^, ,^^,1^.^ 

110:1 mcr.sqian el agua para con Dios ,„ //,,, ^i^r/a of God and of the 7.vrtd ; 

y con el mundo, y agora buelven alia, and noio they are returning thither, and 

y se les consiente." leave is granted them. '"^ 

Cliristn|)her ColiMiihus frequently added to his printed books and manu- 
scrijits Certain marks id call attention. 'I'hey consist cliietly of a double cross, 
a ^.iirt cf oniei,'a. siiiall circles with a bar, re.emliling tin; head of a screw, a 
p.iir of waved lines, and .1 iiand witli exlciulcil linger geiier.illy pointing to tlie 
rii;Iit of the reailer. ' 'I'iie latter sign is llie most freciueiit, presenting grt^at 
vari t)', especial!)' in the sliap<: of the cwi'i ar(nnul tlie wrist; sometimes the 
foiearm is adileil. 

'I'liere are two such maniform signs in the I'aris codex, and one in that of 
(ienoa. The sign in the latter is on the verso of the third leaf, facing the 
■ loilowing words : 

" E tengo p'.)r i)ien ([ue todas las 
• g.uiaiiijias i|ue el ilicho mi Almirante 
in.iyor ovicre o lisiere en hi mi llota, 
o por i.i i\\\v aya N'o las iloss p.u'-! diclio .Almirante 1,1 teri^-ia [i.irte, 
e yeuilo el por su cuerpo iiiesmo en la 
(iiciia llota, aunque la diclia llota o 
parte della se a()artc por su maiido, o 
syn su maiidado." 

This refers to Cohunbus's claim t.f one-third of the gains, which ho 
lirlicved to apply to all l.iiuls wiiich he, and the navigators wiio came after 
hiiii, tniglit discover, l-'or further information, we beg to rel'<T the reader to 
luir ,>sis ol the lorty-thiid document in the' I'aris c.irtul.iry.' 

Tile lirsi maniform sign in tlii' I'aris codex is in red ink on the verso of 
i!u' fort)-tuurtli leaf (p. 184), in the l'a[).il Hull of .Ma>- 4th, 1.(93, opposite tlie 
lullowiiig sentence addressetl to I'erdiiiaud and Isabella (we quote from the 
' aiileniled text) : 

" .hid I ordain that of all the gains 
;i'hieh my said High Admiral may re- 
ceive tiy make in my jleet or at sea, I 
shall receive t :o parts and the said 
.■Idmiral tlie third part, he going in 
his own person in the said jleet, rvci 
though the said jleet or part thereof 
tnay go away by his order or without 
his order." 

' ChriUi'l'ht Cotoiiil; vol. i., p.ngcs 20-21. 

' /iijni, |,.nyc 154. 

' I'nr SdiMC iif tlicsc in.irks, sec, in the .W'tes 
,■•1 Ci'luml'Ui, fniTitinj; pajjcs S.( .mil J15, phi)U)- 
pi.ipluc fiicsiiiiilcs taken I'ruin CntcMues's own 

annotated copies of the /iii,i/;int .lA/W/'ofricrrc 
d'.'vm.iv, and of the J/isli'ri,t rerum ut'i.jue xfi- 
l.tiiini of .Mni .\s Svlvils rictoLo.Ml.Ni, Venice, 
1.(77, f'llii'. 
' tnjtj, pages l.\ and l.\i. 


XXXV 11 



" tlili'Ctiim filium Christoforiim " }'ou appoinltd \pu*-\ bdovai s,,,, 
Colon virum iiti(iu(; c!ij,'iuiin ct pliiri- Chnstopho- Columbus, a man puttUu 
mum commciulaiuliim ;ic ta Uo nejjotio layly uvrl/iy ami much to be ammcUiUd, 
aptiim cum navigiis ct honiiiiibus ad and well suiled to so t^ycat an uudir. 
similia iiistructis .... dcstinastis." tnkiui;, with vessels and men equipped 

for such purposes, ..." 

This sentoncc is not in the first Papal Hull of May jrcl, 1493. 

The socoml si},'n is on tlie recto of the fiftv-third leaf (p. 21 1), in the lettir 
addressed to C()liunl)us liy l''erdinand and Isabella, March 14th, 1502, and 
opposite the following important sentence ; 

" Y tened [)or (jierto, que do vuestra "/\nd rest assured that ar were much 

prision nos peso mucho, y bien !o distressed about your imprisonment, and 

vistes vos y lo conosqieron todos you yourself perceived it clearly, and it 

claramente." was well l-noxi-'H to all." 

This, let it be s.iid, is the only allusion to the shameful treatment inllittcil 
on Columbus by Hohadilla which we could fuid in documents emanating either 
from l'"i;rdinand or Isabella at any time. 

On the verso of the sixty filth leaf (p. 228) there is in the margin of tlic 
Paris codex, only, this exclamation, in some unknown handwriting of the time 

" Mira que dice que gano las Indias " Observe that he says he xained //;■ 
contra la opinion ile toilo el mundo." /ndies contrary to the opinion of 1 

'whole world." 

That marginal note is in a legal opinion concerning Columbus's right, 
and privileges, oppositt? the passage : 

" La razon es por que Sus Alte/as 
yslas c tierra firme le mandaron ganar, 
y dillas s(,i(la ::it lUe Ic titularin 
Ahnirautf, y dellas, y 'iicllas ilcvc 
nver tl como (piicn es Almi- 
raiUe dellas y con mucho ixligro con- 
tra la opinyon de todo el niuiulo las 
gano. " 

" The reason is, because their ///(,'/ 
nesses commanded him to ,C'"" island 
and mainland, and thereof especiiil!\ 
they desii;naled him Admiral, and fi\'iK 
them and in them he oui^ht to have / 
reward, as one who is Admiral then.] 
and who i;ained much risk, cen- 
tra ly to the opinion of the whole world. 

The ilati.' of the hi^alisation of the i' Hull, on the verso of tl> 
forty-sevenih leaf (p. xub). beep tamjiered with in the Paris codex, app.i- 
rently with the intention of making it agnc with tlu' (jenoa cudex, which read, 
thus : "Jueves fi'vnta dias del mes de disicmbre ano dc mill c (jujlnijentos l 
dosanos: — Tluirsd.iy, December 30th, iscjj." In the Paris coilex, part of tlv 
date is written over a ver)' c.irelul erasure, which is of course not app.ircnt : 
the facsimile. In any case, the word "dos " is a slip of the |ien on the part : 
the scribe, who, writing in 1 502, ,uul recollecting the dale of the authenticaiin! 
at tlu.' begimiingof the codex, thought the Papal liull had been authenticatr ! 
at th(^ same lime. Instead of "ilos " there should be " uno," not only becau- 
the complete' codex was alreatly in the hands of Kibarol in the spring of 150: 
but because in the year 1502 the 30lh day of December happened on a I''riil,i\ 
whilst in 1501 it was on a Thursilay, which is the day of tlu- week set forth ::. 
both codices. 

li the Paris Coilex contains jiassages not to be fouiiil in the Genoese 011. 
it yet omits an imi)ort.uU declaration which is found there. We rt fer to tl 
sl.itemeut, which wit have fre(p:ently quoted from the Genoesi- Codex as ll. 
" Certilicate," describing the co|)ii's, which, by the order of Christo|)li' r 
Columbus, were made of his Hook of iVivikges in 1502. It is as follows : — 



" Los ori 
cartas y ce 
de Sus All 
cantcs al S 
Cuevas dc 

Otrosy ( 
iin libro tr 
cartas suso( 

Otro tni 
M.I). 1 1, y 
Carvajal a 1 
e abtorizad 

Otro tras 

It may 

a leaf of v( 
probably in 



[ottf] beloved son 
us, a niixn pattUu- 
h to be commended, 
i^reat an undei- 
and men equipped 

21 1), in the letter 
li 14th, 1502, ami 

' that we were mudi 
imprisonment, and 
fd it clearly, and ii 


tri'atmcnt inflicted 
s emanating cither 

till! margin of tliu 
riling of tiic time 

says he j^ained tl.- 
the opinion 0/ 1 

" I, OS ori>;inalcs destos prcvillcjjios y 
cartas y ^ediilas y otras inuchas cartas 
lie Sus Alte/as e otras escripturas to- 
cantcs al Sefior Aimirante, cstan en el 
Monastcrio dc Sancta Maria dc las 
Cuevas dc Scvilla. 

Otrosy I'sta en el dicho Monastcrio 
iin libro traslado de los priviiejjios c susodiclios, semejantc que esto. 

Otro traslado levo este alio dc 
Ml). II. y ticne Alonso Sanchez ile 
Carvajal a las Yndias escripto en papel 
e abtorizado. 

Otro traslado en peryamino tal como 

" The nrii,'inals of these privilei^es, 
patents, warrants and vu ) other letters 
0/ their I/ij^hnesses, and other zoritint^'s, 
respeetini; the Lord Admiral, are in 
the Afonastery of Santa A/aria de las 
Cuevas, at Seville. 

Also in the said Afonastery is a book 
0/ transcripts of the ajoresaid privileges 
and letters, similar to this. 

Another transcript was made this 
year, 1502, and Alonzo Sanchez de 
Carrajal has it, in the Indies, written 
on paper and legalised. 

Another copy on parchment the same 
as this." 

It may In- mcntiomd, however, that at tlie end of the Paris Codex there is 
a leaf of velliiin hearing,' the orij,dnal folio niimber Lxxvi, but otherwise blank, 
probably intended to contain this declaration. 


Columbus's right', 

'iicause their //i^i;/:- 
im to ,i;ain island- 
I thereoj especial!\ 
/Idminil, and from 
'le out^ht to have It:; 
is Admiral thereoj. 
n. at much risk, con- 
of the whole world. 

I tlu- verso of tl> 
Paris code.x, ap|M 
Codex, which reaiK 
iiiil e (lujlnijentos i 
s codex, |)art of tlv 
rse not ap|)arent i:. 
■ |)en on tlu; part 1 ! 
the authentications 
1 been authenticate ! 
i," not only becaiiM; 
the sprinj,' of 150: 
ipeneil on a I'riiku 
e week set forth i:: 

n the Genoese o\v 
We refer to tlv 
iiocse Codex as tlv 
)rderof Christopher 
It is as follows :— 

? S,- 


D 2 

( ' 

I I 




The coat of arms 'w/iich is cnibhzoucJ in the original Paris 
and licnoa Cartularies. 

oil I ill the Paris and C'lcnoa codins, there is a lar^jc 
fml)l.izi)iu:d of arms, whitli rciiuiri's to be «x 


On ilif Jdti) (if M.iy, 1403. as an .uiilitional rew,ir,l 
lor his ha\in^' ihscovtrtd the New W'oriii. I'tnliiiantl 
ami lsal»'liaj;rantcil .irnis It) Lhn stuphtr Coluinlius aiul 
iiis (ii'scL'nii.mts. 

Hy till! icrnis of tlif h^ttirs |)atcnt, tliesc arms vvcrr 
\!mmaam^mmm^mimaaai to bear in the tirst ({iiartcr, a castle I'^on sinopU ; in tla 
tliir<l (inartiT, lickl .irj^iiit with lion f'urf'uir lanj^ucd sitwp/i'; in the sccotul 
(luartfT. sea w.ivi's with islands r/ , \\\ the fourth iiiiarter, the original arms 
which Culun'.bus was siippused to possess already. Here is the text itself: 

" V.\ Castillo de color dorado en " The (aslleofiriUfii (olour iniXi;ri\y. 

campo verile, en tl ciiailro del escuilo JicUyin tlw ijuarttt- of llie shithi of yur 

de viii' armas en lo alto ,i l,i mano atms, on the top to the yi^ht hand, (in.: 

derech.i, y en el otro luadro ,ilto .i l.i in the other top <jtuirter to the left hiiii.i 

mano i.'(iuierd.i \m Leon d<' |iur|>ur.i it lion pmpure in a "iohile field »\im 

en ramiio M.iiico r.iinpando [i/ij dc pant [lini^iied] tureen, and in the o/lm 

verde, y en el otro cu.idro hajo .i la ijuarter at the bottom on the rii^ht hand 

mano lU-recha iinas islas doradas en j^ilded nlands in sea wavea, and in li., 

oiidas de .'liar, y en el otro tuadro bajo other i/uarter at the hott.<m on the /,/! 

a l.i mano iziitiierda las armas vucstras hand the ar»i\ uhith you have Iwi: 

(jtic soiiadi.vs tener." wont to dear." ' 

The most ancient ^,'rapliic rej)resentation which we have of the arms el 
Christopher Cohmiluis is this frontispiece in the ori;,' ro<lic<'s. 

As already st.ited, this coat of arms di.iwii and coloured by order i<i 
Christoplur Columbus, during his st.iy .it Seville, in \^o:. It is p.iinteij ju 
\\.iter-b(j(i)' colours, on vellum, twenty centimeters wide by twenty-nine hij^li 
The design is, but the lolours .ire still Mry bright. The p.i-i. 
containing' the escutcheon is edj^eil with twisted cord in ^;reen .ind red. 

'I'lie arms are not conform. ible to the wording' of the letters p.itent before 
nieiitionetl. .ind the inodihc.itions which they show were iiuroiluced by Chri:i- 
to|)her Columbus on his own authority. These mollifications will be itior' 
readily seen by comp.irisoii with the coloured npresentatioii ^;iven as the 
frontispiece to this volume. 

If their C.itholii M.ijestics authorized the ;^' navi^Mtor to aiKI a castle 

Na\ M<kH K. \(il.ii., 1 loi uiiiciu .\X.,|i,i^i' 37. 
It .1|ii'iMrs tl) IIS lliL' wiird r,iiii/:i»J,' ^liinild 
Ik- r<llu«fil liv a icpiniiia, Noiilc .iiiinlur woril 
( iirrfs|iuti(lin^ t'l /./w//.ij<;,/' , lici ausc riimf^tn.t' 
Jt -.trii/ no lu-ralilir stiiM-, arnl the acljei tut 
vtrit rifvrs il'nil)tlcs.s to a certain part "f tlie 

animal. Mnreovcr, Ovii no says, la A-nv'' 
uutiJii, wlmli < (irrcspunils tn llic Kn^lisli »•: 
/ii«/«i./, that IS, till' luii^ui' |ir(ilriuiiii>! (luiii :: 
iiiiiiith, aiul 'ii a ililtorinl 1 olnur friiiii tlul ul :': 
lnjil). In this I aic, \ ^ri'cn tongue. 

nnd .1 lion 

they did IK 

Casan/ to ( 

In hei 

the other, 

JH Niiflicient 

Now, if it i 

of .Spain, i 

contrary // 

first ([iiartei 

towers like 

the letters 

other, are^e 

(|uartered t 

|,laciii;( the 

be purple, ii 



berdinand ; 


introduce in 

for e.xainiih 


year 1 500, ( 

country of i 

tlioii;;lit to I 


or lyiii^j (, 

were the siy 

the same lot 

the documei 

,m aiitlicntii 

M.ijcsties, ill 


enamels whi 

This w 

to iiis'Tt "01 

latti r, ill the 

' " I c ilicro 
Caslill.i y ilr j.i 
rciyal arms nf C 
/.'r;,» lifoir.t! , 
ml. i . pajjc no 

' " lllllnllli- 

niisniat aiiiij.i 
gaic liim Very 
riiyal amis, 
/till till (itiifr 
vul. I., pa^e 4.S 
' The Kini 
.\rai;im alway 
hts f lia\i,un 
In the .' , iMK 
llelil." /«;(,•« 
Al:>nsi' ill I'l'rrt 
Jtl .SVn.'f h'ry I 
I'aris National 
JI7, Icifv;, ve 



^ginal Paris 

s, iIktc is a Inr^'c 
('(luircs to be tx 

I adilitional rcwanl 
Wtirlil, I'triliniiiul 
,)lu:r Ci)luml)iis,iiHl 

It, these arms wen 
>-i)n j7 «('//('/ in tin 
*/(•; in tin: sccoiui 
, tlio orijjinal arms 
s tlif tixt itself; 

iti/toloiir- ina(;n-cn 
of the shield oj your 
the fixht hand, and 
rter to the left hand 
a while Jield ram 
n, and in the olhn- 
n on the >ii;ht hand. 
a U'ares, and in /-}, 
• on the A// 
tieh )oit have been 

avc (if tlio arms if 

ilourcil by order of 
J, It is painted in 
,• twenty-nine iii^h 
I)rij4lit. The pa^L 
tn aiul red. 
■Iters patent lielorf 
iirodnced by Chri^- 
lions will be mor'' 
ation ^iven as tlic 

;ator to adil a castle 

)VI1 I'll s.iys, /.( Itniu.s 
rills to tlie Knulisli *ui ! 
ifjuc iiriHriuiiiit; liuiii lit 
It I uliiiir fri)in tlut ul llu 
;rccii tunguc. 


and a lion to the coat of arms which, out of politeness, tliey reco^;nised as his, 
iliey did not permit iiim, as is >;enerally believed, lolluwing (.Jviedo' and 
Casas,' to (piarter the exact arms of Castile and l-«:on. 

In heraldic science there can be no " nearly." It is entirely one thinj; or 
the other, and the dill'erence in a char^;e, in an enamel, or in a colour, 
is sutlicient to establish a (undamental distincii<m between two coats of arms. 
Now, if it is possible that at the end of the fifteenth century, the lion in the arms 
of Spain, instead of bein^j joules, as it is constantly represented, was on the 
coiMrAry /inrfiute, or vit)let,' no one doubts that in the royal coat of arms the 
first (piartcT is, and always has been, ^'«/<i with a castle of* surmounted by thrij; 
towers likewise or, in masonry, and voiiled azure, Columbus, by the terms of 
the letters patent, to have his first (luarter simf/e with a castle or ; the 
other, ari;eni with lion piirfiure, lan^ued sinopie. Nevertheless, Columbus 
(uiartereif the enamels of the royal coat of arms ; that is to say, instead of 
i/iacin^f the castle on a j,'reen fii^ld, he |)iit it on red ; ami the lion, which shoulil 
be purple, is brown, and without the .tnimal's ton).;ue beiii).; tinteil jjreen. These 
ijlej^itiin.ite colours make this part of the coat of arms identical with the cor- 
respoiulin).; part of the royal arms, which was certainly not the intention of 
I'erdinand and Isabella. 

These are not the only chanjjcs which Columbus took upon himself to 
introduce into the coat of arms ^jrantcd to him in 1493. In the second ([uartiT, 
for example, tlwre are not islands or alone, It also contains a continent 
emerj,'in^;. An addition of this sort can hardly have be(!n made until after the 
year i.S'^o, on the return from the voy.i^'e in which Columbus discovered the 
country of I'aria ; unless tluit was meant for Cuba, which at first he 
tlioii;;lit to be identical with Cathay or Asia. 

linally, we observe in a supplementary qi arter, azure with five anchors 
or lyin^j Hat, and pl.iceil two, one, and two. IK'ieilo'^ says that these anchors 
were tiie siyjn of the Admir.ilship of the Indies, an office which was placed on 
the same footin;,' with the .Vcnnir.ilsliip of Castile. We note, howe'ver, that in 
the ili)i:unients rel.itive to the prerogatives of the- Admiral of Castile, of which 
,111 autiienticateil copy was j^iven to Columbus, by order of their Catholic 
.M.ijestiis, in 1.(07. no nuntimi is inaile of arms of ili^'iiities, interior or excerior." 

'i'he coat of arms ends at the- point by a division cont.iinin^ the charges aiui 
enamels which, accordinj,' to Columbus, constituted the arms of his ancestors. 

This his ri^dit. The letters patent slate that powt'r is j^'iven to him 
to ins'Tt "on the sinister side, the .inns which he was wiint to bear." These 
l.itti r, ill the escutcheon in i|ue;.tiiin, .ire or Xiuth ieiui a:iire and (hie/ i^ules. 

' '• l.e liiiroii 1.1S .irm.u rciks ili: 
C.iNlill.l y lie l.cun ; -'llicy ^w liiiii the .uH1.1l 
rc'val arms of l'.i-,lili'anil l.cun." Ovii im, //;(- 
/,'f/.i (I'ffur,!/ J,- l,u InJuit, liook i , vii., 
viil. i , paK'c yo. 

' " liit'Minli' imiy hcrimisai, dc las 
mismas arnia.s rcalcs, laMillus y Umiics : -Tlity 
(;a»c liliii Very lanilsoiiif arms, fruin the ariuil 
rcval amis, rasllcs anil lumi." I. as Ca-as, 
JInl lit! lltn/ral J( las InJUit, lib. i., < ap. Ixxx., 
vol. i., [la^jc 489. 

' 'I'hi; King at arms nf Iihiiin.xsh nf 
.XraRon always (oluurcd tlicni thus: " Kn 
Ids ? luvi. uii Iciin inuiailo in ranpu lilani n : 
In the .' , iiiiilir ;?;, ■■> vmli'i lion in a white 
ficlil." llliiu'H Jf Armai <i/»r; (<;,/,' f,<r (,\ii,i 
A/.'HIi' lit Torrrs, A'n ilt Amuti, llamiiJo .-hiixi'i, 
Jtl Sdi.'f A'n />•'>! /■'eni.i'hl,' il 5'. M.->.S. ul the 
I'aris l.ihrarv, Ki/'o^Hii, No. ^Sj, e\. 
3(7, leaf 1)7, \eriO, .liiil 101, recto. 

' " I'n lasiillo aniarjllo en rampo roUiraJo 
.... ilos castillos lie oro en laiiipo Colorado, e 
I IS piurlas y do los castillos a/ides : — 
.\ golden castle in coloured lield . . . two 
lastlcs in Rold In 1 olmired licId anil the doors 
.uid window i of tlie lastlo liUio," 'I'dHkks, 

" I 'iiii o ,inci Tas do oro en 1 anipo a/ul. < 01110 
insigni.i apropii.ida al niisino c liiiilo de 
alinirante perpetuo desta-i Indias :- I'lvc Rolden 
am luirs in a liluefiel.l, as the insignia appropriate 
to the oltue and title of perpetual .\diiiiral of 
thcM! Indies." i't\n.\t>\ ut>i suf-ia. In most of 
the lepreselitalions of C'lil.t Ml Is'.s coat uf arms, 
liotalily in the esiiitdieon si ulpturcd on the 
front door ol ihe resideiu c of his de.sicndant, 
tlie Dvikc ol VniAi.iA, in M.idrid, these iuuhots 
are in fii.'f, wlm h Is an error. 

Navakhk.ik, vol. i., Apiiendix, Dociinicnts 
1(1, p.i^.:s JTS-.VK' 
xli u 3 

! !.' 


\Vc li.ivr cxiilaincd c].si:whcrc ' thu reasons wliich militate against tlii; 
aristocratic jiretensions of Ciiristopher Columbus. It has neverthultss 
appeared to us necessary to consult, and we have examined with the greatest 
care, the numerous nobiliaries, manuscript and in print, which are found in tin; 
public libraries, and in the heraldic colleges, no* only of Genoa, but of thu 
whole of Italy. Such a coat of arms is nowhere in existence, and no known 
arms, whether in Italy, Spain, I'ortugal or elsewhere, at all resemble it. 

After the escutcheon serving as frontispiece for the Paris and Geiuj.i 
codices, and which we have just di'scribed, the most ancient heraldic represcii 
tation, and that which has served as a type for most of the Columbus coats df 
arms, is the wood engraving inserted in the llistoria General dc las I ndias ^i 
Oviedo, printed at Seville in 1535.^ 

The shield and the charges are conformable to the escutcheon in the tun 
cartularies, but we observe in addition, in the vignette, some exterior 
ornaments. These ct)nsist of a helmet in profile ; on the helmet, a globe ^' r. 
mounted by a cross, and a mantle of acanthus leaves. The enamels are (jii!', 
mentioned in the detailed and strictly heralilic descri|)tion given by Ovicdi, 
who was very expert in these matters. However, we observe, in his explana- 
tion, details which do not agree with the wording of the letters patent, ,1 
wording against which nothing can prevail, since- it is authentic and complete. 
Thus, accoriling to Oviedo. the first cpiarter, insteatl of being .?/«('//(•, is <,'«/, , 
"en campo ili; goles i) sanguiiu) : -on a fielil i^ules or red"; the isl.mds ar' 
dotted with gold, but tintiil very percejitibly with siiwple : " muy vi'rdes : — vi r\ 
green." In addition to the islands, he indicates a continent: " tierra cim 
tiniiada : — a continuous tract i-f land," and, if the lion is purpure and langiied 
it bears a golden crown.'' 

When we atld to these diverg(;nces the atldition of the motto (to wliii; 
we sh.ill return), the helmet and the mantle, marks of honour which the letter 
patent pass over in silence, iuit wiiich Oviedo carefully details, we .ir^ 
convinced that the /ealmis historiogr.ipher wrote' his description, not m^ 
authentic docuinents, Imt by drawing his inspir.ilion exclusively from a 1 ■ 
arms which was not even the om; oi which tlie family boasted, and witlu ,: 
endeavouring to verily its composition. 

Neither was I. as Casas accpninted with the letters patent of the :c! 
May, 1493; otherwise he wouhl not have said that the castle was on a fir;. 
lollies, and the lion or on a ti(;ld ari^eiil (metal on metal I).' 

There is, in the Memorial del /'leyto.' an entire chapter dt.'voted to li 
alleged original arms of the Colomlii. It is in tlu; documentary jiroofs ar. 
claim uf I'Vaneisca Colon, wife df the licentiate Ortegon, and ancestor of t:.' 
present holder of what is left of the titles and dignities conferred on Columl', 
Justl)' opposing the pretensions of HaKlassare ("olombo, the valiant heire 
denieil that the escutcheon brought from Cuccaro was that of the ancesti r 
of Christojiher Columbus, but she only furnished, as a proof, the descriptu : 
given by (Oviedo. 

This persevering, but very poor woman, the mother of a numerous family 
■ind legitimate great graiul daughter of Christopher Columbus, stniggli . 
liiiergetically .against tin- intruder, who had come from It.dy to contend w 

ir a m.igniticent inhe-ritance. 


e reprii,u net 

1 lialdassare with not be.iri:: 

Christ 'phi C,H 
vcl. i, 


ion oiit^iiif. 

ii'Ml^fi, iVe 

p.ij;cb 160-165. 

SIS Willi .lil tlic .Spanish rii).il kuu of arms (•C 

OviKtio, JJisliUtt (ifneiiii Jf Ijs InJias 

til'u-i-iilh .iiid lifijiimiiif; lit tlic !,i.\iifnth i 

villi ll 

' ll.lVi 

liocik ii., 

c cx.iiiimci. 

;i|i. vii., Ital X 

1 111, 

uf the iiMijinal 

' V uri Itiiii tn (aiii|io libiico, cl 

and plate i , page 31, <jf \,.l. i, et the esta cloraili) ;--.\nil a lion in a while llelil, 

.Mailnil ediunn nf 1K51. 

' In llie l|Miiti,],ii-i (_• ,,f iIk' larlulaiRv, ihe h'l 
lilies mdI hear a ninvti. I'his is alsu llieiaj 



■n IS Ki 

M, m,ti,tt Jtl l\e\li\ Ni 

I, AS ( *.\s.\s, u!-i supr.i. 


•s. I iSy to w>j; 
Christi'pht CoU'mb, vol. 1., page 

; or 'd'illi a be 

their Calhol 

the arms of 

azure with t 


Colombi, si 

adopted arn 

azure with 

others a sinj 

others have 

sare, bear az 

of justice, ar 

And in 


j)roduced a c 

April, 1591, 

ancient bool* 

arms of Fer 

traen de a:ul 

a dove argen 

Doila I 

only conside 

Aragon, whi 

" Coloma," 

that the Col 

This unimpo 

Columbus of 

nobles, or cla 



chief ,i^i(les, \ 

scendant of t' 

lost ir, the nij 

Tl'.is di 

nobility, had 

of I'iacenza, I 

proofs whate 

c une, bori 

dove ar(;ent 

This f; 

dated 2;th 

.\ntoiiio Cl 

% " i'orri'i de 


antiqiia anno 

' Mimcria! Ji 
' The .M.S. 
at Paris is inn 
i.ihrary at Maili 
J'.sfafia .I'll olriii 
buhjeil onl) the 
.svuK, ami ttilho 

' See the volt 
of Ihe .N'alional 
I., iKigcs .(Si, 
No. 1 150 , /ll' 

lilitatc against tlic 
has nevertheless 
1 with the greatest 
:h are found in tlk 
Genoa, but of tliu 
ice, and no i<no\\n 
resemble it. 
I'aris and Genoa 
t heraldic represcn 
Columbus coats df 
ml de las Indias of 

utchcon in the two 
tte, some exterior 
lelmet, a globe -^'ir. 
e enamels are only 
1 given by Oviedo, 
rve, in his explaii.i- 
le letters patent, ,i 
entic and complete, 
ng j/«(>/i/<', h^itlii 
{" ; the islands an 
muy verdcs : — very 
nent : " tierra con- 
irpure and languetl, 

ic motto (to \vli!i; 
lur which the letter 
ly details, we ,ir- 
scripiion, not innv, 
iveiy from a coat i • 
jasted, and witho,.: 

p.itent of the 2ot':' 
:.istle was on a fn'.u 

|)ter devoted to ih' 
mentary proofs an; 
and ancestor of tl> 
'erred on Coluint",; 
the valiant lieire 
lat of the ancesti r 
roof, the description 

f a numerous family 
Columbus, stnigj;K ; 
aly to contend wit 
..ire with not beari: 

.i).-il I aal^, <jf .iriiis of ;r 
111 the sixUcntli iciitar,-. 


iiijio Ijbtico, cl rual lo 
lun ill .1 U'liito Ik'ld, nlii. 
'A^.^s, u!i iufr,i. 

/.', Nus, I iSy to \i')1- ■<■■■' 

CWom/', vol. i.| 51 


or with a bend aziire on a chief fettles, an escutcheon which, on the authr rity of 
their Catholic Majesties, Columbus had intercalated in his new arms, aj being 
the arms of his ancestors. Baldassare indeed produced simply a coat of arms 
azure with three doves argent. ^ , ^ 

Brazening the matter out, he replied to her that the house of the Luccaro 
Colombi, six hundred and forty years old, may have had offshoots who 
adopted arms different from those of their ancestors. " Some," said he, " bear 
azure with two doves art^ent, with bends of that metal and a cross sinople ; 
others a single dove, perched on a mountain, with three bends gules and of ; 
others have three bends, two c'r and one gules; others, like himself, Baldas- 
sare, bear azure with three doves argent, a helinet surmounted by the emblem 
of justice, and the motto Fides, S/>es, Charitas} 

And in support of his assertion that these latter arms were also those of 
Christopher Columbus, even after his arrival in Spain, the Ligurian claimant 
produced a certificate by Diego de Urbina, King-at-.irms, delivered the 3rd of 
Ai)ril, 1 59 1, by which the chief of the heralds declares 'o have found in an 
ancient book of genealog'es drawn up by Garci Alonso de Torres," King-at- 
arins of Ferdinand of Aragon, a chapter entitled : "Los que sc d.zen de Colon, 
I) lien de azul eon una paloma de plata : — Those called Columbus bear azure with 
a dove argent." 

Uoila Francisca retorted, and with reason, that Diego de Urbina had 
only considered the ancient Colons of Spain, that is, thosj of Valencia and 
Aratjon, who, absolutely strangers to her family, were called, in reality, 
" Coloma." Baldassare replied by a fresh certificate from Urbina, declaring 
that the Colomas of Aragon and Valencia bore gules with a dove argent. 
This unimportant argument only proves that the Colombi of Cuccaro and the 
Columbus of Spain, like all the Columbuses, Colons, and Colombi of Europe,^ 
nobles, or claiming to be such, had allusive arms. 

Besides, is it probable tiiat Colinnbus would have '"i.rnished the royal 
herald-at-arms, for insertion in his new coat of arms, with this bend azure on a 
tiiief i^idiS, which is nowhere to be found, if he, tl'.e alleged legitimate de- 
scendant of the lords of Cuccaro, Conzano, and Rosignano, whose nobility was 
lost in the night of time, had possessed the right of bearing their arms ? 

This discussion shows that all the Colombi of Italy, with claims to 
nobility, had arms of which the distinctive sign was a dove. The Colombi 
(if I'iacenza, for exami)le, that very family whom historians persist, without any 
proofs whatever, in regarding as the stock out of which Christopher Columbus 
t une, bore azure with tiiree mountains sinople, on the second of which was a 
dove argent. 

This fact is clear from a iliploma from Matthias, lunpcror of Germany, 
dated 2;tli May, 161 5, conlirmiiig and am|)lif)ing tlie ancient arms of .1 certain 
.\ntoiiio Colombo, of I'iacenza, in which the following phrase is observed : 

" Moreover by Our same authoritw 
not only ratijy and eoujirm tlie 

■' I'orrodeeadem Xostraaiictorilate, 
antiqua armorum suoruni insignia iioii 

' .\f/mt-ri.i/ Ji/ /\'nli<, No. mji. 

' The .M.'^. of TciKKts in the Naliuiu! I.ilir.iry 
Paris i^ imiimplete. 'I'h.nt of the N.itidiial 
Library at Madrid, ciitillLd I.i!'r,< Jf /.in,i)fs ,ie 
/.'.i/ii™ ..'/I I'/riij iV(./i ( K. 5.'), lontains on this 
biilijcil only the three lines ([noted liy lUi n^^- 
.sAKF. and without Ctiristojiher C'ui.UMiius tienii; 

' See the voluminous Aimoriiil Ctntral, .tIS. 
of the National l.djrary in I'aris: I'rtntnce, vol. 
i., [lajjes .(Si, No. 511; 6()o, No. 704; 7().S, 
No. 1150 , /ii'ii, panes j.-j, N(;. ;o ; 3JI, No. 

pa^es li. No 6(j ; io5i,No.;,S; io'i4, No. ifii ; 
(;7o. No. .(oij, and nearly all the " deneraliti's" 
of l''rance and Nav.,;.,- .\ll iho-ie Coi.l'Mi!Usi.s, 
(.'()i.(iMiii:s, Coi.oM.T and Chi.o.mmi bear one or 
several doves in their arms. There is even 
one, Jean Col iMiiLS, a barrister at Uiniic in 
i6(}7, who boldly appropriates to himself the 
"\aet anus of (,'astile and 1 <-.:;i, t-.^ethwr with 
the a/ure sea and i'-.- ;",ve ^cilden islands, pretty 
null h as their (.'atliolie .M.ijesties had tuneeded 
them to rhrisiopher ('ollmiiL's. 




i t 

aiicienl i>is(i,mia of his arms, but u\- 
also augment and embellish them, and 
in as far as it is needful we gfacioush 
concede and grant aneiu to hint and to 
his in this manner folloiuing the arim 
which they arc henceforth to bear." 

This diploma does not describe the ancient arms, but since it "ratifies ami 
confirms them," tlicy arc necessarily comprised in the shield whicli includes tln: 
original arms as well as the new ones ; a shield which is described in thcst 
terms : 

solum ratificamus, ct confirmamus, sed 
etiam augemus, et exornamus, et qua- 
tenus opus est de novo in hunc, qui 
sequitur, moduni post hac dcferendu 
gratiosc illi, suiq. conccdimus ct elargi- 


" Shi-ld a:ure or blue, from the base 
thereof up to the middle three nwuntaiiu 
if green colour, the central one somavhai 
higher than the others ; and on the 
summit of the central mountain a w/iiic 
Dote bearing in its beak a slip of olive 
a human head reclines upon the shield! 

" Scutum azureum, scu ceruleum, u 
cujus basi ad medictatcm usque tres 
montes viridis coloris, medio illoruin 
aliquid altiore ; in sumniitate vero 
montis medii Cohuuba alba ramuscu- 
liini oliv;e rostro contincns ; scuto in- 
cumbat humanum caput." ^ 

It is incontestable, moreover, that in none of the arms attributed to ih: 
Colombi of I'iacenza'' do we find arms or, with bend azure on a chief gulus. 
It is also certain that all the |)atriciaus of that name, in Italy, bore a dovo, 
l.ipwin;^', or rin,i;dovc on their arms. The i^'ieat Genoese navigator, then, woull 
have been the only iioMe, aiiu)iiL,'st the Coioiniii, presenting the anomaly o; 
I)()sscssing a of arms of which the piece did not express the nanv 
of the family to wluch it belonged, although homonyniy as much as tlie tra 
ilitions and ta.ste of the ])eriotl favoured the inclusion of a dove. 

This is only a secondary induction, we ailniit; but when we add thereto 
the fact that the coat of arms given by Columbus as his own is absolutely uii 
known ; we are ablj to trac(: the filiation of tlie great navigator back to a; 
least the fourteenth centur)', without ever coiiiu ctiiig him, in spite of the e.\i> 
tiMice of a mass of ducumciits, witii .my of the [-.itrician families of the name if 
Colombo ; that a nobleman could h.irdly leave his caste, whatever his povertv 
and his misfortunes might be ; ami finally, th.U tiie fuller, brothers, uncles, ,u: : 
cousins of Christopher Cohinibus, as well as himself, worked at .i trade whiii; 
none could e.xercise without derogating from nobility, it is difficult not to see in 
the arms of which the great Genoese boasted abroad, and in consecjuence vi 
quite exceptional circumstances, a mere concession to the notions of the period 
and to the exigencies of his new position. 

Xo; ChristopluT Columbus was not of patrician origin, and when their 
Catholic Majesties granted him arms with the ()ri\ilege of inserting theroir. 
the blaz(jn of his ancestors, by the phrase " las annas vuestras que soliadi n 
tener : — The arms you have been wont to bear. ' those monarclis only m.idi 
use of a sort of technical expression, regardless of its |K)sitive bcariti;.; 
Columbus interpreted the wortls in a sense favourable to his new condition 
and adapted to the surroundings in which he was henceforth to pass his lite 
He thru composed, as is shown in the Ctnliccs, we do not know with wh.r. 
r.iaterials, that escutcheon with the bend azure on a chief gules, which noboJ) 
before him had possessed, at any time or aiiywlu re. 

' CANM'l,//()/','r;,j/r,..Vj/iJi/j.i;./;/Vij.</;:i;, I'u- 
ccii/.i, iCi5i-i(i7 J, 5 Vols, fuiio, v<il. 111., pano J,i5 

' This ilcb('ri|ili(in corrcsiMimls likcwi>f llllllc 
shi^.■llluf the old nolnhary. i ;illc(l "the I'a.sscrini." 
ITcscrvcii ill the I'l.ueniU hlir.iry, ami which 
Count (liubi-|ipe Nasai i was s.'"<-'i.l i-iu)u.;h tn 
(onbult for us in i88j. 


■■ 1 hiis, there is still in the town of I'iaccn.u 
an <i!(l house whiih onrc helon^jed to the < > 
inMiii of that town. Diir the i>rimi|ial dm r 
ran he ilistinf;iiishe<l an eselitihcon s<.ul|iluni: 
ill the ^tonc. In the liral i|iurter is tul .1 iloii 
ill lull ll;i;ht , in the sei ond, a i-hevroii wah !» 
(lo\es iijjri'nltf. 

The word 
The first is thi 

That is to say 
The othei 

The reader w 

Columbus fiiiii 

but that he gt 

"••■ have 

, :' ■ soul 

f,l.vCialiy amii 
as a ch.irge, (be 
was even con 
I ;.|0, sjiorting 
111 tile usi 
thcshirld.' It 
it woiilil certa 
Coliunbiis, tor 

l\'i may hav 
whiih it has sou 
(o:ncv the sense 
»i- .ite ii/nstiamei 
the nnderiiij;, " II 
i., "thanks to C 
»c lonfess, is less 
Mhe noted th 
dl -,e\cn s>llables ('astilli; f, a 
sti'jnd \erse houI 


his arms, but kv 
nbcllish them, and 
d/ul we j^facioHsh 
Hcio to him ami I, 
following the arms 
forth to bear!' 

ice it " ratifies ami 
whicli includes tin: 
described in these 

blue, from the bau 
'tile three mountains 
ntral one somcwhcti 
hers; and on tlic 
I mountain a 7vhik 
hcak a slip of olive 
'cs upon the shield'. 

i attributed to ihi' 
: on a chief j^iilus. 
taly, bore a ilovi 
j^ator, then, woul : 
^ the anomaly ( ; 
; express the nanv 
much as the tra 

en we add theretu 
1 is absolutely ur, 
ivij^ator back to a; 
1 sjjite of the exis 
ies of the name 1 1 
atever his povertv 
others, uncles, ar. : 
1 at a trade whic!; 
fficult not to see in 
in consccjuence oi 
lioiis of the period 

in, and when thtir 
f insertinj; thercir. 
-■stras ([U(' soliad( N 
jnarchs only niadf 
|K)sitive bearing 
his new condition 
;h to pass his lik 
)t know with wh.r. 
lies, which nobodv 

1 the t(.«n of I'iaccn.j 
c l>tlonf;i-(l to the ( • 
K(.r the |iriiu i|ial dt" t 
esc iitihcoii Miulpturii! 
St <|iiarter is cut 3. ilnv. 
Till, u ihevruii with Vn 

Chapter VI. 

No heraldic motto in the Paris and Genoa Cartularies. 

HE reader was doubtless struck with the omission, in 
the coat of arms which Christopher Cohunhus caused to 
bi: added to these cartularies, of a certain heraldic 
ilevice which accompanies the esciitcheon in all its 
representations e.\ce|)t the present. 

It behoves us therefore to speak of this motto, 
written it is not known when, nor by whom, but con- 
secrated by time antl become inseparable from the name 
of Christopher Columbus and his arms. 
The wonlin^ has come down to us in two or three forins, equally fine. 
The first is thus expressed : ' 

PoK Castiu.a /f roK Leos 
NuEvo ML'sno / Colom. 

That is to say : " For Castile and Leon, Columbus yci^//;/ a new world." 
The other form marks an important modification : 

A Cast! It. A y J Lia m 
A'cKvo Mfxuo i</6 Ci'/.ox. 

Tin' reader will observe that in this case the iiu^tto does not only sa)' that 
Cohinibiis fduii'l a new world for tiie scnereii;ii of Ca->tile and Leon (Isabella), 
bill that ht; j;aie it to her. 

"'•• have searched in vain in tlu! archives of the Spanish Peninsula to 
, ■ source of this fine sentiment. 

<pain, mottoes, extremely rare as they were in the fifteenth century, 
t ,j.vCialiy amoiij^st thi', were placeil within tin; shield and blazoned 
;is a ch.irj^e, as may be. seen ol tiie Ibarollas ( 1365), Acetlos ( 137S), (before ijo^^). Aiulii.i^'as y I^spinosa (i.}6j), i\:c. The practice 

lated in 

was even coiUiiuieil, for we lind the escutcheon ot the I'ascuales, 
i;.to, sportin.:,' the device insiiie.^ 

In the iisiKil Columbus of arms it is inscribed on a banderole outride 
iIr; shield.' If tliis motto had been j^'iveil by their Catholic Majesties, in i.pj;,, 
it woiikl certainly fij^ure in the letters patent ^rantin^ arms to Christopher 
Columbus, for wc have the inte^'ral and authentic text of that document. 

I\r m.iy li.ive hire the; ol " lur," 
whiih it soii'.elMne>> in Sj>.niush, aiul thus 
(Oiuo) the sense ul /.imi, :il>i>ve given. Hut 
«i' .ire ri.ii>tMincJ tn s.iv /\'r .lUo permits 
the rendering, " 11) t'.istile .iiul liy I.ei)li," lh.U 
i,, "thanks tii Castile and to l.cuii," whu h, 
«o confess, is less thitterini;. It should he like- 
wise noted the iiintici < unslilutes two verses 
of seven s\ll.ililes h (nwili^ In llie sjn.ile 
]ih.i5 : Cistill.; e, and y .1). In the lirst furiii, the 
seiund \erse would be lame, uii ateouiit of its 

I Diit.iiniii^ a s)llalile too nun h ; for at the time 
when < ivin>o wrote (i5',5)tlie // in /'.r.'.'.' was 
aspirated, and never elided. 

'Hard .Monso UK 'I'oKRK.s, /,v. <;/, leaf 0, 
.Ambrobiu nt .Sai.,\/.,\k, Lil-ro de Armas, I'an:., 
\(k\i, ^to, pa^je J5, and tlie S\'biluiiic ol 


' .■\i(orilinj; to OviKHo, the motto was " por 
defuera del esi uilu en 1111 rotulo lilanco, i on 
Unas letras de sable: - oiilsule the shield on a 
white label, with sable ^or bUiek) letters." 

'■: 1 

f W 




Ther- is no mention of a motto therein. Lastly, if Columbus owed tin 
devicv the sovereigns, its terms arc too flattering for him not to have niaj, 
use of it. Now, as \vc have just statetl, the motto does not figure in either f,( 
tlie two coats of arms drawn by his order, under his eyes, at Seville, in 1 50; 
and which accompany the cartularies which he sent to the ambassador of Genoa. 
to perpetuate the proof of his rights. 

Neither Peter Martyr, who was quite a man of letters, particularly of the 
Italian type, and whose attention would have been attracted therefore by thij 
ingenious cona-th', nor Las Casas, noi Geraldini, nor Ikrnaldez speak of it 
The first one who mentions the motto is Oviedo, in his I/isloria General dc /„• 
Indias} which he wrote only a coiii)!e of years before 1535. He is the earlic,; 
author who gives it, and in the first form imiicatcd by us, in a heraldic 
description which was not borrowed from authentic documents, but from a coat 
of arms then doubtless current, witiout being nevertheless very exact. 

The second time the motto appears is in the Historic attributed to 
Fernando ColumiKis, written at t'le earliest in 1537, and printed in ij;. 
There it is given in the other form, the one which has prevailed to this day. 

The motto, in the form adopted by the Ilistorie, surrounds the cscui 
cheon sculptured on tiie tombstone of I-'ernando Columbus in the cathedral 
of Seville. As the latter died in 1 539, we have here a rather old wordin;' 
although subsequent by four years to that of Oviedo. Unfortunately, the 
])avement of the cathedral has been repeatedly renewed since that time. \\V 
have frequently and in vain surveyed the lanes which lead to Sierpes, lane- 
paved at tiie beginning of the century (according to tradition) with tlic worn, 
out tombstones of the cathedral. We hojxil to iliscover traces of that of Do: 
I'"ernando. The tombstone which now exists, must, however, be an exact c(i[', 
of the old one, for it corresponds to the ilescription which is to be read ;■ 
I'"ernanclo's will,' but it would be useful to compare it witli " el escudo que del:. 
grabarse en la losa : — the sliield that was to be cut in the pavement," wliich : 
found in the manuscript copy of the will preserved in tiie archives of t: 
chapter of the Seville Cathedral. 

Pedro de Medina, in his Crotiiai «*<• /os Duqucs de Medina Sidonia. 
chronicle dated 1561, and consecjuently anterior by ten years to the publicati 
of the llistorii, says : Los Reyes Catolicos le hicieron grandes mercedes. y ; 
mandaron un escudo de .irnias con un.i Ictra (pie dice : Mundo nucvo c! 
Colon a Castilla y a Leon ; ' — 'lluir Catholic M.ijesties gave him great thank 
and ordered a shield of arms to l)c given to him with a motto say ing ; Columl 
gave a new worKl to Castile and Leon." The word dio instead of //,;,. 
indicates a source in the directimi of the tombstone of Fernando Columbus. 

Finally, the monk Juan de Victoria, who wrote, in Mexico, so late „ 
1574, is reported \.o stati' in his yet unpublished work, De ios Reyes CatSlu.. 
that the device was as follows : 

P^K CAsnri.A y roK Lscw 
jVr/in> Afrx/H) gan(^ Colox. 

or, " For Castile and for Leon, Columbus r.'cw a new world."' 

Strangely enough, however, in the Hi^lorie it is no longer a motto, Lu: . 

' OviF.Do, 111), ii., cip. vii., fo. X verso, 0rigin.1l 
i-iiition ; vol. i , page 51, edilion of 1S51. 

' Our Dcu I-'trnanJo tV/.w, hiiUriador dt sii 
piiJrt, /•'nsii)i' ,riti\v, pages 1^5 and 157. 

' Ci'/frii\"t J/ di\'umtnt,H ini'Jil.'s fjrj l,i 
/iist,'ri:i df pAMnii, vol. xxxix., paj;e i')c, 

' Willi regard to tlie assertion that '• luJAi suii 
t.'mki t icilo ii siio ilemma f;rnlili:io ditrt Ciu'omli 
i'lirgtnlo in fjm/'o d'azzuno con (putllro an.ort 


di oro . . . (Tordint dil Ke Ftrdinando fu / , \ 
/» ifXtimli iii-rizii'ne -~im Ins lonil) and ud - 
his mat uf arms of three doves of silver 1.-. , 
liliie lielj Willi fiiur aii(h,>rs of gold ... 
order of King I'crdmand was pl.^>','d tlie fni; > 
iiig insi ription," — /'iitna e hit',;rttt>,i del ^'J'. 
/Immirai;/!,' I). CriiUforo Colombo de t, t.. 
Koina, i(i55, ,Svo, page 408— it is a pure iiiu. 


I simple epitaph 

i\\\ the cathec! 

( Columbus ; cc 

'\ It would not, 

' Gomara prete 

jj Theref()ri 

.^in the inform 

;^ contrary to tht 

' Catholic Maje 

Columbus; th 

1 is entirely apo 

;; ' "Per ordinc 
'\ jierpetiia nieniori; 
*?sfoprimcnti dclle 

I there was put 11 
Sniemoralile deeds 

■■^an epitaph in tl 

%torie, edition of i; 

i t'ernand Colomb, 

■mSodHt de Gfogra) 

S1S74. pages .p)8-s 




blumbijs owed tin 
n not to have niaj, 
)t fijfure in cither of 
at Seville, in 150; 
ibassador of Genoa, 

I, particularly of th,. 
id therefore by this 
■naklez speak of it, 
i/oria General de k 
lie is the earliis; 
us, in a heraldic 
:nts, but from a coat 
very exact. 
storic attributed to 
(1 printed in 15;! 
■ailed to this day. 
urrounds the esci;! 
)us in the cathcdri 
rather old wordin- 
Unfortunately, th. 
ice that tinu-. \V. 
id to Sierpes, Ian'.- 
;ion) with tiie won-. 
■aces of that of D, ■ 
IT, be an exact coj , 
cli is to be read ! 
' el esciido que dc! . 
1 lavement," which ; 
the archives of t: 

' simple cpilaph^ which Kinjjf Ferdinand of Araj,^on is said to have had (jlaced 
' ill the cathedral of Seville ' at the time of the obse(iuies of Christoi)her 
\ Columbus ; consequently three years after the death of the great navi(,'alor. 
' It would not, then, be Columbus himself, as the inaccurate historian Lopez dc 
? Gomara pretends,' who added this motto to his coat of arms. 

Therefore, in the face of these contradictions and the little authenticity 
■:in the information furnished by the chronicles, we are inclined to believe, 
' contrary to the generally received opinion, that the motto was not a gift of their 
'Catholic Majesties; that it was not contemporaneous with the arms granted t(j 
Columbus ; that he never even knew of it ; and, however true and fine, that it 
1 is entirely apocrypiial. 

' "Per ordinc del Re C.itoliro fu nicsso a 
jpcrpctiKT memoria (lo' suoi iiifnioraljili f.itti, et 
"■scoi'rimcnli dolle Imlio vnn I'.iMlnfio in liriRii.-i 
}Spat;nuol'i:~"y °'"'^" "^ ''"-' Catholic King 
! there was init in periieliial memory of his 
iniciiioralile deeds and discoveries of the Indies 
■an epil.ilili in <1'<^ Si.anish lanKuaKe." His- 
tent, edition of 1571, leaf 2.(7, recto. See our 
- ytrmnd Cohmb,;e 147, and Ihillttin df Ui 
:S>h-utc dt Civj^raphie de J'aris, for November, 
(1874, I'ages 498-501. 

' "II suo corpo fu poi condotto a SiuiKlia, ^: 
([uiui nella ('hiesa n)at;niorc di i|uclla Cilth fu 
sepolto con funebrc i)ompa." IJislorii; leaf ^47, 

' " I'uso Cristijbal Colon, al redcdor del 
escudo de armas ipie Ic conccdicron,esta letra: — 
Christopher Colunilius [lut, around the shield of 
arms );rantod to him, this motto." I'raiicisco 

I.CH'K/ DF (iOM.ARA, /listi'llil di hu IndijS, 

Vkhia's edition, Madrid, 1858, vol. !., payc 

Medina Sidcnia, : 
,rs to the pid)licati - 
iiulcs merccdcs, y ; 

: Muiulu niK'vo i: 
\c liim );riat thank 
(1 saying ; Coiiimi 
iii'i instead of /;,i,. 
undo Colund)us. 

Mexico, so late .^^ 
e ios Re)es Cat6lu,. 

i I 


ongcr a motto, bir. . 

ri h'f Ftrdinaiidi' fu r. .:. 
-on his toml) and uiu- 
hree doves of silver ir. . 
:in( h'lrs of ^old . . . : 
lul was pl.\v ?'l the fol:^ > 
riii e bu't;ti>tia del frj-i 
c/(>n> CoU'mbo de CVt.-. 
e 408— it IS a pure inu: 


I ' 



D-ycriptioii of tir Doc it incuts conipfisaf in the Paris Cartulary 

r remains now to !^ivc a succinct analysis of the doc:. 
nicnts tliunisclvcs. 

DoiiMiiNT I. Pages 10-37. 
A letter from l-'enlinnml and Isabella, da;- 
April ^3, 1497,' directing; l''erdinand de Soria to ri'i;;.; 
to Christopher Columbus an authenticated copy of t;.. 
letters patent and privileijes rel.itive to the clnrfje ; 
lli^di Admiral of Castile. The letter is followed!;, 
the rccpiired auth< uticated copy. 

Tlie reason why this document occupies such a prominent place in 1' 
Coile.x is that, according' to tiie CajiituLitions of April 17, i.p);, Columlms v . 
a]>pointed Hii;h Admiral of the Indies, anil thisotlice pl.iced on the sai;; 
footini^ as the ili.i^li Admindsiu'j) of Castile,^ with [lower to tr.uismit the s.iiv 
to his descendants and heirs for ever. In fact, the present lloKler ot the til! 
granted to Columbus still enjoys that honor.iry distinction. 

Hut for the first gr.mtee tlie office of capital im|)ortance, as it emit! 
him to one third of all the gains arising fronj every maritime e.\|)edition carr. 
out by anyoiu; whomsoever within his ailmir.dty, and to possess original ju.- • 
diction, civil and crinn'nal, over its iiitire e.\tent. 

These two rights, which Cohunhus se<;ms to have valued abovi: all oth. r 
were constantly denied to him ; but he ne\er cea.sid to claim them." 

•,* These duciniiciits wore also publishol by N'.ivaircte, from the autliciuicilid c 
preserved in tlu- ,ircliivc's nf tiie Diilce nf \'craj;ii.i.' CcUiinbus here niuits tlie piivili-., 
iMt less iiiipurt.iiit, <'!' June 10. I.)l''. .September 4. 14.(0, J.iiuiary JS, 14.'y, l''el)ru.irv ; 
I'yx), .M.ueli (\ 141 I, June 10, I4.''i, J.uniary 24, 1429, copies of which were also rem;: 
to him, by order of I-'erilinaml aiul Isabella. 

Dni'iMisr II. I'.iges 37-.(o. 
This consists of the famous Capital, itions or .Artieles of .\pril \', ip):, 1 
recited oiil)- in a conlirm.ition of the s.inie, gr.inted b)' l-'erdinand anil Isahe! 
,it Iiurgos, April 23, 1.(07, -T"' preceded by a pre.imi)!.-, cnnt.iining the 
of nobk; sentiments, to which we refer the re,.iier.* 

*,* 'I'liis is the ilocununt, a copy of whiili, pr'nteil .it the time, '..U-ly iliscuvi • 
by the Dudleys uf .Mb.i in the archives of her faniil\ ,uul the lir>t p,i„e of mIucIi 1) 
rejiruiiiiced in fac^ilniIe in her valuable .li/t/x''')' ^- '1 hanks to the kindness of 
frieiul iJon .M. R. /arco del \',ille, we are enabled t > ;;ive here a mimite l)iblio;;rapli. 
description of that import, int .\nuric.uuini, which, tlai-. far, stands uniiiiie. 

It is a folio, printed in midiile si/e bl.ick-letter. of four unmimbered le.ivis, orei.,- 
|).it;es, the fir.-.t four of which coiit.iin .)5 lines, the fifth only ei^jlit lines, .md the rc>; 

' " N'oieiit.i e ■icte .TIMS," and not "nuvciit.ic ' /«/>.;, l>o( s. .\I.I I. .md .M.IIl.and Hue: 

iicx," asi- primed 111 .Sr,iioK.No'sti',//ic, ]af;e 10. of .\mia, .-/.vAx'.'A't, paj;es 17 and j.5. 

Navakkhi, vol. i., ii.i(;cs 355- j;o. 

" Navakkktk, IhK. 
iJui. VI., JM-e .;. 

\'., Vol. 11., page 7, and 

/«yr,;, |,.ij;i-5 37 41. 




the page as wc 
title, nor dati 
commences on 

ICstc cs 
(Ic vna carta c 
reyes don I*'< 
;;l()riosa niemi 
de cuero & fir 
& libr.ado & fii 
consejo & sella 
pendientc en f 
()ue enellcs .sc 
cs q[ue] .so sig 

The text 
representing,' a 
anil r. In the 
three-pointed t 
on top. In thi 
At the end wc 

" Yo Fernan 
tario del rey & 
la fi/e escreuir 
doctor Kegisti 
Antonius doc 
\'el,iz(]uez & I 
carta de priiiil 
cnle : Sin char 

(t niandado de su 


The entiri 

cate, was publi? 

/(IS liuiiai of I); 



This is tl 
\.\')2. and Ma 
. , and Ciovernot 
[JS Pocument 1 1. 
:'|? the same ro)^ 
5| •,• This 

Las Casas disci 

■'^ of the profits 
t.'J net receijits. 
The dec 
but i'.s wordii 
receive the eii 
and we shall 

■ l'i)r the impi 
! water ni.irk, see 
',iif Chriil.fht Ci 

• Hill liess ol 
.N'AVAKkKI \, 
195. .So as nol 
[themselves, the Ic 



Vnm Cartulary 

malysis of tliu doc. 


uul Isabella, da" 
111 dc Soria to riT.;- 
lUicati'il copy of li;. 
vc to tlu! clnrjjc 
cttcr is followed ! 

iiiiineiU place in f 
1402, Columbus V . 
placed on the sair. 
,0 transmit tlu; sai; 
t huldcr of tlu: tii; 

trtance, as it einii!. 
ic expeilitioii carrj 
Dsscss orij^inal jur • 

iicil abcv e all otli..: 
m tiuin.'^ 

the autluiUicatiil c 
re omit-; tlu- piivilr,, 
2S, l.(-9. l''<.'liriiaiy ; 
IulIi were also reiiu:. 

the page as well as the three rcmnininp pages arc absolutely blank. There is no separate 
title nor date, nor printer's mark or name, nor place of printing. The first page 
commences on top, with the following lines : 

ICstc es traslado bien y fielmcntc sacado This is a copy well and faithfully taken 
(Ic vna carta de priuilegio delos ca-i|tolicos from a patent of privilege of the Catholic 
rcves don Fernando y dofla Ysabcl dc Sovereigns, Don Ferdinand and Donna 

Isabella of glorion-- memory: written on 
parchment of skin and signed with their 
royal names, and delivered and signed by 
those of their high council, and sealed 'with 
their royal seal of lead suspended by threads 
of coloured sill: according to what is therein 
contained : the tenor whereof is as follo-ws. 

■'loriosa memoria : escrito en I pergammo 
de ciiero & firmado dc sus reales nombrcs 
& libradn & firmado delos :i del su muy alto 
consejo & scllado con su real scllo de plomo 
pendientc en filos dc : seda a colorcs segun 
que encllos sc conticne : su tenor del qual 
cs (i[ue] so siguc.1 

The text immcdiatel)- follows, beginning with an ornamented IC, of 20 millimeters, 
representing a tree surrounded with acanthus leaves. There are two signatures, viz., 1 
and T. In the third leaf there is a water mark, viz., a hand citended, with a wrist and 
tlircc-pointed cuff ; the middle finger bears a jictiolatc flower with five petals, one of which 
on top. In the fourth leaf there is another water mark, vi/., a sort of large cai)ital M.' 
At the end wc notice the same authcnticr-ting certificate which is in the Codex, viz. : 

" /, Ferdinand A hares de Toledo, Secre- 
tary of the King and of the Queen our Lords, 
caused it to be written by their command. 
Anthony Doctor. Registered. Doctor Ro- 
derick, Doctor Anthony, Doctor Ferdinand 
Alvarez, fohu Vclazquc:. And on the back 
of the said patent of privilege was written as 
follows : Without chancery and without fees, 
by command of their Highnesses." ' 


" Yo Kernand Aluares dc Toledo sccrc- 
tario del rey & dc la rcynanuestrosscftorcs 
la fi/e escrcuir por su mandado. Antonius 
doctor Kegistrada doctor Kodcricus doctor 
Antonius doctor Kcrnandaluarcs. Juan 
\'el,izc]uez iS: en las cspaldas de la dicha 
cart.a ik' priuilegio cstaua escrito lo sigui- 
cnte : Sin chancdleri.i & sin derechos por 
mandado de sus altezas." 

The entire d<x:ument, in the present form, excepting the last three lines in the certifi- 
cate, was published by Navarrete.' It is also inserted, w ith comments, in the Historia dc 
las Indias of Dartolome de Las Casas.' 

Doci'mi;nt III. Pages 49-66. 
This is the confirmation of April 23, 149;, of the letters patent of .April 30, 
\.\i)2. and Ma)- -'8, 1403, conferring on Coliinilnis the titles of Admiral, Viceroy 
anil C'lovcrnor of the Indies. It is pteceded by a rc|)etition of tlu; preamble of 
l)i)tnnu-nt II., as well as of the text of the said letters patent, and followed by 
the sanu: royal declarations. 

•,• This document been omitted by Navarrete from his Collection of Voyages.' 
Las Casas discusses its' contents. 


1 i 


f A 


1. 10:. and Isabt!! 
lining the expreshi 

iC, '.-.;ely ili-iCovir> 
pa^e of winch b- 
o the kiniiiuss ut' 
niiiuitc bibliogr-iph 
. unii]Ue. 

nibered le.ivi s, or i-i. . 
It lines, and llie rot 

. .mil .\I. HI, anil Due.:,. 
i.ii;i-s I 7 anil !\. 

i-i !'•'(;" 355-i;'5- 

DociMKNT IV^ Pages 66-69. 
This is a further concession made June 1 2, 1 .jg;, whereby Columbus's eighth 
J of the profits was to be taken from the gross, anil not as heretofore from the 
i net receipts. 

The decree seems to convey other privileges besides, during three years, 
but i'.s wording is ambigumis. It may mean that Columbus woidd hereafter 
receive the eighth without being obliged to advance a i)ro|)ortion of the cost, — 
and we shall see further on that such was his understanding of the Capitulations 

reatler to the text of the l.itter. .-ilrcaily inserlcil 
in the same volume, p.i[;cs 7-,s, Doi-. \'. 

' I. AS Cas\s, Hiitoriti ,ie /.fi /njias, lib. i., 
cap. rxxiv., vol. ii., pa^es 18.J-1S6. 

Navarkkik, Co!i\dcn de los vicigcs, \c., 
vol. li., pa(>e ii;5, note. 

" I.A^ Casas, op. ,;/., laiv c.\xiv-v., vol. ii., 
pa-cs i.^7-ii)j. 

' l-or the import.incc ot these details of the 
water mark, sec Qui a imprime !.i p'tmurt l/ttre 
d< Chriil.phc Ci'/omt' I in the CtntralbUitt Ji,r 
^^^.•thtkiJcf'.rn, I.eip/ij;, I.Sgj, ill. 

■ Dm (less of .-Xi. HA, .-lutcxriifis, pages io-i6. 

' N'AVAKkF.IK, vol. II., l>ur. (MX., paj;cs iiji- 
11)5. .So as not to repeat the Capitulations 
theiiisclvis, the leaf .:d .Sjianish ediKT refers llie 



, f. 


of 1492 in that respect.' It may also mean that to thu year 1497, Columbus hw! 
not supplied his share of the expense which he had to assume to be entitled 
to the eiKhth, and that, being in debt to the Crown in consequence, Ferdinand 
and Isabella relc^ " iiim from the indebtedness. 

These interpretations, however, are contradicted by the sentence, "nor 
shall you be obliged to contribute anything more than you did for the first 
voyage," as it is now known that he then ^u-nished one eighth of the cost, thr 
money being lent to him by certain Genoese and Florentine merchants settled 
in Andalusia." 

•«• The document has been published by Navarrcte, with the date of June 2." The 
Paris and Genoa codices give " dose ", apparently equivalent to " docc " — 12. It is alsu 
commented upon by Las Casas,* who gives the date " A 2 dias de Junio dc 1497 aftos." 

Document V. Pages 69-70. 

It refers to the appointment of administrators and umpires, May 30, 149- 
chosen by the Crown and by Columbus, to ascertain what should be his parts 
of the gains in the expeditions to the New World, sent and to be sent. 

This is the gist of great difficulties which arose, ami never were entirely 
settled, between their Catholic Majesties and Christopher Columbus. Tlit 
(jucstion requires to be explained. 

By the Capitulations of 1492, Columbus was entitled to three parts of the 
gains. Those parts were unequal. The first part he claimt;il to consist of onv 
tliiril (if the wiiole, by virtue of his office of Admiral of the Indies ; that bcin,; 
the share of the .Admiral of Castile, with whom he had been jilaced on an f(|uai 
footing.' The seconil part consisted of one tenth, as a ri:ward for his scrvitis, 
|)ast, present, and futi"'e. Tlu' third jiart amounted to one eighth, pr( ilicau.l 
uiion his hearing an eighth of the cost of tlu' merchandise I'mbarked for tlir 
purposes of trade and barter. This latti'r |)articipati(>n was altogether o[)tional 
witii Columbus, liut this eighth, as we uiulerstaiul tlu: cl.iuse,— inured to hir 
only when he sujiiilied a CDrresiJomling p.irt of such ex|ienses. 

We iiave seen from l)()Ciiment IV. that originally ail expenses incurred iuiv; 
to lie in it d''ducteil. 15iit the real difticulty lay in the mode of extracting thuy 
three kiiuls of parts from the net proceeds. 

Columbus claimed that th<- third, the tenth, and the eighth should be e.ic;; 
taken from the wliole. witiuuit being matle to aiij diminution in conseciueiiii: 
of tile other two p.irts. I lis re.isoning, which lately been brought to ligh; 
is very clear, and as follows ; 

"A gentleman fts out a shi]), and tells one of his men : ' I appoint )\,. 
ca|)tain, and fur your trouble you shall receive one thiril of the gains after 
dethicting the cost.' I'o aiiotiier, he says : ' You will be the mate, and get o;;-: 
tenth.' To a third, he s.iys : ' You will be the [uirser, with oiu; eighth.' 

" The shij) returns to jiort, bringing (irofits amounting to 1000 crowns, Th'; 
captain then asks for a third of these lotxi crowns, and the gentleman gi^^•^ 
tliem to him. The m.ite cl.iims one tenth of these iixx) crowns, and lu: receive ■ 
it. I'inally, the purser demands one eighth of the 1000 crowns, and he gf,o 
that amount."'* 

.Xcconling to that mode of calculating, Columbus would h.ive been entitle,; 
he and his heirs for ever, to a larger share of lli<- profits even than the Spaiiiv; 

' /n/t.i, Donimcnl XI. 1 1 1. 
' ChtiiUf'hi Ci'lcmb Jc.anl I' lliit,'itr , Paris, 
iSrij, Svci, |>a>;i's 74 and i iS. 

Navarrktf;, vol. ii , Doc. C.\I\', p.i>;cs 

' l.*st'\^A-., Iili i ,( :i|i, ■ x\v.,Mil. ii.,)..ipe iiyi 


' Infra, Doriimont I., pa^o io, lines 38-3; 

' ylut,'xrii/rj ,lf ('tiif,'/iti/ Ci'i'i'n y J'aftln , 
Ai>i/ii,a , ios (•iit'liiii 111 /fuijiifui (it /ffrttiit] 
A,'l;i, CctiJfSii Jf Sim/ill. M.ulriil, iSiji, lu.: 
\>.\^K K), where the dixuiiicnl is pulilishal 
f.K simili' nnd in type. 

The tota 
agents, on his 
and at liurgo 
all the gold ac 
1495), was I 

Now, whr 
Taking tli 
[Columbus thei 
\£^oS iS.f. 6il 
lor twelve, to r 
[to the share 
] 13,628 francs i 

[for fixing the 1 
[three expeditio 
laccoiintants, it 

In the firs 
Jthird which he 

The tentl 
lexpcnses ; then 

Las Casas 
the administra 
ICrown conjoin 

' Our first iniprf 
foM were niaile in 
|of C'ak\ AiALasom 
ibuuls, * hich wc h 
now 111 (iclicvc th 
CoiiMHis returne 
ce Fiisti ColiimHn 

A.'j -.*'; ,/<•/ , 
iut!\criifi I. pa^es . 

We take as 
fira«maii(S of the 
M"i- Ili.i^s, /tfun 
■j^^riihi, .Maduj, I 


97. Columbus hwl 
me to be cntitlcc! 
uence, Ferdinand 

ic sentence, "nnr 

did for the first 

h of the cost, tlu' 

mercluints settled 

ate of June 2.' TIk 
)cc" — 12. It is ills,, 
lio de 1497 aflos," 

es, May 30, 149;, 
lould be his parts 
to be sent. 
;ver were entirely 
Columbus. Tile 

three parts of the 
d to consist of orn; 
Indies ; that bcin,; 
jjaced on an f(|Uji 
rd for his servins, 
eij^htli, |)r(dicau:i! 
(•nibarkcd for thr 
altojjetlicr optional 
»c,— inured to hiir 

n'nsrs incurred l).i; 
of extracting' tiuiy 

luh siunild be each 
ion in conscqucnu; 
n brought to liylr. 

n : ' I appoint yo. 
(if the gains after 
: mate, and get 0; •: 
otie eighth.' 
1000 crowns. Th* 
V gtntleman gives 
■ns, and iic receive . 
Towns, and he ge'^ 

h.ivi' bt'<!n entitle.; 
n than the Spanish 

, pa^c io, lines iS-j: 
./<// C'l'i'ti Y Vaptln i 
J>Uijuf ill lit J'fni'iiiyu 
'.I . M.ulrKl, i8r)3, fob" 
cunicnt is published r 

Let us see how it worked in respect of '.'ic proceeds of the second 
voyage,— as we suppose ; ' so far as this can be dr le from data in an autograph 
account of Christopher Columbus recently discovered.' 

We will first take as a basis the following weights :^ 

I marc 
1 once 
I ochava 
I tominc 


230,04646 grammes. 
28,75581 - 

3.59447 — 
0,59908 — 

I grano 


0,04992 — 

The total amount of gold, in ingots, or in parcels, sold by Columbus's 
agents, on his own personal account, at Seville, from July to December, 1496, 
and at' Uurgos from January to March, 1497. which we assume to represent 
all the gold accumulated by him-self and for himself, in two years (1494 and 
1495). ^^^* '^ marks, 80 ounces, 57 ochavas, 36 tomines, and 20 grains. 
Consequently : 

12 marcs = 2760,5575200 grammes. 

80 onccs = 2300,4648000 — 

57 ochavas = 204,8851320 — 

36 tomines = 21,5668548 — 

20 grains = 0,9984656 — 

Total 5288,4727724 grammes. 

Now, what does this weight represent in francs ? 

Taking the figure 948 for gold refined, the gramme is worth 3,2587 francs. 
.'' Columbus therefore received fc)r his share 17,228 francs, or about $3,450 = 
^ /708 i8,f. 6(1 in two ye.irs. This sum, however, should be multiplied by ten 
>\ or twelve, to represent its real value at the close of the fifteenth century. As 
*"to the share of Spain, for the same period it would have amounted only to 
,\. 13,628 francs in gold, or .about $2,720* = ^558 iSs. 4<j'. of our time. 
* Unfortunately, the Spanish government adopteil a very different method 

•f for fixing the respective shares of the parties in interest; and as, in the Last 
^ tlirce e.xpeilitions of Columbus, he was accompanied by Crown treasurers and 
J accountants, it had to be enforced. 

In the first place, no notice was ever taken by those functionaries of the 
third which he claimed by vir^"- of his Admiral;.hi[) of the Indies.' 

The tenth, naturally, taken from the whole, after deducting the 
> ^expenses ; then the eighth, out of what was left. 

% C.isas understands* the present document as referring exclusively to 

"ahc administration of the Inilies, which thenceforth to be carried on by the 

j^Crown conjointly with Columbus, through attorneys or agents appointed by 

' Our first impreviion w.-is that those sales of 
g(iM were niailc in i4i;<)-i5oo. lint the mention 
lot t'ARVAiALasone ol the agents, and his where- 
|»houts, which wc hive lincc .iscertained, lead iis 
Irow 10 helicve that the ^;old sold when 
|Con MBLS relumed from his seioiid voyage, 
ec /■iisli O'liimHni, under the al)n\e dales. 

Kt'i-i'it Jtl t'ro !enJiM> tn Cilifi/i'ti, in the 
4;,AV'f'. I. paj^es n-2i. 

We take as .1 liasis for these figures the 

ti[;m.iti(s of the time, published liy the Lite 
.11* Huss, /IfSiH/Kwn f;enerj! dt Ijs Mi'm.iiu 
isfiiiwC/iiiittJii.'i lifrU la inviision tie h'i 
',ib/s, .\Iadiid, 1865, 4I0, vol. i., pages Jjj, 

' The total was about ? 1(1,400 in j;old, of the 
time, for two years. In our opinion it is the 
average yielded after the first voyage of Col. i .vi- 
nes, and until the arrival of Nicolas de Ovando, 
when the mines of Hispaniohi were worked more 
extensively, not only with native Indi.ans, but with 
others, kidnapped fioin all the .idjmning islands. 
.\s the reailer is doubtless .iware, ;.;old, however, 
enimiienced to be obtaineil in relatively great 
i|uantities only with the discovery of the province 
of Darien. 

' On this point, see I. as Casas, Ilistoria dt 
las InJiji, vol. ii., page 19J. 

" I»AS Casas, itU., page 193. 

K 2 

t ^X. 

I I 


both, It 1*3 so, but the wording of the decree explicitly states that the measure 
was devised " tiiat he might receive that part which belongs to him." 

•#• This document is also in Navarrctc, vol. il., No. CXII., pages 199-200. 

DoruMENT VI. Pages 73-78. 

This consists of instructions given to Columbus for his third voyage. 
Here, as well as in the original in the archives of the Duke of Veragua, they 
are undated, but correspond to April 23, 1497.' 

A provision to be noted is the one instructing Columbus to coin the goH 
founil in the Indies into pieces like the "excelentes de la Granada."' To tha; 
effect he is to take with him coiners and machiiury. It is to be regretted 
these orders were never obeyed. It is true that under the circumstances hi: 
miglit have taken with him dies engraved in .Spain, and consequently there 
would be dilTerence between 'e.xcelentes' coineil in I lispaniola and 'excelentes 
coinevl in tlie inotlier country. Hut tiure are no tr.iccs of such transatlantic 
money in the documents of the time. Then again, if Columbus had been ablets 
transform his goiil into currency, he would not have sent it in ingots or parcoli 
to Medina del Campo, SLville, .md V.dladolid to be sold to jewellers, as wi; 
know he diil froni his own memoranda. 

We see it stated ' that iu 15:2, b'ernand Cortcz caused gold and silver 
money to be coineil in .Mexico ; but no svich pieces have ever been seen ai", 
wherj. The earliest eviclciice of American coinage is derived from tb: 
ortliiiance of March 11, is.)5.* wIiIlIi ini|)lies that before the latter datr silver 
reals were issiud by a mint established in Mexico; but these pieces even ar-: 
not known to exist in any collection. 

•«• This document is to be foiiiiJ also in Navarrctc, vol. ii., Doc. CIV., pages i82-i?;, 

Document VII. P.iges 78-82. 

An order dincted by I'cnliiianel and Isabella to the Chief Justice 
and judicial officers of the kingilom, Ai<ril 2;^, i.)97, to compel the S[)aniv:. 
merchants to sell at the usu.d price whatever merchandise, victuals, toi.', 
ship-,, tSrc, may be n"cessar)' fur t!ie expedition to the Indies: the s.ii: 
merchants ha\ iii,; refused to sell ihi: same on ordinary terms, hoping thercl'. 
to enhance prices. 

•»• Navarrctc, vol. ii.. Doc. CTI., pajjc iSo. 

DociMKNT VIII. Pages r.2-So. 

This consists of otluT Instructions given to Colunilnis, June 15, 14 ;- 
chiefly as regarils tht; colonists already in Ilis|)aniola, .md tliose who wen', 
accompany him in the tliirtl expedition. It ni.iy be observed that these instri.^ 
tions proviiie only for the 3;,o per.sons which by Doc. X\'III., 23 Ajiril, \^tr 
Columbus was authorized to < I'livey to the Indies, and make no mention of ti,<. 
increase of number permitted by Doc. XXI. 

•»• Navarrctc, vol. ii., Doc. CXV., pages 203-206. 

' Si'c ill NAVARkf :ri:, vol. i., ya^c 378. 

■ .\s soon as (.ir.ivcls arrived 111 .Seville, wilh 
tlio prcciovis on hoard, it was imiiiedulil) 
Milt 10 tlic mint: " Kl oro que triijcroii 
r,ir.iln:l.i.s delice. fai er labrar eiide i ;i la ravi dc 
la iiiiineda, para i|ue dcllo hc pa(;uc lo que so 
dclic a los quo vinicroii .inor.T ile las Iiulias y ,i 
lus que alia quedaroii." I.etlcT addrebbeJ liy 


their ('atliolie Majesties to IX FuN^i. 
Diecniljer j, 14'>A NAVAKkltlt, vul. 111., I>. 
X.XI.X , p.i^e 5uj. 

' .Manuel Okn/co v Hi.rra, DuJ.' 
Ciir<rsal lit llnloria y Ge-'i^rajii, Mim 

A'.../;.i;./.'n d( Inn dc Im lnJi,u, I.iy :' 
titulo ij, liljio 4". 



;es 199-300. 

CIV, pages 182.1?:, 

I J( Ins /nJitii, Ixy 

DocLMKN'T IX. I'a).jt;9 89-98. 

This consists of two [i.irts. Tin; first is .1 recital of the jjcneral authoriza- 
tion L'iv*^'> '" ^^'^ subjects of Ouctii Isabella " to and discover other 
islands and mainland in tlu' Inilies," dated Aiiril 10, 1495. The second 
part is a revocation of the .same, dated Jum; 3, 1497, issued at the request of 
CoIin"l'"S' as the first was a violation of his privile^je.s. 

Th(! Articles or Capitulations of April 17, 1492, did not concede to 
Christopher Cohmibus the monuiioly of expeditions to the country which he 
hoped to discover. This j)rivilej,'i: was shared with the Crown. All that 
Coiimibus could claim absolutely was one tenth of th(; tax or royalty impeded 
on vessels intenilin^j to tratle in the m w rej,'i()ns. Hence on the lothof April, 
I40S, l''erdinand and Isabella did nui hesitate to publish a ^I'ueral decree 
autliori/inj,' anyone' to e([uii) ex|)edilinns for the distinct purpose of discovering; 
isles anil contiiunts in the Inilies and Ocean : " descobrir otras islas li tierra- 
lirnie il la parte de las Indias en el mar Oceano," subject, of course, to certain 
prior riL;hts, taxes, and re},nilati<)MS. A numbt;r of sea captains availed them- 
silvis at oMce of the authoii/.ition ; " 1 )iversi naviiuu ductoresad iliversa alterius 
henii'ph.erii littor.i nussi sunt,"' wrote Peter Martyr, on the 1 ith of June, 1495. 

Who those commanders were, where they went, what countries they 
actually discovered or visited, are questions which no one can to-day answer 
with certainty. We only know, bein>,' forbidden to explore the rej^ions 
alrc.iily discovered — " deuias k\v islas e tierra-lirme que por nuestro mandado 
so han descubierto en la iliclia parte del mar Oi^-eano"- they nuist have landed 
in p.irts theretofore unknown. The d.iti; at which, according to I'eter M.irtyr, 
thuM: expeditions set out, prevents their bein;; inist.iki.'U for the enterprises of 
liojed.i, l'in;i)n. Lepe, iS:c., whieli were four jcirs later. 

Culiunliiis, ulio .ilw.iys wati lied over his ri^'hts and privilefjrs with a 
iialous eye, eoiiiplaiiu il of that ilieree. 'X'wn years afterwards, June 2, 1497, 
I'lrdinand and" lla, without yieldin;^ entirely to his requests, i>ublisheil ,-\ 
new ordinance cuicelliu); all authori/.uions theretofore i;ranted which could bi; 
shown to be' contr.iry to the |irivilej;(S possessed by Christopher Columbus.^ 
'IJMt ordin.uice is the jjrcsent u.Hument. 

He did not, however, loui; m.iinl.iin siirh an exclusive policy, and we find 
him advot.ilin^; the principle peruui^sion sliould be granted to all who wished 
to .icconiplish iliscoveries : 

" en Id ilc descobrir lic tiorr.e^ p.nrcsijcnic sc dcva li(;cncia a toclos 
I, IS (uii- (iiiMrrt-n yr, y :il,irt;.ir l.i ni.uio i-n ht ilcl <niJiito, minl( r.mikil'> en .lifjiuia Inicna 
m.inir.i,.! Iiti ile niu' imalios si.' ilisp, 'ii;.;,iii .1 yr -L'onrcriiin„' the discuvory of new l.iiuls. 
It Mcms to nu' permission oii^ht to lie ^;ueii to .ill who to t,'o, ,iiui that we 
sluHiII open the li.iiul .is rej,Mrds tlic lifth, inotleratin;.; it so as to iiiiluce many to avail 
themselves uf the permission." ' 

NuvRRi n. Dim. I.XXXVl., \ol u., p.ijjc 
.\s the ilc( rce is in the name ol I- KkhiNASi) 
.iiul I^Ai.M !.», one initjht suppose tlut the tetriis, 
",ilf; |.cr<on,-is, vei miis i inor.ulores en :i!- 
,'111.11 C'lUiUiles, e I.U(4;iris I'litrtos lie 
i;iK'stros Rciiios e Sei'i'Tuis," .Tpply to ;ill 
.s;Miii.irils , hut in re.ility only I^AiiMi a's own 
Mil, ill 1^ could ai.iil ihemscUes of the privilege. 
/Vj.-' :.'l I'/ X rth, \t.ii<- \ \o, note 15'-J l\\um<nl.i iiuJili'i J< /iiJi.ti, \ 'I. \x\ , 

I-iHe .1'7- 
• .NNoinrm, Of'iis /•/;)/.'/., Kpist. i l.i (June 

II, M'(5). l'-'-^' 'JO' 

' ■• l>clcndcinos firniemente 'pie .-iljjun.i ni 
.i!.;un,i> pers<) n.) seiiii ( tie ir 1 onli.i 
(Ills [the former iiierceilf' ; .... e si el tenor 
i (uniu dtlUs, ... en iil^o le peijiidie.i U dah.i 

]irovi^ion que isi iiiandiuiios dar, ^ue de suso v.i 
em cirpond.i, por l.l prescnie l.i revoeamos." 
NAVAKKf IK, Vol. ii , p.ii;es loi-ioj. A rert.iin 
]ihr, ol ('oiiMiiis seems to .ipply to new in- 
Iriiijjenunt^ of ordni.ini e : " la^o jiiramento 
ijlie I de enlires \\.\n )i!o .1 las epic 
no iiirreM,i.m el ai,ii.i , ■:! I iins y ion el 
inundo, y a(;ora huelven alia. ' /nji.i, pa^e J54. 
Tlial scnteme is not to he found in the Genoa 

' t'.i'/.ii- jV /'(.//iu, I>"C. I., pn(;es- .Viticricus't 1 1 us was far from hem.; so lilH.'ral, Imt 
expressed years later. Having; 
heen ,1 ked liyt'ardin.d XiMiNK/, on the i)tli of 
Uecemher, ivcS, uhoilicr ii not ih'sitali'e 
that " uiio tcti.;.i lyhcrtad de yr i llevar lo 
ipie ipusyere, ' whiih was the policy of Portugal 

liii 1; j 

I \i 

4 ( 



Consistently with his alttrcil views in this rospict, Columbus aiithori/cil 
many commaniiurs, " muciios c.ipitani's," to explore thir newly iliscovcrcil 
landii. Thia wc Icarn from Andres Hernalile/,' who was an eyewitness : 

" Y cxtanilo il en l.i cortc «(.• nitjocii'i i coiicrrtrt, i5 nc ilu') licfncla \ otros tnuchdH 

capitancs (luc I.i pniciiranm ir ,i ilciciitjrir, i fucri)n u ilcsciibrlcron ilivcrsan, 

■Aiiil bciii^,' .it ihcCiiiirt, aiilliDri/atiiin w.i.t naji)ti.ittd,at,'recil,ancl ^'ranted to nianyolluT 

captains, wlm nbt.uncil it for the purpose of gointj to discover ; and they went, and 

discovcreit various i>ilands,"' 

•»• The first of those twodiKnmcnts has been published by Navarrctc, vol. !!., Diir, 
LXXXVI., pages 165-168 ; the second, hi the name vol., L)oc. CXIII., pajjcs 3O1-20J. 

DdcumI'.nt X. Pa^'es 98-101. 
An order, April J,v 1407, addressed to the customs-officers, receiver of 
rents, iS:c.. of .Sevdie and Cadiz, thai all ),'nods shipped for or brou^jht from tiu; 
Indies slmulil he i-.xempt from customs-duty, market toll, or any other duties. 

• • 

This document has been publishcil by Navarrete, vol. 11., Doc. CVII., pajje i8j. 

DocUMi.M XI. l'a),'es loi-ioO. 
Further and more explicit orders. M.iy 6, 1 t^;, aihlrrssed to the governors, 
m.n^'islrates, customs-ofticirs, tilhe-colli'Ctors, &c., of Seville and Cadi/, for the 
free lading; and imlailin^j of ;;oods tlestined for or hroii^^ht from the Indies, on 
production of a nrlilicale sij;ne(.l by Cohnuhus or his a^;ents, so as to prevent 
Iraud ami dcce|>tion. 

*,* Nav.irnte. vol. ii., Dcic, C'X.,;rs !(/)-i().s ; but without the m.indamus addrci^'inl 
to all tliL' judici.d oliirirs in Seville .mil C'.idi/. (ixint; January 1, M^.'^, as tlie day wlini 
those riK'"'ations wouUI cointncnce to be enforced. We have found that important order 
only in the I'ari.s and lienu.i codices. 

DmLMisi XII. I'ajjes looii^. 

Licence, June 22, 1497, to subji'Cts of (Juei'n Isabella who have been 
^Miilty of c'Ttain crimes, to .settle in I lispaiiiol.i, at their own cost, with a pro- 
spective p.irdmi. 

W'e Imd tliis |>r.iclice from the \cry bei^innin;^'. There is an ordin.incc to 
that effect, dateil as early as .April },o.\' No wonder therefore that 
Colundius's iiitciitiim to return to .'^p.iiii h.istened by ihi: ilesin- to esc.ipe 
from the vill.iiiis wiio .icconipanii'd him in his first voya^;e : "I'or (piittarse lic 
la mala compaiMa ipie te'uia, y (pie siempre habia diclio (pie i:ra ^enti' 
desmandada. " * 

•»• Navarrete, v^l. ii., IJoc. CXX., pai;es 213-215. 

D'lCl'MI.M XIII. r.i^'es I 13- 1 17. 
An ord( r to the judicial officers in the kin^^dom, Juni- 22, 1497, directing,- 
that jiersons who are or may be under sentence of banishineiit .md to work in 
tile mines, shduKI be s.-nt to I lis|i,inioI.i, .iiui that those under simple sentence 
of banishment should also be .sent thither but with reduction of the term of tlic 

*,• This document been published by Navarrctc, vol. ii., Doc. CXVI., paijes 

roncerniny her .\friran rolonics — "srj.'im i|uc lo 
li.i/c cl rcy de I'orliigal en lo de l.i iiiin.i del 
()ro"'eLCIUs rai-.ed ( nnsiderahle uhjcr- 
tions against siirli .-vn enli);lnencd course o( 
action. /h'Jfm, Do. HI, i.,i«c 11. 

' hiv.s\\.u\./, J/isl.n,i Je los Keyes CM'/uvi, 
vol. ii., cap. xxxi., paye 79. 


' Dii.oxtry of X^^rlh Amtriat, p.ij;cs 115-ij'' 

' NWANkKTI, vol il , I)(M-. |.\, p.lj;o 15 
.See also IUbliolh(,ii Amtiiiana I'ltuiliisimti. 
.IJJilii'ns, No. 10, p.ij;e 14. 

' l.i>^licHik, January 7, mi*,), in Navaukkti:. 
C. Ai'./.'/r i/f /I'j !».',cfj '/ue /liiuron tot Eifaki/lii, 
vol. i., jiaye uy. 

. i 

DocuMi.NT XIV. Pa^cs 1 1 7- 1 1 8. 
Warrant to the Condi: ilc Cifucntcs, Chi<f Stantlaril Hearer ami Assistant 
,if Scvilli', June 31, 14')", to rcctiivc siich i)risoi\crs sent to him by tlic various 
justices, and retain in safi: custody till In; should deliver thcin to the 
Admiral or his agents on board the vessels when ready to sail. 

»,* Alau |)ubliiilicd by Navarrctc, vol, ii., Uoc, CXVII,, page 209. 

DocuMKNT XV, I'a^jes 1 1 8- 1 J I . 

An order directed, June 2:. 1497, to an officer of the Crown, whose 
name is imiitteil, Ui compel und( 1 .vriters and bhip-cliandlers to furniih ships 
aiul provisions at the usual prices. 

•,• N.ivarrctc, vol. il., Doc. CXVIII., page 3io. 

DiK iMiNT XVI. Pages lai-us. 
Orders directed, June 22. 1497, to the i)ort officers in Seville and Cadi/, to 
|)trniit Columbus to shi|) frei; of charge a cert.iin (piaiuity of wheat and barley, 
from the thirds belonging to their Majesties and held of their right in the 

♦,• Navarrctc, vol. il., Doc. CXIX., p-igc 211. 

DdriMiNT XVII. Page isj. 
This is a mere du|ilicate of the unler directed to I'erilir.and dc Soria, April 
jj, 1497, to give to Columbus an aiithiiiticated cojjy of l' ■: ilocuments per- 
taining to the privileges of the Ailmiral of C.istile, whic.i we have already 

•,• Sec above, Doc. I., pa^c xtviii. 

DocUMKM XVIII. Pages 12J-135. 

An authori/ation given to Columbus, April 23, 1.(07, '" '•''<'• '"'" I'-'^y 
Mr the Indies, suUliers, l.ibourers, garileners, iS:c., to the number of three 
luindred and thirty persons, including thirty women. 

•,* Navarrctc, vol. ii., Uoc ClII., page 181. 

I)(hi;mi:nt XIX. Pages 125-126. 
An order to the Crown 'rrea.nrer to pay out of the receipts .ill s.ilaric s 
ami sums due to employees of the Spanish government in the New World. 
April 2i, 1497. 

*,• Navarrctc, vol. ii.. Doc. CVII., pa(;c I.S9. 

DiHiMKNT X.K. P.ige 126. 
The Chief Accountant is authori/ed to reimburse Columbus for moiuys 
lent to certain parties in the Indies. May 9th, 1497. 

*,•, vol. ii., Uoc. C.\l., p.i^;c' \>/). 

1) TiMi Nr XXI. Pages I 26-129. 

Columbus is authorized, A[)ril 2:. 1.(97, to iiu- 'c 
huiulred, of persons to accomjiany him to the Wes* 
r.'He that this is ilateil .1 day e.irlier than the unU 
amplify. See DocumiiU X\'11I. 

*,* Navarrctc, vol. ii., Uoc. CVl., \h\i^c IS.S. 


r the nundier, to five 

■ ;!. It is curious to 

which it appears to 

'I ' 








i /* 

! i 

DocuMKNT XXII. Pajjcs 129-133. 
Columbus, Jul> 22, 1497, is authorized to apportion land amongst settlers, 
•,• Navarrcte, vol. ii., Doc. CXXI., pnKc 215. 

Document XXIII. Pages 1 33-13 7- 
nartholomcw Columbus is appointed " adelantado " ' of the West Indies, 
July 22, 1497. 

•»• Navarrcte, vol. ii., Doc CXXII., page 217. 

UiicLMiNT XXIV. Page 137. 
Columhiis, Dt'ccmbcr 23, 1497. is authorized to pay whatever may be dui 
to certain persons in the West Indie.s. 

•,• N.ivarrttc, vol. ii., Doc. CXXIH.. \xv^c 219. 

DocuMKNT XX\'. Pa.i,as 137-13S. 

I''erdinand and Isabella write, December 23, 1497, to Pon.scca nnil 
Columbus jointly, in re|jly to a letter sent by them, concerning the purchase ci 
provision.s for tlu' tiiird voj.ige. 

We notice that l'"onseca and Columbus are designated as both belongin ■ 
to the Ro)al Countil : "aubos del nucstro consejij." 

*,* N.ivarrctc, vcjI, ii,. Doc, CXXIV., paf;c 219, 

D"(i:Mr.NT XX\'I. Pages 138-1,)!. 

Mandamus addresseil to all men in the West Indies to obey Columbus .i^ 
\'icer<iy and Ciovernor of the s.unc. August 16, 149-1. 

•,* Xavarctc, vol. ii., Doc. l..\XX.. iut;c 156, 

D.MlMiM XW'II, P,lges 141-145. 

Manil.imus to all olticers and men on iio.ud the ships of the second eN|,. 
dition, to (jbey Columbus, May :S. i.pjj, and appointing him Ciptain deiKr,,! 
of tile fleet. 

*,* -Navarrcte, vol. ii.. Doc. XI. II., pa:.;c 62, 

DddMiM XWIII. P.iges 1.(5 

Cohind)Us having been authori/((l to gr.inl cliarters and decrees; • 
and seal them with (a liuplicale) ol the ro).il se.d ,uui t(' .ijipoint ,a |iro.\\ 1 
,ict in his absence, that pro.xy is now autliuri/ed to e.vereise tliese power.swi., 
Cohimlius is engaged in iirosecuting maritiir.o discoveries. 

',* Navarrcte, vol ii., Doc. .\I,I\'., •('iiLie 65, 

IX>,i.\n.M XXI.\. P.ig<s 14'' i.)9. 
The King and Queen forego their right to choose functionaries ficini ., 
ci rtain list jireparei! by (."olumbus, and leave the sole right with him. M.iy j- 

•,' Navarrcte, vol. ii., Doc. XI.III., p ^4. 

' We feel constLiimd ti. usf llic .Sp.inishtLTiii, lie rilgiin Keyno, prDvinri.!, li dislrirto : y 11. , 

iIktc licinn IT cdrrcs]i(ir.diiif; wonl in I', (•ucrra cl ('a]iilaii ^;cncral : — 'I'hc .AdcLliilado, ■; 

The olllic of " .Vdclantailo" is dcMnln-d liy liiiu- of pi.K c i!> rriMdcnl and t'liicf Jiistm- i ■ 

Sai..\/.\k UK .\|| siif«A ((■'»;<■, •/,/(■ /,i! /hi;'iiJ,iaVi . .my Kingdom, prcnince or dii'rict, and. n> tiii, 

I'olcdo, o'ji.S, folk) 61) as lolloHs : " l.l ,\dcl.iii- of «ar, ('a|itajn-t;cncral." It 1 orrcsponds 10 li.- 

tad) en !a j-.n.', ts I'rcsidcntc, y JustKia ni.iyor lir^inj Sinejial J< Ftaiia in the .Middle Ages 

Letters pater 
of entail called "! 

It is very mii 
also the deecl ere; 
document in nota 
complete the serie 

•,• N-ivarrcte, 
vol, ii., pages 148-16 

This is the Ii 
M.irch 30, 1493, o 
Court at once to 
t(xts of that lett 
iioventa y tres ahc 
the <late of March 
Majesties were no 
expedition. The 
dc' Rossi, by the 
letters to Piero N 
news of the disco 
circulati; in Nortlu 
been informed of I 
stances of Col u ml 
above-mentioned I 

•,* This letter 
the archives of the L 
lib. !., cap. l.\.\vii., vo 

Letter from 
sending him a cop; 
seiul, as .soon as li 
received that lette 

.Already, on t 
Columbus to maki 
jiroinpted by tht 
the nueen failed t 
,ind the degrees of 
omission eviih 
reiiuest says : " Y 
.\iid if it appears 

*,* Navarrcte 
page 2. 


Ferdinand an 
which Columbus I 
ul February prece- 

' The arc oiint was 
ti ll:it( clona, from (':is( 
.11 Iho r.igu.s, .Marili .\\ 


Document XXX. Pages 149-161. 

Letters patent of April 23, 1497, authorizing Columbus to create the sort 
of entail called " Mayorazgo." 

It is very much to be regretted that Columbus should not have inserted 
also the deed creating the entail, February 22, 1498. We possess the latter 
document in notarial copies absolutely authentic, but in this place it would 
complete the series. 

»,• Navarrctc, vol. ii., Doc. CXXVI., pages 221-226. Sec our Christophe Coloinb, 
vol. ii., pages 148-103, 2O5-270, 287-292, 325.327. 

DocuMKNT XXXI. Pages 161-162. 
This is the letter which Ferdinand and Isabella addressed to Columbus, 
March 30, 1493, on his return from the first voyage, bidding him come to the 
Court at once to relate his di.scovery of the New World. We possess three 
texts of tliat letter, all dated " De Barcelona a treinta dias cte Marzo de 
iiovcnta y trcs anos." There can be no doubt therefore as to the exactness of 
the (late of March 30th, 1493. It does not follow, however, that their Catholic 
Majesties were not already in jjossession of all the details of that memorable 
expedition. The Fasti Columbini show, by the Journal of Tribaldo d' Amerigo 
(le'Kossi, by tlie Chroi'icle of I'ietro Parenti, by one of Simon Verde's 
letters to Piero Niccoli, and by other contemporaneous aiitliorities, that the 
news of the discovery, borrowed from Columbus's own letter, commenced to 
Lirciilatt! in Northern Italy at a time wher, their Catliolic Majesties had not yet 
been informed of his arrival at Palos ; and that they i<new the leading circum- 
Cohimbus a, B stances of Columbus's voyage twenty-one days before he was invited by the 
above-mentioned letter to come to Darcelona.' 

•,* This letter is also in Navarretc, vol. ii.. Doc. XV., pape 21, from the original in 
the archives of the Uiike of \'erat;ua ; and in Las Casas, llnWria General de las liidias, 
hb. i., cap. l.x.wii., vol. i., pages 475-47G. 

Document XXXII. rages 162-165. 

Letter from the Queen individually to Columbus, September 5, 1493, 
sending him a copy of a be.-k which he had left with her, and re(|uesting him to 
M:iui, .xs soon as fmished, the sailing chart which he was to [)repare. Columbus 
received letter, September >S, 1493, in the Puerto de Santa Maria. 

Already, on the 4lh of August preceding, CJueen Isabella had reminded 
Columbus to make and give her that map. Tlie request seems to have been 
l.roini>ted by the fact that the relation of the first voyage which he remitted to 
the (Jueen failed to state the geogra[)hicaI position of the newly-found regions, 
,iiul tlie degrees of longitinle which he traversed to reach those countiies. This 
umission was evidently intentional on the [>art of Columbus, as Is.ibella in her 
reijucst says : " V si vos p.ircciere (pie no la dt'bemos iiKJStrar, nos lo escribid : — 
.\ik1 if it appears to you that we ought not tc show it, write so to us."^ 

•»• Navarrctc, vol. ii.. Doc. LXX., page 107. Las Casas, lib, i., cap. l.\.\.\iii., vol. ii., 
page 2. 

Doci-ME.NT XXXIII. Pages 165-166. 
Ferdinand and Isabella, April 13, 1494, acknowledge receipt of the letter 
which Columbus had sent them by Antonio de Torres, apparently on the 2nd 
of February preceding. That letter is lost. 

' The .irrount was bcnt Jircet by Coi.UMiiL's ' Cdrli\^iaf-liia Amert,an,i I'tlustininia, No. 

til li:urelona, friim (':isrses, nt from the K.astcllo, 16, in the Piuoitry oj iW'rt/i Amirica, page 
,11 llic r.iyus, M.i[ih 41I1, n<)l. 402. 


I ! ».• 

i;i • 




/ ■ 



', I 

•,• Navarrete, vol. ii., Doc. LXXIII., page 1 1 5. Las Casas, lib. i., cap. ciii., vol. ii., 
page 91, where this letter of Ferdinand and Isabella is dated, "d diez y ocho:— the 
eighteenth," instead of " a trcse :— the thirteenth." 

Document XXXIV. Pages 166-170. 

Reply of their C.itholic Majesties, August 16, 1494, to the letters which 
Columbus sent to them by Antonio de Torres. 

This letter implies the fact of a voyage of Torres heretofore unnoticed, and 
which must have taken place, to and fro, bet\c.i April and August, 149^, 
The present letter was conveyed by Torres in the course of a subsequent 
transatlantic expedition, from which he returned to Spain in April, 1495.' 

It is by this letter that Columbus was first informed of the featy oi 
Tordcsillas, and of tlic new line of demarcation established thereby. The renkr 
will notice that their Majesties e.xpress the wish that Columbus will go hini.'icli 
and join the Portuguese mariners appointed to fix the point where theboundarj 
line is to pass. For Columbus's opinion concerning that infringement of his 
rights, see below. Document XXXVI. 

*,• Navarrete, vol. ii.. Doc. LXXIX., page 154. Las Casis, Ilisloria Gateral dc 
las /iii/ias, lib. i., cap. ciii., vol. ii., pages 92-94. 

DocuMiNT XXXV. Pages i;o-i77. 

Authorization and powers addressed to Columbus and Fonseca, May 24, 
1493, to enable them to fit out the second expedition. 

To this act, wliich comjilctcs the first series of authenticated documents, 
is added the certificate delivered by the Alcaldes and authenticated by thi< 
Sevillan notaries, January 5, 150;. (This certificate, beginning on p. 10, is 
continued on p. 177, and ends on p. iSi.) 

•«• Navarrete, vol. ii.. Doc. X.XXIII., pages 4S-51. 

niKiMiNT XXX\'I. Pages 1S2-197. 

This is the .second Papal Hull (of May 4, 1493), preceded here by .tp 
authenticating preamble from the Bishop of Barcelona, and ending with ,1 
certificate of legalization, api)ar(inl>' by the same, which bears the date of Ji;!\ 
19, 1493, with a further .uitlieniication delivered at Seville. Tliurstlay, December 
30, 1501, but erroneously dated 150.3. 

The inii)ortance of this Bull to Columbus is that it establishes a line df 
demarcation from tlie .North to the .South Pole, <v/(- //wwiAvv?' /<v;,,'«o- west .int; 
south of the Azores and Cajie \'<rd islands, thus fixing the transatlantic domain 
of Spain. togeth(.r with Coliiiidius's rights (by imi)lication), west of that lim. 
Portugal being tlis.s.uistitel with only loij leagues, entered into negotiations to liavr 
theapijortionment increased : the outcome of which was the Treaty of Tordesill.i^. 
ol June 7, 1494, in which the new dividing line w,is drawn 370 leagues west <■! 
the Cape \'erd islands. These facts are well known. But historians have failed 
to notice that neither Christopher Columbus nor his heirs ever assented to suci-, 
a great concession on the i)art of l-'erdin.ind and Isabell.i. 

In fact, those 370 leagues corresponded to 28' 13' longitude, of which about 
H/', according to the anonymous Weimar chart, encroached on the Soul!'. 
/\ Continent, thus depriving Cohindnis of the third, tenth, and cighlli 
of the profits which were afterwartls obtained by Portugal from Brazil. 

It is for this reason that when Columbus has occasion to speak of his rights, 
he always ignores not only the Tordesillas Treaty, but at times even the 
Bull of May 4th, and goes so far as to fix a Demarcation Line of his own 

' CAmiw/oj^- oj I'oya^ti, in ihc Diuinery of A'orth Amtrua, No. viii , page 670. 


invention. For ir 
lijrht by the Du( 
Columbus, and co 
notih in «'W. he ma 
"Tor vuestro p 
laijion parece que 1 
almirante del ma 
fizieron marcar por 
dc las yslas del c 
(le los adores de p( 

The reader w 
west of that line, }j 

Hut in the en! 
1„. i-.i/.icitly accep 
Line mentioned in 

" V ])lugo a Sus 
,11 ;\lmirante en e 
,1c una raya imag 
scn.ilar sobre las 
V aciuellas de los 
que pasa de Polo ii 

And as in the 
,uul confirmed aln 
Line of Demarca 
never assented to 
to Portugal, June 

•/ This Hull 
.iiitlicnticitic'iis abo^ 
N.iv.irrete.vol.ii . I)( 
,1 the Archives of t 
'j:M.iihi of Siilorzan 

We do not ki 
■ orij;iii.'.l " is the Hii 
I.mnlon. at auetiiin 
X.4 Sj., or « 

.Tilering that ce 
which are specifit 

Infi'rmaiion Jt 
i'liirant/; rc]ir<»lii( 1 

..Y litniitk y lie Ai'l'it, 
• Mimifiiil dti I'i 
N'l). )sS5, .iml N.tvAK 
' I.fjjaliied cciiiy 
of I'ldro hi. II IN' 
I'alro 1>K AsC(jMI.\ 
('..1.1MUI .S .Xjinl s; 
ol the Indies .it .Sev 

I, Lti^. ,'„ /V^|.i <<. 

II, I'. 313- 

' Ibiiitm, and 011 r 
lat^s i.(.S.|63. 


noticed, and 
"Kust, 1494. 


iif t-caty (,\ 

The reuler 

I go himscli' 

ic boundary 

iinent of his 

'ia General Jc 

:ca, May 24, 

ated by th,. 
on p. ID, ii 

here by an 
iding with a 

date of Ji;!\ 
ly, December 

les a line nf 
uis west ani! 
antic domaii; 
of that linr. 
tions to lia\i 
f Tordesilla^. 
gues west 1. 1 
IS have failoi 
;nted to siai- 

which about 
I the South 
1, and eightl-i 

of his rights, 

-■n the I' 

of his own 

: 670. 

invention. I'or instance, in the very ci'ilous legal opinion lately brought to 
liirju by the Duchess of Alba,' which ia r-ntirely in the handwriting of 
Columbus, and commences with the piouii invocation, Jesus cum lilaria sit 
nobis in via, he makes his lawyer say to him : 

" It appears from your privilege and 
agrcciucnt that their Highnesses made yon 
their Admiral of the Occansea, which they 

"I'or vuestro priuilegio y capitu- 
lacinn parcce que S. A. os fizleron su 
ahnirante del mar oqeano, el qual 

fizieron marcar por vna laya que pasa caused to be marked [divided'] by a line 

do las yslas del cabo verde aquelas passing through the islands of Cape Verd 

do los aijores de polo a polo." andthoscof the Azores, from Pole to Pole." 

The reader will notice that no mention is made therein of the 100 leagues 
west of that line, granted by the Bull of May 4th, 1493. 

Hut in the entail which Columbus created on the 22nd of February, 1498, 
lu' i-.ijl.'citly accepts the concession of 100 leagues, as we find the Demarcation 
Line mentioned in these words : 

" And it pleased their f/ighnesses to 
appoint me their Admiral of /he Ocean 
sea, beyond an imaginary line xvhich 
they ordered to be dravn from Pole to 
J\)le, 1 00 leagues from the islands of 
Cape I 'erd and those of the Azores." ^ 

'■ \ i)higo a Sus Altezas de me hacer 
sii Aimirante en el mar Oceano, allende 
lie una raya imaginaria t\ui'. mandaron 
senaiar sobre las islas de Cabo V'ertlc, 
y aquellas de los Azores, cien leguas 
que pasa de I'olo A Polo." 

And as in the will which Columbus executed at Segovia, August 25, i 505,' 
and confirmed almost in articulo mortis, May 19, 1506,' that dcscrijition of tlie 
bine of Demarcation is repeated word for word, it is evident that Columbus 
never assenteil to the concession of the 270 leagues additional made by Spair> 
til Portugal, June 7, 1494. 

*,* Tin's Hull has bcoii fnviuciitly printed and translalcd. but the lr;^ali/.ations and 
aiidKiitications above incutioncd are to be fomvi only in the I'.ir:< ;mu1 Genoa codices. 
Navarrcto, vol. ii., Doc. XV'III., paj^cs 2.S-^5, takes histext I'r.Mii uliat he calls " the orii^inal 
:;i the Archi\os of the Indies at Seville," and his Spanish translation from the I'oUtica 
,'iiJiii'hi of Solorzano. 

We do not know, and it is impossible to ascertain from the title, whether 
■ ori^ " is tlie Hidl \ihich was printed, in a .sort of broadside, at the time, and sold in 
l.cndon, at auction, by I'uttick and Simpson. May 24th, 1H5.), and bought by Rich for 
,;4 Sj, or whether it is the Hull of May jn!.' 

Doc'Mi.NT XXW'll. I'agc^s ig.S-205. 
rrncl.iniation from tlu King and Queen, issued .September 27, 1 50 1 . 
,'rdering tluit certain wrongs e.uiuuiited by liobadiiia against Culiinil)Uh, and 
which are specified, be st't ri^ht. 

lnf,'rmjii,'n dt 1,'i /'ri:ik.;u's y t>:fi,(Jts M 
\:miranlf, reproduced in f.uMUiilc in .■l:it,\i;ra/,'s 
:'/ C'riit.\\ii i'i'/i"i .... i,n puhluj !,\ Pu.;utiii 
it Iknfi.k \ lit A!l',i, Madrid, |8()', pa^es 17-jo. 
• Mimitijl dtl rifyt,', verso of ilic 1 j6th leal, 
S'l). (1X5, and N.^VARKHK, vol. ii., pa^e jj6. 

' I.Oj<ali/ed ropy delivered by tlic sueees- ur 
.if I'edro 111-; lliNojK[>o, the original not.nry, 
IVilro UK AsCoVTlA, at tlic request of llie>;o 
C.iLCMiu s, .\pril 27,1514. .M.S. in tlio Ari hues 
,)l the Indies .il .Seville, l\itro'ial,\ 1, ('.//. 
1, l./j;. ,',, /';c|.( (<. Sec .ilso N.warkkik, vol, 

1. r Ji.t- 

' Ibidtm, and our Chnslofhe Coli'mb, \ol. 11., 
;.i.ev 148- 16 V 

hil'lii'llit,a Amfiuatui Wimtisuma, AJJi 
tii'/is, No, 1, pages 1-2. During a Lite visit to 
kcmie, we made great and friiule^'. elTorts I'j 
di>rovcr a printe'd copy ("f the tmie) of either of 
tlio>e bulls, partK.ul.iily in the .Ariluves of the 
I.ateran. While on the subject, we lie;; to reciUii- 
inend to the reader the Jhiii,i>\jlii'n Line cf 
AUxandtr 17. ■ ,111 1'.piw.l/ ,i th,' rerwd .'t /';>- 
.iTC/'icj, written by .Mr. KdwarcUiaylord Uot'KNK, 
and published in the number lor .\biy, \'i^)i, of 
the Wilt AV; /.•;.■. In our humble juilginent, that 
little pamphlet exhibits more origmal research 
and greater 1 ritical acunvn than many recent 
and ponderous histories of L'ol.iMius winch we 
<ouUl name. 

• ,1, 



'I >\ 

i .',. 




icsca,' recalling 

i'liil he sliips, 

liulics; ami, in 

•»• Navarrctc, vol. ii., Doc. CXI, II., pages 275-278, from the oritjiiial record in tl,c 
Archives of the Indies in Seville, with sliijht verbal differences, which do iiot affect tht 
sense, and of course with the omission of the two annotations : " Vala o dis ([ue escripu 
sobre raydo en esta plana ; " that is, the passage is written over an erasure. 

Document XXXX'III. Pages 205-206. 

Order and instructions to execute the precedinj,', addressed to the Com- 
mander de Lares (Nicolas de Ovando), September 28, 1501. 

*,* Navarretc, vol. ii.. Doc. CXLIV., page 279. Las, lib. ii., cap. iv., vol. ii, 
page 24. 

DoiuMKNT XXXIX. Pages 206-209. 

Order of September 27, 1501, addressed to Ximenode Dri 
that Columbus is entitled to one eightli part of the profit, ]>' 
at his own cost, one eiglith of the merclianilisc ex()orted to tii> 
conscijuence, orilrriiijj; that he be informed of the amoimt of the goods whitli 
the King n 1 Queen are about to send thither, in order tliat he may contribute 
an eighth part thereof. 

♦,* : a- .ir.'te, vol. ii., Doc. CXLIII., page 278. 

DuciMKNT XL. Pages 209-2 13. 

Letter from I'erdinand and Isabella to Columbus, March 14, 1502, in rcpK 
to his lettir of February 26 preceding, which is lost. 

•»• Navarrctc, vol. i., pages 277-279. Las Casas, lib. ii., cap. iv, vol. ii 
p.iges 26-27. The latter omits five short clauses, and also the authentication of tin 
three Seville notaries of .March 22, 1502, This document is also to be found in the 
Historit; cap. l.w.vvii., fo. 193, verso. 

As regards the sketch of .1 hand with extendeil fmger, drawn by Columbus in tlii. 
margin of the present, see above, page x.x.wii. 

DociMixr XLL Pages 21S-221. 

The Capitulations or Articles of 1; April, 1492. These five Articles arc 
recited in the Cont'irniation granted by L'erdinand and Isabella, 2^, April, 149- 
Docunient II., p.iges 37-49. 

DiiiiMi.NT XLII. Pages 222-226. 
Legal ojiinion given by Colunibu.s's lawyer, as to his privileges and rij^lu 
to the thirds, eighths, ami tenths, under the Cipitulations or Articles of 1; 
April, 1492. 

*,* Tliis document is to be found only in the Paris and Genoa codices. 

Ddcumknt .XLIII. Pages 220-245. 

Rejoinder from Columbus to legal objections raised by the Crown against 
his interpretation of the Capitul.itions relative to his shart; of th<- profits. 

The preceding document and the presiiu should not have been separated 
altiiough the first is of a date anterior to the sicoiul, which we take to heoi 
the ) 1501. 1 hey present a cert.iin interest as belonging to the series 0! 
legal papers which h,i\e rendered the n.iine of Columbus proverbial in SiJ.iir. 
as an indefatigable scribbler.^ These two legal opinions, and two others latcK 

' 'l'h:U is ihe nieni:il of Hishop Konsfx.*, 
whom Coi.fMiies kicked out of his ship in 
1497. I. AS Casas, lil). i , cx.xvi., vol, li., 
I'-'KC i>)9. 

' The IjiiffDon of Chari.ks V., Franccsillo dk 
/I'NKiA, once cxrl.iinied : "Kuci;o.'l Dios que .i 
(iutierrcz nun(a Ic f.ilie |..i|iel, pori|ue cscriljc 


in.« ipic Tolonico y que Colon, el ijue hallo !.^ 
Imiias : — I hiipe to ( iod that (iuticrriv.will .ilwajs 
liavf plenty of paper, fur he writes more thjn 
I'loleiiiy and ih.m Columbus who disiovcro' 
the Iiulies." C'ronu\i Jt /'."; FniHiriiHo ,i, 
/uiiii;ii, \n the CurtiniJtiJes M/wjfra/utis, \>ul- 
lishedbyRiVADK.'iKVUA at Madrid, i855,p.i(;o59 

hroiight to light by 
whicn have been pr 
the present are amf 
a.'ainst the Spanish 
" The reader wi 
the gains made eve 
land, and of the Ian 
discovered beyond 
apparently, as a sor 

Their Catholic 
the Capitulations, a 
.sphere of mere disci 
source of great litig; 
by his son and heir, 
(.f the grant, Vicen 
Alonsode Hojeda, i 
coast of South Ame 
besides one tenth oi 

Another e.xorl 
Christopher Coliim 
though he should nc 
his own words : 

" Porque en la p 
que rcsulto las di( 
saber la gananijia q 
tal dicho Almirante 
ochava parte, y aun 
Je la costa de tlon 
pctiH) tytulo al dichi 
rcsulto de la dicha a 

Nowhere else c 
one eighth of the co 
mc eighth of the pi 
[unc 12, 1497.' eert 
that part of the gain 

*,* This docume 

Columbus's far 
title of this letter 
who died preniat 
.iJilressed was his 
I'orres, one of C 
.iftcrwards repeate 

In/crmiuit'n Jt h'i ^ 
.'i.'iurjnlf, and Kisput 
.i^Juii'S lit siis finiltj, 
;.Vi-s 17 and .'J. 

' /'tt't'jnziis htthas 
Navakkktf., vol. iii., 

I'illli'S (it Ci'li'M, vol. VI 

'.he Ci'liuii'n tit Jecumti, 
Mailrid, iS.jj, 8vo. 
' Su/irj, IXicument 
" lloitantur medic 

lumbiis in tlv. 

brouMit to light by the Duchess of Alba," are the only documents cf the kind 
which have been preserved. The loss of the others is not to be regretted, as 
the present are amply sufficient to initiate us into the cause of his complaints 
i.rainst the Spanish Government. 

" The reader will notice that Columbus first claims one third, not only of 
the stains made over the seas, in virtue of his office of Admiral, but over the 
land, and of the land itself, whether insular or continental, discovered or to be 
discovered bi:yond the Ocean, cither by himself or others : the land to be held, 
apparently, .is a sort of fief or feud by him and his heirs for ever. 

Their Catholic Majesties always opposed that leonine interpretation of 
the Capitulations, and it remained during the lifetime of Columbus in the 
sphere of mere discussion. But after his death, this alleged right became tlie 
source of great litigation, initiated, before the Council of the Indies and Fiscal, 
by his son and heir, Diego Columbus. The latter claimed that in consequence 
of the grant, Vicente Yaiicz Pinzon, Diego de Lepc, Rodrigo de Bastidas, 
Alonsode Hojcda, indeed, all the Spanish navigators who discovered the north of Soutli America, from the Gulf of Paria to Yucatan, owed him one third, 
bcsiiii's one tenth of ail the profits arising and lu arise from their discoveries.'^ 

Another e.xorbitant pretension, certainly unjustified, on the part of 
Christopher Columbus, was that one eighth of the profits belonged to him, 
thou"h he should not have furnished a corresponding eighth of the costs. In 
his own words : 

"Jiccausc in the first expedition, from 
-ii'kich resulted the said Indies, that is 
to say the j^ain z<hich arises from them, 
the said y' dmiral eontriouted his eighth 
share, and even about half 0/ the cost ; 
whence he acquired a perpetual title to 
the said eighth, iecause the result o/ the 
said expedition is [lihez-.'ise\ perpetual." 

" Porque en la primera armada do 
(uic resulto las dichas Vndias cs a 
saber la ganan^ia que dellas proijede, 
ta! dicho Almirante contribuyo en su 
ochava parte, y aun cerca de la mitad 
,1c la costa de donde consyguio per- 
pctiu) tytiilo al dicho ochavo por ser el 
rcsiilto de la dicha armada senpyterno. 

Nowhere else do we find that Columbus at any time supplied more than 

Mif <i,'hth (if the cost ; and as to his pL'r[)L'tu,il right under all circumstances to 

lie eighth of the iimfits, it existed only in his imagination. True it is that, 

liine 12, 1497,^ certain additional conct:ssions were made to him in regard to 

that part of the gains, but only for three years. 

*,* This document is to be foiiiul only in tlie I'aris anil Genoa codices. 

Doci'MKNT XLIV. Pages 2.^6-265. 

Columbus's famous letter "to tln' N'urse." The prince mentioned in the 
title of this letter is the son of p'crdinand and Isabella, and heir apparent, 
who died prematurely, September 28, 1497.* The lady to whom it is 
iikiressed was his nurse, Doi^.i Juana de 'I'orres,' the sister of .Antonio de 
Turns, one of Colimvbus's lieutetiants in the second expedition, and who 
.ifterw.irds repeatedly commanded s(|uadrons sent to the New World." 

Rex, ut .\ I'rincipis l.-itcre .M.irnarii.ini aliciuantlo 
scn10vc.1l, irUcrpcllei, inilucias iirccantur, pru- 
tcbtantur petiiuluni ex Irciiucnti copula cphebu 
inmunerc." I'cicr .M.irt)r d'.Vnoiiikka, Ofuj 
f.fistrlarum, .•\instt'lo«lami, 1670, lolio, Episl. 
clxxvi., page 100. 

' NAVAKkKiE, vol. i., page 265, note. 
l.AS, lib. I., cap. Ixxxii., vol. L, p.ij;e 
41;; ; vol. ii., pages 85, yo ; vol. iii., page i8. 
DiiLinery 1/ 'u/Z/r Atmrua, Chroiwlc^ 1/ 
\\<yxif,<i. No. vni., p. 61J0. 

Injcimadi'n Jt loi I'riiil/gii'i y mercidts del 
A.'miranU, and Ktipunta Jtl Aimhiinle ,i la 
ifilulos dt lui frniltgios, in the .tulct^rn/os, 
:.\f.i:s 17 and J 3. 

• /'r,'t;inz,ii /tt,/ias /^'r cl Jiical del Hty, in 
Savakkmk, vol. ill., pagch 53''*-54'i and Ixi 
/'.W/i'j de CoLn, vol. vn. of llic second scries of 
■.he Ci'Uicion de di/eumenti'i i/udilm de ul/tauiar, 
\I.ulrid, i.lyJ, Hvo. 
' .Supra, Docuinenl IV., p.agc xlix. 
"lloitantut iiicdici Kcginani, horlalur ct 


' m 




! lift 


The letter is undated as to month and day, but, contrary to our first im. 
pression,' it was written by CoKimbus on board the caravel 'which brought 
him in chains, and forwarded immediately upon his landing in Spain, about 
November 20, 1500. It first appeared in print as an Italian translation pub. 
lished by 'he Genoese Academicians in 18 14. They doubtless borrowed tlidr 
text i:i>m v 'le relatively modern extract of the Paris cartulary, as it contains 
a para.;rapli vhich exists only in that Codex.' 

It was published for the first time in the original Spanish in Spotorno's 
Codicc DipU>natico, from the Genoese manuscript,* in 1822. The second tinin 
it apjjcared in that language was in Navarrete's Colcccion, in 1825, from ,i 
copy taken by Munoz, we do not know whence, but revised on Spotorno's text.' 
The letter exists in the manuscript Historia dc las Indias of Las Casas,' 
borrowcil apparently from a copy which he seems t ) luk-e r;)und among the 
papers of ''"crnando Columbus, when they were stii! dtpositn!, /w/o't'w/f,'//,.^ 
in tiio Mor 'Stery of San I'ablo at Seville, in \ ;,j.)..' 

Colimil lis in the course of his manifold troublo: nciy liav;: writ; n Uvonr 
mo/'r; letteri like the present to DoiVi Juana .'c Ti rr^s ; but we kiuiv ,)f no 
othtr than the abo\e. The J/islor,'r speaks i>f only .m'": "C\\' {—\\ .,; 
in vna sua Icltera alia Nvitrice del pri''tii)e Uo '.""Mriati li Jas'i-iia :■ -^ ',' .t ln; 
wrote in a lc!t';rof his to the \iirse <>f I'rince \><m juan u» Casli!<..' If the 
letter alludeii t<> is the on" ivliich we a^--: now dt .< ribing, then the latti r lacks 
an important pa';.,i;;e, viz. ; 

" lo lion soih: il prinio Ammi- " I am not the first Adtninxl of m; 
raglio della niia lamiglia. Meitannii family. them call mc !>y uii: (cx'cr 

iiiimt they please, jitr ajh-f all, JMiviil, 
thi ;i7,uv.' of hni^'^3. Xi)h> nt first li,i,i 
lie, r a men- -keplf:-', became khtj; cj 
J, I t.saletii ; Mid I >•.-,, a sirritrt vj ti, 
sa/iii Lord \:ho raised him io such .1 

WliLilur Cdhimbus .icliially made sudi a statement, or it is a vain Ima •. 
:if Ins s;it) I'ern.uuli), we cl.iiin to li.ive sho'vn that there had never been an;, 
.uiniiral ia llie family of Culumbiis, e\ce|ii liimself. " 

*,* i lie text of this Letter to tlie Nurse, t iken from the Paris Codex, with an iiitm 
iluction, mtes, aiul tlie ililTereiit re.ulin.i;s in the tieno.i cnrtiil.iry, and in Las, h.i^ 
!)eeii |Hil)li>,iied in the A',;,ii'//.; ,// l:ifn i;.'i .urill: {..Icntui toiwictuh lii Ciis!i</t'ro Ci.\i<: 
t^'/ti it,i,i;/i ciri/iivi dt Sninvutis, tli Sr,ij;!ui, di M utriil, di (!i>i,Kti. ,- d,t ii(0 ,lts,i'):,lo::, 
.Slid l:it,',->i:,i it lhh\i di Wrd^^iij, aiiiu'tiiti, irmini 'ilati, f /•id'tu'u.tti mt listi I'rij^ii: i!i .• , 
ciCdsu'iti di! ijiuiit,! iiiihitnrh' dttla siof;tt,i dil .\:tovo Atondo d.i lliiiry ]l,ur:.Mi.- 
(i,iio-ii, Tif't'i^riifiii dit A'. Istiliito Si'rdi>-.Ut4ti, ■.IMCCCXCII [ste, pro l8<>)j. I' : 
(Specimen number), p,it;es 7-25, 

' Sec !:ie CiJi.e Di^lcmalUo CcU^mho-.Xn.n. 
itino, yi'oiokso's edition, pages i9S.ji,S. 
' Navakretk, ubi iupr,i., 
' I.As< ASAs, hh. i.,eaii. dxxxii., vol. ii.,i>.ij',, 
501-5 10. 

/'. I'iiihin.l.' C.^ltX, hiil.'iiaJi'r lit j.v /,;,;'/ 
Sevill.i, 1S71, 4io, iM^es yO-ioy; Chmt.^ , 
C'o/:'»il\ vol. i., |i;igcs ijH.i). 

Jlisti'rit, I a|>. ii., verso of leaf fi. 

Chriitt'l'lit Clcmb, t li.ip. li,, § iv., vol, i 
]i.ige 1 6 J. I.ti C\i'<'»il'o Jt J'riiiue tt ii'lt.i.., 
/.inuu.\ iii.niiii Ju XV' iihl^. /)'.tfrfi .!. 
,t.\i4»i<nti ni>ii: fiiti.x ,>« tii/Jils lirh da ar.h. 
Jt Milan, de I'nrii tt dt Vtniit. Minuiii lu : 
t'yli.idtmit dts iiiuripth'Hi rl t'tllts Itttrn diins i, 
ii\iih,s dts I" <•/ 15 m,;/ 1.S74. I'aris, 187.1, 1' 
|Mt;e 7.1. 


jaire il nome, che vorranno, ciie in 
'.Itimo Dauiil, Ri' ,ai;icntissii';i fu 
i.'u.'udiano ili pecore, et ])oi fu fatto 
Re ili Gicnis.ilemini; ; et io seruo sol- 
di (luello istesso Siinwre, die mise lui 
ii! tale stato."' 

' Cliiisli'pht Co!,iiil\ vol. li., p.i^e 1 14. 

' The he.iiling of the letter ^tates that Co- 
l.f.MiiVs wrote it "while on his w.ny from the 
Indies as a prisoner :— viiiiendo preso de las 
Indi.^s." Then i.AS Casas (lih. i., tap. elxxxii., 
vol. ii., pa^c 501) says that as soon as llie 
.Admiral arrived at Cadi/, the ra|itain of the 
•■hip /.<; Cii'idii. on which he raiiu-, named .\n- 
ilres .MAuriN, Kindly allowed him to send one 
of his servants secretly with his letters for their 
.M.ijesties and uther persons: "con sus 
para 1 is Ki-yes y p.ira olras per.sonas." We aie 
indehte^ for this correction to Don Juse .Mari.i 
.Asfi.Nsio V 'I'oi.KDo, of .Seville. 

A'ui;t,<rijmtnt,'. (jf Seville, in Mtmorit delP 
Ai.adcmia detlt idenzi, lefUre ed arti di Ctnoia, 
\v>\. iii, Ccnovn, iSi.|, ,|to. pages 97-107. 


The Atitt 
to the 

.Vllci'waiils, till 
having been foiiml 
tiies. and added t 
]nunici|iality. Thi;, and translatioi 

The first lette 
,.f the otller two e| 
im ntii'iied onl)' me 

Miolo Ddi-ri- 
j;, \\y)\. 150.', and I 
I 1 meet the King o 

b'ranceseo Kil 
Seville. \Vt! first 
h.iving e([uipi)ed 
March 19. '5^^'' 
.yainst lieing t.l.\e 
-enoves." ■' Wei 
y.lenl ()artiiers wli 
fire in the sprit 
Isabella in connctt 
,1 the letters of e 
in Decetnber, 150.; 

•■ .Micer Jti.iii 
c.f the tiini; show 
!;!ia" is his wile. 
Columbus s.iys lit- 

■ Kcderico rKOUKi 
:'•.(■ llcrio l.ilir.iry m 
..',■.'.■.< Kifl'ublt.a di li 

\ V-'s ■'''-.P <■' "■'/■ 

• Navakkktk, vol 
;i3.5i41 Tht J)ii.r:, 
■.l;e C'iM'ii'/.xv 'i ''■'.'■' 

l.jiio, vol i., idtp^ 




\xii., vol. ii,, |i.i,'. 

The Autograph Letters of Columbus to Oiferigo and 
to the Ojfficc of Saint George. Pages 268-275. 

HI'IN Lorenzo Odcrico ]irosc'ntt;il to the Republic tin; 
two cartularies wiiich wc have tlescribed, tiierc were 
pasteil ill one of them two autoj^raph letters of Chris- 
topher Ldliinihus, 

Those two K'tlers are acUlressed to Nicolo Oderi^o ; 
and as the)' refer to the two codices, there is adtled to 
the present puMicatii'ii a facsimile of both, to^'ether 
with an eliicidateil re[)roduction of the text and a 

_ translation. 

Ainrwards, the letter aiklnssed to the Bank of St. George by Columbus 
iMviiiL' been found in the archives of that institution, it was taken out of the 
:,(S, and adiled to the two letters to Oderii^o, in the Cushntia of the 
!:-,;, nicip.dit). 'I'his is rejiroduced likewise here in facsimile, with a printed 
tiNt, and tnmslalion into l'!n};lish. 

The first letter is dated March 21, 1502. Its meanint,', as well as that 
I the other two ei)istles, is too clear to require exiilanalion. The [jersons 
; ,. lUinned only need to be made known. 

Mcolo Dileri^o was ambassador to braiice in i.i<(5 and 1515; to S[)ain 
; \\o\. i50J,aiul I 50O ; anil a member of the tlepiitation sent by the t'leiUK se 
; nuet the Kinj,' of I'r.mce, b'rancis I., at Milan in 1515.' 

I'rancesco Ribarol, or di Rivarola, was a (."n.-noese banker established in 

Seville. We first see his name I'ebruary .). I5ix>, when he was fined i'<v 

I'.iviili,' etiuippc'd and sent a claiule.tine expeditiim to tlu' New World." 

M.ircii H). 1501, Ribarol aj)pearr(l lielore the liscal in Seville, to protest 

,. '.linst lieinj; t.ixeil, on the ple.i thai he was a denoese : " per ra/on de .ser 

iiiivcs." ' We then notice his fii^iirin;^ with countrymen of his amonjj the 

lent [)artners who advanceil Columbus's eii^hth for the fourth vojaye, there- 

I re in the sprin;,' of 1502.' Jul)- 5, 150;,, he is mentioned by Oueen 

Is.iliclLi in connection with the expeilition of Juan de la Cosa to Uraba.'' One 

I the letters of exchani;e which Columlius sent to his son Diego, at the Court, 

ill Ueceinber. iSci^, was furnished by Ribarol.'' 

■■ Micer Juan Lu)s " is doubtless (iian 1-uigi I'ieschi, whom the documents 
f the timi; show to havi' been a personal frientl of t)deriL;o. " Madona Cat.i- 
:;;i.i"is his wi:e, daui;hter of Gian Maria del Caretto. The letter which 
luliunbus sa\s he sent to them is lost. 

' V.\K(;a=; 1'iinci:'.s Collcrlion of Transcript-. 
M.-^. in the I.iliMry of the .\i .ulciiiy of History 
.a M.nlriil, vol. liv , |Uj;c I4-.i- 

t".(//.; Jf i,i A'anj dtlilua /^ha h^ibil .': 
/.'<.'/•■• »''•'<■! Jt /ii Ccntratuhoi ,h' Sr.iiui; m\\.^ 
t\'i't\ii.'n Ji J,\umeiitrs iiiiJih'S Jt l.sfiihii, vol. 
xiii., |i,iKC 501. 

I.ctu-r of t'l'i iMiir^ to his so'> I'nc.o, from 
Sc. ;l!e , N w m;ki 1 f, vol. I , i'.!.:o ; (5 

iii K 2 

Foilcrico 1'ki>krici, -V.'/'r/Ai /.i^uit., M.S. in 

;■ llcrio l.ihr.iry m (icno.i. Ca^om, .Innj/i 

;..'.; Kepf'ut'liai Ji Coitia, 1707, fol., lih. i., 

Navakkkik, vol. ui , Hoc. .\I,I1., IMgCS 
; 13.5 14; 'I'hf J)iui>:ery 0/ .\\'rt/i .Imiri,,!, in 
•c t'/^n'ii'/.'.O' '/ /'•'.viIa'", No. x\\., p.^e 6,S 1 . 

Archivo munijpal ,it Si: iiV,:, .Scull.i, iSdo, 
;.i, vol i., iii>f(t,ii I 10 :inil 111. No -•-■ 

If -. 


I.' ■'! 

V' ■ u 

( I 

" Geronlmo dc Santi Estcban " seems to be the Genoese travcllir 
Girolamo da Santo Stefano, the companion of Girolamo Adorno in a noted 
vi/ajjc accomplished between 1496 and 1499.' 

The second letter to Odcrigo is dated from Seville, December 27, ipq, 
The "Franco Catanio" therein mentioned was a Genoese banker in Scviili 
and one of the parties who advanced the eighth for Columbus's fourth voynet 

The other letter, second in point of date, is addressed to the famous Oftic,. 
of St. George, April 2, 1502. With regard to this and the preceding Ictt.r 
we beg leave to refer the reader to our work entitled Christopher Columbu- 
and the Bank of St. George, where their importance is shown in detail. 

' Ramusio, RaccoUa, 1563, vol. !., fo. 345. 

The Engraving 

' 1 



ihcEugraviug of the Monastery of Las Cucvas ami of the Mansion 
of Fcynando Colnmbus. 

i 1 V. ornamental headpiece of the present Introduction 
is talcen from tlie admirable hird's-eyc plan of Seville in 
the sixteenth century, drawn on the spot about the year 
' ,S''j Liy tile Antwer[)ian painter George lioifnaj^el, and 
altcrwards enjijraved for i5raun or liruin and I lochenberj.;, 
who inserted it in their well-known Chitatcs oit/is 
lii-raruiii, publishetl at Colo;;ne in 1572.' 

The monumc'ntal arch (26) on the ri^du of the reader 

is the " I'uerta de Goks : — the CJate of Hercules," which 

was I 'lie of the main entrances into Seville. The figure K indicates the street 
"Cille de las Armas." 'I'he buiklintjs (4) extending' on the west side of the 
i;atc, to the lianks of the Guailalciuivir, an; the " Cas.isde Colon — the houses of 
C'l lunibus," and comiirise the celebrated tlwcllin^'-pl.'ce of l-'ernando, the ille- 
ijitimate son ol Ciiristopiier, whi( h liiat enliiditened bi'>l'";'hile conuuenced to 
huilil in 1526, and where he die'' on the 12th of July, i5;,o. 'I'he famous 
jiiblioteca l''(rnandina (now Coiombina) was apparently locateil in the largest 
of those four structures. If I loefna<;el had been ible to give the details of the 
front, we should doubtless see the while marble iiorlico and architectural orna- 
ments which I'ernando, in the summer of 1529, re(|uested Nicolao ile Cirimaldi 
to iiave scul|itured in Giiio.i, and which, having bet;n partly paid for in advance, 
were diiulitless executeil.' '1 he Iari;e garden adjoining. Libelled "Guerta de 
C"li)i) ; — Columbus' tlrove," was an enclosur<: of about eight linglish acres, 
|i!,iiiti d with 5,cxxj trees, the m.ijority of which came from the New World.' 
.\ll that was left of that princel)' .diodi: in 1S71 consistetl of a single tree, a 
^,i[R)ti' {/li/tr,is Siipolii. 1,.), whith we in \ain endiavoured to [Hirchase from 
the city with the grouiul on which it stood, enclose the .same in an iron railing, 
,mJ save the vener.dile tree from im[)ending de:.lru( lion.' 

As to the edifice on the other siile of the ri\er, bearing the inscription 
" MdMslirio de las Cuevas," it is the Carthusian convent founded in 1400 by 
.\rclil)ishop Cion/,ilo ile Mena, who n.uneil it " Mona,lerio ile Nueslra Senora 
.Sanla Maria de I, is Cuevas: — the Monastery of our l.ady Saint Mary of the 
C.ives." It contained a chapil, built in 1507 by the Trior Diego de Luxan, 
,iiul dtdiciilid to "Sanla .\na, wherein the aslies of Christopher Columbus 

v//./ (', 

,'■(«*'.;«./, i>.n>;c j;, ikjIl' 1. Cakkica, .Si'i'tcuititr 1 


burrcittcd t'rcM 

I tic s,uiic ]il.iii (if Seville li U) Ijc lomiil in , ill the Not.irnl .•\rihives pitserNeil in the I'.il.i 
i!n-tilili()nsof the 0;7/i;/<j .'/M /fr/i/z/iWiWhii h txXio i:. the < ity uf (lemu, .iiiJ |niblislied 
oilo:oiU.iiiis.U-.o .isiiuilUrskeli li of thei ily.pre- our J'.\ur/>lii, pages :Sy-j.;i 

cntint; i ertain ililTereiu es relative lu thj " Cusas 

lie I'rluii.' We have foiiiul lately a smaller an J lu muy 

Juan I'K .\;a, J\'i\iKii:iiHti- i/iw lii.o 

iiii.:\iJ de Si-iilUi .; la t'. A'. .!/• dd 

muijlicr eopy, 

\i Lrcnils in \ rem li, and llie 1: 

nini., e(jluuiei.l, v>\ 

I hiv (.'hereau le Je 
M.UM'ii lie Culiin " 

n^iiiiptiuM : 

ill the Hty IK I'hilif-,-, Seull.i, 157J, .Sv 


lu. 50. 

t\'i luiihl L\'Lmt', pages i5,S 161, Mr, Cie- 

' S. Jai i|.," wliere " la iiieiUs K. }A\y.v,\w^\,l.iJi :J C''ti nl^'f/u-r Columlius, 

iinewliat diU'ereiil. 



jiiUai-t dialled by Stelaiiu Salm 

\^')2, ;>vii, p. j.'5, says it is a star- 


ipplelree {C':rj"'/'".''l''"i t\iintU'). 



! I 


H. r 

I ■■ 

were Jcpositccl in 1 509. Those of his brother Diego, In 1515; of liis 
iwitimate son, of tl\e same naim;, in 1526 ; and of his worthless grandson, Luis, 
alter 1572, were also interred in that chapel.' 

On the ind of June, 1537, Charles the Fifth granted to Dofia Maria dc 
Toledo, widow of Diego, son of the great Genoese, the privilege to have 
the remains of the latter and of liis descendants buried in the chance! of 
the cathedral cliurch of St. Domingo.' Tiiose of Columbus and of his son 
Diego were consequently translerrecl to tiiat city, probably when DoAa Mari.i 
de Toledo returned to Hispaniola, on the 6th of April, 1538, witii the squadron 
of Hernandez de Soto,^ or perhaps later ;* but, at all events, before 1549." 

It was also in that chapel of the Monastery of Las Cuevas that the archives 
of Chn tophcr Columbus ami, until r()09, of his descendants were prescrvcil,'' 
All these facts certainly entitle Hoefnagel's fine sketch to a place in ihe 
present work. 

Las Cuevas still exists, outwardly, as it stood in the days of Christ<)i)hi r 
Columbus, Hut the building is no longer a monastery. ICvcrything inside h.ii 
been destroyed or removed, leaving only naked walls, whiti washed with linic , 
and the chaijcls are now occupied by an Knglish company ^■hich manufactures 
porcelain wares for the Seville market. Not only no vestiges remain uf 
Columbus's grave or tombstone, but there are no local traditions as to its red 
position and appearance. Nay, the people in the neighbourhood do not even 
know that Las Cuevas was during more than thirty years the burial-place nf 
the discoverer of America. 


/'(iris, Odobtr, 1893. 

' C/irisl,flie Ci'/omb, vol. ii., p.igcs I4i-i44, 
J4.i, 261, 47J. 

■ /.OS nsli'S lit Pen Cris/c:,i/ Colon, .'icvillii, 
1S7S, Svo, |>,ij;cs 41-42. 

' .Sr. J:uu|i<) i>K i.A I'Mi'F.i.A, Iliitoria de la 
iila lie Ciilhi, M.idrid, iSdS, vol. i , pape 155. 

' Wc liavt; seen it st.itcd tlut (Iarimav, in a 
maniisirii't work, (;ivcs 1544 as llic datf when 
ihc remains of Coi I'Mlu s were removed Irom 
Seville ; liut that " crediiloiis ( nmiiilcr ot old 
fables," as TiCKNuK ju:,tly calls him, is so un- 

reli.iMe that before .vceplinn his slaleinenl *c 
would reiniire ximc other proof I'or insianre 
lie is made to say in the s.ime hrealh that llor.i 
Maria dk Toi.f.iio tiled the next year ; th.ii is, m 
1545. Now, hir will IS not dated till .Seplcinlicr 
27, 1 5 48, anil she died on the 1 ithof .May, 15.),; 
Clirutrf'he Colomh, vol. li,, pages 250, 511-5:1 

' /.(•( s/fiilluKS Jt Chriitof'hi Coti/mb, l',u!>, 
1879, .Svo, pages 6.7. 

' ^uloi^riifilies di Chistophi Cotomb /hdiiintnt 
dloir.erls, p.igc 6. 

( I 



IS statcniint no 
For iluLlllri.', 
CMtll III); 1 

year ; tliji is in 
.1 lill Sciitrtiilitt 

i 150, 5I1-5JI 
'o/omb reifiniiifnl 




1. 'I 






I ', ♦ 

^ ^^'J^'^Ji 



I) iff 

■r y 


inain Haitti 








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t' ' 



1 ,i 

> Il 

I ,f 

K/|i??i n 

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. '.>> 




'2 ^■i'^:^'^ ; 


I., } M 


"V^^ .''•:''?> ^r. '(^ ;,^w 

^'••■- 1-.' 

I; . I 

' 1.1 n 



■,i I 










'\ \ I' 


/ / . 





is wf 
is het 
IS itii 
of tr 


[No IF.. — The original Codex on vellum 
is written on both sides of the leaf and 
is here reproiluced in the same form^ hut 
IS interleaved ivith corresponding p'-iges 
of transliteration and translation.'^ 



Mif^ t\)t most noble and mo0t lopal citp of ^etjiiie, 

^1 ilOlcDncaoap ti)c fit'tlj up of fl)C inonrlj of Januarp, in tlje pear of rlje natititP 

^^W of our fe'fl^iaiir ^cfiiifl CI)not oik rljoiiflauD fitjc IjiiiiOreO anD rtoo. Cn tl)ig 

^^ fliiio DiiiN ar rljc Uour toljcn Clcflpcro arc oaiD, or a little before or after, luiiiff 

/•.>.Mmuv«u/./n muv *» ^^^^ otoelliiiff Ijouflc of tlje toro ^aomiral of tlje liiQicci toi)iclj ig 

uai (Mul ih sniih, U\ tijifil ijaio cit;j III tljc pariolj of ^t. il^arv, before »»repl)eu de u 

murcoUs (j«'" ^'"'^ lUua aiiD ^Pcter ll^ui'fl i^oiuero,orQinari» alcaldes tit tbio caio ritn 

of fete\)illc for tbe ISinu anD li^ureii our ilorDO, auD in tl)e prcacncc 

of nie i'Partin Koorigucfl, public ocribcner of tbifl flaiD citp of ^cijiiic, 

m^ of tl]e unbcrntenti jufD tDitncsacGf, Oib appear tbcrc presstiu tljc 

bcrp inaijnificfnr ILorb SDon Cbnotopber Columbuo, H^iflb 30iniral 

of tljc Cccan, Cltceroi* anb C?obcrnor of tbc 'JolanOfl anO ^aiu lianti, 

anD laiD before tbe oaib dlcalbco certain patents anD pnlJilcQ;e9iinti 

toarnintaof tbcoaiD liiinffanb iDucen our ILorOc(,tDrittcn on ptipcr 

ano parcbinrnt, anD fliffncO toitlj tljcir roinil nanico, anD ocalrb Untt) 

tbeir oralis of leaD banginj b)» tbrcaDo of coloureD oilk, anu loiti) 

colourcO toiii on tbc bach> anD tountcroiffncD bi* certain otTtccroof 

tl)cir rciiMl bouaeboIb> ao appeircD in all anO eacb of tbein. Cl)f 

tenor \ubcrcof> one after tbe otbcr, ig ao follotoo. 

'i'i7 nics lit I ittnt. ono 
till na.-nimuntn t/c ntu- 

(hnsto i/c mi!l t tjut- 
fill titoseilo^Kithos. En 
tstt' lUcho iliti a oi-ii iif 
bispertts (/|f^(/s, ptwo 
ituts (I inrntis, rsttinili} 
vnta postuUi dtl Strtur 
tlmintnd lUliis )'h- 
/; isiiin ('.< itttstitiinhii 

• ihiidii ftiUt ci'lltm-'U 
it Santii Afiinii, antt 
I'sti Villi lida Hi'ct V 
/*! ni liu\s Mi'titer > ii/ 
t(i/i/i s (>ri/jHrtri*i< rn- 
f^tn i/ic/'ii \ihdiiil ilf 
St I ilUt /tor el A?rv e /" 
Hi vna nue'itti'i Sent- 
rr< (■ en prt ■.mi irt i V 
"(J Mtirtifi Htnirti^Ui s 
..Mf IKIN" pulhi.i> iit .- 
ti\ ihihit ,i6./<ii/ </» V- 
ij,7.(. f lith's li\ti,:'>$ 

\«st» rsiTipfMs. pat > \- 

' m endc prtsnxtt t ! 

tir.v mil:inijli'> St-rU't 
/>..n t hnstoiiit t .7f'i 

iiniiiiintt fllilV"'' >ii t 
Mlili ••■_nni-<. I'lSM J(-V * 
'f .If r*uhl't iiditK \ \!.:\ 
I- In-ri ,1 fitmr t />' ' - 

t nt- tniti li'H ill ' "s 

.1/ iiitit s ' u iiii-, ' II - 

' I . r pt ' \ ;,'. t;;- \ r 

■yUj.l^, 'itli S ./|,'',.^ 

Hi \ t Ht\nit KU( Wf . > 
•^f Ui'ri \ t s'r ,/iI.i\ ' ■! 
p,ifil e ptttf:a*nin-- • 
lirunuitis lit suj riaU 
,vmhti 5. 1' si'.titdiis i"n 
^'(( sell>.'% lit- plomo 
pendifntts tn JiU's dr 
ut/rt (1 Cfdores. r dtici ,t 

• 'il.radti tnlas < ^pu! 
das, f tffrrniUidiJ\ uf 

ii rlvs <'/J\ ifli't 'i (If s.i .-(...' 
^tna tn p"\ d, i ,: , » tstt 

Cl)c Mw^ anD t!)e £luecn. 
JfiRnnciBtic ^orta,3lttutnjtintof our Ungl) 

tif tjitjcn tosTon «II)riatjpl)rr Cnliiinluia, o'lr JOiiiumI of tljc Ctr,i;i 
ii copi'.ao .iiitl)ciuiCiitcD iio til j'uain crc'Jciur,of iinplcttcroof i.uMtc 
iiiiO pi'iDilcur iiiiD ccnficiiuuiono Voljiclj tlic aoiD 1'>ibI) ilDiiinMl of 
Ciiotilc Ijoloa of tijr OiiiO cljarjr aiiO Jiruc of domifal, tolju'cln' lir anD 
atlicra for l)im iiioi' oluain an6 tollrtr ?l)f Diiro iinD otl)Cf tijiiuja 
oppci'tammu to Ijim m iljf a.iio diiii'ijc ; for tor Ij.itir grjiitcQ k 
tl)r Oiiio Don Cljni5ti'pljcr Coliiinlnia tljr faljoiir of l).iDi:uj ^w^ 
rmoiMiiu flic (jr'icro, hoiimro, prcrHT'intoca, lihrrtica, Diiro ii:it) 
OiilaricG Ml tljc .IDiniriilti' of rljc jInDiiij, toljic|j oiir aain I1115I) Jo 
iiiir'l tiia.lioloa iiiiD rmoi'o m the .lomiiMltn of Jlaatilc. •.liiD ilj:: 
Do aiiD ffilfil iia oooii oo Poii off rcqiiircQ \\v tijio our letter, Xuiilioiir 
iihikiMff iiin' crcinr or DcIop tijrrciii. iinD if I'oii Do not 00 pcitorm 
onD fiilt'l It, tor CMiinioriD our O^nv>;rnor iinD otijcr inoticfo e! 
tlic till' of fettoiUc til touipcl lino force I'Oi" to ao perform anD tiiliil 
It. iinD ncittjcr I'oii nor tljei' oljoil D; contraru tljcrrto. SJoiir 
in tijf eitr of l-iirijoo, on tljr ttocnr tljiro Dai' ot tlif tiuntlj A 
xlpril of tt)e rear nineti' orljfn. 1 . ^r Ismj. J tljr sDiiccn. 'ii- 
commanD of tlje Ising anO of iljc iZ^uern, JfcrDinanD dHjarco. 


irio;i,/,iir.(H <;,,i ,(11/, > , J,-^,tdn '/.:r .1 /»• 'i ( /'i i \(r i .i/ ( .7 m. -lU. i/i ■. Itmuitnli iltla nulr ,j. r.riH., un (n ii\ , 
j/)/.'ri:rI /'I. »tl iM.'tli frt ./Iif /(j^,( 'r<- i/, ,yi.j/( , i/i*ir r ( (/» f.l \ <.'"i m» ', (./ r ;.f . I j/»^*i('. r . • h/[i Hid li fl. ., :, .. 
./i '■" .(.'i'M,.'il/r HKiy.T lir I i.Md./it (itni- ..'1/ ./;./■!> uiif,,. ,• ■An. iiV . IIillli illllr . /hi ,1'. >i.i'. ,/ \ .,'. , ; 
'/ ';iirM ( iifitft /' s (/.r(c'('\ I '.'Nj, n .(IS (I el." />M ; < •:. '. It nff \ i.nrf t/irK. tm^.., /, ,| ,/nr ,1,,,. , 
fi I ''M tui-.t'i lit mih.i Ihn t}u^t'\al i "ton. t^ui ,:\it r LI :i litliii mrr^eiit^ t- hutitnt^ t /Trrr'^iifn ; 
I l-Jirl.iJii e lieicihoi <■ sili'urin iriii' A ir.nmnidc i.i.'iis ) niita\ ifut hil r lirne < ^'i.;.i ./ liuhn nun r 
I ! 11:. 1 1! 'lie iiKiy. r rnr/ -■J/mirimfn./f .. ,.i ( mlillu Ijijuat t.i:tii t iiimp'i:d lurf,ii ntnu jwiilts t,ij\.i< .4 
II . ./.I nu. ni (iir/,1. ,in i/ki tmU 1 iinf:i:ys rMui.i ni </i/<i|iun iif^'uiKI. f sy .mn "'." /" Jlilirjti 
lumi'hrriif itinJatr .itnunln .tsislenlr r a . iu.\li:ni\ ilelil otilinl ii< Si i iti.l. ijut i..» 1.71/1. ;,',i.i 
.('"I'M;.. I (I,',. .:w ftt,ii t mwpiil . /' II'. I, fiif^tiiiii m til-an trii'i it! ftihit ,tu,t , diiitlil lie lit 
nin'r ■ /If. r/:.i, ilr' "ii ■ ■!•■ ■•/■•■•' -'r •.. • -In , ,,.(, ,11,,,, > ,, ./ 11,1, y., ;.■ .V,,,,,, /'. , ,.„..i 

I!') •! • /.■.■_V>l" / . 'IIir'M' </ll!lr 



Vn.^. •>> V 


. '^,.-: 


Sent ASl. •M'«r«»U»<M«' 

#^"W/ki ^<,3 J^ A mttt^ (7m, i JiU e */f AS . 
9£» -^^iO'v«-KMtS»JWt« A£^«t>iU««^<ncntt$i«^ 

W*«^'»»fti« ^ee «H<f 


(fl£ JWiJ)l ^. 


< ' I / 

■ nr 

I /i 


^ J 

I. ) 

I ' ' 1 ! 




. I* 

W^^tJ^ < 







C»*^<^ <<*Z»(?^ 

9«<-7« '^v* 'A'w^ •^^ (»«^ JK<^ '^•v')* «v»^^ r?} ^^ 


H «Ht«^r £ (^«»t Vo-K* 

anD cectlftrD b? a 
tlje tenor tobt«o 
illallaDaliti, tijr i 
tjerr, on "JIucoDii 
of ti)f nflt(ti(tp of 
oittinB; to make r 
(Piitlccrc Of 'JIolc 
bcr, (n tlje paliue 
tord arc continue 
.iiiD report, in tl)c 
.ippcartb OPonjalo 
ot our 0aib ItorO 
tijr ILoro idbmira 
self to bciinbprc 
to br rcab bp ua a 
tiilrof of our OiiiD 
toriftrn on parcljn 
tDitl) !)i0 tttal of I 

of 10 (IS fOllO\])0. 

Ciiotilc, ILfon, 1!I( 
pcbciinD dlQCtic 
iiuottra of ocbrrc 
of iMf council iinO 
rico,iiiflticf0 anb 
piiliitt iinb prtcinc 
qiiirro, >inb to all i 
picfltiinitrofl, proi 
01 tijc most noble 
.inD placed of uii> b 
oc.i, .1110 to nil' fli 
ki.itcitoainoof nil' 
other peraonotoljc 
aiii'otbcr peroonc 
or Oiijnirp tl)ei' iii( 
Of iiMP iippeitiiiii, 
ot)ot)n,ortl)e top 
vicner, iinb to ratlj 
grrii.1 patent of 
tuitl) niP geal of 
\jititn to SDon il 
oca.VDritten on 

XXI "nxt^ 

t'tjoot.tDljoare ' 
cticr ano eber, a 
tiio inotber, \ob 

fiteri', f Jirnulitti i/r 
,\ t\tr tjue ST sii-i 
.(. Setllta, dr ( cir.l 

m\ (i/'t/iffliui. V ukaU 
t r^t\tro, e tuittitnttut 

lif SfnUti. e dt tmia 
r'litr, r at mi iirmatti 
(ifnfi'v f iitiiti ptrs 
'it- 'juijl ijuifr fvfdi/. 
I script'), fi ,1 ifutrn 

(riyano puhlu'n. t it 

("It mi setlo (/(■ plum 
m/iyoi 'tela mtn, ci 
/'.,! I'ndr, ,■ h;,n 
E dfla hitn aientu 



'tiJ\Xf9 '<* <> ^^f^ "^ ^ bocitnuiu torfmn on paper anti tHenti hste m /rfiM</'> <<r 

onD cecrmeo bp a scriiieiiec ano nstarp public, ad appeaceo tberebp i una r Wptura ncnp- 

till tenor toliertoC (c( eipcroocti m tijtu manner. 3ln tbe totnti oc ta m papd e stgnnda 

ClallaooliD, tlje court anli cbanterp of our lord tt)i* lifuff befnff t firmada de eicrivano 

there, on lucflDop tlje fifth Dap of tlje montlj of 3lulp, (n t()e pear «• «"'«'•'" puMco, «- 

of tbe nat(l>(tp of our ILorb jeflua COrlot one tljouflanb four bunbreb e"""^ P""" «"« pai-'f". 

aiiB tb(rtp=fibe, before tbe ILorba aubitoro of our oafb ILorb tbe Iftfnff, " thenar dtia^uaidue 

flittinff to make reporto (n tbe palacea anb bouaeu of tbe ilorb 2Don '""'"/"I'"- , ,':'"* 

(Piitlccre be lolcbo, ©iflbop of JPalentia, aubitor of tbe oaib tbani- "'"". ''' ' "'"''"'"i;"- 

tier, in tbe palace anb cuBtontarn plate, tobece tbe am TLom auD(= ZZiZl" d7 h,1 

toro are contlnuallp occuatonieb to bolb anb bo bolb public aubience Z",,roZl,rmaZ^ 

M report, in tbe preaence of ualobna?art(ne- :t icon anb JBeter pr„",«T/ Zde 

(Partia of a^abriijal, acritenera ofour aaib Horb .be l&ing anb of b(a juitw, ««<. d,i nasd- 

clj>imbcr,anb bfa notarfea public In bia court ano in all bia bingboina micnt,, de nuturo se. 

niiD ooniinionB,anb in tbe preaence of tbe toitneosea toritten bcloto, hnr .h$u chnsm de 

iippcareb (fon^ilo fernanbea be d^ebina, attornep bcre in tbe court miit <- quairoiUntos « 

of our aatb ILorb tbe Hing, in tbe name anb tiitb tbe autboritp of ireynta e (inco ano,, 

ibf ILorb labmiral acon jfabrique, toboae attornep br beclareb bini^ nnie los seHorts oy. 

cclf to be, anb preaenteb before tbe aaib ILoroa )diib(tora,ano cauacb '''"■" >''' •'"'"" •'>>''"'■ 

to be reab bp ua anb before iia tbe aaib acribenera, a patent of pri^ "o- rfiandn futundo 

\)ile(je of our aaib ILorb tbe liUnff, beariiiiv tbe circle of aiunatiirea, "'''C""" cnios paia- 

tocirten on parchment of ohm, anb aiffneb toitb bia name, anb aealeb ','"'/. T"' j i-?7 

toitb bia aeal of leab banging bp tbreaoa of ailki the tenor tobere^ r.l' /7 Aw" 

of 10 aa lollotoa. X^QXl lobn, bP tbe grace of (fob, I&ing of "*"''" ''' '^"'"'"" 
Ciiotile, ILton, ^olebo, (ralicia, ^ebiile, €:orboba, d^urcia, 3ntn, ^U 
ijiKbc anH dloeciraa,anD iLoiD of 15>iacap anb ^olina, to all prelatea, 
maflrcro of orbcre, bukea, tounra anb granbeeo, anb to tbe membera 
of my council anO aubitora of iiip cbambcr, anb to tbe alcalbea, nota= 
rico.maticro anb other olGccraof nii> court anb cbaiiccru, anb of mv 
palace iinb precinct, anb to go^jernoto, cbirf juoticeo, hnigbta anb ea= 
qiiirco, anb to all counaellora, niagiatratca, alcalbea, bailitla, lubgea. 

iiyiliir dfla ilicha ah- 
dunfia, mil p(i/<i|io 
p I'tfiar rtcn'itumhrndo, 
alii tontmua mrntf ft 

. *ttrn fazerefiisrn ah- 
dt/niia puhlicii r rela- 
port ttis ii'hns senores 

tydores, tn presint, irt 

picfltiuiicroo, proUoata anb other luotitea &nXi officera tDboiiieoeber ''<• ""' ''"•" 'W<ir(i«i 
ot tijf moot noble citp of fertjillc, ano of all the other citieo anb totona ''' ' "" ' ''"" '""■<•" 

ni>\ \lt'l ilichn Sehnr 
liry t (/» ht Miiihtlten< iti, 
t ^u\ niiliiriiis puh~ 
lu'ts tnltt su tnrtf.f ftt 
tinlir, ,'-•■; %ui rtynn'i 
e sennrtn^, e delos ti-s- 
tipns yusii escnptni, 
pnrt'Siin tion^iiln /■'( r- 
nantlfx de Medina 

iiiiD pliKca of mi> hingOomo aab bonunions, anb tn the capMino of the 

oc.i, lino to mi' oiipciuuenDent of the fleet, aixb to the m .otera anb 

hoiuotoaina of mi< gallcpo, anb to maotcra, manncra, mercbanta anb 

othfi' pcroono tuboniaotociVDho nabtgate bv oca anb ritjcr, anb all anb 

diu'otbfi' perooiio of Vobatoocber otatc, anb conoition, pre eminence 

or Dignitp tbei' niai> be, to \Dbom tobat la \uricten beloVQ appertaino 

or iiiiip appri'taiii, oc to Vuhum tbto nii' patent of pnoilege map be 

obotun, or the copp thereof autbenticatcb anb aigneb bp a public tri: 

iiciitr, iinb to each of pou, health AM grace. ISnoto -'c that 'i babe 

gem ii patent of prioilege bearing the circle of aignaturea, anb aealeb pmcurador aqm enta 

VDitl) niP aeal of leab banging thereto, tnhicb bP niP commanb toaa <"r/f ,w dich., senm 

iSiucn to SDon dlfonoo ifnnqiieo, mp uncle, imp l^igb kibmiral of the Key. "i numhre e en 

oea.tDritten on parchment of altin,tbe tenor VDbereofiaaafollotoa. '"'id.i sehnr nimirame 

XXI "TtliGC XljSJttGC of iFoD, jffaiher, feon M\b I?o1p ''"" '•'"'n./uf, c„yo 

C?tjoot,tol)o are three pcroona anb one onlp true (fob, tobo reigna for P'-"""-'"'"'^ y •''«''. •• 

ctitr lino ebecanb of the iiuot blcoocb glonoiio Clirgm feaint il^arp p' •"■'"'"'»'•■ '""''f'">' 

bio inotber, tobom 3 rckjarb aa mip oobercign anb aa tnttrteaaor ''."'T'' ''>'"'''■'• y'" 

fi,t' /,i^ ^/lf^lK f%crnnno%, una carta de prt'xdr^io tUl tinhn Sehor W.y. roiIadiK fsirtpto tn pergaviinu de 
i-ueri\ f Jirtuiuh i/i" su nomhrt , r %v!liiUi> <un %u \eUii de pt-mto pmlitnte en jilo% de seda h.l thenor del t^ual 
,s tstr que se sipue. IU)S hihan por t.i ijrntKi dt t)io% liry de (itstilla, de I.eon. de Tidedo, de tializia, 
ii. .s>ii//rt. de iordtna, de Mur- iii, dr Jahen. del Jl^arhe. de Al^rzira, t Srhor de \ izcaya e de Molina, a 
I =/-.■. ln% ptf!adi>f, nuie\trei drlas Mri/irtts, dutfues. condes, ncm otnes, e alas del »ii c'ofi5»*;o n\dores dela 
mi (iMifn(ni. e alcaldi^, e nottirtox, *• justi^tas, e otrns ojiftaies dela mi rurte e chan<,illerta, e dela mi casa 
r nistro, e adtlantadus e m(rinv\ mayares, caialUms, eicuderos, e a t»do^ Ids cnn(ejf^, regidores e alcaldes 
I' nlf^uasilei, rricriMfis t pri \tamet K'i, prtho^tes e ufriit lustmas t tiji^talei tfuale^ quier iltltt muy nnhle fihdad 
df SriiUa. c de toda\ la% "tras ithdade\ e iillitt t /nj^jircs dtlo% niM n ynos e 'tenorios. r alns capitanes deta 
rriiir, ( til mi armad'-r dtla Jiottt, r patrones e cumittes dtiii\ tuts ^•d/ciiv, e alot mae^trcs e marineros e mat' 
uiftft's c (tOil> prrs-nu* {^UiiU\ i^uiir i/ut' niiit-^'iiren pur In mar c i k*. e tinlas las otras t 'jualts vfuter per^onas 
<!f (/U(i/ ifuier estadn r i nndi- vn, prtbeminin^ta, o dif^nidnd que snin. a ifuun atane c ataher puede h yush 
I v,-ripf«i. (' (I quttn iSla mi curUi dr prevxle^ixo fuere mostrada, n el ire\lad-> dtlla ahtonzadt) e sy^nado de vs- 
(rivano puhliC'\ e a (i\da uw de tfs, .Sri/m/ e ^'kiiUI Sipade'i, ./la- iide una rartn de preiilegm rodadn, e sellada 
(••n mi ^ello de plnm^ pendiente, (/u^ por mi mandad-t fue dado a l>nn Alfonsa Fnrriques mi tio mi Almtrante 
mnyoi dtla mar^e^cripta in piir^ammo lie ( thenor del quat et este que se si^ue. r..\'Ef. nt>nhre de 
lh:'% l^adfi e Fi)o e Spintu Snnl-) que sen ires pi rsonas e un \fln Ih-s itnladfro quv reyna por %\enpre ^amfit, 
/•' '.irla h\%n axenturada I ir^t « ^lunosa .Vi'ufa Mai xii Su madte a quien y-> ten^f^ pur Sehcra c por ahoiiada 

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, A honna t irni,i" apOfltlC feillllt ^ailltO, fl)C llQt)l f !>9 lUtl tOC Of all tlje fSpailig ,11)0 
M hen annluraJii patCOn ilil ffUlDt U" fljtlillllffO Of C I'tlU !1\1 PCtDtttfllJOrO anOHlllU' 

>'""' '">'«'"'«"• '"' anD of all . l)c dam o of t|)e ttUfltlal tourr. JF)oto gince It I0 iiaturai 

'h-'paZ e pTon e 'OiU all tl)0(jc toUo v\)f kiiifffl tDtll aiitt toirl) oiiutre Otapouition, m 

, umiiur ,1.1. , «■>, J a flcrtjicc toljtrciii tl)> p Ijabt (jrtat labour aiiD t jiI, oIjoiiIH tctelbr ' v^. 

.ucaiiiii.i,.usimh(e. rttoarD oi» attoiiiit tbcrcof, in orocr tliat it map be a grca- com 

'oniemwtih. hIo, fg^j j,„[, tonijolation for tlicif MatrcoutB, ano lihttoiat btciiuf it 

Z,t c'oX' f'tiitiiai''^ 'iJ totll foi- Uinfffl to gibt rtto.iti to thoflr o attMt tljrm U',11, 

pw .,«r ., niiliir,!/ Ilrfltlp III OftiCl tO DO tuliat tIjCp OIlBljt , Of COnDli- 111 orOfC tluit II IHjn 

r«s„ ..,/»,, / .ivufftifn lie dii trauiplf to tiiooc toljo map kiioto it or beat ui it, 0,1 tljat tljcp 

jin.7. <i(ms «..v.i ...n lu^^j, jj^j^jj jIjjii, yj,,,|j j,j,fjp oiflpooition: tftt hiiig toUo Ooecf rijia 

!;3''U' 'wi '""^f ronoioer tyrct tyiiiBfl tbtrtin, f^^ir.'.p toljat faboiir it m ibIjkI) 

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/wi r r ■»,/. i-r,m'(/c It 10 otatrtjfb, t|)uolp toljat la t|)c U''" or tbc loao tobitU map aittiic 

naimMmiUii / - .,u, [q (,„„ ,( |jf 0t)oiiiD toiiftr It: toOticiJrt J, takiii(j into atcoiint aiib 

Tc,ms!i''',',''<k'[' ^ fonaiDtnng all tljia aiiB li' toiat tbr main' ano 500b arr\jirra toljitl) 

fl/w<, TlZJsy, Iw ''0" 5iOii ^Ifoiiao CJiiriqiitu nip untie, anb nip liigl) prrftct of tl)f orj, 

v«. ,'si„ hun'nhs rrnOcrfDtolSlnij3Doniiol)iiof (III rrioiia mcniorp,mi' uranbfatlicr, 

«(•>.../, (/,ir^rt/,in/rm ti) toljoiii nuip (?oD ijrant l)iB Ijolp paraDiat, anb to ISiiig SDon tHmn 

"'" '''" '"'" '' '.' ""• nil' fatlirr anb loin, tolioin inai> ipoo parbon, anb bav rrnotrcD ano 

Mi^li'hZjrTLr'Tul 00 rtnOtr to mc bAilf, ano tijt Itncaoc Ironi to!)itli poti tome, anb tl)c 

.1...;.. ,i/,.» vK, biitp voliitlj H Otoe I'oii, anb tolji pou cirt, anb to (jibc pou rttoarb tor 

lo .1// r,n e ,.y,r,n. tjjeni, bo Voill tljat all men tljat noto are or IjrntclortI) aljall be 111,111 

/""■''•■■ ''■ ""■•'"'■ '">■ hnovu bp tljia iin' pribilrge tljat 1 SDon Jobn bi' tl)t grace of eoo 

"u'in,Z'Z'j,,"?r ^^'"tf of Caatile, Heon, Coltbo,ealitia, feetJille, Corboba, ^iircw, 

rmiii, 1,'ti c..s,i., '/,i ]|iien, *llgart)e .inD Jliutirao, iiiio llorbof 13iatai'anbij^olina, Ijrtr 

/.riiiirrrt i/ur m,r((,i oten A pate: ' jf tl)C Oiun lloiD liing 2Don Jihh! ' mi' father anO 111;' 

.. ,i.iu,i!<, ./u. fntia loft), voliom iMi'i?ob pd! Don, torifteii on papei uio oignebtDitl) Ihj 

' "/u.tVrAr.'. 'ml "'""^ '^"^ °' '''^ '■^" '''' ^''"'' ^^'^^ '"" "''''' ''"^^' ' "'' '" ''''" '"'""itr. 
u ',',"m,rr,,"*.' Mff"'-' XlOXl *K"ri' I'p tlje grate of cob liing of Caotile, leon, ClUcDo, 
,,r,' ,iue .$,1 prnufi C?alicia, s'fbillc. CiuDoba, ili'urcia, jiaen, JlgarDe anb s^JlgetiiMo, 
>i.moqu,irru,,i,,,Hir ,inb tofO of 13ii3cai' >iiiD iV^olina, 111 orbtr to confer fatjoiir ano ar.uf 
M In hum,, fr ,n,it p|, ,,|^|, gj,u„ ^j|t,j|,o if nriiiiica, uii' mule, for tlje manp anb Ioim; 

,„„„, ,,„;„ , „ (ri.ii 'i"f opt cial aenuceo tDijiclj I'ou rcnbereo to KingSDon lobn mi' Litlit; 

;.( much,.^ . hutno, anb mi' loib, uiljom i?ob paroon, ano babe renbereo ano bo rciiDt; 
1.111,1.1 vxf '"« •'"" to me Oaili' ano to (Viue I'on retoaro for rliem, 5 make pou nip l>in; 
•"'""" '•'"•■■'/'"' "" iiomiral of tbc oim, im:s it la nip toill .1 .0 pleaaiire tljat pou oliail in 
!.'■'. '- ." /.i'mnr"'"/. ■ ''""' '"■""'"''f') '"" '^'U'' ^ of the aea, in tlje aamt maiin,; 
>i,j,(.'Pfv./..n7,,fr,m aa2Don 2>ieuo jpiirt.ioo De^cnbota,betf,ioeO,uBebto be, anbtliati'ou 
... ->;„,,,; I, ;.i mrm... \)o[ts t\)t oaiD ilomiraltP toitlj all tbc vebeniieo, rigljta anb iiirioD:: 
• Mi, i'.u,;,..7ur />,,., fipijg ^(,|)|f|| dtionu anb ougljt to belong tbertto in tobat^oeber mill 
«, 1' './".'^ ^nmv'u/mi ""^' .ifcorbing aa tlje p tocrc beat anb moat completely p>iaataaeQ tip 

P'uir: t .N(7i..r tjut />ii',i prT\iunt r rtui/i* /k/j.- »■ ftizttin a mi tir iiula liiii r t/ hnair tif dondt i<i\ tinij.i 
f tl ttthdu qui- cnn lusci) ht t ./ut.n «'_\ . ** p.-r I'll ./.ir fialttrdi'lt dttl'i, quirrti tfur srpijn pt'T tilr mi 
prmlUin t"dv:t tos oMi. s yur rt^'"r(i S"ii (J i.r.m lA- rt./ui nJt/iinfr, f..»i(> _>•.. (/..n Juhtin por tit ^r.itiii ,/r /»..., 
Hry dr laslilla.dr l.ton.Jr Ti'lido, dr (ialuin. di Snilla. d,- < ur\l'na, de Mur^ia. dt Jiih,n, dil ilnnnr. i 

f/r-iirii, I .Srn.-r ./r I tscaya i- d<- M-'hntt, n unit einta dtl dnhu %rhiir Hry don h'nrrtijue my pii./r. , .-u 
i.n"r.,/u( th"\ ptrdtine, ficnptit tn ptiptt f Jtrntiidrt dr iu noriArr i .ii'//iii/(i ron xu uUo entiti mpnldiu, Jit*\: 
>n ,iia f:uis(i l>ii,\ Fnrriijut por la ^ni, la di /)i..i Hiy dt ( inlillti, dr Iai'K, dr TMrdo, de fialnia. dr Mi i;.',i, 
1/. ' ■i./.iiii, ill l/ur(i(i, 1/1 Jtthm, ilil I'^iirii, ,/i .((^'i:ii(i. i SrriKr de I'lsffl^ii i dr .Wu/inii, por fnur hi,n 
I mtriid a 1' \ r/..n Alj<m\i< /■-Wrrj./u.s mii fi.. p..r /"> muthi>\ r IniUs e sthnliidn\ sirini(t\, ifur /f;l,^, ,;,' 
!<• V ti''H ,/"^(In ,M( pndrr r mi Smor, ./uf />i.'i pirdimr, r tixrdii fiihn r fnzidrs n nil dr rii./.i ./i.i. . p . 
I , <liir ^'(ilnidim dtlli'S, /./''.(.'s HK Atniirnntr ma\'^r dila nitxr, r iiuuro r r\ mi mrr^td i^ue \ia<lts /. •,■>. 
'•'Irliinli ml llmirnnlr mryyt dria mar, \ri:und ijur /.. snlm irr rl llmiranlr dnn Ihrpn t'urUi I ■ 

iftnd'nii qur r\ finadfy. r ijm tiyadr^ rl difhn Almirantiid^n i •m tndas /rti rrntai r detirhn\ r }uridi',!- n, 
jur It pirlrnri,fn r pirlennir dtim. m i/uitl ijuirr mnnrrn. \fgund mr)nr r mnt mrnle hi m 


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no0t bltflstt 
topatiid iiito 
tt ig natural 

I Bi'ca^ m\\- 
it bttiwit It 
le tljfiit V',11, 
r tbat It iiitvit 
, J tbat tljcp 
1)1)0 boto tl)ia 

111 It IGf \l]l)l(|) 

It ano Ijoto [ac 

account aiiQ 
ftttof tlicoca, 
I' (jranOfatl)cr, 
igSDon iHiui' 

iTnOcrcti Ant) 
conic, i\ni rijc 
DOii rctoaro tor 
1) oball lir iiMi' 
r grate of CoD 
rDoba, dftiirtid, 
s iJi^olina, Ijiitr 
fatljcr ann in;' 
igntti Voitl) liij 

II tl)ifl iiianntr. 
,1Lcon, cdIcDo, 
lino sillsctuMa, 
\)our ann ar.ui 
nan;) anD Icim: 

1 ano 00 rciiDcv 
t pou nip iMiV. 
lat t'oii al)iill III 

oanic ntaiuh'i 
hr, anOttjari'oii 
to lino iuria&!c 

anocbcr mm 
I' piiBOrOOtD tip 

t itonite i'>i i<ni li . 

Srfujn piT rdi- nil 

r til ^T'lpit ^i' I 

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tfue "IV pilt'rf t nil 

ndii .ipil/i/di./iiKi 

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Jimi, por fmtr l-.-n 

Icii, ifut /r:nlt> .:.' 

II i(f cik/ii c/m. 1 f ' 

I :/lir Maiirt tir nju: 

Ihrl^n Furtattn 'U 

,chn% r ^uriJlfl'llf' 

/ii/rr mrnte /t ii"' 



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lii|2£ 125 

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(716) •73-4503 






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^»J|»»% 4j OAlr"***^^ •»•* "■■•f l*^» 


tot!)Wt(me. am 
inafltcrfl, tounw, ( 
altalottf, balKfffl, 
toiiomdoetiec, of t 
citic0, totond anD 
taintf or tlie flta, a 
anD boatstuafns o 
ctiantd anD ort)tc p 
tieuca.ano eatUa 
amso dCnrfqutd, 
appertain to tt)t 0* 
to pa)) anD cause ti 
riBftt of t^e flafD 
completely, in 0tii 
tl)(nff,accorDinB a 
ADD rcnDecrD papn 
the ott)cr aDmira 
patent 31 giDe pot 
map lie able to c; 
iiiciooittion taljici) 
iJDmiraltp in any 
liotl) to ismir Icttc 
mat at sea anD al 
fl)c flalt toatec en 
jdDmiial map Ijab 
,ilc,ilbe0, liaililTs, s 
of mp hingDontfl ' 
nijance of anD ma 
arise at sea ano 
accordance toitlj t 
most fiiilp anD cc 
appoint tijem in t 
J, lominanD tl)e i 
cliamlicr, tl)e alcali 
oaiD to\Dn0 anD p 
to iiitcrmeDDic in 
nor to Diotiirl) pou 
oicrion, toljom poi 
of tl)e saiD diitrg 
niano hip liiffO 41 
tutjomsocter tiljo 
Dclibcr anD seal 
ticiit patents of 
br nceofnl, and at 

Ihrnrtiitt dim />i«i:'i 
(ri./ii mi pixirr conplii 
, A. Ill tit lltniriintiidi 
tn\ piira dar cartas 
fn/.ii /upiirtM d'lli)\. , 
p.iirr ./<■ pontr e portj^ 
dri'S mis teyntn 'fur 
i^:it [HiJticirrtn tnta 
iMfi'T r mai i<'nplui 
J, Sii\lt,i. h p.- 
mi Crirfr «• d tudits /.i 
r vnm, ijur Sf n"tt 
iueitroi oji^mles d*la 
tniliiirii i;ui' r/i(7'il 
i/uiir'/ui't.t(iin I nil! In 
I firmcs e hailnnti\ i 

tbrflafD Son axego JFuctabo antr ttie otfiec flDmfcalctobo (lafie been up 
to tW time. SInD op tW mv patent 3I com.nanii all prelates anD 
inaotecd, countiS, gratiDees, bnig^tis anb esquires auD all counsellors, 
altaioes, bailiffs, fuDgeS, prestameros, protjosts aao otber lusticcs 
tabontsoeber, of tbe most noble citp of sebille anb of all t^e otljer 
titles, totons anb places of mp hingooms anD Dominions, and cap= 
tains of tbe sea, ano m? superintenDent of tbe fleet, anb tbe masters 
anb boatstiains of m|) galleps, anb tt)e masters, mariners, mer< 
cbants anb ottier persons tobatsoeber tobo ma? traberse anb nabigate 
tbe sea, anb eacb anb all of tbem, to receibe anb obe? pou tbe saib ^on 
iaionso dEnriques, as tnp l?igi) abmiral of tbe sea in all tbings tobicb 
appertain to tbe saib ofuce of abmiraltp, anb in eacb separately, anb 
to pdP <>nb cause to be paib to }>ou all tbe rebenues anb bues tobici) bj> 
eight of tbe saib office belong anb ougbt to belong to ?ou, Vnell anb 
tampletclp, in sucb manner 'bat pou map not suffer loss in anp 
thinre, atcorbing aa tbep best anti most complctel;> rcceibeb, obepeb 
ani cenDereb papment to tbe saib sdbmiral Don 3Dttgo jfuctabo anb 
the otber SIbmirals tbat babe been until nob), i^nb bp tbfs mp 
patent 11 gibe pou mp full anb complete pototr, in orber tbat pou 
iiiiip be able to erercise anb map ecercise tbe cibtl anb criminal 
iiirisbittion tDbicb belongs anb ougbt to belong to tbe saib office of 
idDintraltp tn anp manner Vubatsoebcr, in all tbe rigbts of tbe sea, 
liotb to issue letters of marque anb to uibge all tbe suits bibit^ map 
iKisc at sea anb aloo in tbe garbours ano tbcir enbirons, as tar as 
tbe salt toater enters nnb bcsscls nabigate, anb tbat pou tbe saib 
;aDmii'al map babe tbe potncr of appointing anb map appoint pour 
alcalDcs, bailiffs, scribcncrs anb officers in all tbe totons anb places 
of mp bingboins tobicb are sea^ports, anb tbat tbep map tahc cog- 
nisance of mi map becibe all tl>r ouits, criminal anb cibil, tobicb map 
arioc at sea anb in tbe riber tobere tbe currents rise anb fall, in 
actorDante \Dirb tbe manner in bibicb mp otbcr former idbmirals 
moot fnllp anb completclp appolntcb tbctn anb in tobicb pou toiU 
appoint r^tm in tbe saib citp of o>ebille. itlnb bp tbis mp patent 
1 lominanb tbe members of mp council anb tijc auoirors of mp 
cljanilicr, tbe altalocs of mp court, anlt all tbe otbcr luoticcS of tbe 
oaiD totons anb places of tbe sea ports, anb of mp kingboins, not 
to intcrinebDie in taking cognisance of anb brciOing tbe saib suits, 
MDC to Diflfurb pou or pour oaio officers belonging to pour Saib luriS^ 
Diction, tobom pou map appoint in pour Strab to talte cognisance 
of tl)( oaiO suits in tl)c manner aforesaiO. dnH morcober J conu 
tnano iup tiigb Cbancrllor, notaries, scnbenrrs anb otbcr officers 
Vi)|)am0O(bcr tobo are In tbe commigolon of mp sealcf, to gibe, 
Dclibcr anb seal for pou mp strongest, firmest anb most suffix 
(iciir patents of pnbilrgcs, toitb tbe greatest securities tbat map 
lie nccDfnl, anb atcorbing as tbep Voere gibcn to tbe otbcr idbmirals 

(( ilicho don Diego 
Furlado e lo$ otrot 
/llmiranles que fasta 
aqui ban sydo, e par 
esia mi carta mando 
a todos los pertados e 
maeslres, condes, ri- 
cos omes, cavatleros e 
escuderos, e a lodos 
los confrjos e alcal- 
des, e alguaziles, e 
merinos e prestame- 
ros e prebostes e vt- 
ras jusli{ias, quales 
quivr.dela muy noble 
fihdad lie Sevilla e de 
todas las otras (ibda- 
dis e villas e lo^ares 
delos mis reynos e 
sehorios, e atos capi- 
tiines dela mar, e at 
mi armndor dela jtii- 
ta,e palrones,e ciimi- 
Ires detas mis palcas, 
e alos maestrfS e 
marineros e marcan- 
tes e ntras prison as 
qualfs quier que an- 
dovieren v naiifiaren 
por la mar, e a qiial 
q:iier n i/Laks quiir 
dtlltts, que ins ayan 
f lihedescan a ms el 
dicho dim .llimso 
h'.nrriques, pnr mi 
Ahmrante mayor di- 
la mar m tudas las 
cnsiis I ca la una del- 
its. tjUftll dirhn oji(io 
(/(■ - tlmiriintiul^n per- 
ttnisiin, I' que ms 
rtrudati «■ jafian rr- 
cudir inn tmlas las 
nnia^ e derechn que 
pnr razon dtl dichn 
iijifio pirtine(en e 
pi rttni^i r ins t/t"tTn, 
hien f fonpUda mente 
tn pui^a qui- \"S mm 

mtn^ue ende cosa alpuna, sif^und que mejor e mas conptida mente aiian e nbedeiMm e rfcudtan al dtchn 
l/priiiin/i' don Ihifii I'urlado e ii/..s nirns llmiranlis que Jmla aqut ban irydo. h' por i s(.i iiii curia i"S do 
tiiiio ffii pndtr fonplida mint,-, paid que pndadi-s usar e u^edei di-ta juridtitnn ^ei-il e ern-iiiinal, que al dicho 
)rtri(> de .ttmirantad^ii pertinne e pertene(i-r due en qual quier manera en todos los dereehns dela mar, 
t;i\ pitra dar eartas de rtpnsanai e jud^utr todos los ptito^ que eni-lla acae^itere. lomn enli>% puirtos e 
^n/'it luf^ari-s d'llo^, fasta do intra el a^ua satada e natetian los nai los, e que ms ,1 duho . timirante oyadis 
p, i./.r de poner e pimf^ades i-uistri>s oli atdi-s e ali^uasiU-s y escrivonos *• ojii ur/cs en Imtas la-i idlas e loi^ares 
dti'i mis rrv"*** que son puirt'ts di- mar, i para que cnnoseon t lihr<n todi>\ ins phtns eremmali-i e ienlts 
^:ie aiarscieren mla mar e eni-l roi dnnde lli-i^ortn la-i cri^ii-ntes e menf^uaren stf^und e enla manera que 
Miftirr r mas ft'ttp/ii/d mentr Ins nlms mis .ttmirantis pasaons lo pusieron *- pusierdis enla diiha [ihdad 
di Sftilla. h- p-r esta on carta mandn ains del mi consejo e alns nydnres dtla rrii iihditn^ta e alcaldes dela 
nil ciirte e a todas las niras justnias dilas dichas iillas e lu^aris dt-los puirtos dtia mar, e delns mis 
rynns, que se nmi intremefan dc cnnns^el e tihrar l"S dichns pUytos ni perturhar a ms ni dos dichos 
iuntrns oji^tales dila dtiha luestra jurcdi{ uoi qui- pusurdis por ms para connsi'er dtlos dichos plitos inla 
rniinird que dului i s. E snhrt- isln mandn al mi chan^ liter maynri tinttii ms e escnianns c otros oJi^iaU-s quales 
quit r que islan into tabla ditns mis \ellns que ,'>•; din e lihrt-n i- <( ' en ,•,;.* cartas i/i piiiilli-jos las mas fuertes 
I Jirmis e hastanti i I con mayor, s Jiniusas que fueren mencstir ■ ■,e(iund fuimn dadas alus utros Almirantes 



I i 





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\ • 

mas compiida pain ot tni> Dtspuanure. ano grrroi j commanD to pc ffintn t^ifa mp 
it« to otirron, <> natttit sfffneD toftt) tttp name, anD sealeD to(t|) mp pcibp seal. (Eitcn 
unoj ni los otros ,„ ti)t t(tp of 'SCoro, OH tfit fouctlj Dap Of tijt motttlj ot ^apcd, <n tje pear oE 

/asrtrffj enJe at ,j,j natiHUp oE ouc l^atiiouc Jmia CljcWt one tbouflanD four Ijunbrtb 

I'uistrof ani.-itforis, pouc pceDece00oc0, oc to OHP One of tbem \»lio (elD it mo0t compiettiv 
o a quai quier Mhs, anD niittec onc nor otiier ot pou 0|)al( ho tlie tontrarp in anp toap unbet 
que mns compiida pafn of mp D(0plea0ure. ;anD liereof J commanD to be fffben tgfa mp 

tttente to ici^*''^** f ••«*«•»* ^l^»%myt w«f»h t%«M nukM* antt tttattti Wtl^h tltn ttl*fiin ttrnttl <«.-< '■ 

los UHOS 

non _ 

pnr aiguna mnnera, aniWtV^join 95»att(ne0TCianterioc of t!)e &(nff, tauort'tbio'to'bf 
snpenadetatmmer- ^ j ^^^ ^f^ commanD. J t|ic liilnB. KtffWtereo. MXyr{ 
Z; ,^,'tiZr,: XlQltt toe 0a(O flDon iaifon0o (Enrique0 inp uncle and mp*^^ 
ftvLrV miTn- atumralof tie 0ea, W 0uppUtateD me a0 a fajiour to confirm to bin 
L, e Mada am ,m t!)t 0aiD pattttt of ttic 00(0 Blnff Hip fat|)ec and mp loro, tojiom (fob 
sw/.> </r/a port(/m/. pdcbon, onO t|)e fat)our0 therein containeD, anD to command ttiat thep 
Dnda entaoMad de «tioulD bt ob0ectieD anD fulfilUD, in et)erf<t|)ina and bp etierptbing, at 
Toro, a qualm dws cocDfng to \DJ)at f0 containcD in tbe 0afd patent, bp directing t^at hip 
d,i mes dt Ahni, pattnt of prlbtleffe 0t)oulD be giden to i)tm torltten on parchment of 
aho del nasfimiento 0fcin, anD 0ealeD toltb mp 0tal of leaD banging tbereto, in order t^at Lc 
./,. nufsiro sauador ntop mo0t fullp anD compUtelp be able to eniop and map eniop tfte oaij 
.t,su ( hnsio de mill pfg^j pf admichltp and tbe oaib fadour0 contained in the 0aid piitentof 
e quairo(ienins f (in- jj,j j,,,i,, jg^j jj,j ^(„g „,p {(,jj,jf . jnj niorcoder tljat be 0boulD be paiD 
» '•"'" /" •^''"" all tbe ret)enut0 and Due0, anD tbat tbep 0boulD be pre0erbed to bim, and 
Sv/" fis"scriZ »«)" t" «>t"'»>ti bade all tbe iim0Dlction0, francbi0e0, pridilegea aiiD 

JrsuuandaZ Yo Mtttm tDbicb bclong and ougbt to belong to bim in anp manner tndat. 
.1 n,x uZsi'rada ^otMtt bp rea0on of tbe 0aid admlraltp, according as mp otbtr ao 
/•; .ifi'rn ,/ dicho don mlcal0 bi0 predece00or0, oc anp one of tbem, beld it mo0t fullp ano 
■uionso Fmnques coniplctclp, and tobub arc contained in tbe eaid patent of the oaib lort 
»ii (i.>. »ii Mmirante t\n King itip fAtbcc anD mp lord, YDboiii (EoD patDon. iilnD J tbe abobc 
iimvnr diio mar. pi- oalD l&ing, 3Don jlobn, In ocDer to confer htndne00 and fadour on the 
,/i.>»i<> por mtncd oaid SDon :aifon0o i£nriqiic0 mp uncle and mp l)igb Admiral of the 
,,.,f u amjirmasf h flco, found It good, onD 3f confirm to b"" tbe JJaiD patent of tbe oaio 
d,chara,i„d.idnh,< Ui|„g ntp fatbct aiiD tbe fabouro tberein contatneD, anD J toininant) 
«. V m. padre e ml jj,jj ,|,fp jjj ^,^,^(^, ^,,1, (jj obocrdtD fiillp, pttfcctlp anD compUteli', ac 
Sfnor. que ihos per. [oming flg (bcp acc containcD in tbe oaiD patent. anD bp rljio nn 
''""'/ ' '"'""''''"'" prldilege and bi' tbe copp tbcreof 0igncD bp a notarp public ano oratm 
rmiia conemaas e ^^^ ^^^^^^ j^^ outbocitp of i )uDge 01 an altalor,3l command all prclatco 
dare ,Z7hr'cn t.,d', «"a0tcr0, prtotfl of ordcco, counto, granticcfl, commanticro, mib com' 
f fir.r t'dn svBund mandero, hnigbto, eoquireo, and memlitra ot" mp council and auDitora 
,,,.cenia dicha carta of "'P cOambtr, altalDcsj anD bailltfa of mp court, and all couiiatllora, 
■., cmuene. mandan alcalbc0, ballitf0, futigco, prrofauieroo, probo0t0, commandanto of 
d.h dar ,m carta de tAotlta onD of foctififo auD unfomfieD palaces, and otber luoticco, 
pnnitfuoescnptaen ot&ttvs onD magi0tratc0 toboniflocbtr of tbe moat noble citp of ^cbillr 
fHrfiamim, de cuern. auD of all tbc Otbtr citico, tolono auD pldcco of our kingDonto anD 
, uiiadttcm, mis.ito Dominionfl, and captaino of tbc oca, maorerci, boatotoaino, liargc 
men anD maotcro of sbipo ano gallcp0, and mp ouprrintcnDent of ttic 
fieet, anD 0atlor0, mcrcbanto, anD all aeamen, ridermcn, figljrrinrii 
anD boatmen tobo nabigatc sea anD rider, anD all otbero tobo go in 
mp fieet anD out of it in tDbatsocdcr manner, or in Vobataocbrr o^ipc) 
tbcp map go, from tbl0 time fortb, of toljatsoebcr orate anD conoition 

de pltimo pendie-nte 
f'ora que meitir e max 


ennplida mtnte 
pudiesf f^'>\ar e f>u- 
\nse dtl duhn t>ji\xo 
de .timtrantad^n, e 
ilelas dichas mene- 

i/fs enla dicha carta dil dicho Sehur lity mi padre conttnidas, e titru^y para que U reiudiesen con tmlas la^,;. 
e dtrechos, e te fuesen fiuardadas, e oiitii tndas la\ juridniones e franqutsas e prtiilefinm e lihrrtadr% qut [■ 
perteneien e pertene^^er deien en quahptier manera por rtncri del dicho .ttmirantadf^it, u^und que mrior c in i, 
cnnphda mente lo mier >n los otros mi\ Atmirantts sus anle\est>rts o qual quur dello\ tnla dicha carta dtl du^ 
Sthor lUy mi padre e mi Sthor. que Ihos ptrdone, se cimtienen. H yo tl sohre dicho Hey don Juan pnr /.n,- 
hien e mer(ed al dicho don Alfonso Snrrrtues mi tm e mi .tlmirante mayor dela mar. toielo por hon, t iun- 
Jirmole la dicha carta dtl liicho Hey i "e e la^ mer^edtx etit'.Ui cimtenitias. r manilo que talan ■• {/i^i uai 

puardiidr.s en todo e por todo hien e '-./ite sef^und que tnla dicha carta \e cnntienen. H por e^tt m 

previltpio o por it trasladt, del .^ipna ritano puhlno, sacado ctin abtoridad de juei o tie alcalde, mdnj ■ 

II tt^los Itts peilttdos. maestrra. pnores u. ,..,« ordenes. e condts. e ncos omi-j. e comentlattnris e suhcomendiu^ui , . 
caiatleros, encuderits. e at<'^ del mi coasejo. e tdf>s oydtires (tela mi ahdien^ia e alcaldes e alfiuaiite\ i.e.; 
mi corte. e a todtis los •- n',.jor e alcaldes e alfiuastUs e mirMio, c prestameros e prebostes, alcaydes dtl' \ 
casttltos e casas fuertes e lianas, e otras justmas i tjiiialrs e apurlellaitos quales quier dela muy nMr 
{ihitat de Seiilta e de titdt.-i las otras ^lh^tades e iillas e lo^ares ileitis nuestrtis reynos e srnorios. r d' i 
tapitanis dela mar i patcmes e comitres e naiicheles. maestres detas nans e f^ateas. e al mi (Itmiim ■ 
dela Jiiita. e atf. marineros e marcantes. i a tottns Ins times dela mar e no, e alos Pescadores e luu- 
querns qut naiij, ittn por la mar e rin, e a tndtis Ins titros ijue andan enla mi flnta e fuera delta en ifual 
quite manera, o er. quales quttr naiios que anduiieren de aqui adetttntt de qual quier estado t condi.nm 


i ' < 




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V^ A»» «fc^W «wrvti^ »«i "H* (fl- @»' Jl^ r*»^ ,*^ 
^-Jm fi<fftC$ **w«jftTr't5»»-5?** <? "^^^ ®^«^ v**^ 


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tt» ma? be, tjat pou 


MID Kngooinfl ano oo 

ffitt of rl)t Ofliii aon 

McinB upon Da t» 

\,mwi toUoni Df nil 

JfCfOflorfl ano poii ai 

Sir of toe hinga fi 

hfin, ano xW n\x ai 

So Htnff •»? f«>>" 

M ano tauot ro be i 

nVbt to btlong to tUe 

To I'? toOatsofOrr r 

him ano rtftiitc Difl 

L, ano afl pou tooiil 

s n. ano Ilhct0i9t 

Jttsona of tl)f flta o 

; m tlje riotr or tl 

flfculf ano pmiiot) l)i 

(lit oiiiD 9Don laifongi 

hp t)jm m bi« flt"b, 

jomiral map Date i 

ano map "trttutc lufl 

to br inaicttO on tlj 

fhtp liatc legallp Otoi 

iiipflaiD l»igt) laomii 

oliall rfCfitJf ttoo pat 

in l)ifi otoii ptroon ir 

tt)trtof map ffo 

in fu taflt otall sail 

itif fltet for tbf pur 

map rtteitit t am t 

pjrr. likttoTflf 3 c 

icvo, otiipfl, ffall/otfl, 

tif tqiiippto tor otqt 

^ am to rettitit ttno 

tl)irD tijcrtof. Itki 

(it)j|l fit out a tfflot 

iiup take anp four ir 

crimttobatoirttr fo 

nijp go ano comt t 

anoaiip otljtr potto 

iiiiral map be ablr 

ptraon or ptrflona, 

comt fuibarhtO or ' 

ral 0t)aU liatot mp 

(r\ii no c> jutril pori/uf 
iitfru dfK AUiinix y.nrr 
,ur i/ Jli/'o .-l/miriiii/r 
IV. /ii pfnii I) penas. i/u 
'ui ((mirniilf ina^iir 

p.'f tu mrtni/ij. « .i>n ' 
jiif liWi) ffliiaiiii'' V"' 
j,. r bun t mum/ci v"' '' 
Ir.M p(ir(fs c/r que ) 
•unit la (friirt piiite 
mi motciiji/o, i/uf /iwi 
(•nJcMilos ilr mittile 
I ilnu putrlos i/uit/f 
riiironl* lar^'cir 111 drii 





(ibades c 

tii» maf br, ttat fou tni tlup do (olD antt rectfbe ttt 0ttio aifontfo ?»« "<>>•. 9"' 
^nrfauttf, nip unclr, a« inp ttlg^ SlDm(ral of tdr 0ra fn all parta of mv ' <>>'<" ' "& 
AiiD kfngDoiiia anO Domfn(on0, anD rtiat pan act unDrr Utiii 111 rbe satD "(^■'"'" "' ''"''"' ^'- 
offitt of tl)t uaiD aomiralrp an& ti»jil and trmitnal luciflOitrlon, <ip. f'"*'" '■»'■'■'';"" •"' 
nrarlnir upon Ijifl tltaKono ano tfiinnnonaefl or upun rtioae of rjc ''»/><"• mi -JMurrtnif 
«ono toUoni Uf ma? appoint (n bfa ottao, atcaroins ag pour pre. Zi\\n:trZlZ 
rflflorfl ano poii atttn unDtc tht aafo aomfrda toljo toert (n tbe ';,^rj"'f;;'"t''' 
Sof toe kinua from tebom \ Mttnt,, oc /otoaroa anp one of ^:^!:U": V^ "/,; 
ti|fin,anO tOat pou act almilarlp in ctapett of r^e aafo patent of tbe „,„, ,„,iMch„ „ti- 
(laio mnff inp fatljtc ano nip loro, totiom «oo pacoon, ano tljat pou ,,„ m d,ch,> ai,,,,- 
oan ano cause to be paiO alt tbe retoenuea anO Ouea tDt)tct) belong ano rantadgnfjuruUoon 
ought to belong to tUe safo office of aonilraltv fn toljatouetier manner fhiii e cnmmai. < 
jnD tip ttbataortoer ti0l)t ttjat map eriar, ano liketDfae ttjat pou obrp vennnys a sus ii,wui- 
him anO ececute Ijfa commano, ad ft)at of nip Digb vibnitral of tl)e munto$ e empi,isn- 
gra,dno aa pou tooulo 00 fn mv oton prearnte ano tor mp roval per> mienios n Mus que 
gun. !ano Ifkctotae J oroatn ano commano tijat ff anp peraon or ei por sy pusiere, $<:- 
nftflona of tbe aea or of tljt aaio ritoera oyoulo 00 aupfbing on aea «'""' 1"' "'^J'"' ' 
or in ttje rfber or elattobere for tqljicb it map be neceaaarp to pro. "" 

mas conptitia menli- 

aitiitf ano punfab bim or tl;em, or ff tijep aboiilo be Oiaobeoient to ""•?", "?,""" T 
fhf oaiO Don aifonao (inrfquja mp uncle and to Ijia ofBcera appainteO '""'"i"'' ■■"'»"''•'>'" 
HP ftim fn bia ateao, on aea or fn tbe riber or on lano, tliat tlje aalQ 1,1 ZZ Zdl 
ilDmiral map date potoer to tretute ano map oroer to be eretuteo , ,,, „ ;; , „ „, 
jnD map erecute (uacfce upon bfm or upon t|)em, ano fna-ct oc orocr -auur 5w/..i t oLsi 
ID br inQlcteD on tbe spot tbe punfaliment or punialjinenta tol)tcl) «»/„ j,cha aria m 
m tiobe legallp Oeaerteo. ano 31 oroafn tbat of all tbe galna VuljicQ uuho Hey mi pair^ 
niD gaiD Digb aomiral map receibe or make in mp fleet or ar gea, j e mi svn'or que ows 
gljdil rtcefbe ttoo parta i<no tbe aaio sdomtral tl)t tbtro part, be going penhn,f, r que ncu- 
in bifl oton peraon in x^t aaio fleet, etcn tbougb tUe aaio fleet or part </«''" ■■ /i^'-K/rs r,- 
tt)frcof map go atoap bp bia orotr or tettbJut yto oroer, ano likevnioe f"''"" ""• '<"'« '"•' 

intu caoe of all gallepa to^itb 1 map oroer to be cquippco apart frum renins e dfr^chos que 
' tbe purpoae ot making gafna, tbat of tlje gafn VDbttl) H ai d,eho „i,o-> d, -n. 

en e perteni^erdeien 
en qual quitr innn- 
erti^ e por qunl qiiier 
rastm uuesi'n,e olrnsi 
que to obede\c(idt'^ »■ 
(rti'di/fS su mand<tilii 
list comi> til- 1)11 -t'- 
tuirtlnte mttyur dtlit 
ifii'SfMo e pur Hll pry- 
jonii rtttl E odiiw 
(iMfo p»r hun r 
Mliini/o que 5V ttltsuna 
alfiuncs iklii iiKir 
e delta dtchns rias 

(it fleet for ^. r --r-- — „ v — . •» v- „—• —.■•■, ^ , , 

\m rtteibe t am to babe ttoo parta ano tlje aaio aomiral tlje tljiro »>"-"'»"dp" r>''i'"- 

part, liketolae J orOain ano tominano tbat in tlje caae of all gah 

\m, 0t)ipa, gall'.'ota, tjeaaela ano otbcr foiata tobataoctier tobicb map 

tir tqiitpptO tor oiber parta tobcreof tbe fitrb pact la papable to me, 

i am to receibe ttoo>tbtcOa of tbe aato ftftb ano tlje aaiO aomiral one-- 

t'ticD tbereof. Hfketoiae 1 oroain tbat tobenener hip oi^'O aomiral 

still fir out a teaoel bp mp commano, be map babe potoer ro take anO 

inaD take anp four men tobb map be unoer arrkat, being accuaeo of anp 

trimc tDbataieber for tobicb tbcp ougbt to be conoemnco to ocarb, tobo m<<r, e om 

niav gj ano come embarkeo or to embark in tbe aaiO ritp of &cbille 'i'^ por 

m anp otber porta of inp kiiigoams ano Oominuna, tbat iiip oaiO ^O- 

niiral map be able to place to bta oton account tbe tbiro parr for giicb 

person or peraona, accoroing to roe price or pncea ar totitcb Ujcp niav 

comr cmbarkeO or ro embark. iLikctoioe J oroain rbar iiip aaio ^Ibini. 

rjl obdll babe mp aaiO JOiiiiraltp ano flc'ct ano luriooictian, cibil anO 

fi:{iren enln mar u 
rntl ri'f fuerti porque meneiter sen Inzer dereehn drt. < ju^tiiut enet n fn^7^lS, n sy te fuenn desi'btdtentis nl 
iif^ii i/i'ti ,^//f*rt1^) t'nrrtquts mt tio e a su.f t>fi^iidis que r/ par .ty puMere enln mar o <nel rn>, n m tierrn, 
lu ,lauho Almiranle puedn laier e mnndnr faser e /ii^'ii In juiliua enel n •nello.t. e dilts dar o ir.anlar dar 
IV. /rt penn n penm, que de direchu inrrrfi iirrrt nier. /•. tentio por bun que tndas Ins ^annniinx 'jUe tl dichn 
'111 tbmrnnte mnyitr tmrre o Jiitere enla rni Jtnta n por tn mar, que ayn >'(> las </itsi partes, e el dtihn .llmirant' 
.11 (triiii parte, e yend'< el pur su luerpo mesmi enln dicha Jtola, aunque la dicha Jl-itn n parte ditln ir apart' 
pi'r iu mnndo, u syn \u mnndndo, e ftrtm que todns las fialens que ya mnndate armar syn Jlutn para ^anar, 
^ki titia f^anan^xa que miere, que nyi >''» las dnss pnrtts, e tl i.ichit Alniirnnte la ter^tn parte. Olrnsy ten^ti 
i,.r hun e manda que todas las f^aleas e nnos e f^uieotas e Unas e otras Juslns qunles quier, que armnren n 
.'Mj partes de que i'n aya de aier el qumlo, que }'o ayn las doss partes deste diehn quinlo.e el di ho .llmi- 
rantf la ter^ta pntte del. E otrost tenf^o por bien que endii que el duho nu .tlmtrante Jiziere artnar por 
ini maidado, que pueda sncar e saque quatro omes acusados de qual quier mal'Jttio, pur que drian ser 
(rniienaJos de muerte. que rstrn ptesus, quales quier que fueren e iiniir. n enla dul'a |i6iW de Seultn. 
I >'tT>'s puertos qunles quier delus mis reynos e sehortos jiotndos a por jiotar, qut pueda tt dicho riii .41' 
'Kirante lur^'iir la ler\ la parte enel o enelloi para si,si^und el pres^io o prestius que unieren jiutados o fiolare . 
"I 'I'M ten^o por hien que il ditho nti tint it ante que It} a el di(.ht> mi .lltntranlad^'t t aieloje e juiidi^ioii I II til '■ 



< \i 

> : 



I !.' 


I' ! <* 


ID dtp of tottiillr, t9itti all ibt potorrs anD risfatfl tah ,h 

anO oiiffbt to btlong to tbr mn offite or aDmiraltv n 

lanntr tpbatootbrr. flnb Itkttolflr that bt and th(i«. 

tcimlnal, ftillp aiiD complcttip fn all tbt ports ano nidrxi 
of all inp hiiiffoomo anD Dominions tobicb act tftapocta iil. 

tbC OalD ''*" "' te>h<ll* tnUh .ill thf nn%n»i-« AnK ■••.I.^ . ."*< 


anji manntr _,— _ _ .__. ,. „„„ ,„„., 

""" f""''"] " '"".' tobom bt map appoint in bid fltcao map babe and iiup S 

'"'' ''' '"'"" '^"'' lurioDlttionjntobatflotbtrform.inalltbtflalDfleaportornh 
in tbt totonfl anD billagcfi tbtrtof, aa in granting Iftttra of 
marqiir, anD in fuDging alt oulto totiicl) map arior in thrfliih 
ora anD riDtr, M alflo in tbr 0aiD ports anD in tbt toiunadnb 
p,,unr„, ,i.un rti billiigrfl ti)crtof, as far as tbr salt tnattr enters or ghing 
qu„i <im>r mniirrd. nabiptr, anD t^at tbt saiD iSDiniral map platr bis altal&tn 
bailiffs, stribtntrs anD ofBctrs in all tbr totons and biliaatg 
of mp kingDoms anD Dominions tobicb art staporto m orocr 
tbat tbtp map take '-•';rni;antt of anD DrciDt all tbt criniiii 

rriiMinn/, hen 1 1"«- 
pt\iltt »n «/(•, fn (iic/'ij 
/iij pKcrdii r lni>iirrt 
tie tiiiltn Itii mi.i ri-y- 
net f jfBwrn',1 t^ue 

ittrfrl'on tfidr ill tltiho 
i<fi,{it ill llmiriin- 
liiilgi' fierlrnum 

lasln itimili 

ii/iuii \nliulii II fiiiir 

rnn /m nan 

/•' lifrmv. V'' ">'" ■■ 
pueitit uiitt I use t/ r 
li'tifui' pnr%vpu%lrre, 

iiiin iinhn iuniinwn of tibiTsiiits tDbitb mp orist at sta or in tbr ribtVto^frnh'I 
"" ' ' ""»'"«' "• tiDf rists anD falls, In atcoroantt toitb tbt manntr in tointh 
'"" f"' '"";"''• tbt otbtr aomirals.or anp ont of tbtm, most fulip aiiB com 
Z ,",T "u ','. ' P'fff'P P'"«> ''»»•" <» '1" fl"'" "»'' »f tetbillf. idnD 3 ton 
^M \\ih,T. in.L, '"'"»b tbt afortsaiD mtmbtrs of sup toiintil, auDitoro ot im. 
i/rHii, ,M, fflr;^ ,/„r tbambcr anD altalDts of mp saiD toiirt, and all tbt orbtt ma 
carta, •!< r/pr.,ar,a, ""0 ot tbc salD totons ouD pUtts of t\)t salD staporto of nil, 

•■ juiifiar Lin, i.„ oaiD hingDoms not to inttnncDDltln tafcingtogniianctoCor 
ptiiin. que rnta i/i- Dttibing tbt saiD siiits, noi 111 troubling, nor sgall tbcp trou 
I h„ war , no aou,- bit, mv SaiD idDmiral or bis said ofBtrro tobom br map appoint 
iirrrn. r.iiiin .n/ix in 1)10 sttad to takt togniiantt of tbt SalD stiits in tbt ntdnntr 
.hcho, putri,,, , ,,i. aforrsaiD, in tbt saiD tibil anD trimtnal (uriSDittion or in anp 
ii.garr, it.iin,. part tbtrtof. am J strittip forbio anp ptrson or ptroonoto 
■' -'- •ntrn darc to oppost or tontraDrnt tbt saiD pattnt of tbt oaib loro 
" ■" Iking, IMP fatbf r anD niP lord, tobom (rod pardon, or tbt fa 
, , , „ bouro^ frantbisfo and libtrtito tontaintd in it and in thio m, 

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„,,, ,,',*,,„/„ ,'„ dnd anp ptrson or persons tobosball do tbt tontrarp or abaii 
uxta, la, villa, r oppoot Ot tontrabtnt It, Ot anp oatt of It, toill intur HIP jnjcr 
infiort, ,/,/,!, ,n,, and oball pap to mr in ptnaltp for ttotrp time tbat tbtp oppost 
rnn.i, . sfii.iniK que Ot tontrabtne it, ttoo tbousand Casttlian Doblas of ftnt pin 
-I'n puiria, .If mar. and of jiist tstigbt, and to mp said l}igb ildmiral or to tuljom 
paia i{ur cnnrzcan t sotttr map baDt bis proturation, tbe Double of all tbt bdm 
iihr,nt„j„,i,„piii..s ages anD losses tobub bt map tbtrtbp sufftr, and furtbtc 1 
irimma!,^ t tiuif, flbail babt rttourst to tbtir ptrsons and proptrtP for tjit 
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"""■, ',,'"'' 7' f"" in pour plates and lunodittions, to takt from tbt proptrtp o( 
I'tni't f'^'mfnua,' '^"'^ Ptrson or persons tnbo oppose or tontrabtne or atttnipt 

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tie fi'»iii((r ni lihrar li>, dich">\ /'/i/ms. ni ilr pfrtuihar ni prrtuthrn ttl ,iiih,i mi timirantr ni ,u,, 
ilichii, ,u, iijiiialr\ qiir fl p,,r ,\ pinirn para cmmir ,1,1,', ,lieh,,, plit,it enla tnanera i^r nVKi 
fs, la Jicha juri,li(ion (iii// ni iiiminat ni parte ,litla.i (trfirn,lit Jirme mentf qu, ninfrun,> n, 
(ilijuniis ni'n ,ean i,,iitl,>, ,1, \r rii pasar contra la ,licha carta ilft ,luho srn,ir Hey mt padre , mi 
Srniir que it.'^^ pir.hme, mi cnntr,i l,i\ merit.ies ni franque:a, ni libertaiU, rnftla t fn^st,, Jich,, 
mi preiHle^i,* C"nttni,la, ni contra part, ilelUn, ,i^iira ni dr aqui ailrlante para j!eU>, quehrnntur 
It m,nf:uar ninfiuna ni alfiuna iltlia, K qual quier i, quale, quter que lit contrari,i fiziertn 
II conira ello ii contra parte ilello jueitn u pa,a,tn airian la ini yra t petbar mtyan en pen,i 
par caJa ttgada que conira ello fucrn o pa,a,tn, liui mill Jobia, cnstillanas ile jino oru r ,U 
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,jue porenil, r,\\ibifie il,Ha,lo^, *■ tlima,, at, \ i uerpo, e alo que t,)Xie,fn me tornarxa por ell" 
y mamlo ala\ ilichas justmas c a ca<la un,, .le in» rn \ur\tro\ luparr, f juritlniones, que pren. 
■inie^ en Inenr, ile aqurl r, aquiHo, ,;ur contra ello „ c,mlra part, ,1,11,, fueren o pafaren ,' qui.oi" 


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to oppoitr or ni 

ih( 0aiD penalty 

oan (or ratb tin 

niD 0000 pirami 

(iiuor to Dt toir 

mav tAtit W Ml 

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0diD. >AnD furt 

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sball pr(0tnt t|) 

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or ttso of tbr oRI 

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rbt (trclr of 0lBn 

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^tttsdrb, conQrn 

lorD tbr Ifting, tl 

Son (Octtr 1)10 tin 

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ot' iMirffoo, l)ig|) 

lope D( y^rnoo; 

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Son a)irgo, 2310 

tritrf (/Kiwim'n 'VC" 
;',ir ii/ i/i( '^(1 i/iiH .^/^ J 
^rtrffl'nino </r fkirn.l 
y. lalla.Mid Jut r 

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/iiiit mt htrmana, rnl 
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riff prrxilenif) r ciml 
amtirma. Ihm A-'nl 
H ynlanle /dm /vj 
wirtrifff lirln or,lrn < 
'Irt Hty ("ijirmii 
I'ahloOhitpn Jt llu\ 
/i.ii'd. cttprlttin wa\\ 
I'll h'han (Minimi I 


to MWtt or tontralifnt (t, or Mf 9M tf it, tht tquibalrnt of r » F»"ir, />., 
lit am ptnaltp o( t\n nun mo tbouoanti DobUfl from racd ptr- <'<''"> p"*<i •'''»! i^- 
don (or cflcb t(mr, ano to retain tgtni (or oiopo^al attorDinv to ''"" •'"" "•■" >'"'•• 
mt Bood pffajwrt. ano likrtofor wu 0|iall tomptnflatt anD ''";" «•'« -"o /).,r 
Miiot to bt tomptnoattb mj» oaib ^(ffb aonHral, or tobotber ""'" /'«"'"• ' '"' 
nfl°batitb<«M'bprof"' tlon, bp Ooiiblt for all tbt flaib bamauto '".""""I P"'" /'•'"■ 

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Jitgiiilr* tmeniliir ill 
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ijue fantciiiitt ante 
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xm, 1115 lin ilichin 
wif/o.i finr tin %lrn 

mo Io00t0, tob<tb bt tnny milftr from tbt oatD tauot, as afort 

ddiD. and furtbtr, taibotbtr poii mar> bt tbroiiffb toboni (t map 

r(inaln unbont anb unfulfllltb, J tomiiianb tbt ptr0on tnbo 

ghall prtotnt t|)l0 mi* prlbiltfft, or a tranotript tbtrtof of^ntb 

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Diroonallp, tsitb tbt proniratton of tbt otbtr offlttro pour col> 

Itamito, toitbin Oftttn bapo follotoina tbt bap of titarfon, unbtr 

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orDtr. anb J tommanb, unbtr tht 0a(b ptnaltp, tbat anp publlt '' " """ " ''"'"' ' '■ 

ambtntr tobo map bt 0ummontb for outb purpo0t oball rbtrtup< ''"'""' /"'; ''""' 

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thf Ota, tbi0«nPpribiltBt\»ritttn on partbmtiit of 0kin,bfarin(i ,rm' „ ,1 irt,i,i,in 

tbt cirtit of 0l0nanirt0 anb otaltb tDttlj itip 0tal of Itab faottnto ,v^nn,i,< c„m„ ,inh.< 

tDitb tbrtab0 of odfc. (Ptbtn in tbt toton of wlallabolib on tbt 

ottitntftntb bap of augii0t in tbt ptar of tbt natibitp of our lorb 

ItoiioCbriot ont tbouoanb four bunortb anb oirtttn. JHX1!Q 

X tbt abobtoalb King Son Jottn, rtiBnina toffttbtr tDitb Ult 

Siittn Sonna Catbtrlnr, mp motbtr anb mp labp anb niP cPuar> 

gun ano RtRtntof mi> kingbonw, anb toitlj tbtlnfanta Sonna /'^"""'"'"f" '"jio 0t0ttr, in Caotilr, Iton.tlToltbo.tFalitia, &fbillr, 

f orooba, d^irtfa, ^atn, ]l?at;a, Baoaioo, aiffarbt, aisctiraa, 

Siotap anb ti^ltna, grant tbi0 pribiltgt anb tonflrin it. ^bt 

infant 9onlobn, tou0in of tbt oaio lorb tbt king anb hl0 l7igb 

^tttDdrb, tonfirm0 it. Son l?tnrp bi0 brotbtr, couoin of tbt oaio 

lorn tbt Itltng, a^aottr of toantf ago, tonflrnio it. '^\)tj nfant 

3on il^tttr bi0 brotbtr, touoin of tbt 0atb lorOtbt lting,connrina 

It. £on IO1110 tit (Fupnan, a^aottr of tbt orbtr of tbr Knigbto of 

Calarnitia.tonfinng it. fiDonf^tttr, lorbotvlBontr idlrgrr.Uiia ,iunt,nmir.,i,vi:iit 

anl of t||t King, tonflrni0 it. SDon louio be InCrrbii, Count of <nt.^,1„lailuh,lf,,,l,l. 

dRtDinatrli, illagoal of tbt king, cnnftriiio it. SDon (Oaul, Uiotjop « 'i"y p"r .;i«i/ m- 

of iJurgoo, l>igb Cbanttllor of tbt fcmg, tonfirino it. 2Don ""• »" rnnfiun .m 

lopt bt a^tnboMi, artbbiobop of Santiago, l}igb Cbaplain of "<""'<"'", ' •»"•"'•• 

t\)t King, tonflrino it. »on jFatbtr aiton0o, bioljop of fei= ■"'", ''"'"' /""" " 

(tiifnia,ttfnQrm0it. a>onlobn, I5i0bopof&tgobia,tonflrmoit. i"''' i""'- •<".'««.. 

hn aitgo, 2&i0bop of Cutnja, tonflrmo it. SDon (f unjalo Dt ff.l']]ZS,\Z7e 

tniU III tjUi-in%ttt mils- 
■.'nr, (ftMB'ini" <Vfn(l7ii rnn ti/ ^\/<ni\,[ior ij'it V" if/>1 rn nim,i irmmfile mi mnfijciln t ilfsti /.■ lUiiniln 
iir (ililuhiiil'iH .illimtn hntiiqurt IHI lirj r iiii .llmininlr iiiiiv"r c/i/ii iimr rfir mi />iiri/f^ii) r,i nfiln m 
^ari:iimino \te rhirii, rvUiitltt t irtltiilv ftm ini if//" tit filom'i i ttl^ii tit i n Jttttt tie srtitt. hthitt tnUt i juii 
I, I alladidiii (/if I t iyrt< i/iji i/f J^titln, nn" i/i7 iiiii^ iiriKH/o titr itMri/rn .Viinr Jtiu ( hritlti iV mill i 
;^BJ(f"^i'iif"i e f/iri e Sfy% ah->t. /■' )""r/ ^'thrrtlt'h't liry il' n Jittiit t eyntinttrn urm t-ntilit /^lyiifi i/imti 
1 aittlinii mi miulrr t mi NVn^rrt f mi tuturti t refiiJorti tltlut mis rrynm f fcnlit ynftintii tli hii < titii- 
hM mi htrmana, tit < ntlilln frn I r:<n t tn TtAnIti t in iialmti, t tn Sriilln ,■ m ( .m/iiii, i fit ^tur^lil 
t tn Jtthtn t ei% lititt;a r tn HaittVft t tn il Atf^iirht t rn .-//(.'cjirrt e tn I'lzriivil t en J/n/mit ttlttr^it 
till preiilegit) t ctmjirmttln Fl yn/iiii(r ttttn lutin primtt ttti tlirhn Sehur Hry r tu iiiiivun/iPiii.i mayir 
iimtirmti ttttn h'nrrttjue sw hirmnni\ pnmtt till ihthn Srhtir ltt\\ miit\lfe tlf Nimr/ni^o, t-nnjirmn. 
hi \nttinlt Ihn I'tttm iu hrrmnnt) pnmtt ,ltl tlitho Srnttr Hry nn/irnici. Hn l.uyt tie iiuzman 
matitir ttrltr frtlen tirttt (rtitilltrtti tit (tiltttriiirt rtmfirmtt. Ihn I'rtlrn SVnnr tit Mttntalrpre la^iiUtt 
ilrlHeycnfirmii l>-'N /.«v, tlt!n L'eriltt < t>nilr tit Mrtlina Cell. iiitii//.i titl Hry eimjirnui. Uttn 
I'aklit (Ihifpit lie llui g i < htin^ilter miiyor ilrl Hry cttnfirma. I>itn I ope tit Mmtlinti ir^tthitpit ile S,tn- 
liiipc ctiptllan iiinyor till Hry ctinjirma. Ihm fruy AltttnMt oltisptt tie S,inliai>it Siftuenstt' cimjirmn. 
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I'll ttjifiali^ lit rii'/ii 
(thtltitl II 11//11 till tstt) 
iiiiifilifri' prrtiiiniil 
mrntf mn prmtirii- 
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triir, iltl i/i(l i/Uf 1 ij 
npln%nrtn tn ifuinse 

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/•Mr,..,,,. .MNyi.m.. i^igb |0rtrr(tordpiic(id, conflniig ir. 8Don lotin Kainicto br vlrtlLuia 
linn i),.i:o r.M»i. 1 ''• lord ot 1LO0 Catiuroo, tlaoflal of tt)c IKf ng, conflniifl ir. ffion (Tdrctii tftr' 
s,mr/,>^„/ UtUinuvh naiiDtfl d^dnrlqiir, lorD of idgiitlar. tlaoflal oC tbr luiiu, cannrin'o it 
iii.iv.>r ./. .»/ur,,ii jignatiufl 1.00(0 DC t;i^fitDo}a,1lorti of la tltga.dJaflflal ot lilt King (0,,' 
,.,«/,.»„.. ihm.inhnn ^p,„j „_ l.^oUn Jfcrnanftcfl of |Palrnfia,totrH>cn«cof tdtoaib loco thr 
""'"";''''■ '""""" Kiintt.liatif taiiottiiifo lit torififii bi' l)io tommanD in i||( ttntbi'Mrofth 
.s,, ram,,,., ^^ ^^^ j,^„j ^ ^^^ ,^, ^,„j jf itDiiianD, Sacbdoc of latBo, mm\ 

'.!'/.'.," iJnZ,nu, Ktomtn'rn- »J"6 noto tDf oaiD (Don idlfonflo (£nnquc0, Digl) dbimrai or 

>*!!",/, ( ...L of fatioiii- btrt m coiuamtD, aito to tomiiiano tbat It bf prtfltrbto to bttn m 

,„„,/(„,/./ H.'vf.m' all tbtimo, fillip' ano tomplttflp, attorDing to to bat ifl rontaiiuD tdtrtm 

riri„„ )«i.'.i/H/.f../.' diiD i tl)t aforttfaio Hing orotr to tonftr faboiir anti ijiati 

M,n,i s,h,,r M., iipoii tbt oaiti SDon iaifonoo teitriqiito, n\p untK atiD inp Digb iilliiiiirdlat 

i,p,x,i,M<,y tb(0(a. aiiD bdtiing rtopttt to tbr intrit tobicb b( (niop0 toitb ntcdnDtht 

..•nhrmn Yo .Urn manp, DooD dno notatitt gtrt)icr0 toblcb be rrnbtrrD to iKing aDon lotin 

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r nirrtnl nl ilich' 
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ahurln t at Itty dim 

'•" '' tbrin contalntb in tbt flaib patrnt of pnbilrgr intorporairb abotr, Vsljicli 
'"1''- tbingo 1 nota) gibe ant) grant toiib frrr anb full iiibgiiKittanb potorc dnD 

" romplrtr autboritp, atcorbing ag J poooroo it. dnb j flrmlp forbib, br ttjio 

nip patent of pribilrgr or bp tbt trangcript tbtrtof oignrb bP a public occi 
tornrr, rctrattrb unbrr tbt autboritp of a lubgt or of an alcalbt, tbat troin 
nolo QcnctiOrtb anp prroon or ptroong aboulb barr to act or procccb to 
Voarbg bmi contrarp to tbt gaib pritoiltgr or contrarp to part tbtrtof, go ao to 
bioldtr or bimini0b inanptlitnglobatig tbtrtin coniaintb -, foranppcraon 
or pcrgong tobo map bo go, or tobo map act or procrtb titbtr contrarp to it or 
to part tbtrcDi, u>iU incur mp anger, anb mortobtr oball pap to mt tbt pciui 
rirg containcb in tbr gaib patent of pribilege incorporateb abobe, anb to tijt 
>iii,,in^, »i„v'r .iru aaibSTon difonoo (,enriqueo,inp uncle anb mpDigb dbmiral.or to toljom> 
goeber map babe big procuration, all tbr bamageg anb loggeg tobitb be nid.' 
gufler tberebp. dnb algo ttjcp muot pap a penaltp of ten tbougdub marabcDio 
to tbe cbamber of tbe gaib SDon difongo tCnriqueg, mp uncle ani mp dDim 
ral ; to tDbicb gaib penaltp of ten tbouganb marattbia 1 begire, anb it lo titp 
toill anb pleagure, tbat anp pergon bp tbe berp fact ugtff gball become liable 
tobo gball contrabrnt or attempt to contrabene tobat I0 containeb in t|)i9 

rnrrtijut .III pailrt r mm sehur tfur /'in, ptrjnnt r tau a i.ti tie caila dia, /"t,^, pur him r portndt tte ..,, pr- pi 
..infu< < ^ It rM ifirn, 1,1. n nil n-tuntitit v i.ii-r, i./ tU mn tl' 'u.ii r i hh /ir.ihVt ,7 c/ii/'"pirii.'r^iii, r tm/ni /ii, mi rii /. , ,i,; 
t "n(rni»/rt5. f i/ii ^',/n ii^"rii ili nuno tn ttniif ^i^'und i tula iiuinrta ifui intt titth,, piriilr^in %r (imtienr, r ijur put t.t 
u\ar , UM tlrl ilichit tifitt>, tit .-ilmiranttulfi'i mn ti>Ja / 1 inxluta r juritii^inn alia i haxin it ill r rtinunal t- rnit .n. i , 
mnt" iMipcriii, r c<>n ttula, las "tras cnihi t iiula una ,/t//(i, inia ttuha carta ttr fun lU^n, juiit rfit(>rpipr<i,/.i(i»«/rniii.M, 
, mr ./r//ci r tit riii/iiiiitii lillti t lut tjui por \y puMrii iiii rnla my turlt r i/mii, tllma re a%a r niif.-ii, mmn Intra tirlii. 
1 />i<fi/.i fasrr r /ii^'iii/ii /nt tjur pur sy pu\ytrr lu, la, la, ulra, icatriaiiti unaililla, lontcni.iai rnlatiuhai aita tir pi,. 
ii/r/;iii jui" rnciir/)iir(ii/ii, fill tfualttyi ant'ra i/n r iifnr^n iii>i hiirt r pUnaria lutluio r /wh/rrin r mnplitla ii/idirn/nj 
,ii.'un'/ i/ur yii la ht, r lUJitnJi' Jtrtttt iiuntt: pt,r i j/ii carta tie pr,'iiUf:i>> h pur r/ tir,ltt<ta ,\^natii> tit tscritttno 
puhlic" Mttcitlnctin ahttintla.l tlrjuti " tit altaUir tfut- tit iii/ui iii/r/iin(, nin^'unii niii/^MRm, ntmittin i>,thitis iltU \r 
nl paiar C"ntra tl tiichtt prriilr^U' ni contra partt tltl, para ^rlo t^uthrantar n aintnauar tn it/^'uNii fi.ia titl" 
i/iir mil «r conlient, i/ui' ii tfual tfuxir n tfualti tjutrr i/uf (u fizirrrn h ctmlra il a contra parlr ilrl furtrn ii pninirn 
airian la mi \ra r dr ma, ptchar mryan /iii prnax inla dicha carta ttr prriiUiiio fujo enctirpttratta cttnttni-ttn, t 
nl 'tiiht, Ihin .tljtmut hnrn,fut\ mi ti>> t ini .llmirantt mti\<>r h i, i/ur/ <iut^ >;. 6111 tmit^t , ti'itas /.., ,lttH' t ,■ 
mfniiiirt/vii i/iif /.I'T /iiii*' r. Mi'iii H h' i," miMn,, pii/^nrlr him <lir, mill mnrtiirdi, tit penti para iu camrr,i, n' 
itichii l>t'i> .4ltaniii h'nrnquri mi tmrmt llmirantr. tnln, tiunlr, tlirho, tlit, mill mnrainlii itt prna i/uirni r ri nti 
mrrt^til e toluntihl ip't 1 iiv^-fl p"r 1 smi ...r .«|m ftchit jual '^itttr fut , iniffr .' f- n/rt rr trnir cntrati C' ntmid" .n , .u 



, •:) 



^ *^0vV ViJ^ft* »3'»*^ Q^TT* ***" CJ^^^'^rr.^^ 

u]]Cv ^^ - 







\ ,1 

I ■; ^ 



t I ) 





ini) priUilt« oc an 

Btobe. andmoceol 

matftertf of orocru, 



of tnp court atib n 

iit« pctCrcRt, c|)Uf 


ncot)ot(W anD otijec 

moot wblt m of 



of m? Balltptf, and 

an? otjtr iitwonfl 



script ttifrtofflfffni 

caiitit to bt ob0rrti 

fonflo (Cnriquttf, tn 


antt all tt)t fatiour 

complttelp, a0 anD 

t^tp art not to op 

tontrattnt it or pe 

reason, tinOtr pair 

uofltD in tj)t flaiO ( 

an» ptrflon throng 

ftUcD. anojcom 

anD intmbtrfl of n 

and notarir0, anb 

fltntcntrfl nj^io ar 

optct ro all rbe thi 




to l)im anb to Dtli 

citntiv anb tonipl 

nttfflcfarp for all i 


act totitrarp Utrr 


jcomnianb tlitpi 


to cite pott to app 

rour attornt pfl, a 

■•'n-lnion prchtmiften 
ly^ftili/o ctini'i dtihii 
^utt mi (Ml, e mi tlm 
( (ins /<M mer(eJt^ ir 
f rii/r"if,f (jur Ir nn \i 
Utnpo n\ por (il^una t 
p'tnltpin suso fiiivir 
(I'linrilter mayor tirl 
.Mt) t niilanus, r ii 
.lr!oi mn srili's, i/ue 
.iuhn mi Almtrantf i 
lUiini a <ttru\ ijuates 
pUiiin 'fut puituitn I 
la t\if(U\ton dello 
./uif r <ie loi 'I iitU<i\ , 
iltpniiltaiii mnslriit 
mi ii/ii "11 < T/r, /./ 

ittv mitttst oc aitif tiautfr oc part rhtreof, fot 3 confer ttie »>> prmttgio o con- 

innt tiiereof upon t|)e 0a(ti Silloim dcnrfques, nip untU diib tracosao parte Ueih, 

m ^ffft ^Dnifral, or upon tof)om0oeber be map delect and ap- a yo u/ago mer(ed 

nnbe. lanli moreober 31 commanti all tbe abobesaiti prelates, ai duho Alfonso En- 

niaistertf o( oroertf, commanberis and gubcommanDer0, tiuketf, rrtquts mi Uo e mi 

count0, granbees anb members of mp council, auditors of mp Atmirante mayor o a 

chamber, alcaldes, notaries, bailiffs, fustices and otiiec oCBcers quien ei quisiere e 

of ntp court and cliancer? and of mp palace and precinct, and por bien toviere, e 

a\v prefects, cijief fudges, knigfits and esquires, and all t^e 'obresto mando a to. 

toun(JellorS,gobernors, alcaldes, bailiffs, ludBes.prestameros, <>"' '"» ><>'>" <''''"" 

Dcobosts and otijer justices and otBcers of eberp liind of ttie p'rittdos,maestresdi- 

mil noble citp of teebille, and of all tbe cities, totons and '«'«'•''"'" tcomtn- 

" - •■ ■ ' ' ^ .. . . - . dadores e subcomen- 

oydores dela mi ab- 
dien(ia e alcaldes e 
notaries e alguaziles 
e justi(ias e olros 
ojifiales dcla mi corte 
e chan(illeria e dela 
mi casa e rastro, e 

ca\allero3 e tscude. 
rtis, e a tndox los 
ciiniejos e corregi- 
dons e alcaldes c 
atgiiasiles e merinos 
e prestameros e pre- 
bosles e otras jusli- 

iM otQcr iiersons tolio map traberse or nabigate tlie sea, and 
all ottier persons of toliateber state, conbition, pre-eminence or 
Digmtp, tD()o siiall see tliis mp patent of pribilege, or tfje tran^ 
script t|)ereof Signed as aforesaid, to obserbe and perform, and 
cause n be obserbeb and performed, totoards t^e said 9Don Sll- 
fonso (f nriques, mv uncle and nii* l^igt) £ibmiral of rl)e sea, or 
of to^oniSoeber ougQt to rcceibe it for ^ini, tl)is said pribflege 
and all tbe fabours tberem contained, in all t^ings tulip and "'"^ •"•' adeiantados 
complettip, as and in ttie manner therein contained, and tjat «• """"»» ma>«r« 
(htp are not to oppose or contrabtne nor agree to oppose or 
contratiene it or part ti)ereof, at anp time or for anp possible 
rtatfon, under pain of mp li!<<plcasurc and of tbe penaltp im= 
pofitD m t|)e said patent of pnbllege incorporated abobc'upon 
,inp person tbrougf) totiom it map remain unbone and unful- 
filleO. anb J command tie l»igl) Chancellor of mppribp seal, _.„ . „.,„_„.. 
anD members of mp council, aubitors of mp chamber, alcalbts , ,„, , oMaUs quale 
anb notaries, and mp higb '(treasurers and mv officers and quier d,ia muy nobu 
dcrtbrncrs ts|)o are at tge board of mp seals, tijat if toith re^ i^ibdad de seniia <■ 
gpcct to a!l tbe tbings abobtsaid, or anp one or more of tQcm, de imias ins obdadei 
mv oaiD Somiral, or tt)ose Vobom tie map appoint in tts stead, <■ "H"^ « logares de- 
ol)alloeinonlifromt|iemanpot"mppatentsandpribilegestoitl) '»' •"■' reynos e st- 
ttiftirclt of signatures, or anp otiitrstoliatooeber, to gibe tliem '""'"•'■ ' "'<" "'P'- 
ro dim and to beliber, pass and seal them as stronglp, suffi= '""" ''''" "'",''■ *; "' 
citntip and tompletelp as tbtp are able and as tbep map ftnd •""•""'"''"■<'''''/"''■ 
ntcfooarp for all tliatis abobesaid and eberp clause and part '/"''•"'"" """'-^'^ 
tt)trtof,ahtitlie erecution ttereof. andneir||frpounortliepBliall ':r;"„'"\'f "!'",' 
atttontrarp tijereto, under tbe said penaltp i and moreober if „,n;r"m«".nf!" .'• 
throiiBti anpof pou orof rtirm it remains undone andunfulftlled, „,r„,, personasquaUs 
3 command tlie person toljo map erbibit to pou tbiS mp patent ,,ui>r V <i«.(ui ifr<^-i 
ofpnbilrgeortliesaiotraiiacripr tdertof signtD asaforesaiO, e navej-aren por u 
to cite POU to appear before me in iup court, t|ie counsellors bp mar. t a todas tat 
mx attorntps, and t|ie officers anb otbcr inotbibual persons otras persnnas de 

qual quier eslado e 
■■^nJtoon prehemineniia o dinidtid que sean que eslti mi citrtit de prii-ilegio lieren o el tre^lado dell i 
^\^ntttlo ct>»i'> dnhit ri, que ^uarden e cumplan e fm^dn i^unrdnr v conplir al dichn dun .tl/onsii Fnrn- 
^ue^ ml tin, e mi .tlmirante inaynr dtht mar n al que In oiiere de aier por i7, este dtcho privtlegm e 
t tia% las merfede^ enil inntenidai, en toiln bien e cunphda mente stgund e enla manerit que enel se 
c ntitnt.e que le nn ni pa^tn ni ionMentan yr ni pasar cnntta el ni contra parte del en alguno 
firnpd ni por alguna rasnn que tea, so pina dela mi merged e dela pena contenida enla dicha carta de 
p^eidefiin suso encorporadtt, a cada unn por quienjincarc delo asy faser e conplir, e mandn al mi 
(hiitniUer mayor del mii selln dtla pnridad e alos del mi consejo e oydoret dela mi abdieniia e al- 
.Mrs e ni'larios. e ii/ik mis amtadores mayores e alos mis ofipalrs e escriianns que estan ala labia 
./f'-'S mis sellos, que si snhrr todas las cosas suso duhas o sobre qual quur o quotes quier deltas, el 
.i:<ho mi 4tmirante o tn\ que el pnr sy pusiere, let pidteren quates quier mis cartas e prerilef^ios ro. 
tLid(^\ o ntros quotes quier, que ^tlit^ tUn e librtn e paten e tellen l-is mat firmes e hottantet e iom- 
p'lilot que pudieti a e inenester orieren para tmio to tuto duhn e pora rado cosa r parte delto e parii 
ta i\secu\iun detlo I', non fagadit nt to/ian ende al, tnta dicha pena,e demat p equal quier o quale t 
■juitrde los o detlnt pnr quien fin^are ditn ati fazer e eonptir, mondo at nme, que i/)t etta mi carta 
dt prmtenin mnttrare nrt dohn \u tretlad^t tifinodo cninndi(hoet,que ms enptate que parescades ante 
mi I 'I /.I Mil i ''rte, t'lt ii)n;ei"\ p,irlue^trn^pro,uriul"rts,et<i\ "jl^iatet e tat ntros permnat tmrjates 

I') t * 

•i|M y 

I, ' 

U !<1 

V' !( 

I i ; 


* I 




4 ' 


1 .1 

i : 

I f 

) \ 

personal mtnu M fttnomU^ \BitW tt' Si^i^t flfKrn tt&^fi follotofng t^t ba» of ti 
dia que vo, emph- (jj^pn^ jajj pnt to ttttlitt tjt ceatfon tofjp you bfo not fuiar niB 
rV^t, ^:. commaiH, tje 0a«, penaltp^anD J command eberp miit 
entes, cada uno a «rit)encctD!)omapbe0ummoneD foctljlgpurpoisie tt B(t)etj|tct 
desyrporquai rason iipon to t^t fttfion \Dt)0 map ej;))ib(t t^ift patmt, a tertfScatc 
non co«/)firf« »i« 0(gneb to(tl) iW sital, tolitrebp 3 map knoto toto mp tomnianii 
;:?/:'S 'Jit: <«/"•«"»«>. anb Jector 3 omr « be ff(ben to m? 0aib aj! 
f scrivflBo p«wico ,« m(tal, mp untie, tl)(0 mp patent of prJbf lege, tocltten on parth 
para esio futre Ua- nunt of flWn, tflffneb toftl) m? name tottb tl)e ttrtle of aisna: 
mado que de ende ai t[ij;f0^ flnb titoltD Xoitl) m? fltol of Uab jjuffpcnbtb bp tjjreabB o£ 

nri" :;;«:/: «""«' «(benmtl,et(tpof feeffobmontfteflinlof luneint^e 
con su ,ygno, por ptac of t^t nfltibftp of ouc&abiout 3|e0u0 Cbtitftont tljouoanft 
ijuf >o jf/)a e» como four bunbreb anb nineteen. 3tl)elftinff. I 'ttHGC abotit^ 
.« c««pf« mi mnri- jjaib iKngflDon^olin reiffnJng.fojntlp to<tl) tlje flDueenSDonna 
tt,*, .Mr afdJn *«? "'? ^ife anb tD(tb tlje Infanta «Catl)tr(ne, mp eimt, m 
mi .^/mir«n/f mi <i», Cat(t«e,leon,«al(c(a,'?Eolebo,&eb(lle,(Cocboba,a?urt(a,3atn, 
esia mi carta de pre- J&atfi, ]5abaio0,aigat1)e, iaigecira0,Bf0cap anb fll^olina, scant 
viiegw cscripta en tl)i(J pciblUge attb tonfimi (t. 'JlieJnfanteaDoniloin.touBm 
p'rgamno de cuero ^f ,^j ^^^^ ^^jj ^^^ ijiing,g|nfante of aragon,9?aflttcof fean 
hr'eTodado ,"«««".■; tiap, tonftrmtf it. Tlit Jntantt Don J9ebro, touflin of tl)c am 
con miieiiodepiomn ILotb tl)e Itfng, confirm0 it. Don £Ilfon0o (Enriqtieo, untie of 
pendienie en jiios de ti)c Hing, Ijig!) abmical of tlje 0ea, tonflrnttf it. Don Rup 
"iMad d'^"s^ o'xla « '''"P"' "' atalotf, Confltable of Castile, Cbief JDreftct of 9?un 
!s'.;vs"rfo"'<'^<''i'"n''''<'"' fia, confirms it. Donloui0be<Fuflman,99a0teroftl)tflDrDtr 
nasomienio de nues- of ti)e l!tnigf)t0 of Calatcaba, confirms it. Don louis be la 
irn sahador jesu CcrbB, Count of Sljebinateli, (Haflsal of tftc Uling, tonfimifl It. 
thrisio de mill e gug,, jg^^ jaifottSo |9lmenttl, Couttt bt JBcnabentf, (Uaoaji 
TnuTaZ'. V'n Of tbt Bing, confirms .t. Don Peter, lorb of SI?onte aiegre, 
Hey Yo El snhrc- illassalof ttjc I!ling,confirms It. Donlopebe9penboja,artt 
duhn Reydon Juan bisbopof &antiago,l?i_gl) €|)aplain,confirms it. Don Roberitt 
reynanie en unn con- Dc lUiasco.SiSliopof |9alencia,tonfirmBit. Don aifonoo.SiB 
la Hfyna d,ma Mana |,op gf feipf n«a, tonfimis It. Don lol)n, ffiiBbop Of feegotiia, 
• ■ fj/>Ms,. e conia tonfirms it. Don llobn, Sishop ofabila, confirms ir. ajon 
aibaro,l5isbopofCurnja,connrmsit. Don5trbinanb,Biol)op 
of Corboba.confirms it. Don (Fittierre (Fomts, abminigtratoi 
tile, confirms It. Don Koberich,Sisl)opof3latn,conQrnigit. 
commanbofouriLorbtt|t%ing. JFerbinanb,l&acl)(loroflLatDo. 
Begistereb. (UUbicb saib patent of pnbtlrgt of tl)C saiD Hm 
tt)e Ring, being presenteb anb reab in ctjr lorm afortsatb, tljt 
saib (Eon;alo Jf rrnanbes, in tbt name of tbr saib lorb abmirjl 

yn/anle dnfid Cata- 
lina mi hermiina, en 
' rtsfiZ/rt e en Lean e 
en (rtiltzia e en Tit' 
Irdit e en Stiilla e rn 
< ordoia e en .ytur^ia 
e en Jahen e en 
liana e en liadaji'i, 
e enel Algarbe t en 
Algeiira e en I'is- 
laya e en Mnlina, 

Mnrgn eiie preiiteptn e confirmt'ln. El \nfanti' dnn Juan pnmo dt' J^ho v,-n,ir luw ynf,vttr cV 
.Iragon maestre de Santiago cvnfirmo. El ynjante di<n Vtdro pnmo del dichi Sthor lte\ ar. 
tirma. Don Alfonso Enrriquei tio del liry Ahnirante mayor dela mar tonftrma Ih'n Hu\ 
f.opei l>aialos Conde tstahle de i'aitilla, Ade'antado mayor df .Wwrfi.; amfirma. /)fjn f.uxs ij 
(iuiman maestre dela orden dda caiotleriii dr < alatraia <nn ftrmfl Pon t.uyi dtla <\'rdit i itn:f 
de .%fedina Cell vasatln del Heyconfirma. th>n Juan Mjon\t, 1*imrnttl arndt di flenaiente vostt'.t 
del Hey conjirma. Ihn Vedro Senor de Monlatr^ie lasaiio del Hry, (onjirma. Ihm l.upt- df If.t- 
i/n(Yi Ariuhtspo de Sancttagn capellan mayor C'mfirma. Ihm Hudrigo de IV/dsci*, i^np" ^u 
Pateniia confirma. Don Alfonso fbisp'-d^ t iguen^a nmjiima IhmJuan oinspode Srgovia innjimu: 
Dun Juan Obispode Avila confirma /><•« Aliiiro obispo de i'uenca confirma. l>on Errnandf-bt^p" 
de t'ordoi-a conjirma. fhrn <»utierrefiotttis administrador dela if^testa de l'alen{ la chaniu!fr tno\ r 
dila Heyna de Castilta, conjirma Ihm lii'ting" nbispo de Jahen conjirma. E yn Juhan I'ttnnml,-. 
de iiuadalajara, la jis escrmr pur su mandad" del ftey nutstrn Sehor. Errnantlu\ baihalauTti., 
en legtbus Hegislrada. I. a qual dicha larta de prinlegio del dicho Sehnr Hey pre\rntn<iA < 
Iryda enla manera tfut duhtt t\, el dnho 0>-n',alo Eernandts en numbre del dnho Stnor ((ftijr;:n; 



>ot fulfil nip 

rttr? public 

Office t|)(cc: 


ip wtumani) 

up 9m ati: 


:Ie of fligna^ 



nt tlioHBanti 


tueen SDonna 


Molina, (jcant 




iue0, uncle of 

■. a)on Rtip 



1 1Louis be la 

:, confirnifl it. 

rnte, tHaosal 

Jonte aiegrt, 


Don Robtrick 



una ir. SDon 







ti)t 0aib Horb 

aforeoaiB, tt)r 


I I'fV. ^n/,|p|/f :. 
in Stnor tU\ (' •: 

prmit />..n Hu, 
a. ihm f u\\ 'i 
lilit Trr./ii ( .in ., 
flfnairnte iiii;;.'.' 
I><:n l.vpt df y.i- 

ttdiCii, ijiiip" 111 
.SV^iil lil icnjjrtv.: 
n hrrnitrnii' "bs^f'n 

II chltrHtilfT irl,H r 

1 .lil'ttn /', rn.m./t. 
l<r\ preunltj'U: , 

iDkm-ife V^J^^^^« I^iltfiC^efir A-;^UC£^.S\ 

i| '( r! S 


i' I' .J 

\ i 

i ^ 

■i <i 

,; I 


I I 

I ! 


' '1 »i 



I \ 

( I 

, U . 


! '? ( 


I ' 




0aiQ jaamfral int 

patdit of pribflrg 

of tbe 0et;t)ice of 


natltir0 tberrof, a 

ijDmiraltp mn oi 

ti)iu r^e isafD patt 

as toell bv tbeft, 


migl)t folloVD Oil 

Diiinagr nUfftit ac 

tiiat lie aokeD ant 

iiiaiincr anD fom 

tirnir o( tWt offl 

rrit)( licence to 

if iirtia, fetrfbenei 

iiiiffir tranocribe I 

minal parent oC pr 


odiD^bmiral SDon 

aisncD bi> eact) of 

rjm trcOcnce, bei: 

pnbllese ; anD tt)< 

priDilcgeof ttieoai 




Diiors to aibr anD I 

mi diittioritp, 00 i 

$cribrncr0 ojiotill 

jiiD obtain creDenci 

t[)itt)out a court of 

pdrcnt of pribileg 

(icDrntc upon bcin 

lorDO duDitor0, 1; 

ongtnal parent o( 

(onoiDcrrD and etd 

crcagion t\)tv DID t 

or iiutrpolateD or 


13 aforroaiD tt)cp t 

iiibr ticrnce to us 

ifiirciaof iJ^aDriga 

a public pcroono 

oaiD original pater 

.',1 iltcha nil (ii i/f p 
ikNpu/Sfrt r fuesrn 
.i'l r(i;//i unn tie nni 
f'liiltgiit iiriginal. 
i\sni's flelit ittchii t 
U ir/iesf tit aver p< 
' \^ivm que Jie$en'fj treilaJo o tre%lii 
tt. irt/ifirn e jiztfu 
t fiirui fte la tinha 
.SntTfS vytlore\ rl 
\ui iN.indS e rifri-n 
ni Kiirt ni (han^tUi. 
iintti tarei{irnte ite 
, mitnttittt'ti I- (/jc 

irli'rt/ tiiriittniti \nl 

umos I' yi';jrif-t»( 

■> J 


BtclartD to ttielLortici auti(tor0 afocetfafl), rfiat fnadtnucii 00 tbe 
Hit) iaomfral intrnoeb anD fotinO it nttessarp to 0ent> tte isaiD 
Mttnt of pritodeffr onD pcrsent it in certain plates in eretiition 
of tbe 0ett)ice of out: daiO loco ttie liiing ano of tbe common 
tDealtti of lii0 kinffOoms anO Dominions anOuf tt)e0ub(ect0anD 
natfbtS tbeceof, ano for tbe care and contferbation of t^e saib 
itomfralt? anD of t^e 0010 SlDmiral, and tbat it toas feared 
rbiit tbe said patent of pribilege migbt be lost and damaged, 
a \Bt\l bv tbtft, as bp fire or bp toater or bp otber cause 
or accident or Dp anp bahffer tbat mislit befall, and tbat btnce 
ittfgbt folloto disserbice to tbe said Horb tbe Tiling; and 
Diiinage miffbt accrue to tbe said admiral, tbecefore be said 
(l)ac be ii0ked and be did ash tbe said :^.i?itors, in tbe best 
manner and form tbat \)t could and ougbt of risbt, tbat in 
tjirnie of tbtir office, tobicb be solicited, tbep toould order and 
gitic licence to us tge said ^obn a^artines and )Deter 
(farciii, &cribeners,so tbat toe botb lointlp as public persons 
iiiig^t transcribe or cause to be transcribed from tbe said ori> 
iiiital patent of pribilege of our said Hord tbe Itling one tow 
cr ttDO, or as manp more as migbt suffice and be needful for tbe 
oaiD iSDmiral 9Don Jpadrique, and tbat toe sbould deltber tbem 
oisnco tii> eacb of us (ointlp in sucb teise tbat tbep migbt ob< 
tain crcDcncr, being collated tottb tbe said original patent of 
priblirge •, and tbat sucb copp or copies of tbe said patent of 
pnbilcge of tbe said lord tbe l&ing as toe sbould tbus bdibrr 
to ti)c said admiral, or to tobomsoeber Sbould rcctttie it on bis 
bcljalf, sbould be signed toitb our signatures, a nd in order tbat 
Ditocs to gibe and to interpose, in tbat and for tbat, tbeir decree 
jiiD autboriip, so tbat sucb copp or copies of it as toe tbe said 
^ccibentrs sbould so beliber signed as aforesaid migbt abail 
aiiD obtain credence, Vobcrrsotbcr tbcv migbt appear, lo. ^bm and 
isitl)OUta court of luotite, in aucb manner as tbeoaid original 
patent of pnbilrge aboue contained tooulo abatl and obtain 
(icDrncc upon being put in cbiDcnce. and tbtreupon tbe oaiti 
iorDS iduDitors, bating Seen tbe said petition, took tbe said 
cntjinal patent of pntilege in tbeir bands and inspected, 
(onoiDcrcb and eramined it, and inasmucb as on tbe present 
otcjoiontbei) Did notOnd It eltbertorn, or broben or cancelled 
or interpolated or in anp part tbereof doubtful or auspicious, 
[Mit rattier free from eberpdefect^tbercforcconsidering all tbat 
\i iiforcoaiD tbcp declared tbat tbrr orbaineb and dib ordain and 
itibr licence to iia tbe said lobn t^artincs of Heon and {Deter 
if arciaof ii^adrigal, ocnteners aforesaid, tbat toe botb lointlp 
JO public persons sbould make or cause to be made from tbe 
oaiD original patent of pribilcge of our saiD ILorD tbe &ing, one 


1(1. /(I 

1 lit i!t priwligtii ilrl iliihii 

;, ill-ill uni' lie n'*, junttt mrntf rn matifrii i/ut* Jizienfn ft-, cim^frtailo^ contii dichit cttitit n't- 
f-Mij/fi'iri nripmat. «■ i/uc al tat trriUiiln o tttslit,tni qut ttsy i/a-st'Mios sypnati'S t/c- nutstros 
,)."i' ' 'I'll I'lc/"!! carta Jt prniUnui ilel ilicKt Srnor Hry. al liichit Stnur llmiranlf. <> al i/ue 
,,■ 'Kif^e dt ai-rr por tt E pnrtjue fuisen mas Jirmes e laUderos, pidm alit% dichos NVnorrs 

v/'Tf, t/uf ittfSfn f \nterpuiu\en at-llo t para rlln \u dtcretn r aht'^ndail para qut ilflo% 
r.i.Vs trrstnJiy o trr\latli>i qut nni lo^ i/i.7>cs f^cmanns a^t tlit^finns dtU>i syi^nadns co»i" dichu 
n, i.i/iom f Jiiiritn je d" quierque piirr<( ii-siii en juysi'i e luera del asi lotmi laldna 
I /.iriri tie '" duha firdi ile pruilegio unginnl siii" ciintcnida parfnundn. F. luec'i 1"^ dichm 
N^iirfi iiydiirrn tistii il dicho pedii'iiml'i (oiiiiinm la diiha mrdi di priiiltfin criminal tn 
■ u$ III. (no, e iifri'Ti e cataronla t t\-ia>n\naritnla, f p'tr (/uiin/" al prc^tnlf nn la fallari'it rota 
ni KMrt fii chan^ttlada ni \tipuntada ni rn alguna parte drlla duhdo'^a ni \o^pichi>-ia, muis- 
..■ii/(, idrrsii'"'' de (im/.i ii. .m, acatandn I.. ^,,hrrdhl''' t-tdo. dixeron que mandaian 
, iiiiini/.iii'ii I- (/(ciMii /i,,n,ui. a n"» l"\ <lti''"S Matttnes de l^>>n e l\itt (ia>',ta dc Ma- 
:'(;'ii/ istrtiiinci Mihrrdtihot, para que atnos a <t"S\ junta mettle ciatto perstina'i puhhca^, iaca- 
.•iH'J! o Ji:iesemo$ sacnr dela diiha carta .V prni.'ipin <iil di:h:i Scnor liiy, ort^itnal. in 


»i . 

i: ' 


Il II 

t , 

■■ '■!- 




I ! 

if ' 

t I 

nueslrvs syi^nos fon- 
(iT((irfos con /n (/icin 
cnr/rt (/(■ priviltfiio 
Ktiginal fn manfrn 
(/Hi' Ji:icsen ft, e el 
trtstttdo o trfslatios 
t/uf nosotros asy 
ilifsspmoa dillo al 

t>\dnrtii^ diXfron que 
ynlerpimian e ynler- 
fusyrron su ahtnri- 
dad f decretn, aye rn 
ijuitntii e tnlrt mejnr 
iiianrrci e Jnrma que 

iresMn n dns n mnt ttaMttift, ot ttoo, oc Afl tnan)> mott M might (Aiffict anb be ntceMarv 
quanins cumpiicsm for t^e 08(0 locb filtimfral, am 0||onlD Delibrc mm to ((m tffsntti \s(th our 

efuescn menesltr, al jj(n;naturtj», atlb COllattD tDitJ tilt 0aiD OCtSinSl pattUt 0( pritllltgt, (It flnch 

dicho sehor Aimi- „iflnnec flfl to obtadt tctHentt ; anBto(tict«ptttto tje tronfltciptotttan 

nmle, egelo^ dtnse- ^ffjptjj tbCCtOf W^i *« fiiWlli t||U0 btKttr tO tbf 08(0 Uotb abm(M 

mos signado, cm ag afort0a(b, tjt «a(b lotOtf auWtow bttUccD tjBt tjitp (ntecpo0tb BnB tht; 
D(D (ntrrpo0e t||t(r autt)OC(tp and beccrt, t|iu0 anb 00 far anb (n tbt btor 
manner anb form tolifcti ttitp toulb anb ouglit of r(0l)t, in orber tbat giich 
tran0cr(pt or tran0cr(pt0 ttiereof 00 toe 0tioulb beliber bub 0(0neb, shouih 
abail anb obta(n crebence Xojierebtr the? m(0<)t appear, t9||ttiier to(thiii or 
toitiiout a court of fu0t(ce, 00 anb in tQe 0ame manner anb a0 tomplettlp as 
tt)e 0afb oriff(nal patent of pt(b(leg;e of t|ie 0afb llorb tbe li(ng; toouib ataii 
anb obta(n crebence upon being pre0enteb. <I21l(tne00e0rBtio\»erepce0rmat 
duha Sehor Aimi- all ttiat (0 afore0a(b(^tt)t Kccntiate loiin lopctf Ot ^^(ranba OHO t^c bacbt 
nmle com,, dicho es, |or0 aXfffo aiib 9puno0 altalbe0 of tbe gentcp, anb lou(0 l&obc(Buj8 and 
Ion ,iichos sehores jf f roinanb 9J>at()eo0 anb aion0o lope0 of feetidle, anb 1Lou(0 (BonjaitB of 
Corboba,tiir(bener0ofour0atblorb ttiel!i(naf. anb b(rectb rti(0 took place 
tde 0atb (Fon;aIo jFernanbe0, (n the name of the 0a(b lorb abmfrai, re 
que0teb U0 the 0a(b fecr(bener0 to belitoer to h(m th(0 tran0cr(pt of t^e tm 
oriffdial patent of pr(b(leffe of our 0a(b locb the l&tng, to(th the 0aib autho, e ,«rm,. uue tllfltton artO btcrct fortht oetuc(tp anb con0trbat(on of the 0a(b admiral 
luHhan e \uvian de anb of tl)t matter0afore0a(bi toh(chtDa0 bone anb pa00eb on the bap, month 
,i,r,cho pnra que Inn anil pcac aliott tDr(tten, before the afore0a(O to(tne00e0. anb tot, tt)c aaiti 
i.d,^ir,si,uiooire,ia. ioftn SpartintO of iLeon and i9eter (Part(a of flpabrtgal, 0cr(bfntro afott 
</ '< que nsi diessemon 0aib, (u blctuc of thc ffdi^ Kctncc anb orber mabe anb beltbereb to uo bv the 
,!,uo,yf:nados.iaiie. Haiti JLotHo aubttor0 upon the 0a(b authorisation anb becret thus bp rijcm 
nen e jizHstn fee do (tucrpoocb, hatc cau0eb to be toritten anb braton out anb bo brato out 
,/i-i. yqu, pan-H una.n thfs f ranstcipt of tht 0a(b or(g(nal patent of pnbileoe of our 0atb lorb tbt 
,n,»yzwe,tu,rad,u |^ing, both tofftthtr (ointlp, anb toe bo collate (ttofth the 0atb oriBinai 
patent of pribilege, toorb for toorb, in the presence of the toitneogrg tobo 
toitl br toritten bcloto toho toere pre0ent at the 0aib collation, anb gate ant 
hrarb ttjig gaib transcript reab anb collatrb tolth the 0aib original patent 
of pribilcgc ; toi)ich satb toitnt0se0, toho toere present anb toere summoncb 
to rhc gaib collation, are the follototng: jFrancisco dl^artine0 of iUiiia ijn 
panbo, sccibcner of the 0alb chamber, anb anbreto of (Uallabolib anb JFcroi 
7i/, r,>.i' pre- nanb of a^ebina, son of John of iljcbina, strbant of the saib John a^artinco 
u^do to que oflLcon. 3|t (0 toritten obtr erasure in a place tohtrc It sat'oporriibrfiiranti 
:,cho ,,. el itfvn. galarbon, anb toherc it saps e it is torirtrn brttoeen lines, anb tobcrc ii 
„i,io Juan /."p>* de safS lul It IS touttcn brttoeen lines, anb toherc it saps qualquirr nabio, 
viranda. e i„s ha. anD toijcrc It saps cnlabicija mar, anb brttoeen lines toherr it sapg bicbd, 
anb obrr erasure tohrre tt saps publico que para anb bettoecn linro be, 
anb todere it saps orga;, it is toritten otoer erasure tohere it saps tenorio 
notario. It is toritten bettoecn lines tohere it saps ml, anb toberr It avi 
Juan iopcS: let this be no pretubice thereto, anb J, the salb ]iobn 
a^artinrs of lLron,stribener anb notarp public aforesaib, toho toaoprtocnt 
at that tohich IS aforesaib, tolth the 0aib i^ettr OParcla of d^abrigal, gccibc 
nrr, before the satb HorbS aubtrors, together toltb the saib tottncsotQ tsbo 
toere present thereat, anb bp the saib orber anb licence of the oaiD iLom 
aubltors, together tolth the saib |Deter (Farcia, gcrlbener, causrb to bt 
toritten anb braton out thtg transcript of the saib patent of pribilegt oC tbc 

*v 1 asy I II dm con 
plidit menle, ciihhi 
i(i/(/rirt e faria te 
111 dicha carta tie 
foittlepto ,trtf:inat 
d.t d,cl,o Stnor H,y 
fiirfniindn. Tesli 
i; '■! que 
fi nil s a 

ihltteres Ihei^o Mu- 
no%, alcalde,, detos 
lio's dalf;o, I I.uyn 
Hodrif^uis e Fernand 
Matheos, e Alonso 
1 "pes de Seitlla, e 
luys (wont, ill \ de 
< ordoia I Si rnanos 
I'.il dicho S,hor lUy. 
I- ilisto encomo pa\,} 
tt dicho (ron{ato fVr- 
«ii«i/i*, en nonhre del 

,lichi, Sihnr ilmiranle pidin anoi Ins dichns estriianns que le diesemoa esle trttlaJo deta dicha carta de priri/f^jn 
t"tpii\id lilt dicf'o Srhor Hey conta duha ahtoridad i lUcreto para f;uat da i conserva^iim del dicho AlmnnnU, r 
dilas cjhsas sohre dichas que Isie fech" i pasn, dia c mes e aho.ante tos t, .fic"* s^hrr dnhos desuso escnf,t'<s t- 
nos Ins dichos Juan .\fartinis de l.e,m e I'ero (iar{ui de Madrigal esr rnanos sohre dtchns, por iirtud dclit duKi 
iiirnciii I inandamienlo a nos tec ho, e dado por /us dichos Scnores oydort s ,tela duha ahlnridad e drcreti, pur rUi,\a\\ 
yiti-rpui \Ui. fi:imos iscriitr e sacar e sacantos e^U tri sladn d,Ui dicha carta de printteio or,f;tnal del dicho .s>n.,r 
Itty, am, IS a doss )unta menh, e lo co^'^ertaou'S conia tin ha cirta ,ie pr ivilmio oripintit de le, ho ad it rho, en prrsfmi.i 
deal's testigns qui yuso seran escriplos que fucron prrstnti s al du hii con^^rtamu «*", r l-iirun e I'yeion leer i i im^iit,:'. 
esle dichi, tresliuto i nnla dii htt carta de pr ii it, pio ,,rii:inat, tos quale s i/ii/'m testlfios que fueron prestntes c tuiinai'S 
at dicho coniertamienio son estos que si s\^u,n, Franc isi i Marlines de I itlanpaniloescrimno dtla dicha ahdien^m, t 
.tndns d, I atladi'lid i Fernando de Medina, ftjo ,lc Juan ,te Medina, criatlo del dicho Juan Marlines ,le t.enn I a 
, scnptii S'hre raydo.en un tugar tlmde dise.porende ^irand nalarilnn, r ■ dis c.e cscriplo enter renfilonts r o dis m:. 
I I scriptn I ntre rinf:lones e o dis qua! quier navio, r i» ,iis enta du ha mar, e entre renf^lones o ,lts dicha, e solire riiv'/.- u 
disf'utilico que finra e tntre rrnpUines it, ,e o dis ,te or fin:, e , ,ci ipto s,,hre tay,tii odis tenor lo notano, t entre ren^l'iiis 
I scriptn o ,lts tni, e n ills Juan 1.,'pes, nun le enipi zca. F. yn ,1 dicho Juan .Marlines de Leon cs, riidno e nntariopu 
hticosnhrtdi(hn,qui a est n que S"h eitii hut sfiiisint, r/ diihnl*irii(tari,lildt Madriirat escniann,ante tosdich- , 
.'^ehnresnyd,'rfSenunncnnlos,tlch,'Stestii^nsiiu, aelln fueron pcsinles.r por rt dichotnanitamientoetuiniia delns dichns 
.^enures ny inteseniini'inneldithi' P,in(,iir{iii , ,• riiifi" /im m mi ir ' sa' or, st. In sliidn itr In dicha carta de pr ml, ^11, ■!,' 








.'' li 


i 1 


1 !' 


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I 1 

1 I 










Jb&'SU i#'i*JVff^f^ 















<iiih lorO thf "BKng, t 

of mt »""»<«"«' "i" 

D collation ; ana I 

for KiitD i« '0« '" "" 
MiB JPtttr (Partu 

la 0, Hatting btf It pn 

b Mio loljn **" 

i tt)fr VDitb tijf 0aiD 
ojio lorn the Hinff, 
ano a lialf of partljm 

nribiTttft of >»if -a.? 
kirtinffl, fltrnjtntr, 
iiiiBtorinnB, anDtoi 
ttfttr (rartia. a no 
Jiiwl tenting from 
m tl)ouoano four b 
nrtBtnt at tt)t rraoii 
from tbt fluid toriti 
tjlDffl, anO i3uno tii 
tt *oi>tanoo, flcriDi 
iFonialo tPartia of a 
bis notarp public in 
toafl prtotnt, tog«i 
tbi9 uaiD tranfltrip 
tMtttO, tobitt) trano 
babc inaDt titrr tt)i 
(faccia, fltnbtntr ol 


^ tlnitp.JFattitr, 
m one Ditint toflti 
m of tl)c bltflfltb 

.■.:minii tU ciirr') c<>n 
I f.intrtiuUi eUi Irts Miirlinr- dfiid 
.; Juhii cDinrrliimirH 
Irnlitiltt fur contrrladi 
pr/irnitt tn nrrncj li 
:r mil'/ t l)Uil(ri>(lfl(<l: 
■nililil Klllli/ll I'f'll 
firniin./o i/rti/uilr/ f 
I il/iimn^'ir firriKin" 
f !f«('ri()S preirnU fu 
ionilt fut xicadii, tl 
ftiTimii'i dtt Hey- 


I'm I nomhrc tiii 

..I, fort the H(ng, to(tl) tl)f flam iiiitl)orncU(on, on ttitflt rtirtt Ifatttfl •iirh„s,»„rnfyc, 
!nD a bfllf of partbiiif nt of ghiii, bcoioca itjifl tol)tifoii ifl m\> oianatiiif , ''"'"' «i>innj,,j. 

ino bfloto wf IJ P''II' '" P'*""^ '"'' "•'"'* i *"" 3 ''''*" roll'JW tpio tun- "'•" '"' '-'>'" • 

not tpitt) rt)r flaib original oattnt of pritilrgr of tljr flditi Uort tlir 

nmo. rogtrlitr toitl) tbt oaiti |9mr (Fiutiii, titribcntr, in t^t prtscncr 

,(,!,( toitntflflrfl mrntiontti in tliifl toiiting, toljo totre pcrfltnt at tbr 

Ld (oiUrion ', anD tbtrrfort 1 tta.'bt num tjrrt rl)i0 ntp flignarurr, 

foe oiict) It io> i*^ tratin]on;> oftbr rnitti : 3ol)n ^aitinefl. Unn J, 


gaib i^trtr (f arcia of d^aorigal, fltribtntr anD notarp public aforr 



i/iri i/i' /irr^'<tinin» lA' 
CKrri/ cim riiii •■« i/ur 
lit Mil ^yfinn, f (/i - 
tiii\ii .If itulii pliinii. 
Ill purnlii mi nnnhrt 
f cnniirliiilu e%tv trrx- 
liidii ennla ilnha 

fljio, lirttiing bftn prtflfnt at tljat tobitl) lO afortflaiD, rogtttjcr toitl) ,„ri,i ,i, pmiieuw 
iboaiD lobn d^artintfl of Iron, flcriDtntr, btfort tljt 0aib Horbfl ..n^imii ,u iiuh,, 
JiiDitorfl, togrtbtrtoitt) tt)c flaiD tDitntflfltfl tobo tDtrt prtfltnt tiitrrat, s,,wr ihy, m uno 
jnD bt> tt)t flaiD comnianD anD licence of tbe flaiD locDfl tdiiDitorfl, ro> cniiiiM,, /vr» 
uttlitr toitb tbe flaiD ^obn d^artintfl, flcribrner, caiiocD to be tontten i mi ncrmmn m prr- 
anD (CiracttD ttiifl tranflcript of tbt flaiD patent of pcitoilrge of tlje '""i"> ''''•"> ii'ii);nt 
oaiDlorD tbe liing.toitl) tbt flaiD aiitboruation, on tbcoe tbcee Itabtfl <iu.ineiiaitcnpiuni 
jno i biilf of parcbment of flkin, toitb tbifl piece in abDition on tobicl) /"•' '"'"i'"" •)>"■ 
13 pUttD tliifl nip Olff nature, anD btloto racb page id placeD inp name i ^;"""' />""■"'" "' 
jnn«a>,f collatfD tbifl tranocript toitl) tbe flaiD original patent of ''('""""'or'«"'i.n(". 
riDiTtift of .•le vuin lord tbe llling, togttljcr toitb tbe flaiD ^obn ^J'ZtJ^.Z' 
*arniifa, flcritiener. ip tbe prtflencc of tbc tDitm-ooeo mtntioneD in J, ,„ ,,'t"Jt, ,/, 
ttjio tenting, anD toiiotnere prcotnt at tbeflaiD collation i anD tberc' ,,,,,,„, ,„„„ ,/„r 
[orr 1 batie niaDe bcri tbtfl nip oignatiirc in tefltlmonp of tbe trutb : /„„, ' /'' y„ ,/ i/,,/.,, 
kVttr (Farcia. ^nb tbifl tranfltript tnafl tollatcD toitg tbe flaib orh r.rn r„ii,i>i (/. m,i 
iiinal anting from tnbicb it toafl crtractrD before tbe toitneagcfl ,/,i^'>i' <<criiim.> < 
tDliotDrrc preflrnt tbercat, on jFriDap, tbr tbirtrentb Dap of tbc niontb nnian,, puiriic 5u<m 
::^ot)riiibcr, intbr peaiof tbenatibitpof ourl&at)ioiir3le0U0Cbri0t <i«i'„ »< h <5(.> <i<"- 
oiictboiioanD four bupDrcD anD rigbtp^ninr. (IAIitneg0e0 tobo tocrc t''>r< -/kM' << /»<• 
present at tbe reaSing anD collation of tbio flaiD tran0cript trtracteD "«'</"> o.nw dnh, 
from tbe 0aiD toriting: aifonoo De aiallc anD SDiego be ti^eoa, al. ■'"«" ""f'""" ''• 
talDeo, anb jfDuno bt^enbota anb JerbinanD be (jEoquitiel anb 3lobn 
tir^ntanog, 0critiener of our ILoro tbe Itiing, anb otberfl. VInb J, 
(foiHalo (Farcid of Uilla 4^apor, ocritoener of our lorb tbe Itiing anb 
bio notarp public in bio court anD in all bifl rralma atiD Dommiono, 
tDiid preoent, togettjer toitb tbe 0aiD toitne00e0, at tbe collation of 
riiig aaiD tran0cript tuith tbc 0aiD toriting, from tobtcb it lDa0 cr^ 
rrattcD, iDbicb tranocript j babe cau0eo to be toritttn.anD tbereforc 1 
lutt mabe bere tbt0 nip 0ignature, in tc0timonp tbcreof: (fon^ato 'H.>rM«></.>rMr>iun 
«f arcid, 0criDener of tbe Itting. end Juh„ .luan 

Martinet fscniime 

W tlje name of tlje I^olp Zrinitpanh eternal ^; ";,;,;,';,: ': ;,, 

■^ tlnitp,iatbcr,bonanD»?olt»(Fbo0t,tbrceper0on0rcallpDi0tintt ,;„^, <,ir(,i ,iepr„,. 

inoncDibine e00ence tobicb litirg anD rcigno for eber toitliout enD, /,^i.>,/,/./M/>«>.n.>r 

anD of tbr ble00rD anD glortou0 dlirgin baint d^arp, our HaDp, I?i0 Key cmh >iicha ah 

^otbcr, tobom toe rcgarD a0 laDp anD aDtjocart in all our actions, anD tondaj .nesia, irr^^ 

jttjtts I mtJia de per- 
.■.'mini/ di cuer<< cm mns tile peda(i> en >jiir \a • sir iiim tyiimi e debn\i' de cndii plana, ni put W" mi num/in 
( f », crMi/i) eile Irislad:} cunladitha carta de priulefim rrifimal del dicho Sennr Hey en unit cuml dichn 
/i.iPi Martinf f ifiiami, en pre^enfia dehit (rtli^'ni que enetta e%criptura fate minfinn que fueron presentes 
..', dicKi eiinfrrtamiento, e purendr fit aqui rid- ml" tygm) en ttstimimio de lerdad, I'ern (iarfia. h' etti 
iritladn fue tnncertadii eonla dicha escriptura nn^'inn/ i/(iii(/t- fue tacadu ante Ins Irstigas qui aelln fuemn 
presentei en virrnes trrsr Jirti del met de novtrmhre, ahn del nanimiento de nuestrn Salvadt>r Jetu t />rls^) 
:V mill t quatri*\iet\toy e iichenta e nueie ahvs, te\tiftot que fueron pretentei al leer e con(ertar dttte dahn 
■■tdiidii sacado dela dicha etcnplura, tlfrmo de I'alle e IheH'i de Mesa aUald s, e \unit de .\tendi'ta e 
tf'mindn deiquiirl r Juan de Mimlanut rii riiiinn i/r( Hey nurilm SViiur, e ntrnt. I. yo ^>'clM((t^l (nir^ta de 
I I'lamayiir firniniKi de nuettru .>Vniir el Hey e lu nulario puhhca enia iu cnrte, e en lodos los sus reynns 
f irnoT\a% presrnte fuy, en uno conlm dnhn\ tettifiot, a con^ertar eite dtcho treslado conla dicha escriptura 
Imde fue tacndfi, el qual Jis f if riiir r porende fis aqui eite nun ty^nc, atal en testimiiHio, Ovn(alo (miI( in 
firriiuiiii del Hey 

I n,l niimltrt drla Sancta rnntdad yitrna I'nidad I'adre i I'll.' Spinlu S,inct». (i. . persnnas real mente 
iiitintii'itnunai i^ «: idi/ninj, i/ui luii i nvna pxi \ti titpri sm J\n,i dtia httti ai, nlw ada I' i^<n fj'irtfisa S.jni ta 
Wilt 1.1 nuestia Senora >u Madi,, ii.juun hii> dniiiiiis poi Siijuni i pvr ahuf^ada entudus li'i nui \lrvs fethm e 

(i\dorv%, tn uno nm 

/ill dtihos /(,*(ir""i 
ijuv itrt(o fueron fm- 
sintis, f par (■/ diihn 
maniUtmnnto e Imn 
\ irt iUUn liuhos Sf 

i 1 ! 

* 1 



■;' d 


i . 

. ,ih,m, , ntr,noa iiiiO to \itv bonouf iiiiD toora|)iP. onD of tbr bUMtn sapootlc h,ih,. 
u.yn.,,i,ih„nnifn- IfliiifjJ, licjUt aii6 inircor of fbf 'bpiiiii0, patron ano mnBt or Z 
r«r,i,/,, (/,,„(,>/ .svit,.r ikinooofJEa(jriltimolLfonjanOllkttoiflftot[)ft(onoiicanb\Dorfliin;r 
alltUfot|)froamfoort|)ftflrorialtourt. iPoto,t|)oii(Fl)tipiiatiirf,«7' 

fin&llli^Mf INI I II- uiiiyt wiy»» v*<i*<iir V* •y»**>*i»*><«>*v><**< -'<* ^^* * VV**U IM'^ IIU|[|rr IM m 

rj„ ,iti,„ Ktpon.M cannot fiillp knoto tobat OPoD 10, botnrtirr great bia tinaiuicBiir nr 
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l(m, ^Uagon, feicilp, ifranaba, Colcbo, Clalrncia, C^alicia, 
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iljr Jliiarbr0, tllctrcirao, (Fibraltar, anb tbr Caiiarp lalanbo, 
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„ sipuen. ropljcr to be j'our Cliccrop anD (Pobcrnor trcncral in all tjc aaib is 

I'nmera menie que lanDtf anD ttiainlanDS anD in tbc ialanDa ta)|)itt),aa aforcaam,|)c niai> 
I n<5(r,is .III, zas eo- DlotoDcr anD acQiiirc in tt)c daiD aead -, anD tbat for tbc pbcrnniciu 
>no seiinres que son of caci) anD anp of tljcni Uc Diap ttiakc tboifc of tbrcc pcraona for 
,(,/n.i </ir/.rtj »i,in.( f.Ki) otfitc, rtuD tijat ffour l}iol)"tflotfl mapflclctt anD tljooac tl)t one 
.■ii'inos fa:en toljo oljall bc nioot ocrDiccalUc to j'ou; anD tl)iifl tljc lanDo toljit^ oiir 
a^ora ai Uicho Hon K,ofj) g|,jn pfriiiit b"" to Diotobcr anD atqtiirc for tbc ocrbiccof 
S)aur l>ie|)"C0ar0, toill be tbe better ffobcrntD. 3t 00 pleaara then: 
iia.1 ■!!,■: til r ^M^nt^o'.fS. 3obn DC Coloma. 
',',("' hnu^ "uJe plr !"'"> '•)«" ^" '!"" ^^"V kms ot iJicrcbanDioc, tobetber pearla, pre 
s„ »■««,. . vn,;i,s(' „. ciona orone0, golD, oilber, oplce0 anD otUer obiecto anD mercbantioe 
«■ desi-uhnnin ,. /■,.- tDbatoocDccot tDbatcDcr hinD,name BnD ooct, tubicb mapbebouRht 
n.iriin enias Mc'hns bartcrcD, DiatobcrcD, acqiiircD auD obtauuD tDitbtn tbc linitto of rfat 
rii,ir,.< o^eanas pora 0alD aDniiialfp, j^oitr |iigb'<c00c0 grant from not) benccfonl) to 
durante su i uin , ,ie- t\)t 0aiD 2Don Cbnotopbcr, anD toill tbat be map biibe anD take for 
spues ,1,1 mueiio (1 ljim0elf tljc tcntb part of ttjc toljolc of It, aftcr DcDnctlug all tht CI 

sus Iteinlinis e sul'- ... . ^ . ^ ^, ^ . , . .. 

(( sorts tie untt tn n.', ,) 
pt rpetua rtitnte con- 
t''tas aqutltas pre- 
/'• minen\tas t ptt r- 
r'^'^tUlvai perttne- 
titntes til tat <fin" 
I sepuntl que />"n 
Altmsfi Enriqut: i w- 
eitio .llmirtjntt may- 
or tie ( aslitta i tos 

olros pretlr(est>rts met tlicljtt t^Jiftn lo lenian en sui iltilntos, I'tate a Sm ,-lttetas. lohan Je ( nlomn 
(Jlrtisy. que \'uislrai Alltias fazen at dxchti Dtm < hnsloxnl su I iJo Hey e lititernatltir peneral ,n 
ttntas las tlichas ystas e tierras Jjrmts e ystas que f»m«» tltcbo es el tiescuhriere e panare, en las ilich,ii 
mares, e que para el repimtenlit tie catta una e quat quter tteltas Japa eteittm tie Ires perstmas para cdii.i 
ojnio.e que I uestras Mtezas t' men t euopan un" tl que miim fueie su setinto. e a\y seran mtjur ref^ittat 
las tierras que nuestro -^rnttr It tlexara htitlar e panar a stri'Hio tie I'uestras .-ittezas. i*ta:t a Sus 
-Atteias Juan tie < uloma. 

§ Ytrn que ttntas e quates quier mereaileryas sy quter sean. perlas, piedras prefiosas, oro. plata. etpi, 
(irya, e t>tras quates quier eosas y mertaituryas tie quat quier e^pnie, ntmhre t manera que if<t, (/ur \, 
tonprtn. trt>catin. t^attann, panaren, e tiiieren tlentto tiettts timites tUt tticlyo .itmiriintattgo, que tiendr 
a^ora I uestras tttesas t^azen me^^e^t at tlutto lion t t^risltttal e quier en que itya r line para s\ la tit ;,n>i 
parte (ie Ititio etiti quitatltts las e tstas tttttas que se t^tzitren tnillo. por mane, a que tieto que queilare hurt 
I lilire a\-a e tome ta tte[tma parte para sy mismo. e fapa iletla a su ioluntatl quetlanJu las otras nintr 
part, s para tu,stras 4tlrzas I'taze a -Ska .ttttzas. -luan tie ( til,ima. 

t iti '-^y qut \\a ttilna tUta\ iiit it ailut i,it, qut tl tral'i r a titlat ttul<a\ ysttn e tierras qui a^\ ttimtt ttithtt, \ \t ^m 
tiaftnttdtstuljrurenutleltisqut tntruqui ti, tiqutllasse t'H,iartn,tn.atli t/lros mentuttrts nas^itr, plit-i d/^'un 


pen0C0 iDljitb map be inctirrcD t6crein,0o tbat of Vnbat oball remain 
clear anD free be map biibc anD tahe tbc tentb pact for bimaelf, ana 
map Do tberctDitb aa be plcaoea, tbc otber nine oarto being reacrbeb 
for l^otir l?igbnraae0. 3t 00 plca0e0 tbeir I?lgbnr00r0. Ijoljn 
DC Coloma. 

1iihctDi0c,tb^t If on account of tbc mcrcbanbi0c tobicb \)t oball bnn0 
from tbe 0aiD lolanbo anD lanD0 tobicb tbii0, a0 aforcoato, map be 
acqiilrcD or Dt0cobercD, or of tbat tobicb map be taken in etcbancie 
for tbc 0amc from otbcr mcrcbant0 bcrc, anp 0iiit 0boulD arise 


tfctn ctmin 
»c JJtal, atm 

bt anu gcant 
toe toiat i)e 
g note, toith 
ic Ufrtjitf of 

«(a<D otcanss, 
uinbu0 to be 
tb bp tjfo at. 
etrs aim giit^ 
in tljt fliiinc 
I of Caotilc, 
)Jtr(ttfl. it 

I ti)c gaiti iss 
■flatctt map 
pcroonfl for 
t)oo0c tl)C one 
br otrbitt of 
pltafltfl tljtir 

r pearls, prt 
a^ br boiiRt)t, 
limits ot tijc 
bfnttfortl) to 
ant) take fov 
nijall tbett. 
sball rcmaiit 
biinoetf, an& 
Mtfl. 3ol)n 

raaiD, map bt 
I in cttbanot 
flboult) anst 

iban lit i'olona 

rf, in (rtj i/it^.n 
scntM pfird fdi/ij 

13 /V(i:t (t .Nm 

ITM, pUlt,t, t\fil' 
I I/bl* ir<t, 7Ur St 
fllt/^n, i/br (/(-n<ir 

sura IV /ii d< iftiii 
«■ tfuntttrt linft 
i Ui% ctras niiitf 

'mii(/ii''"(\ II, M 
\lirr phtu (l/^'KFi 

C7r0-.v* •H*»-$v5 ^o^p^ ^4:r^«»N>^«tf r 

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!'' I'i 







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9^ VrJ iiCtW^ tf*^' 


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in tl)t plate totifcc tde « 



no gitie (uDBtnenr in i 
,i5l,iufl0c0 \l ft appcct 
II, lycir DlSJtritw, and i 

ittni, tliat (n all the tic 
anti luiflfnctos, catu tin 
[fliiippcD, tt)e flafp SDon 
t iiiiitt auo pa^ rt)e tfgl) 
„,.,« rtfluU from 0ut!) 
jotiii oc Coloina. 
rbti' are ffrantctt anb i 
1, fht cnD of cacJj acti 
'riiiuHia, on tljc flrtcm 
„ic feiitjiotir Icotitf €1) 
1 tilt Binff. 3 tijc iDiii 
joijn DC Colonia. Kti 

cttl)c£"tciinand our 511 
hjtit oiipplitated and pi 
nitcntof prtt)ileBtin((5 
':ii and to potic flons ii 
, to fW and tooiild con 
jittitcss tol)ic^ pou tIjc 
• lO CUtcrop and «Fo' 
■ lO to be di'ocotcrcd 1 
tiiDcrcD and \at l)opc 
hanffins '»to our poto 
inainUnd, cbicflp bccai 
aill ccooiind much to 1 
r,D adUantaBt of out 
Ditt) tt)t liclp of OPo; 
aill lie concerted to i 
« ' tt)ifi our flaid pat 
jignctj 10 afortoalD, 
sooliitc ropal pototr 
;:t, tot tonftrm and 
7011, tt)C said 9Don 
mO Btandflonti, and 


.,;. jn\tnt'**it nue-itrn Sah 

. r Tn,ini(il./c' tlel Hry t .( 

■ .;;i'ril per ifutlnto \o\ tl 

i.rnir/iir ./c/il llrrr<ljlrni 

( fur II ^Ultrittutit Itt tit 

;'. iinrmnt f lot miini/d 

lMH,/i. (ri lull) •tick'- <■ h 

, Fi niidfr') ^/miriinf 
, :ii,i. .n/ir farle tlrlat In 
^brilrrt p(i./(r f .to rtUf s/ 
/tl.'i nl*rl(ro \rnor fit/ 
, ,f:(M. pKT i/Hr rsprrtim 
liCllnl iimdl /t iild.'uil, 
:nad'> Litmo ttuht) ri, i/i 

h.rim-'l UKIr r liXMNOl, 

. fill(,.|ill 'iJuFI, r .1(01 

i» tbc place toberc t^e tiain commerce anb traffic 0l)aU be ^elD anO con-- 
niictcDi anO fC D? tf)e pre^einfnencc ofljicf odice of ^aomUv.' fr >ippcrtain$i to 
1,1111 to take cogiiOanceoE siiclj suit, ft ma? please i^our^igijnesses ttiat 
he or W Depiitp, anb not anotijcr luoge, sball tabe cognUance tbereof 
jnD sftie fuogment in tlie Siime from gencefortb. 3|t go pleases tbefr 
iMbncSSes if it appertains to tbe said office of aomiral, accorbing as it 
tojtf bc>t) l>P ^bmfral9Don£Ilfonso (£nrique< anb others W prebetessors 
,„ t|)(ir bistrftts, anb if ft be lutt. JoQn be Colonia. 

Item, tljat in all tbe besscis tot)fct) map be equippeb for tlje Safb traffic 
jnti business, eacg time anb tobeneber anb as often as tbep ma)) be 
[Qiiipptt), tbe saib SDon Cbristopuer Columbus mam, if be cbooses, con^ 
iriliiitt anb pap tbe efgbtb part of all tbat map be opcht in tbe equipment, 
inD tbat Ifbetoise be mar babe anb taiit tbe cigbtb pact of tbe profits tbat 
„u^ result from sutb equipment. 3|t so pleases tbeir l?igbncSSes. 
iobii be Coloma. 

rijCf are granteb anb bespatcbeb toitb tbe replies of ^uc ^fgbncssts 
j[ tbc cnb of cacb article. 3|n tbe tc'coii of &anta Jfe be la tlega of 
^"^toiitiba, on tbe sebeiitccntb bap of ^prft in tbc pear of tbe natfbftp of 
,„c&iibiour Icsus Cbrist, one tfjotisanb four bnnbrcb anb nfnctp=tii»o. 
ItbcBing. jtbeHDurcn. Bpcommaiibof tbelilfnganbof tbeaiueen. 
jo^ii DC Coloma. IKegfstcreb, Calcena. 

CI tbc C'ccan anb our €licerop anb (Eobernor of tlje mainlanb anb islaiibs, 
hit oiipplicareb anb prapcb us as a fabour tbat in orbcr tbat tbc safb 
jitcntof pnbilcge migbt be tlje better anb more tomplctclp obscrbcb to 
.gii ano to pour sons anb besccnbanrs, toe tooiilb confiiin anb approbc 
, to pou anb tooulb commanb our patent of pribilrgc tbtrcof to t. gibcn 
ic wiu or toljatetcr mi gbt be our pleasure -, anb toe tabiug into tonsibcra= 
[[jn tob'ic >o aforesafb, anb tbc mani>, gooD, fairbful, great anb continual 
vertices tobttb pou tijc saiD SDon Cbnsropbcr Columbus, our labmfral 
j;iD C;iicrroi) anb (Fobcrnor of tbc isles anb mainlanb, biscobercb 
aD to be Dt'scobercb in tbe iTctan, in tbc region of tbe Inbies, babe 
(iiDcrtb anb toe bopc totll rcnbtr to us, espcciallp in biscobering ann 
l<nno;ing into our potocr anb unber our bominion tbc saib fslanbs anb 
nuinlanO, cbiefip because toe bopc tbat bp tbe aib of (Fob our ILorO it 
oiil rtoounb inucb to bis serbice ai\i} to our bonour, anb to tbc proflt 
<iD aOtjantage of cur hingboms anb bomintons, for toe bopc tbat, 
siiib tbc belp of (fob, tbc Inbian inbabftants of tbe saio Inbfes 
sill be conti'rrteb to our bolp catbolic fattb , Ullc babe orbaincb, anb 
•-r tbis our saib patent of prtbilege, or bp tbc transcript tbercof 
■i^ncD 'IS aforesaib, of our oton motion anb certain hnotolcbgc anb 
':!iooliirc ropal potocr, tobicb in tbis matter toe totll to use ant bo 
i]c, toe confirm anb approbe, for tbc present time anb for cber, to 
m, tbe saib SDon Cbristopbcr Culumbus, and to pour saib sons 
jnD granosons, anb to pour brscenbants anb tbcirs, anb to pour beirs, 

cml lopar iloniU' </ 
dicho co)mr(ioi'lnilu 
se lerna efarn (/«■• sy 
por la prehemitifnfia 
Je su oJi(io lie Alini- 
rante le perlene(era 
conosferdet talpUylo 
ptepa a I'uestras Al- 
tetas que el o sit 
tenienle e non utra 
Juez conoscn del till 
plilo, e iisy lo prii- 
vian dende ajimii. 
Vline a Sus .-IllifZiis 
sy ptrteneie al dichn 
ojifiii de Almiriinli 
sejtunt que h teniit 
el Almirante Dun 
Atfnnsii Unriqiiez, y 
Ills ittros sus ««/(■( r- 
sorij I'll susdishylus 
e svyendiijusto. Junn 
de tiiliima. 

§ yien que en Indus 
los nitiius que se nr~ 
miiren '' -n el diehn 
tritlii I .(■^M(i(i( ii'H 
endue quiinilneqitiui' 
tils t( :c.s se III mini ti 
qui puedaeldii hiiDiiii 
fhristintil i iduii ,sv 
quisyere ci'nll'lhuyr f 
lHii:ar liiiiihnii fuiiU' 

di tndnhi qui si /:(IS- 
tiirv mil iinitti:"!!, 
e que tttlihli n iryir t 
title dil prtiliil;: l,i 
iKheltl parte dita que 
lesuttilre delil ltd ill - 
niitdit. I'liize II .Sj/s 
.l/(rsils I'lhiln de 
( vliillllt. 

§ .s-„-, „i..n:,id.,s , 

ihsparhiuios cntiiis 
ri spui%tits i/i I'm \- 
(rrt( .tlttzn'' vn iyn tie 
catiit un iiipitu! < n'.tt 
iillii til Santti 1 1 diiti 
i'ti:_ti i/c (irttmt'iii (I 
diiz f \yttf i/iiis ill 
.ihnl Ufl ah» iltl 

t^ivimientodr nue^trn SahiuifrJi \u< hnstx di tmlh (fUiitfuientn^r nnnnta r f/.iss aho^ Yu rl Hty. >'(» la Hi y tut 

■ r mdm/di/it lUl Hty r ilitn tir\na. Ii-han dr < i'lmtui Ht^^ntntdn <'tl!^t■na 

■ i^'irii p">r ifuanto itu rl duho Ihm ( hrtxtnml (nlan nuestin .4lmiriintf dtt »utr <)(i(iu(i r nut \tT-i I m^ lit \ i 
. ^,rn^tltord(ttitlr^^^lJirn^eey^la'i, noj %yf)licit\te\ i prdistes por mtr{t;d qur purqut mtitirr mns iunplidtt mtntt 

\ ,'hrii ^'U(iri/cli/(i tti (/i(/>,i iitrtn (/< mi« r^rd » ivs e a i urstros hin s e dtitndtfnti ^ i/ur los la ionjiniut^i iuks c 
;',i(Mrm«(t r u>* mandatrtn' \ dar nunfrii iitrta dr preitUcjo <lttla <> fnm la nutilra mtri^fd fut-if, r rtos 

lU'.ndii t'i 'iu%n di(h>- 1- /.'I muihi's r ^-utnuM- UaU\ r tl' andeM i:ontinui>\ \CMi{i"S lym- tus tldtchu lh>n < hnstmal 
I ,1 nuT\lr<i Almirantv t i imi f{'\ *■ (io\, rnadot dtla\ \\la\ r tirrux firmt d<^( uf'urtas t P'<r drscuhryr i ni I mar 

■ tnla partr deta% )'ni/ini. n rti rdt i /f< ho e tspei amo% ijui- ni>\ h,trti\, t%pifiat mentf ttt dv^ioht \r t ti aht r 

•fUt^tri' podrr r M> nut^tro SVflnf,.* ahw i/n/'dv yii'iis c turTfi ftrnir, miiv-T mrnii p«r ifUt i i^i rdnioi »■<■« ayuda 
; />ioi nucUrn VnrT tidundatti .n mw. '•" leriii ii> j|*y" r hnntra nuisira r pror utiUvia<{ de nurstro% ie\nf\ c 

nr:.M. p.>r i/iir rsprrami'S von n^uda dt />ins <fue los piddttdi-rts Ynditts (/i7ii,\ i/i« Krs Yndtas St- lonitttiran a 
^.ntnt Minta ft inti lua, tonmostn pi't httttt p'-r f5/(i dnha nut\tta laitti dt prfidli f <• por c/ dtihtt su trasladi' 

.■Hill/" Lomo duho ri, dr nurstft ptopio mn/iin t {Urta {tenant »■ p»dtrio ttat ahuduto de i/Uf ttttsta patti 
k-'irn"J uutr r usiimoi, i»nfirmamo\ r ct(iroiamo\ pant at:ora r pitta \\,npii hi'ftas a i«is «/ duho Ihni 
• ::t\it<>tal ' Wi'H, f ti/uj duhos luattui hijxs, nirto\ e dtitnUuntt\ li itn t itll<<% i a vutstrus heridito\. 


I 1 

■i I 

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5 ,/ 


i i 

la sobre Jicha nues- ouc aforrtfai'D patent fncotporateti abobe, anti t^t favour thtuin 
Ira carta susoencor- contadttO ; uiiD tot Desj.te onD tomiiiaiiD anD (t is ouc to( I inl 
puraJa e la me^tj plcosJuce tljot it licUallD anH t)c obiSertcD topou anuto voutaaZ 
,ndia conLnida, c onD Deuttnooiitfl notj iind fcom bentefort!) inDiolablp forZ 
,iuercmos c mamia- pcetfmt timt aiio foc fber, (» ebecptyiug auO b? fbfrptl)jn(t, fii ,, 
mosccsrtutstramcr- aiiti coiitplctelp, actocDfnff to and in ti)c form and inanncccD 
,f,/ f voiuntad que taiiud tfjcttin ; and (Htbc ncteMacptoe not) flsaln tonfec linn , 
• OS rata e sea guar- pou tjt jjald fabouc, and toc fimilp forbid tijiu anp pctflon nJ 
•i,uia a los f a vms- perjjons flljall dare to Ijinder pou tontrarp tycrttoor to atip narr 
'"" ''•J'" •■ '''■""- tijcreof, 00 ao to biolate or diniinifl!) it, at anp time or ih am 
dunu-s ngora e ,te i,ianiur: Ml!)crciipon tot command tljc JPrince SDon lohn n ,. 

tuitahlf mentc para 
iii^iira t' pnra sicnpre 


iiliis Yn- 

andtotU bclobcd flon, and tbeHnfantctt.dukca.preiatta 
,. ,„„nre "'arqiiifltfl, totintfl, ffrandtca, maflteru of ordtro, prioru. coni 
n toiiocLr 'nanderfl and atibcommandertf, and tyemembtrsj of our Count 
t.uin hun c cunpuda auditorfl of our Cljambtr, altaldeu, bailiiffl and otbcr motitca 
nnntc ^cgund e for toljouiflocbcc oE our palatc and court and tijantcrp, and uotici" 
la forma i- mancra HorsJ Of caotlcfl and of fortifitd and unfortifltd palatcfl, and an 
i/H.rm/(ns.nm(.c»if, touncillorsJ, afloiofantfl, ffobtrnortf, alcaldtu, baittifo, luOjjJ 
<• $y nm-mrio rs proboflto aiid otljcr iu0ticr0 of all tf)e cititfl, tobmu and placra 
aiiora de los Of OUT kinffdomg flud domuiiona, and eati) one of ti)tni, to ob 
ja'.,:mosiadicha iiur- jjcrbt and tauflc to bcobocrbcd to pou tljid our gaid patent of on 
i,.; f dr/.mhmos tjiUgcand tonfimiation and tyrcljartcr of grace tbttcintontiiintii 

pme menu- cjuf mn jm, fljJt tljCf) dO nOt ^UMitt pOU COUtrarp tO tljC tCUOr ailD forii! 

•■""""' »'>:""'"?'•■■ tljcrcof, nor agree to do oo, at anp time or m anp manner, imtirr 
7'"7 """ """ '""" tyepenalticfltiicrdn contained: CCUjereof toeordertobcDcIibcccti 
,insaf,osyrn,umr fo iiflu tt)lfl out flaid patcut ofpribilcffe aud Confirmation, tontrtii 
r" ",;';, L';";; on parcymtnt of okin, and oignrd toitli our namefl ana gcliit' 
lou,hra„ta,n,m,n^ ^'") °»^ Sf'^' "f 'f^ti Ijanmng from ttjrradfi of coloured out 
■uar ,n lunpo at- tol)it|) toc commaud our cljancellor, otrtoard and notarp, jutj 
funo r,, p.,r akuna tUc otljcc offitialfl Voljo arc at tljc board of our flcala, to oral, dig 
m.m,r„.sohr. h ^u,d patc|) aud paflfl : dll tDl)itf), as It 10 otared in tbe caid artitlca 
mandomos at I'rin- Incorporated abobe and contained in tljig our confirmation, \Dr 
Juan nu,s Dcoue aud It ifl our toill and plcaaure tbat it be obJtrbcd'aiib 
fulfilled ttjug, according to toljat is contained tijcreiii and 
neitber one nor tbe ottjrr of pou or tbem gljall do contrarn tlKrcto 
in ani> manner, under penalti* of our dtopleaaurr and of ten tijou 
gand marabebig for our cljainbcriipon eact) oncbiyo gljnildo ri)c 
contrarp. dnd furrier tor command tbe man toljo oball ccljiint 
to POU tljig our patent to tite pou to appear brfore ug in our conct 
tobrregoebrr toe map be, toityin fifteen daro Irom tbe bauoftiia 
tion, under tl)e gaid penaltp, under tobicy tor command cbri;> 
public gtribcntr toyo map be guiiimoned for tbig purpooc ro qhk 
to tye pergon toyo gyall erytbit it a certificate tyereot oisncQ 
(ui. ,./a.;,/.v. aiiiua- toity big gmnamce, in order tyat toe map knoto boto our com 
.-./, w ,.(rr.v'"'uN" '"iinb '0 furfllltd. iPiben in tbe citp of 53urgog, on tbr tiocnti- 
quaUs quur d.ia tbicd bap of tbc uionty of dpril, lu tbc pcac ot tbc natibitp ot OIK 
nunirn f,i„i , a.rh iLovts Jtsiia Cbrigt one tyoiigand four yiindred and ninetp attic.i. 

f chafniUina f ol- 

(aydi\ dthn ca^ttHos i iit\iis futrlt * t Uiina\ e d t"di>i lo\ t.'nii;"^. ii\\itrntts. unti^ulorn, ,u<\u^i,i 
(iVi*n\i/rt, Mi(Tm<-s, pnho^tes, t a olras jwtttiia^ dr t"da^ /dv iiKladts t- iillas r la^arri i/c'-.s nt,ritr 
rryni^% f sfhoritis c a cada unit dtlli'% que io\ yuitrtUn *' hnitiin t:uijrdar t\ta duha nurstr^t idrNi ;. 
prci-iUejo f conjirmttiion <• la carta dr mtr\fd tntUa c-'nttnidii t- ccn/rd tl tenor e' forma dtlh n.- i , 
iayan ni pawn, ni consuntan \r ni pa^ar tn titnpo nl^uno nt por al^una manera solas pena\ fn.'.'i 
( ontt-nidiis drlo qual ici mandamt i oar ista di^ha nut ^tra carta dr prt i til tf: to c t onjirma^ om m ti: , 
«n parpamini' dr curro r Jirmaila dr nutstro\ nonhu\t \tttaitaci'n nurstro sdlodt plomo pmditnir ■■: 
Jilo% de sf da a color rs la qual mandamos al nu* str<' thani tllrr ma\ordt'ino i nutano r aloi ot^o^ <'fi(u:'.i , 
que t Stan ala tahla dcIo\ nui sfn.., st llos qut st Urn r lihnn r pastn to qual tinio que dicho cs rnlos du^ , 
lafitulof iuso tncorporados. y rn ( \ta nui stra t onfirmai ion itmlrntdos qurrrmos, c t s nuestta rnr'i. ; , 
\"luntad quf sr ^uardr e cumpta dvy sriiunl <;ut rnrllos sr lontimr e lo\ uno\ nt lo\ otros Hon /d^-iiii, > n 
fat^an rnde al por aliiuna mantra so prna dtla nutstra mrr\ed r dr die: mill maraiedis para la fihnfr,; 
camera a cada uno qw to contrarwjizirrr.e drmas mandami'S al ome que i"v r\ta nuesttatarta niitr :•, 
que iMK , nplase que pariscadrs ante no\ en la nU' stra < orte dti qulrr que nos stamits del dia que i"S ri. 
flasaii fast a qutn:e dins pnmiros st^uu ntrs soda duha pina. \t'la qual mandamos a qual quier tstrium 
que para i sto fvrtr llama to qut dt tndi at qur oela most rare tt stimontti sipnado con \u si^n" ru r 
srpilm<'s ( n ( <-»!" s, , i.npti nu* sif. oo.ttdado Ihlda sntn ^ il>datt ifi tiut ; usa it\nli ilttrss <io:\ i.^ 
til it anodi t ml, lino III', i< iiu< *:i" ^iw t J' -u l I iistndt mitt < quati ^so nh'st looi nto< *,,/, ,;«. 


Ope I 
tro tnuy ( 
amado hit 
fantes, duquis. per- 
lados.marquest s.ctin- 
drs.ruos omes, macs 
Irrs itelas ordtnis. 
priores, comendado- 
ri s e suhcomtnda- 
dores e alos dtl nuts, 
tru (onsejo, oydon \ 
drla nut stra alhlii n 





;q,;S^ «A> «^^<.r«A*^ Uw,A*fimJ\ M^^^lp«.S 

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3 tie tinff. 1 « 
tommono. antjj 
t^onp, SDottot: Jf ei 
t^tddiD patent of 
ttlt!)out feeu, bp t 

*Jjl? tlje na 

-* UiKtp.Jfatlje 
tilcoscD aiiO gloci 
tot rc(jai'ti iifl JJotii 
aiiD woroljip, ar 
mirror o£ ttje fepa 
jiiD itbetDitse to i 
tcltciriiU coiirr. j 
ttttlf' toljat (Poo i 
ictiinkiioto 1)1111 1 
anD iittiJ toljJtU Iji 
111) 1)10 po\i)cr, 0Ot 
aiiD ti)iic( man cai 
out 111 tljiU fltate 
anD be Ijacf no net 
iiiiip cl)Oi)Se, accor 
alter 111 an? nianr 
liiin tijev oenlje i 
iiuimtainfl tljem, 
pUctO lip i)nn o\)t 
ttmporallp 1 tDl)ie 
,ia tlie propijetfl i 
[1 t)iit)e ateuratt 
otooOi tl)e otljeri 
totre Diocernero ( 
10 otf upon eartl) 
oiict)io Due, anD t 
jnD mflt afl tbe 
anD Id tnatntaini 
anpportof iljepco 
lip tt all tt)c IIKI11 
[icrfl of tl)t kin 
niiiot lie, anD 
iMo^ t)i»i anD 
to nature ttjt ' 




r.'l :' ! Mil «ft- (iiH"l i 

, ( "ilinplurni" i«i I 

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^ / i..^ ^ hiin mtnt 
Y n:;n pu*df cnhtr 
.jur ir- ^'"> r//'H Ml) 
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pU'\l< rnl.t tirrnt 
(.■FJii>n. > tilmtt i/t/ 
,!(> irtJ //ry <■*''» 
i.r|ii I- pur i7 rt'( 
rmijiuf iir<i« '»"< ''■ 

iiunle ilistmlas i- uhii 
i.s('H{i(t dii'inu 'jitv 
lull' V riyntt pnr sn-n- 
/)r. syn Jin i- ilt!<i 
hint iinnfuriii'ii I'lr- 
liiii ^/[/riiiJii Snniu 
Mdna nui'strii .SV- 

3 tic l^fnff* 31 ^^t iSiuttn. J, JFtcii(nanl> aibared of '^loletio, crccrerar? )'» tv /'i>. y„ u 
of t^c lti("0 'i'l^l 0^ 'l)c iDiiccn otu* Hoi'Dtf, catiotD ir ro be tocitteii b^ tbeii; "•>»». >'" KriKin./ 
tommaiiD. antyonp SDottoi-. EffflotcreD. SDoctoc l&otitnth,2Docroran= ■"""•ei<iiruWojt 
tjon?, SDottor jferDlnanti aitoartjj, lobn tUlajquctl. iSud on tftt bach of ZTiLt n"7iZ 
i|){ (jam patent of pritjileue toajj torlttcn ma foUotDjj: oautliout tianctrp anD s^ore, la jit escn- 
ipit^out fec0, bn cortiinanD of tfjeic Digbneoded. wr por au manjaJo. 

Anlonius Doctor re- 
^^ _ — , , „ , ^ , , cialraJa, Doctor lio- 

*gril? tlje name of ttje l^olp Crinttp and eternal ' c-,«oc(„r <„,„ 

-* ilnitp, if atyer, &on anti Ijolp (BIjoflt, tljrce pecflonfl reallu Otatfntt and 'T'T"i!,TT 

one BitJine eflflcnte toljlcfj IHjtfl and refonu for ciici- toitijotit eiid, and of tijt /"T.^ .«.',, ,«,,'/" 

bitflflcdand Blortoufl lUruin i?.iint a^arp our %m,W mother, toljom ts"i'i:'TlmZu, 

tot regard aa ootiercion and addotarc (n all our act(ont(, and ro Ijer Ijonour ,/, umiiim om™ 

jnti tooroijip, and of tbc bleflflcd apofltle feaint Tjameo, lijjljt and ,,rn(., h swuunt.; 

mirror of ft)C Spaintf, patron and fftiiiic of tyc lUinga of Casjtile and ILcon, ,vm c/j.mdHiri,. . sm 

and liketDtoe to tt)e honour and toorstyip of all tijc otljer satntd of tye iinuhos, por man- 

(tlcoria! court, jl^oto tt)ouslj according; to nature man cannot bnoto per= <'<"/» </•' ^u^ .iiiems. 

tcctif tnljat (Pod itf, yotoeber (jrcat ijia knotoledde of tye toorld mny be, pet '-'"' "omhrc Ma 

Ijc tan ItnotD bint bi> oreins and contcmplatino; Ijln toonderfl and ttje tuorbs ''""''« ''nntiiaJ • 

and atru toljitlj Ijc bao done and does et)erff daj), jjince all toarbfl are done ''•"'" t'""''""'"''., 

im l)ifl potocr, ffotitrned bp Ijifl toifldoni and maintained bp nits podneflfl; ' ii<J"iSpintu s,m- 

Olid tljiia man can undersstand tbat(Pod ia tbe brijinnin(j, 'mddle and end '"'f'^p'"'""" ""' 

ot all tbinaa.and tbat in bim tljep are comprebcndedi and be maintaina eaclj 

one 111 tbat atate tobtcb be baa ordained tor tbcm,and all bade need of bim 

aiiD be baa no need of tbcni, and be la able to cbange tbcm tobencder be 

HUP cbooar, accordinu to biti VoiH ; and it ta not in bia nature to cbangr or 

alter in anp manner; and be ia called Iking Oder all l^insa, becauae from 

j)im tbcp deritie tbeir name and bp bim tbei* reign, and be godcrna and 

maintaina tbrm, and tbev are l)\a dice^erenta, cacl) one in bio bingdom, ,wnl^um,uln•„^ui,n 

placed bp bim ol)er tbe nationa to maintain tbem in iiiotice and in trtitb, »o^ iviumos por s, - 

tciitporallpi tnbicb la aboton completelv in ttoo toapa, one being aptritual, n.,ra , pm- ai«,^,„i« 

as tbe propbeta and aatnta bade abouin, to tobom our ILord gade grace 

[0 bade accurate hnodiledge of tbinga and to cauae tbem to be under* 7' 

stood; tbe otber la according to nature, aa pbiloaopbera bate abovon, tubo 

totrr oisccrnera of tbinga nanirallp. Jfor the aainta aaid tbat tbe Btng 

13 set upon eartb in the place of (Fod to fultil luatice and to gide to eacb 

OIK bio due, and tberefore tbcp called bim tbe beart and aoul of tbe people % 

inD luat aa tbe aoul la in tbe bcact of man, and bp it tbe bodp lidea 

and id maintained, ao in tbe Itttng reaidea luatice, tobicb la tbe life and 

support of tbe peopleof bia domintona -, and mat aa tbere la but one beart and 

bp it all tbe memhera are united to form one bodi>, eden ao all tbe mem^ 

tiers of tbe kiniTdam, botoeder manp tbep map be, are one, because tbe l^ing 

must he, and la, one, and tberefore tbcp muat all be one toitb bim to 

rollod) bim and to bclp in tbe tbmga tnbicb be baa to do-, and according usiuit.porquiaun,iue 

to nature tbt pbiloaopnera said tbat IKinga are tbe bead of tbe bingbom s^i-un muura mm 

pitttlt! tl iiuw fwn- 
p',t ■ : mi ntc fnn"(i r t/uc cum i , />i.»s p..r W Hhiyitr funoj loni ntn i/Uf ./W ttiumio puiii<- ititr. pittdtto iimc^ir'" i<>'tri(/(i 
, f,"ilcnp/iin(/" JUt miirniiHit:\ e ohr<it t In hut i^uehini r l,i:f tir icii/j liin pm s i/i r tnilm his iifcrils p'lr su polrr sun 
ftchii^ r pur IM iahrr fiuxtmtuins t por lu hundtui inttnUiiJiti >• ii^y i-l umt puntc int<ndtr tfut Plus ts cumirrt^u 
r mtJic I 1\n dt toiltxt /lis i:u\t\t c t^Hr tnel \r rrt(if rriir, y tl numtum a ciuia un > vn titjUil eitihto ifut las honUnu, 
, / . tus U httn mrntilrr y el no hti mrnrtlrr tiellas y vl /iii punic tnuilitr ciuiit ii : t/ut- </uisu ri* \i-i>ttnil su itiluntinl, 
\ nun putdf r(t/)«T tnrl qut sf mude ni xt iOnhit «■« til^urtti mdntra, y tl f» dahu lii-y subrt' todi'X lus /I'l yt-s pur 
.ikf iV. hiin ellu\ nunhrr pur A rrynim y tl li>\ i>u\itrnd c tmintitnf tu> ijutttti ■urn imtttu-i siiyo-i nulti uiiu tn su 
'r\'v' f'untitt pur tl Ml t lii% ^tnl- \ p,titt lui nuinttnt^r tn ju\ti\iit, y tn itrditd Utipunil mt nti: lu ifuiil . ft mutstrn 
^ttnpUdit nirntr rn dus ttittnrrm, la una dillat ri npiritual tt^und In muttrarun lot pruj ta-i, y Iwi santtts aijuitn dio 
nuiitru Srnor f:rtt(ni dr itther las luirts \irtta mentt r lat hazer rnltndtr, la utta mantia s ^und nalura asy comu lo 
mciWrciriiti lui umes niAius i/u> Jurrtm tono^fdurrs dtlas omiJ natural mntr ca lus Santi- di\tron ijue <■( Hey ei 
pufitu rnla tterra tn luf^ar i.V />i"i ftttra cunflir la iu\tii,ia, e dar a tada unu \u dertthtt, y purendt lo Itamarun 
u'nii<»n. y alma del puihlo, r it\y cionu tl ahna eita enel t-'ir«r(itfi del tone, y pur tl hue el cuerpo y se ouintie v, 
iKV tnil Hry esta la )ustnta ifte ts mla e nuvittnttmtntu dtl puthlu dt su \thuitu, e asy cumo el furti^un e< 
uH" t por el re\iheH tudus !us titios tnienlous untdad para str un lUtipu hun cisy tudiis /.<> dtl iiyutt 
miijiutr Sean muthu\ mki uno. purtfue tl Ht^dtie str, y es unu y pur i s<i i/tun \ti hi.ius unos cuntl fiara Ut 
uj^uir t ayudar tnlas losas t^ite ha de Jaztr, y naturtil mentc dixeron lus sabius i/i*i- los Uvyes son citbe',a del rtyutt 


in ludu 

; lus nutstrtis 
< f a unrra e 
i7i(iti suyti e dtl 
hunaienturiidu.lpi s- 
I'd Sthur Niin/iil/,'" 
luz y e\pijo delas 
i'-^ptihas, patron e 
^uiadur dtlus lUyts 
dt (astilla e de /.Ion 
t' asy misotu a honria 

rcl( rcrti 1(1 tie to.ttts 

Iff olruf Santos e 
saiilas dela vorte 

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«„r ,/i,f r ,. rfrfrt foc dcf UtM tl)f fctaft pMCffb tlif pfrttptloiia lip tobiclj all tbc uitmbcrfl 

.«H<i »«,vi '"' "1- of Hy I'OOP J" DiittttD, t\)(\\ 00 lij» tijt iiiiJiHiinc tDbicU piottcoa from 
i„h,,p,.r,,ur,em,m. tljc iking, U)|)o 10 lofD iiiiD Uful) of ull t|)t iiitmbtrjj of tdf hinrjaoiii 
,/,m /m/o, („, »,i.-i- t!)tp iiiuot lie BotitnuD auD D(rctttt).anD iniiot pap obcBiciitt tijcicto 
hro, ,1,1 nmrn. In,,, aiitiflo urfiU 10 tUc aiittoritw of tbf pototr of hliigo, tijat all latoa anji 
rtJi p,.r r( m,im/,t- riffl)r0 arc oiiliifrr to tljcir pototr, for fVep 60 nor dtritc It from mtn 
min.,„ ,,u, «,i(f ,i,t imt from OPoD,tol)ooe platt tlirp otttipi> in mattrro trniporal; to tohon! 
«.v, ./t-r ,. s,hm V aniono otl)tr ttjlnijo it tijiirnp appcrtaino to lotot, Ijonour anft protct 
,,.Af,'i ''<• ''"' ' '•' 1)10 ptoplr, ano among otUcio jjf muot coptciallp oclttt anb Jonoiir 
M rtyn„. >t ,„ fjjjgj ^|,o otfltrt)f It on atcoiint of tl)f 0crl)itco tljtp [)A\it rtnocrto to 
,n,m,i„r y /-uinr y h |,„„ and tljtrtfort tljc king or printf, amonj 1)10 otljtr i-oVDcro, Hot oiib 
■''''y*;''"' V'^f ''"/' tan iHit ougl)t to litototn Ux^muva upon tt)oot tot)o art BtotrbiiiB tlirrtot 
,-, f I, rrn h,ui, I f,.Hi,r j^^^. ^^^ flji^itfj, ,|,tp i,j^,f rcnotrtD to liiiii, and for tl)t guoDiitoa lit in,i > 
.iTi/,iv,svZ 'u l*'>t< I" Hiti" >a"t> I'ttaiiflf among tl)t otl)tr tJirtiitjJ apptrtaining to kinno 
,„/.,„ /,,-.n ... .» attoroing to tl)t oaring of tftt pl)ilooopl)tro, luotitt 10 ont, .uio 10 thr 
/„.,/, n-i prr,,„t ,„,,„i tirnit and trutU of tbinga, and liw it tfer toorld ifl btot and moot rmi) 
n„uh„n,i,u,',„„„',. ttoiiolD iiiaintaintd, and it 10, afl it totrt, a fountain from toljicl) iili 
-mij iir i>„<,. cyn rigl)to note, and it altoano trioto in tbt diopoomono of uiot mtn 
:,.fi<,r (Kirn .n/<ii nttttt failing, and gibing and diotnlniting to tatb t)i0 dut^ anb ir torn' 
("M! /.»ip...rt/,.. at prtljtndo in itotif all tbt printipal birnito, and btrp grtatutilitu iiiiotij 
./uai ,„in las drat rbrrtiroiii, for it tauoto tbtrp ont to libt prudtntip anb ptattahlp ,\( 
. ..vnpriii, ,p„: „„ focdiiig to bio fonditiou, toitboiit fault and toitbout trror ; anb tbcrrtm 
i;,-ama,yh.m. ,i,f (jooj iictouit bttttr, rtctibMig rttoarbo for tbt goob bttbo tl)cp i),H)t 
bont, anb tbt otbtro art rtformtb anb amtnbtb. antt t\m motict ton 
Oioto of ttDO principal parto, tbt ont commutatibr, Xobicb 10 bcttorcn 
ont man anb anorbtr, tbt otbtr biotributibt, in \obitb art ohMintD 
tbt rtVoarbo anb rtmuntrationo of tbt goob anb birtuouo laboura anD 
orrbirto tobirb goob mtn bo for kingo anb printto anb for ttjt public 
Vurlfart of tbrir kingbonto. tdnb oinct, ao tbt latoo gibe rt 
tnarbo to tboot tobo otrbt totll anb faitbfullp 10 a tbing isbicb lo brri' 
bcromtng to all mm, but topttiallp to kingo, printto and grrat lovDa 
/rrr< ijuf h.,. h/mh tobo babt tbt pototr to bo It, anb it 10 tbtir ptculiar pribiltgc to bonour 
i..r,im<nr>pu. /, »i.i< anb trait tljoottDbo otrbt tbtm Votll anb faitbfullp, anb loboor birrurs 
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rt/.Mi^u, (,niii,r.,,rn jji) o|)oto tbat tbtpart biottrnrrflof birtut ani likttDiot abniiniorr.itoro 
of luotict, for juotltt boto not conoiot ouIp in tbt trtmplarp punioi) 
mrnt of tbilbotro, but aloo in rttnarbing tbt. goob. unb morraucr 
anotbtr grtar urilitp arioro tbtrtfrom, for it incitto tbt good 10 
btcomt mort tirttiouo anb tbt toicktd to amtnd tbtmotlbto, antt volim 
tbio toiirot 10 not puroutd tbt contrarp mi'Tbt bapptn. dnb omcc 
among tbt otbtr rttoarda and rtmuntrationo vobitg "ingo can brgtotD 
upon tbo0t tobo otrt t tbtm torll and faitbfullp tbtp can bonour tl)cin 
anb ricbart tbrm among tbt otbtro of tbrir familp, anb tnnobit, drcoviur 
and bonour tbtm, and confer manp otbtr btntflto, gracto anb faboiira 
upon tbtm : (Ibrrtforr tonoibtring anb raking into account all r^,u 
'»i(isrii./r'r,,,i,^imi>,(. 10 afortoafb, tot btoirt tbat bp ibio our patent of pribilrgt, or bp t^c 
srmant,rn,cimi,mi,.. trauotript tbtrtof o;,>ntb bp a public ociibentr, all tDbo note art 

V fi a^y cntti'i fufntf 

ii,>n,lt ttiiinan ttnlns hi litrnhus , itura p.T \tfnprc fn^M t,>luntadi\ ,iel<'% cmts ;ttifi>.». i nunia </<i/ii//(./, , 
(/rt e rrp;rtf a ra(L\ unn \^ual mrntr \u lirricho. r , ,nnprt hmttr rni. '(m/.u ttii iir/uc/ti prin<ip(i/f j. y n,^, 
ttrlla n,ut f^ianJ utiUiiait, p'^r (jur fa^r i;iir cuirti,, mrntr y rn pa: a rath ui.> st^unJ \u rs^ll^., t\n (b.'^a 
r \\n yr, rn, r li>s hurnm sr hasrn por tlUt tml<'rrs, rr,,hi,nJt, fi,,Iaritf>nri p,>r /.is hirnn i/-.- fizirmn. r t'n 
.ifriH piT rill, Sf r rni,rn<lnn. Iii 'junl luilinn Umr rns\ ./.m pnrirs prln^,paU^. /.i una n r..nii,(ii(ii,. 
ifur es rntrr iin omr , nlm, I,, t,tr,, i- . ./isfr i/>u/ii(i, rnli, ,ju,,l ,un\,i:urn /«■< t:_t,l,,ni,*n>^ r rriMhiifr,!,, 
./f/i., hurnoi t iir/M*.s(n tratuum ' irriitict. c/mi /.., hurnt>\ fatrn aln\ tevr% r pr,n\ iptt r ,,la ctixa />b/)/i<j ,i, 
sui rrynt'i. h' pur qut se^uni ./n* n /rf, li\r\, liar luilarttnn. nltn ,jur him i iral mrntr %vri,n, n ciin ^u, 
rnnrtrnr mi.'hn a t"ilits ln% i.mim iitaynr mrntr iWoa rr\if r prin\,pr\ * f*tantirs ^rnt'rrf, ,fur t,rntn p->,irr ,irl. 
jastr.y a eltnx rx propia co\a hnnrrar y \uhlttnijr a i,,furllns qur h\rn r leal mtnt, Ir lyrirn, r sui niluiti, , 
srrtiftiis /(» mrrrf{fn, y rn fyalaritnnar /-■, ht^rntn fr(h>'\, /.», liryn que In fa\rn mur\tran irr cmi^nii'm 
liela virtufl. ii/rosv justt^trroi, ca la tu^ti'^ia nnn n tan k./u mrntr rn ncarmentar /<n ffid/i*, mat nun m 
ralariifnar h>\ huin"%. y iUmas ,if\tt> na\t ihlta ,itra i:ran,l u/i/t./.i./, pttrtfu, ,la mluntaii aim hurnni par., >c 
tti.n im/ I rt/us tnalin para i »ii n.^'iir ,(, y ,fuan,lii a\y no \r hau pinliia atan^rr pi>r (nntt arh>. > fi..riju< 
itltr, l"i >'trm ^'(r/«lri/.i«( , i r, ttiuni rai,u>nt \ </u» /.., Hryt\ pu,-irn fairr illos ,^Ut hi, n r Iral mmlr Ir tyrifN 
i\ htmirarlns r \uhlt,t,artn^ intri /.., c/roi i/r ,u ltnaf;r. r lui cniiu't/rfrr r Urrvrar r htmirar r I, \ /,!»,. 
.fr.i, fn'.> h, \ hi, n, I t jta\,tti , w,r',t't, ., p,;,Hilt i,mit,titan /... r .; il/iin.i'u .'-. \u\'i tilth,', ,ju,r, m,<\ ■/!*( \,fm 
/.■ f ,,>!.: ,iu> trti ,,:i ta tl, pnit!, riu, <, pi,r \u trr\la,l,, ly/'ndu'.. J, , %, tuann pull,,,'. t,'tit'\ 1"\ ./i^r a.",,i , r 


rriir V f:uar,h,r <u 
purhl"%, V f,tre h'x 
,'tftis icnrt/ii./.' tnrntr 
lUvi t„„tar y /...firriir 
111 m ,fur III m, rr,, *,, 
pi', srr,ni,\\ qur Ir 
,,yan fichn^y punnitr 
1/ Hry ,1 rl l'r,n,,fr 
I ntr, l,>\ (»/f,tt /> 

f',ii .WTri(iii( i/ur ir 
ayan frrhn y p. r 
hnnilail i/Ki tall, m- 
rll„%, y piirifut rntrt 
las ,itra\ rir/u.."i j an- 
r\(tx rt/fn liryii sr- 
runtt ,l,xrr,in /... *.t. 

/'1(H, fS la ,:i\t,' M, 

la qual r« ,,rtu,t , 
iiTf/.ii/ iirlr.n ff!S(M, 

piir la </Url/ mrl", t 

rin(iprt/fs. y n i,, 

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ndnD dnD SDonna loabclla, bp rbr ariict of (fob 1K.i»g .' ,, 
sQutrn of Caotllr, Icon, Uraffon, tetcilp, OPrainiBii. ttir ^ 
•tdi(iitiii,(fi>licia,d9d(orta, tortillr.toarbinlii, Cocoi f^ > 
(III. lAtn* ^Iflfdrtr, idlfftciratf, (Fibralrar anb tbc ihiry 
idlanbdi Count anb Cotinttos of iSarcrlona; lorbaut v nt 
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,idnD anb flDonna laabttla, b? tbt sracr of (Bob cunff anb 
r^iitdi of Cadtilr.lLton, JdraBon, toicitp, (Franaba, lolrbo, 
aaltncia, (Eallcia, d^alorca, tetblllr, toacbinia, Corboba, €or< 
aica, yburcia, latn, VIlBartir, idlstclrag, (Fibraitac anb tbr . , ,k „ 
S larPlolflnbfl ; iount anb Counttoo i\ Barcelona -, Uorbfl f; ' ; l'',,, :*r '"" 
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Ioimt0 of Rouflflillon anb Ccrbagnc.aparquioco of iJDriotano ./„„ ',/, //..^w.^n 
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pinjtipour commanb.toitb flomcof our obfpoanbtoirbour ./, >Mm.i. /'u./uri 
oiibircto, to bi0cotocr anb acquire certain tolanbo anb mainlanb (/< AOumi^ , ,u .\„- 
111 tt)c ocean, anb it 10 bopeb tbat, bp tbe belp of (fob, 0ome of puinn. < .>»,/,, ,1, 
ih( gaib.i0lanb0 anb inalnlanb in tbe 0aib ocean toill be bi0- /< <w/rm r ,1, 1 ir,i„. 
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1(10,1 itiot anb reagonabletbing tbatoince pou incur tbe0aib "ni(im»./f f-iioi", 
oangtr for our 0er\iice pou oboulb be retoarbcb for (t, anb aa •""■"'"'" ^»'i'> ''•■ 
ttrbfOirc to bonour anb fatjour pou on account of vnbat 10 """■"'■ 7""""''" ''< 
j'utajib, It 10 our toill anb pltaourt tbat pou tbc oaib Cbr(0 ""'';' ""'"'"'■', ' 
fopljcr JColumbuo, after pou babe biocobereb anb acquireb tbe " , /T, ""^ ('! 
oaiD iolanb0 anb mainlanb in tbe 0atb ocean, or anp of tbcm ' ," , '",)„„ ' /.J 
tobarootber, 0ball be our idbmiral of tbe oaib iolanb0 anb „„«./.. /»..«,i )-.,iU 
iiiamlanb tobltb "O" map tbuo bi0tobcr mxtt acquire, anb oball p„r u, .,r,i, 1,1 ,/, /»i.,i 
tif our dbmiral anb ilictrop anb (Folicrnor tbercin, anb 0()all «, y , it,y„„ ,/, ( ,,-,. 
tftiiipotDcrcb from tbat time fortoacb to call anb entitle pour- /i//(i, ,/.. /,,„«, ,/, 
odfSDon ^briotopbcr Columtiuo, anb tbat pour 0on0 anb guC' Am^.m, lU smUa. 
cragora in tbe oaib otSce anb cbar(^e map liketoioe entitle anb >'• ''riin<i./<i. </<- /... 
Miitbtm0clt)CO a»on,anb iilbmiral anb CUctrop anb OPobernor '"'•■. ''•• 1'i. >>>■ 
tbttfof; anb tbat pou map batoe potoer to u0c AwXi riercigc tbe '•"'">'>• '^ •/'i/'t- 
gaiD otnce of dbmiral, tosttber toitb tbe oaib ot^cc of Clicerop 
,inD if obernor of tbt 0aib lolanbo inn mainlanb tobitb POu 
iiiiip (bu0 biocober anb acquire, bp pouroelf or bp Pour tieu^ , , , 
(rnaiito, anb to bear ixnn bttermine all tbc ouito <xn\i tauoe0 '['/' ', ,"''"'• '' 
cHil anb criminal appcrtaininu to tbc 0aib office of dbmiraltp, ] , Zuu ,',",'' 

idi, i/<- Sfiillil, lie 
^ I rill nil, tit i nn/nlrt, 
ilr < "rii'^ii, lie ,Hur- 

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ClKcrop anb (f oticrnor accocbino a0 pou 0ball flnb bp lato, 

jnD J0 tbe abmiral0 of our ktngbom0 are accu0tomcb to uoe 

inD cccrcioc it : anb map bat)e potoer to puni0b anb cba0ti0e »,ir,r'<»ia e s,n,.,',^ 

Dtlinmicnt0,anbecerci0e tbe0iiibollicc0of ^bmiraltp.Clicerop ,/, i,u„y,ieiie y„. 

,inB TObernor, pou anb poiir 0aib lieutenant0, in all that con: i,nit,i>u,iue,iir ith,. 

cring aab appcrtain0 to tbe oaib olTicttf ano to eacb of tbeni -, nai e ,ie .Sinpainn. 

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ludfri) muHiliiiti'i (I iliiiiihru I' ^'iifiur run \n'rtai /uttat nuntiat e citn nuestrm fienle\ (itrfii, 

vt/.n f Itrrrrt Jirme enta mitr i*\eanit, e ir t^pem i/ur innla ttyuilii lir thm se ile%cnbnrtin e ^»u«(i- 

',11 .l/t'undl i/r/ils itltha^ v«/iM i tin lit Jtt 'tic titlil iltif it ntiir 'uriinit pur i Urtfril tuitnn e \nihi^ti lil. 

1 iMVf* cosn juitii e rainniihte. iyi*i' puei m punn at iluhn piti^rn per nut-strn si*mi(I", seaiU^ itelii 

•imuntr,iili>, t i\utr\tnil"\ hunruir e fti^rr mer\eil pur In sum iliiho, i, iiurstrit mir\fit i inluntiiit 

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ufitri til"s r ,uh(rii)rr, rnri iluhn ■^^(M !• rdi^'n, <e puriliin ynliluliir ellninar, Dun.e Almiriinle r 

'1 .III lir\.r liOleiHiUl-'f 'tettil', I pitlll i/ue pmliuirs u\ai f eXt I ',ef et ill' h.i i>Jl.^ In ile thltirtjnttlilf^i'.l • 111 

.iiK-'ipitoile I in* Hey,r(nnerHitili>t ileliiMliihttn \'sliisr tierriijtr me,ifut aty ite\cufir It riles y ^iiHiti ile^, 
' lui. <• pi'r I tie III r It \ lu^iti teniritti \, r i>\r e tihritr Iniliii Ins plitii\ r i rt/tidi itiile* e i riminttli i 
■ Hint f I al iliif^ii I'tiiiii lie ilinirantailjiii, e tie I i »" Ut\ e tiinermiil'ir. sef^uri'l tiitliir les pur tlereih'i e 
f^unit I'l .1( v\tumhriin usnrtexener lot llmirnitlr^ ile nurilri\ iiynn^.r P'litililrtpunir e mttl^ilrln^ 
wnnqtitnlfx. e uie'iet lieloi ilithni .i/|(1.m ile 4lmiriiHtilil^'> e I I io He\ e funernililiir ins e l utiitrnt 
k'l .'ta^'iir trnientet, en ti'ln In ifi,e iii't tth h"\ itji^ i'i», r ii - ii</.t unit ietlni, e\ anexn e i onii-rnii-nte. 

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«iiii«i>i»f<i<(«i«u.i anD ttiat ;>ou nWi batit and \t\>f tit tttt anb falir(t« «n 
'"• ''""^'^' '"'"' nr«6, bflongino anD appertaining to tbr flalD offlttg ant » 
;;:; " « "2' t, »«l> of tut m. attoromB a« out Digb idDnif ral in tbc attmicain, 
ii«».>i <iii««..< , cm. of nuc kIngDomt Itt)tt0 anOlflatcudtomtb to Itbi* tbtm. ana 
(trnifnuifptrintt. tp t||l0 ouc pattnt, oc tf tU tcan0tcfpt tberrof tfigncb bi» a oiib 
l""'" "«•"■' "7" lit itrltoencr, tot tommano JPtJntf Bon lobn, our birp B.,r 
};;ir'w':«:t,r;/': «"«> *»" brlobto 0on.ano t|)t1nrantM,Dukt0. prtlattB; mar 
»iir«»(« >tiA>nr fxr( qulflttf, couni0, itiagtcr0 oforDtrd, prioro, comniAniicrfl, anb 
.iimirani<i<igo •itin, mrnibtr0 of ouc toiincll, anD auDitor0 of our ctantbtr, alcaltirs 
n„t<iro, rryno, K j^j j^jj ju0titr0 to|)oni0otDrc of our tiou0ttiolD, court m 
C"plrVuTnhl f banctrp, anD 0ubtoniinanDrr0. goDfrnor0 of cagtita anb for 
,yfn,uh,i, ncnum,, tifltD anD unfortlStD I)ou0f0, onD all tountillor0, aggigtanto 
pi.A<in>,miri<i/<i>nui>i/ goDrrnor0, altalDtJ. balliff0, fuDgr(, b(lntlcuatro0, jurats' 
I'tiHope Am iu«n. Iin(gt>t0,r0qulrf0,offltfr0 anD Ktgi Hitn of Oil t|)t titlf0,toton8 
mT'LTin «r ' «inDplatf0 Of our llngDoni0 anD Dominions anD Of fbogftotiiti) 
«io,ynhntnJ,4.,y„, pou inaptonqutranD atqulrt.auD tjit captdln0,magtfrg,matfo 
pfriadoi. manjur,,,, ofOctrd, iiuriDtrg aiiD gtanitn, our natural oubicctg toi)o 
eondn. manirn ,u- noto art or (jcrtafttr oball be, anD tacb anD anp of tbtnt.that 
cVm7nM'r,r,Zi'l "'"" t()t0aio igUnDfl anD mainlanDtn tbtoalDoctan btingdio 
j,t nufiiroomuj,.., coDtttD onD atqiiUtD bi» pou.anD tbtootb anD formalit)) rt qm 
oyivrn Ma nut^ir,, oitt in 0utb caflt t>>bing bttn niabr anD Donr \sv pou or bp tum 
AMifm.a. niniUr, , tB||0 map ijatjf poiir p'otiiratlon, tbip oliall babt anb ftolb pou 
'^'Zl^'tiaV^'i'ln, f"'" »l>f ""fortb for tl)t tobolf of pour lift, anb i-our oon m 
Llnr cnrif ""'h/f,'' ouccf 0gor lifter pou.uiiQ gutctooor after oucccggoi for ebtr iino 
u'/rnn, t n/»< luA. fDirr, 00 our dOiTitrai of tbc oaiD ocean, anb ag dlicerop anD 
r.imfn(/rt./»r,i.n/.,i> (f obcmor of tbt 0aiD tg|anb0 onD iiiainlanD, to[)icb pou tt)t Oiiiti 
fnll'tWZ'ii'Z! ^" «l)riotop|)er Columbu0 map bi0tober anb acquire; .mti 
, n i.',io, tot nm,r;„i t|)tp«>liall fvtat toitl) pcu.anb toitb pour galb lieutenantatoliom 
ny\iitnuy t rrg,- POU mapplacc In ttie0dibofBre0of idbnilral,([liceropanb(robcr 
nor, about cbrrptbing appertaining tbereto, anb gball pap ano 
caugc to be paib to pou tbe galarp.bueo anb otbtr ibingg annrrtu 
anb appertaining to (be aaib otltcra.iinbgball obgerbt anb cause 
to be oboerbcb totoarbg pou all tbe bonourg, graceg, faboiiro, li 
«m,i hurm'^t.j, (../n. bertie0, preeminencefl, prerogatibeg, erc^nptiong, inmuinitits 
'"'<•'"''"'" ' """' anballotbertbing«,anOeacboftbem,tobiciint)irtiieoftbco,iiD 
offlcrg of vibmlral, ilicerop anb (Fobernor p ni sball be cntititti 
to babe anb tniop. anb tobitb oiigbt to be obgcrbrb totDaroo rou 
In ebcrp rcgpcct fullp am) conipleteli', go tbat notbing map be 
bimlnigbcb tberefroni; anb tbat neitber tberein nor in am 
maturi,. en'niramn. ptKt tbcrcof flball tbcp pUcc or conoent (0 place binbranccoc 
,<irti e ofi(,nit) mn. obotailt agaln0t eou^ foi tot bp tbt0 our patent from no\B 

nnerot, r frntn tirta 

mar. nunliot iulniili:\ r naturalrn, i/ur a):('ra im " iiriin ilr ai/ui mlilantt, r a raiLi uii, , ,^, 
quirr iltltoi, qut Mtnilo per !"< iln< uhirtai t ^■nnui/iiJ /m di(ha\ yilut t titrja Jiinir tnla Ji, (.,, 
mar t^tana. t ft<hit pur loi i' quim iniilrc pi»lrr mirrr, tt mramfttlc t s:<tipniJati yiir rii m. 
taiii it rr(^utert, ii<i ayar e lengan dindr rn ailrlanit para en tvda lur^tra xnta, t \ir\put\ 'tt int 
a tutilrnjijn t tuhitsi'r, r ilr tutftS'r rn tul'trtor, faia tirnpt r jumat, pi>r nuttlrn Aliniiam, 
iltta iltrha mar i>(rii>iii. t pi>r Iim Hty r (/.iirrii<ii/iir i/r/ai ilichat ystai t litrra Jirmt i/ut i.ii ,, 
ittchn lh<n Cfrrijfnifl/ f'olnn (ttMuhntriU^ r ^anarttt^, t uxrn ton i"i. r rnn/oi ./ir'-di tur\f> 
lltfrtr tinttnlrs, yur f>l/"i tluhi't fi^ijii ilr .llmtranliulfn r I im Hi\ t '•i>irrii,t,/rir puiltr,l,n, ,, 
tt>Jo '(> arltin, comtrnirntr. r ici rtcuJan r fnf^an itnt'tir, umta ywif<it ton r tieinK\\, r otrax f. i,n 
(i/iii (licht'i ii_/lfiii.j iinriiM r ptrttntt^ifnlrt. t iin /,'iiriri/i it r fnfun fuantiir l«la\ l,i\ ^mnn,, 
fraf 1(11 <• mrnrdr\ r tllrrladrl. prthtnunrHfun pnrr i^alltat r\rH\ limri t "luni/ili/ii. , lmi,i\ ,,i, 
('(riM rowM, f nttta una i/r//.M, i^uf p"r ffrt-tn i/r/.n duhni M_yi(iiii ilr Itmiroritr, r lii'i //ry. t 
(iiuirnatii't ttitfHr% attr t i;"»rtr i \n\ tttitn %tr fuitrttittta%. rn t"tlo turn e ('•nf'tuta tutntr. rn j:ui..; 
ifue lat ni>n m nfiur tnttt tovii atfiuno. r tfur initt" nt rn pitttr lirttn rnlmr^n nt tontrutt- 
alfiuno I'f'j n-'H pnHf^iin rii tumunliin pnnti. ta nm p^t iitii ri.4rWri( taria Uix^tr .i^'" 


ilnrti, t alratdet 
atfiuaiylti, mrriini, 
irynit r ijuntrni, ca- 
uiZ/rroi. )uraiti'%, ri- 
lujrrnf, <<yi|iii/ri r 

r togam itetnt nun 
e ileti't ifut ir)i on' 
quialartirt t ganar. 
{/rt, ( at'tt capiliinrt 


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jf nttfortft (tram 
nor bp riffbt of i 
proflpcctmt pojJi 
,1110 apptrtainin 
0aiD. Contcrni 
poll fliioulo WQ"! 
aiiD rt)C otftec of 
pasfl a no fleal ft 
nirttf, in '6' J»fi 
iiijp rcqueflt ai 
of poii or tl)eni 
of our tiwpleafli 
upon ttitrp oixt 
tt)f man tol)0 flt 
titforc iifl (n oil 
from tl)t nap of 
gittc to tlie ptrc(( 
tDicti 1)10 Kiffn^r 
iiunD ifl ttenitc 
tt)t montl) of a( 
onf tt)otiflanD foi 
^, ^o^nDcColo 
imitu fW n be 
?ottor. Rfffiflti 

iiiaiip of tt|t (fail 
ano oifltobtr ott 
region of tl)e 3i 
coiiftcm to pou 
fauoiir tl)trrin ti 
aiiB fliitctoflorfl, 
Dai>a, map be al 
tlittrop ano (Ti 
tDl)i(l) pou botic 
DiacotJtr ano fli 
tibcs tetiltl) bat) 

■yirr i^ue ni>% tfar 
mitHiittmos (1 ijual ■ 
mint" MiinnJii 
,ifii/iii/ lU (.'rnmiJii 
f V«i'''"1 '•■'''"■' ' "" 
Hrytii nurxtri)s Sen 

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diliti JicKti ysliti I 
mjr i^tanii, nlii i/ir 
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\Mi loinutitrtii.ilt 

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tirncefortl) errant to ^ott t^r dafD offlced of i^timfralt^, llfccro^ ann (Fo\)er= 
nor bp riffljt of inbcnrance for ebcr anO ctoer, ano toe ffi\jc ^ou ncnial and 
protfpccritie pod0r00ion tijcrcof, atiD of cact) of rfjein, ano pot)rc aaO mi-- 
Lfir^ ro u£(c and ci'crci&(e tt, anti to collect tlje Duccf aiiD oalancd antui:cQ 
atiD appctrtaintng to tfjem and to ctulj of tljent, according to to^at 10 aforc^ 
0aiD. Concermns all ttjat let afortcfaid, if it obould be nntmat^ and 
0011 d^ould require it of tt)em, \De command our ctjancellor and notariecf 
aiiD tt)e otljer officered tofjo are at t^e board of our dealtf to ffibe, deliber, 
na00 and deal for ^ou our patent of pridilege toitb tbe circle of digna^ 
nire0i ni tbe 0tronge£(t, flirmedt, and mocKt dufBcient manner tbat pou 
map cequedt and map ftnd needful, and neither one nor tljc ottjer 
of roll or tljcm 0^aU do contrary bereto in a\\}> manner, under pcnaltp 
of our dififpleatfure and of ten tbousjand maradedi0 to our chamber, 
upon cberp one tobo 0baU do tbe contrary i^nd furtber \oc command 
rt)e man tobo dball dboto tbert tbici our patent, to cite tbem to appear 
[irforc utf in our court, VDberedotber toe map be, \Bitbin fifteen dapcf 
from tbe dap of citation, under tbe daid penaltp, under tobicb toe com^ 
maul) cbcrp public fifcribener tobo map be Summoned for tbi0 purpose, to 
gttjf to tbe pertfon tobo oball oboto it to bmt a certificate tbereof digned 
tDttt) W Signature, tobtrebp tne map knoto in tobat manner our conu 
manD \^ ccentted* (Fiben in our citp of (Franada, on tbe tbirtietb dap of 
rt)r inontb of ivlpril, in tbe pear of tbe nattbitp of our lord Jccfud €brt0t 
onr tboufland four bundred and nmetp ttno. J tbe Iking. jj tbe Queen. 
^, ][obn dc Coloma,&ecretarp of tbe Iking and of tbt Queen, our Hocdcf, 
MiidcD rbitf to be torttten bp tbeir command. (Franted in form, Eodcnctt 
doctor. Regidtered, feeba^stianSDotano. JFranci0de^adriD,€bancrllor. 
J^XtXy nO%K> cfinct it bad pleaded our TLord tbat pou dbould find 
mani' of tbe daid idlandd, and toe bope tbat toitb bid belp pou loill find 
jnD Dtdcober otber idlandd and mainland in tbe daid ocean in tbe daid 
rrfftod of tbe Jndied, pou babe entreated and praped ud a^ a fabour to 
confirm to pou our daid patent, tobicb 10 abobe incorporated, and tbe 
imni: tberetn contained, in order tbat pou and pour ciond, dedcenoantd 
an& fsucteddord, one after tbe otber, toben pou oball babe ended pour 
DdPd, map be able to bold and map bold tbe daid ofliced of Admiral, 
CItrtrop and (Fobernor of tbe daid ocean and idlandd and mainlauD, 
tDt)itl) pou babe tbud didcobered and found and dball from benceforrb 
Dtflcobrr and find, toitb all tboflc potoerd, pre^eminenced and prcroga^ 
nbro tobitb babe been and nots are eniop^d bP uur former and preoent 
domirald, Cliceropd and (Fobcrnord of our daid kingdomd of Cadrilc and 

mer(etl lichs dubus 
ojiiins lie .tlmiran- 
iaiifro e I ISO Itty c 
ir()ienui(t»r, pi>r JHiii 
(/(' heri'tlail para sy- 
empre jamns, e los 
damns la posmyntt i' 
cany pnsvsinn, lUlh's 
e lie auiii umt i/cZ/os, 
e paihr e ahtondml 
pant to usar v e\cr- 
(tr (' llevar l'>s ihrt- 
cbos f satitnos, iiilloa 
e n citdn un» iltllns 
(tnexns (• pirtfni(un- 
tes, sigund f coiu" 
dtcho i-s, Siihrt /<» 
ilUiil todn ijUf <itchn 
t'S', .s'v nc{es(init ins 
futrv (' ^th'S IMS pi- 
dtvrdcs, liunidttniits 
at nuvstrn ch,in{illi r 
f ntitariDS, c /n.s ntri'S 
oJit,iales (jueistan ala 
iahld drills ninslri'\ 
selh><i, tjUf Ins iltn f 
lihrcn t pa'ten i s(7'( u 
nut'str.f caitii dr f-n 

vdfi^lotDdild'iJa ulrfS 

fuerte c Jirmf e fhi'i- 
taiite, ifue It s pi in r- 

dtS f tiltiTili \ Hit tu - 

sttr. v. los. uii<<s ni 
/fi,s ((/r«>s n*>n faniiiU'i 
ni fa^an enilt al pi>r 
al^umi mitmr,:. \o 
pmd dtla nuisttit 
»itT(<'(/. f df dii s mill 
maravtdi'i para Ui 
nut'Sfrii lamnia, a 
vitda unn ijuf III c--n- 
tritrio fiziett. /' d* 
min niimd^niin'i al 
cfMf (/u<' /t's ( -itii nui "i 
tra ( aria jh' sfrdrc, 
»/«(' /<>,( fmpliiu- (/Ml- 
paresrailes anle nns 
rnla nutstra mr/, d-' 
'kifr ijut nm it-nrnoj dft ttia ijue /ds empta%art\ a qutnzf dta% prtrHirns si^utintts ^nla dwha ptna. si'i,i ,jutd 
miinditmoi <i ifuat ijuter etcr it ann puhhi it, qur para t\t<> fur re llatuado, que de tndt at ifue fitla mi'strari- ttsti- 
monto %tf[nado i- m iu sifino, por que nn\ \rpamo\ rncomn se lumptr nuestro mandaii», f)ada enta uufitra 
^]htiad df firnnada a trrynta dia^ del mn de Ahnl, aho del nas{imiento de nuestrn Sifinr Jesu ( hrtstn de tmll 
r ■^vatro^tenio.'i e noventa e do$ ahot. >'<• et Hey Yo la Heyna. Yo Ii>hnn de i'olnma Stcretario drl Hi\ c dthi 
Hrinitnuestn>$ Sehores la fit eurivtr por iu mandadir .Act>rdada enjormt liodtruus I>octi>r. Hi^tstrada. S.t- 
lasluiH /it'/iin*'. t'rancisco de .Hadnd ( han\iller. E AtiOHA porque pluftuanuestro Senor qut H'S fatlatti smmhit^ 
dtltti iii(ha% y%la% e r%ptTamo\ conta a\uda ^uya que faltareY% i j/cm .j/'riri\ s tttras \\Lss. i ti, mi pt mv in- 1 ./i. /'•> 
«i,ir «\tano, ala dicha parte drlas indtas, \o% suphca^tei e pedntet pur nwr^ed, que int mnfirmnstmo'^ !a di- ha 
lutitra carta, que de imo la fnc>>rpnrada,e ta merged emlla contenida, para quv vos t i ueitrnijijn% e dfi\t tutit ntt ■» 
r juiff I'lri"' unn rn po% de ntrn y desputi (/«■ iue%tri><i dia%, pthiadn tener y tettfiaiti^ Ins dithits nfi\ii)H i/r thtiitr.nti 
f I'n't He\e Hot ernadiir del dicho mar ni^rann, e y\lai e tierra fir me, que ii-iv tlii'V* de'icuhurtoe falladn,r d* •^cuhri 
<ifi losnufitrns.ilmiranUie I'lso Heytse<ioirrnadvtrs,que ban tydot iunatloiduhoinuestrvs reynos dv ( a^tttli; \ 

57 c • 

^:»' It 

I 1 


'' i'ji 




' 1; 

) I t 


!■' 1 


< f ( 

'U ' 




TLcon, aim tlxit jfoii map bt paiH all W\t Hturf aim tfnlaritfl annf m 
aim appcrraiiiiMffto rljc flam olHcca &<& uflcD aim oliotrtcn to\Darh« 
our cam admiralfl, Jllittropfl aim (PoUcrnorfl, or tl)at tot too, ih 
conimaim protjioion to I'c numc for pon in tljat licljalf accoraZ 
to our ffooD pltaflurt. ; D toe, tonfliocrinff tijt riak aim t,.,,, "» 
to toljidj poll IjaDc erpofled pourflclf for ouc otrbfct in Bomn r^ 
ocartl) out and Oiflcobcr tl)t flam lolanDtf, aim tl)at to tobith Jri 
toill note flubitct pourotlf in rtoinff to <nt\i. and diacoticr thr 
ofljcr ifllando and mainland, toytrcbp toe Ijadt been and hone fn 
lif irrfatlD fltrUtd bp pou, and in order to confer a benefit ,inh 
fatjour upon pou, tonfirm bp tbefle preflentfl to pou and to no r 
oaid flona, defltcndantfl and aucceaaora, one after tlje otijcr note 
and for ebermore, tbe aaid offieea of Jddniiral of tbe aaid ottiiii 
and of Uicerop and OPobernor of tl)e aaid lalanda and mainianb 
tobitb I'ou l)a\)e found and diacodered, and of tbe otber ioi,iiiha 
and mainland tobicb bi* pou or bv pour induatri) aball be totinb 
and diflcobered from tljifl time fortb in tlje aaid reuion of tlit 
Undiea. dim It la our toill and pleaaure ttjat pou, and, .ifttr 
pour dai'tf are ended, pour aonfl, defltendanta and aucttoooro 
one after tbe otber, aball babe and bold tbe aaid office of our 
iddmiral of tbe aaid ocean, tob'cb la oura, and tobtcb commrnccs 
bp a limit or line, tobicb toe batoe cauaed to be marked, and tohuh 
paaaea from tbe aijorea to tbe 3alanda of Cape Herd, from 
nortb to aoutl),from pole to pole, in aucb manner tbat all tohitii 
la bei'ond tbe aaid line to tbe toeattoard la oura, and bclonga to 
ua ; and tberefore of all tbia toe make and create pou our dti 
iniral, and pour aona and aucceaaora, one after tbe otber, for cbtr 
and tbcr j and likctoiae toe make pou, and, after pour davg art 

ended, pour aona.deartndantaandaucceaflorfl, one after tbe otber, 
our 'Iliccroii and iFobernor of tbe aaid tfllanda and mainUiiti| 
biacobered and to be dtacobered in tbe aaid ocean in tbe region of 
tbe 5ndica, aa aforeaaid; and toe otibe pou preaent and proopcc 
tibe poflfleaaion of all tbe aaid officea of :9dmical, (Uiccrop and 
OPobcrnor for eber and et)er,and potoer and facultp tbat pou mai> 
be able to ererciac and map ererciae in tbe aaid aeaa tljc gaiD 
oOBct of oursddmiral in all tbinga, and in tbe form and manner 
and tottb tbe prerogatibea, pre eminencca, duea and aaLirics, 
jtiat aa our ladmirala of tbe aeaa of Caatile and Ueon trcrciacb 
and ererciae, eniopcd and eniop it. idnd in order tbat in tbe tountrv 
of tbe aaid lalanda and mainland tobicb b>)be been and from bcncr 
fortb aball be diacoberedtn tbe aaid ocean in tbe aaid region of \\x 
Jndiea, tbe aettlcra of tbe tobole of it map be better gobcrncD, 
toe gibe pou aucb potoer and autboritp tbat pou map be able aa 

qut ayaiUx e tenf^atits i"S f </» %put^ i/c lufStrni t/uM. luatrns fijot e lics^rnttientn e iu^arrra uno ti\ 
p>'S (If I'tro, t'l liichn oji^iii dr nue\trt) Almirtintr Urt Uichi) mar i^rctno, (^wc t% nutstrn, i^uf (omiri\ia 
p'T una rnyii o /inert, que no? avtm<ia fetho marcar. ^uf p.Md destlr lai \%lit% tieli>s .l^nrei atai \\U\ 
lit (ahn terdt, tit- scti-ntn"nt tn ahUro dr p.»/.>, a polo, por mantra qur tmio to que f i attende drla /hK; 
tint a, at of^'idcnte, es nue^tro e no\ ptrttne^r.e an\v toi fiis^moK r rrittmo^ nuestm 4tmiran f. e n vur^tr <. 
htoi e \uh^cst)rcs,uno enpos de otro dr todo fUo, para sirmpri ;.uriiii, r lUi mmno i<n /(Mrmoi nut\tr 
I 150 Heye (ioiernador.e de^pues dr lueitrm dtas. a tueitrnt fjfo^.r de\{endientei e %uh^esnrei,unu en t^^i 
de f'frn, i/f/nl diihas \ l/.r, r lurra firmt. dt^i uhwrla^ e por drscohnr met diihn mar *»^r/lnn, ii/,i pdr.'f 
dila^ yndiaxcomodichi'es.e losdamosla poseivon.e caiy po\eiyondrtodn\lii%dichoi ofi^tits dt Jhmrantf 
e I'm" liry t (invernndor para \yrnprr jama\,i podtr t faiultad para que en' la% dtchai mam podaif\ 
lisnri u\edi\ del di(ho otijo dr nuntro .tlmtrantr in loda^ la^ i osa\ i rnla forma r mantra e tonla\ pr,. 
iro^aliia^r prthiminin{ ia\e dettthoM %nlarins, \i f<und re nmo lo usar on t uian f^osartm e f:ntnn, lot nur\- 
tto\ Almirantts drlas mairt de f fntdlai dr I. eon h' para inta Unra dtlas dirha\ \\latelierta fir'nr .^u- 
\on dtt( uhiirtase \i ileM iihrutendt aqut adtlantr enla iltt ha mar i^rana enla dteha parte dtta\ Indiiu r^ r 
jue loi pohtadotei dt tmiotllo it an mriot f^ot el nado \.\t>^damo\ tal podt re Jaiullad pat a qut poda it it m 


dt Lam, t 105 S(fl 
acudido Clin tudos los 
dcrechos e sidarios 
iilos dichos ojicios 
ttnexos e perttneiiett- 
tts usadns e fruarda- 
ilos rt/()5 dichos nuis- 
trosAtminmtes, yiso 
liryts e Hovirnndo' 
ret, o vos mandatnos 
proiecr sohrelh, co- 
mo la nuestra merged 
fuisc. /' nos oca- 
tnndo el orrisco e pi- 
lif^ro, («!/«(• por nu- 
tstro scnuw los pc- 
sistts, en >T a cntar^ 
c descohrir his dichas 
yslas r end ijuv afiora 
tos porneys rn yr a 
huscarediscobnr las 
ntrits yslas e turra 
Jirmc, dt' que nictnos 
ifYd(\ecsptramos Sir 
df los mu\ sfnit/os, 
f por ro.s faser bicn c 
mer((il^ pxr Iti pre- 
scnte tos conjirma- 
mos a vos e alo<i di- 
chos tuestms Jijns c 
flesfcndtentes e sub- 
(f-.s.»;y.s, uno en pus 
de otr<\ ptita nporn t 
parii ^unpre jatnas, 
!i>s dtchns n/iVids de 
.Umirante, dt! dicho 
mar o^eano, t de I iso 
fiey e (iovcrnador 
dtlas dichas y%las e 
turra firme que 
itieys falladi> e dtscu- 
bierto, e di las olras 
yslas f tier*a firmt, 
ijue por \o\. o por 
\ue\ira \ndu\trta st 
fiiUnrcn ( dtuttbrit - 
ren de nqui adtlante 
entn dichn ptirtt dtlas 
) ndias. E (S nuestra 

> ( 




1. C)_«^ ^... — x^ -^jreJS^JLr- 




U i| 


.. t I 


— ^^^^JL 




I .1 

ii I ' 

: ' ' I 




oiir WlitttOT> ant! (Pobtmor, to mrcftfr bp poiirdtif anti bp nursiro r uo /?f> « 
Mur Kfutenanttfi alcalOeiJ, baiMg antt otjec offit(oIs(, toiom fniernador usar pnr 
mman t^ttm moint,tit tMlann ttlmlnaliutifiliUttoniiei *"" ' ''"'■ '"'"'■"• 
jno loW, (ti nwro tt m(i;to rmptrfo ; ano tjiat pou fltjall be oble '"ff '<■"•"""•; «'- 
to rcmobe or toitljOrato tje am offitew anD put otjjew in tfjeic :?'„r 'oS" ^--e 
platf, tolienfbtc pou map tjootfe anu map att tdat (t f0 etpeOJcnt para eih pusUnUs, 
for our tftrbUe ; to^o s^all br able to tear, bedpattii ano 6eter= '« jundifwn fhui e 
mint all tfie flulttf anu taujJtfl tttjfl an6 trfmlnal toljitlj map arfflt "■"""'"! f<! ' *«*" 
anD bt brotiffljt fortoaro (tube jjalb (fllatituj ano mafnlanb, anD to Z'/" ™';/;, 'Xa,"s 
rtte(t)f fmbcl'fttfbtfttflanb KalflrleutuatomarplnourkinBDonitf „ji(,o, pmiaje, am.,- 
ofCaotlleanti1Leon,onnejrttianboppcrtafnfngitotl)e0afDoSlte<}. >'er e quUar e pnmr 
dno poll, our iSflfD iEllcerop anb CSobenior, uball babe potoer to ""■"' '"" '" '"«"'• 
Utac ano take tognljante of all tbe 0afO tmm and eatb of tbem, ',^;';;,;, ^,\Z;LZI 
ttdtntber pou pleaoe, bp flrat (natante, bp \Bai> of appeal, or bp cumpieanucsin^cr- 
(Simple plaint, ano to inquire, betermfn: anbbeflpattb tbem an wri",''>M»'''<-»p<«- 
oiirtlitcrop anDOFobernors anb pou filiall batie potner to make <inn nyr ,■ i.hrar e 
and oliall make, pou anb pout flalb offitcra, flutlj inqiiioitiona tieurminar io,i,<s hs 
JO of nsbt are (ntloent to the caoejJ, anb all otber tbiuBfl apper> />'''"' ■ f«''.«l'("i^s 
tainlnff to tlje flaib offitefl of Cliceroy anb (Tobtrnor, and tDgicI) •■ '^'■""'"'''". ';"«• <■«- 
POU ano pour lleuttnanta anb offitero tobom pou map appoint for '"' ''"'''" ■>''"' <" 
tb.itpurpofles(ballptrteibetobeerptbientforourt(ertilteanbfor ''"'''" J"""' "'""■ 
tbt crctution of our jufltice: all tobltb pou anb tbep fltjoU bauc TZr^Z^Z 
potDtr to bo anb to eretute, anb to tarrp into One anb effettual 1"' L, ' '"L , ! 
trtnifion, luflt afl tbe tialb officcra mould do and toould be able „cJ,tumi,""nm! 
ro DO if tbtp bad been appointed bp ourotlbefl. But it lo our toill ,„,,,% r.yn,.^ ,/,• < „ 
anD plciiourc tbat tbe patents and appotntmentfl tobitb pou maw siuhi, e </, «;.» 
gitic be oraton up, erpebitcb and dclibcrcd in our name, uapinu, ,iichns nfyws „nex„s 
E7on IrrDfnand and i>onna 3&abella, bp tbe grace of (Fob Bino; > perimnunus, e 
anD iDueen of Cafitile, ILeon, etc., and be ocalcd toltlj our oeal, i"s w i/.r*" .iu.((n. 
tDtiitt)tDC ordertobegidentopoufortbeoaioiolanbo and ma(n> '"» «'•> < <'mer- 
lanD; anb toe command all reoiOentfl, ooiourneriX and otber pcr> "'"''"■. p'>'Ui'iti iryr e 
flonotDl)Oflreoroballbeintbcflaldiolandc(anomainland,tnobcp r"''"iT ./.• unias i,<^ 
miaflouriLliteropaPdcPobernortbcreof, andtljooctobooballgo ''"^"' '"''/'" ■' ''' 
mto tl)t aforeflaio oeao to obtp pou an our Admiral of tlje oaid ""'" «'">'''"'".''"'" 
Cttan; and tbtP oljall all crecute pour patcnto and ordertf, and I'" "" '"''"•n/^ '''• 

otjall unite tDitb pou and toith pour ofBtcro to eretute our luoticr, " •^■"-■- - "'<- 

anD oball gibe and cause to be gibcn to pou all tbe flupport and 
litip toljicb pou map demand and need from tbem, under tbe penaU 
tifs \9t)i(b pou oball impooe upon tbem and toblcb bir bp tbcoc 
prcocnco iinpooe upon tbem and conotber ao impooe'j, and toe 
ixm poll autboritp to eretute tbem on tbetr peroono and pro: 
pcrtp. and liketDifie It 10 our toill and pleasure tbat If pou oball 
conoiDcr It erpebient for our strbice and tbe erccution of 
ouriufltite tbat onp pergons toboooeber lobo are and 0ball be o"'" i^a'" <i*<''r 

pfsquisa^ aim catty^ 
iif dtrechii prrmisaii, r todai tai olras cniai rt/in Jit hoi ofiitos ile \'iin lity t imirrnadur pertrnts^ lenti'S, 
t ^u I'lj e lufstroi tugarei fcnifnfcj e oJ^iaUi qut para tUo puuerdei t enttndurdrs que cunplf a 
nwifro S(-rvi(io. e a exsecu^ ion dr nuestra juiti(ia. In qual tndo pmtadvs r puedan Jazer n i\u-cutar e 
/iiur n deiida f tiff K( ion ion tfrclo hirn «.,i cirnii. In Jarian t podnan faser, si pur nns fuestn (us 
,i.t"' ijniaies putsloi. Ftrit fj nutsiro mtr(td t lulunlad, qut las cartas t prmtsyimes que dttrdes, 
I,, in r jf rspiJan e Uhreit tn nuntrn nnmbre, IH:itnd«. Ihm Fernando e Doha Ysahil, pur la firaoa 
ir th"s Kiy e Heyna de ( aslilla, de Leon re. e sean srlladas con nuesiro s/lto, que nos tos mandamos 
■tr.para las dichas yslas y iierra Jirmr, e mandamos a todos los le'iynos e moradores^ e a otras 
pfTs^'h..- que rstan o estoiieren tnlas dnhas yslat e tierra Jirme, que los ohedescan, como a nuesiro 
I iiM Hfv e (ioxernador dellas, r alos que andvxuien enlas dichas mares suso declaradas, los obedestan 
i.<tn>> (1 nutsiro .-ilmnantr del die ho mar o^rano e todos ellos cumplan luestras cartas e mandawienlns^ 
r \f junien con los e con vuestri>\ oji^iales para txsecutar la nuestra ju:iti{Ui, e los den i fagan drr 
Ir'h el taior e ayuda que les pidierdes e menester tn-icrJes, so las pcnas, oue les pusierdes, las 
,!uiur\ no\ por la pit \tntt les ponemt>\ e aiemt^s por fiuestas t ic.s damns podtr para las exsttutat 
in \ui per stmas e bienes K ulritst es nuestra mrr^td e xtduntad. t/ut sy ms entendierdes ser ctmplt- 
i<U' titiutitru serii^io,eae\secuiion tie nuestra justi^ia, que quitUs quter per^unas que t stone estoiieren 


pritut ra\%itin>, m,pnr 
till df optll(nt<m o 
f!or simple querella, 
e Ills I'l r f litterminnr 
(' lihrnr ('•mo nut-stro 
I ISO Iif\ V (w'oitrnn- 
tiiir, e pniiihlea jast't 
e (i/^'rti/ts ii'S *• Ion 
tiuhos vuesiros oji~ 

* I ; t , 


'li I ! 

I 1 1 



:* I 








In, dicha, inMnn <■ in t^t tiiin l|nD(f«( flnH niflfnlflnO flioulu Depart from thm 

,7'' >""• "'s"" anD fltoulD not enter nor be (n ttjem, and dljouiti tome mw 

.."n.VZ ZZ, «nt tbtmotlbefl before u0, pou map commanb (t (n out nS 

cqu, ,tt,gan€,epr, flnD makt tijem bepart tberefrom ; onbtoe tommanb them ho 

>fHien ante «oi, se In tfjecTe preflentfl to DO 00 at onte anb to ertcute anb tarrp it im 

poH«y» mandnr ,it fffect.toittout ftabfnff retourfle to or tonjjiiltfnn; ua thtrf in In 

;;T/r ;;«:::: "?««"« «"«•*' «"?»'"« p^rntor tommanb Un" ;;; 

fl(,,.,,«flf.5.«o,p.>r/« nottDit!)fltanb(nganp appeal or petition toljatisoebertoliichthti! 
prt>fnit nmminmof map makt anb (ntetpofle affa(not fliitb potit orbtr, anb for an 
que luffo lofai-an .■ fbot W afortflalb, ortD for tt)cotljer tl)(nBB Dut anbapDcttafnfn! 
:::S:r/;:;i: to tl,etfa<D oateo or our abm.ral Wuerop anb (BoSecnor 1 
m r..n5«««r f„wfo. fffDe pou full anD tomplett potoet, tolt!) olUtfl intibtntfl, Dfpt,, 
.11 fsperar n, aur bentftfl, emerffencietf, anneiionfl anb tonnerionjj. Contccninit 
""■" nucuraatri,, ni flU f^at ifi afoteflatb, If poii fltjoll Defllrt it, toe tomnianb on? 

;r';:r;i, ;:: ^("•""""^ ""o "°,^«'« t 'K °.'K ''®""'' """"'"•' « "^' 

.r «p,//rt,i,m » ,up. boaro of our flealtf to gibe anb beliber to pou anb to erptditr 

hcanon. que dH tai anb Steal out patent of pribileBetoitlj x%t tirtle of BignatiirrB 

vut^iromandamunin ,ifl tjaiit), flmi anb suflicicnt afl pou HUP btflite anb necb, ani) 

fizurcn f ynurpuu- „j(,i„r ottt nor tljt otjet of POU or tliem Bball act tontram 

'ioZ'qu7"hZ e""e tftf"" <n onP manner unber penaltp of our blflpieauurt m 

fara lat ..(r<i< cook Of ttn tt)ou0anb marat)ebi0 to out tttambtr upon toerp One tsljo 

,/,ii./,u rpeiieneHi- fltjall bo tjie tonttarp-, anb further toe tommanb tbe man toho 

,nusah,Mch„soj,. niap cl)oto pou t()ia our pattrtt to cite pou to appear before tiuin 

\Z''"Tl"NfTr ourtourttobereooetiertoemap be.toltbln nfttenbapafromtl)t 

(ioxernador. loj d«- bii]> of titation, unbtt tijt oaib penaltp, unber to|)itb toe com 

m.n 1,'do podrr con- iitaub tttt^ publlc fltrltjener tol)o map be flimimontb foe tt)ia 

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not rrittt nueiira cotte dt> quxer que nm ieamo^ del dm que im enplaxare fnitii quin%e dia\ en- 
tnernn ^yffutentes \<da dnhit pena, M>la qua! mttndiimi'% a qual quter eicritttnn puhltco, que pari\ t\: 
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ttifts en ct'tnn sr cutnple nueitrn mandadn. l)itd(t enia \ihdad de lii\r^el«ntt, a \iynte r i'ih» .ij^, 
del me$ de ma\i\ nhi' del nnvpniirnln de nue\tro SVnor Jesu ( hrntn de mill e quiitrooenttn r n^ - 
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chus del selln e re^\\trn, nichil, r rnla\ efpalda\. amtdada. lioderuus dtKtnr. He^txlrada. Alum. 
l*rres. E agitra par quanta los el dithn Ihm t hristmal I ohm nue^tro -l/rriiranfr i, 
mar cu'eano e nutitro t'no Hey e (iotrrnador dela tierra firmr e v^/rM, \n\ iupli>-i'.\t, 
t f'r'distes por merietl, qut por que mejor r mas conpltda menle io% Jueu f:uardii-i.i. 
tluha carta >li meried a lus e a iue\lro\ fijox e de-iiendirnti\ que i"\ la tnnjirma\>m'',. ■ 


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nroptr motion, ttri 
ttl)ict) m tUifl mar 
jnD approtJf for tftj 
oonff, onD to t|)e 
,ifottfla(d patent li 
(ontamtO. anOto 
nltjfliirf, t!/at It be 
tDrrptiing ant) bp 
coroing to tbt forii 
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noro, alcaioeo, 'Jati 
anO tacb of tbtm, 
ttr of grate tbtrtd 
ortonoent to oppi 

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itooD, faitl)ful, artat anb continual dcrbicrd todicl) vm, tbe /.^i.. ./r(/>i ,> c.»n.> />■ 

oiiiD 9D0II Cbrlotopbcr Coltiniliiitf, our idbmiral, tltcrrop anb nunira men„i ju- 

j^oticrnpr of tl)t lolanbs anb niafnianb bidcobtrcb anb to < •«-, <' n»i</» 

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ttitb tbc alb of our ILorb (fob, it toill rcbounb mutU to dio ''"/• '"' ''//," "" 

otrblcf, anb to our honour, anb to tbt abbantaue anb utilitp '*••"'"';''<"''"; ""■ 

our hmffbonifli for tor Ijopc t|,at tbc Inblan flcttltrfl of 7 ;:«,": ."I,, 

,t,t flaio 1nbic0 toill be conbcrtrb to our ^oIp catDolic faith; .',,;;",^,^' ';:;,;:,:", 

Djtiforbalntb, anb bj>thlfl our flaib patent of prtbilcffc, or b)> ,„,,„ ,,,„, ,,,„„. 

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proptr motion, certain kii "ebffe, ant> ab0olute ropal potoer, h.n ,mi m«r ,.,.,inn 

uliKt) in t|)i0 matter to^ uiill to use anb bo use, toe conflrm tnin [<init <i,i,i, >n 

M approtoe forthepre0ent time anb for ebcr to pou, the 0aib •<«m. n„>, it- 

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pltJflure, tijat it be of forte anb be oboerteb totoarbcj pou anb ' '" """""' "■""•'"•■ 
totDdroa pour 0aib gong anb begcenbantg, noto anb from \)t:v.t' 
lorrb inbiolablp, for the preatnt time anb for ebcr anb cber, in 
(btrpttiing anb bp cberptblnu, fullp anb complctclp, In anb ac' 
igrDiiig to the form anb manner tbcrtin containcb, anb if it 
ID nfccaaar^ tor noto again confer upon pou the aaib fabour, 
aiiD tDC gtringtntlp forbib anp pcraon or ptraona to preauinc to 
iiioltflt POU contrarp thereto or to anp part thereof bpinfnnging 
It er bimlniabing It at anp time or In anp manner, anii con-. 

(trning thi0 toe commanb the jprlnte SJoii Hohn, our bcrp bear r.vM.u, p..r,,uf ,^pr- 

jiiti tDtil bclobtb a jn, ann the infauttg, bukea, pr»latca, mar^ ramn, qut h, p.^hu 

qiiiflro,tountg,ffranbee0, magttro of orbero, priorg, comman^ ''""' >«''"" ''>'•> 
rrr9,anb thr mtmbrra of our council, aiibitora of our chamber, 
iiltJiDco, bailltfg anb other fiiaticcatohomaocbcrof ourl)oiiar< 
liolD, court anb chancerp,anb gobtrnora of caatlra anb fortifleb 
jnDunforttnebhoiiaea, anballcouncillora, aaaiotanta, gobcr^ , , 

;ioro,aUalbea, 'jaililfa, iiibge0,j)roboata ixnn other luaticea of ;"„'/„''','/,/',• 1","."' 

,iimiecitica,toton0anbplacceof ourkingbomganobominiong, j,,„ „ „„rH'h,hn ,u 

aiiD each of them, to obocrbc anb cauac to be obaerbrb to pou ,r,ii,„L Mfina,i,< c„ 

tbio our aatb patent of prtbilege anb con9rination,anb t|)echar> „w dub,, ,1, ,ie nucs. 

ttr of grace thrrein containcb, anb not to oppoac or contrabcnc, tm pmpio m<,tuo . 

or conatnt to oppoae or contrabene thr tenor a.ib form thcre^ (una Hienoa r p"- 

of.acanp time or in anp manner, unbertt)c penaltieo therein <''n<> mii a/M.wui<>, 

lie i/ur tn-'Utt partf 

;utrtmni uinr r u^timnn, cnnjirmnmns f nprnvnmns para afinrtt t ptttit stftnprt Jamas, a ins r/ 

,;.>o Ihr. thristtiiat i'i>tun e aln% litchos lurxtrnt Jiji>% e nietns r itenrnittrntrs ilf ins e </f luc.ifrns 

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■'('i Hji'i f ttfiCfnittrntfi, affnra e <ie atjui aiieitnle invtt'laMi' mtnte para af^nra e para xu-mprir fntiuis, 

1 t>il" t p»r tniiii hurt r i-nrtptuia mtrite iief^urtit t pur ta hrrtta e rr\ani-ra que enelta se I'lmttenr y 

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ni (i/ci'irtJ peTM>rta\ non %ean vtadas lie vos yr n\ ventr contra ella rti contra parti- iltlla, por im la 

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i( firtvilefitn r (nu ttrrnttiinn, r la rarta ile rHrr(eil enrt'a mntrnttla, r tnntra el tennr e far ma ilella nn 
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nut% ifuf con ayuiiit tlv 
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rrit nuf.i/ni e pro i- 
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dichan yn{ul^ w c^m- 
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santii fte catnlmt, tn 
tlt^\^t^ll^ pvr bun, v 

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:':;::::,';: ,',:t;;; ^i^raomutlj a0 in tljc capitulation and 

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ZTiSiuH', Z. offl)Cirtfan,iiitljrrrijionoftl)flnDito,itifltontaiiu6tl)ari'oii 
,1,/.., v«r rf< -i./f .1/ i>rt ro IjdttiJ ttrtain p:irt oftotjat niiijUt be rtttitorD iiim biountjt 

•lue e,l,l r.i..,/r,l,r f rOlII f l)f flJltl 3 nOltO.drOt Of llll Of DllCtlll(J tl)f tOOtO JIlD f I pf |1 

(f.(i..ip..i.. .H'H.i.y.p flfotol)it|)map|)flt)f liftnoroljallbfincurrtli tl)frtin,,i(jioiiiort 

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)' r«/rti rfpatda% lirl dichupinillrf*in dr^ytt Hr^nliii'ttt Dtntur 

tontainrb. SUbrrrof tot commanD ro be btlibrrrb to m\ this 
our 0iiiD piuttu of pntoilCDC anti conaniiation.tDntttii on n,it'(|, 
inriu of 0hin, iinD oiKittD toirl) our iiamto anb graltb voiti, J.f 
orat of Irab bansina from rbitaboof colourtb 0ilk-, toliKh vor 

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tol)0 art at il)f boarb of our 0cal0, to 0ral, bflitocr aiib ma 
anb luitlitr out nor tlje otbtr of jiou or tijtm 0l)ail act tontun'i 
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of trn rl)Ouganb maralirbio to our cbanibtr, ro rbcrp oncvDho 
oljall bo tbt conrrarp. sdnb furrbrr tot commanb ti)c man \uiio 
0ball 0l)o\D ^ou tl)i0 our patent ro tire pou ro appear bct'oic no 
in our coiirr ti>l)ere0oe\)rr tie map be,tuirl)iu Qfteen ba^va nctt 
follotDUiQ tlje tiM> of citation, unber tt)t oaib ptnaltp; imQti 
\Dl)icl) tot commanb eberv public 0crtben(r tut)o nia;i br anm 
moneb for tl|i0 purpooe, to Qibe to l)im totjo 0l)iUi fl|jo\„ ,f ,, 
cf rtiflcate tbtreof 0iiTneb toitU bio oiunature, tDbcrtb? idc iii,iip 
hnow l)0\u our commanb 10 erccutcb. (Fiben in r^c citp jt 
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pear of rlje naribirp of our featoiour 3e0u0 Cbrmr one 
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3, jPerbinanb dlbare0 of ^olebo, feecrerarp of tbf llinu ,inti 
of tbe £3uetn,our ll.iirb0,ba\)e tau0eb it tobetoritttn ln'tliru 
commanb. Wobrnck SDoctor, vlntbonp SPottor. liitiin.inti 
dlbare0. TJcljn Iltlaoqurfl. ilntboiiparottor, collattb. dnc 
on tbe boror of tbe 0aib pribilege tnao torittrn: Uroiotncti 

CDe Mitt9 and tl)e €lueen. 

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/)»!« t hrtitoiat < I'Inn nufslrn ^lmtrnHtr del m/ir .-^rdnit, rnla parte tifla\ }niii(H, ic Cinttmr 
jur 101 ttyayx de atet (irrfd f>artr drU-i que \r t^\■^err e truxiete delat dichm >>f/tni. laatnH 
f'Timtra mmtr la\ rn\tii^ e pa\t»^ ijur enrtlo w cueren fethf r ftneren. 1 unto mn% /(ir^n m/i'. 
fttla dnhti < rtpitulannn ir cnnhrne. r panjue fasla afiora lot aify\ lrahn)iulo muihn ,•, 
ifu.thrir tiitta mla Unhn partt 'ttia, lnUia.%, .A luya iuhia «<»« >*■ ha niiUti muhu >n(rff„:«^ 


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ro o|)Oto favour to pou, tbr 0alb abmiral, tbat for tbrrr prar0 '"'"' "' '""'" '''' 
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[\,n after tbr 0aib trrm ba0 rrpirrb, tbr oaib trntb, anb tbr "■/•""'""'^'■r'"''- 
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Ill tdeoaio capitulation, anb tbat bp tbi0fabourtobicb tot grant ,/,/ ,^/„„„, ,,„, „„ 
10 i>ou for tbr oalb trrm, tbrrr 0ball nr'tbcr br gibrn to pou nor </ •iich,, .iimnanu 
uktnfrom pou anp grrattr rigbt tbai, uat tobicb vou po00r00 "■ >< ''■' "'"^ ''•'"' 
mDirrur of tbr 0aio capitulation, but tbi 0amr oball brnttfortb Th],'''"hi'mn'i,'!.l 
ctiiiJin in force anb bigour after tbr 0aib :rrm ba0 1 ipirtb. 2Donr '„',',, rn,l'n' «/'«kC 
in tljt toton of d^rt'.na btl Campo, on tbr ttorlftb bai> of Hiinr, ,i,t<, ^u^ mty* muu, 
in tbf I'rar ninrtp.orbrn. J tbr Uling. 3 tbr Qurrn. 33p /"'<" "v" "" /""- 
[ommaiibof tbr lling anb of tbr Ourrn, JFrrbinanb aibart0. '*" """"'■ .'' f"' 
JnD on tbr boror of tbl0 patent toao toritttn, (JPranttb. ;f,^;JX ' ,/! !v. " 'i>i<- 

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jHceofkPob Ring anb QutenofCaotilclLeon, dragon, bicilp, ^pnm,"i '.,.,«(' "ri 
franaba, iIalcOo,(lIalencta,(Falicia,d^aiorca,&ebillr,&arbinia, :nha>,>y,i,t„ ,iue ,c 

\lart If hiin ilr iiicdr 
11 iriiliii, t ilnpun tt i/irimii, t pnrifut par In nnlrn r l^'iHur Jiln ilicha cnpilulmwn, parmr que if 
ititH ituitr pnmero tut ciiM,. f iUiputt rt (/if,»Hn. f deipuri tt im7>i|i<>, r nnn f\la pur itgnni ritfri- 
;«(i./n C'liHif nt» If '^rt 'It t^iiitr, fi piurffrd nif r(r(/, pnr fitter ttur\ett a mt rt iliehit Almirtinle, qut pnr 
'.rti nioi it tatfur pnmern t/ tnhain pnrtt loi lyi eoitti itlfiunti, e ttetpitet u titquen tat cottat, e iltl" 
j»r rfiMrf If iiir/ur r/ i/ir<rn<i piitj m, rl ilnhit llmiriinle. pern pitiiiiAi el ilii ''n lienpn, i;ui' ,r d^rt ile 
iiKiir it i/ifKi tlirimti I tat nitliit t mhiim. ttnunil riila Juh,! nipilulinfm >. i'lnlirne. /•' i;ui />"i 
,il,i mfrif J yiif ml fiiiintDt por tl ilichn titnpo, nun if m tie ni i/m/f iiiiii Jerrchit ilil que Itneyi p'>r 
.'lu'l drln Juha eiipilulii(in>i. Unlet nifuellit quelle en tu fuirfa e ttfr pant aJelanle patailn tl dichu 
::r»f" t'eiha ertla iilln ile Unlina del canp/'. a dme dtat de /uittn ilt nottnia t t\tle iiiiiii )'" rt 
H<\. I I (fi Wf>i«it fur mandadn del Hty t dria Iteyna, hernatfl Ittnret /■' tntai itpaldat ifrWu 
iirtu c/fi>a Ariirdada. 

DOS' Ftrnamln t l>o»tt Vtahel pur la griifia de iHm Wf v e Hr\na di I a\UlUi. de t.f<n, dr Arni''n. de 
>i,i.'i« de (iranada, de Toledo, de l«/»n(ifl, de liitltiiit. •le Mallnrtat. dt Seitlla. de i^ 

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couio,a.decor(tga, Cocbotja, dtowita, 9?urt(fl, Hatn, tbc aigatljefl, aiffctfrais, (p.h 
Jt Munia.JtJahen, raltar.anO tfte danarp HfllanDtf, Count ano <"-ounttafl of 25ar r' 
dw„5 .<(ir«rfcf5, d< lona, UocOfl of Biistap and SBoUna, 9Duke0 oi atl)f na anb ji5co 
Aigtzirc ,ic oibrat- paftia, dounw of KouflfllKon anb Cetbaunt, aparqiuata nf 
tar f dtias ysias dt j3Dci0tano anb (Eojiano. JForaamtict) aa at tLt time tebcn SDm 
vanaria. condt t C()n0rop|)tr Columbua.oiicabmiral of tt)c il;ccan,\])etu to bin 
condt^a dt iiarftio- tobtf t\)t (altinbfl anb mafnianb, tobitb bp t|)e grate of our iLorii 
na. senorti dt lij- (fob totre founb anb bic.obereb tip gfm (n tlje aaib €*tean in t n- 

ori>imcdc<iociano ""^ ptrfomub, It tjoulb pltaot our urate to tommahb tijat tlif 

Ku"-^'. n'rnP" toDole buomtaa anb all tD.noa tol)itl) inictbt l,abe to be Wnm 

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fu€ .• de'icohnr las tijcrtto, aub bi' Ijfnioflf, or bp ani'onr toljo nilaljt Ijabe lno pi,, 

ysias r iitrra jinne, tutation, lointjp, liccauflt It toiiib tijua bc bttttr aoccirainrn 

•iiie pnr fira^-ia dt totat rttum Ujaa obtaintb froHi tijc etpenfleB, anti lyt profit ai,[, 

/)i..s nmstn, Senor abbautagt of tljt Baib biiflineaa, in ocber tbat be iniglit vcctitt 

ci Jail,: •■ fde dtscu- fbat part lobicb bclongato |)im bp tbe aafb tobenanta, ana of 

hntnm intl dicho ^jjifj, ^j,j ,„,,j,t [,,„, ,, jjf j„f . of tlBt tbat \Dt BbOUlb probldt fill 

»mr.ynm. aia parit j|j,j, ,„jtter attorbuiff to out ffoob plcaaurt: anb tocljabcfoiinti 

, " ''"'""■"/""•■ (r ffoob.anb bP tl)ia our patent bo tommanb tbe ptraono vdIjo in. 

:;:;;:pr::;'n",„' »IJ(o our manoate babe or aball babe tbe tbarge of attcntii 

f«"/rZ,;?;/„ .« bfiuffortb to toUat ta abobeaaib, tbat tbtP bo anb tranoacnt 

„ fniinsf /■■ agora I"'"'!" toltU tftt Dftaon or pcrflonB tobom tbe aaib atiinirjl, or 

nnr 5» parif mV, « toboebet iiiap bolb Ijia proturation, aball appoint or nomnurc 

,upiicadn.qutporqut iov tbat purpoat, aub not in anp otbtr manner; it bcinu mistr 

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menie lo suso dicho ov ptraoua brputtb Ant nouiinateb, tobo on i)ia beball anb tsitii 

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mandar qut tod.^ la jfljijtreof toe tomuiano I'ou to ffibc thtfle prtaenta oigiuti touh 

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qut » oxuscn dt ja- ^fj,,,^ jfi Ca,„p(,, qu tftt tblttittb ^sav of tbf moHtb of iJ>aV 

:an,t, ai:.Zha L "a"!' fout bunbrtb aiib mnetP-BebenL 1 t|,e licing. j tl,c 

.-^mr.r.-. dtia, d,. Oneen. J, ferdinanb aibarea of Toledo, fettretarp of ttit 

,ha> Indian qut it IKtiuB ano of tbt iDuttu out lorOfl, babe tauaeb tijio to dt 

nxtitndtUurtfi totitttn b? fbtit tommanb. anb on tbe dorae of tbto oaio 

jifif-i /.,.r un,i ptr- pattut feaB toritttn : (Pranteb in tbt form Iremieatebl, Kofitntk 

iima, V ptrii.nas nu- SDottor. ItHegiotered, aiouBo (BereB. jFrantis 3)ia0, Cbancrllor. 

t\tra^ r-'fi p'-dtr nu- 

tstrn qut rntlln tnttndunin, r par el <> pur quirn su pthter ciirJt. junta mmtt. pur qut rtvi u f^' ir: : 
mtjor iaher In qu0 rrsullaia delus fiastui. t pr>> t uttlidad drta duha ntfuma^tun paia que irU f>u.Ui^- 
atl acudtr con aqutlla parte qut pur tus .lnhi'S imentui It pertenr\e, f dt que nus U fntmui mrr,M 
() luhr/ tllu proitYtitmus ccnio la nuestra mer(ed furse, e nus tutimuilo pur bien, e pnr isia nufi.'r; 
carta mandamus alas ptrsunas que pur nuofro mandadu tunen e t, tiffin i arpu dt tnttndrr tn'w \u< 
duhii dt aqui adrlanit, que lu Japan e nef,i'\un junta mente cunla prrsuna, u prrsnnas, que rl j:h- 
.ilmtranle, n quien su pndrr uitert. pusitn n nonhrare pata illu. t nun en utra manrra, lo qu,i'. 
tf tntitnda, ttnitndn tl dtchu -ilmtrantt dtla\ Yndias diputadas t ntmhtadas pirsuna -t ftcr. 
snnas que pnr su parte u cun su pu-ter tntllu entiendan, t sitndu nus ftthu sahtr comu ta% i,i;, ; 
ptrsnnas estan diputadas e n>'nhradas pur tl Almirantr, pitra entendtr pnr su parte .n,': 
dtrha neci^iacion, delu qual lus mandamos dar la prrsentt Jirniada de nuestrns nonfnu. < 
stllttda cun nutstrn sello. I>ada enla iilla de Medina del ( anp,; a Ireynia dias del mes de tiu:\ 
ann del nasfimitntn del nuestru Senor Jtsu .\ristu de mill e quatru^tentos t ntnenta e syrtr ttii'\ 
Yn tl Hey Yu la Hryna Yu hernand lliares dr T'dedu Secrrlarm del Hey e deUl ltr\n.. 
nuestros Seiiures la Jis escruir pur su mandadu /■" enlas tspaldas drstn dicha carta deiui, tnl: 
forma, acordada Hudencus Doctor Hepi\trada. Alunso Ptres. h'rancitcu Dias Ihan^iUer 


T (^u*- rtsi %t f-.-ir] : 
iird </u( srlr pu>iit\' 
i It trzim»i mrrir i 
, r por tstii nut\ir : 
ff tntcnJfr ftt!n d,, 
•rmndi, c/ur r/ Ji-^> 
rd injrtrrd, /o .^u.i.' 

ii/»fr iomi> Ui\ tiilfi 
por su piirte in:.: 
iUfstro% nonhrts. t 

xnenia t iy-rtr i:n- \ 

Hey t dtUl Hf\'i: 

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'^ iiUral, JIKterc 
anD iiiainlanO 6i0( 
tijoiJf tDljicl) rtmai 
tt)crf tiiiD aif fo t 
oiOfij anO btponD 
t|)C 35iot)op of Bdl 

ZW iisi sfoon 03 
roil lire to Otribe X 
Diitc tl)t natmto 
jiiD to atvMt utf 
jiiD fliibitctioiii a 
lioli' tatUolic faitl] 
no aii6 DtotU in i 
tit iiDinlriiJtttcD b 
tl)trf, in outb a iii 
tdtjr tonfltltnctfl 

jum, tbat for tl) 
bt taken, tt)trt mi 
biinorrD and tfjirti 
aiiDoctiipationU a\ 
ijljall appear to pi 
from ooiiu rankfl 
nroturation, can a 
jnDform, anO at! 
ctitjt to be tipcDif 
UjntaBt ott\)t oai 

l(ttm, tljat tol)f n, 
poii art to gibr ori 
jlalanD of l?(0pan 
tilt one alreabp ta 
tjt plo mine, aci 
Dftm suitable. 

Item, tijat near 
13 alrcaop eotat 
appear to poii ti 

r(,'li;:cjni f f/fri^'" 
(l/rifllll >* S»J.'«"n 
; Ylrn que pin i i(d 
J,.'ji /rf:iri(.ri i tr 
,«;« i(if''ii \i>lilu' 1 
iiirfvoi/din/" " nmm 

l.mpoi (/Jli' ittrdri 
piii(i»ii rf'/ns I'lf^iii 
■; )/fii que quamli' 
'.:^(i tnla yila nfiin 
\nn itnnurt ill mine 
j Utn que (»rni i(f(i 

CDe Sting anb tl)e €iueen. 
mi^n Cl)rtgtopl)er Columbus, our ;^b^^ '; 

'^ iiilral, (llitcrop and CPobernoc of r^r iCttan. 'Cljc tbfntitJ rfo 

i'/ Wf^ c la Rtyna. 
Don (hristoial Cn- 
lon nucstrn .llmirattle 
Cijo rey f fjoierna- 
(lor del mnr a^eano, 

ti)tifcl),fnouropinlon, mticttanDotig^tto lie bone aiiD pecformeb, 'as cnsas que not 

mitb ft)f bflP of tPOf out ILorD.for tJjt OCtrleinCtU of ttjt i0lanD0 parpen que cm ayu- 

anO iiiafnlnnD ftifltobereO and places unDec our liominion.anD of ''" ''" '*'"^ nuestm 
tbofir toljfti) remain to lie difltotjerro in tbe region of t^e 3|nDieB ■'*<'''"'■• " ''"'" <■ '"'" 
111 tljeiTcean.anD of tlje people toijobp our toniniano are alreaDp '''' *""'' ^ '^""'''"' 
there ano are to bo and to continue tUere from Ijenccfortb, be^ pnraia pobiaimmie- 
oiocfl and bepono tljat toljicb bp cur otijcr inatruction pou and "' >'"/'"'• «^ '>/"'-'' 
t c 35iol)op of Sadaiofl are to ordain, are tlje follotoinij. >"7 ''"'"'"'^i"' ' 

3n tlje flrot place. '^ ^ ■ . , 

Cliat afl JJoon as vm arribe, (Pod VuiUinff, (n tlje aaid Indiea, ,X« ./r .^inZr 
poiiiire to fltribe toitl) tljeutmoatdiliBcnce to encourage and in^ ahparieMasimiut, 
Diicc tbe natibtfl of tlje oaid ^ndicfl to all peace and quietncw, eneimarn,vann,eikh 
jnD ro gtrt)e uc( and to remain lobinglp under ou** dominion penie que /w,- nuesir,, 
ditD flubiection; and cljieQp tijat tijep map be concerted to our mamimi,, „iia esin e 
lioli' catboltc fattb< and t^jat ro ttjem, and to t|jo9e toljo Ijatie to '>" <'<■ yr e esiar ,ie 
no and dt3cll m t|je aaid 3ndieo, tlje l?olp feacr-imento map aquimieianie.demns 
k iiDinlni3tcred bp tlje friaro and pneotfl toljo are and toill be <■ "ii">ii, deh que nor 
tjtrt, in flucl) a manner tijat (Pod our lord map be otrtied, and "i"-" yo^irufion nues 
tbtir tonociencefl map be asjjsured. '^"''"!' ^ '' "''"''" 

' <if Undttjos ttteys de 

Ittm, tbat for tijifl time, until toe command furtljer order to p^'f^, es in s'l^ui- 
be tiiKtn, tbcre map and otjall go tnitlj pou tlje number of tijree ""[■ 
liiinOreband ttjirtppcrtfonfl,tobom pouoljall tljoooeof flucljrank , ''nmfr,i ...fn/, 
jiiooccupationfl as is flpecided in tlje flaid infltructiou; but if it ■* Q"":"'"" "">']"' 
3ljjll appear to pou tbat flome of tbein ougljt to be cljanged, bP ,' "' "' J"'"'"' 
increaoing or diminioljf ng, from flome octupationa to ottjtro, and '°'Tr',m'tn.i^:i7,' 
trom oome ranhfl to otberfi, tijen pou, or totjoedcr map Ijatjc pour „,„,:;„ „, „„'„„"', 
proniration, tan and map do oo, according and in atic^ manner traer aios natunUe^ 
,mO form, and at outlj time or timco, aa pou atjall find and per= ,ieh, dtchat indws 
tcitit to be erpcbirnt for our aerbite, and for tlje toelfareand ad= « i„da pa: e qmeiud. 
tiiincagc of t|je oaid gobernmcnt of ttje aaid Undiea. t que n.^^ ser- 

jltem, tljat toljcn, 0?od toilling, pou aljall be in tljc aaid Undie-J, 'i^hlZ "Vlubmum 
m arc to gibe ordcre to found and let ttjcrt be founded in tlje hem^na menie. , 
jjoUndof l?iapaniola anotljer acttlrmtnt oratrongljold bcaidea pnnapai m,nie que 
t'tic one alreadp eatablialjcd.on ttje ot|)cr aide of tlje ialanb near secmnenan a nun. 
t^e gold mine, according and in 0uc(j aite and form aa pou map ''» jiik^'o > cit'o- 

Deem auitablt. " '"■«• V que aellns, e 

altis que ban de \r a 

Tjttm, tljat near to tlje aaid aettlement, or near to tbat tjljiclj ,„,ir enta, duhas 
13 alreadp eatablialjcD, or in anp otijer part tonidj map vndun sean admm,- 
appear to pou to be auitablt for 0uc|j purpoae, tljere aljall sirados ins sanius 

Sacramentos por los 
rilifiosot e cltrif:"t que alia ttlan efurren. pur manera que /)i"5 nurstru >'iS"r sea senidoy sus con- 
ifiifiai it Ufuren 

i Ytrn que por eitti vez, entanto que noi nuindamos nuts proveer, ayan de yr e tayan con los. tl numero 
Jr.'iii lrf:ifti(ii! i Irryntit perMinoi. quoted los eh(;ierdis delii ealidad e ofi;ios e ief^und ic conliene 
mla i/ir^ii vi>(i(U(ii"i I ini(ru(in»ij, pern ty a lo, piirf(ifrf que nltunor de aqurllos w dnen mudar, 
turf'.enlttndn ■• amen^uando dt unoit <i/i., im en otms^e debt t alidad de unas personam tn otra^, que los o 
^■uirn lutilro poder miere, lo pndays fastr e Ja^ays, se^und r enla manera e forma, e enel lienpo n 
t.inpr:i que iierdri e entendierdes que cuoiple a nuestny serinio e al bien e utilidad dela duba ^oicr- 
•i,i;ii'ii drlai duhai )'n./iiiii. 

; }len que quando ieay\ inta\ iiuha% Indian, /*ios qurntndo, que ayaya de tnandar baser v que se 
•jfd enla ysla espanula una oira poblat ion o jortaleia, allende dela que esta feeba, dela otra parte dela 
)i/(i ftrcana al mintro del oro, segund, enel Ingar e dt!n forma, que a nn bien vislo fuere. 
i yten que (ert a dela duba publa^ ton. •< dela que af^orn esta jeeba o i n otra parte qual a lus os parezia 
mputito, »c ay.t 

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rir h„:f,- f aseniar ai- bt mutt nM) 0(ttltb 0onit kfno of faritt and plantatfon, in ortitr that 

puna inhranfa t en- tt)t pcrflono tol)0 Mt iiiiti tffjall fcc iH tfjc 9iiti ifllano map bt t|)t bettfr 

flnirt.p'i'-n ■?«<■ »">"'• able to support tljtmfltltjco, and at leofl erptncf ; and to t^t tnd that 

. TZslcnl"' h, 'li'<* '"«P l"' t»Jf ''"f " attoniplifllicD, tljtrt mujjt bt gitJtn and let th r 

persma, qur est.m f bt ffibtn to tijf labotirtM totio (Jl)aU noto BO to tbt gaid 3|nbit(j, out of 

eslaran cnta dicha ti)t COm tDbUI) 0l)all bC Sent tbltbCC, tip tO fift^ tal)i)(g at V))|)tj( ^i^g 

>sM, f que por que bflcitp ott lodK, foc flolDinff, and up to ttotnt? poke of cotos anb macra 
"'" "■ P""'" '"']'" and otitr btautfl foc tdlast; and tbatouclj labourtM.toboflliall thus 
TjyZ Znui,Z cfttif f tDt SJ'^"' f"". B&all jjoto and tultlbate it, and aUM bind tbcm 
que at:«ra yrnn alas fltlbttf to rtnicn (t at tt)t tjardtot, and to pap t\)t ttntb of tohat tlieu 
,iichas >W:.« M ptljtC; and tftat Tbfp flljiill bt at libertp to 0tll tbf rtntalnder to the 
pan que alia u cm- cjjritftianfl a0 btflt tftcp cjn, probidtd tijat tlje prlceo are not 00 biitii 
!^1""; "tf'nT r/" afl w be oppre00ibt to tyt buptr0 -, for in outS) cfl0t pou our oaib abi,,, 
,ada prestaHos para tal, or toljotbtr Hiap [jold pour autl)oritp, are to tat and moderate it. 

In semhrar, e lasta 

leynti yunias de ,a- Jittm, tf)at til tt)t 0aid niitiibtr of ti)t 0aid tbree i)tmdred and thtrm 
rn's e yr^unt e oiras per0on0 \s\)0 Avt to ffo to tbt oaid 3[ndle0 tbrre a\)ali and map be om 
h.^uas para lahrar. t|)e ysnQto affrttd iipon, at tbe ratt at tobit^ tijep babt ^itbecto been 
f „uc lot lain /, rn. pgnj . jnd In plott of tl)t food tobitb U (0 tiistoiiarp to gibe tbtin 
'"" ■"" "' "i'- rbcre map and oball be giden tbem, out of tt)e com tobitb toe com' 
h„r,n ,1 ,/icfco pan. ,„j„j ,q j,j j,f„, fbitbtc, a fanep of tobtat tdtrp montb, anb ttotltjc 
'" '''"'" ', ""'/"^'■' iiiarabedio dailp apiece, in order tUat tbtP map bup otber netcoojr» 
'//' 7ur„i7r,7 tilctualOi and tWot art to bt delibertd to tbtm bp pou our 0aib do 
7hn e'Lnar,! L-'- """' «"" *•'' ?''"" lifiittuant, aud bp tbt officera of our cbief account 
mn ' .;;, que eoe,eren *»"'«> ^1)0 n^t and 0baU be In tbt oald IndiesJ -, ono tbtrtfort upon ponc 
, /,. restanie que la liow. toacranto aud bill0, in tbt form abobtoaid, our trtaourtr, tohn 
pwdan vender ahs o^U bt lu tbt 0aid 3[ndit0, 0ball and map pap tbtm. 

t hn\tinnoi a rnmo 

r puduren.ianio Jttttx, tbat if POU tbt 0aid Sdmlral 0ball ptrttitot and conoiOtr it a 
bantastou0 foc our otrdtct tbat tbt niimbtr of pergono 0boulD br m 
treaoed bepond tbrtt bundrtd and tbirtp, pou map 00 do, until tbt 
numbtr rtacbt0 Adt bundrtd pergono in all , prodided tbat tbe toasro 
and maintenance tobicb 0uct) increaged number of peroong tDiii re 
; ,/ich» nuestrn q,„„ j,j pg^, ffp„, tobat0oeder mercbandiot and artitltg of Mnt 
umnanu u qu.en y^^^f^ gjjj^ (,p fj,,,,,, ^^j obtaintd ui tfet 0ald 3ndito, toitbout oiir 
]"""'" '"', , """■'■■ orbtriMB It to bt oupplied from otber 0ourte0. 

""Vun'qu, ii duhn ^tciit, tijflt to tlje pfCfloiKJ to!)0 Ijatjf bff H anO acc (tt ttjetfaiDKnliif ti)frf 
nu»uro .hh^iiuhr.' otjall diW) iiidP bt pfliD tlje aaldfp \bUicI) ifi dtiD flbflll b^Duc torbemhp 
/r,:i,nMK f trcynia tl)c liotfl, accoi'Dtnff aiiD III rl)f niiiiuu c afl If ifl iibotf contamco ; ant) 

pnsnnn% que hn'n de tljOOf tOljO l)dDr t)ilD HO fldlarP tUr tO bC patD fOC tt)rir flfrtlCC tlQ If fltiad 

yraiiiMiuhiis ) n./ms. fltfiH ffooD to POii,anD tUoflc iD^o ^dtjc fltrtcD foc ott)cr0,m [tkr m^inrr. 

ittes a\a di pafiar e 

pnpuf f/ sufldn dilox pre io^ xepund quf /iM/d iTi/m %ftt % ha pdrti/" r fn lupar de *nitn\tnim\cni(\ que sea- 
suflr dtxr, selea aya dr dar y dt- dtl pan qUe mi:t:d,jmv% tula efuhiar, ,t ciidtt ptrsimn una fiinef^ii ,if tf: 
cada flits, r dmr mttravedis cada dia. para que tllfs compreti los nfrui mantenitfvmtos nr(r»(iri..j, /,.» ijuair^ 
sell % a\an dr hhrar por ifis r/ dxcho nut\tro Almirantt t por lunfro lu^ar tenientr. e por lot ojnuur^ u 
nutstrox a-ntadores mayorex, que tnlan dichns Indtas i$tan. e i\to\terrn, e purque por 1 ursfrm n"m\t\.i^ 
Ixhramxtnt* \ t (fdulas. enla fi-rma sut" dicha. le% ayan dr pai;ar e papue nuestrii thesorero que e^tinitr, 
inla\ dichas Indias. 

5 yten que x\ voi tl dicho Almirante turdes e entcndierdes que cumple a nuestro serinv> que atlendf .ir/.n 
tlirhns trt:ient{js i treynta per$ona% se dexe crtftr rl numero dell.i^. lo podayi faser. faita llegar a numrr 
dt quxnimtai prrstmai p*tr todas, con tanto que tl \ueldii r mantmimtrntu qur iiis tain perxonm nirr;(fil>: 
iin\ iiieren de axrr, it pafi,ue dr quales quirr metcaderiai r rnirn de xalor que se haltaten e oxirrrn rn.'.t 
di(h(ts yndtnx, itn que nt'\ mandenxi>\ prnvtrr para rllo de olrn parte. 

i )trn que alas ptrsimas que han rsladn r r^lnn enlas d\fhn\ > ni/trt* ulf\ a\a dr pagar r pfi^uc tl \ufl i 
que le\ e\ f fuere dewdn pnr nnmtnax e se^und e enla manera, que tie vmih se cnntienr. e alfiun->\ ,fuf n n 
llexaron suetdo ules pa^'ue iu ierxi^io, ief:und que a xoi hten xisto fuere, r alos que han serxido por utrri 
nu mismo. 

qut to-s priiws no ex 
\t'dan tn afirano de 
los quf /«' conprarrn 
por que en tat -a 

M: . 


'iff i 

^•' — ■ — \^ jr^ 





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c'ltlDtiJ alio otlif 
jiiD (JertJtO atiD 
tir aiiffnunrrD a 
uiir 0aiD ^aDintc 
ti|C qtialitp of t 
oiitia0 0crbrD 
pitiifit (Poo ttai 
tijtm in thf fla« 
oyjll be fltttlfb 
Dtrf aiiD pavnit 

]|tfiij, tobtn He 
niaiua, tnljo Diei 
ilK baliic of tbe 
troiii tliciii bccai 

ii,it)C Dfeb diiO 01 
inordil tolj(cl) p 
lollotoS : 

sPanp foreigner 
orotreb, bp tJirti 
luflfleo, tUiir tbf 
lictittiiteD; ant 
tbig matter tdot 
t\\(v (t|)e ftfteatfe 
m rccriblng all i 
^r bone in ft)cpt 
rlijf all tUep rf( 
brp0,anb tl)at tl; 
tt)fft)irbi anb tl 
m in tlie ineai 
uitl)iii tl)t0 peiic 

likttDioe It a( 
obtaiiub in tbe 
maDe of It like 
ocDaineb to he 

lull lit vut^lro mtm( 

It luislr/l .Itlrsa hr 
It Stultrt, r a Juiiit 
p:^ar lo ijut 'lettitn 
f i^ut ntn tndtt piwa 
(1 una area qur tov 
• stM ihchtis <ln iilfi 
(iiHdi onestn lu^itt 
\r lititrtbuyesrn i n 

. ii\ nmmo noi pt 



ittnt tbar tbt ttiumcntci, cialarictf anb toaacK todici) ttie al 
mta ann ototc principal prrgong aiiD ofBccro tutjo tiabc btoclr 
iiiD oertcti anD 0tfll occtot tbrrc ougtjt ro rccritor, flhiill anti inav 
lit aiismnirrQ ano paiD ro rt)ci>;, attorbiiig as ir flijall dcrni ro ^oii 
niirDaiD ^Dinfral rbar ir otifflit ro bf. bout; rrgarb brino; bab ro 
the auaKr? o^ '1)^ ptrtfong, aitb ro tbr rfmr burins ^bftQ ti^ti) 
mini dcrbrb anb gliall gcrbt^ for l>c0lbra rl)i0,tDl)cn ir 0i]all 
.rogedPob rbar rbcrt be lotjtcctDirljal ro btato\a icvuarbg upon 
tiKin intl)e0dibirnblc0,tDcgl)all brinfnbnilrabo0o. idnbrljto 
Ml be otrrlrb in rbe prr0(nce of ouc 0aib otBctro, anb rbr brU' 
Dcrv anb papintnr (0 ro be niabe ro tbcnt tn rbe (ocm afoce0aib. 

ltcni,tDben rbe bcfr0 ot abbot (Falirp anb anbceto of &ala 
niaiud, tobo bitb In rbe 0alb jinbtc0, appear, rbe^ are ro be paio 
tlKbaluc of rbe ca0li0 anb pipeo tnbicg toerc 0poileb anb rahen 
troni rbeiii becau0e rbev toenr ro rbe 0aib ^nbieo tonrrarp ro our 


Item, fn tobat concern0 rbt bi0cbaro[e of rbe 0OUI0 of rbo0c tobo 
[i,ib( Dfcb anb 0ball bir in rbr 0alb jnbic0,ir appears ro u0 rbar 
tiic torm tnu0r be fuIlotDCb tobicb occuio in rbe arricle of pour mc: 
iiioriiil tobfcb vou ffabe U0 upon rbi0 iiiarrer, anb tobicb 10 ag 
tollotpd : 

■fimv foreigner0 anb iiarlbe0 b^be bieb in rbe 3inbie0, anb J 
orDtrtb, bp birnie of rbe potorro tobicb J bolb from Pour l>igb' 
ncdfltfl, (bar rbep 0boiilb make tDill0 anb tbat rbe oaine oboulb 
[It ccccutcb ; anb 1 gabe cbarge rbercof ro (£0cobar, a re0tbrnr of 
gtbillr, inb ro Joltn of leon, a reoibenr of ]!0abella, ro arrcnb ro 
this matrer rborougblp ano fairbfuUf, aa toell in paping tobat 
thcp (tbr becea0eb) otocb, if tbeir ececuror0 bab nor paib ir, ag 
m rcccibing all rbeir goob0 anb t)age0 -, anb rbar all rQi0 0boulb 
tif Done in rbe pre0enre of a fuorice anb a public ocribtner ; anb 
tlj.u all rbtf receibeb 0boulb be placcb in a cbegr babing rbrrr 
lirP8,anb rbar rbevoboulb babe one hen, a prie0r anotbcr.anb J 
tiicrt)irD^ anb rbarrbe0e rbcir 0aib monepg gboulb be placeb tn 
tiic oaiD cbe0r,anb oboiilb remain rbrrr for rbrer pear0,in orocr 
iliat in tbe meancimc rbe beir0 iiugbr b'lbe rbe opporrunirp of 
comins or 0enbing ro claim rbcm -, anb rbat if rbep be nor claimrb 
iDitliiii tbig periob,rbcp gboulb be bigrributeb in oOtceg foe rbcir 


likttoioe ir appear0 ro u0 rbar rbe golb tobub nu}> be 
obtdintb in tbe 0aib ^"bieg gboulb be coineb, anb moncu 
iiidDc of it like trcellenrg of OP canaba, accorbing ag toe babe 
ocDiiintb ro be bone in rbege cur kingbomg, for berebp 

i;/^ir( )'ii/iiii Ann fiilte^iMt t tullrficnn, Motpirrfjc ifue se iltir guanliir (n/ori 
lu/' ill luK(ri) mtmiiruil, (jut Mihre fif.i irnj idilfs, (fut e^ el nfuirnte 

'. ^fln^0J ritranf:ern\y naturalrt 5"ii murrti<t mla^ ynitias.t yo mnmU' pur rtrtud iMus pmleres. i/uc 
if xutitrn Altesa trnf[n, quf ditun tm Irxtijmentox r st cumptuien, e ttr'tm ttt fdr^o a EiCuhdr irzinn 
If Sfvilta, r a Juiin ttr I.ei'n irzino drla Yxahela, (fue hun t jiet mentr pritcurast'n ttntn esto, asy tn 
Msar to que 'levtitn sy iMi t:ibitieax. no ht tn-ieien pa^ado, o>mi) en rerahdar tndon nun hienen e sueldi\ 
I ifiii tstii Itidn piKHir por ante ;utli| in e m rirniio putilieo, y que tmh In que recahdasm fuesr put sin 
,n una nrcn tjue ti>i'ie\e tre% tlnves, e que elUi% toiiesen la una //nii'.e un rc/i^'icso idrit, e yo nfrrt. e que 
.*(.'» 'Uchiis 1B1 (/inrroi fueien puestns enlit dicha (ircii,e rUtniesen alia fitsttt tres ahtis, por que entre 
IMito fjiifirn lu^ttr \ui heredeio\ drln irnir o enbiiir requtnr, y \y en eite tienpti no requineun, que 
ii- ilr^lnbuyisen m coats por juj nnimiit. 

; ^ly tnnmo no\ purree que el oro que nwere enliii dttha^ Ynditti, sf luune e fitf^.i dello moneda tie t \- 
'I'rnfrt litlii lirtmtttla, sif^und no'ittienio* otdenildoque \e Itl^il en i ^tin nueitroi Ittyno,. por.^ut' eneito ..' 


§ yten tjut alns ot- 
cayttes e otrns perxn- 
nas prin{i/ialt'% e ojt- 
^iales tfue alia han 
estath e sirvido c 
Jirirn, sehs aya tie 
acre(entitr e pit^or, y 
rtiTt'(if«((7i y pafiuen 
su% ttnernias e solit- 
riiis e iueUi')\ >fu€ 
ni'icrpfi (/f rti'iT, Sf- 
f(und que t\ vos vl 
tiuho niiistrn Almi- 
rante parv%{nre ijut 
ie (leie fiizer, aitda 
cimsiderinwn ala ca- 
lidad dflas personas, 
y alii ifuf C(tda uno 
ha syriidn y 1 riierf, 

pOri/HC (/fh.nS dfStitt 

quand<* (I /'IMS pitra 
que (lya dv que ha- 
xvlU's mir^edts tnlits 
dichtts Ynduts, ;t(»i 
aieretnns mi tnnrtn 
para f^eUis faztr. In 
qutil sv aya de aseti" 
titr ante Ins dichus 
nuestri'X ofmales, r 
que selex aya dt /i- 
hrar t pa\iar tnln 
fortha susn dtcha. 
§ Yten parmendn 
hirederiis dtl ahad 
ftallemi, f tntlies de 
Salantanca que mw- 
McTon in/(is dufufi 
) nduis.stlts due pa- 
^ar el valor ddi<stt>ne- 
Its r f'ipa\ qui- stlei 
^aitaritn 1 tomamn, 
pur (fi(T vi/(» rt/rts 1/1 
chas Yndias catttra 
nutstro defendttm- 

^ Yten tnlii que tnea 
al dtscarfiodetas ant- 
mas delos que enlaa 
ma que (sta end capi- 



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, , ,i,if ,111 ,/. /.I., r /r<. fraiiDtf anti cbtarfno; toftd tbr 0afD ffolD (n t|)t «a(D 3|nbi(fl \Diti 

.„<, 1 f (■<ii//f(.ii M (/i br prrtcntfO. anO in orfttr ro faobion tijt Odin montp.toe torn 

'.'"V'^" '"'"' ''"^'" iiianD poll to take t|)c ptraontf.airii and ImpUmtntfltohith poii 

,!:',:',/„l;„c:!;;;. ""p «<!'"". f^ ^f gmt ^ou run pototc m tot matttc, ;„ 

,„«»,/«.«..,v». /(.I. VI DiDfO ttiat tt)t niontp tolilcl) fl^all lit fitruck in t\n mn ^ntnta 

'm p r«i>i«] r run..] ()( confocmabU to ttit orlilnantt0 tobicb toe bo note coininanb 

■ "» ■'•}'"' 1"' ""- tobcDratonuprfflpfttlnatJittoorkinBof tlitmontp. anbthr 

;'„''«' cUol^n'Lu" omtm tot)0fl' butp it dOall be ro tocrk (t oball obociDt tie uaih 

p,„/,r f.MHpd,/.., .M, otbinantf<;, tinbtr tftf ptnalt<tfl tUrreln tontainib. 

Iditl" que la iiiiini c/rt 

4u. »' >:i.rr rn/ni Jttui, '.t apptarct to 110 t|)at on t\)t 3nblan0 totjo tabr asrrcD 

'"'"" »'"''" "" to pap ttjt tribute iinpooeb ttiere 0boiilO be pla' j a pictt or 

Niini(U../«i niiiii^'iirii 

token of braa0 or leab inonep, tjjat eatb one map tDtar it 


,-,„»,/,,.„,., i,,:cr ,... I)(0 nttk; ano tbe flpre or mark borne bv oncb toin g|)oi| t,, 
h, hi,m>r,ui,i<,w cbanaeb ebrrp time [)entahe0 a payment i inorbertbiuitiiuii 
>■<(/,>, . /o, „/i|i.i/<i tie knoton tDt)o [)a0 not paiD; anb tobenetoec persono atnw tit 

cZ', Z"un.m,n'ln neck, ttiep are to be 0eljeb, anO 0onie 0liff!)t penaltp 0|)aii bt 
rnjprndirniKdJnm- inflicteb on tt)ent. 

^ yir>,r,n,p„rr(rqu, Jttttx, 0eeing tijat for tbe coUettton anb rteeipt of tl)t am 

Ins imiwi ,1 1/M1..1 tribute ittoill be neebful to appoint a diligent anb tniotp per 

'!'", "r'a'-"n"i 17 "'"' '" ""'"" ttiereto, it i0 our toill anb pteaoure tijat 

Z'!n \'S"nZl'. stu\ Btjoiilf balje rtje 0alb tbarge, anb tbat out of tIjt trlbiitt m 

,n„ .It fnnrr una p,. mrrcbanbi0e \dI)ic|) bt 0baU tbutf rtceibe, collect anb pap, |)c 

,iiio,i«,i)./, m..n,.;,. oi)ji[ ijabe anb take for blmoelf Ode Vneigbto, meaoiirto or 

.;. lai.m „ ,1. p0„„50 pf f t,„f,^ to|,it|, (0 tbe ttoentietl) part of todat Ijt aUi 

'["Jaui\mm,Z'Z 'l)i"iJ ttceide and tauoe to be tolletteb anb reeeibeb. J nt 

/< mud,- la jifura n "kuMg. J tije il^ueeu. IBp commanb of ttje %ing anb of i^c 

..B.i/. 7>.. (uiM., .,.. £}iittn. JFtrbinand aibare0 of Toledo. (Fcanttb. 

tta ifz i/iif paparf, 
par que if %tpn ft que 

».,nn„reap„,ar.e ^^fx Sftvt>inanti ftHD JDontid ^BabtUa, 

,,u.qur,la.equan,l,..e -^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^j ^^^ ^„,|j ^^,,^ jQ„j,„ ^j €mi[t, ItOM, 

taiiar.pmiay^nper. j,,i.^igo„^n,i,, (yfanaOa, kloltOo, (HaUncia, *allcla,(^aiort,i 

sunns uuc mi (rmir- . . ,. V. ^ ' — ^ . — ,»-, ~ .- p«"". 

rr« ;« ./.r^,, s<nrt/ ,./ fet^'Uf. fearbiula, Corboda, Corcita, ii^urtia, laen, tljt Ji 

p.Huer-qu,uanp,r. Bardfo, aigetirao, (Gibraltar Bub tjjt Cauarp lolanoo.Couni 

s,.,,, „u, ,u ai^umi auO JCountt0fl of Barcelona, 1l.orO0 of JJiotap anb ^olinj, 

p,na liuana SDukco of iAt^sno a"b jl^eopatrla, Count0 of Rouogillon am 

§ yitn por que ,nri Ccrbiignc, ^arquKcg of Cristano anb (fo)iano, to our i|)it: 

coger <• reeahianta 3lu0tice, t^e membcrfl of our council, aubitor0 of our cl)jnibcr, 

lilt ilichii Inhul'i Vfin 

tHinrs/tr pri'teer (/- p':r:::r,a ilthfitnte e Jiahle. que tnittti mtitnda. r r% nuexlta mti^titr niijpt. 
,iami'S que qu* tinpa it duhn citrfiti, e que tUt trihutn e mertattei la-i que a^y rtriiMiiii . 

et'fiure e papatr, aya e line para si ^^nlt> peu>\, <» »uJnla% o hhras par ^tenln, que r> la iryrfifrn ; 
paite dill* que niy recahilare, e fiziere ro^er e rtrahdar Yn rl Hey. > o la liryna I'la manda> 
itil Hey t dela Heyntt, Fernand .tliarei de Tvleda. Aeordada. 

ItilS I'ernnndn r Dona i'sahtl par la fimfifl de Ihnu, Hey f Hryna de ( atlilla. de h,.n 
de (rrt^'oit, de .SV(i/i(i, de dranada, tie Tnlnin, de \alen\\tt. de Halizia, de ValliTiat, de vVn/l 
i/V f ii'iina. de Inrdma, de < iir^i/:a, de Murna, de Jahen. delm Alf^arhe%, de Alfeitra. de iiih^i. 
Ill,, t i/i(ii\ yslai de ( nnana, I unde e I imdtsa de llarielona, Srmurs dr I i:ciTvr r de Miil!i 
liuquei lie Athenai e d* \tnpttlria, t'nndts de Hnsellon e de t^'erdania, Marquesei de (hitttin r 
tnniani'. Ill nuestnt juitma maynr e alii\ del nueittu t nH^ein I'Vi/'ircs dela nueitta .thdun, 









^ tl»t matter i pro- 


Oo notD tominani) 
jrmontp; aintbt 

fl toio liatit autfto 
f pla' J a pittt or 
nt maptotaritoii 
0titl) coin otiaii ht 
n orDtc ttiat (t inai- 
c prrsonci obaii tit 
oaib token on tbt 
)t pcnaltp 0l)aii be 

rtttlpt of tit flaio 
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raourt tijat 
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jItalDtd anD bailKTtf of our bou0(l)olti, court anD cbanctr?, anb <iirM,y r uifiuaniti 
111 (totttrnor(J,aBiJiotnnto,iiltflH)co,bfli(ifft( lino otberiufltitrt ■'''" "«'"'■'• 'O'" ' 
wDomOotDcr of all tljr titltfl. totonfl ..nO plncco of our hinff^ ImI; ,::„;:'"■.: 
ooHiO alio oomiiuoiio, and to t.ul) anu iinji of pou, in pour ,/„„, „,„/,,(,, on 
Dljcro anb luridOictlonti. to tot)oni tljtd our patent g|)iill be tii(</M r nr^knnfn « 
ahibitfO, or tl)t tranfltript hereof oianeb bp a public tftritot- "'r"';"'''!!'''*-"'" 
, J. Dtaltl) anb sua Jnoto pr tl,at for tUc flcttltnunt of tyt ;— ';, ^t; ,t 
luMiibfl lino malnlano Oiocottrto ano pUttounbtrourOomi. ),„,„ ,/,,„, „„„,„, 
moil 111 tl)e region of ti)t InOito in the iTctan, it \olll be necc0> rrvn.M . s,honnt,, , <i 
wri» to purcOaflt i» tfttfle our 0aio (unBDonw, for tontiepanfe <riJ.i«n».M/.,.i/((.<iir 
thfrtto, certain mertljanoior, toictualfl, proOioiono, (mplc ;''' '"» "> ,^<'"i'-<" 
„,rnfO,lrontoare,tai!lifl,butto ano otbcr tDinua.toDltl) are to !rr"'«',«7.<«H;;: 
lie piircbaoeo bp tlie perflon tnljo for uo anb for 2Don Cljriflto „in,ciri„ lurr,,,,^ 
njjtr doluiiibua, our sdbmiral of tl)e iTctan, bao or oljall batje ^ ,. m /r,iw».(» 
rharuc thtreof. anb ointc it tjaa been rtporteo to no tbat tijc '''"« "/■"'"''" ''• "- 
troano boloiuff tUe oaio merdjanOifle anO otl,tr tbinga re. i:;::;;;^^;;,/" "„'' 
aiflc to ocll tbc flame, in oroer to tnbante tbe price, tubicb ^ar„ h pnhi„(,i,n df 
uoiilD be to our Oiflocrliice, it lo our Voill ano pleasure tbat int y<hi . iiemi 
M\v purcbaoeo of tbe aforeflaiO aititleo flball be inaOe at tbe J""" ''i""'""'"' • 
pritto tbep are ufliiallp toortb: caberefore toe conimano poii ^;':;'';'; J' ",";'"''," 
1(1 ciiiflc to be furniobto to our afltiitfl ano to tboae of our ;„, )„,/„„ ,„,, „„„ 
odiDdomiraltbt afoteoa'O articlcfl or anpotberfl tobatfloeber ,.i,„m>,,,r„^i,'r 
U)l)itl) tbtp map purtbaoc for tbc babitation ano protjiflion of fxpnir «n/..i ./i- 
tl)t oaiD .(MOiefl, anb for natonjatinff tbereto, at reaflonable ''',7, "",",'')!' "^iX'!,' 
pritfoaun at tbcir cufltoman' \ialue in tbooc oaio citlefl, totono X'LaiZllnZn\n 
aiiD placto, among tbc inbabitantgtbtreof,toiiboutfurtbcren< ^ ,mini,n„ni,ni„s . 
liJiucMuntj anO poiioball not lUt contrarpbcrefoinanptoioe i,rm,uun,i . ,ii>,u,- 
iinDcr penalfp of our Oigplcaourc ano of ten tbouflano mara. j"i <■ trmimicnius . 
>;:?ia to our tbamber upon racb of poii tobo flball Oo tbe con^ '">"'< < <■ i>i<vm«. • 
i^rari'. ^ino furtbcr if bp anp one or more of pou tbe aaio luo "''■'" """■'. '" '(•"•' 
ticto It flball remain iinoonr anO uiifulftllcO, toe coinmanO tbc '" '•■ ""p-^'"^ '" p" 
ptrooiitobo oball oboto tbio our patent to cite pou to appear '■""■';•" p"r ""'. < 
iitforc 110 in our court tobtrroot\)tr toe mai' bctoitbm nftten f'" """ ""^"'"'"' 
Djpfl nert fotlutoing tbc Oai> of citation, unOrr tbc oaiO penaltp, "'""'""■'''" "•"'- 
iiiiDti- tobitb »ot tomnidno etjcrp public ocriDrncrtobo map be ]'!Zv!hX'\'aZ', 
ciiiiuiioncD for tbio yiapooe ro gibe to bim tobo oball oboto it to ,,, „„ ,.• „,„ „,„ 
I'ouii ttrtilltatc tbtitof oigniD toirli bifl flignatiirc in oroertbat ,, /„/,„ ,,/„,,„„ ^u, 
U)f inai' knoto boto our coiiniiuno ifl trecutcD. CPHjen in tbc citp ;„, „, ,,„„„, ,,„,' ,„.. 
of 5»rfloo, on tbe ttocntp tbiro Dap of tbe montb of .Ipril, in „rn tai<i>rh,u m.r.., 
tbfptarof tbc natititpof ourlLorO jcouflCbrifltonetbouoanO ,;.ri,n ■ (.(..n 
loiirliunDrcO ano ninct" ocbtn. "JtbclKing. ^tbeiiDucen. 31, sfvuuianiUio,,n<Ur 

pnr In tncarr{er »iu.,, 
(i i/un/ iirjii en nurtirn {/rori i( >•'. <iur\ltii mtrircl e i<ifiinlii</ n i/ut !■> que <ltlit «uio lUchi ic cnn- 
^rtirf, %iii f'i'T tni f'rt^\<^^ t ^f ^urt'i ^uth tii/ir /'"rrti/f nn, in, ,M(ini/(trfi"f, f/ui nidi prrtnntn nuf\- 
.TrM r dtl 'liihil nurtlrii .(/iiiir.ind , c/Kr lii\ I. ..n \umi i/k'm,, ./ cihii, ./inWi , i/mcr. i/uf inn^iriirin 
juni III iiMdiii"" r p"'''\'nirnli' >lr!ii\ ilnhm )iii/iii, t piiru </ n.n.iMr ci.//ri.,, I'll" liifiiiyi i/iir firt-.tin rttMinnhti \. • \i i unit <fuf \utt<n iiilrr tnriii, iluhtix iifuliiJti t ulltis t /"^'(trc 
,ntri /.»» ifi>'««'i Jfltft\ ,v»i fficnrfter md,, r «"« /iit'rtt/*', fndt al pnr ttt^uriii tnanrrti ,<> prrtit 
Wit nurilrii mrr(rl. r ilt i/in mtll «i«r.iifc/i, n cmlii unn ih los i/in' In mnlrnnn Jiiuril,^ pniii 
liS ntttitrit (iimrra. /•' i/r mrt, pnt i/uil/ ym.r u i/uttlt \ tfuter ite Xtn tit\ dtchtts ju^tl^tits p"r 
.^Hirn httcarf d*ln it.ii Ittitr f lumplir, mnn'liirnn\ ,it itntt i^ut eita nufiird carta rrinifrirrr, 
i/«f 101 mpfiKr (/Kr pnrr\e,iilrt ante nn, .n/n nurilrn rnrlr, iln ifuier yue Bin stamns, J,l Jia 
lui iot rnplitzarf ftittii tfutnif i/tiit priHirro, fi^kimfri iota Juha prna, sn ta lyuii/ iiiiiniJit* 
•itoi If ifyal ifuitr rirrii'iino publtm i^ur para tttn furrt UttiHiuio que tie rntt*- at qur lot tti 
>ntntrare, tfittmomn si^ndiiu con ,H sy^fii) pnr que nus irpamns rn coinn te rumple nue%trn man- 
itiiiii. thita enta fiWiiW dr Hurf^m. a iryntr e trr.% dun del met >ir ii6ri/, ti%o del nii,( iiMirnfi) dc 
tur -ten ^ennr h\u ( f*riitn tie nitl! e '^utiti>>i,trntni e nntrrila e <\i te nri'n ynelHe\ Yn lii Hc\nit. Yn 

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inmimi Aimr,, .i, .f frftitituiti (JUjiirtfl of ITolfOo, IsftrfraDt of tl)f feing m ,, 

rni„i„s„r,inri,ui,i the kDiircii our loiDo.liiiDc (iitiacD tlita tu be toiitttn bv thnr 

ll.y,M„Hnn>tnu (Olllllldllt). ^f ItllUcO, iROOtritk SDOtroC. KtOIOttrtO, illoia, 

rifr.M .s.n»r... /oyii |Dtt-(0. Jfraiiciflto 9Diii0, €l)ai)(Clloi-. ^" 

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siniiltl, .llimtn I'trtt. 
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Cl)e IBSiinq and tDe i^ueen. 
Bon Cbristopber Columbus, our 21D 

in(ral of tljr Cttaii,CliCf low .iiiD liPobf fiior of tijf mami ,,,1, 
loliinDO of tljrliiOito.aiiD vlntonioot vITorrto, Coiuinmi 


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Of our l)(iuc(cliolCi. cUr tbiiiQa Uiljid) 111 our opintou, toitli rhr 

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'' " ' ' tol)o cirr tljrrt ano toUo l)Wc ro ffo t|»it|)cr for t|)t inattr ^ 

toljitb tirr tbrrt to l<c Done lit fulflmicnt of (Soo'a acrt)icr mo 
ouro, art rbt folloioing. 

in tl)i0 nrot boPiigr, anD until tor gitoc otixr coininanti, tlirrc 
0l)>ill go to rroiDc in tbc 0>iiD ^noiro iljr niiuiticr of tlirrt lnm 
Drrti iinD tl)irti' prroona of tijt kinO, qualitp anb riiiploiMiiniia 
Wbiri) U)ill br inrntionrD bdoVo, intliitiina in tl)t ojib luitniici 
of tl)r 0>itD tlircr IjiinbrrD >iiiti tijirtp prroono tboar tolio noVu ,irc 
lint) tiiiDr rriihiincD in ttjcaJiD InDira; tobtcli odiD rbirr imn 
DrcQ lino fl)irti> prroono iirc to lit clioorn h^i'oii, our Ointi ,id 
iniral, or bp iini> onr toljo niiu* l)at)c pour iUitl)oritt>, .mt) atr to 
br iipportioiuD in tl|i0 mnnncr: fortp roniiirco, one liuiiDrro 

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cnMi.rii mini, (),( fljH) f|,i(f i)unort6 iiiiD tljirtp ptroouo, tol)o art ro go ano 

'"'n'l'nlT'ul'Z'^ remain in tbt oaiD 3n0ito as lonu no tbtP pltaoc, m oikI) 

mnndiwl',' pn.iXl tolOf H)'" 'f 'H'" "f f*)' Ptl"O0nO tOhO drt lU tbf OiUBjInOlfO !]|,,i|l 

,i>ii>i iir yr .1 iiMr Dtoirf >u)D bc obli^rD to rcriirn, tbtrr oball anD map iciimih 
-n/m iinhnt Vni/im tt)f \ucll of tl)Oor no\u tl)f tc dO of tl)00t llOt) dboiit to p 
tl)crr, tlir odiD niiinbn- jl tlir odiD tlirtr bunOrtb dnn tlurn' 
prroono. 15ut if it oljuiilb dpprdr to poii, tlir oaiD .IbiniiMi. 
to bt for tlir tocUart and dOijiUirdut of tt)f uiiDcrtdhinit to 
alter tlif odiD niimbrrof prroono, rtmoDinQOomr ollicrro diio 
dppointingotbcro in tbcir pldtr, poii IjaDc polocr 
t)i6rD tbdt tbt niinibrr of prraono toho babt to remain m Hir 
oaiD Intiieo bo not erccrD tliree biinbrcCi anD ibirtpptiouno 
at moot. 

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iur%tri> piiiltr initre € httn lU ur itpi:rtiilai en t\tii mttntrn. ifuitiinta t^iuiitri's lu-nt pmnrt it 
f;uiri It tieynlit niitryntrns treyntit ^rumett\ trynti Uihrit'ti'iti ilr •■tn. ^tnlfurnltt liihtiiili:tn , ,(,r, 
iid/ilnix iiynir .i/nni/ri ./r (i.,/ii> i.^ii i,., i Iriynlil iHw^.ir. iKv i/ur iiin il numtt'i ilrliu iliihiii 
lrtfunlii\ e tiiynlii prrinnm.las ijuiilis iiyiin ilr \r ii e%liii rnlai i/u/uii >ii./iiii ifunntK m 
luiri.piit manerii i/ur s\ iilgunat i/</iii pir wiHik yur i tdii mliit c/irKi< Cnitiiii tr i/uiiirirn r ii, ' i 
iti tinii (I), ij lir ifutihr t tfuiitr tniUin (j,v ilitin i/tn ii^'i'iii < ifiin mmit itrlnt tfu* acmit tuinii ■ 
iliihii num. I II ill las itichat litsunlas . Inynlii /urMHini I'tm iv ii in <( i/i< Ki Kmir.Mli fni,,,,! 
qur I * httn r pruttchn litla fir^m iiij i.m lir muititr il ittthii numrrn itt ptrmnas, ./birnniVii Jtlm kti.-i 
aJtitaUs t prutryrHiio otrtu rn iu Itifiitr que lo podadn Jairr tai%tii qur n.'piitr rl numtro litlm 
penuniit que rnlits dxrhttt Ynittn ^'{tn 'it ettitr ilrlits tirttrntm r trr\nt.! p. i \ no, , n..n nun 


nutni rit lie trr:tentii\ 

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iltia suirle r rctlnlitil 
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thitt lrr:trnlil% r Ire- 
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tl)» *in(j anti of 
tontttii lip thnr 
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iMtitttliat for tit maintenance oC ^ou, tde ttaii aomfcal, anD o( § run que para, nan- 

fm brottiera ano otbec cbfef offltectf tofjo are to ffo tDUb pou to ienimienio de ms ei 

remain iri tfte jraid 3inl><W. and for ttje siaiti three Ijunoreb anb dicho Aimirante e dc 

tbirip perflonfl, ano for tillage anb ootoinff, anb for tye 0u0tcnance '«"'"> hermanns e 

ottbi animals tojitti pou toill tarrp tjitber, ttiere ffjjall anb map "'™' "Afn'f » pf""- 

ht Mktn ar>t bunbreb ano flftp tabijetf of \oitat, anb also flftp ta= "'" pr»ifip<ttes que 

Leg of baclep, \bW\> «Wi anb map be 0upplieO from tlje torn "'" "<",'"'" . . . " 

apptttainlnff to u0 out of the mm of tlje artlibiflUopric of &e= TrelZT^Zl'!.: 

St ano tbe ffiifl(»opric of laOij for tDe past p?ar ninetp.seten, '."en^L /S « 

accoroinff a« It 10 containeb In t^e toarrants of btlltierj? tobltl) toe p";;;;r//p«r7"«- 

Do commanb to be gitJcn thereupon. ^, „„ ,,„hrar e par a 

Ittm, that tliere must be Sent to t|)e saib ^nbies sucft irontoare eig^MemoiUia^hes. 

a;iO implements as map seem goon to pou, ttie saio abmiral, for <i'"'/«f«"n"';ia"/f.s 

rillaffeint|)esaib3|noieSianbliRetoiocmattoths,0pabes,pickares, '' "^"" "'v"''""^ « 

Dammers anb trotobars suitable for tlje saib 1nbie0. ";';".„,!:S'; ,,: 

idnD liketoioe ttiat besibeo ttjc cotos anb mare0 Vobich are in tbe tnnoemasfinqueiua 

gaiD jjnbies there Sball be mabe up tbe number of ttoentp poke of cahizti de icim/n los 

totDSJi mares anb asses, toberetoitb tillajjc map be tarrieb ■'n in tbe quotes seayamiepm 

ijaiD Inbies, atcorblnB as it sball seem goob to pou, tbe saib "■'"■'" < pr«iean ,m 

mnival P""," 77 '";"■"''- 

(lent ■ 'elas terfias 

uni liketoise It seems n us tbat it toill be besirable to purcbasc <^i .trtnbispado </. 

an olD sbiPt in tobitb tbe probisions anb articles aforesatb, to tbe sev,iia <■ iMspadnde 

ctitnt of bfc tapacitp. map be sent; for btr bttks ano timber anO ("diz del -a,, pa$a- 

iiailfl niigbt be useo tor tbe settlement tohltb is noto nttolp to be «'" ■'« n,nenia <■ .uys 

maOt on tbe otber sioe of tbe islano of liispaniola, near tbe "»"' "•««"«'" ""•- 

mmtfi; but BboulO it appear to pou, tbe saib aomlral, tbat it is '":"' '"'"' '■'"■'«'''' 

not Dtsirable to take tbe saib tjtsoel, let it not be taken. iihrnmuninquesni,re 

ellii mandamus dar. 

likctoise tbere must be taken to tbe saiO InOies Oftp tabids of 

Hour ano as mutb as o tboiisano quintals of biscuit, for proljision § yienquestayan </, 

toiilt mills ano bakebouses are being consmictto, ano for the '"'"'"' 

luiilDing tbtreof tbere must be taken from bcnce some gcinbstoncs 

ano otber implements of mills. 

jjtcm, tbere must be taken to tbe saib ^nbitS ttoo Qelb=tents, 
tetiich map cost up to ttoentp tbousanb maratitbis. 

Iniii, toitb rtspett to tbe otber supplies anb probisions tobicb it 
maf bt necotui to take to tbe saiO jjnOies for the maintenance anb 
(loitima of tbosc tobo are 'o ito ano to btoell tbere, it sccins to us 
ttitit the follotoing oroer ought to be obscrtieo. 

let some uprigbt anb tnisttoortbp persons be sougbt out, 
mi as, It is saib, pou, tbe saib abmtral, beclare tbat 

alas diiha'i 
Yndias las herrami- 
enlas e aparejos que 
pare^ure a itts vl di- 
thtt Atmirante para 
lahrar, entas dicha^ 
Yndtas, e asy mi-itno 
madonts e a^adin i 
/i.c"5,_y atmadana^.y 
palaneas que conn- 
nteren para las t/i- 
chas Yndtas. 

§ F. asy misnu) qui 
schre las taeijs e ye- 

fn/ti qw rrlan enhs diehas Yndias se ayan dtcunplir numerode leynte yunlas deiacas e yifiuas e (i<nin 
-, fi que f'Urdan labrar enlat dichas Yndtas se^unt a los el dichtt Mmirante pare^ere 

i Kd'V mesnw mis pare(e jue nrra hien que te cnnpre una nii'> lieja en que itiyan (m mantenimienl'is r 
f.ijrti suso dicbas, que r,tpieren rnelta pitrque deta tahlaznn c madera e claiazon delta ^e podrut apmie- 
chttr pnrn la po/>/n(ioii i^ue a^ora nueramenle se ha de t>azer enta titra parte deta ysia t-'sptthnta ^erca 
itiis mtnas pern »v 'i *"* '' dicho Aimir inte pareoere que no es bten tlevarse ta t/l^•^^ nan que nnn se tleve. 

5 tXrosy ie ilrien lleitti alas dicl>as Yndias anquenla cahtzts de lyanna e fasla mill quinlalts de iizcn- 
IK>, para entanto que se prtnehe de tjazer mulinus e atuhijnas e para lus Jazer se t/tii/i de lie tar de aca 
alfunas ptidras y vtrtis afarejos de molinns. 

i Yirn ie deten llevar alas diet^as Yndtas dnss titndas tie eanpo, que cuesten /tn/ii teynte mitt marattdis 

)f»n para t'> que l"*a aln\ "/ri>\ iHanlinimitttltn e prnitvintentn^ qut \ian uritwiryoi lltititst nta\ 
jiJmi Yndias para </ manlrntfn' " ■ leslidn dttin que alia han de yi c tt^lr, not pai ne que se i/tii 
trnit ta forma si^uienlt 

yuf ^usqutn atfiunas pets.'nas ttanas r attonadrts las quatex dt: que i-n tt ,itehn Ummintr <ti: que 



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hntyi in)> conftria- pou %&^t alttioot iiffrteb \])itl), tt)ar t|)icp ma|) batoe th; cbarar nr 
.las qu,- ayan dc car- tflOinff fltid trflnflportlnff to tl)C flaiD Jnhi><« ttt »aH) pro\jiaion« 

gar e lleiar ata> rfi- anti OtiKC iirtltlCO CCflUlrCtl tljCtf, fOf Xoljltb tbtrc ObdU ailD til « 

r;.rtj }>i./ins /,is di- he ffitjcu tbciii, oiit of tbc moiiffc toljitb toe l;abe orftcrtb to hr 

chns manUmmientos dclltjrrfd fOf tljilt purpOCfC,tobiirtt/tr I'OU Ilia? tbink (it- illlti tlirii 

<■ r,(.flj fosTj ,.Hn «f jjjjaii gj^jf 0cturif|> for tbt inoiupa tbufl rtteibfb, tobitb ttifn Irl 

if Sana, para h qu«l ,„ frpfnO UDOIl tijt flillO pfOblOIOlia, iinb in labinrt tllClM ,inh 
s. ,saya,U,laryd, t(,„^t„,„g t^tm tit tbCiC Ototl tOflt tO tbC Bflld 1n6lC0 ,inh ,, 

M,.s ""'"■"'''» v«^ oijaii i,e .,t our rfah ano ar tbc fortune of tbe scat <int> u'd , ' 
"'" '"""""""" "*"^ ritoinff tbere, (Poo toillinff, tbev oball ant> m\y ucfl tbt omftD 
tofdiontt, tbe tome at Qftctn inartibtDfo tbe antmbre, nnb a poiinh 
of bacon anb f«-^'* meat at tfffbt inarabeOia, and tgc otl)cr pro 

para fs/o lo qut a inj 
parf\ii re que elU'S 
(/('« srf^urulaii porlos 
tiuiraitttts que asy 
rt'iihirrtn, It's quatfS 
ayiw tit enpUnr entos 

bioiono and to j;iablcfl at tbt pricca tobicb wou, t'ljc oaib \^ 
iniral.onioiir lieutenant aball Plate upon tbem,0o tbat tbcDinan 
babe sjome profit anb not loot tlje rebp, anb tbat no iniuri' be sonr 

tiuht.s manUmmun- tO tbt ptOplC. AxWi OUt Of tbt HlOneP tobitb flUtb pcrOOU OC Dcr 

(-.. e ctrpartfs e lie- flonfl Oball rtceibe for tbe oaib probioiona tobicb tbt|i abali rlma 
larios a su casta alas jjfH^ fbtp Oball anb oufibt to ffibc auo pap tbere to our 'Crcaoiirtr 
ththas )mhas e que ^bo 10 or oball bc lu tbc oalO Jubico, tbt oaib inonc)) toyich roil' 

tayaanutslronespo ,„,,p y^^^jf gn,t„ ,yf,„^ ,,„n ^f),tl, ,5, ,j,„g ,p |,f m^p,, ^^^^^, 

" ''''" '""'' purebaoe tbc oaib probioiona, m orbcr tbat be map pait tlicitVoith 
tbe toagea of tbe people. 23ut if tbe oaib people oball tabc the 
oaib probiaiono on account of tbcir toapa, let tbem lie rcccibcti 
bi> tbcm on account, tbev abotoinff an acknotolcbamcnt of tD|),u 
t()ep babe receibcb, tobcrelii> tbe aaib Ireaaurer anb atcomuiim 
olTiccro map cbaroe it to tbe attoiint of tbeir pap. !t1iib ttjc ^m 
,'iooihre e la hhra </r pccooua aball BitJC accuritp i anb on tbeir binblnn; tijrniotlbcs 
t.,nnn e came saiatia 00 to bo iM\it pcrfocm iiO It 10 aforcoaib, tbctc Oball ano inai> tie 

a iKhf maraicdis e giDCn tbCHI OUt Of tbC Oatb ailtOUMtO Of IMOnCp tobat 0^,ll| gg 
lti\ pirns manUmmi- flfCllI JJOOb tO pOU. 
tnlose lepunhres ahs 

prt-iins que las fi tit- Jttw, It otiffbt to bc proturcb tbat tbere map go to tbt oam in 
,h Aimiranii n in- 5itfl jjomc friaro anb pricata of ffoob report, to tbe tnb t'htii 
map abminiater tbe bolp aacramenta tbere to tboat tolio oluii 
bc tbcrc, anb tbat tbcv mat> enbcabour to conbcrt to our ^oh' 
catbollc faitb tbe aatb ^nbiana, natibca of tbc aaib Ixfiita^aiiD 
tbci> oball take for tbia purpoae tbc furniture anb tbtngo n'tccs 
oarp for tbe celebration of bibinc toorobt'p anb for tbt abinir.ia 
tration of ita bolp oacramento. 

II \enlura 1 
e que lltpando alia. 
Ihi^s qut riini/ri, ayan 
tit tintltr e lendan 
It's tlichtts inHAleni- 
mirntf'S, el fino a 
tfumze tttararcdis tt 

n vu 
rsfrti lupar teniente 
It s pusierdes, de ma- 
ntra que (lifts ayan 
ttluuna pnnan(ia t 
nttn pitrdan entlltt 
f tda penle nt>n se Its 
hapa apraiitt, e que 

'Itl'ts martivtdts que 

It, laipersttna t. p,r- Hlkctoioc tbcrc muot ffo i pbpoitiau, an apotbecarp ano an ijti 
t >i<7t rephierr tieit.s ballot, Aixti 0ot!ic inatnimcnto anb inucic for tbe amuotnttnt o: 

tluht.s manlenimuH- tbt PCOplC tobO arC tO llbC tbCtt. 

li'S que asy undteren 

ayan tie oar e papar e den e paguen alia a nuestrtt leso' trtt qut t, o istovtere enlat dichas > niii.n ;, , 
tlichtts maraifths qut Its tlirrdes e asy st les ban dt dar para conprar las dtchos manlenimiei%ttis par,: 
que dellos ptiput il suelln dela pente Pern sy la thcha penle InmartH Ins Hirhns mnnfrKimKitni r,ir; 
incuenta de su sueldtt, scan Us reo^idtts en cuenta nwstrandti ct>nt>s{imientti dtln que re[ibierttn p.t 
tUmde el tiiihv trtnrero e I01 ofi^iales de cuenta stUt carpuen m cutnta dt su sueUttt, e las dichtts ptr. 
-scMrts den sepunttatl e ttbhpandnse tliht as\ hazer e cunplir sepund dichtt es selts ayan dt dttr e Jm 
dtlas ttichas quitnttas tit maratttiis que aiy vns pare(iere. 

|; Yten u dt\e prt^curar que vayan alas dichas Yndias alpunns rttipiasiis 1 clertpos hutnai pen tni:t 
para que alia administren Itts sanlits Sacramenttts tiltti que alia estartin qut prneurtn dt cttnvertir i 
>iuf\fri7 iania fe talnlua nln dithns >'»iiyi(n natutalrs tielas tluhas Ymlias y litem /i.irn <■/(,) i-, 
apareji'S e ctisas que se requieran para tl serinio del culto dtvint) e para la admtntstrai;wn ittlvs iui 


f a\atitnpo iitlii> f^tntts yiir alia han iL tsltu 


»tic th? tiarst of 

rt obrtU and nu,„ 
ate orbcrtti to he 
!'"tOt-. 'intitl)f„ 

IflOinu tijcm aiit) 
"InDico; ,1116 It 
"; '\n6iipoiiar 
flcll tl)e Oiiu pro 

"6 tijc otl)cr pro 

'Oil, tl)C 0,116 45 
no iiiuiri' be 6oiir 
tl) prrooii or per 
to oiir'Crcioiircr 
nioiitp tDi)it|) ron' 
bf (Jibcii tljtir ,0 
PIc oljall talic tl)r 
tijcin lie rtttHicD 
tDomciu of toi|,ii 
:r aiiO .uconiuinn 
»)'■ antitl)roaiS 
lOlnix tljciiiflcHjco 

Oljilll ,1110 llliU' lit 

tj) toljat ol)jii (JO 

fo ro tljc fljiD T|i, 
tljc rnft tlj,it riKP 

tIjOBC \D|)0 oljJil 

itJtrt to our bol;- 
uiD tfjiiigo nccca 
I for tilt 

itcarp aii6 an |)cr 
yt atmiocnitnt o: 

\la$ dicbtti Vnrfiuj In 
manttnimintnt par i 

/o tJUf rr|i6irrnq p ,r 
■Wi), f Ins lll(h,}S p,r. 

■In aynn tit i/.ir t dci 

ifos hurnnt pm mm 
'iKurrn de cnniertir i 
y llrirn /i.irn ,llo (,., 
mnijlrdt^iuii i/Wui lai 

rlldii » uiutycili /in 



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a^ortobec toe 
tiflibcrrt for 
iiDtD abour to 
Danct toitl) a i 
our (\}itt actoi 
our conned, at 
^l)trtfore tor 
fiilfillto aiiD J 
tobcrtin poll ti 
lor ttjifl piirpo 
Del €iimpo, or 
iif ar of tbf i>a 
four IjiitiDrtO I 
'\v commanD 
wrto. Ofrani 

mn Sttx 

'^ b)> x%t ctr 
ectiillc, Saroi 
LUirtcfl, saigfti 
Sukcflof dtbt 
icroaffiirt *i 
at it)t time tol) 
iiiff, afl bp tljt 
ojiD InDircf a 
OiuD toi\trart a 
a:iO tot again 
pntiilcaco anb 
patrntg and p 
pl]cr, our idQiii 
tl)at toe aftrr 
lie losutti coni 
as follotoa: 
lip t()f ffratf 

i, <:.\lh:ui, lit Mi 

, Vrnorci (if I ijfrt 
:.i<iiir. .Iftfri/Mcif J 
tlmirtintf dtl ma 
.. fimu contl 
wt'wtit (/ttf por /, 
'ifrfif tf rori^rfMii 
,' mit I- i/r nwfl' 
i;*v««lo f nir/«i 

rwn/rd prtril fin 


«or(ot)(C toe babe orDereO a terrain quantity of montp to be $ o/r.><> n/.'.>ni imhh 
^liDcreD for tttifS ftopage, tobfcl) pou, ttje aaiti annUrol, are ''"»"" '''■""" c''" 
Jott about to make, mt command pou to openD (i (n atcor. ^^'^it ZHt 
oantt toit!) a report olffneo b? tfte Ijiffl) ilommanberof Ueon, ^^,„r„ „,.ey, IjLr 
our ct)fef accountant, ano b;* SDoctor Koberfch ^aloonedo, oC tus a juho .</»■>- 
oiic council, ano bp JFerDJnanb aibarea, our secretarp. >■'"''<■ ""» "" •»""'- 

rhtrtfore toe command pou to tauae ft to be ffiua obaerbed, ''"'"-» '('""9''/""«" 
tilifillfo and errturtd actordlnff to toljat ia contafncd abobc, ««""■ "«'""'"</'o'^ 
Xrcin pon toill do us pleaaure and flerbfce-, and toe gibe pot rr/'t'l'tf "'ll/j' 
5 So pi.i-pofle full potocr to(tt) all itfluuibencefland depen- f:'!,' ^ : "'; 
Dcncieo.anntittfand conncrttf. *ibtn in tljt totonof si^edina (■„nimU,uaynr.M 
Dd JEiimpo, on rjjc flftttntlj dap of tlie luontlj ol 3unr, in tlje ,/„d„r Ho,inrn m„i. 
real- of tgc natibttp of our ILord lefliia Ctriot one tt)ouaand ,/„„,,/„ ,/,; nue^tm 
tour IjunOrcd and nlnttp=oeben. 3 tlje Idinff. 3 tbe iDuten, cnn,ejn c dv i,mami 
'\v tominanb of the IKinff and of ttie ^ucen, ferdinand HI- .iiinres nuesiro se- 
tiarcfl. (Franted, Koderick SDoctor. cntarin. 

for qui* ros mitniltt^ 
»M't? tjuf III nsi frtf^iiyi 

iurtitfl,ai6ftirao,0Pibraltar,andtt)CiJEanarpllorand(JiCount aip„n,M, ..« .i.- 
.inDCoiintcfloof S-arcclonaandUorOflof BiaciiPanddBolmai „„„ p,,,/,^ «„,,;„/„ 
StikciJ of dttjcno and /Scopatrla ; Counts of Rouoaillon and cm t.Ms ju, yn.i- 
CcrDagnri ^arquiaco of iTrifltano and iFoiiano. dfllljtrtao ihmws e ,/.p,«./.n- 
,)[ tti( tunc toljcn Don Cbrioropbrr Coluinlnio, our sddiniral of r"'< "nrvi.w. v , .... 
ilic Retail, toent to diotober land in tljc oaid ocean bv our touii nexi,i,i,i,s. /■>./)./ en 
iiiano.a certain contract ^ao concUiOfO toitb bim; and after^ 
tiiarDO,tot)rn tbc firor borage rrauttcd in >>igcobenns and find- 
tiii;, ad tip tt)c grace and bclp of oi>r ILord cFod Ije bid find, tt)c 
.],iiO }nbic0 and mainland, toe connrmrd and approbrQ t^e 
'oaiD contract and agreement made tout) bim bv our command, 
,i,iD tor again jabr and ordered to be giben to l;!m ccr:.^!n 

lit ullii ill' Mt'linii 
del (iinpti n ijuin-.i 

Ifl.M (III PM('.i i/i' lunw 

lift nti\',iniitntn 
dt nui'slrtt Si ... 
< hriitndf millt ijtut 

IIP tt)f grace of OFod 

priBiltgto and fabouro, aa contained in tbc flaid contract, ,'V'"^'l' T"'.' ' 

patcntfl and pribilenefli and noto ttje oaid SDon €ljrioto= ,:,, ,„ '/„,„„'" ).,,, 

pl)tr, our ddmiral of ttje aaid Ccean, t)ao made report to ua ,„„„,/,„/„' ,.,/ u,, , 

ti)at toe aftertoarda ordered our patent for probiaion to ,;,7„ /^v„, /•,.«.».■; 

he ifloueo containing certain articlta, tbe tenor tobereof la .((,„r,<: i,.,r ■,./... 

JO follotofl: IQOtQ JFcrdinand and 2Donna Tjaabetta, /(..Jmuv ..,.>(..r 

d King and £}ueen of Caatile, Ueon, /)".vf,.n.m.;.., /)..- 

na Ysiiht'l pi'f lit i^r.i- 

(:iidi lh'i\ Heyr Htyna de i'aUilla.dr I.eim.dr Aritgim.df Se(tlta.ile (lriinitda,de I ii/in|i.i, 
lU li,tlU:iii, de MaUitrca\. df Sriillit, dt <Vri/tn.i, de f'nrdnut, de t'or^etra, de Vuritit, de Jaen, 
.iVJ.ii Alfiirtes, de Algeura, de <iihiiitliir e delitt ytla^ de ( .iniirid, i „nde t Ctmdesa de llarfelona 
■ SfSnrfi de I'lSdiyrt, e de Mohnit. Ituijue^ de .itmits e ite .Vi"pii/n.i, Conies de Huielltm e de ^Vr 
, .111(1, .Mttrifuejes de i^ristitn e de timtann : Vdt quanto ttl tienpo que lUm i brt%ttn-ttt ( olun nuesiro 
li'miriiiilr del mar i\eano )ue ii desmh'yr lierrii altt diihit miir ..(riinir por nuesiro mandado 
. /..fli" cimel \irrttt iiuento e despucs quitndo el pnmer tutiv fino de deu-ohryr e filtlilr 
^i^und que por lit ^'r.i(iii e iiyu./ii </<• />ii)i nuesiro Sehnr fitllo las utchas inliai e tierni 
'[tmt Ir lonjinnitmus e .tpr ..iii(ri.i« el dieho itsiento e conitnto ivntl por nuestrn ontnlado 
■.mo e de nuei" le diinos t mundamos dar ^urtos preiillrjos . mer^ede^ segund que intl dieho 
.:.niilu e iiirdii r preiilleins se . ..itlimc e agora el dieho Don (hnstoial nuesiro llmi- 
'tnle del dicho mar u^rano nos Ji:o relation que deipun aea nos mondtimoi dar una .iirf.i 
rTttttra para proi'v»i..n emorporada enella itertos eapiluloi, el lenor dela qua! et t *(. que s. 
■ite /)OiV Fernnndn e /Miiii Ysahel por la graita dr />i..< //, y , llryn-i ./. ' a^till.i. Ir l.e.m. de 


' ■ I 

\ 'i 


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t^ : 

i ■ . I 

I ! 

dc.irna ./. v,i/m, vliMffon, feitili', iPriinaDa, 'dolrto, Ualfutla, dfaiitiii, flBaiorfa 

,ie ,ie To- feftjillf, feorDiiUa, CorDoUa, Coroici, VRtirtiii, 3acM, tijf ai'(t,injca 

ic,i„. ,/,■ faieno,!. <u sfligctirao, (iPiliraltiU- aiiD tijt Canari> jolanDOi Count anti Conn' 

anii,:in,,ir Miiihr- fcofl o£ Liai'tflona aiiD ILocDfl of lijiocaj' atiD djolmai 2Dukta ni 

r,ij, ,/f .sv,,(;„, ,(, ^itijrntfanDiRcopatriaiCoiinttfof IRoiiofliUoiiaimCcrbaffiu sflar 

',,,/. nrt,(/M«n/nin. (juiocij of sTrfotano anO (Fojiano. Jforacsiniict) aa it Ijao bc'tn ir 

''■ '"•(<■/-•". .'r W"r- portcD to tifl t!)at tertain pcrflonfl, tltijfnfl anO iiiljaliltatUB of tcr 

""■ •'•■ '"'"■ ■'''"' tamtititfl,totoiifl,platfflanD porta ot our kinffOomaanbooiiiiiuoiiB 

iinane, ,h ii:r:i- ^^^^ natiical oiilutttfl, VooiilD toiol) to BO aiiD Difltototr otlitr loi.mnn 

7; ''' /"'';" '"1/ ann inaiiilanli fn tl)C rrijlon of tUr Jmta in tl)f vTtcan, in aoB 1,, 

n^^;;«^; ,m/"'« f'' »')« •ol"""*' ''"^ '"aimauD tDbicD ijabt litcn diocotorrto in- 

T'/w.'-m r V- toiiiinanti in tijc oaiO part of tl)t Ctran ; ann lihctoiot tljat otlifra 

«.>!.,,/■■ I ,Tnv«<(/. tontilft toiflU ro go to li\)f and ooiourn in tljt lolanb of liiiop,inioi,i 

Mntyna. />.-./„.< ,it \a\]\t\) Ijafl Itttn Diacobtrfti anO totiiiD bi' our cominanti, if licence 

.11, na^ f iir tofrc (jrantfti tbrm bi' no to do oo, and if tljci' totrr aaaiorfD U)itii 

inn. f .n /,» ,/, Uti- prouioionfl foc A ttttiux tiiiu ; and tliat tljti' rr (ram from ooinn ou 

«.'.'.«,,/. ( ..,/,.Hm. in tonorqucntt of the proliibition V'ljitli toao loaned bi> our com 

V,.r^;,f..s ,!,■ Oris- Uliind, tljat nO pfV'M!: Ci)OUUl UO tO tl)C JndlCO VUltljOUt our llCCIlic 

i,mc.ic(ii>fiann i\>r ,imj touiinand luiocr i'trt.iii) pc;i,iltifO; \D()itl) bading brrii mifici 
.,«,in(,i,ifioj,s uri'n 3(005 (,p ||(j, ji]!) coiMiOrrinft- i>)iu if tii;v' aljoulo diorotocr tl)c ajio 
"■'"!'""■ '""■ >'iRuntti> [,,m,g ,.,„t, loio.tic, ,1 ft v)i oboiiid alio ■ iticrn ro tralTit tijfrcin oiiti 
/""""'"' '"""" ' to ofttic in rl); jai^ .ji<;nd of iMapa 'in:.', tohitl) lo dlotobcicD u 
'""""''"^'■' *■" "''•'"■ tooiild br for ti^f oatiitc of iPod oui ?m ', for tljcir intcrtoiiior 
iniijii: bring tUi- j: 'i)lv:i ;>'i':ll •;• ri)t usii' '.; .0 to ti)c ttnovolconc of 
iFod our lord :avi tonucit tI'mm lo oi-r lu';' catdolit faitl); ,inti k 
tooiilc .ilac br for Mir oton arrljicr, ano for tlir irr ncral tocltart ,inti 
adtiiinc'itf of mu iitnudoma and dominiono and of our n,iuuMi 
anbjfcio: v,k agnr to command tliat tticrr t £■ (tibcii, and in' tliroi- 
prcornta cot gi\i( and grant lo our aatd natural aubiccta rlic oai^i 
licfncf to go to ttir la'd ifllanda and iiiainl.'.nb, botl) to dioto\)rr tlicm 
and 10 traffic m tljriii, iindT rlir unditi., lo and in tlic fotni anti 
niaiiii,;. totiu!) mill bt contairiid nu' rrpriaotd in tl)ia our p.ucnr, 
ii'; follotuo. 

JFirorli', tl i.t cC\ tl)c iitooi' 'iljiclj .irr to go to tljr region of ti)t 
eaid icilaniio, in anv of tbr ') rci tijjt \uill be contained bcloto m 
tli;a Oiir patent, ciliai he bound to oct out from tl)c titi' of c.itii; 
and nci from iHP .:rljrr part, and tbat before oetting out tl)ci' t|]( 
tjoiMgcra muat preociit tUemaeHieo rljere before tlie oiricrro VdIu 

'.ir -iM vw,i ,</■<!- olinll be appninted bi' no cr bi' anronr toljo oljall !)a\)e our autljorit:', 

t/.i que rxin ,i, 0,1 ti),u tljfi' ,tl)f olFiceroi map knoVu te!io are going to tl)e oaio ui 
h„,in r /,iiin.i,i p^r j,|fg_ ,i|,g ,!.,,,( (.^,t|j pfi-gj|, | ,) |)io ovou caof iiiai' pcrfomi andoli 
"""'''" """"''"'■■ \v ofri)c tobai la contained beloVu in tl)io our patent. 

/XT n"^lf< fUfM tttullt 

/...niiu pnr,i (//... f cljat ani' t'croona Voljoaocter toljo mai' toiolj to ijj to 

hi- ,• fi a\uilitjt>\ ri>n 

miinti niiMit'itci / "r 1 1. 1 f.' fiinpc. r ,' ' tit \an itt fdztrlo p.-r it \ttUtmiinl.i qut ffr nui \ltn mi, i-i, /,(,/,, »,_, 
f'ut \ti>. fiiit:! qitt nin^unn {'t rinrlil fut -f '.'-is >'m./ \yn nur\tr(t tt^r*t^lttt miinilttilti si' \ii ilAi fu»a\ t' ,iu<i: 
pKt «ns iiv(.., r axi/nni/" i/ur iv i/<«ru/in. (,ii /di i/nhdt /irrrm r yiMi. r rncndir rnrlla^ ,■ f'ohliir ilr\iim- , 

ill t/n /'rt yi/il f </t,Tfii-/(I, I/IM ( ,/iJ (/i ,< I./»lf I 'it. qttt rs wrt J; l<» il'r />!'•* »!?.( Wn> ^^fl«'^ |t..f yk* /<i cni-r ,r! ; i 

iltllm pnir\a atitihtr (i/os tfut aiittm rnlti >tnhii tietia m i-.-ni-i i»i'*i/" 'if />i'»< nur,NM .Stnor t u rr (u- 
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f scnorios I i/f nwe'A/r.ts ju/>(^)fos « niituir.ix n. .>r./iii«iH i/r miim/ilf i/,lr r p"' /■! pffitntr </(irri.ii ( cm 
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pltaof, prodidtd tbat at tbt timt of otttmg out from our king^ /""^'" "«»/""" ""' 
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■i.i "' f""" 'y ''"''" ''" ""r,a,lrr,a^ e utra^ qu,\U > quitr fnirn qur hi,ll„r,n enla ,l,tha y^la ilar\Jn el 
l.f.m" ilitio a mil „ a qunn nuetln, pixter iriri. piini /■> tf(i/iir ,frhl<i rl urn ile que nns han ,le ilar 
,ij ii Si pttrttx iiiMi(< ,l,ihii i\, i, qu,,t I'tUii ,iyan >lr re%^:,ilar rnla linha yj/* e\ptiht,Ia ante hit nuestrrn 
'i.i.tlt, t pn^,ir a nue^i ni rri,rt,'r que pnr noxl,' >>, irrc ,le a,rr ttti d"i t,■r^ km partes ,tel ,*ni e ta dicha 
,;t:ma p,irte '/t tintas las otras Cfsas que hatlarrn como ttuho f\. 

; Uen que quatet quier permmat nueslms suMiclos r naturalei q,ie </Mi<iirrn p,tetlan V tie aqui 
■Atlanle. en quant,, nuestra mer^t,l e t,ilunt,id fuerr a Jeschryr yslas e lierra fir,ne enla Utcha 
tartt Jelas Jichas Ymlias asy alas que estan Jest„biertas Jasla aqui como ii otras quotes quier 
a rtsfdtar enetlas lanto que noit tea enla ,ticba ysh e%p,iHula que puetlen ciinprar ,tel;s ehr\si,n- 
fin, que enella tslan n etlmteren quates quier eosas e mer,aderttts con lanio que nun sea ora, l,> 
:!u,tl pue,lan faier e fagan c„n quales quier niiiio) que quisirnn con Innio que al lienpn qur par- 
Uiren de nuestros reynus partan Ursstte '.a dicba {ibdatt tie (\iliz, e alli \c presrnten ante nuestros 
Hiiales. K p<ir que ilrtde ,ilU ban de llenar en cada unt, delos tales natitis una „ dt,\s pers„nas que 

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lit lltvar la iiirima 
parte ileln^ lonelaJm 
ri"i i/r cargazon nu- 
film ivrt qur pnritlii 
le\ (ivrt lit iiT piifiiil'i 
jirli iilfiunn, I III quf 
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qur iillit r^ln^{^rrn 
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qur iltin quf Mi I'l- 
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n\iin lie rrcuiitr itl 
lienpii que Miieren 
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nii% tttln ilicha ( ihiiiit 
lie Cnliz iliimle han 
lie holier primern 
mente n In piifinr n/d 
pernnna que alh In- 
tiere car^ii pnr ni>s 
delii ret, ihir.e ile\pue% 
lie rtiv pa^liilii seput- 
tlnn \r a %u% frtids, n 
ilnnile quifieren Cfnlo 
que nsy truxierrn e 
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ill I all: nvim I'c ilar 

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tl)c ptrion or ptrooiio to|jo oljall tl)trc iuwjt tljarijt to ictcujt it 
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tablet) tbcv arc to rrnber to U0 at tbe timr toben tbtv return ti 
tbc0r our hmuboiito, in tbc 0aib ctrp of tCabii, lobitbcr iljti) ju 
to return Orot of all, in orber to pap it to tbe person \obo oImII 
tbcrf babe tbargc to reeeibe it for iio; anb after rbep baiie tlni!! 
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tbe time tobcn tbep oet out from tbc oaib titj> of JTabii tbcp iiuiat 
Uibe 0cciiritP tbat tbcP toill 00 perform tbt game. 

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of anp hinb for tbc oa b lolanb of Hiopaniola or tor anw othn 
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In papuen alia en mercaJunai i> en olm lirhi que iilla tuiuren e que ly Imin el Jiihu nuinlenimidii 
parte litlh vtxdieren a nueslrni njifiale^ que alia eilmieren para tut hatlimenlm ilria genie que ayn 

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ciinliis qunles ^eliuta% nm les iertijicamut que In lera pagaiin mn liintu que al lunpn que p.irdrrn 
/ill liichot naiii'i en que /ueren (ni ilichm manlenimientnt aynn itr partir liela linhn fihiiml i/r la:.: 
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que :t iusii se contiene, e ala huelta sean trnuiiui lie lenir ala liicha iihilat de f aliz para hi pari' 
t(>*M.. .^hu cJ. Otrusy pur quanta nvs vittnus jecbo nier\ed a I'vn ihrijtoial t >4iin nueitru Hmtranu 


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t)oiiua or tolititbti 
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of JTiiDii tl)tp iiiiiflt 

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of fl)t flfliD Untifefl, bf mftp IrtOf in Mt^ of tftt uaih 0|}ipg tol)it() ./rf.i. ./ir^n, Vn./irti 
iiiiipaoro fijt Oiiib jjiibico tlie cii)litl) piurot tlicu'Ciipiicttp .irtoutu' .«»../ ni„/,rM,wir 
niMgiirc it)at tor ttitr)) oetiri) \1ra0rla tutxcli alioll no to tt)t gaiQ <n .n,i,iunn,t,i,„,i,. 

^llOlffl, tl|» OrtlO SdOlllllill, Of Vul)UO0Cl)fr Ulrtll Ijatot IjlO lUltllOlltp, ■'"" xnno, ,jic fiie- 

iiiiip UOc one to fiilfll tljt oaib 0riptilation. "" "'"' ''"'"" >"- 

,111 ttjat 10 aforcflaiti and racl) itriti anb p>irr ttjcrrof tor conimant) <i'i p-'n^- <irih, ,% 
to bf olifltrbfb anb tiilftlleb in ttifir»tl)inij anb lip ttjciptljlmj at- "•'"'•■ii imriH ,,„» 
carOinu to toljat 10 tontaintb aliotot in tliio onr patent, ano in ""'"''I'vi/iiimni 
arotr tl)at it inai» toiiir to tUc knotoltOdc of all iiitn, attoibinit na v" /""""i'""'"''" 
ir 10 tontaintb abobrtoc oibcr tl)at it lie pioclainitb in tljc 0qiiaico ',"'"!'• '"'"'" '' '''' 
,1110 inarhfto anb otljti- tii0toiiiar>> platro of all tl)c titito, to\uno, " "'""""'""/""" 
pliittfl i\n^ poit0 of idnbaliioia anb otlirr paito of oiii hmijbonio "" /""'""'""'"'• 
lulitrc It oliall ht rtqiiioitc; anb tliat a topp tliticof lit «iDcn to anp 7/,X^«rfl , 
pciooiia tol)o map bc0iic it ; \ul)ct'fof \uf coiiiinanb to be (tivirii anb 
w iiitor tl|i0 oui patent oittncb toitli our naiiita anb oraltb toitli oiii- 
otiii. (fibcn in tOr toton of ^abnb, on tl)c trnti) bap of tlic inontli 
Lif ^ipril in tlir prai of tl)c natitjitn of onr iLoib 3c0iia Cljnot nnr 
tiiotioanb four l)iinbrtb anb ninctp n\>r. 3 tl)c l&\m. 1 tl)t iDufcn. 
j.jifcrbinanb vllliarco of colcbo, fectrctari'of tl)r Kiiia anb of tlic 
^iictn our llorbo, babr caiiocb it to hr \unttrn tif tijrir roiniiianb. 
^rnntrb, Kiobtrtck SDottor. Ecuiotcrrb, SDottor. jFi'ancio SDiai, 

Cbi0 our 0aib patent of probiaion, anb toliat lO tlirrrin containeb, 
,13 il)t oaib ^tbtiiiral iiI<on € liriotoplirr ColiiuituiQ oang, \3it\a srantrb 
in rlic prciiibitr of tlir oaib fatjoiiro toiiitl) lie Oolbo from no, anb 
of the potoero \ul)icl) tor conferreb upon litiii tl)crrtti>, anb l)r i)aa 
oiippiicateb anb prapeb U0 ao a labour tliat in reaprrt tlirrenf tor 
U)milD toniinanb a rrinebi' to lie probibeb, or toliatcbrr minijt lie onr 
plcaaiire. ^t\i oinre it nritber toao nor la our i.ii.ntion ortoill to 
DD anptliinu to tlie preinbice uf tl)e oaib SDon ^rijnofopher 'IdIudi 
tmo.our dbiiiiralot the Ccfan.ortninfrinije the oaio aureeiiicntfj, 
pnbilfoeo anb fauoiira tohith \uf havie tonlrrreb upon hmi, but on /"'"■'' 
(tie tontrarp, for the 0eiliitea he hao bone 110, it u our intention to "*" 
tonftrfiirther faboiiro upon hmi, therefore bp thia our patent, if it 
hf nrttooarp, toe eonfirni iuxo approlie the aaib a'.irccmentfl, prilii 
Icdco anb fabonro conferreb bp 110 upon the oaiD .iciiiural, aim it 
II] our pleaoure iWO toe bo coiiiiiianb that thep be oboertieb aub fnl 
lillcD to biui in eberpihiug anb bp e^jerpthiiUT, actin'bini.T to tohat 10 
containeb in thriii. 'Jiib toe 0trittlp forbib anp peroon or peroono 
tn Dare infrinoe tbein or anp part of them, at anp time or in m\v 
iiiiinner, under the penaltico containeb therein; M\t) if the tenor 
,inD form thereof or of anp part thereof be in aiiPtoise prembicial 
(0 the oaib probioion tohitb tot thu0 orbrr to be utUen, mxd tohich 10 

iiMlMlr' (/' >llfri(r" SfiiDt Irtu < hn\ln ilr mill r 
Htyna )" tfrmiml (/mr.i ,1, f"/ri/ii '^tertian 
ulildii At'irJiltiil, Hii'IriiUt l><nl'>r. 

i/uiirrii(irn(i<i . n'lrn/ii i (inco (in- 
I (/.( Kr) 1 ilild /(.ymi nu,i(rrp< 
Kitii^lriulii /' fViindsi 

i/Hll/ lilllnilUi ili- 

i\ I' f iiihi una 1 11' 

<'i 1 /mid (/■//" diiin- 

i/iiiii"s i(i(r \i tmntite 

' I un/i/iiiM Iniliit fiiir 

!• .In \if;uiiil i/i »ln" 

t M> %lti nut slid I lit la 
M iiinlunr. I\ fu>i ifur 

l'1/.M 11 lll>(l(l(l ilf 

^' r'ndcm iiiimi/il- 
Mi'i i/m till apnii"- 

•Uliln pttt Ul\ pUnttl 

• iNimi./iJi I i./rin 
/".'rtrri ilri'ifUN/iril- 
,/..« ill Iniliii Ida fih- 
il<uli\ r iilldl e Iti- 
(.•ili.< 1- /iiiirltii i/i7 

Iniliiliizid f iilrdi 
i i/c lllirtfii*^ 

\ iltlllil, tntnit ■ 

III' T' \iLirt1 lit 'tdil'i 
'litld 11 ifiKi/i < i/iiiir 
/■i riiiiiiu <iuv I" i/iii- 
wit. n.iltliiiiHiil iiuin 
'titiHt'i i/iir (■ i/iMii'i 

• »M nunlrii idild 
tn imi7ii i/r nui\lr"\ 
n 'ilhr, » . \,tldttd fnii 
ni„ <(!.,„//,. /),i,/,i 
.•i;,i ij(/,( ,1. ild.ln.l 
d >llr: i/iil. .(, / ni. ., 
>lv Ihiil iin-i ■/. / Nrt.- 
V. l"r//,Vv ),.(,l 

Srn,irii, Id Ir. • ,i mil 
■ iHdi ( '>imii//ir. 

pnr l« IHiliKl 

la i^ual dichit nuKtrn i ,ir(ii ilt finnismn. r In mtlld cuntfiiijii .'/ ilirfin .ilmirdnle l>im I Irnl'idl I "Inn 
rliif tlUr fuf 'livid in p'liuiti" (/1-/111 'luhd\ iNrr(i-'/ii lyur 'It noi fiinr, e </i7im ldiull'iii\ que p'>r iltd ^' 
ilimi'i t itKi lup/iri) e pii/i" pnr »irr\rtl i/wr ( 1 nil i/r//«i mdn'ldsrmi'i printh,r lif rtiiu'lin, n rntit'i Id 
nurtird riurir,/ 'unr I pi r/ur nu ilni yii/itlip"! Ml U'lunld'l It'll /iir «1 i< p'lhnlicdr tn nml 
iilfund III i/iiKi /<iiri (hritl'iuil I "Inn iiurilrii Ifmirutifr 'hi mar iiumi 111 qiu- jr iiivrt ni pdtt 
((iii(fii lot ittchi'x d\yenl"\ r prtiiUrj'H r mir^iit\ ifut li- Ji:im"t, antei pnr In3 *frii(iMs qui- nut ha 
ftchfi. If rntrnthm''% i/i' hdtri max mrr(r</r» pnr ntd nurxtrd fdrta ty iir(ii.irii> it i-nnjfiriiiditin'i i- 
oprniiim"' ("« 'lirhnt iiMrnfoi r prftillrjns r inir|i</i< pnr nni al iliihn Itintrdnli' lithas. 1 i> niinlr.i 
mtrtril r millli/ilirliii, i^Ur rn Ind" . pnr /n./n /< tnlil i;ii<lrc(il./rli . lUnphdds lit'Ulti/ i/lii' inrlldi u- 
, imfiriK h' drlinilriii't /ir>«< mi nd , ./i.r ii'^'Unii ni nlcunai pri viiiin n- n ,,dn ■imh/h. .(r n '-niilrd iIUk 
HI lonlrii pdrlt i/r(/in rn litmpn alfiunn ni p"i alfiuna miinriit \nla\ prna* iiii/.'ii> fnlini'tdt • t\ ,1 tmnr 
, f"rind lUlla n' partt lUlln en iil^'i ptrjwttcd la ditfui pintninn qui iiiy iiiiiiu/iimih, t/ii>- qur 'It sum 

! 1 
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1 111 

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,1 -'H 
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, ; I 

I : 



incoroorateD atiotic, tor I'cbohe it bP ti)C0c prtsenttf, anli ft fsj our tefii 
anb pleaBiicf ttat (t gljall tjabt no force or effect tojateber, at anp tinit 
or in iiup manner, fn go far M it id to tfte preftibtte of tlje oai'D as 
niinil anb of tobac toe Ijabc tljiio sranteb anb conficmeD. <L{Ul)ereof 
tot coinmanb t^tttt prcocntg to be eiiien, oigneb toiti) our namea anb 
sealrb toitb our seal. (Fiben fu tlje toton of 9^ebtna bel Campo, on 
t\y: Kcconb Dav of tbe niontb ot Hune tn tbe >>ear of tbe natibft^ of onr 
^abiour Jtaufi Cbrtotone tbouflanb four bunbreb anb ninttp^gcbcn 
3 tljc Kiinff. J tbe Queen. 3, jFerbinanb aibartu of -(lolcbo.feictrr' 
tar!) o( tljc liitnff anb of tbe iDueen our ILorbs, babe cauoeb it to be 
toritten bp tbtir cotnnianb. (frantcb, UoberfckiJDoctor. Hilegtstercti 
idlonso )9ece0. JFrancis 9D(a0, Cbancellor. 

IBon jferdinanD anD soonna jsabella, b? ti)c 

tjracc of (Fob l&ins anb ^ueen of Cagtile, Ueon, SIrason, ^iciin 
boba. Corsica, ^urcla, Jacix, tlje dlprbro, )dl(Tecirag, (Ffbraltar mtn 
tbr Canarp '^olanbg. Count anb Counttgg of Barcelona anb lortis 
of 23iacap anb iJ^olina, i3Dukco of dtbtna anb jReopatria, Coimta of 
Eouggillon anb Ccrbagne, d^arqutfleg of C^rigtano anb (Fo)tano, u 
pou our fitgtomg ofiitcrg, retctbcrg, farmerg, clerhg of markcta, tol: 
Irctorg anb otbcr prrgong tobo babe or gball babe tbe cbargr of col 
Ifctinff anb rent or in getuntp, or in anp other niannti-, 
tlje rrntg, ciigtoiiig anb market tollg of tbe citieg of ^ebille anb Cabn 
III (l)ig pregent pear of tbe bate of tbio our patent, anb in future pcara, 
aa long ag it gjjallbeour pleagure, anb to eacbanb an^ of Pou,l^eAltl| 
anb grace, l&noto vc tbat it ig our totll anb pleasure tbat all tbe pro 
bioiong anb otbcr tbmgg tobicb bv our coinmanb anb bp tbat of i3)on 
Cljrisropber Coliitnbug,our sdbmiral of tbeiTccan in tbe region of tl)r 
Inbicg, ma^ be gbippcb for tontjtpance tbereto, anb likctstgc totjatoo 
rbcr mat' be brougbt from tbr gaib ^nbieg :o tboge gaib cities ano 
rbcir ports, sball not be requireb to pap nor sball pap for tbe first salr 
tl)crrof citbcrcustoingbutp or market=tollor anp otbcr butp.eitbcr m 
tbis present pear or from noto bcnccfortb, as long as it sijall be out 
tuill anb pleasure, ^bcrcfore Xot commanb all anb eacb of pou ttina 
to otiscrtie anb fulfil all tbat is containeb abobe in tbiS our patent, 
iHib III otiscrtiing anb keeping it pou sball not ask, bemanb or Icb" 
tusroins butp or niarkct-tcll or anp otbcr Duties for tbe Qrst sale anD 
Libing anb uniabtng of anp kinb of mercbanbist anb probisiong. 
anCi otbcr tbings tobicb, bi' ccrtiflcate of our officers anb of tbe Siiio 
Jtnnual, anb of tbe pcrgons tobo b>ibe or sball babe cbarge of the 
saib liioing anb untabing, sball be beclareb to be laben for tbe saiD 

, i'onitr f f ondna (If //rtrff/onrt e Srn, 
tietlon r fie ( 
lit itiJiuittrf 

Id encorporada por 
la pretente la rtbo- 
camos e quiremos e 
mandamos qut non 
iivn futrftt ni cfecto 
iilguno in ticnpn al- 
puno HI por alguna 
mantra, en qutinto es 
en perjuiziti del dicho 
.llmiranle <■ delt' que 
ii^ytt-nt'tnns ntorfiado 
r conjirmad" dvU< 
qual mandanws dnr 
In prisenir Jirmadii 
de nue^lrns mmhres 
1- 5(//iiii'n con nuesiro 
filln. Ihidiienltinlln 
di Medinil dil Citnpn 
a i/cv(< i/iiis dri (iiis 
i/i ./iintoiihodil nas- 
'Dmtnio dr nur^lri' 
Siiliadorjtsui hn$lo 
di mill c qiialro fien- 
t"S c noirntrt e syeti' 
anos. i<< tl Rry 
)'.i la liryna Yt> 
Firnand Aliam dr 
I'dtdo Surttanndrl 
lt(\ r dria Ui\na nu 
f\tros Seh"ri s la Ji: 
escrtrir por .,» man- 
dado .Icordada llo. 
druui n^itlor lUpi- 
\lrada .llon^o I'err^ 
yrancisi" Ihas i 'han 

IKiX I'lrnando r 
Ooha Ysahfl por la 
crania dt /)i.'^ Ht\ 
r Hryna d, ( astilla. 
dr I^on, de . Ira^on, 
de .Si(i/i(i. di <trana- T.ledo.d, \a- 
f'rnj ut, de (fallt.\ 

'/al' rrm.i/r Senlla. 

de < rrdrna tie t or- 

dvva, dr (.'prfff ''• dr 
♦furtirt, dr Jahrn. 

dili'^ 4lf:arxe^. d:' Ml^mra.dr (ithrallar r drhn y^las dr ( anarin, __ . ._. ._ 

de iiscaya t dr .Uolyna. />U(,'i.fN de Atrtta^ e dr Xropatna. tonde^ dr Huielhn e dr (rrdania, .Hnri^brifi ,;,- 
(try\lan t de tfo{iano, a loj lus nurittos Atmo\itn/is r recahdad<'rts t artndadorr , e tirti\ i rof^edorn, 
('frrtl p( r^'' que tentdts o tm-trrdn carffo tie (o^rr e di rrcahviar rn rmta <■ rn fi' idad o en otia qual qui^r 
manrra la\ rentai r almnxanfadgo t alcatala^ dttas {thdadex de Senlla r < altz rs'r prrsmie ano drla data 
dtUa nuestra carta, r i>.% ono% rrnit/rrds tanto quanto nLeitra loluntad lucre e a cada uno r qual qutc 
de 10* \aluil e graita Stpade\ qur nucstra wifrjf./ e toluntad rs que todo% lo\ mantrnimimtoi e ottii\ 
(o^a^ que por nue\tri> mandado r de I'on ' hrt\lo\al < olnn piur,fri> llmirinti drI mdr n*r(i«o enla pari- 
dfla\ } rti/i/i, ,r carcaren para llerar netla% e otr>i\\ deii^ que \e truxiete dela\ dtchat Yndiai ar\^i\ 
dii ha\ { ihdades e ^us puertos, non ^e n\nn de toaffar ni paguen. por la prtmera xenta dello. ahnotartfadgo n 
alrntala ni otro derechn nigun" e\te pre\rttte nn<- ni dinde rn adelante quanio nurUra mer^ed e i-luntn-i 
fuerr I'or que lol mandamoi a todioi e a cada uno de tuj que rt,v lo fiuardey\ e cunplayt rnmn ,u 
\u^o rne^ta nuatra carta ie cnntiene e rn guardandoh, r cunplienrtoln nnn piday\ «i demande\\ m lle\f\\ 
nimoxai itadfio nt alcavala m olro% derefho\ al^uHo% por la prtmera tenia e carf,,: e de\scarpa de quai/i 
quier mercade) ya\ r mantrnintient"* e n/fd, <ii,,rt, que porr^iere pi-r fe ii nucstro\ iip.,uilei r del duh" V 
mirante e penonai que tienen n toiiercn cargo dela dicha i ar^a e dnearga ' que ,c ( argan ' para Ia% dii ^/t- 


■ i 







(■ 1 

'■ I 








e-5f^.dF>s*%p*>^; _ r. 

H lW>»< l »C< 


in \W sJaiO Pwr 
titoiictDillanti ( 

tiilfll ir, tof «>? t 
toiiorrain anD tc 
ti)t one nor r|)c 
tbcrtof in anp »" 
ttii rfioiifland nta 
perform anD fulfi 

ii\A\l Ot)OtD J?OU 

titforc ufl in out ( 
mi ntxt follotoi 
jlni; iiiiOfr tot)ii 
tDi)o inai' be oiin 
0011 trt)ibitinB it 
turf, flo ti)at toe 
oiticii in tije nioc 
'orD 3tfliifl Chr 
3t«n. 1 t\)t tell 
(jiiflco If to be to 
nek 3>ocJor. E 

Bon ferDi 

'^ b» tt|t gtratt 

i'ctjillc, Sarbiniii 
mm, aiBctirao 
jiiD »rountrOfl of 
-riihtfl of %M\)tna 
Znmnt^ *arqii 
rirnora, alcalBeo 
iitcrfl and goot 
a:iD of tt)e toton 
riD bioboprlt, ai 
r.ima^olBcno, tol 
iitrors anD otbe 
!t).irijr of collect 
or in anv otl)tr 

■•,( Jiiis litl mn rff 
,;^nf; J f nolrnfil f sir 
;,; Kfv r dtla Hryi 

> n h rttiinjo r lh<n< 
•.t Vti/irt. de (ir(tn,t'lt 
I rjmn. Af ( I'titpa, 
V t iinnrui, t tm>tf f 

. 'f^. ijtctitdei. nlfiun 
vi,.'/ar rrt/ii.r fit la \ 
•'■ Mi^ /rtr/l.d/miun 


for tti( 0fi(ti 3|ntiic0, or on tt)O0e tolifc^ are brought from tijenct 
,inD unlaDen tn t|)O0e isafD titito ano ports anb fn racb of tyem, 
In r|)td 0'>'l> ^^"'^ ^1^^ ^'^''"' "°^ bencrforti), ad lono; as it flljall 
tic otii: tnill ant) pleasure. Sinn if pan bo not so perform anb 
filial If, toe b? tl)is our patent commanb all our (ustftes to 
tonfltratn anb tompel !>ou so to bo anb fulQl it, anb mit^tv 
il)c one nor tbe otyer of pou or tijem sljall bo tt)e contrary 
ti)trcof in an!> manner unber pa(n of our bisplrasure anb of 
ttii tlioiisanb maratjebis upon cbcr;> one tailjo sljall fail so to 
perform an\> fulfil it^ anb furtber tie rominanb tbe man tolio 
t)i)all sbotD !>ou tbis our patent to Summon ;>ou to appear 
iicfotc ufl (n but court toberesoeber toe map be, tnltbin fifteen 
wi ntxt foUotoino; tbe Hap of citation unber tbe same pen: 
,,lt,i. luiber tobicb >ilSo tor commanb anv public scribener 
alio'mat) be summoneb for tbis purpose to gibe to tbe per- 
m ctbibiting it a certificate bereof, oigneb toitb b'S Signa- 
tiirc, 00 tbtit ^r map hnoto bote our commanb is fulfilleb. 
ciijcn in tbe most noble citp of Surgos, on tbe ttoentp=tbirb 
D.1P of tbf montb of april, in tbe pear of tbe natibitp of our 
' orD Itsuo Cbrisi one tljousanb four bunbreb anb ninrtp= 
orurn. 1 tbe femg. IJtbtiDuten. 3,Jferbmanb aibarcSof 
ColcDo, Stcrttarp of tgc felng anb of tbe :©ucen our Y'Tfts, 
taiioto It to be torittei. bp tbeir commanb. (Prantcb, >«obe- 
nck a>oc;or. l&tgisiereb, idlonso i^crcs. Jfrancis SDia, 

mon ferHinanD and SDonna ^Isabella, 

'^ bv tbt grace of (Fob Iking anb Queen of Castile, Icon, 
jragon, feitilp, (Pranaba, 'iloUOo, Claltncia, t?alicia, ii^aiorca, 
scbillt, &arbinia, Corboba, Coroica, iJ^urcia, Haen, tbr dl= 
iiari]cO,aigctiraB,cFihraltav anb tbe Canari' ]|olanH3, Count 
JiiD i:ountfOS of Barcelona, ILorbs of :5i3tap anb apolina, 
--iitta of drbens anb jl5eojparna, Counto of Eoiiaaillon anb 
CfrDaffUf, *arqu(sta of C'notano anb iFoiiano, co tbe go^ 
nriiora, alcalbea, bailiffs, magiarratta, bnigbta, csiiuirca, 
'ifitcrs anb gooD men of the citica of fettiillc anb Caon, 
a;iD of tt)t totono, places anb ports of tbeir arcbbiobopnt 
'iD [iioboprlt, anb to pou tbe faniifra anb receibera, tiia: 
t:m3:o(Bcfio, tollcollcctoro, cuatonibouac^otficcto, titbc coU 
Ifctorfl 'Snb otbtr peraona tobo batic anb eball babe tbt 
;l],iri.f of collecting anb retcibing in rent or in orcuritp 
cr !ii anp otbtr manner tbe profita of tbe markcttolla, 

■•('. i/iii5 lift mfs lit AbTil, (iBi) del ndsi'irMienfo lie nuestrn Srn,,r Jt%u Chr 
,:,^t, s c novrnlii r iirle ahot YntlH/y. io l,i Hryna. Yo hirnantl .llian 
.'(.' Ht\ e <iel{i Uryna nuestros Seh\ire\ ttt Jiz ruTirir por %u mandado 

para las dichas )'«• 
diat e se defcargan 
trayendolo deltas en 
esas dichas ^ibdades 
e puertos e cada una 
deltas este dichit ann 
c de aqiii adilanle 
(juantn nuestta mer- 
fed e votutitad fuere e 
e cunplierdes poresia 
dicha nuestra carta 
mandnmo:i a qitatfS 
quier nttestras justi- 
{las que I'os cnstnii- 
pan e aprctuien tili) 
aai jasi-r r cunplir r 
Ins unos III ln\ ulrni 
nnn facades ni ta^ii'i 
ende at pm atp^una 
inanera sn peiui diln 
nuestra mcrfni c tie 
diez mitt inaraitdn 
a cada unn pnr quitii 
jincare drlii a%\ liu, r 
e cunptir e di- iita-i 
mandainn'.al I'litt que 
vitseslanuiftra carta 
mnstrare qu.- ins en- 
ptazt" que ptinscailes 
ante nos enta nuc^lra 
cnrte dn quitr que 
nns seaiiinf del ((tii 
queio\ tnfdiizarc ja> 
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Mcnrdada Hndncus 

> n f, rniini("f l\ma Ysahet pnr ta ^rafui de Hint lley r Heyna de < a\litta, de l.evn, de Araiinn 
'.t \/^\t\tt, de (rranada. de Tntrdn, de I'atenija, dt (watlizia. de Matlnreas, de Vii//rt. de ', ('ritt-nj, (/(• 
' >rJour de ( nnega,de Mur{ia. ite Jahen, deln\ Atnarits, de At^es\ra. de (iibrattar e delai vs/fl' 
1^ / (iJiiirid, ( onde e < nnde^a de har\ttnna, Senorrs d* I.-iriiyd e de Mnlma, Ituquei de Atenas . 

t \fi,pi1tna, Cnndei de Hu^etlnn e de (,'erdanta, Maiqueie^ de Oryxtane de (in^iann 4tn\ cnr; ej^l 
: 'ti. nlrtltde%, alguazitex, regidnre%. laiallfrnx, r'^udeio<. rf,.;'ahi e nines huen^i delas (ibdndex d. 
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't, .tidainrfx.almtyxanfes e pnitad^uernx e adutnternxe dezmei 'xeidirnper^nnax lueteneyxe tniierde ■ 

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parniapohimfm <'• ■ ,,|,t, ofijtf tUinffjJ, aiib to takc tbitljcr from Ijcncc sstorca m 
X'.m:* tL,w.,vri«?.' "f'Jtr protJioionis and tljiiiffij, liotlj for rljc n-affic of tijc oaio 
)w,itas s,. >iH.s/r,. 3!nDicc( atiD foc ottjcf ffooDfl XdIjicIj acc Of totll bc iitcbfiil t|)tic 
sinnrHi o par iiesai- for tljc Biipport aiiD maiiuciiaiut of tl)c pcroonfl \Bi)o lire anti 
'"•"■ ""' ""''• "if'i"" flball rrniain tljcrc, auo for tl)tir DtocUinffo anb faring ano 
!/!'!" '■'t',; ''„,"«,!/"■ foi-Mi'iucl) ao It ia our toill aiiD pltaflurt rljat on tljt n^nm 
i,ah.r„nmierd.ihs toljitlj oijall lic tl iio lirouoljt to tljcor oiu' UincdomB from tl)c 
..- IS/..S nuisirrs r,y- fliuD Jntiicfl no Oiitp toljatctjcr io to be paiO, hut rutljer tljat 
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,/»nrt.v >• ,.(mw,.N,,. |,|j jiiiji, jij. p^^ij,^ toijctljer import-buti', tufltonia, roadroli 
,:, „ mZJw,uni,'s, aoniiralti>:btico or anj' otljer but)', nor anp markct-toll for tlic 
..(n(« prmnumes , firot oale tl)at Hiav be niabc of tl;eui ; anb likctoioc tljat tljoac 
,..v,.N . pnra ti r,^- tjj|jo jjijiiU purcjjaoe aup (jcobo toljatuottjcr to ocnb o> take to 
c„h (Wfl< d'chns Yr, j^f g^,n, j„5(tj( ,,3 pro'oioion anb flugtcnance for tljemocliita 
' "" ' '""" "''"' '" anb tl)e people toljo inai' be tljerein, are not to pai> crporttiiitit 
eugtomo, roab toll, abmiralti'-bucg, or otljer but^ for rljc laoiint 
thereof : toe tonunanb tl)ig our paunt to be gibea ta iion toj 
tl)c oaib reagon, anb Ijercbi' toe eomnianb all anb eaci)ot inin 
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7iibicg anb unlaben in tijege our kmsbonig, pou g|j,iii pn' 
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unlabtn trrelp, ag long ag it gijall be our toill anb pltaamr. 
toitljout IcbPing from tl)eni(tljc iniportcrg) greater or oniiillt 
import butirg, cugtomg, .ibimraltp bueg, roab.toll,or lUiv otii;; 
biitieg, nor any market toll upon tljc flrgt gale toljicl) inai> lu 
mabr of giitlj goobg ag oliall babe tljug been brougljt trom tli: 
r?T !r"''u'i!*^M."n °'"^ 3"0iec ; a crrtiticate being rrljibiteO to pou oigneb bi'STo:- 
'!"inmni!'''!'i'ur'''ui 'C Ijrigiopljer 4 cluiiibiig, our silbmiral of tlje gaio T(nbieo,i]rii 

./.vf.i-.M. ,/,;/„. - tbc prrgon tobo gljall Ijalie big autlioritp for tbat purpoor,.i:o 

• ' ' ' bPtljepergonorpergonatoboforuoorforourtbief accoiiritinig 
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gbippeb in tbe oaib Unoifo for tbegc our kingboiiio. t\nh hu 

toigc pouoball permit, go long ag it oball beourtoiil .iiiDpIra 

«i .i - giire, tbe free labing of anp giitb goobg ag map be taken m rlj, 

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nim paputn drrt(hn dt nlmfMiriftul^:" mi iiduana nt p"ntidf:i>. nt atmintntitd^n ni rfri- ilin r- 
por il tartar diUt:\. niitKtiam\ iiir . \/.i ^Iu<^trll curlit ptltil in* tnla dtchtj rji:, n p., ■ 
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I i^'lunlttd littrt. III. (l'(\iV* I- I nrfiinttiyn itrscttr^'ilr Itis tidt •• 'fitrM ijur (Mv I'Utlrtrn h.hit ifNn;. 
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pnr tins " ptir nui\trn\ tnnttid'irt\ miiynrt\ (»i nut\tTn nnnhrr i-slmtrren rntit\ duhtn Yndui\ n. 
<ii^utUtis (oid, sr itttuiit'in tnlit\ dtiha\ Yndiii\ piirti t \tu\ nunlrns trynni. h. asy wimih.' mwi 
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nin mtnt'sttr pin it 
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Itttit'tuntn dilas pi > 
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/■dr. I \us htfiftldtfi I 
Inh ittt(as. F pnrijut 
nut strii intr^td e t"- 
lunttid I'S qut drlit'' 
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Dill be iitttiful tt)cir 
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>) market-toll for tilt 
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r toill anb pltasuvt, 
0) greater or oniiillt, 
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rljcoaiO ^nOicfl.ortt 
for tljat purpoor, m 
onrtljtef actoiiiua:u3 
iingbonio. «li\tiiiL[ 
be our toll! anOplrj 
3 tnai) be taken to tl;. 

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uaiD Intiftfl for tbc probfcKon ant 0tiarrn>incr tdrrrof anD of the people i/u/xm rmim., pnra 
tgho ObAll bt tbereii), toitboiit licmanbinD; oc \tMpn\s upon tljciii aiiD prn„y,menin c ,n,. 
iri:ciiteroi'0mariei'(|port Dutfccf, ciicftomo, abmti-atrpDtirii, roab>toll or icn„menio Mta, , 
mv otber Qutfts. ubfiJ Do anD fulfil in tbio iitiinner, upon dccina a </w>it pmle^ que .n- 
ttrtifitiue !J((jnt6 b)' tijt ualD SDon CI)r(fltop|)cr Coluntlnio, aDiniraf of f"'" ^/"i.frin .^n 
rbt flii'b H'lbitfl, or by flonic one ba^'uiff Ijffl autl)oritP, anD bp tijc pcr= '" J"'"!'"''"- "■ "»- 
son or pcruonfl toljo for 110 uni tor ouc tijicf lUtoiintiintfl in our ""■ <'"•«''"' «'^«- 
iiamt flball I" <" 'Ot titp of CaDD to amnD to tIjc atfairfl of tlje oall) nnuiraimoxan/iuif^n 

iiidieo. anb if anp ptraono oljall unliibe tIjt oatb podo toljiclj oljull ""'>'"' ' ' "" 

tome from t|)t am ^nblto toftljout oljotoino t|)c oaio letter of tl)e oaid " 

<lDiiiii°al or of 0omt one t]a\)tn(); bio autboritp, iinb of tije person or 

Dcrson0 tobo for U0 anb for our tbief accountants 0ball lie in tbe 0aib 

liiDieo. tbat 0ucb pob0 toere obippeb tbcrein for tbeoe our oaio htnit^ 

Domo ; or 0b>ill 0l)tp soob0 from tbe0c our klnabom0 for tbe oaib 

inDits tDitbout tahins tbe letter of tbe 0aib idbimral or of 0omc one 

hatiuig; bi0 autboritv, anb of tbe person or per0an0 tobo for 110 anb 

loroiiroaib tbief accountant0 0ball be in tbe oaib citp of €mu tbat nmi,- ,hhn ,i,ch,n 

oiict) goobs are oblppcb anb contiepeb for tbe 0alb 3nbie0; tbep 0liall vmiw^ „ ue quwn s,, 

l)al)c forfeiteb anb 0ball forfeit tbemj anb bp tbt0e preaent0 toe oitie p"'-'^ •>'<"■(. e d,ui 

nototr anb autboritp to tbe per0on or peroon0 tobo bp U0 or bp our p'"""" < per$,mn$ 

oiiiD cbitf atcountant0 are or 0ball be nominateb for tbe aforcoaio pui^ '/■"• p"r nm .- />» 

node in tbe 0aib citP of Cabt), or to tbe per0on toboni tbe 0aib Sbmiral 

II, hhc manner keep0 or oball keep tbere, to 0(i)e oucb mcrcbanbtoe 

and otocr tbtng0 toblcb tbep oball babe tbuo brousbt from tbe oaib 

iiihi(0, or 0ball b'ltie tfbtppcb for tbem, toitbout obotoing tbe 0010 

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ijDtnfor tranoport to tbe oaib j|nbic0 0ball be taken tbereto anb not to "" i"' """■'•"• ''«- 

.iiipotbtr part; anb tbat tbe offitero tobo oball be in tbe oaib Knbica '"« ''"^'"" >'■*'" -.»" 

DO III likf manner take 0ecuritp tbat tobat tbep oball tbu0 obip in tbe aaid Z'\uTdl'h'', "iiZ'. 

Indies oball be unlaben mtbeoe our kingbomo anb not in anpotbei- part, nm(< .>./<' q,.im ■><, 

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tljc offictro tobo oball be tVere for uo anb for tbe oaib dbmtral of tbe 5n. P"'"""' " pf"""" 

5ito, m orber tbat no kmb of fraub or beceit map Intervene, dno tor com. 

iiiaiid vou our oaib ittotiteo 00 to perform anb fulfil it ; anb tobat 10 con: 

iiimtd m tbio owv patent oball be bone anb fultillcb m lonu as it sball he 

mirtoillanb pltastTcao it 10 aforcoaib. anb to tbe enb tbat tobat 10 aholie 

oaiD man come to tbe nuiice of all men,anb tbat no one map be able to prr^ 

rend ignorance tbereof,toe eommanb tbat tbio our patent be proclaimeb in 

ti)c oqiiarco, marlieto anb otber cuotomarp placeo of tbooe oaio citico of 

menor mi 
rtiiuana nin atmiran- 
tatign ni parttul^n, rii 
nti'tis tleri'cbnt itl^it- 
nos, In ffutit hazvit e 
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tin io\ frtittt Jirtnadd 
lift ilnhn Dnn < hm. 
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piiitt entinilir entity 
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I'lnn iii/uif/iif idsfn 
Si" civpanm enell,i\ 
para esttfi dichns nu- 
ettrni re\nn% o ciir- 
i^ilren (/tsfos nue^- 
(ro« rones pani /.it 

tithni Yndias <vii llerar ciirttt del diihn Almirnnte n dr ijuien su pnlir oriere e delit permna n pf rsnuK que pnr 
iinj t pi>r Ins dnhns nutttrns contudnres mrtvord estniieren enla dichii phJnd de I nhz cumn nquellti'i cnsai ^e 
.ari'iin i lieian parn Un dtchas >'>ii/irti que /in iiyim perdidn e pterdnn, e pur la preitnle ilamo^ pnder e fa~ul- 
lid n/ii ftnnna n ptnnnax que pnr nm n pnr Ins dichns ni^films rnnU:dnre\ miiynre\ i-idin e •■■ifmii nn nnnhra- 
im piira In luju dichn enla duha fibdad de <atn n ala per^nna que rl duhn llmirnnle nsv iiiHinn alU ttene n 
!,i\tTrquileilamen las tales mtrcadenas enlras cnsas que asylruxteren dehii dichas i'ndiasncarf:; irm para rlUn 
nn mn\trartas diihai cartas firma las enla m.mera que dirha I'i.r las li nfim en depnsilnfa\la que ni'S mandemns 
fr.rrjei:as In que luerejuslnia r nue^lra mer,ed • i^duntad s,a /•' niri-y inandamni que Im liuhos fenienles e nft. 
\dr' inmtn srfiuruladque In que a\y seiar^.:- , pat a llesar alas duh,iK Yndia^ \e lit lata at Urn i nnn antra parte 
i.Vuniir Ins nJiiuUts que rsltnu'rn enla' In has >ni/iiii Inmen asy mismn itf;uriilad que Inque a-iy cnrfiaren enla-, 
!:ihas Yndias se descari:nraenesttts nu. ■ ■ -s reynnse nnnrnntraparlr aUuna.y se presenlaran tnnelln enla duha 
,ikLit de I aliz ante Ins njifiales que u/ii iifoiirrcn pnr ntis e pnr tl dichn Htnirnnte dtlas )'ni/iin pnr que mi 
purda vntereenir frahdr ni eahtela a'guna. ^' mamlamos a ens las diehas nurslras iwtlifias que asy It fa^ays e 
twsptays e se faga e cunpla la metta nuestra earta ettntrnulit en quantn nue^tra inirieti e iitluntad tuere mmn 
iuh :. h' par que In susn diel oxenga a nnlniatle totlits e delln ntin puetta ningunn prelendtr yntiran;ia mantlamtts 
f,r ittti nuestra eat ta sea prey,nnada pur las plitiast mereaduseutrosln^ans tit,ustunbradns dt\a\ ttnhas .. ibtdades de 


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,<;,ii//rt , <\<h: . c/f/«i btbdlt and CaBij, ant) of ttic porta of t|)at DIfltcitt. anti tot commanti our 
pxrrfai >/< «i comar- t\)\tt lUcoiintAiuo to tiibe tUc traiiscrlor of tbifl out; patent, ano to plate anti 
rn h. maniia>n.i$ ri(»i rtcorD tt In oiir liaoko, tinb to cnDorot tgia original patent anb return it to the 
nutsiroi omia^inrti 0aiD 2Don €|)ri0topljtr Colnntbufl, our JdDiiiiral of tljc Untiled, anb tbdt m 
miyortt </"' '"•""' t\it atcountsJ t|)fp oUall rentier Ironi note licncefortlj, aa lonu ixa it obaii hr 
ti irasiadi) iintii nu- oiirlDill anO plcaflure, of our Import anb crport-butles, market- tolla, coiiD 
''P'"- tollfl, tuatoma ant> ot|jer our biiea, tijep aball enter aa ejrttpteb tnljatcbcr lo 

Mfrrt crtrta t to 

. L„ ,,,_ ( ^r,,^„„; to cite poii to appear before iitf in our court Vobereaoc^jtr toe map be, tDithm 
coinn nu../n. i/mi- fiftff" Oa^a ucrt follotolnff tlje bap of citation.unber tlje aaib pcnaltp.uiiDer 
ranic \i.hi ) n./mv <• tobitb alao toc commanb anu public atribener tobo map be aummontd for"tbia 
aut omt.<s artmi.mii- Durpoac to bclitocr to tbe peraon trbil'itinff it a certiflcate tbereof aiijiub toitli 
,nios qu.' hr.unn </< ()ia aignaturc, tobtrebi* toe map hncvn Ijovo our commanb la fuinilcD. (Fibcn 
aquinJiianirenquiin- in tbc cit^ of 23ur|{oa, ou tl)e au'tb ^Av of t|)e monti) of ^aii in tbe i>rar of 
/,. nucini mer^.j t tljc uatitjitp of oiu" fea\jiour Tjcaua Cbriat one tbouaanb four Ijunorto and 
,oiu„uiJ fufff iUh, iiiiKtp.aetJcn. ItbclSinB;. Ttbrfflueen. 3, jfrroinanb aitoarej of colttio 
nurwr.K aimnyan- fecccctarp of tfee I'iinff aub of t|)e iDiieen our Horba, cauaeb it to be toiuttii 
/,irf^.,.i e aUniaiii'i c (,p ,||f|p c(j|,inMnb, in tftc fomi Irequeatebl. iPranteb, lHoberick SDuttor 
poruuifios e ajuana^ Wefliatereb, Jdlouao Perej. jfrancia 2Dia(, Cljancellor, 
',"'"" """''"' I (Foliernora, alcalbea, ballfffa, mauiatratca, hnigbta, taqulrea, olBtera anb 
iT''''Znl"i n ffO"f '"f'» of ")f f'"f<' "f fecbille anb Caoii, anb of tbe totona anb pLuto 
IT,' n'urlir" call!, I "f fjf po"" of ^^"^ arc|)bialjopric mh biobopric, anb farmera, recetbcro, tiia. 
hs uno,m /..« tomoollicera, toU-tollectora, ctiatom bouot omtcra.titbe-collectora anb otljtr 
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,mi,- ai pnr ni^una toritttn : fecc tl)ia aaib patent of tljeir (i?inbneaaca, anb fulfil it in >il| am 
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p,i-,./,ifi«<-i(>n., tbiaaaib rrcmption for tbe Baiblnbu-aaecuritpaballiietjitjcntoproDiicc ttjc 
Ml ,ir,i,/n UH" fuc i> tcrtitUatc iWWi attcatation of tl)t aaib dlbmiral, or of ani>one tol)o oball biibr 
'""'"""'" >="'^' '■ bia autbontn, anb of tbe peraon tobom tbeir liiixbneauca or tbtir aaiu tl)ift 
"'"""' ""'"''"•"■' "' actountanta oball babe nominatebtbereto; anb lihetniae tbtlicentea anb cti 
""'■" "'" """"" tificatra tobicb babe to be taken to tbe Inbiea or brouffbt tberefrom for the 
""'" ^ a"'tTl 'J'^"^'' ^'"^'' °''''" ^'^ '''''^" ^^ broiiBbt.Bball be aigncb bp tbe eaib domiriil, 
' r^f" in/r n'l Vn/rt "'' '"' '1"''""' ^1)0 '"'^)' 'J''*'' ')"' autbontp, auO bf tbc peraon tobom tljcn 
r,'u.<(r,'ifMr(f.;,.ou,,r t^ifffineaaea anb tbrircbicfatcountantamai'nominatc,bPbotb,anOiuntn)ciiir 
uu,,,im<.s</,/,/i,i toitbouttbeotber. tikctoioc be itunberatoob tbat tor Vobatia containeb in tbia 
7uf !..» .npUtarrUi- patcnt ncitbcf nioncv) nor ani'tbinu clae la to be taken into account againat tlic 
M qu,r,:t ./m< pnm, faimcra, tbief reteibcra, cuaroma offirera anb otber peraona tobo babe or obiiii 
rr.< M^>«irnfrt .«'/,i babc tbc cbargcof collecting anb receibing tbe rcbenuca belonging to uo in tijt 
.iicha ptna. i«u quai 0,110 arcbbioboprit of ^cbitlc aub biobopric of Cabii, eitber in tljia oaib iicor 
r.infn/rtm..< a quiii flf m ani' t'car from nob) benceforti), ao long aa it oball be tbe toill of tijrii 
quurexcruannfuHi- ftigbncoaco tbat tobat 13 containeOin tbio tbtir aaib patcnt aboulO be in force 
qu< pnra tiivfutre ,,„[, (,f ubsjcrbcb. i1 ub altbougb It aai'o tbat tbia c remption la to be obfltibcD 
from tbia aaib preacnt vrar, be it iinbcratoob tbat it la to be obaerbeb from 
tbe lirot bai> of TJannarp of tbc coming pear nincti' eigbt, ann from tbat tiiiit 
forbjarb, aa it lo aforeoaio, anb not before, fetetoaib, iobn ILopei, jPerbinanD 
iFomea, 3obn l^nirtabo iJ^ntoro, iLouie iDcrc, |Pfter Dt Jilrbolanc^a. 

]^on jFerotnand and S>onna Sleabella, bp tbc 

grace of (?ob ISing anb £5ueen of Caatile, icon, 

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afkii\ )'(' il Hry Y'l In Htynn. Yu Fnnnnil Alutrtz ilr ii<Uilo NrrddrM ./(( Wry nliln Hrynn nueslmt SiBurri, (a /i; 
turtxir pnr ju miimlailn.<nhi fnrmii. AtorJailit, Hodiicus llnclDr. Hrgnlrii In, l/.imi I'rre:. Fniinmn Iha: I hatmUrr. 
' tnrfgidftrfx, itlcitldrs, iiIf^HtUiUi. result is, crtiatlrr"s, t\cudertt\. ojiiiiitei r (imts hutnt>% dilns ii/kAii/(S de >>»i//(i t 
(alt:, e dtlas MUa\ t l"f^iitf\ drtns putrtos dt \u tri<'hispodi> t 1thi\ptidu. e itnnitadorei e rtciibdndons, (i/mtuiiry^i 
e pKrlitil^ueros, adunnrros e dfzmrrm r Ins atras prrsttnns tntstn cnrtn dil ttey r dehi Hrynn nut^^r^)•i .Stnorrt (/ri:,i 
parte esentn contenidns ted <sla diihn mitn dr \us '^l1t:lls e lunplidln rn (i',/i. r pnr tndn se^und r por la f^rmae miinrri 
7U« tmlla w cnntttne e \us tlttzns p tr tlln U> mnndnn t .sen entendtdn que todm Ins menadrryns que jueren dtl An,ii- 
luna " dt I Irt.s qunles quttr puert"S f:ii:nnd<> de i sn linha fmnqui :n pnrn las di( has Yndias, hnn de dar se^undad .jti, 
traheran Itstitn'mm e fr dtl dnhti .■llnuntntt <» de quien \u pt'ier t'l lere e deln persona que pi>r \ii% .tltezns n Ins dhhr.^ 
sun cnntadnres mnynres para elUi nitiien seniilndti mm me\mn ta\ lntn{ias r fees que se han di llesar -dns Iniinn 
t-ahrr dtVns delas en\as qui se lleinren " truxtrren hnn de si r pimndas dil dtcho Almtrante n de qutrn su pnder . nr- 
' deln persnna qu' sus Altezns e sus cimlailnrfs mnviires nnnhraien, de anbns e nn dtl unti syn el ntm Ansy mrt:ii 
vf enttenda qui pnr In m isia duhn tnrta mntenidit non se ha de re^thir en euintn mnrntedis ni ntras eosns alf^un,.. 
dns arendndnres r recahdndort s mnynres e nlmnxanfes e <drns per snnns que tienen " infifrfii enrfii> de ii>^er e itMi'viir 
las rentas n nns pertenesdenti •> enet diehn Ariuhispadn de Sen I''' ■ Ohispadn dr Cntiz este dirhii (inn ni denJe rn ii i. 
hintt en nm^und nnn quanh< fuerr la inlun*tid dr sb% tltezns qui dure e se /junrtU In enrsin dtiha su eartn inntem:! 
r cnmo quiera que due que i stn dliha franqurzn se ha de nuardai drssde e\le dlihn presente nnn sen enlendldn qin ^ ; 
de srr puardndn desde pnniem dyn de enem del atin lenidiTn de nnenia e mhn ahns e dende rn ndrlnnlr stfiund I; *• 

llamadii que dr tnde 
III que snsla mostrare 
trsttm-nm Mgnndn 
mn su Sl/rl" /" r que 
nns sip invs en cvmn 
se I unple nuestin 
mandadn liudntnln 
fihitad de Hurg 

e nn ante^ 
'iO.\ hi 


Juan l.npez. hi I nnnil finmrs 
I'nna ) uihi I pnr In ^in^ i 

luan Hurtndn Unntn 
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anb to ptate ano 

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Its A0 It aw be 
u°kct> tolls, roiib^ 
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:rcof fliQiub tDiti) 
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•ai» lit tl)c I'fiic of 
[our Ijiinbrto anb 
Itjarcj of colcDo, 
b It to be Vonttcii 
l&obccith SDuctor. 

itrc0, ofliccrd anb 
tolong anb phicta 
;riJ,rctci\)cro, tiio. 
illcttoru iiiib otijtr 
our ILorbfl l)crtiii 
fuini tt in M Am 
taintb. dnb tijcir 
liUfor alltt)cmrc 
ijtr portfl tniopimj 
it)cn tn proDiict ttjc 
inc t)l)o sliiill ijiiiir 
or tlitir oaib thict 
; tljtcet'rom tor tlic 

> tl)C OiUb idDmital, 
croon VDljoin tlicii 
IS conttiintb iiul)i3 
lonffing touointbt 
tr m tUifl O.110 I'tiii 
lie tl)t toill ot tl)cii 
it0l)oulbtic intoccc 
ioni0 tobt obStrticD 

be obocilieQ trom 
ann t'roni ttjat time 
nlLopcK jftrbiiunD 

abella, bp ttic 

Caotilc, Icon, 

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'riw\tut) thilz * frtinni.Vr. 

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riih./iii/iirn, ii/mrnilry^i 
(I nueitrits Sthorf> i/fit! 
f r par III /■■rfflilr iliumr: 
"ViM t/«r fuerrn i/r/ .ln.;'j- 
hiin f/f </(lr if^'urliidi/ 7U 
lUN .lltt:ii\ o t"\ liu/^ > 

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in (7 tiiro Imy mtvn 
HI <i(rrt% c'Hrt.i rt/fun.. 
,.»(;•• e/rrD^'rr f r..iili,. 
^ll imri HI i/riiJ. .11 
ditha ,11 idrln r,>n;.M: : 
(m*» M'li fnttnihtli' -/'.■ 
tn ti'irlnnir \t(,'linr I! ' 
r:. l',,l,o,l,- ^r("J(ln>^ 
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(Kngon, toftfl^ f rdiiiititi, tfolrlio, lliilrnciii, (Fdlicfa, Stnoiotcii, fettjillc, .inu"». >/< y>nii,h 
to,irDini>ii CorDobd, tJCorcfiCii, y^tirciii, lliuii, rlir JdlaiU'lico, iilltjcciriig, ,ivtinm,„i„,iie h^i,- 
r'^ibiMltiU' aiiD tl)r Ciinari* l|oliiiiDa, ilCuiiiita of BiU'Cdaaa aiiD iLoi'Og or ,/,., (/,. \ni<i,^i,t. ii. 
'iiocov iiiiD vJ^olinii,t<iihra of vUbcncs aiiD j!?cop>ui'i<i,€oiintGf ot Uoiiaatllon n„iir.w, ih Mnihr- 
,"iiBCci'Oi>fli>f, iHfliifqiiicta ofiriiotiinoiinD (PuMiino, 'Co tijt mcmlifi'a of ,,„, ,»,, .s,.|i//,i, j. 
giirtoiiiuil, iiiioitora of otir ci)iiiiiliti',iilciilDca iino ti.iiliira of oiii* l)oiiocl)olD, , ,rj,mi >/r ( •,i>im > 
court anO tljiuittni, aiiD to all toimtilloro, iiiotitco, iiiauiotnuttf, (niirtOto, j, t ,„,,';,.,,. ,/,. .\i,„ 
mmti, olTitci'cr iiiiD ltooO nicii of nil tlic cittto, totono iiiiD pUuro of oiii' ,hi, </<- 7<i/><>i, lAr'^ 
tiii(!;Donic)aiiDDonuiiinna,>ia\])clli-o)>>iliig>UilhUial,iinoniciiilici'0of Di'Dci'0 (//;»> >m,(Ai/;'.:ii<i. 
,iiiD of free tolono, imd Any otl)cr pcroono \dI)oiiioocIjci', our liiiofliilo, ciiil). -'.■ nifnaiuir , ./,/». 
ifttfl ano Otni}CH3 toOoin tl)r tonttntfl of tbio our patent toiitlica ano toii^ v^/.n i/. ( •muru,. 
[fciia, aiiO fo t'ltl) '"'0 clirrii out of I'oii to toljom tl)i0 otir patnit, or tl)c '"'"'■•' ''■ «"'!■'■"" 
tiMiicitript tlitrtof oibikD lip a piililic otritotiitr.mai' lie al)otoii,l)calfl) aiiD • ^'n"""'' ' '''">■" 
iiracf. wiiotB PC tl)at toe hatic tommaiiDcD acoit CljriatupOrr Cnliiiulnio, ' ''' ■"''>""• "«7">' 
our aomiral of tljr Ctran, to return to tl)r lOlanD of liiiopaniola and to tl)C ''' """'' ' ''; •^":" 
oiljtr loiaiitKj ano mainland toliitl) art in tl)c oaiti '\ iiDiro, and to attend to '''"''';'• ' """ \ 
rlif tonucroion and atttlrmcnt thereof, lietaiioe tOcrclii> our lord CPod la ""*'"""' "• "■ 
orilirD, 1)10 l)oli' faitO inercaaed, and our hinijdoimj citcnded ; and for tl),if ,il'r,V',M ,/ r;,',, i,,V, ' 
piirpoot tne Oane coiiiiiiandfd tcrtain tjeoocia and curalicto to he couipprd, „,,;, ,/,',',„i,/,,. i ..» 
Ill U)l)itlj are ffoinu certain people paid for a certain time, and Uictiiulo and „;„ , „,.,/,„„ /,;„ 
DrotJioiona for tOem. idnd foragmiitl) ao tlioor prroono are not aiitTicicnt mu^ir,iMio,no.,ii 
toiiiJlie tijc oaid oettlement, flo a^ to perform OPod'o oertoirr and oiiio, ,„//,( , ,i^«,(:i/, . 
iinicgQotlierper0onoBO todVuell.libeand aer\)c tt)rre attljeirotonerpenar, ./w.i mu.<i<.i .,iv,i . 
tur, taiillinu to proliide tlierefor, to tl)e end tijat as toell tl)( aaid ccinlur nif, ■ >/.,f,i.i//.>iii . 
oioiiiiuO oettlement iiuiv lie tarried out, aa tl)attocmai>ol)oto tlemenci' and "'■«'"« '"> i"m,/ ■" 
pitii totuiU'do oiiroiiliietto and deniieno, oo command tliio our patent to lie /"^'i^.n, r.i^t.L.r.s. 
iti\)ciuo tbatctTett.toliereli)', of our oVnn motion and certain liiioVulcDuctoe ' 

will and ordain that all and U>i 
oiihiccta and deniienci U;l)o ma" 
tjtioii of tl)ia our patent, iV^ 
tiiuifool Xuljatoocber oorto. 
ycrDurllioiiciJ, treaoon, Dioi 
iittcnnu liiioc min, or flooon' 
coin, or tfnin, m- ailtoer, or ; 
ito iind oei1)e in peroon in i 

I ,l\alli r..4,i V 

l./lr I ill S t "H 
ll"> (ll lllilll\ 
,/,!./, «,1I»,I,M 

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lriii\ I I'hit 
•llii' r !>• I ."" 
/mk i<ri,i;,'-. 

tier percjoiifl, men and Voomcn, our 
omiiiitted, until tlje dap of tlie ptilili 
rg and lilood oheddinga or am' otijcr 
t>ii!"' be, ercept ticrcop, Irie maieori', 
*i toiiimitied ln> lire or otoord, 
t riiken our of our kiiiijdoiiiiJ 
;ii' u J proljiluted, and \uljo obiill 
t^iopaniola, and ocrtjr therein 
,it rljcii' ovon coflt, and attrnu lo thJOf thinija Vuhich the oain ^Idiimnl 
oijiili trti and command them on our hehatt , those \i)ho habi' inciiriro f « , n,<ii 
ilic pcnalti' of death, foe ttoo I'earo, and rhoor luho ha\)e incurred am' ./-,i.Mr ,„. 
jijicr Icdorr pcnaltv than death, elien though it map be the loog of a liiiih, 
'jr one pear , map he pardoned for aiip triiiico and miodceda of tohar- 
ootlur auit, kind and enormitp tohich thcp map hii\jc done and com 
initttD until the dup of the piiMication of thiiJ our patent, luirh the evccp; 
rion of the caoco abobe mentioned, upon bcinij preoeiitcd bctore the oaid 
?o:i Chriatnpher Coliimlmo, our .Idmiral of the Ccean, in the preaenre 
of i ililic otriUener, from the dap of the date of thiiJ our patent until 
flic ciio of the month of September iierr follotoina, in order that tlif 
111,11' no toith the oaid ^Idumal to the aaid loland of l^iopaniola, ann 
to I' ntbtr lOlanda and mainland of the oaid Indieo, and ocrVie there 
III lo! the Vnhole of the oaid term, in tohatcber the oaid ilOmiral ohall 
tcunmand them for our oerliite as aforeoaid. ^Ind after thcp halic 
r^us been preotnted, tbcp otiall qo to the oaid lolando and mainland, 

iii/i I " ' 

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ii'iiliniil'i. e ll I III'. I 

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•itrit Ll ■' , ' (riis/(l i'- 
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'ttnt, it, I mil, <" , .I'll 
i/iu- /'ii«7iii i:/i( \,/i; 
h .p.:', i'.li ,:l >:l,.i. 
,.:,i(u"i: fii Mir (/ut >i.n I fl/ii* i/ii ' (I, ) u:l . . I ii/jiiM,i I fi^i .ii.,-,. •! I f'.l'iij. n i. ''ri,. p. I I^IIC ./l .(■- />).>, 

■;i(r!(ri) Vnii- l\ lirilil,' I' Mt Mllfil /r di i ; N'iI/.I I HhrsfriiS It-VNri, i tl \ ilrti ^(Mm-S, . f'lt', I .'' ' 1,P'' , |I|,'H. 

1,1.1- iiriiiiir crilm niiri'X r rrtniir/iii in i(i.- in |i.if,i iinlr pagiiilii /mr iirrd' (irti/i ■ i hit^tn n nt.\ , iiitvil,- 
1 mientin pitr,l ellil, e p,'r .juiinl'i il.jUil'i, n,, ' ur'tr tthitslitr ptlrn ijii, v.- /'ii^m l,l dl. hil pnhlii'.inn i "iii" , iinpl, ,i ,, p 

i^v> lit /'ill* t nue^lrii, iy »„ lan ,ititt\ ^rnfri i/iir iiii//iM r\ttn r f'littn i vyrniM ii mm hc/iis. i hi., i/u,iiiim'ii 
pn-if/yr iiibrt ell,,, imv p„r In i/nr lunpir ii/ii ,in-htt I'linirrvyi-n f pi'hlivj.;t fi'iii.- />iir «,,ir 'if ilfniiitii.i , /Mriiii./ 

I'll itwi (ffi'i \ii/»iiifii* i niUurtiU\, iiuinilanii'\ itiir i-stii ntii-\trii utrttt ,-nltt iluhit i .::'n. pnr lit ifuii! d, 'tin .t, "pr,'f,i<, 
'lU'ttdii I (ir^fil (Iriliiil ./MfrdlKi, r ^i>ri/iniim""i i/uc foiiiM r ijuitl, s i/UIrr ^fcrMill.I, liIruHci .' lllHi'cre, tl!,i sfl >s Mi/i- 

:..'('* r «il(l*ril/r-s iju, "lliren i,,mttliii> fiutil i/ i/i(I ittht puhtii it. Inn ilistil m:i\t'it i.lfti:. ill.ili'i . (Mlir irlLii-fi, . 

ruin ii.i/nii i/Kii/. I i;«i<r ,Ulil„i ,/r 4U11/ nuin midirii , aihliti .(i<i uiiii, hi A/" .'ii iii^iii ,> I, •, iim.'i ,(iifi. n/i , ,li, 

Mr* II (r.lVl I'll " rt/(l' " "ii.rl/r n ^'l. f il n /n '',1 r T /iii ^'.i . i in uli'/il ii i i V uli ;l ./i /,l/ .,1 iiliilli lil . i ■ ii'iiii.i, . i i i i t i| 
ii'iM'ii iiiiinri/ii 11 urn 11 pi'il/ii I) (ifrii, riiwlipii hu, iri/it/il, Jiitr,i uV ni.i,f'.i. i ,/ii,,i/iii tuii,,, • u 1 1 i i ii /w i ,• Ui; 

:/il Ml. I /•Npil'ii'/il r (Vnirriii 'ittllii ,l su, pn,f,i,:\ t,,\l,t\ e svil.triil iil.'.i. i 

rtiiiiii/iir, ,tr nut\lra piirlt. /■■< lyui mrrrsjiiiin prnii ,1, muiilt pm /i'^, iini. 

■:u, fiiii ini uiurrte ffuni/ut ,iii prri/imirn/n i/i luirnh,,' p,., i,n iiu" ^,nn / 
■i:*.,', d, ifuiil ifiilir niitui.: i i i/iu.ii/ r j.Tin f./ii./ ./!,, sum ./in .lu'in fi.fin 

.1 iidi fiKfifrii ( II rf II, i-if/i/ii /ill f inn < s»,,i' i/ J..,, / i . .. ■;^^/. , ii'ifr i .' .in /'. 
iit/i ilf/ iiirtr i-wilni. (in/f I \i ririinii puhltn, i/r,.i'. . \ .i,/.t i/.'l ■ i ,/'i iiii. ..'i , 

nmiri. lym iiiiii, piirii ,ju, pitidiin \r ,.„tl nth. (Inn'i-.nt, iiZ-i i'h 

. tterrii Jirme tieta^ liiiAiiv )'iii/iii,. i wiiir inriliti pm I- i ,' i/:i '' iiiii'. 

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i/n '■ • ('fM.TdH/t '( ■. ill \ 

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(ru"M.;./"S ','< </((il/< \ t/l(ii' iMrMIMr.i 

t (.'fn.f(i/.i t,t'!<l fl .ii,: li'it f'ul'li^ il'j<>tf 

Ih-'l fntl^^<>\.ll f ■■!<-tl nllt^^'• i/rHI- 

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'■I \v/fl / \/';Hil./(I * (f/llS <>/).jN \^^(^ 

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/(«< r. n (lid. 

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(716) S72-4503 








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( (j(<n icrcn tnw aiili 0|)all cttttafn m tfat 08(0 0ertfce tontf nuallp foe ttie tDboit 
tiicbo urvifio con- oC ttjc 0aiD teciti, takinff a Utter patent signeo bp t^e em 
imua mtnteportoih jaomfral aiiD attt0teD b^ a public ((ccfbentr, cectitpfnn that 
el dicho tienpo ira- jguct Dclftiquettts, ^atiing oertjet) in tt)c daib iolanbg, oc m 
yemh carta paienie anp one oE them, foc tl)c tol)ole of tlje 0a(D term, map be par 
jirmaJa del dicho joneD; anO 6? t^t0e prc0ent0,of oitr oton motion anb certain 

.timnanie e signada fcnotoleDBe, iDC pacDon tytm for all tljc 0aiD tciinea tohjch 
decscni am, publico, ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ g^j tommittcti Until tjf bap of the null 

en que den fe como jj'j^jjg^ ^f ^jjjg ^^^^ g^jj „„j^ ^g (j (j, aforfflaiO . a„j 

,r .»;«' from tlientefortoarl) tljcPBljall not he jiableto be acrnipft) 

que iltn fe 

'Ihc'haTv'^hs rTn for tt)c'0aH) cr(me0, nor'for an? one of tljem, nor 0bairpco: 
quaiqmer de'iias pnr cetOinff0 bc tflhtn, uor are tbep liable to protceDingB, asainBt 
/,„/„ d dicho tienpo tliem, or againot tbeir property, bp our ju0tice0,for crime oc 
sM« perdonados, e for an? cibil or criminal ptnaltp, fittjer at tbc instance of 
por la presente de pa'tittf or (u tifrtuc of tljcit (tl)e iu0tice0') oPttce, or 111 anil 
nutstrnpropiomotuo ott)cr mauntr ; ntittjer cau tUcre bc creciition apinst tljcm 
I (ipr(,i soenfia los or apinflt tljcit Booli0, Of tbc luOumtnto VBljicl) arcora^ali 
ferdnnamos de todos be bclitiercD affainot tl)em, and toljitlj tot, bp tljia our patent 
(oj dichos deiitos que rebofcc and Declare to be hoiD and of no effect and tjiilioinl 
nsv ovH-ren jecho e aftcc tljc flaid flcrtjicc ijafl btcn completcD. andtoctommano 
cometuiofasta el dut j^p j,^,^ ^t„„;rai of tl)t judlefl, and anp ott)tr peraona toho 
deia puhhcaoon de jjy^,,j „prfj,fnt „fl („ fljc daid Jndico, to alloVB tbc free tit 
ania.cnZ dicho Z pa"ure of tljoae toljo 0l)all bade tl)u0 oerdtd tyt term toijin, 
r que dende en ade- tljep acc bounD to 0crdc, accocdinff to t!)e tenor of tdia oui 
lonte non puedan see patent, aud ttot to dctaiu tl)tm in anp manner. and,bi'ti)i5 
"i"l"''"^i '""' '"' our patent, toe command tljemenibera of our council, auaitora 
Zt'LodlZs'/Z of our tljamber, alcalncfl of our court and clianceri', aim a!i 
pmcda.nipuedaser ffotjemoro aud otl)tt juatict0 tol)omaother of all tyc titira, 
i<n.(eduioconiraeitos toton0 aud pUccoof our kinbdouio and domlniona to obscmr 

m contra suj hients jnj, f„Jfl|^ jnt, jq cjuflf fO hC Ob0trtjtd aUd fulfilled, tt)IO 0111 

TcrZlTm'apena P*""^ "^ patdon cud rtmiooion, anbtol)at 10 contamed tt)trt. 
oinuna fcrii mn '". «>nd cacl) clau0e and part thereof, in all and tljcougb all, 
rrrr.,i>M;/ a p.dimi. accorbinff to toljat 10 contauud tbcmni and inobsertinsanti 
"•'' departed, n, de fuifttimg; It tljcp al)all iiot proctcd apin0t auct) peraoi.o as 
w/ .;/iP" ni d, otra jjijan jjatjf tjjufl flcrdcd iu tljt oaid 3lndico for anp CC1H1C tDliitii 
P„.d,m .er ,„cuia. t'^p map ^a\st done or committed, trceptinff in tbe taoco 
d,,stn,w,i nt ,n su« aforc0aid, ritlier at ttje inotanreof partieaorindirtueoftljtic 
I, -us las sf«(,n,i«,v offitc, or iH aup otljcc manner, nor grant ttecution againot 
,«■ cnntraeti.'n son o (jjfij. pfr0o„jj qc pod0 bP ccaoon of aucj) Crimea ; and if am' 
s'por esil PfocccdinBaarcalreadPtalitnoriudgment0Bldenapinattljtiii. 
„u,siracariarevoc„. tljcpBljallrehokcand tjold tl)tm 00 t)Oid,for tot b? tljtacprcocnra 
m.,f e damos pnr of out 0aid Certain bnotolcDgc do froiH uoto Ucncefortt) rtbobt. 

ninfsunas t tie «)n- 

f:und efecic t lalnr, runplido el dichn sfnip'n, i' mnndamns at dichn Almiranle delas Vrtr/idv <■ : 
otras qualts quit r ptrsonas que pnr nos estniirren enlas diibas Yndias que de\en Ithn mtntr i.n r 
atos que a^y "iieren sir\ido tl titnp'> que sxn nbltfiados de .wnir ^ef^und tl tmnr ^ii^tc nw-W! : 
carta, e que no Ins detenf^an en manera alf^una h' pnr e\tn nue^tta latta mandatnn^ nlo\ dt! i;.- 
eslrn cnnsejo e nydnres dela nuistra ahdienfia. alcaldes dela nuesira cnrte e chan(illena. e n (i ir ; 
Ins cnrcfiidnres e niras juslnias quales quter ile Indas las phdatles e iillas e lnf;ares delns ni«<(r 
reynns e sefinnns que esla nutstra larin de perdnn e remisiitn, e to enella (nntenidn c (,;;■ 
una c(n,a c parte dello ^uarden e t unplan e fof^an f^uardar e cnnplir et todo e pnr todn ',teun 
que enella se contiene, e en f^uardandnla < lunplundnla, nn prr^edan contra Ins tales que nn 
nxieren senido enlas dtchas Yndias pnr ninpuut delitn que neieren fechu ni itanettdn, (jf/if 
enlas cosas suso dichas a pedimientn de parte ni de su oji^xo nt de ntra manera alfiun- 
MI /.i^ e\seeuten en sus persnnas ni bunts por raion deln% tales dehtos. e \\ alf^unns pr-' 
fMin inntra illoi islan ficbnt n (rndniinv dadas In lemquen ■• dm pni ningunns, 
pni la presente dela duba nueslia [terta \(it'n(t(i desde afinra para t^tnn^es In 

II n 









fllBned bP tl)e eaio 

ntr, ctrtifpinB tiat 

03(0 tolanbs, oc m 

) term, nw)) be par. 

motion anb certain 

0aiO trimeo tobich 

tit bap of tdc puti. 

is aforeoaib; anti 

able to be acrnigntti 

:bem, nor 0l)all pto: 

iroteebingsj, against 

listiteo, for crime or 

at tlje iiiBtancc of 

0') office, or ill ann 

iition agaiuat tljcin 

J Voljicl) are or oljali 

,bP tUiflourpatciu, 

effect anb balioitu 


ott)er pcroong to^o 

allots tt|c free tic 

:Deb tye term toijitij 

le tenor of tljis our 

inner. anb,bi'ti)ia 

our council, aubirors 

m tliancerp, anb a!i 

ber of all tbe titirsi, 

omlniong to obscrtr 

nb fulfilleb, tliio om 

It is contamcbtlim. 

all anb tyrougti all, 


i0t 0uct) persons m 


;epttnff in tt)e caoco 


nt erecutton against 

) trimefl ; anb if anv 

c( ffiben against ti)tiii. 


iYd yentefortb rcbobt. 

miranir ililnx )'nc/iri<. r . 
lut tlexen hhri- mtntt- iin • 
nti tt ttniir <li%tit rtuiil' ; 
tit miintttjmn\ nlos litl n:.- 
tc e chanftUrrift. f ir T'.j' v 
tti r tn/iitre^ deloi nufil^ 
'o tntlla tnn/cnijo <- 
rt todu t por todn Wtji,i 
contra tos tatr\ </uf a^\ 
fnhn nt inmttiiin, (jt-^f 
I (if ntni manern al^un: 
flittt^, *• ty alf^unii^ f" 
1 poi ittnjiunit^. 'ji.' n 
lidrii (*/nM(c( In ri'io,:- 

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^ • (fJZ«« »n * •^If »••* **^fS 

Dtlinquentji to 

jjaiDtrfmrt. : 
monlp knoton ( 
Sir tommanD 
inatktw onD o 
tjt ottier of po 
1,(010 to our tl) 
anD fuctdcr to 
patent to cites 
tV r tot inai? b 
citation, unoec 
iiianD anp pub 
piirpoflt to ffibi 
taic itrtof tf(B 
l)oto our comm 
ticl Campo, on 
in ti)e ptar of t 
tiiousanD four 
t|i( Sinttn. J 
tir titir tomn 
ttrco, doctor. 

mon jTer 

'^ bD tljt gra 
^rfiillt, &arD 
jlsarbto, ais 
Count anO Co 
anD i^olina, a 
KouooiUoii ani 
.mo, lo all t 
Jim otijtr (ua 
,inD platt0 of 
our patent tnii 
if a public 0C 

unf/r nurilro mil 
'unM', imo t/f/ ndi 
>!(/( ahos >'ii 
Wrvnn tiufilnij 
(ii<tor Krdiifi.if 

/l(/,\ f>ril(lll(/n 
,;, V|i/lil, <lr l-ril 
,(( ( nri/iud, df ( ' 
i. f imdrm, t'tttii 
I 'it Snpttlrtn. 

lurf nio*frnj'rt 


.„j,06,annul ano bolb r^tm for naugjit.anti tot mtott ttietfafb 
D itnqurnro to ti)(fr aooD fame and to ttie conOttton ann state 
m rooicll tbt? ^"' bttovt tijep IjaD bone and comniftteD tbe 
L,io trfmetf. )anD to t!)e end tgat tde afotesaf*^ map be corn- 
ntonip knoton anO tbat no one map pretcno fgi r^nce thereof, 
h,( cotnmanD that ft be pubUclp pcotlafmeo fii tbe dquares, 
mackct0 anD otger customarp plated, anb neiti)ec t^t one nor 
tit otber of pou or tbem {tjjali bo tontcarp tereto in anp man^ 
ncr tinbtr pain of our bftfpleaaure and of ten tdnudanb mara^ 
11(010 to our tbamber, to eberpone toi)o 0ball bo tbe tontrarp. 
ji)D fuctber \»t tommanb the man tobo sball Sboto tbfs our 
n^rent to cite pou to appear before u0 fn our court, toberefio: 
turr toe map be.toUbfn fifteen baptf nert follotofng tbe bap of 
(itation, unber tbe 0aib penoltp ; unber tobicb altfo toe com= 
inano anp public flcribener tobo map be summoneb for tbifl 
giirpost to fffbc to tbe man tobo sbalidboto it to pou a certifi> 
(lie l)t"o^ 0i0neb tottb bf0 oiffnature, 00 tbat toe map bnoto 
botD our command i0 fulfiUeb. (Eibtn in tbe toton of 9^ebina 
otlCampo, on tbe ttoentp<0econb dap of tbe montb of iune, 
„, t|)t pear of tbe natibitp of our ^abiour 3le0u0 Cbriot one 
tiiou0iinb four bundred and ninetp=0et)en. J tbe lEling. J 
i|i( ^uttn. H, Ferdinand £Ilt)are0 of 'Jlolcdo, &ccretarp of 
il)C %i«ff and of tbe jJDueen our 1Locd0, cau0td it to be toritten 
HP tlitic command. (Fronted, Roderick SDoctor. 1Reffi0> 
tcrcD, doctor. JFranti0 SDiai, Cbancellor. 

mon jTerDinanD ant) S>onna ^Isabella, 

^ bv tbe grace of (Poo Tiltng and £5neen of Caatilt, Icon, 
jragon, &icilp, (PranaOa.UoIeOo, Valencia, (Falicia, a^aiorca, 
gtsillr, &arbinia, Corboba, Corsica, H^ircia, lacn, tbe 
Jigiirtto, Sllgcciras, (Fibraltac and tbe Canarp Holandfl, 
Count anb Counte00 of 23arcclona anb Uorbo of £>i0cap 
mi ^ollna, SDukro of )atbrns and Jl^eopatcia, Couitta of 
Rouflflilloa anb Crrbaffne.^arqmoco of Cridtano anb (FoM: 
and, tCo all tbe gobtrnoro, aofliotanto, alcalbes, baili(f0 
,iiiD otbcr (u0tUt0 tobomooebcr of all tbe cities, toton0 
,inD plates of our kingdoms and dominions to tobom tbis 
our patent map be sboton, or tbe transcript bcreof signed 
tip i public scrlbener, bcaltb anb grace. lUnoto pe tbat toe 

sepamns en cumo sv 
unfit nueitro mantiado. Dada enla itth de Vfdina drt ianpo a iryntr e dus duts dil uus dv 
/mit), aho del mtsftmiento de nutstro Salvador Jesu ihnstn df mill t ^^ua^rt>^lt■nt'^.'i f rtoi.n/d e 
,if(( ahos Vo el H*y. Yo la Hfyna. > -i h^rrnand .iliares dr Totrdn Stcretann del Hry » d»Ui 
Ht\na nwfifrox Sennre% la Jiz t scriitr pnr su mttndadi>. Acordada, Hodricus Doctor. Htiiisiradit 
lK<tor Fran(isci> Ihax ('han\^lUr. 

/lO.V Fernando v ihma Y^ahel por la firai,\a de lho\ Ue\ e Utyna dt < a^tilla, de l.eon, dr .'irui^on. 
(ic .'vfi/id, de iiramidd, de ioUdo. i/« I (i/fH(iii. '/*• tudltznt, df Mallonas. de Senlla, de fVn/inn, 
j, ( ori/imi. de f ortr/jd, de Mur{ iif, de Jahen, dtloi .■ilfiarte\, dr Al^i <iibraltar t dela\ ysla% 
i. ( (ififlrm, i onde e iondtsa de /iar(eluna e Senort\ i/c I inava r de Midina. Dui^ues de Atena<i 
'•if Sei'patria, < onde\ de tio\tllon e di (,'trdaHta, Marifuest^ dt (hfilnn . de Uo^iann 
it.Mn i>s (nref:idores, asyUmte*. alialdex, alguaiite\ r o/ki^ tu\ff\ia\ ifunit \ */uiii dv tndai 
■ ihdades e ii//rt* e tof^arei delo\ nueitrm reynos r fcnoMot it tfuieti f^ta nue^ttn tatta 
tuttf moslrada o iu Irexladn %\fiHad(> de ewrnann puhluo, \alud e i:fai,ii: Sepadfi 'fue M'>« 

mos edamospor nin- 
gunos e restituyuios 
alos dichos deiniijucn- 
tes en su bucmt Jitma 
e enel punio c tstadn 
en que cstevan antvs 
que oi'iesin Jecha e 
comeiido tos dicbos 
delitos. E por (jue lu 
susodicho sva nolorto 
eninguno dello puedu 
pretender ynoraniia 
mandamos quv sett 
pregunadit publicit 
mente por la^ plazas 
e mercados v olros 
togares aco s tun bra - 
df)s, € /os unos ni Ins 
otros non fagadts mi 
Jagan ende at por al- 
guna manera so fji na 
dela nuestra nun, til 
e de duz mill mara- 
ledispara la nui \ti a 
camara a cada uno 
que lo contrano hi~ 
ziere. Ede mas oian 
damos al onii que 
esta nuestra carta 
mostrare que tos tti 
plase que pan :u!dt s 
antt nus tnla nueslnt 
corte do quui qiu 
nos siamos drl d la que 
10% enplazare /ni/rt 
quinsv dias primeros 
syguientes so la duha 
pena, so la qua! man- 
datnos It qual ijuier 
escriiano publuit que 
paraestofuere llama- 
do que de mde a! que 
los la mostrart /< Wi- 
numio signadociin >u 
sif^no por que ti"s 

, 4 


I ■ ' 


' ' ; 




' ) 

memos mniuMo a \fi\n commantitD 9Don C|)r<0topt)er Coiunibu0, ouc aomitei of 
i>,m ( hriuoiaicoion t^t 3|nbit0 of t|ie iDttati, to cttucn to tbt i0lano or t^igpanioiV 
m<csin, Mmirantt 9110 to tftf oUft (01011110 aitu maiiilanD (H t|)t 0aio Unbits to 
</./»s )>i</i«s./«i mar ottmD to t\n 0ettltmtnt tbtreof, anb Cot t^at purpooe tot hWt 
roano.iimbmhaaia conitnanbeb tbatttctafn 09ip0 anb carabel0 0l)oulb bt ttWtm 
ysia F.spahoia t at„> fo l)(in, BHb t^at ttttafti pcopU, paib foe trctaln t(nu, ohniiin 
<.n<iv yshis t tierra m al0o, \»(t|) tiittual0 onb pcobf0fon0 foe ttric 0uppoi;t. «> s 
Arm. ,/H. ts iiiias tovafimuti M Wt\) ftoolt maT^ Mt bt sufSititnt to matit thf ml 
'"'""■ >"'''"'•« f- 0rttlrni(nt, 00 00 to fulfll (Boo'0 0trbUe anb our0, unlt00 othrr 
';",'/'""'" p"*'"^""' people go to tf0(bt,Ubt anb 0trtf tltrtm at tbttc oton eroenof 
,/,//,„,, P<.n,,H«m., ^j jji jj tommanb tbi0 our patent to bt gcanttb to poii ami 
:„;;;:;': c; . « ^10? one of pou to tjat effett. aflHtcefoce toe tommanb tij 
: V""™>'...>r/« tobenweber an? pewon or pec0on0, a0 toell men a0 toonien o 
rrnie pajh par ouf klngbom0, 0ball iatje commltteb anb otioll tommft m 
u.rtn ucnp,,. e bns- ttimt oc tr(me0 foe tobitb tliep map nmtit or ougbt to bt 
n,„cnins . manum. banifUti, attotbing to iuotite anb tbe Iato0 of our kingboms 
m^.ntns para viia. to 0ome f0Unb, onb to labout or 0trbe in- tfie nUiuo, !)ou 0i|,iii 
i-pmqmaqueiiannn banf0ti tbtm to go to rcofbt anb 0(rt)e fn ttit 0afb tflUnb of |i|g 
/><„</< hasiarparaqut paufofa, In tt)O0e tl)ing0 totiitb our 0afb ^abmiral of t^e Intiics 
s. hapa la dicha pob- 0[)|]|( tell anb tommanO tfiem, for tbe term that t^e? toouib hdbc 
''I'"" <■"•>'•' cunpivn ijao to tit In tl)e0aib lolanbanb mfnlng--toorh0t onbUketBtgeali 
i,n'Hin,iv ows enu- ot|,(f per0on0 tojio 0l)all be guiltp of trime0 not bt0ecbinB tk 
f wr„ 5v m. i,in „t,as pe„aitp pf oeotb, tftt trime0 Being 0utii tbat banlojiment ro tbt 
prnie, qu,- ,n,ua, g^^^ Tjfnble0 mo? iu0tlp bt Inaitttb, pou 0ball, attorbiutt to tb 
';"'"' ,'"" ' ZZ" "aW" of tje trimt0, conbtmn anb baniob to t|)e oaio (olanb or 
'LZ ,1 LZi.'r «>i0pan(ola, to remain iJ'tre, anb to perform tobat tl)e m 
.1.," , «/,! nu'stra ^bmlral oball tommanb tl).;m, for oiitt) term ao pou map tdink 
„„ la pa, a, OS e para At. anO t^oot tojiom pou l)abc tonbeHineo until noto aim g^ali 
Ml ,1 L, (/, xos ,nia ronbemn from dencefortb to 0trtie in tl)e0a(b l0lanb0,nnDtBi)oiii 
d:,ha rason pur que POU 0|)oll htcp M pri0onrr0, poti art to 0enb ao priooncrs under 
..V mamianws que oatt e0tort to OHt of our pri0on0 of our rrtbunaio of Ctallatioliri 
cHiarquandoaipuna or CluOab Rfal, or to t\t roptil pri0on of ^ttiille, ano tliosc 
.■ ,,/iimii« ptrsonas. toljo 0!jall tonbfi' tbtm to tbe 0aib tbantcrieo are to Dtlibtr 
„., varonts cvmn x^tm to out alcolDe0 tbtrtof j anb tbo0e tobo oball bt ton 
muptrrs.denutsiros tjfpfj jg (jjf pnflon of feebillt ate to be oettrjereb to om 
-,»«,.(. aflflifltant, at tbt erpenoe of outb tonotmneb peroona if tljc 
'Zai LJrMZ'l <!**'« ''"P Pobfl, ano If tljep babe no gooO0 tbep are to bt paio 
a,i,u,^p..rqucmere. fot out of tbt inontpfl arioinff from tbe Qnt0 of our ciaiiibtr. 
uanoiUum sir its. ^ub tot tommiinb out 0aiD luotiteo 00 to perform anb fuibl 
uriadvs upunci Je- (f^ jg toutamtb Abotit, anb tbe countil0 of all tbe titleo, totoni! 

I's'lrns' 'rnnos'pTra '"'^ P'*""* "^ "'"■ '»'nB;bOm0 W gibt tbtm fOt 0UCb piltpOOC 

aif^una ^\la c para all tbf 0upport Anb aooi0tante ttep map require, idni) if 
lahrar ,i ornrvntos onp otgcr peroonfl 0|)all b'be tonuiiitteb anb oball commit 

mt tales, qui Ins ilei- 

lernys que i ayan a eslar f sf riir < nla ilicha ysIa HspanoUi, rnlas cvsaa qut el ihchii nui sirn Mlmirn:, 
'it las )niiiin Its 1/1 \rr. e manJare pnr il titnpn que avwn ilr eslar enla liicha y^la r lan'r ile md.u 
f iin mismi liidas las utras ptrsvnr.s que f urn n culpanUs enilelitos que non merr^mn pena demur'i 
iiyentio tales /us c/</i(o.i qut justa mente stits pueila i/iir tlestierru para las tlichas intlias, itt>uiii ,',: 
ciiUilaJ ilelos Jtltivs, los aoiltneys e ilesterrrys para la ilicha ysIa Espanula, para que rstin allt r^r 
1" que pnr el dicho Almirantt Its juert mantiaJ" p"r el titnpti que a ics t>tros part(^trt. f ,i. 
ijut fasta aqui ttneyi cnntlinaJns t cnndtnardi s de aqui adelantt seriyr alas dichas \slii\ e i . 
t"ittrdes prtsns. los enhttys prist's a huen rtiahdo a una dilas nuestras cariite\ dtrlatt nut;''. 
ahtiien(ias (It \ alladoUd o i'lbilal Heal o ala cartel real de Seiilla, e los eHlrrfiUtn /oi (i.. 
llnaren alas duhas chanfUUrias altts nutstrns alcaldes dttlas. e Itts que se llevaren ala .iir,,; . 
Siulla se entreputn al nutstro asysttntt, a cttsta dtlns tales cnndinados sy tuvttren htenn, t \ 
hitnrs nttn tMttren se papuen a cnsta deltii maraiedi^ dilas penas tie nurslra camara. h' mm 
i/iiiiinj alas dichas nuesirt i juslnuis queasy Iti japan t cunplan tepun i/r susn sr niitlirnr, > :, . 
unftjos de ttnlas las ^thtiades e villas t Ittpatts dt nui^trus reynns. qut les din para tllii tvti t. 
Jabiii t ayuda que mtnesttr viieren I'', sy t,tras alpunas prrst>nas imtren eiimttulu t itnnrlutr'. 



'■ -^i . 

;*i, ' 

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\J^r«j. rtKft;^^ .^:>^;20 g ^ ^^ i» elw. 

I* ttnttjrtir 

(rfmtd for totlcd tbtp oiiffbt ro bt biin(0i)tD from t{)(0t our 
gaiD kinDtioiti0, ^oti 0t)all tianlol) ttitm to tfjc oalti t0lanO in 
ti)c (oltotoing maiuitr. 'Iboot tobo arr conOfmnrD ro prr> 
ptnial baniobinent from rbcac our gaiD hfngbonig )>oii 0|)all 
lianiob to t^t aa\i i0lanD for ttn Ptaro, anD tboot tnbo are 
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Djpof tbt montb of lunt, in tbt ptar of tbt natibitp of our 
ddtiour Ile0u0 Cbri0t ont tbouoanb four bunbrtb anb ninttp- 
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of Coltbo, ^tcrttarp of tbt Itiitig anb of tbt i^uttn our Horbd, 
iwstb It to bt toritttn bp tbeir tommanb. SDon laibaro. 
w'ranttb, H^obtrith iSDoctor. IKtgiotereb, ^Doctor. jPranci0 
Sias CbonttUor. 

Cl)t iBltng and tl)e £lueen. 

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liesttis ituhos nut%- 
tro% r*yno%, /m t/r-i- 
terrry% para ttt Uuhit 
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ffuiente. Aoi '/uc 
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iietot liuhti^ nUt Wroi 
nynoi /oi i/f Wfrrcyi 
para la tlicha y\ia 
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nni quf %ian i/t i/cr- 
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altiuna manita \'t 
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trariit hizuri. A' 
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nuestra viirti- </*» 

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ro commanb tbr luoticco ot our liineooiiia tbat all pcigoiio t„t,, ,u(<i .lui,,, / , . 

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til iiiii|i"ii"i(" I'r >iiiri(rn Saltailor Inu i hnstn i/r null t \\uair>n\rnim t nintnta t ■iule imm, 
) tl Key >'<> la Hrynii. Yo h'rrnanil .iliitm '/. Ti'ledn, Siirr/nrni ilrt lliy t ilelii Hfvna 
luMtmi Srnorrt la Ji: tscniir pnr iu mimi'ii(/i'. thm .((inri) Acoriliiila Htxtiuus Omlor. 
H<lt\lratla Itnctor Frnndtci' fhii: <'hii>n\Ucr 

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h<:rfi(a trtnni/(ir n/iM (uvfitrd^ dr nufUrox n-yno, ifu,- t,,(ia^ la\ peti>'nai i/tu "iicffri 
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.i^UfTien pitta til yila h \panitla t i/ur /<>, rnhttn a na nitr^tta lat^rl <tr Stitlltt pot 

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'{"";•'';';"•"■''>," tbanttrlfU of llallnbolib or Ciiibab Ural, anb bp anpothtr 
\7.iSjyio,'pu. Bobtrnoro anb lufltitrfl of our ojib kinffbomg, g|)all bt atnt 
r>v(/>.r.< . to pou, poll arr ro rrcribt rbcnt ahU ktcp tbtni priaontra m 
gaft tiiatobp until vou br libci ti)tiii to our idbiniral of tbe In 
bicfl of tijt C'ctan, or, in ijid itbotntt, to tbr person \ul)o on one 
brbalf oball bator tbr cbarse of atttnbinu; to tbc aflairoof the 
oalb 3nbit0,anbtatbtp(r0on\Dbo0ball bt appointrb for tl)dt 
piirpoof bp tbt oaib dbniiral -, anb tbcptotll btinanb tbtm (lom 
I'on Uibtn tbr totofltlg arc \:siD)> to 0tt out on tijtir bopd^e to 
tbt oaib Unbirfl, at \ubicb 0<)ib timt pou art to gmb anb bt 
liDrr tbtm obtr on boarb tbt oaili ritoatlo in tbr aaio citv ot 
fe>rt)illr or in tbr tup of Ciibistobrictirr tbr oatb l)r0iiclog|jj|| 
•«. v« III nu. N/r.. I/- iif toaiting to brpart, m prioontro in 0afr tuotobi', in t|)t pre 
"'""""''''"' *"''"" orntt of a otribtnrr anb Vaitncooto, rrcribinu an atbnotoicbit 
iiirnt anb tftcuritp from tbt iiiagttra of outb bt0oclg tijar ttitu 
tuill conbtp tbtm aa prt0onfr0 in 0aft cu0tobi> until tljni or 
librr tbrm to tbr 0aib dbmiralorto tbrptr0on tDboinbrmat) 
appoint to rtttit)t tbrm in tbr gaib i0lanb of t7i0paniol>i,,inb 
tbat tbrp toill brinu back a trrtifttatr anb attrotation tbat tticv 
balr brtn tonDri>rb anb briitorrrb, anb tbat tbro rtinaintti m 
tbr flaiD i0lanb. idnb tbr trptnflt lobicb oball br inciirrcD 
until tbrp arr brlibrrtb on boarb tbr oaib broorls i>oii arc to 
caiior to br protiibrb ant) paib out of tbr gooba of siitlj con 
fVii.r.n pr.<'«. < Ym. brinnrb ptr0on0, anb.if tbro pooorod no Qoobo, raiisr it to br 
M.IIIM. i>,irn pintK . pi'obibrb An\) paib out of tbr inonrv arioing from tbr finco ot 
Ai.-.r «« i„r). ,i;,u 01,,. [ijainiiff. ,1110 POU oball not bo rontrarw btrrto. SDontni 
l'r^''(!X'''';!!'w!'' f'f f"^" "' iiPrbina bri Campo. on tbr ttorntp orcono o.ip oi 
;,'.^ '\uuT,l!tr,f',,'i tbr montb of Junr in tbr prar ninrti> orbrn. J tbr ISuii}. i 
tbr Oiirrii. ]3i> commanb of tbr Ulng anb £iurrn, jFtrbiiiaiiii 

tiUiiUti tlilii\ nui^- 
Inn ('/'««( I //rrlrli ili 
WiUiul.M « ty.hdmt 
Hull I piir i/Kali 1 
ifitlii iitrti% ((irrr^N- 
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li>% i/)(A(ii nuii/f'1'1 
r.V'i"' yn"' '"' 'Ml- 
hityi I Inn litifittys 
pi I fci II ftiit n rrCillulii 
fiistn i/Ur /'It infri- 


ill! lllilr I'liiiDii II I'll 
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iiiiiil i;ur pur niiJ tn- 
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pilKt i7/ii r.f/iil'iiii 
pur%ta pfir rl th^ho 
. thuirunlt, l<i\ tfutilt \ 
i(i» iii/ui>ii((n />"i- 
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Cl)e Bing anh tbt £lueen. 
jFor tbe settlement of tbe is 

lanbg anb mainlano biocobcrrb in tbt Ccran, dnO for 
rontJtPing proDiaions to tbr prroono tobo art anb g|)>ill 
br tbtrr, M\b for biototirrins otbtr lanba or hniiijuii; 
ti'oin tbrncr Vobatctitr iiiritbanoiarg oball be fouiib, ir 
toill bf nrcraoari' to rrrigbt ooint obipo or tariHirig ii;i!i 

ilintrii m/iii i/ic/ihs 
niiiiiiii'itdi iliehittih 
ilail lit Sitillii (1 m/d 
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'lultr ^lir /(IS (/if/iin 
ildilin <]/iiliir<ii 

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uthili' p"r iinti 1 *i n 
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I'ttrtilo ri>iti'5(lilll( 1/. 
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l/(iiiiii>i/i 11 Ilia /iirtiind i/U( i/ ninhniri pant lu ruilin ilrnlir , nlii iiihn yi.'ii / \f.iniilitr ,;. 
fidirdii /(, I (it/iiiiiiniii lit fiiiiiii Im lltm t rnlrtf;i> c ^utilnruH m/d .iii/ii n/d I- lit umIii ^i, 
\r 'M:id( Imlit /ri i-nlrtfitr tiling ihchm nmim litinl citHpln i ittlm Airnri i/f/m lnl,M„n 
■itnnil"", I v> II' n /uiinrii hiinei /dm/ In tunpltr i pii^itr ./c/m iiididin/ii i/i/d, prntu ilr nutiU 
dim lid. I nun t<tl!iulrt tmlr ill h'rchii m/d iillii i/i Vnlinii ilil I iinpu. n irynir r i/mi i/im ,|, 
111(1 •/( luniu iV niiiin/d . «>(/■ dnnt > '" i/ Wf> >" /d llrynit. I'nr imtntladn iltl Hty < il,l.: 
fit \ (111 /'( rntlttl III tlri s , 

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I'ltrit III pi'hiili tiin (/(/d* ^'s/dA I' /ii I rd yirillr Uenul'll:rttt^ irttl illdr mririln , p,ir,i ,;, ; ,. 
>niiii(iniiNi(n/'i d/ds ptftnndi t^ue iilla i \tan r (U'lricn tU eilitr, c pdrd iltsti'hrir ofrd.i rirrriisu/rii^f' 
jV (i//d ifunliy i/KK-i iiici cd. ifriiij i/tii m Ittlltiitn \rr,i tutnrxlir Jliytiir iitf^unns ndo, n uirdw,*,!, , 





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of DiopanioLi, ,uid 
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gljall lit intiirrto 
totgotlfl I'oii arc to 
joobg of siitij con 
oobg, Ciiiiflc It to be 
B from tl)t niito o; 
ru Ijtrrto. SDoncin 
ciui' gttoub Bill) 01 
;n. 3 tljc iSinu. 1 

mt of tbe is 

c Cctan. iiiib for 
DDljO arc iiiiQ gi),il| 
lanQg or tirinijin; 
g|)all tic fotiitb, It 
jg or Ciuat)cla ans 

ittt lt<\ I ntttfiiii .:! .. • 
ihit y\Ia / */><iBi>/rt f j-.. 

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iijtir, ttbuO tnoiilD Ik to our Di0d(rt)itr mn to ibr Drtritncnt anD 
hiiiDCdiicr of tbr tioiiaata tDbKb art ro br iiiabt to tbt fliiio In- 
oirtii rbtrtfort tot (b'Ugr aiiD comin.inD )>oii ttiiit U)l)tn our xlD 
iiiiral of rtt InDito 0|)<)II uor niiD rbt titaotlo l)t rtquitto, or if 
otiDing tbriii tbti* (rbt otontro) art uduiiIIiiid to no \oitl) bini, 
mi l)t flball BcntanD from pou ann titaorlo, (lUiitKla iiiiD orbrr 
lototo for flucb toopagro. m* art ro iiiflpttr rbt Dtaotla diib foioro 
0,1,1(1) bt mac rtqiurr, aiiD arraimr toirb rbc otoiuro rbtrcof ro 
ircidb' 'brin to bmi ar rcaoouablr pricta, iKcorOing ao it inaii 
g[(ii; to pou rbiU rbrp oiigbi martv ro frrigbr rbtni ro bun, anD 
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djtsitb rbr Oiiio t>r00tla, ao far aa pofloibit totrbonr orittiatKt 
mi prriuDitt ro rbt parrito, for bp rbtor prtotnta tot Qivit |iou 
full pouitr to rbat tifrtt. SDont iti tbt loton of 4l)tDina Del Catiipo, 
„i, tli( ruitntp ottonD Dap of tbt iiiontb of lutit, in tbr ptar ont 
ilioiioatiD four bunDrtD anD ntnttp ottitn. 3I rbt bing. J tbt 
OiKcn. 23p toiiimanD ol tbt King anD kDuttn, J^trDinanD nil- 

CDe i^ing anb tDe Hueen. 
(3ltalDr0 of cjrportarton and contraband, 

ritbr odittro, toll colltctorg anD tu0toDlan0 of tbt vircb 
tiigljoprit of totbillt anD 23iaboprit of CaDii, anD tacb of pou: 
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tmib liifl naiiif, ro rakt frttlp anD laDt on hoarD obip Rtit bun 
DrrD iiiiD flfrp tabicto of tobtar anD nfrn tabicto of liarltp, for 
ibt tiicnijlling anD protoiaionof rbt lolanDoof rbt j|nDit0. ^inD 
mi(( ro alloto biui to tahr tbt aaio grain toiibin niit inontbo 
[Kit rnouing, rtckoning from tbt Dai> of tbt mahing of tbta our 
till, III ao inanp lourntpc a0 bt map pitaot toltbin tbr oaiD 
ttnii. protJiDtD tbiit at tacb lourntp br to ro rtgi0trr anD abiill 
rciiigtcr, in rbt prtotntt of an alcalDt anD rtoo otbcro of pou 
jnD .1 ocriDtntr, on rbt Dorot of rbi0 our granr, boto miicb bt 
iihro, 00 rbar bt mai> not takt mort rban rbt oaiD (m bunDttD 
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port DIIC0 or orbtr Duro, oinct ir ifl our toill anD pltaourt rbiU 

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/?,> t liflit Hrynit, hrrnnnti l/uirrt 

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fitur rt/iM iltfhit% Ytt 
'/irn, f)iir rrti/c H<it tni 
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nttt Wm Wmtrttnlf ''» 
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tHfPtrstrr " hitlfamin 
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cnnel r i'*% i/tniriri- 
tlitrr i/Mii/f< ifuifr ntt* 
I (Ml f ittrittftii% f 
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/fl/i « 1 ti'M 1 i/in i"i 
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fti^titt (/ur Ml It ri- rrif- 
m sirr r t/n/ri formil 
inn!i>s iiuini>\ </W/"i 
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/irr( t"i ritzunftHi 1. 
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tinL'n\% manrtit t/ui* 
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rnlrt ullit tie .\fiiitn<i 
c/i/ ( (inpo (I ifvnf.' r 
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iwpaiiii lie r.i'/il. f rt rdi/d mho ./r i.-i. n"i i'>i rrifinr/nMi'it yuc ,/,/ pun nur n< < /r-rtriM' 1 ri e\e (/l(^' 

jf/'/iiipdi/(», r/r/iM /rr(i(M if nm /•fr/i-nffirrt/i 1 i/rtft/«-\ f i •'nirn/ff/rf /i/'rt miiH/i ^dnii r irtr^'iirpiir 

1 «(ir ii /»i.n ( ^ni/oiii/ ' !'/»>« niirifr" Mmttantt i/r/iM ^'ni/tUf o ii/n prrtitntt t/ur rntt rnuiire cri 

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f.jrrt A-n/imrn/n r pr>'Mym\rHt>t i/r/ili v»/iM t/r/in > rii/iiM. rl tfUiil 'Inhi, p,itt I,- ./, idi/ %iiciit 

witni ilr (in<<' Mirff t pr inn rni ii^'uim/r t 1 <>nfiin>/«t i/t ti/i ny '/ni i/i/d /• < ^d </• 1/1I nui \ttrt \fli4tir > ■• 

b.mfi'i Mirrttri"! rl i/MMVff r i/in/rn t/i/ i/i(/»h /irrrnriM, /.infn (/iji in niilit .nMirrtn (lyii '/r rrcts/rdr . 

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1,'Kr t(Hrtri./)iir tfue n*>n /mc/d wi. dr tridi <ltli>% ./(./>.-* ^umit n/.u c (ifl</u.n/d (d/'i;i* t/c /ri:"i 

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,-'. ^'i» nlgunit\ lie utat ni n/rm <lerrihti\ itft^unns, /'-.» yMdn/n nuii/m rHfit"/ f tn/urt/il(/ m ifue 

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las non paguf, por \it (0 rtOt tO pB? tljCnii fOC t^tftaii BCflftl (0 OUCtf, anl) taf ar» 

9w w dicho pan es comniiinDfng ir to be taken for our tfectfcc; anb toe comniiinh 

nuestrn, e lo mtiniiii- pou 00 to pecfociii atit) fulfil it, \»iti)out placing any obsstati^ 

mosiumrpiiracosa.i pc iitipcDiment in hi0 toap. anD pou 0l)aU not act contrarn 

<ie nuestrn svnifw, (jefcto unHer pdin of our Displeasure anli of ten tljouBand iiiiin 

hquahosmamiamns ^jfjug (q Qm; cijaniber onD treaaurp to eacb perflon tohoahiii 

.iuehfaf:miesecun. jg f|,j (ontracp. SDone in tlje totonof fll^eoina Del taiiinn n 

pindes asy, synk po. j, ttoentp=fltconD Dap of tjje mont!) of June, in tl)e pear mm, 

>r«;;s ";„";: a"Z Ifemg anDoftbe^SernfjferDinanDaiDarw. (Branttb "' 

prna dein nuestrn 

;;;rr ?::;"!! ^De Btng anu tlje iXueen. 
;•::'", j::::v df ^^ntj? ^<; *?J<,f > a-teutenant of our 

i cmtrarw h.ziere. *?<llb abmiral of Cotftile : Oille coinmanD pou to oitc m 
fecha enin niia je cau0c to bc ffiDcn to SDoi. i]i:f)ri0topt)er €olumbu0,our a6iiiir,,| 
,»/fi/i>i<i ,(,/ canpo ,1 of tfjt iJDcean, a transcript, autl)enticateD 00 as to oliram 
In^s'defZfTnn' "i^ttxct, of toljateDer patent0 of faDour anb pribilCBCB m 
icnia e sycte nL. conflrination0 tljc 0aiD l?iffl) aDniiral of Castile bolbo of rljc 
>.. .; n,y >v. la am cUarge anb office of saonnral, toljcrebp Ije, anti otijtro 
iieyna. I'or man- on 1)10 bcljolf, map IcDp anb collcct tljc Ducs anb otijcr tijinja 
" pertaining to Ijini in tije saib cyarge; for toe Ijabc graiuto to 
tl)e 0aiD 9Don i]i:i)ri0topt)er Columbu0 tjjat Ije mav dabc M\i 
eniop in tlje abmiraltp of tlje 3nDie0 tl)t fa'jours, ijoiionro 
prtrogatiD(0, libertie0,Dur0 anD oalaries tol)ic|) oursaib |}i|;i, 
:abniiral i)as, tiolbs anb cniops in tlje abmtrattp of €m\k 
anb tt)is bo anb fulfil as soon as pou st)aU be requirco iinDtr 
tt)is our letter, tDitdout intrrpostng anp ecciisc or bchii); ano 
siioulb pou not so bo anb fulBI it, toe coinmanb our dsaioMiu 
/afimtts anb otljcriuStites of tlje titp of fetbille to constrain and fortt 

(iadd Jil Key t dela 
Hryna, Fernand At- 
lares. Acnrdada. 

El Hey t la I' ' 


Svria If'par tenief,. 
dt nutstro .llmtraute 
mayr de (astilla. 
rmf tot mandf^moa 
i/ue dedt! 

''Z!!n'lZl^r7lZn J^"" *"' " ^° '"'*' ''"'^' "• ^"^ '""^" ?"" HOt tl)tp BljilU tlO tOn'. 

rant, del ..„.r ..,,,.»„ trarp Ijtrtto. 2Done in tbe dtp of Burgos, on tbrttotntptliiro 

un trmiadu abtun- Oap of tljc iiionti) of idpril, lu tl)t pcar ninetp^scben. } tlic 

:,id<, en mnnira qu, Kung, 3| t^t ^Juccn. Bp coinuianb of tlje King anb of iijt 
japa je ''• vo^' lUueen, JFtrbinanb aibare0. (Franteb. 

quifr ciirtas lit met- 

ieti e preitllfjns r 

cimfirnuv, mnes qui 

el dicho .4huirnnti 

mayor de ( ast\Ua 

ttrnr litl dicho ciirf^n 

e "Ji^ I" df tlmu tintc, 

pnr donde e( t I'tm 

pnr el lilt tn i v( lo 

frtn !us drrrthos e i tra% cn%ti% a il perten((ieni(s conet dicht frtrfn. pur qur axemns fec^n nier<^' i ; 

difhi, Min ( hnst'iKtl ( itlurt que nya e fiozt drifts tnerfedts r bonrrab r prtrr<-^ittmi% t /j''f f.',i,j, 

dcrcchi's t a i/iitt"s inW almirnntad^o deltw Yndxar. ifur ha e time r gvzti il dnhu nutstrn ,iiin.- 

rante ina\nr entl almirantad^o de t'ttstillii, l<> qutil hasrd r cnnplid tuepo mmn fuerde\ requrr.-. 

i on tstti nutstra (artn. \\n (/u« tntllit ponfiayt r»cu%a ni dtla^ii'ti tUfiuna, e sy it\\ ntm In hnirri. ■. 

e lUnpUtrien, mundiimos al nuistm iisysttnte t a idras justiitas dela (i/x/di/ de SriiUa aut i 

( itnpetnn i fipreiuim id" nsy hiiztr t tunplir F non fn^adts »ii fafian i-ndi al. h'ttha inla ii'-;; 

de /iuri!f\ a \e\nti t tri%s thin del ttn s dr iihnl dt nnventae 'i\tte an'-\ )■ r/ f{i^. )',, U\ Hr\^ . 

Por tnttndadi' del Hey r -Ulit Iieyna. leimind tharts. .-Iccrdada 

Zl)t i^tng and tl)e €lueen. 
£p tl)e0e presents toe gtte itcence ant) 

autl)oritp to I'ou SDon Cbnstopber Columbus, our dDmini 
of tl)e iTcean, tiiat pou map be ab'c to take anb bo take intopj^ 

hi Hry I la Iieyna 
5 I'OH la prmnle liimii\ h',:ntin e larultad a iiii Dun I hn\l''xal< ' Inn nui fir,' Almii. ml, 
"leanf' para que p'>day% l"nuu , tf>mr\s a iueldi> 

I 2i 


(0 ourfi, ant) tet act 
i ant) toe commaiu 
)lat<ns an^ obatatlt 
all not act contutp 
:l) ptMon tobo odaii 

Bp coninianb of tlic 
xifS. (Brauttu. 

enant of our 

iianu pou to oitc m 
ttD 80 as to obtain 
; aiiD pci\)ilc(jco m 

daotilc bolOo of tijt 
ercbp be, ano otiicro 
ut8 and otbcf tljmna 
ir tot batoc gciinttti to 
jat bt mil" b'rtc ,iiiti 
tbc fa'jouro, bononra, 
s tobicb our 0ait) Digli 
aDiniraltp of Castile. 
ijall bt rtqiiircti iinticr 

crtiiflf or Dtliii' ; aiij 
inianO our sasoiotaiu 
to tonfltrain anti force 
i)j, on tbt ttocnti) tt);rti 

ninttp flttJtn. 3 tl)t 
f tbc l&ms auD of tijt 

it)e Itcence and 

kcana bo take into pa? 

qur fUfmni /rf'o tturir i : 
pnrr.'^'rldKM t /i'>< r.'.ij. 
jojd </ (iIt^" n'4i s(ru .f'm.- 
p^i) mWI" ^vrdis fr'/krr.; 
1(1. r <y (l\V nirn /" ''IZiir; 

a {titiitui \tt StwUa 7bt i 

1 fM'/( il/. fVfKl inla ', l':-;;: 

1 nuf Iff" -l/fMnit'if. :. 


cTSi i*S^ ef^fr ^^a>9; 


h 2 

i r 



;4, ' 


' ! 





? ■.' 


» s 




\ I 





I i! 



i ' I J i/ 



ti man? a0 ttirte ^unDtefe anb tfifrtp ptrttoniai, to tfie end tfiat 
(he cttfioe (n t^t 3 nDU0, of t^t octupatlon0 ano (n ttie mannrc 
folfotvinff' foct? r0qufrt0, one fjunticeD Coot^dolDfetti anti 
.,p„(er0, tt)(rtp 0ailoc0, t!)(ctp ntfli0tifpmen, ttoentp tDockertf 
in pID) fiCtP laboucer0, ten garDeneriet, ttotnt? ofBtero oC all 
tiaodttf and ttiictp toomen, making in all tye 0afD tt)cee fjun- 
oreii anD tt)(rtp pec0on0, to toiiom pou ace to cautie toages to 
be pafD ast it in containeD in ti)e instruction tobitb toe Do tom-- 
inanD to be gitien tt)erein ; anb 0t)oulb it l)C neeoful to alter 
m of tl)c 0aib occupation;:} or pecriins, tip incceading tl)e 
niimbcr of Some onb bp biminieftii' ^Ijers, pou ntap bo s(o, 
ag voii S^all 0ee anb peccttbe to i: foe out 0etDite ; pco> 
tjiteo tbat altogetfjer tbrp be not (, ::u in all tlje 0aib ttirec 
himoreb anb tbittp per0on0. SDoue w t(ie citp of Burgos, on 
tl)( tteentp-tt)irb bap of tlje mont|) of SIpril, in tbe pear one 
tl)oiifliinb four bunbircb anb ninetp^oeljen. 31 tbe Hing. 31 
ti)c ^uttn. I5p conunanb of tlje Ifling anb of ttie i^ueen. 
j|(CDinanD jaibarc0. d^ranteb. 

Cbe Mns and tl)e £lueen. 
mx treasurer of tl)e property and tU 

fccrs appertaining to ti0 from tbe i0lanO0 anb mainlanb 
DigcoDcrcb anb placeb utiber our bominion in tyc (Dctm in ttje 
rtgion of t^e 3nbic0 : Qilte commanb pou t|)at from tt)e golb, 
incrct)anbt0e anb otber ti)ing0 tobict) 0l)all be obtaineb in tt)e 
SJiD 3nDte0 pou bo gibe ann pap to tlje ptr0on0 tDl)o map be 
tiuitlcO to rcctibe tbcm from ug,anp galarp, \uagr0 anb ott)tr 
iiiDiui'O toljicl) ri]tv ougbt ro t)abe for frcigl)t0 of sl)tps anb 
iiMrlncrfl, anb for otbrr ttjingo toljicl) map be nctOful for tlje 
\)mm >»tt> 0tttling of tbe people re0ibing anb going to 
rcoiDt in tl)e 0aib ^I'tiies, for U)age0 anb 0alarp, and for 
tDl)dt(bcr map be papable anb bue to tl)t people tobo i)abc 
9trt)Cti 110 i't time pa0t, accorbing to tlje lists, bills anb 
oiarrants tobicb sball be belibereb to pou, 0igneb toitb tt)t 
names of SDon Cl)risropl)rr €olumbii0, our ^flbmiral, Uitt- 
rop anb (Fobernor of rtje 0aib 3|nbie0, or of bis lieutenant, 
jnb of tt)e o(Bter0 of our cbief accountant0 totio are anb 0l)all 
b(in tbesaib 3lnbie0v bp tbe toljicb receipt0 anb lists, anb 
tiv acquittances of tbe parties, toe cominaiib tbat rljcre be 

fasia en ninnero ile 
Irezientas e trcynta 
personam para que 
esten enlas Ymtiaa, 
detos ofifios e forma 
siguicnte, qunrenia 
escuderos, cienl peo- 
nes de guerra e de 
trabajo, ireynia ma- 
rineros, treynta giu- 
metes, reynte lahra- 
dorts de aro. (in- 
qucnla l.ihradt'ri-s, 
divz nrtolanos,ieynte 
ojipatvx de tndns oji- 

que *'>n to'Jas las 
divhas trfsietitas e 
Inynta permniaa, tiis 
qu(dis Japiiyx papar 
sufldo st'^utidse citn- 
liene tnla ynstrwion 
que (erca delh man- 
dantds dar, e sy algu- 
no delos dichiisajifios 
V fiente fuere nefesa- 
rio mudarse a creicr 
enel nuviero delos 
uivm tibtixandn entns 
iilros, to podays ha- 
ter, se/iund tierdcs e 
:ntendierdes ser cun- 
plidero a nuesiro ser- 
1 i(io e cnn lanto que 
tins \ nonj seaii mas 
pnr todiis detas dicbas 
tresicnias e Ireynta 
pervitias. Ferhn (nln 
rihdat de fiur^os, it 
leynte e IrtS dias dtl 
<nis de aliril de mill 
e quatnmi-nlns e un- 
it nta e syete iinns. 

)■.. .( «<•>■. >■» ;,i 

Uryna. Vtirmandadn 
del lley e dila lUyna, 
Ftrnand .tliaies. 

h'.l /u-y «* la tieynn- 
V Sl'FSTRO ttsorertt dela hiisitnda e iosas a nns perltunitntts i/i/im yslas e tiena jirmt- descu- 
bur1a^ t puesttn .i<> nuislrn uhoyii\ i-nel mar o^Ydnti rn/r parte dilas Yndia^. nn-i ms Mum- 
diimtii que del uro i' mrri fl</rrl(t^ . ntra\ ii'Sds que si miteeil enUfi tluhiis Yndia' deU\ e 
Pii^'Ht</t* t:Ut\ pirsnna\ qur «iii(rt« (/<■ «iiir (/«■ n"s quid quitt siiLiru* * ^;(^//" . t>ti<i\ 
ttt,iidu--in que ayan >/»■ iiiir poe Ji,ti-i i/i n<Ill«l^ t riitir yni ros < paiit Li\ i>titi\ t"^it\ qU' \<itn 
u fuiruts pattt la ii/'i/(i(Hift «■ pidiltntnn dela fiittte que t\ta t niuit ii'i yt d/ii* u'ji/'ii^ Ytidia^ poi 
\uililo f sd/driii .' la ^riite que n>'s tuitir sertidn el /»» pa\adti /.» qui tny «'i(«fi' dr aitr t It x 
firrt tlrxuttt sef^und \e iri, dirie p-rr ttttmintix i ^.ttultix t lihramitnltt\ Jinutidtn tli \us tltinl're^ 
.{, li.m f'hji%tinat r ii/on nue\trti Almiiantt, I m<> Rty i< Cinirrnadttr tttla\ 'litha^ yndiat o <t* 
:tiT tementr. y /<•* t^fi{itile% de nue\trti\ ( tutttliituri mtiyttrtx t]ue enta^ dithas Yndias t statt t 
■ \hntten, trn/o.i quaU\ rtetibiitts r nurriiniif e <<in wirfut dt pa^tt detas paite\ mnntiamt>% que itts 

'»S ki 

!i i 


{ IV 


m^'i ;i 


i I . i 




, ( 





I I 


i I 

sum mibiJos en eu. tttHittU to poii (it ttccount t\it tfofD mont^ft fcc to!)(cti tbe 0afti 
en(.i los dicho3 ,»a- antttttal atiO ofDcrco 0ball t^M a;(tietoarcant0,anti tobfch nnu 
"""'" i,'""'y ('; XliaU B(be and pap aa aforttfart; anD pou utiaU not Ho to„ 
m";:,/! oJJi; ; «af!? De"to. SDone fn tOe dtpoE BurffOfl.ontbe ttoentp.tjjij, 
(/im/« e pagardes Oa? of t|)C montj o{ iBpcU (n tt)f peac one tfiousanD four iun. 
cumo dicho es, e Hon nxtXt anO ninttp'-flttjen. 3 tje Bfnff. 3 tje flDuetn. jSp 

commanD oC tt)t %(ns and of ttie i^ueen, JFecOfnanti aibace/ 

%\^t Mm dtiD ',^e €lueen. 
Co pou our C|)ief 2tecountant0 anli 

' "" SDonCtrtatoptitrColiimr 

fagadei cnde at. Fe- 
cha enia (ibdat de 
Jiurgos, a veynli e 
Ires ditts del mea de 
abril de milt t qua- 
tro(ienlos e noventa 
e syele anos. Yo cl 
Hey, Yii In Reymi. 

r"/,r"'.v^/''/'7 ' pour UeuttnanM and offitertf. 

mndAhJes. ' Acor- tiu(j,ouradm<ral oft^t flDtran, ia& rtporttd to uti tbat ije ja'a 

dad,,. lent and (0 lendins to 0onir of tbe persons totio are (n t^c ^n. 
dies terta(n sums of ntonep, tobic^ ije states are to be ccpaiti 

hi Hey V la iieyn,,. j^ jj,,, f^^^, jjjj p^p ^^j pcot,(0(ons tojltj) t^t Saio petfionfl 

§ ivvEsTuosion. jfj jq reffjtie from us, and das SuppUtated us to toniniani) 

'";!r;:';r"mr: ?<»« « "»««» <> toarcant to m upon tie moneps toyicl) m^t 

te, e oj,\,aies, ihm petSons are to receibe from us. Mlljerefore toe tomnian^ 

thristovai Colon nu- pou tl)at upon t])esa(d admiral, or anpone tioldfna tifs autijO: 

,slro Almirante del nt? (tt OUt leffal fomi, flljOtoinff pOU t^Ot flUCt) mOntpS iKt BtlC 

'"ZZ""''u""'i ha ^'^ ^'"' bp sucb persons, pousball grant dim a taarraiu on our 

pr!'.!ia2, rpresiaa '^Dttasurer, or on t)fs lieutenant (n tlje said Undies, to pap t^t 

a!/i,mas deias perso. fUmt to ^ittx ftom toljat tijcp Htap tjabt to ffibt and pap to suci) 

mu que est.m enhs ptrsons tol)o Hiap bt tijus indtbtcd to tlie said admiral 

ymi,autipum,.^qu.m- gup„j ,„ Sutffos.on tl)t nintt) Oap of apap in tbe pear mntrv 

tuts ae maraiedis his „ . rt »t. tu <^ ^i. \ir\ .fe ••••>Kiy. 

•luaie, ,/..- que le K,-, ««»«"• 1 »•)* ^'"ff* i '!>' iEueen. 2Bp tommano of tl)t 

(/<' <rr pn^m/<ii .frf lEiinff aud of tt)e iDueen, jfetoinand aibares. (Frantcb. 

sueldo e n%antenimi- 
tnlo que ban de axer 

t:::lrltpt,f::; Clje mtng and tDe €lueen. 

;:;: ';:;::ir:„i:; <p tDese present© toe gite licence anb 

»mrm,j,5 que las aut^otitp to pou, 2Don CI)riStop!)er Coluinbiio, our 

iaUspersonas,.v>er,n adiHiral of V^t tX>cean, x\jiX. If pou 0l)atl pcrceibr it u 

de axer de nos. I'o- \it for our strbicc to takt into pap a larger number ot 

rende not ins mnn- persous tt)an tjiose to||om toe noto command to p to 

damosquemosu-nndn tjie ^ndlts and ttsiOe therein, pou map take aim rttam 

K.i el dieho .Urn,. t^cHi untll tj)tp rcath tl)e number of (Ibr Ijimtirtti 

rante o guien su ptider 

onere en forma haslante de derecbo, eomo lus tales maravedis le son deridos por /n, fii/rt peridiwi 
fieloi libreys , nd nuatro ttsorero ti rn su la^iar teniente delas dicbas Yndias pot,i que ^,ln^ ptti^un 
delo que nviert n dt dar e pa^'ir tdas tale^ persnnjs que (tsy Ins deiiittn al dteho .Ilmiritnle >Vrf : 
en Huriius a nueve dxas de mayo de nuxenta e s\ete ahos. Yo el Hey. Yo la Heyna. I'or iHiji. 
dadii del Hey e dita Heyna, t'ernand .4lxarts. Acrdada 

h'l Hey e la Heyna 
^ PuH la presente damns lnep{xa t Jtuultad a ins Ihtn ('hrxst*nal ( uitn nutstri, t!'-... 
rante dtl txxar n\eann para que \y ixtrdes qui cimiiene a nuestm ,i-rtj|ii> qu, 
tt>m* a surtdit mas numirn i/t /)tMr«nii, delas qu< iif^nia mandamns yr alas \n.i... 
a tilar entlUxs, las pudxxys tnmai < trner jasta lUf^ar a numetu tii quiHnni. 

I ■ r 

!' 1 


fee tot)(tl) t|)e gain 

0|)all not Do com 
ittie ttotntg;tt!(cti 
iou0anQ roue ^un^ 
tlie iSimtn. Bp 
ecdinanti HWaxta. 

mtante m 

Jnfltopfttc Coliini: 
D to u0 ttiat tt tiag 
tolio ace (n t^c ^n> 
teu ace to be rcpajb 
\) tl)e 0aiD pecdoni) 
et) U0 to toninianb 
monejfl toljici) outt) 
tfoce toe tonimanti 
' lioltiins tiis atttl)o 
uct) inontpts arc tiut 
m atearrantonouc 
D l!nDic0, to pap ttic 
[ibe anD pap to auti) 
tbe 0ait) aomiral. 
> in t|)t pear ninety 
i^ tonunanti oC tijc 
irt0. (Pranttn. 

le licence anb 

irc Coluntbiis, our 
litiall pcctcibe it to 
1 lacger number ot 
commanb to go to 
ap take ann retain 
: of ntc l)unDrtti 

ioj pnr /(M ^i/ft piTtdflfli 

fulA pltt ,t IjUf ^'t/nl p.lijh^tl 

ii/ tiu'hn .ttmtrante h\ch: 
)'ii f<t Heynit. for imi« 

.■rtl ((Won Nuii/r» ('-■,.. 
nunitti) i/i '/uiAnnr. 


|j(f Cm 




/^ -^v7#.-^n.\^ 



, .. > 


' I 


il " 

, 1 


( ' I 


I ; I 

;-, 'I 

I I 



I • 




/ L^ 






I ' 



f '1 ■• 

^^^^ j^TTy, A^p ^«;» ><t<^^JU^i«)-< 



i i 



DtrtfonO (n all. foe tfutti tfme anb fn 0uct manner act ^oti map peraunm por (,„/,i,, 
think fit iptt)tiftieDt|)iittt)t pap anti maintenance to be irecelbtb par ,i nenpo e si- 
bv Wth per0on0 aa goti ma^ &6 incceade, sijall be paid to tbem nwt v»^ " >»< '".n 
from anp inercbanDifle ano otijec tf)ing0 of Ijalue Vol)ict) map ""'« ^"""'. f"" '"•- 
lit obtaineD in tije (JoiD JnDieff, toittiout ouc tommanninff tie '» i"' .'' '"''''" • 
flame to be protibeD from otfter flourcea. 2Done in tie citp of ;"«"'«»•""""" v"' 
Buroo0, on tlje ttoentp.jjeconb bap of tbe mont|) of april in '"' '"'" P""""" 
■bt pear one tliouflanb four Junbreb anb ninetp.0eben. J tlje lZn„7eT,TsZ 
%in0. 3 tde jihieen. Bp commanb of tije %inir anb of t^e pague de quai quter 
dQuten. Jferbinanb SIIt)are0, (Eranteb. mtrcadeha e otras 

cosas lie valor que se 

SQon iTerDinanD anD SDonna Isabella, >"'<"' ^y 4»^ " ^ 

^ bp ti)e Brace of OJob Ikinff anb iUueen of Catftile. ILeon, '"".f'Z Tta 

aMpn,&(cilp,05ranaba,tli;olebo,ilHalencia,(Falicia,99a)orca, p,,rtt. /■•«*« .«/« 

Scbille, &arbinia, Corbotoa, Corsica, 99«rc(a, 3|aen, tlje ai= nW"' ■'•• I'-rgos „ 

prtjefl, aiffcticatf, CPibraltar anb tlje Canarp ■jolanbtf, Count "■>"''■ *■ '.'"V'!"' '''' 

.,,,0 Counttjja of Barcelona anb ILorDfl of Siacap anb sl^olina, '!'lZX>in^V'!w. 

gpiibed of at^tna anb il^eopatria, Counts of laoussillon anb ,rnia , syeu- mns. 

CtrDagne, fi^arquises of Oriotano anb (Eoiiano. QiUiiereas >'« >:i Hey. >.< ;<i 

on bebalf of certain perffonfl efltablloiieb in tlje ifilanb of l?i(J: "'>""■ '''"^ ""'"- 

paniola, anb of otljeru toljo bealre to efltabliulj tbemoelbetf tLla F^Znf'n 

tl)crtin, toe !)a\)C been petitioiieb to commanb x\)ai lanbs oboulb ,„„s. ' .uorUuda. 
tic grantcb anb adfligncb to t|)em in tl)e saib icflanb, in tobici) 

tl)C!> migbt 0ato corn anb ottjer seebo, anb plant occtiacbs, i>ox t'imami., t 

cottonartefl, fiar, bines, trceff, ouffar=canefl anb otliec plants, ""'■" *';"5"' /""■ '" 

aiiO mifflit make anb builb Ijoufles, mills anb machines for ^'™';;; J'Ta'uih 

tljtoaio Stisar, anb otjier builbings profitable anb ntcessarp ,///..„„, d, .im^^.m, 

for tt)cir libeli|)oob, all Ynbicij i:< of serbice, abbantase aiio <'< ^vc'i", </. aran. 

iitilitp to us as toell as to tl)e resiuui.j in t|)e said island : "'"• '''■ '"'"'"■ ''' 

Ctitrtfore bp tyese presents toe gibe licence and autboritp l"'\Ztn,!,'1i'T 

to pou, aoon cyristopljer Columbus, our admiral of tlje ,,';/,',, ,/,' (_,rd,L. !/. 

Cttan, and our Jllicerop and Ofobernor in tlje said island, <..n/«.fl,i/(t,.ri,l.,i, 

ttiat in all tbe districts tbtreof pou map onb syall (jibe ■'< t/«n '".>'■ ■/<>''.«. 

and distribute to suclj persons, anb to eatb of tljeiii, noto ''','"' "s"'";' f 

imlnu and btoellinff in tbc Saib islanb, and to tbosc tobo ',Trdlil\t[ i] 

irom noto tjencefortb Sball go to libe and dtocll therein, tbe ( ,m,ina. (.>»,/, . 

ijiiDS, i)>llO >>"D toaters toljicb pou sball consider proper to (hmiesad,-iic,n,i,„ui 

lit (jibtn and allotted to cacU of tljem, according to bis rank, '■ ■•^'■nores dc iiscya 

Ijifl otrbitc to us, and tbt conbition anD qualitp of bis •■'• W"'"i'>. /'"/"" 

ptrgon and estate, marking bp boundaries and landmarks ''' ■"'""' " ''•' ^'^'"'^ 

patria, ComliS di 
■':.ji(//im f i/r ', >r(/,ini(i, .l/iiri/ufsi i i/.- Orn/mi c ./.• (t'.ijinmi. /',.r timinl'i por parte de alfiunas 
f,rici<iJ i/ue tslan anzmdiidas enlii y^ln Hi/iiiA'dii e dt olriis que se quteren imsin./iir c-n<7/ii, 
It, I fur tuplicain /u mnni/iitetniM i/.ir <• irniidii m/n dichn yslo tierrat en que ell<'S pudieun 
yrKbrar pan t otras semiltas e pimttir huett.n e at^'tdtme; e tim'.rtf e imns e arhot'S fuin.i- 
h,i:ttts de atucar i otras pliintus r faser e tdejicar nuin <■ multnns e enf^tnios para el duho 
ti^uzar e otros edejicws proieehtuns y »r(Y5iiri(jj para su bii-ir, to quat es servn'io nuestni 
, ken t utdidad cumn delns moradores dela dieha ysla. fnr endi por la prtsente i/iiiiui (iirniin 
t fttaiitad 11 vus Don ( hrtstoral (olnn nuestro .ilmirante del mar meajia e nuestro I'lso Hey 
, ifintrmidor inia dieha ysla, para que en tMltn Ins termino\ dilla podadef dnr e reparlir e 
liili^ I tepartade% alas talti per^ona^ e a lada uno dtllus que a^ma hum e moran enta duha 
yW.i I iiloi que de aqut aditante fueren a hiiir e murar tnelta, /ii> tuniis e inontt^ e a^uat que 
i.i t(rn/fs que a eada unit ■letlus u dele dar e repartir \e^uud quien fueee, < In que nos onere 
,tinJi' ( la ititiJi^iun I lalidod Ui tu pet ..■it, t > hnir, i liiiiitaud' . attuijan.L' \ uitn'jonaniit.] a 

I 2(> 

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tad,, «ii» fn ,,ur any tottt ?ou 0(iail ttiu0 «i\tt ttot Bllot to rttcp onf; «o ttat he 
u .lunits f rrpnrd- niflf dattt, JolO snO po00t00 It foc anb «0 <)I0 oton, anb mav 
::^?ZlnZ'ua "WPP, plant anb tultltatt (t.aub make \)la profit tDtrtof 
pnr,uyofc„mo,uy,.. to(t|) potofc to 0tll, ffitt, fftant, wttanBr, aKtnatt, mortBaut 
t h utt , pumit . retain, anb bo tbtrctoftti anb tbrrtln todatcbtr lie map picdg; 
hhy , v aprovnht j„j jjjni flt^ „ ^jjjj, j,,^ p^,„ pcoptrtp, for lift, lip Q IllSt Antl 
jrV^r .wV. »»Bal title i 0uc|) per0onfl unbertakinff to keep anb maintain 
dar f d.mar , (r.xnr reflibence toitt) tl)etr inbabiteb )K)u0e (n tbt 0aib iaianb of ^lO; 
r cixnhtar t nagtnar paniola for foiir jifar0 nejtt enaiiinff, reckoneb front rljt tap 
\Z^-lTmT"Zl on tobiclj vou stjall gitJt ano btliber to tbcui 0utl) lanfto m 
M„ I., qu. fuKvrr. pcDpertie0 i onb to butlb f)oii0e0 in rfie jaib tolanb anb plant 
• por hun tmurr ti)C 0aib liinrpatbo anb ortl)arb0 in tde manner anb qtiantitp 

■■ ' ''■■ "■'" '">■" totiicl) 0ball 0tem ffoob to pou •, problbeb tbat in oiitl) Unoo 

%T.Vrrnbi!'",iuio. •»•»«' J"" to""" *>o VOW 0ball tl)ii0 Bibe anb allot, aiitb ptc' 
ohiignmiioe (,i, lah', fSoiMS toiuwt itW) map not |)olb anp citoil or triminal itiiiooK 
/Mrv,n<ij d, unrr t ngn, nor anj» cnclo0urc, or 0eberal pa0ture,or rinflftnccti 

Z^TLa'rM "Pt *»*" »'•"' "'"P ""'"«»' '" "»» '•*'»'" "f ""' ""''t" block 

f,,;,. d.cha y'la As- Bttb ttjot all t\)t re0t, being unentlootb, toben tde fniito ano 

pahnh p„r qualm |)arbt0t0 ttjtrtof liabe been gatbeceb, 0|)all be tommon paotiict 

,m..« pnmeros yui j„j (a\lo\o tt> Oil. anb liketDi0e toe reoerbe to ourotltjto ttit 

w !/.yv'«"'tv.''*/.rn/'', bttnu anb anp mttal of Bolb anb 0ilb'r anb otter metal tolntl) 

•■ ,nirce,,r,t,s las 0ball bt founb in 0ucb lanb0. )dnb liketoi0c tljat giiclj ptr. 

liii.shrrraM-haMcn ^on0 to to^om poii oball gttic anb allot tte 0aib lanbo cannot 

d.„ . vu. /«rnn .n/,i j„j ,„jp „„, (gj^ pp xxwUXit t|jertin or in anp part tbcr.ot, m 

pia«i„rttn /« ,/ir/.,., ""tal or bra»ll or anvtbing el0e belonging to no, and for 

r,n,is e hutrtas ,nia toi)icl) our orbcr to l»\it ttnb unlabe 10 reqiiireb. ano tbat tt)cp 

manera e cwiuhj ,„j,, j^jp ^5^5^ gatbtr, rai0e anO tononme tbe fciiito, torn 

IZrc.m /«»".. 'X' ««•>«. tr'fO.^'ntfl. ""on anb tobat0oeber tbepoballflotoanti 

.f,/,,j M/f, (irrn., f gatbtr in tbe 0ali5 lanb0, a0 afore0aib. sflnb it lo our toiii 

muMiM r a^uiK que atxi pltaourt tbat no otber peroono oball take from tl)tni or 

.in ,/ifr./,, , repm- octupp tbt Unbci tobicb "ou oball gibt anb ollot to fftf Ml In ti|t 

''"''" '"' '"'" ';'■ manner aforeaaib, or plate anp oequeotration or obotruttion 

unrr ni ungan ,..n tljtfton ot on anp part tbereor,but 0ball alloto tbtiii trttlpto 

./■uon „irun., ffui bolb, po00t00, iioe anb eniov rbein atcnrbing to tobat lo ton 

n,;, ni <-,.<,i talneb in tbto pattnt. !.lnbneltbertbtonenortbtotbfroftljtni 

</r,.nM,i,i m ,i,hrs,nui j,|jjn jg (pntrarp btreto In anp manner.unbcr pain of our oig 

"m/'r'!!!,';'; "11 plea0iireanb often tbou0anbttfarabebl0toourtbambritotbtri' 
.'..K'.n ,a^ado d, one tobo 0bail Do tbe tontrarp. cFibrn in tbe tolon ol^ttiMu 

una tapiii en alto e 

i/Uf fc)i/(j Vt o/rn dtii;trciidM, I'ogxdos Un /rufc y f ti^ui/rtins dtHo, \ta pa\t<' minun 1 ^'a!d^^: a (, „ , 
F. asy mismo rrirnamm para n"i r/ hranyl t ijual tjuirr mtlat dt cnt e plala r olrti metal -yLr ■»,' 
ta!i\ tierras %e haltttre. K a\y nte^mo i/uf las laltx peisi>nai il i/uirn ilieides e ripart'.rrji^ ■, 
ilichai Iterras nn puedan faser ni ia^an tntllas ni en parte itelltts cargo ni lieicargo nlf^un' , 
vielal HI dt brasyl m >lr rira cnsa algiina tjue a tms perlrnesit r de que pur nuritra iiionj,!,- 
se ha dr faaer cargn e drscargo. F tjue Sflamente il'os puedan senhrar «■ coger r Uevar e piMf i' 
/•IS frutoi t pan e xeiniUas e arbidts e tthas f algtHitmales e que rn/ify ththas Iterrat srfihnt'n 
t cvgiertn, currni liicfco ii. /■.' (/iirrrnku e mandamus que las lirrras que Us loj duriles e n/tnii 
erdis enta tnanria que dicha es ningunas nt at^unas petsonas mm pelas lumen ni tx upm ni ;, 
p^ngan enellas ni tn parte dtllas enhargu ni ynpedinunln algunn mas hhre tii. n/i g,la\ ./.i, 
tener e pnsther e u\ar e gnzar deltas segund que enesta nuestta carta \e mntienr. I- 1,'^ un 
Mt lii\ i>trt>s nnn lagan tn.le iil pi'i ii/^'una manna, ,<• ptna dela nutilia mtr\ttl e dr die: pi,. ■ 
utaiaiedis a tada un» /ur i' • "n/f af :>' hi\\< ri . pai a la nut ^tra i a mar a tiada < nta 1 itla d, .Vt.jii. 

t, t '. 

m \i 1 

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■p one-, flottiattt 
^10 oton, ano ma; 
|f0 prottt ttifrfofi 

tttt bt map pUaat 
kttp anb inamtam 
0aib tfllanb oC ttio: 
oncD from r^t bap 
em 0utt) lan&g ano 
ID I0lanti ano pimt 
iintur and qiiantitu 
tbat in iuti) lanoo, 
ant) allot, fliit|) per 
r trfmtnal iiiiiaDic 
tt,or rinB'ftiuctt 
font tactljcn block, 
»\itn ttit fniits ami 
br common paotiirt 
rtie to ouraeliicg tijc 
ttoi0t tbat guci) per 
It 0aiD lan&g cannot 
flnp part tl)cr:of, ano 
(ing to ug, ano for 
itrtD. anotl)attl)(D 
mt tin fniitg, torn, 
rr tl)fi> gl)all goto and 

tdnO It ig our toiii 
I rakr from tl)tm ot 
D allot to rljcm in tilt 
anon or obotruction 
alloto tliciM frtf l» to 
Oing to tDbiit ig ton 
inDcrpain of oiirois 
I tijr toton o( t^cDini 

.t<< iituiun t I'ttLLi' II !■ . 
itala r oini milnl qm .'i 

I (/if ( iiti r ^l^rIrf:^r./l^ ■ 
go ni titscargii d/^'uti 

(fue pf'T nUfUro OKlJjii,: 
ir !■ ft'prr t ttnar r f:tn' i- 

i itichrtS tterran senhrar'n 
ir Us I'uJ i/irrc/fs r ripnif 
'las lumen nt ucupm tii ;, 

II hbrt mcnir (.vlni iltx. 
:t %r fontitnt. ^ f<'s bn 

i/rd »i«r(i(/ I' (tr tlu: it. 

/>ili<il .rIiI llffililV Uriii 




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/><w<w$^Na%J ^,„.-^^,.^^, 

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D(| Canipo, on tit nornr^ stconb iap of tfic montt) of 'Jul)), 
,n tl)c prar of rtr ndtltitrp of our toabiouc Jttiua Cbctot one 
(tjOiiiJanD four bunortb aiiO nintt)|>0tbtn. H rtr IKfng. 3 
ti)( iJQutrn. 3. Jo\in or la iParra, tottrtran' of tdt TKinff auD 
o( tti( Siuttn our HorDfl, caufltti it to bt toiittrn bp tbrlr com> 
ntiinD. ^nb on tbr bortfr of t\)t oatb partnt tt flalb : (firantcb, 
KoDtrfck iDocror. jFtrbfnanb l?ort(s pro<ttiaut(llor. Ktsia- 
t(C(D, Sottoc. 

r/r/ ( (in fin. II irynli « 
i/(n i/i(ii ilrl mn </» 
judo, >ii)» ilrl n>ri|i- 
titiintn fif ntititrn 
Siiliiiiliirltiul /iru/ii 
ilr mill r i/Hfi(i m( irn- 
tni r n»ii nftr r i^'i-ft- 
nSm YnilHiy. Ki) 
(ii lliyna. Yn Junn 
tlild I'lirrii Sicrrliirio 
ilil Hry V ilrlii Heyna 
nut)trll^ .ScSurii la 
Jit tucriiir pur iu 
miiniliiilii. H in/iM 
1 1/iii/i/iM i/rdr ifii Ad 
uir^i (/(■i_yfi . - ff'ir- 
:lll<l,l. Itnilnciii l),-c 
lir. Kdiiiini/ Ihir- 
tiz par f luin{tllir. 
Hiiinlriiilii. Ilntinr. 

mon jFerdinanD and SDonna 3l0abeUa, 

bp tt)t grace of (Fob lilfng anb sDuccu of Caotilr, Uron, 
jragon, tSi(^\y, (Franaba, '^lEolrDo, tlalcntfa, OPalicia, ^a- 
lorcd, C9tbillf, barofnia, Corboba, Corafca, ^urcia, larn, 
tilt digiirbtfl, iHgtcfrau, (Fibralrar anb x\)t Canarp Jfllanbu, 
Xoiinr anb Councroti of loarcrlona Ann lorbo of Siotap anb 
yi^lina, 9Dukt0 of iStlirnfl Ann JlSroparna, Cotinro of Eoug< 
gillon anb Ccrbagnr, d()arqui0r0 of ijrri0tano anb (Foiiano. 
for rbat it 10 tbr prculiar pribilrgc of Kllng0 anb (Drlntco to 
Ijonaiir anb trait M\t to confer fabouro anb gracc0 upon tbrir 
oiitiictto anb Ii(gr0, C0ptciallp upon tijooc tolio ocrbe tijciii 
tDtll anb faitbfullp ; tor, prrtcibing tOi0, anb taking into con: 
giDtration t|)t manp goob anb faithful 0crbicc0 toljicij poii, ■'""; 
Ion l3art|)olointt) i£olunibu0, brotbtr of Don ilbnotopljcr, ^ ^ 

(iiir domiral of tbr iTctan anb iLlittroi' anb (Tobtrnor of tlir !w;,/',\'/"',,w,,,'' ',",' 
ii]ljiiD0 nctolp founb in tl)t 'Jnbieo, babr rrnbcrtb mmj bo .i(^'r<ir,i. ./. i.ihnii- 
rtiiotr to 110 ebtrp ttap, anb toljitl) Vbc bopc pou tolll rtnbcr ''"^ • '•■''" >''"' •'" 
to ufl from btnccfortb. bo approbr, anb it 10 our toill anb 
piciiourr, tbat from bmtcfortl) pou oljall tail anb rnritlr 
I'oiirotif vibtiantabo of tljt 0atb loianbo iictDip founb in tijt 
g,iiB 3|nbit0> anb 0l)ait Ijabc potocr to u0r, rrcrciar anb prr^ 
tocm in tbc 0aib lOianbo, anb in rbcrp one of t|)cm,all tljing0 
toliict) 'bt otbcr vlbeiantabofl of our 0aib kinaOom0 ate able 
ri) perform; anb tbat pou 0ball babe anb cniop, anb tbat 
tjctt oball be obDtrbeb totoarbo pou, ail tbe bonouro, graccfl, ''"^ '/"' "'•" "•>•« - 

I'ntn'ipti « t pii'pui 
,1,1 ,lr hiinrnir r luWioirtr i-/,i:n iiirriii/ci i- ;,'ni(iin ri/m >u.> iuhdilns i ndluralr^ itpicml iiunli 
,ii(m/(i>' ^i" ''"" •• 'f"' "I'Xlr ("> iiriiH. to lyuiilp'T Bin indi r c"imi/rrit>ri/'i /"« minhns < hiunos 
, linlrs urinii'X qur mi /). n lliirlnluinr (olnn, fci ritiimi. ./r Oun «Ari<(.riii( ni<n/r" .llmininl' 
i,l mar .•(fimii • I ii" Hry i (iirirrniii/nr 'Irtiii v'''H nueiti mrnir ,'ii//iii/in rti/ii« Ynilint. nii\ 
ititfici jtfho t Jmritrt ilr trti/d 1/14I I- ripttiimi'^ i/ur «'n fiirt\\ t/t di/iii fiiitliinti, Irnrnii'-i p"r 
Mrii » f> xunfrn mrrfeil r lolunlaJ <iur ili iiqui mlilanlr i"v //iiiiii^> i ynlitiilrya l./r/dn/iic/. 
Mm (hehat yiltti nuriii mrnlr hullnJiit indii (/icftnj )'n(<iii.i, i p»i(ii>/> i umir r < trriir ■ ^rsrr in/ii< 
lir'iil] >iU) r rn mi/ii un<i ifr((ili (o((ii.t Im cotas i/Nr /m nlros .lilrlimlaJi'3 ileinf tlkhas nui <(r»t 
nyniii putiirn fiurr. i i/ui iivin'" ' •' i.'"!fi'r' i i"> <iiin i'miri/ii'/iH (■ic/ii> /ni /idiirrcs i' i:rii{in^ 

/»0,V Frrniimlii . 
/>cii(i >\(i/i. / / Id 
prill 111 i/i /)iiiii /<iv 
I' lliytiii ill I mlilliu 
i/f I.I "11, ilr /ril^'MH, 
i(f Vii/iii, ilr (iriinit- 
ilil. ilr TiiU'li; ilr I (I- 
lrn\iii, ill liiilUziii, 
ilr Millliirrils. ilr N. - 
/(' Crritihii, ilr 
( iirilnm. tir < imtrif. 

( (imiriii, liinilr i 
< nnilria ilr Ullrir- 
I'init r Srfinri s ilr I'm 
irt^ii I ill .Wii/iiiii, 
/>lli/Ui t ilr .llinili I 
'Ir A'iii/>(I/ri(i, tnni/n 
• Ir Hum linn r ilr Cir. 
i/itniii, Miirifut *>r\ i/( 
' 'rntan r ilr ii"\iiinn 

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ri I 

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« Hi«r(../.. . pr,h,. fatooiirs, prt-tmintncffl anD prcro«aiito(f toblcl), accortina to 

mi>i.ii,ifl. r «rfrr... tbf liltDfl maOt hC (10 Itl rljf Corttfl or ZoitiO ailb tl)C Othtr 

cttina: ou,' i»t W.M. Ifltofl of oiir hinuOomo, .iir Due .inD oiiGlit ro lit Oont .iiiB oh 
■/awi, (/,!.« /.t.rr Ofit)toroourotl)ti iJDcliint.iDoontoiiiflrtiDfcinodoiiio.rtoiDtii 
r Kunutar ir^'MNr/ /,i. tDitOiii tt)(ir Botidiiorolxpo >i0 lirpoiiD rl)( giinu. dno bp ,|,,, 

(.yn pnr m,» hh.i% 0||l- piUCIIt, 01' tl)' (l)C llMnOCript tl|Cl°(Ot OIIJIKD b)< ,\ piiM,. 

.nf.M ■ .rf.< ,1, r,:!,- acnt)ttt(r, tor toiniiiiinD rl)r moat illtiatitaiia IDnnct g^on 
„ir,i, ;.>. 1 ^oijii, our totrw near and tofll bfloDtD ooii, .inb rlit ifiiriiiufo 
" ".v"' " pif liUf 0, Diikeo, iiiiiiniiiOfO, touii to, aDtliiittaooo, lurono, iiiao' 
• —■■"■■ f(i-o of oiDcio, piioia, toiniiMiiDtio, oiititoiiimauotia, iiidn 
ticio of our toiiiKil, iuiDitor0 ot our clMUititr, atcalDto, bmtfa 
>iiiD all otiitr luotuco VDlioinoortirr of our l|0ugt|)aiD, court 
iiiiD cl)autcri<, 4inD all tljc couutilloro, luottcrg, QoUcrnorg 
1(11101)10, C0iiu(rca, oincrrg anD (tooti ukk of tl)r cttitg, tatumi 
aiiD placco or o((r oalD hinoDouio anb Douiiniona, aiiti our a,iio 
^iDiiiiral, Cliccroi' aiib ijobrrnor of tljc oaib lalaiiog, juti fu. 
(nbaturaurg, goiouriirrg anb ottjtr propit tD|)o, unbtr conttiut 
or III ani> otbrr niaiuirr, art or oljall lir tijcrrin, tl|.u tiom 
lirnctfortl) tl)riirntttlc anb tall void anb l)a))( anb I)oId mi ,yj 
^IDflaiitabo ot' tlir oaib iglai ag anb inainlaiib, anb tl|.ir tiito 
oli0ci'\)c mH caiior to be obO(rl)tb totoarba vou all ttjt ti,iio 
Uonourg, pre rniincncc0,prcroaati\)(a anb iuiin((niticg loijui. 
actorbtnu ro rljr oaib Ia\u0, ouctht ro |ir otiacr\)rb toto.ntia' 
I'ou ; anb tl)at rhri' pai> awD cauot to br paib to i>au tijt ontg 
anb galaricg aniurcb anb apptrtainini) to tIjt aaib olTitc ut our 
.Ibclantabo, fiillP anb coinplrtrli', in oiitlj Uiior tl)at ilirp ao nut 
btiiitntol) anobt thrrrof) tor Vdc tn> tijig our patent crtiirr .hid 
iiiahc voii ilbdaiitabo ot tl)c oaib lalanbo ,\i\i iiiainlanD tobith 
ljii\)C tijug brrn nrU)li' runiib anb bigcoDcrrb in tijc Ititiira 
anb Vnr rrcrttir I'oii anb l)Olb )>oii ao rc(ri\)fb into tIjc ajid 
otlicf imt> to tl)f uor anb trrrtior of rl)t oanir-, anb tot torn 
tiianb tl)at nrithcr thcrrin nor in ani> part tlicrcot ol),iti ti)tii 
place or conoent to place an)> binbrancc or iinpebinicnt iii pum 
Voai'. «1nb if of \Dljat 10 aforegaib you oljall beoirc to l|,r : 
our pattnt of pritiletir, Vor roiniiianb our cliantellor atiD n 1 
tarieo.ann ttie otbercitHcergtuboarcat tlie boarbof our or,iia 
to Drlibtr, paoo anb oral 11 for i>oii , anb nr(tl)cr tlje one nor 
tlie otiier of tbeiii oliall bo tontrarc lirrrto in ani> in.i.uur 
iinbcr pain of o((r bioplca0iire anb of ten tijouganb inaratcbia 
for our (tianilirr, to e\)eri>ont toljo oljall bo ttic contriirj<. 4lao 
furtljtr U)r coiiiiiianb tlje man xulio oljall gljoVo tliriii t|)io our 
patent, to cite tijem to appear lirforr no in our court, totirrrso 
etirr tor mai< be.tDitljin tlfteen bang iirrt follotomn tlje Oap oi 
citation, imbtr itjt oaib penalti< , unbtr to|jic|j algj tor com 
manb ann puMic gcribtncr toljo oljall he guminoneb for itno 
piirpooe to ume to tlje man toljo gliati otjoto it to Ijim ^ crrti 
litate tijerrof gioncbtoitlj bio 0i0naturr,U)bcrtbP tot map knots 

ilo r /ill 
ill nuttlrii 
/ill ntrn» nuii/ri 
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(hi't mil Wriii rtyni'i 
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cam r mini niiiiiil' 
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pfrlnitf>\, t/wr/ur V 

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i'n\e\, mill xliii liiUi^ 
hitnUm %,firiiirt\. rc- 
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mrniiiulorr^, r ith>i 
tl'l nui\lrii iiirnr;.! i 

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nhilitniin, nlnillit > 

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inrft t ( hiin\ ilttrltl t 
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I'tlilillri I iilHi* Imi • 

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llllill I ^l/,'llrr^ i/i-/r.> 
• li(hi>i nut \tii'\ ri\ • 
n"\ I iifii" II \, r III 
tliihii ni4i strii .tlim- 
riintr, I un Itry • 
I ml ernatlur iltlti\ ilt- 
c'lM yilii* r alnt le- 
sinni r miiriiilnris i 
filtt I Irii ^tntt (/In I'll- 

film n/iin r ritniKriit il, mitn'" " t'l itrn i/u.i/ i/unr m.inriii. i/iii ili iiiyui iiltliinli mi ynlilu',ii 
I lliimix r nil iiym • lin):nn finr .lili'rifnilii ilflm iliihm y\lii\ i turni firnir r ii\ gunnlrn r liijai, 
fiumititr tiiilm ltt\ ilifhii^ hnnirits 1 yrrhrminiiii un, f'rri it'i;atiiii\ i \iiiunula li% ifue u^uni!.;, 
illlhin tr\i% \v\ ilrltn 111 ^'Mfii ./(i./(ii, r i'i% niutliln f fd^'iln rtiUilir fnit/n, ilrrrihm r mltlri t ii. 
iliihi' ii/nm lit nurilio . lc/</iiii(ii /ii iimii'i i /irid iinn m/h him r Min/i/ii/ii inmlr en ^•imn i/a, ,, 
U'li itirn^'br mill c^d iil^unii. itinii\ pi r tttii nurtfiii i ititii im i riiiiii.i, r /(MfiiK'f .lililiiHtitiiii ,i,;,i, 
iliihas y\liis r titrrii Jiiim i/i,i my itKini iiiiii(r \r I'lin Inlliiiln r ilriiyhirrln rn/in )>ii/iiii. , , , 
rrir/iilfKH t ilirilim pur rrfihuln ill iliih,< njiim i nl iii'> •■ i>fiil|M ilil. t' niilni/iliiioi lyur nin'. 
ni in partt ili-lln. tnhtr.ui ni ynpfilinunti' itli'uni- I'n ni,n pnttt^iin ni init^vrntan pi'tirr t ,f 
liistii (/Uf (/l(^•' M ilui\\rnlt\ nui^trit until lU prtiiliitu, miiniliiiiui'i itl niiri/in ihitn^ iIut . 
nii/iiiiii> I (l/i'.t lifri'i iifniitlii </U( i\titn ii/<i /ii/>/ii itttii\ nunhu. ittlm, i/bt mi In i/rit i pfiun , 
\rtlin, t /"I uiioi 111 li'S "/i", tiin /ii^mn iiuli ill pui iil^'unii imiitrrii, n'^uitii lUlit nue\trii Miir..,f , 
ilr ,/itv mill niiiri.iri/ii (I nuln um. c/ur In untrnrin yiiynr print lii nurfirn umiiiiii h ,i,mii. 
manilitmi>\ ill nmt- <'U ■ !e» i-stn mirs/rii lUftii nti'sttitrr ijur Im enplini ifui piirinitn iintt it< 
<n/ii iiKr\(rii iirrd •/.' i;.<iir ./ur if\ miiiii.h. i/.7 iIiii i/iii /.h iD/i/iliilrr /.n/n </liinM ilnn pnnn, , 
\\ .'Uliillel solil illthil pinn. \i'til tfuni lllrin./dlll' v il ijuilt ijliur i nrlliin^i puhtltu i/ut pilril eitn fi,/i- 
//fiiiiiii/'i fut lit tniii nl lyui i;ilu itictrnirr /t.i/iiiit'iii" M^niuiu tun \u *>f,'»i'', p'f i/i^r nm icprim. > 

i t 

1^ ,1 i 




ibtcl), accomina to 
too ai)& ii)t otijic 
ro bt Ooiu lint oh 
mu. iduot))>H)u 

IBUCD It)' rt piiblit 
loiio IDiintt JCon 
.1116 tilt UnCiMtro, 
iiiniaiiDttd, tiKiii. 
r, alr>ilO(o,b.iiiiiTg 
»)0iioc|)ol6, court 
oticto, ijoUtrnoiij 
t' ttir (itiro, rolDiio 
loLiiiDo, onti tilt 
)Uo, uiititr tontratt 
iljtrtin, tl).u ttcm 

lie lUin I)0l0 'Ml .13 

Kiiin, aiiD tl|.\r tiKii 
10 }>w all tl)f o,iiti 
iniiiuiMlticg Vulmii 
obocrbro rotonroa 
illD to I<0II tl)C Diicg 
l)r oiiib utTicc ut our 
nor tl)<uilin'tionot 
r piitcnt trtdfr ,iiib 


rcD 111 tijc Intiio 
rilifb into tl)f ojio 
iimr ; iiiiD tec torn 

t tlltftOt Otlilll tllCli 

5l)iill Droirf to l),i! c 
ct)iiii(tllar iiMCi h I 
boiirD of our ar.ila, 
iuitl)cr il)c one HOC 
to III ani' 111,1, iiur, 
l)oiigiiii& inariitoctiia 
tUt toiiUiU)'. .Jia 

]t)OVD tiKIII t^io UIIV 

our court, tolirrtoii 
■ollotointt tl)f 0,11' ot 
iDbicU iil0o tor (am 
ouiiiiiioiuD for It)!.] 
itD It to 1)11)1 '1 (crti 
itrrbPtstitMP knots 

ui aleliinl' i'i\ ynhtu'ri 
•tir r t"\ guitrtirn r fii^'nf 
untiin lr\ tfur if^'Mt t /,:, 
ti\ itrrrlhns i irt/dri i a, 
I menir en t:i4i\n ,/Hr t, 
inrfMi't .^i/i/,in/,i /<) ,/,',!. 
iiffo inlii\ ) 'fihu. , 1 . 

/-' MMMi/ilinoi ,yur in,,'. 
■ ntyrntnn fiiitr ^ ,, 

il/ nurWi,, ,/'illt n'l, r 
/bi lilt '" i/tn t p(it,K > 
rtil liitil nuf^lrit mi, r>,,f , 
c.lfrd (iinidfd f i^itiii 

i/Ur ptirt ,itni ,in/r n, 
ifit '/bin w i/i<i) /iriiii,, . 
iA/m(( i/ur pdrn fif,, /iirr- 
III, fi'r i/ur fi(,i wpiim , 



S$bV0\A<(^« «rM^«M^ ^ ««n£^ tWw^l r<M»^ 



I I 

I liiii 




r J ^ / 


' 5 

?f<'' 11 



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/ 1 . 

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Ql^4y Oi^-jj ynx, 

#-- — ^r — ^' 




' ;i 

bota our tomnianti 10 fulfilltt). dfitien in tbe totonofd^ttifna •» cmw s, n.„pte 

D(l Canipo, on tbe t\nent?>gcconti Dap of tgr niont|) oC Julp, nuestru mumimio. 

in tl)f pfiif of tUe natiljitg of our featjiour 3t9ufi Cbriflt one '-'"''« <•«'« ''''« <''■ 

tjouoahD four IjiinDrtD and mntt^:8et)cn. Jt^t Mine. J .\hdimiiMCimp<,,a 


RoDtrftk aoottor 
gisJtcreD, SDottor. 

JFtrDinanD t7orr(;,pco>ili:ijanceUor. Kt-- 

Cl)e i^tng anD ti)e €lueen. 

(if »ii// e qualnnien- 
/oi ^ nui'fnfn f v^elc 
oSos. Vo ej Hey. I'o 
/n Reyna. Yu Juan 
ilrhi Farm Secrelario 
lid liey V tlela lieyntt 
nuestros senures la 

Aj» mst present© toe gitie ^tcence anti tnXr" rimZ 

iUiryoritpropauSDonCi)[istopUei'€oIumbu0,our)a&miral <.<paM(is .mi (/i<r<in 
of tl)t iPcfan anD numlitr of our council, in orDer tljat pou map cana j.sya . .icor- 
liiitc potDcr to pap, aiiD map pai', to tijc persons tobo Ijabe been, f/'"'". iiMincus »«• 
arc note, ann from bcntcfortb flball be, ajjrceablp to tbe In^ '<"■ ''•"""«'" W'"-- 
otniction tobitb I'oti bolD from us, of tbe number of tbe per= ''•' P"'' ■^'""•c''"- 
oono tobo babe to remain in tbe oaid ;j nbiefl, anO to tbe persona "•^'^'•■••'i" »'«'''r 
anD sbipotoners tobo babe conbepcb anb sball conbep pcoi 
Dioions ano otbcr tbmsjfl to tbe saib 'Jiibtes, all tbe moneps ^'■> X'y •■ '« iteyna. 
toi)icb are bue to tbem anb flball bf'uefortb become bue to 'i po/< h prestnte 
(hem for anp toagcs, probtsions, anb freisbtages of sbtps-, 'tamos tuenoae fa. 
aiiD papinent tbat is to be mabe bf re being tirst of all certifleb cutiad a ms ihn 
N tbe Sisbop of babajoa anb bp pou, anb anp papment tbat <'hnstmni < uUm nu 
13 to be mabe in tbe Jnbits, bp poii anb bP tbe beputp of our "'''" iimnanie ,m 
chief accountants reoibiiis toere, gibing to eacb tobat is anb """■ "ff«"" <■<!<' »"■ 
flliall be lustlp bue to bit", anb tbis pou arc to pap anb map ""■" V'""-'"' ''"'''' 
Mv from anp mercbanbisc anb otbcr tbings tobicb map be '''"■ f""'"''" '""'•'"'■ ' 
obtaincb in tbe satb Inbics, protibcb tbat tbe papment or ^"f t,; ;'L^,'";Z 
loarraiu Vnbitb poii flball bcliber to tbcm be signeb bP tbe saib re^Zlre7J/aZ 
Dtptitp of our cbicf accountants anb cntercb in our books, for „rf,,,„„,,. r..n/..n.i. 
Bilitbtoc gitic pou full potocr. 2Donc in tbe toton of aicala „ta,nsiru,umuu,de 
DC ficnares, on tbe ttoeniP'ttiirb bap ot tbemontb of SDecembtr „nUiveysMnumei- 
m rbc pcar ninctP.Bct)en. j tbe King. 1 tbe iDiiecn. Bp 
tommanb of tbe l^ing anb of tbe £2ueen, /crbinanb ^IbarcS. 

Cl)e Minq and tl)e £lueen. 

tela petitf que ha de 
tstar enlas dichas 
Yrtiiias e atns per- 
sunas e duehos de na 
I i(ts que han Uriado, 
r lleiitren mantem- 
mimtiis e otras cusas 
ain't dichas Yndias, 

lactjerenD jFatl)cr in ;:f /;;:/r;:'': 

^iriflt, 25(flt)0p of BatldtOO, and 2D0H CljnOtOpljeV demren de aqm adr- 

folunitiujs, dbnnrat of tl)c Ccean, bott) mttnbrcd of hnU'dequau^ijuur 

iueldos f manttni 
mifnU-s ' jiryits dt tun,»^. sytnd*' a^UilU> primtramt-ntt aitn^uado U> i/ui tjcii 5t otiert' tit' pai^ar 
p,.r i{ iifriAP" dr Hadaj- : * p^r im r hi ifut ••rit-ri' de pa^ar enlas Yndias pur lot e por el /nprtr 
tinimtt de nutstros iiintadi>rrs ma\i>rei tfut alia rr\\den. dandti it i ada un<i /<> ijue juita tnente <>r 
.f >Uie e denere h- 'fual le\ it\a\s dr pa^at r paiiuty < dt tjualis i/Mifi mrrcaderia!. e otra\ roKH 
jui ,n!n\ dnhas InJiiii x <'(i«'crt. on tantu t^ut la pa^ii <> hhrania c/uc Its hi:urdt\ sea -itna- 
Uida del duh" /«'/((» tintefitr l>- lUtstros i'mtadfirs »»i(iv'»'t ^ t au-ntada enl'ts nueitr<<\ Ui'ii'S. pni .i 
'■J (J Mil/ loj (/(iMti's piidf iunplido. Fe^hit ,nla \illa dr ilntUi di Htnarr^, a iryntr >■ trr > dtii^ del 
•nn de dmenhrr di noitrtta e \\ete iin-^s Yd el lUy. Yo la HtStui Ht manUitdv ■■' Ht \ c 
nil Hryna. htniiind tliau\. Ainrdada 

X rtM / HKA/»0 yn ( hrisU 
mar •■i,ianu iifi/»>^ del 


hi fir 


la f\\n.: 
dt fiadato: 

Ihm ' ^>ru(-M(i/ * iMm fhmtante del 

1 i 



I ' I 


i ',1 

>■• 1^4 


;<?:'! = V) 

[pi I 1,1 



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I k 




nmsirn amscjn. ji- ouc touncil. flflU t)atie flctit a Ictifc Ecom poti, and toit!) ct- 

mus uno vuestra u- (ttttttt to pour iirattiiunt tljdt lip to tt)e pctseiit time nothing 

In,, y i.rcfl deio que jj^ifl been tiotu (ti tl)t ttiatttc of tl)e probitfionfl tobitij are to so 

,Asis </«t n»n s, />« („ (jje gnDictf, becaiiflc gou Do not BnO aiip pcwona to take tiip 

nS,r:„tr s""f".« ^^^^^r '' ^^j p"««to''«5'*»'"j'^«pi«ei.«po,; 

!„. ».««(,», »!««/,-« tijemintlitinflttiictionfltljatpoil.tljeflaioaamical.toohtojti, 

qu, hart jc yr itias poii, t)ccati0e ttjcp 0ag tl)at t^t 0aiD probi0ion0 ace borti 

miias. a cabsa que |j(gijer pi-(ct0 tljati tl)O0e platco upon tbein Ijece i anb tljia be 

.;;," (« S. rrT,'™ •"» «*°' ^^ """"^"^ *»"» ^^<^^«^ ^°^^i of ?"" k"""? w look for 

p,„ ;,« pnoos que '"10 occfe mi0ttoortl)p per0on0 to nnOertake it, anD htam 
,u .H-.ijui'ronuismhs a pncc 00 uiap be |U0t ano map appear to pou reasonable to 
,n/«s ymtruiwnii (juje tl)em, IjabinQ; regaro to tfte toalue of tljc flalD protiioions 
''"• "" ",' ''"^'"'^^'- and If pou 00 not ftnD 0iitlj peroon0, poii are to take toljatcbcr 
qle7zqTt2.Z nieaflurro map oeem beat to pou, in 0ucb tol0e tijat tljc u- 
,iuh„s tminkmime,,. pactuce Of pouroelf, tl)e 0alD >flDmiral,map not be OelapeD.for 
(,.v,imnvi'i<s/)i.|i..s tDC ffitoe pou full potDec to tl)at effect. 2Done in tlje totoiigf 
'"• "'" *' ''""""'•>' ditala it »}enare0, on ttje Dap of tlje ntoiuii of 
f;;;;:/,2,:V';;:..;,:.' 2December m toe pear ninetp.0eDen. 1 tlje ^mu. 3 tl,c 
^',.».i.s qu, anh.s a ■Stwtn. ]5p coinmanD of tlje 7''inB anD of tUe jaUuecn, Saxh-. 
./<>< junt,^ mrrtic h nauD iait)are0. anb on t^e Dor0c it 0aiD, (EranteD. 

n (/>'•*' '' /'MAiyui y.-. pcr- 
siinas Jielts quf In 
/i/»ji«. V (inivs 1/ 
prij It) qut justo fui rg 
i los ptittiitif qui \<' 
liS ttt It (/(If, (iiitrr Id 
i(.N/)t/'> til ttdor tiilt't 
^iithtis mantiiiitnitn- 
/.!>.( synt>n htiUaidts 
Itl.ti ptrsiittiis It'prti' 
trdys ctuno a ms 
fit IIS miiur ptjri\i(rt 

on iferdtnand and SDonna 3sa\)t{\n 

bii tl)c grace of i?oD ISing anD sDueen of Caatile, Icon' 
^iragon, gilctip, (FranaDa,'tIoleDo, Valencia, (Fa(icia,i;^aiarrii' 
feebille, feiarDinia, Corboba, JToroita, i^urtfa, 3aen, tlje ^1' 
garbe0, )dlgecira0,(fibraltar anb tlje Canarp >0lan&a,i]rotiiu 
anb €ounte00 of Barcelona anD lLorb0 of ISiocap aub d^olma, 
3Duke0 of drben0 anb (l^eopatria, Counto of Eonooillon anti 
/.. , m.min! qui' fwn Ccrbagnc, drtarqniaco of Criotano anb (Fouano, 'Co voii tlif 
SI .i.ttn^tttaptnifiti knigUfo anb eoquircfl, officero anD goob men, anb all otl)fr 
mV '('1 "'ir 1""';' P''"*"'"'' "f tDljatooeber cotatc anD conDition pou map be, toljj 
u'"'.'h,,Z Pu', ,'un. ^P "'"^ commanD Uabe been, are anD from jjencefortlj aljall dr 
pt,.i... r.chii tnta !n tOe lolanbo bi0fobcrcD anD to be DiocobtrcD bp our com 
tiiiii itt („,i/.i ,/. iiianD in tlje Ccean in tbe region of tlir ;jnDieo, anb to roclj 
""""" "xyO'' anb anp of t>oii, bealtl) anD grate, j^oii knoto tocll tijat sdjii 
'diun'hr, luZZit't, ^Ijriotopber Xoliimbuo, our dbmiral of tl)t oaib 3iiDito m 
. vw(, ,m„i. )„ ti tl)c oaiD Cceaii, 10 our Clicerop anb if obernor tbcrcof \\v 
H^y \i. ;,i luynti bimif Of jur parcntfl of tomniiaflion toljiri) tor b'lbr orDcrro 

i*i>;- iiuifuiatU'iiil lity 

t liilii Htyna, F^ttiitnil AUan\. t, miits t\ftjltiai iUtytt .ln^tJii lii 

l)0\ Ftrnantl'' f llnha Wiihit pm la prdjuj tli /> Uiy t Htyna ./i ' astilla, tir f.ron,tit Ariic^m. 
ill Si(\ha. lit Uranala, tit linrtlii, dt \'alint,in. di Halliiiii. di Mtdlttrcai, di Snilta, di (irj,«,i, 
lie liirdova, de (or(rf;a, de .(/uriKi. de Jahen, drlm llfiarns, ttt .llgturti, di i-ihralltir r iVJ.ii 
v'/iii dr ( imana, f om/r . ( om/nn di Haritltmn i- Seri"ri\ dt \isciiya r dt Mulina. /'v./um i, 
Atinti\ f df \itipatiitt. i ondt s tli ti"\illt'n i tit t tnlitnut Varqui\ii i/t ftrtittttt i :, 
(iimano a ros lt>\ taialtirtt\ <■ ctrui/irit.t, njiitnlrw r <tinr% hutHi>\ i t>tra\ qualts i,u;.' 
ptrxitna^ dt quid quier t\tntlti o cimdt(itm qui $(iy», qur por nut\trt> mandtidtt fui\tt% r n(,i\ . 
1 t \tin't '■dti de aqut atitlantt inlii »j )\Uts pt,T nut\lTti numdadtt tUstuhiirlatt t p-T drstt'hnr ,b,,' 
m.jr tutttnt' rnln pttrti Itltn >'i.7i(i\. i a lada uni' t quiil qunr tU n>t. \tilH'l i L'rat,tti /.i.i 
^.I/'t^^ ((Mill. Itiin ( ^'nit"ttd t tdttn nut\ltii ttmiranti iilat tiitha^ Ini/i.i, tUl duhf mar iT^iin. ., 
nu'ttlit I i\' Hty I iittu I ttttiit'T titttti\ p''i i.itudtii nut \tititi , aittt\ di pt>ti,rt \ qui pnra ellf It 


tcom poll, anb toitl) te- 
le preflent tiiiu \mhn\a 
Jiip peroona to tafee tit 

said sadmital, took toith 

probfoioiiij are tiorti 

Mcmljcrei aiibtljiabc 

If poll lomtlj) to look fof 

Tdtrtakc it, aiio fir o„t|, 

ir to noil reafloiiaiiie to 
lof tljEOaiD probioiono. 
loti arc to rake toljatcljcr 

fliitl) tolot tijar tljcoc 

, map not br Oclapco, for 

. iJDonc iiitljetcVDiiof 

IrD Dap of tljf moiui) of 

\ 1 tt)c ISinff, 3 tijt 

liiDoftUtflJiieen, jfcrDi- 
jaiD, (CrantcD. 

onna 3l0abeaa, 

Jufeii of Caatile, icon 


, dSiircta, 3afn, tlje ^i' 

JEaiiar)' ialanoa, Count 

flof 23iecapai\6^olii,j^ 

imta of KoiiBoiiioii m 

no iFoiiano, Zo von tl)f 

[000 men, ano all orl)cr 

lOition pou iiiiip lif, to|;o 

from Utnccfortl) olj,ii| i)c 

DiacobtrrD lip utir torn 

Itljr ;jndifo, (UiD to cjtij 

Bon hiioU) tocll tljatSDji) 

il of tl)f aaio 3n0ic3 m 

Id iFodcnior ttjcrcof lip 

1 toljirl) tor Ijaljt ororrrti 

c ( atlilla, c/r l.ron.Ui .^r,Il■.n. 
ureas, tit \iii/(.i. ,/, ( iri,,,., 
Ilgesiril. i/i itihrallcir i ,j,(,,, 
niyri r (i- Vu!ina. I>uiju,\ i, 
\hli^u>^i\ /i OrnUin i ;, 
iftnoi t fifriit tfuttlis ,jui.' 
tru mimtliuio fuistti , ,,(,!», 

ii uh It rta-* r /^>ir titM I r .n-.' 
ilr mi, mi/ki/ 1 t'riliiii /,i,, 
1i/l»M </r/ l/irAci MUIr •'inlK' '. 
I">tl,ri\ ,ju, fHira til" !f »».iin- 


«J04 MMI^^ASV* «X^^ 

I. I , 

'i ' li 





I I 




I' ' • 



J- 1 

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i ) 

tt^«8>% Jits'" '^ " "" ' 


erf i»tn«Tf^>MM? vtM^^^r^^Wf 




T^Vm ji-^ vv**«<« ^^ •^^^^^'v 





to be fffttn to ffim anb fjabr gffirn to !)int for tiiat piirpotfr. 
ijtit) tiinte ft ia our tofll ants pleaoiirr tljiit t^t 0aiti :aDmiraI 
sjioitlti iiolti t\)t {SaiD ttarge of i|{icci'oj> anD (Fobcrnoc anD 
gdoiilb u&t anti ererctse ft in tyc sm Manns, anD ti)iit }>ou 
gljotiia all 00 anD fulfil toljatebcr Ije map orDcc jtou on our 
|icl)iilf> anD ma}> perccfbe to be for tbe aObanccinent of our 
dcrtJicc, toe conitnanti t|)at all anb cacl) of pou sfjall 00 fulfil 
iiiiD pei'forni it, anb tl)at |)ou oyall all submit to Ijnn anb sljall 
DO anD fulfil all tijat Ije map orbcr pu on our beyalf, as tljougl) 
\uc tonintanbeb pou in person, unber tlje pcnaltfcd toljitlj Ijc 
iiiiip iinpode anb orbcr to be iniposeb upon pou on our bcljalf, 
jiiD loljfci) bp ttjcoe presents toe bo impose anb resarb as fm^ 
poscb upon pou. ants for tlje erecutton thereof upon tijosc of 
iioti tDljo 0t)all bo tlje tontrarp toe gibe full potoer to tljc saib 
iilDmfral 2Don Cljiistopljer Columbus, or to anyone toljo map 
liolD IjiS procuration -, anb neitljcr tljc one nor tlje ottjer of i>ou 
or tljrm Sljall bo coiurarii Ijereto in anp manner, unber pain 
of our Dfspleasure anb of ten tljousanb manibebis to our 
tl)iiiiUicr upon eberp one toljo sljall 00 tljc contvan'. tiPibcn in 
tbc citp of ^egobia, on tlje sebentcentb bap of tljc montlj of 

fhtnins itar e Uiwns. 
K pur que niicsira 
mirfiil 1' vnluntail cs 
ijuf t'l ilicbn .-ttmi' 
ranic lenpa el ilirho 
carfraitf nui'strn I 'j's'i 
Hty e (itiirrrntitnr c 
(jitv to use e txeri'iie 
mlas iliclms yxla^i < 
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(uu/ihtys tinln lu ifui 
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In lunfilays y esicii- 
trys, !■ (/«f (i)(/iiv ii'S 
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(vs/rii fHirli- Ins iMim- 
tiaif ciinw sy m>s i n 
f}evsiinn ins In tnttn- 

tlltSl inns, Snltts /ntuls 

que I'ns pusyerf e 

:!i V 

I , 

F.rralum: Pajfe I4l,linc JO (iranslation), /or " scvcntienlh " reaJ •• sixteenth." 

I I 

5ttiIIc,&arbinia,CorDo\ia, Corsica, ii??urtia,jiacn, tljc illpn ,„j„ „„„ ,/f,„, ,,„^ 

lies, Jlffcciraa, iPibraltac anb tl)c Canari' Usliiiibs, Count anb '■ "■mrarm j„y,r, 

Couiucfl0ofL=.artclonaanblLorftoofLMscatMnDd?olina,i3Dultcs ''"'''s, ,,!"■,' j''!/',',': 

otatljcnoanDjRcopatna.Countsof l^ouSoillonanbCcrQasnc, . <M<i' ,/,;,m,, 

(/. Hi'. ><(.., nil" ,1,1 

ifl»(i»iirn/i> */( nut^ttru S,ni,i f,\u t /tns/.. ili null t i/.ni.'i-", i. ii/.'s < ir iin.'ii t' i/utilin ann-;. >'.> (7 

''ty Yn lit Htyntl. Yn h'trnjlt'! ittitrts tie Tnledn Stirt'ttinn til liiV i tltUt lityttil rtl.eWf'.^ 

vii'Tfs lit /ise fscniir pnr \u m^tti'liiiln /•" cn/ds iifinhlits Aelt tlnh,t ittitn is'itiit esirttn istn 
:ki if si^ut : Hifil^lrittlit, tlnnsn l*er,^s. I*ern (ruttirrrs Chatniller. 

I'l.V t'lrniinitn . /Ji:nii Ysuhtl put In i;rii|i<i tit Pm-, lt,y , lliynn I, ( n.ltllii, it, l.tnit. iti 
|r(i_'..n. ,/, \f(i/ni. ,;, i.riiniii/ii. ./, inlnl,,. ,1, \,tl,>ntn. ,t, linlh-.tit, de Mitttnnas. ,1, 
^'tilltt, lie '^Vri/cnii, ite t nntnlii, tit- t,,r^ii;,t, ilt J/wrjiil. ,tt Jtlfittt. lUtns .tli,,trits, ,1, 
(I'^iUMi, lit (fihrattrtr t iltlm ysltt\ ,1, (tinnnti. t nmlf , (nnilisii it, litiiitlttnit , Sthnrit 
.' Iaui_)ii I It, M'llinit, ihtititi li, tt,Hii\ < >i'i Xt'piihtn, ' 'rid't > d, l\,,\,itini , ,1, ( , ritiiriitt. 



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? : I 

•^ i 


94IU44 Sm^'III^x^S (jll*«X tM^r^^S^*^*^ 

u^S-^fcs (H-ivS m3^(^ 




to be si\>tn to Ijfm ant) (abr sfbrn to fiim for ttar ptirpotfr. 
^nD 0inte (t ia mtrtoUl ant) pleaccirr rljar tl)r oaiti iaDitiinil 
gfjoiilD f)olt> tbe oaiD ctjargc of tlfccrop ant) (Fobcrnoc ant) 
fltioiilti u0e anD crertiflt ft fn rye sain i0lant)0, ant) tbar ))oti 
gljoiilD all DO ano fulfil toljateber l)c )nap oroer I'oti on oiii- 
bcdair. ant) map perceft)e to be foe t^e at)banccinent of our 
strbicr, toe conitnant) t^at alt ant) eaci) of pou oljall 00 fuini 
,iiiD pti'forni ir, anb tjjar |)ou 0ball all oulmiit to {jiid anb oijall 
oa aim fulfil all tljut be map orbcr pou on our bebalf, as tljouglj 
U)( tommanbeb pou in pcr0on, unber tijc pcnaltff0 toljiclj Ijc 
iiiiip (mpo0c anb orbcr to lie impo0eb upon pou on our licljalf, 
,iiiD tDljict) bp tljeoe presents toe bo miposc anb rcffarb act im= 
poocD upon pou. dnb for ttjt erccution ttjercof upon tljosr of 
iiQii toljo otjall bo tijt contrary toe gibe full potocr to tIjc oaib 
jDiiifral 3Don Cljristopljcr Colunilius, or to anyone toljo nwp 
liolti 1)10 procuration -, anb neitljcr tIjt one nor tlje otijcr of I'ou 
or tijtin 0t)all bo contrail* ijereto in anp manner, unbei pain 
of our Df0plca0ure anb of ten tijouoanb marabcbia to our 
tl)iiinlicr upon eberp one toljo sljall bo tlje contrar!). (Fibcn in 
ti)c citv of ^tgobia, on tlje oebentccntlj tsAv of tlje montlj of 
jiijiiflt, in tlje viiK of tljc natibitp of our Itorb Jcoiio Cljnot 
i![ic tijouOiinb four Ijiinbrcb anb ninctpfour. J tlje lUinff. if 
tl)C iDiiccn. 3, jfrrbuuinD dlbiircs of 'CEolcDo, S'ccictart' of 
ilic Biiiff anb of tlje Ouccn our TLorOo, CiunrD it to lie tonrtrn 
[III tticir conintanti. ilnb on rijc boroc of rljr saiD parent 
tons torittcn ao follotofl : EcBiatcrrti, illonoo y>crca. lOrrcr 
cuticrrco, Ciantcllor. 

]pon jTerDtnant) and Donna ^Isabella, 

Im tl)e grate of OPob IKing unts Ouccn of Caatilc, Icon, 
.Iijijon, &icil)>, OPranaba,colcDo,(Malcncia iPalicia, iJ^aiorcii, 
2t»illc, fearOinia, Corooba, JEorsJica, ii^iircia.^acn, tIjc ^llgar^ 
iiffl, Jlgrciraa, tfibraltaranb tlje Canary '][alanbtf,iCo'inr anb 
Coimrcoaoflj'arcclonaanblLortisjoi L?ic!tapanbi;Bolina,SDukc0 
ctiUljrntianbJI^eoparria.Coui'raof Eou0aillonanti<jrtrDagnr, 

i(i.(l'MitnfM lit nue%tri> Schoi /iiu < hri\ti> dt mtlt r ijuiltio^itntn\ , n. rtfl.'ri 
V, y., l,t l<<ynii y„ /.iri.m'? (/i.irrs i^. Ti'lrtlo s.^rr'arin til U,\ , 
vinrrj U\ Jiit ficrmr pin \u mAniiiti" h'. rfl/iM rifynilifi 'Irlit ilicha ntf 
;nt \t Slgue : Hrfilitrtuitt, ilonsn l'err%. I'fm liutlfrn-^ < httmiUir. 

(Iiiinns liar c tlimnn. 
E piir que niicslra 
Hitrjff/ I' iiiliinlttil cs 
ijuv 1 1 dicbd .tlmi- 
riinle lentil cl ilirho 
citt'fiti til' nui'strn I isn 
Itiy V (iiiiirmuliir , 

IjUl' la K.St' (' ( VtTf ilv 

ih/iis ilicbin ysliii i 
t/lif tinlna fil^ity, c 
( unpUiya ttnltt Ui 'ftii- 
il ill- nuislni piiilf 
tos inftnildiv y ( ri 
/nii/iiTf SIT ciinph- 
thru ti nutstrn sir- 
I'iiti), nim I'o.s tmnt- 
(Itttnns It tinltis V ciulit 
linn lit ms (/Id' il\y 

III lunpliiys y itmi- 
liyi. I- ijiiv liiil„\ i,,\ 
wnfonntys tiniit t 
lii<:iuh s I- ciiiiplitilt s 
Itidit Id i/kc 1/ dc nii- 

tltlil pitrtf I'ns »f!.-(Jl- 

dun- ciitni' vy nu^ , n 
/Jtr.Sfinrt ilia In tiuin- 
dttu m 'S. S"/(is pi mis 
ifUf I'f'S piisyiTf (' 
umdiiii pitm r dv 
niu s/r/i pint' , lili 
Hindis pnr 1,1 pii- 

linli Ills pnni »hni (' 

illimiit pnr piiislils. 
I /■ ] piirii /lis iiiiuliir 
inlii\ ifu( III cnntriinn 
Jisyindis iliimns I'll, 
der I unpUdo ill i/i- 
ihn .lltninmli linn 

(.'i'Hitnllll t idnn I' It 

iiuii-ii au piidtrniurf, 
e Ins unni, ni ln% 
iilms nil /<i^'(ii/i« 111 
liii:an t-ndi- nl ;.,.r 
id^unii iimnrrd st* 
pi mi dild >iu, Ktrti 
111! I (I i/ 1 i/r d.t : null 
mariiitilts pnrii In 
nuistrit ttlmttrii n 

lllllll Unn l/f/d-i IIU, 

I" mnlriirm Jisy,t, 
I'lidii mill olidiid 

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di ,'li:n,l„. ,1.',,, ,/,/ 
I' ijlllllln linin. >'.p r' 

ililii With. I nil! slii.s 
til t s/(llil fSirltu istn 

i(i\ h'iriiiindii I Dniiii ymliil put In tfiiiiiii dt l>in\ Kiy . Iliynn I, ( ii^liUn, d, l.,nn. dt 
l'iU"n. d, .V(i/iii. dt iiritHiidii, di I'niidn. d, liift>i|iii, d, (iiilli:ui, ,/i Miillinms. di 
vii(/(i, de {rrdfha, tie (iirdtivti, lU ('nr\i^it. dt Munia. lU Jiih,n, dtln\ tl^aiiis, dt 
It^isira, de UihrtiUtir e dtUis y%lti\ di t'tinttriit. t nndv t tnnltui dt liiiiitltniii t- Sthnit^ 
., Iiscii)'!! ( dt Mnlina. Dujuti dt .ltrnii> . dt Si'piitrui. I ndt^ it linsillnn , d, tirditnin. 

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v.iK/urs.) ./r ori<. i^Kquintit ot iDtlWMO iMt (FoMdno: 'Co all and anp oftiie 
{'I'.tviX"!)..;' "Pt'"n«. nmuta, otontw, niatc0 anD matintw of ohipa, 
.•i/>i(<m<", »i.«)(rri . tdcatirlfl iinD otbtc foiottf, anD to all otbcc prraoitg of todatao 
patron,, . omira- ^ ton6it(on Xo^o att ouc Daflflalfl, 0ubitcr0 ant) Dtnuno 
c/r n<iui ( c<ir,M((d<<' anD iDljoin tilt follotoiiiff conttnto of tbfs our patent bo aim 
Vint, juMa,. e vini, ronctm, nnH to tatl) anD any of nou to Voboin tliij our 
(u ,iu,ii iu„r cmii- piitmt 0|iall bt 0l]o\on, oc tijr ti'an0crfpt tbtrtof gisiub bv j 
ln,^r,/A:,'':iw';;,;: P"''"f OtnDcntr, btaltU and pact. IRnoto yt tijat toe l,.,t,c 
< ij,iiur.>/.«, ,1 ,/i,i.>i coniinanDru flDon Cbrlotoplirrtfoliimlms, ourfilDintriil of tot 
'![h7i"riaZniV,u. *^"''" '^"^ "'"' ^^l'""!' anD (Pobtrnor of tijt iolanfto m 
iiuipht o „uipn.r matuianDof tbr gatDCctan III tl)r rrQionof ttt^notro.togo 

^TuHi 'utr't'i""'.': ^"'' ""'^'" 0|)'P<''f'l'^*^f'<' *»"" <"')"■ Ollf C.ipMUt, 

(/uirn < (M nui iini to tl)r iHHH lOlanDo anD mainlanD tobicl) arc DtocoDrrtD aiiD to 

a,ria ju,nmmirod., j,^ t„j,tobtrtD III t|)f o.KD rtffion Of t|)t InDito. Cflll)trftcrc 

ji^'nfl(/.i(/f ,«rii,iii.. 1))' tl)cac prtotnt0 tot rommanD all anD tad) of poii tljrodio 

-"ri',!' 'v ''i'.'"'', .', '"'"""■'*' taptain0,otontro, niatto anO rrttoa of t\)t flaiD oljipo, 

n,.wii.m>< nuvuiS; tiiiatjclo auD otijci' fo! ito, anD all tbr crctoa toljir!) iniit> gjii 

r.tni. M »hir ..,<<»"> Captain (Fcncral of tlic 0aiD oi)ipa, fofotg anD caiabclg, tl]c 

. nuM/n, i,j» H.y jj,„t) 3Don Cljiiatopljfr Coiiiiiiliiio, oiii' vIDmiral, Clitcrop iinfi 

vw<i« r (i.m. jtnm iPoDcrnot of t|)r oaiD Ctran, anD t|jrtt you obty l)iin anD iitttpt 

•';' ''"''"' '""[ '"""" Ijini aa oui Captain iFcncral, an^ Do anO fulfil anD tarrn out 

il/(l [)iirlt i/iVdi III- "'" 

,/ifi*, vu<c... ,„rMi all tUat i)t oljall orDtr anD conimanD poii on our iKljalf, .mt) 
"'"" ' "••'•"•'"' '■ ftfri' pared anD part tljrrtof, artorOmu ao, aiiD in tijc foim 

nlril, tuila\ ciiiil" nu- ^ " 

.1(1,. ,.ip.(,ri i.i>,. aiiD mannfr.aiiD at tl)f tinua.anD iiiiDtr tUt pcnaltita tointii 
,i/,i. .luhas j-ii/msf ijf ,„ji„ ordt^. on quc lid)alf, toitljoiit ntakinit my crtuot or 

(lirrrt yiripn i/ur 5"ll ' 

inia >iuha p.tri, (/. Ddai' tljcrcin, in tl)c tjcri' aaitu manner anD iiiot do torn 

[ViJ"p!!r\i!lohnr pif'f''' '1° 'f ^^ '" pttocin conimanDtD I'oii; for toe hp tiiroc 

M,r ,n,t, p,„ la pre preBento Do make Ijiiii Captain OFtneral of tlje oaio oljipo, tiiri 

'i"f!.lZl,'ZZi','!.., ^t'o ''"f o'll'i' foioto.anD Do uftie Ijim pototr aiiD aiitl)oritiMi 

'"' ""'"'» •"""'•" DircttanDBOtscrn tijcmao our Captain (Feneral, anD to eifrmr 

. <..>i/r,i.,j,i,,wr.» . on fl)c creto tljertof anti) penaltita aa tijep man become ImIiIcic 

ciinpana, i/f/iu Ji- 

(/'(!$ nth'S e latanlii, t utrm juilai, t a t>>tiaa til, conprihiu (/ut tmlla, i- in crti/(' uria lUlltw u,u. . 

p.trin [/IK (.i|(,im'i ^ I ('itfrtB f"'r nurflra ( apiinn corral iltla, ilicha, nam t fuilat t fdrair.ji ,; 
^ii/w) Don ( hnsli'ial < iitmi nuesln: liiimanli • In.) I<,y i (r.mrnm/i.i ilrl iluh,, inur , .iuti 
r Ir oheiliicaiirs t (f n/.'ii./. s pur nurtlri, I afnlan i:inrral r laf:ailes. r cunpUule, r pmn'ii/i ,•; 
iihra liiilii III (juf ;iiir il ili nm^lra parh i./s jurrr ihchn . manilalu i a mita . ;.,ir(. ,;,' 
itfunt 1 cm.) t tn/(i fnnna t iiinnrrrt . <i/.:i (impiis c vAa, /xiuii yu. ,/ ./i nu< itni p<ir(f i.ji pi,;., 
Ill//" (Mio.i ni (/i/(ii ten (i/^'und, tiun a^y t a (mi mnptida mtitf. i >iiii<> sy n"t c: 

i/.iK ^^n p. lit 

/'f -M'na I ii\ /ii iii.iiii/ii 

. . rt nii^ /ii'i /.I pr. V. ii/i /. /.i\iiiiii\ It'll i/ii) ' (i/M/.m ;■! m i.l/ ././.. \ /j. ^ 
MiMii 1 I tiiiiiii/iM I iiliiu I- Il i/iiiiiin pi.iiVr , faiulliiil para /m mamlai <■ t'.ii.iniir ..i; 
^!wf^/lo ('• '((.III gtiitial I pata ix^uulai .n/'i i"ir/iiiiiii ./i7/iii i/mii/. s ./un i / . n ./i.. .,iv .,. 



all anO anp of the 
natintcii of oi)ipg, 
^trflond of tDtjotao 
tcr0 ant) txmxns, 
I our patent bo aiit 

to Voljom tijiij our 
tbtrcof oigneo bp a 
to }<t tl)at tot liiibc 
, our SUmilral of tot 
of tlic fglanba ,m 
otg, AdourCiipMin, 
re DiototicrcD anb to 
InDiffl. OWhcrfloic 
tad) of pou tl)c oaiD 
todof tt)tgiiibai)ipg, 
ttoo tol)ich lUiii' iM\ 
) tijcp 00 l)OlD .10 our 
to iinD tiiraliclfl, tl)c 
Dmirnl, Cliccroi' ,1110 
I obc)' l)iin ant) attcpt 
D fulfil iiiiD tin'riuiiit 
)u on our ticljiilf, m 
J ao, anO in tljt fonu 
1: tljr pcnaltitovoliicli 
laking ani< ttcuot or 
cr lino itiQt iio com 
pou; for toe lip tlKoc 
lototr iiiio autt)ontiit.i 
fuiai' become liiitilcic 

r m cadi' unn c/W/m nni.. 
ntiot e fuitai t cardtrfji o' 
luit'i i/«7 (/.<^l) nutr r.(,in 
- cunfiUitif% f /t"rti'ii /■! ,1 
I II ciiilit i"iii t purlr ./,.' 
f lie nuf ifrri ptlrff lot rtLin- 
fitid tmnti ( I'Mii; %y nr i\ ,'. 

iipltiln i;ininll i/i/"i iin^ - 
l\ iiiii'k'cI' I- C'"""'"' ""« 

.; I /•.«.!% ■ M ./III r.iy. Ii- 

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(^ Y^Oi .1»*rt*v,\> CMcP-f **(h:(^ «^tfir*~rf$.^c9i 

jnD fnciir tbrouffb not ftilflllins anD obtplng |)f0 tommanis, as 
,t 10 afocroaiD. But it 10 our toill unn pltaflurt t|)at ntltbtr 
our diiiD captati) gr ncral SDon Cbridtopbtt: Columbua, our iaD< 
iiiiral, ilitf roj» auD (Pototrnor, nor pou or dn>> one of pou oljall 
p to (i)( ninu tDbicb 10 btiD bf tbt nio0t 0(rcne laing o( |Dor> 
mual, our brotber.arintcrnicoole in tbr trade tbcreof, for it 10 
jiirtDill to oli0trt)t, anD to cau0e to be ob0erteb bp our 0ub|ett0 
jno litgcint'i) ^l)>^t ^' Oabe 0tipulateb anb agrccb upon toltb 
(ijcgaiD Uing of Portugal re0pettlng tbe oalb uiine -, anb tbi0 
t,t (oinmanb poii 00 to fulOl unber pain of our Dl0plta0urr, 
,nti of tonQociUion of Hour property to our tbamber anr> 
KdWtv. (f ibcn in tbe titp of Barcelona, on tbe ttoentp< 
[ijljti) Dai> of tbe montb of <Sffi^ in tbe pear of tbe natlbltp of 
jiir iLoi'Oleouo Cbri0t one tbouoanb four bunbreb anb ninet))< 
,iji((. J tbt Idtng. 31 tbe £2ucen. J, JFerbinanb ai\>ivta 
cf ColcOo, fetcrttarp of tbe toing anb of tbe iDueeu our ILorbo, 
;.iiiacD It to be toritten bp tbcir commanb. ^nb on tbe bor0e 
ot tijt oaib patent toao torttten aa follotD0 : (Eranttb, Eoberick 
■doctor. Ilegi0ttreb, idlon0o \^tm. letter (rAttlerre0, Cban> 

' yniurriirfn pin- 
mm cunpltr r ohiili- 
irr 1H1 m<in(/iimi«n- 
tn% cnmn tlichti n. 
I'rrii ft Hutairn mrr- 
itil I Kilunlml ifut tl 
(liiho nufilrii < iipi- 
litn feniral llm 
i hnHlimil (iilnti nu- 
lid" llmiriinli' t 
111" Hry e a 'tenia- 
iliir, ni i'ln ittrm ni 
iilniinii ilf 101 nn 
iiiyailti Ilia mina ni 
III tnilii ilillii i/ur 
iivnr ft Stitrinyinii 
Wry ilr I'urlUfiiil nil- 
i'\trti heniiiinn, pnr- 
tlUf nufitrii lulitnlitit 
es (/c f(uiintitr v qua 
Jr guiirili- pnr nuis- 
IrM aubililos r nillu- 
riiliH III ijui jircd 
ilrla iliiha mifiii It- 
nrmm capilulaili> t 
iMrnfiii/x cimcl iluho 
Hiy ill l'urtuf;nl. In 
ijuiil I'cii iii(iiii/(im(j] 
</ut' asy cunplayi m 
pinii \lrla nuiWrii 
merged t lit cimjit- 
rdH'-rt itf lutilroi 
Aifiiii para la nutt- 
Ira raiiiara r Jiscn. 
I>iulii enia fibilail Je 
llar{rliina a itynlt t 
offcij {/ill] ill I Hif.i Je 
niiiyo, anil Jtl nam- 
niii-nto lU nueitrtt 
^thurJfiu ( bristn Je 
mill f iiuiilnnienliii •■ 
n"iin(<l I' tiei iihos 
».. . liiy y,i III 
H,)i.i ill htrniiHil .Aharea Je lulnUi SnreUinn Uil Itiy i Jrlii Hrymi niiiitmi Ainorrs In Jii 
■i.TWii piir ^u nianiiiiiio. H enlas tipalilaa Uela Uiihi: mr/ii tstaia lunlti In 'fur te %ypur .-It-T- 
iidii. HiiilrKui Diiiliir Hifinlriiila. Ilnnni I'iris frri: iiuturm < h,itnilltr 

€\)t Minq ant) tt)e £lueen. 
jporastnucl) a0 in tt)e potuere tul)ic|) 

^ tor babe conimanbrb to be gtben, anb babe giben, to 
Mil, sw Cljriatopbcr Colunitnio, our ilbmiral of tbe lolanbo 
jiiD mainUnb tobitb babe been biotobereb anb are to be bi0' 
•ottrfO 111 tbe kTcean, in tbe region of tbt 3nbit0, anb our 
:ii(tro)' mi (fobtrnor of tbe 0atb lolanbo anb mainlanb, 
;[ ig (oiirainrb tbat you arc to grant tbe cbartcro anb be 
irfrs patent tobitb it map be neceooarp to make anb pa00 
111 tbt OiiiD i0lanb0 ano mainlanb in our name, tbuo, 
Son jFcrDiaanb anb SDonna Isabella, ctt., sealing tbcm 


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ht f<ry « lit Hryna 

.iiHquiititofnelpmirr «/ut mitn<iitmos 'iiir e liimut a ii>s h\m I hmtnml (nlnn nufstrn timtni'il' 
..las )»iiii(M ( tterra Jtrmr ijUr sr hit 'irscubirriti e %r ha ilr itttcuhnr tnel tmir n^fano tttrt parti 

,;'ij\ Kn^/idi t HUr\tr-' In.' Hry r tti'irrntidor iUlaa duhitt y\lai v tirrni fiiint, w conln^n* 
.itt i"f ayiiy\ i/i Uhntr (its iitrtiis 1 pnnmvnty pattntts /ut 5(- tmrsrn dr ftKti t rspedtr tn/iis 

, -^in )«JiiM t tirtrtt fumt in nur\tri' nouhn fun h-m h'tT>uinti- 1 i^'-na Ytahu n . las '/Hd/r* h,ui 


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,/,vr „iimi,„u,» nu toitt oiic 0(81 tot)fc|) tit tommanDtb |)ou to tikr for tliig p„r 

ri(r<i ulh .(Mr /xir.i pO0( ^ llIlD It IIM0t)r tjappm ttllU POII lltlSljt Mt bt prCfldlt ||, 

w/» INI manihw,,,, tt)r OdlD iflUnOkf iiiiD tiiaiiiliuio, tirciitigr it iniQbt bt >iti\)io,itii( 
VHr iittiiuiirt. • p<- for poll to so til Oiocobd- otOn' loUiiDO dito niaiiilani), or tg 
''"" "y"^'" ''"' '^" pfrfonii otlitr tljliiijfl foi- t|)t aODaiittniciu of one otctitti fo' 
"m ./,'^m" hi./'.M". tol)ltl) tiUiot I'oiraiiU O.ibf to lf.i\,f in poui plate ooiik pfJoon 
litrrn >'">• T'"^ •/•" to 0iipti'tntf lit) >inD dDiniiuflttr tt)t aR.iir0 of ttir 0.110 iai,in(|.] 
fimi.rniii i/Kf lu.u- niiti tnainliiiiD in pour .ibflfntr, toljo toiilD not oiipfrinttnii 
''" " '>'■"">"" '""" and aDmlni0tfr tbriii bn (jranting our oaiD tijarttro ano jt 
)i!ur;,/n"r'!,.,M?««' i'ttt^ I" ""C "<>"" touUouf (jatuiB our pototr and aiirl)orirr 
pM,r,i* <i tKrWr.i to ttiAt (ffett: HTbtrtfort, bp t|)r0( prtornto, tut uibt potott 
iriiiiiHf. ruv>lMl^«t 41)0 autboriti* to tbr ptr0on voboiit )>m map noiiiinatc in i>oi|r 
,i,r.»; ./f ./..ii' .1 a|,0,ntr to rriiiain in tbc fliiio lolanOfl and niainlano, t|)jti|i 
«"'!,',;« '^iU'rXZ mA)> dtttrniint and diopattb tbt iii.itttr0 and cauota tol)ici, 
, pr„x,n ri.i.r< uiap ariflt t|)trr, ijiDtna tbc aaid dtcrtca and djaricrg h, oh, 
</./.M i/i</<it< in'KK itainr, and 0calina; tijcin luiil) our tiral, lugr ag vm im^iittiii 
, i„<ui j,rm, .« ,f ,,o„ ^(rj pirofiu in tUc oaid loLindo and iiMinlanti n 
Z'ii'n<' po7r\T,n- ^iff"' "'■«""■ O'^'^" pototro toljirl) I'oii l)otd; tubcrrof tor tom 
Vmi,rn,pZ„K,',n- niand tl)toe prtornto to bt ijidfn, onjntti vuitli our luiinro, 
,th> .i,imin f,M ,i,ch.„ s>ont in 13>art(lana, on tl)t ttucntP'tistitb Dap of 't'finv k w^f 
•"'"•''^"" '"•'"" r--' wear nintti> tbrtf. jf tbt Isino. 3 rbt kDuttn. bi' toiiiiiuni) 

ot tbr IHina and ot tlic Ciurrn, f trdinand ^lltjarca. Jutic;, 

tbt doroc It gaid, vFranttd. 

ntmhrr tvn iiut pirni 
tllii riMKlro /ii'Jtr i 
iihltiritliij. /'oirn./i 
fn>r tit prtunir (/(irriiM 
l>t',lrr I f,i. ull.i,! ala 
perM>nn tfui in iii- 
iilrif ahsrmtn ici 
ricn/ir^fri/i-i piuij ifUi 
lartnliiMliihm yxlii\ 

1 tl*im firnli full,: 

/Uf purtta tihtiir • 
I xprtlii !>'% rif^r', f ^ 

V <llf>lll> i/Ml ll//v 

'>nirtirfrt. >l,in<ti> lit> 

hi Kit prn\ l\tnni * t 

• ttrtii^fn nui%ti" nun 

I'rr r trItilnMilf mn 

*tUfitlt^ utli>. i(^un</ 

'jut I "J /" pixil unit \ 

'Ni:r» syiu I" f'li \fnt' 

inlijs iluhin yilii\ I 

.'ifrrrt tirmt. pi>r 1 n 

fill/ i/r/Mi l/lf^l)\ iiiM(r..> /'im/itm i/k. Mil VI. i/i(( 

IWfl/r'ti riMfthm. fi'Ail fit /i'rtrii/"HiI if ifVt'f r 
1/ /<!•> Ill III Hrynn 
'trtiii, .-Ic'T'/iti/ii 

Cl)e i^tng and tbt £^ueen. 
JForasmucb as acrordtng to rt)e agm 

^"^ nitnt U)l)itb Vuc coiiiiiiaiiDcO to be made loitl) iiou.-rc 
ilbnofopbtr Coliimbuo, our admiral of tbt Cttan.aiiDci, 
Clitfron and Colirrnnr of tbe lolanofl and nhiinl.inD ot til 
oaid ktcran, tobicb are in tbe rtijion of tbe 7ii0ito, it lo t;n 
tamed among otber tbinno ibat for tbr ulTicta of ptitr;; 
mcnt tDbub it map be ncceooarp to babe in (Ik qjid ij 
landfl and mainland, poii arc to nominate tbrcr ptioo-j 
for tarb offlte, and tbat tor gball nominate and appointed' 
of tbein to (iiicb olVict; and it la impooaiMe at promt t: 
obgrHie tbc oaid aorcrmciit oVuing to pour iMrtp Dcpanut! 
for tbe oaid I0land0 -, tbcrtforc, relPinu upon pou, oiu tm 

7I11I/ KKfnc/il IIKI l/lll 1,1 pliyinlt flliM.' 

''■: t/iiM 1/1 ipiit).. i/c niuriidi 1 (II, iin , 
I'lir manilailii liil Kry r ilrlii Hryna t'trnanJ </mfri t fn'iii i,t, 

t:i H.;. • III «iv>iif 

I'OH iiuanli: stfiunil W .ii^fiidi yio mt inii>ii/iimi<« liitrr n n im lii,n i hinl.,iiil ( . I. •,,,,. 

tlmtrnnlr tirl miir "<rrtnii r nuntrn I im Hry r (iuirrniittot iltlit\ ysia\ t ttnui Jtrmi 'ii.' ji.i' - 

(",riiii" ifut .ii'« all! partt ilrla* Ynilias, tntrr nfrm ir ninfirftf ifur para tut 1^1 im i/t ^*..iii' 

/Uf iiiifrr i/r nil r rnlai duhtis y\liii 1 tii ira Jii mi ii>i iiyif^i itr ««'fi/' fri * p,i xnmu f,t' 

"/iii'it i/'ii n'> i">iAr»mii« cpriiiYiiiNiii 11/ udii iM/ui 1/1/(11/ ii/liiii,>if/p/riffi(r »i"ii >■ punii ,.,, 

' / i/i>/"r n,i< nl" />>ir III brtitilail lU lUrWni /nirliilii piiin lin itiihat }ilii>. mnjiiinil" >/i 1 , ,. 


t Voitl) I'uii, 

CttJll, ,1116 ci. 

inainliiiiD nf tl;i 

lltlltO, It 10 tJI 

I lilt to of BOljtt:', 
I in tilt gjiQ \} 
:t tl)rcr ptiaj'j 

' ailD iippoilltc:- 
bit lit prrocnt t: 
i I'lUlp Dtpjtiut: 
)oii I'oii, oiii cj;: 

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■>B7«x^-'fff« iHpiyrc**^ 't^'J'J^?*^-.;^ 





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*' 'I .. 

iltimiral, Slitrrop anb (Pobtrnor, tdat poii toill probttic ttjecc: 
(or tn a truattoorttp manner anb for cije abbantenient or our 
gcrbtte anb of t|)e pob ffobernment of tbe 0aib fdlanbd, b^ 
tl)cd( prcsriua toe sibc jiou licence, potoer anb auttiorit;? ttiar, 
as long as ft 0I) ill be our toill anb pleaoure, !>ou ma? Gil up 
tt)e oaib officed of gobernment of tlje 0aib iulanbi] anb main- 
liino toitb 0iicl) perdond, anb for flucb time, anb (n stucl) form 
jnD manner ad at)all fieem goob to f^ou^ anb to tt)Ode perdong 
\pl)0 0t)all be tl)U0 appointeb bp |)ou toe gttie potocr anb au> 
ttioi'ftp to uge tbe oaib ofHcecf, accocbing to tlje form anb 
manner toUicd gt)all be containeb in ttjc commidsiontf tot)icb 
^011 0i)all Si'ot tbeiit of tl)e 0alb offices. 2Done in tbe cftp of 
Siircclona, on tbe ttoentp>cfgbtb bap of SH^ap in tbe pear one 
tlioiifianb four bunbreb anb ninet^-tbree. 31 tbe l&tng. 1 tbe 
^uttn. I5j> tommanb of tbe Itting anb of tbe flDueen, f cr^ 
Dinanb aibarea. (Pranteb. 

»u. s/ro .Uinuanlt 
I'lsn Hey I- ff'ni'frnrt 
(/or (/we /(I proieirex 
Jitlbh mt'ntt' e cnmu 
ciimpit a nufntrn si-r- 
nVi" f (tin huftui fin- 
vfrna^uin lielaa tlt- 
chita yslaa^ pnr la 
pfvsttitv ins (/(itmn 
lncn(ia, puller, c Ja- 
ciiltiut para que en 
lantn ijuanlo fuere 
nuestrn nier{ett e lo- 
luntaJ pinlays prn- 
veher iletos tlichus nji- 
(l*)\ lie frnvirnil{inn 
tleltfi (liebas y\lit.^ c 
lierra firmrtilm pir- 
snntis e pnr el lienpn 
e entaformae manerct 
que a ros hien rjs/'i 
fuere. .Uns r/wr/fs 

]0on JfcrtJinant) anb SDonna 3tii^tna,'z;n:Z:u.t:!^ 

I'p tbe grace of (Fob Iking anb Oueen of Caatile, ILton, p,„ic: c jaadin.i 
,Uii5on,o>icilp, (?ranaba,'C[olebo,iIHalcncia,OPalicia, iJpaiorca, ?■■"• """ ''<■'■" ■''- 
Scbillr, &arbinia, Corboba, (ttoratca, a^urcia, Jacn, tbe ai- ^'7/^^;,'^^;'"',''''',',,'' 
jartcfl, aiffccirao, (Gibraltar anb tbe <Ianan> ^olanba. Count ;;,'"„ '^i/e'.T'u/, s"'!n 
anti CounteflO of 33arcclona anb ILorbfl cf Siflcap anb a^olina, pr..iisyunts que d.i,,, 
aDiiktfl of atbena anb j^eopatria, Countfl of Kouflflillon ant) iiirho^' ojiiw, (,s <;i- 
itrBagnr, a^arqufaea of ©rfatano anb (Foiiano. dillbcreaa ',:''',^' '"^ '""thfle 
roil, 5Don Cbrfatopbtr Columbua, our abmiral, Clicerov ants /,',V,'',,'l;' ,,'',, v'n/f r 
ipobrrnor of tbe Ccean, babe auppKcatcb anb praneb ua aa ..rh, ,/„/< ,/,■ »mv.. * 
,1 firtatir to gibf roii our potoer anb aiitborftp to form anb >>"" <• «u,.(r,i,i,n(„s 
tstabliab out of I'our propertica, baaaala, bcrcbitamcnta, •'""•■"'■"■ 'rf"'"" 
iinB pcrpttual officca, one or ttoo entafla, ao tbat tbcre man ;,".^ ',;, -j,,,^ ,','„,„" 
iTinain an rnburing memorial of pou anb of jiour bouot ,u,.i„' m //,,«■ 'i.-u, 
iiiiD ratcanb tbat POur btatenbanta map be bonourcb; tbece^ Ueyn,,. henumi .^/- 
forr, Uablng rcgarb tbrrtto, anb conaiberfng tbat it la tbt "•"' ir",i,.,/,i. 
pritJiltgc of liinga anb princca to bonour anb ecalt tbeir 
oiilMtcta anb btniitna, anb capetiallp tboac tobo aerbc /",'-,, y,,!^,"'!', ;.. 
tlifiii toell anb faitbfullp, anb betauae in tbt making of aucb unnm jl />;,.< «,» 
(iitaila bonour atcruea to tbe ropal croton of tbeac our r //<>»« ''< ' <'<(i/<'<i. 

i/r I.tiin, lie IrjTijrin, 
it >V( i/wl. de ttrililiultt. de Vttledn. de I Men^ irt. dr tittlltsiii. de Miillnrctn, de Si iitlii, de < iriiftit, de 

( i.rji'iil, de I'orfeiiil, dr .Wurjin, de Jiihen, ileliit JIgintcs. de .-(/t'liirii, de li'ihinllilr. . diliit vs/i.'! 

If f iiniiriii, ( imdr I < iindew de //iri|i/iinii i Srnmii id I hkihi . ile Midtniu Ihquf. lU Itinm ■ 

If \n>piilrift, f I'rtdrs u- Husellon e de t^erditnm, Mitique\i', de <trfitim e di (.i-juinn. /',,r 

.funnlii l"\ /'I'M (hii\li'iiil t iiliin nfif-i/m tttninntti, (mm Hey i ti,,i,t niiinr il-l lunr feiinn 

n,'\ \uplteit^tr\ e pti/iv/»\ pm mri<iil que I.-, ilii\enins nut\tt" p'idii I fill ullit t pai II lii\ii e 

■ ^liihle^rr di ihtt/i", hiirtii. insalti''* i lu i tuiiii,,, nln-t '/((Iim fiiifet,,., i,H ■■ ;/... mii\'i iidi:' % 

f.i'i que quede per pet ml turmit ii, de I", e de tite\llil i iisil e linilfe e pi'r qi.'- li>\ que de ims i iniei rn 

*'rtfl ^(Hrrili/iM, III quill pnr nils 1 1 \f'\ e i nni\deritdn que .[/-■ , l\e\' , e /'• m; ;^. . , > pvpii f '!(i 

^onrriir e st.ft/imiir (I il<< Mihilitoi e nnlurate% eipe;iitl mente n nquell 'i ;..-■ lien r teiil inente pm 

^jien e par que en se liitet lot talci^ni c hontr.t ittln e ton.', rial di^t'^ nui^tr- < 

•4<y m 

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1 51 


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feinisDomfl iinti aUbantagc nnD licncfitto rljrlfltrcr; ano rahinij 

tnro lurount t^t man;' gooD, faftbftil, grctu and totunuial 

(JtrtJiccfl toljicl) pou rljt saiD 2DonC!)ris(topl)crColumbnfl,oiH- 

aDiniiMl, Ijiibc rcnDcrcD aab bail;* Do rciiUcr n msj, ccfpftiallu 

in &fcfcot)CCtnff anb liringing; tiubcr our poVsec aab Doniinioti 

tijc iolanbd anb inafnUinb loljicl) mi btocobcceb tn ttjt oaici 

iTccan, cyica^) liccmtcte tot tjopc rljat t)itl) tljt aib of ouc ioiti 

(Fob It VdiU rcbounb muclj to Ijid srvbice, anb to oui* Ijoiioiir, 

anb to ttjc liencftt aiW} abbanragc of otii* bfngboms^, anb br 

cau0c it 10 Ijoptb tljat tlje people of tl)e gaib ^nbfes toill lie 

conberteb to our Ijolp eatljolic faitlj; toe Ijate appcotcb rljtrr 

of, anb lip tljiiS our patent, of our oton motion anb certain 

bnotslebffe anb abooUite ropal poVneiMoljiclj in tl)id lieljalt'tDf 

toill to erercissc anl^ bo eierrifie afl Iking anb ffliiecn auti 

iLorbcf, acknoUilebging no oupenor in t^ingcJ tcnipoiiil, be 

gibe poll licence au\> autljoritp tljat eberp tunc nw^^ tol)fne\)cr 

pou map please awt} tbinh at, bot() bunng pouc lifetime (id 

flimple contract anb legaci», or lip bonation inter tiiboo, or bp 

pour te0tament anb laor \di11, anb bv cobieil, or in tint) an 

otijer manner toyiel; pou map plca0e anb tyinh fit, rou mai< 

be able to make anb mar make an entail or entailo, [w onr, 

fan a nutstni sant.i ttoo or tljrce infltrumentfl, or bi' manp, ao often anb in onci) 

manner ao pou mai> cl)OO0e anb beem goob; mt} tljar \mi 

map be able to reboke, bequeatj), amenb, at>^ to anb toitljtirato 

from, biminiol) anb increase 0ucl) entail or entall0, or an/ 

claiioe or part tljereof, once, ttoice, tljriee anb ao manp more 

time0 anb in totjateber manner pou map cl)OO0e anb bccni 

goob- anti tijat pou map be able to make aiW) map make rljc 

0aib entail or entail0 on SDon SDiego €oluinbti0, poiir cibcor 

laVofiil 0on, or on anp of pour 0on0 able to int)erit> \ut)ont 

POU notD babe or map babe from (jencefortbi an\)y in bctmilt 

anb failure of 0on0, on one or ttoo of pour relatibeo or otlirr 

per0on0, a0 pou map cljoo0e anb beem goob- awt} rl)ar pou 

map be able to make anti map make it of anp basoalo, tuns 

biction0, tjou0e0, lanbo, berebitamento, mill0, paotticto, anD 

otber berebiramenta anb etfecro \Dt)at0oeber, anb ot anr 

(le{los, t atittiinu\> l<>s 
muchos hiienus c lea- 
tes f f^randts e am- 
tinuos seni{ios qur 
vos el ilicho Ihm 
Christoiai Colon «w- 
istro .ilmirantc nos 
iiiides ffcho V fast-, 
lies lie caiia ilia, e a- 
pi{Uil nuntv in dts- 
cobnr e iralnr a nw- 
ts-tro podcr c sfhorto 
lax yslas v tuna 
firtfif (juf dtscobns- 
ttx eml ihiho uutr 
(Hf'""N mayor mititi 
por ifuf i-^pcramos 
qui con nyudit di 
l>i<>s ntu^ffii Strnn 
n-dundiua i n muchi- 
.v('»'i i( iDsuyof hi}nrrft 
ntiistrit * pro t utili- 
dad dv nueslros ri\- 
nos, e por que si' i >i- 
pcra que los pohla 
^.ures iietas dich,!^ 
Vndiat se :onn rti 

/»■ cnt'dtca, tot ifMt'\/ 
p-T hun e por t st,i 
nue^lrii carta, de nu 
cstro propio twtuo t 
\ierla (irriii'i ' P"- 
licno real nhsolulo 
tie que enesta parte 
querenu'S usar c usn 
mtis eomo Hry t 
He\na e S'l hioe'i n^-n 
rt ii-no, itntfi \upi . 
nor tnlo ^ npi-ral. 
ii'.i liatuiis /ifcnt Id f 
facultad pat a qui 
ciida e tuandn V"s 
quiKyerdes e por hi^ 
tn ti>iierdes asy tn 
luestra nda por 
synple contraio r 
nuinda, covut por dona(ion 

tre htios, comn por iuestr<. testamttnto e posfrrma loluntad e prr 
cobdmldo o tn otra manira qual quier que quisyerdts e por hen tovierdts pixiadrs fa:ir r htaa. 
des nwyi'radf^o r mayoradfiits. por una o dt,% n tres rscrituras o por muchas tantas quaniiu \,u 

t enla manna </u. quisyerdex e hien 
dellos podades rehi>car ttitar » «rN»ni 
I'Sif t quanta^ ma\ ici'. e c'-mo i 
>iuhi> }nayorndf!'j n mayoradfio% pi 
/i;'i/i»i(> o iH qual quter d, lutstri 
f -M tifitt tit V falta df ^l)'ts en un<. 

^.n I J .f-' I 

i>> ftrfr. r que 
ledamient ■i > 

lito toi fuere e aquel o aquellos <> qual quier iosa i- f'.ir' 
idar t anadir r quitar t tHtn^'wdr e acri-^entar una e (An t tr- . 
r enla manera qut qui\ytrde5 c hiiH n%to los fuirc * ,i,. 
ladis haztr r fagades m !>on thef^o ( olon iueUn> hijn m.rv ■ 
( hjji>'i hrndrmx que fydta teneyn o to\irrde$ de aqut adtim: 
s en unit ,• ,ii,\ ile lui \trnt pi,nenli\ <> otra\ pir\ona\ que vo:- qu\\u rit. 
lit ptniay\ fazir t fa^ayi de quaU'^ quirr la^allo-i e luridn inn. , r iiiut- 
iiiM/fttiM (■ •Itheut . ( otroi quale>i quiii hi r* ./.iiiik ll^l. r /luM. ^ .■ / 

otroi quale>i 


c Utter-, niiDtahdiu 

rciU ano toiuimiai 

pljcc Coliimbita, om- 

itr ti '18, coprtiiillti 

otocc iino Oomlnioii 

to\)crcD in tljc am 

tljc a(6 of one iLoiti 

ant) to our Ijoiioiir, 

binffOoma, anti be 

oaio Jimta tDili be 

!)ii\)c tipprobcb tl)crt: 

motion iinD ccrtatn 

id) in tljifl litljaiftoc 

iiff iinD CJiiccn aim 

Ijinufl tcmptnal, toe 

time iiuD tDl)ciu\)ci- 

ns I'oiir litctimt bv 

m (nter toitjoo, or bn 

obicti, or in mv an 

iD tljinli fit, I'ciii 111,11' 

III or fntiiila, iw oiu, 

18 often anO in oiitl) 

poD i ants tljat iion 

aOfi to anO tolrljbiato 

il or entails, or an? 

anD na maiu' more 

av eljoooc and Deem 

it and mai' make tbe 

)liimbn0, poiir tibcst 

ble to lnt)crit, Voljoni 

jrti) ; anD, in Ocfatilt 

pur rtlatiljeo or otl)er 

1 QooDj anQ tl)a( poii 

i Aiw \)aggal0, iting 

millo, paoturco, aiiD 

C0oe\)er, anCi ot am' 

r p'l^trrntrt iotuntitti r pt^r 
ilfS pcdildrs fi\tir r focn- 
uchii\ tantii\ ./udnfijs ww > 
<' (jutil quifr costt c f^itr'.t 
(icrrt;entiir untt r (An r h, i 
t n I is(<t I oi Ju( rr ( Y'^' '; 
> Tti/ori lurl/rc ^i;<» m.iv. t 
ti'iitrites ftc (t</ui lIl/r^I^^ 
■riddrti </Uf I'll.; i;«iji, TilV. . 
//f^ r iuri(il\ iMlti . (• ( iiiii. 
Kii< nfc, r /'i( «i > '■ / '^■. r' 

abimral, Sllittro!? and dESobecnor, t^at pm toill protfOe tliece' mcniro Aimtranu 
for in a truottoorttip manner ano for tf)e aoiiantenient of out ''"' «<■>; <■ '>«>"■••»« 
Kerbice and of tfte gooD gotjernment of tlje tfaid ifllanOiJ, b? Zlmeir/ZZ 
tljeue prcfienra toe ffibc pou lieence, potoer and autljoritp tftat, iumpie a nucstn, ser- 
ao lona ad ft gl) ill be our toill and pleasure, i'ou map fill up m lo <> aia huena go. 
t^e flaid ofRcea of gobernment of tlje said islands and mafn^ ienw(ion Mas </;- 
land toitljsutl) persons, and for suci) tfnte. ant' '11 suclj form ''"" >"'"'• '","■ '" 
and manner as Sjall seem good to pon; and to lose persons /„f„p„, p,„ier, f /,,- 
toijo sdall be tijiis appointed bp pou toe gibe potoer and au-- cuiimi pma fiv <■» 
tijoritp to use tlje said oRices, actording to tlje form and tnnto quint-, faen- 
manner tofjiclj sljall be contained in tlje commissions totjiclj """'™ •""/"' " '"'- 
,,ou Sljflll gibe tijem of tlje said offices. SDone in tlje dtp of ZtTJoZZl^oZ 
!3arctlona, on tlje ttoentp.efgljt^ dap of 9l?ap in tlje pear one ,i,„ ,ic noremmwn 
tljoufland four Ijundrcd and ninctp.tljree. 3 tlje Ifeing. H tlje <idas dichns ysias e 
lUucen. Sp command of tlje l&ing and of t^e jUueen, ifer= nerra jirme aias pe,- 
Dlnand aibares. (granted. Zl^J^a^:::^: 

que n vos hien vistn 
fuere. .-ilns qualfs 

30on iferdtnanb and SDonna Isabella, z;:^^;:i:::il:i:- 

bi> t^e grate of (Fod Ifiing and tSliittn of Castile, ILtm, »w.% pmu-r < ittcuit,ut 
aiaffon, feitilp,OFranada, 'Toledo, Valencia, (Falicia,a?aiorca, ?'"■« '"'"■ ''f''" ■''- 
Stbillf, feardinia, Cordoba, Corsica, a^urtia, latn, t|jc idl. '!^l'lffZZTma 
garbes, aigetiras.CPibraltar and tlje Canarp islands. Count „J^„ ",u,ZTL'Jn,\ 
ant) Countess of Barcelona and Hords of ISiscap and ijl^olina, pr.'i Kv.mrs qur Mot 
aTuhtfl of atljens and jfJeopatria, Counts of Eoiissillon and iix^,-:' .:ji(,ns i,s ,i,. 
leroagne, i»arquises of sDrifltano and (Pojiano. Qdlljereas 'Z''^l"l,'f,'''"l^/^^'il, 
I'oii, SDon Cljdatopljfc Columbus, our admiral, Clicerop and /lar'lhJ,' I'vlylil r 
if otcrnor of tlje iSDtean, Ijabe supplicated and prantd iia as ,„/,„ ,/,„i ,/,■ m<,yn ,ir 
a fatioiir to gibr I'oii our potoer and aiitljoritp to form and """ <• (iu,iir.i,i,nio^ 
cfltablial) out of pour properties, baasals, Ijtrcditaments, '^ '""<"''"• ''"'■''7 
aiiD ptrpttiial offices, one or ttoo entails, so tijat tijerc man ,^1^1^^ ''•*,,„^ ,',',„," 
irniain an enduring memorial of fou and of pour Ijouse „,!;/„,/../ Hn , ,i,i,: 
and rate, and tljat pour destrndanta mar be Ijonoiired; tljerc: /, Fermm'i .it- 
tort, Ijabtng regard tijrreto, and conaidering tljat it is tlje '•'"'' to;:i,ui,t. 
pntiilege of kings and princes to tjonour and rcalt tljcir 
oiibjccts and dcnneno, and especialln tljosr totjo serbc ,,l'^^, >,nw"p,'r la 
tbtmtoell and faitljfullp, and because in tlje making of siiclj ^„,„',„ ,/, mm h,'v 
tntailo Ijonour accrues to tlje ropal croVi'i of tbrac our t iirynn d, caiuiuu 

til I.ptm. tit .trttptm, 
III '•nilin.ilr '.'nincii/rt. tif /"/n/n, i/r I tilentiii. tie fxi/Zisiii. tir Mallttrcas, id Seitlln. ilr < tr.lfnii. tir 

I irili'trt, dr C'orjY^ii, tU ,yfur\in, dt .lahtn, delta Aliitttvt^, tit Altit^irii, dt (tibfaltar, t dtltis yslitti 

it I itniii til, (tmdt < i tmdii\ti tit lUMt,tU>nt\ t-'^tnt<itt tit I i\Ldv»i' tit Utiiinti, l>ittjut\ dt .■tttnn'it 
.it Xfitpitlnn, t ttntirs .V Hu\eUon t dt t.ttdtinttt, Maiqiit\t\ de tiri\tttn r i(» (t"{uin" i^ry 
tfuf ittt i*)< !*•'*! ( hrt^ttittl < tdttn tii.f\tr" I'mirttntt, I M<t fit\ t ffitt niutttt ,i,i ifnit tfttln* 
n. . .uf>'t' ilitti r fitdltttt Jtttr mtt'.ti <fi,t t>>\ 'itt^rtitti\ riur./i" /"i,/. r . ftit iiltnd ptiiil Itt^tr e 
'•liti^lttet lit tuelti'', httnt.t, ti(.wl//"V c hti iditiiti- itltt-. ■/'!'"' pit[tl<"i\ t,<it < /n^ HMV''rtrf^'.; 
^' f (Jilt 'fueiit pfrpfliin intmi'tin dt lo, e dr lutsltti t ,t\n t linnit f p-t ifw iit\ 'jut d'- i"s vtniriett 

t rnti\\derit'lit i/iic /'/" ^ l\r\-y , /'injM^-. t\ prnpta f.ifl 
•.tittttti tip! inl mfnii' n atiiitll •, ,■).-' httn •■ Itnl itttntf /.i i 
» 'im\o»i;(i'M ti htirtn i: Ilia t'ltn:: r-i:. dVif- * n'^t<ti^i 


t^itHtrtldoi. I" ifuni por ni'^ 
Ttir r \\ihi\tnnr ii ,u< ^uhdii" 


I I 

! if 

'tfi t pnr quf fn if f.izer 







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f 1^ i 

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riynn, r pn, , h„n 61110001110 iImD aDbantdgr ano benefit to tlje liittcr', anb rakfns 
,Mirs,,acni,:„.ioi„'i („fg actotiiit t!)c iiionp ffooO, fa(ti)fiil, ijrf at iinli tontinihii 
/fs .. gramies < cmi- flcrtjiccfl toljitlj poii il)t jdiio SDon djustopbcc ColiiiiUmo, our 
tinuos sfiiifios ./.v, aoiniral, Ijflbc rrnDtrcD ano lially Do rtnoei to iia, capttialln 
in bfgtobecfno; anb bringing unber our potoer anb boniiiuou 
tijc f0lanb0 anb inafnlanb toljicij pott biocobcccb in tljc mt> 
iTcciin, tbicfl)) liccatiue tor Uope tijat toittj ti)t aiD of our iLocti 
(£iob It toill rebounb mud) to Ijio dcrbttr, anb to our ijonoiir, 
vhnreirah,r<tnu- anb to tl)c licncflt aub abbantiiffc of our ttingbonisi, anti iic 

conbftcb to our Ijolp tatljoltc faitlji toe Ijiitjc approbcb tljcic: 
of, anb lip tl)t0 our patcat, of our oton morion anb certain 
ftnotolcbffc anb aboolutc roval pototr, toljfcl) in tl)i0 licljalftuc 
XdiII to crrrcf0c anb bo ricrcf0c a0 Tiling anb iDuccii ,inb 
ILorDO, achnotolrbging no superior in tijingo tcinpoiMl, ijir 
gibe pou I'trncr anb aiirl)orin) tl)at cberp tune anb toljauurr 
vou map please unb tl)ink fit, botlj buring pour lifetime lii> 
oiinple contract anb legao', or bp bonation inter biboo, or lip 
uour testament anb last toill, anb bi* cobicil, or in anv ,in 
ottjcr manner toljici) pou mnv please anb tijinh fir, pou iimu 
be able to make anb map make an entail or entails, tn> one, 
rr.'i II nmsir,, snni,: ttoo or tbrcc instriimentfi, or bi' manp, as often anb in outij 
;. .n/..(ir,i.(i.ii.M..<?.. iiijuiifi: iifi Don map cljoose anb beeni goob; anb ttjat "ou 
'' " '"" ' '""' ' "'"' man be able to teboke, bequeath, amenb, abb to anb toiti)DutD 
from, biminisi) anb increase suci) entail or entails, or aiii> 
clause or part tbereof, once, ttoice, tbrice anb as manp mote 
tunes anb in toljateber manner pou map cljoose anb oerni 
goobj cinU tijar pou map be able to make anb map niaketlje 
saib Ciitail or entails on SDon 3Diego Columbus, pour cltirot 
lutoful son, or on anp of pour sons able to inberit, toljom 
POU noto \ia\it or map Ijabe from benceforti) ; ''ub, in bei'iiiilt 
anb failure of Sons, on one or ttoo of pour relatibca or otbtr 
persons, as pou map cljooSe i\nt> Deem goob; anb tljat von 
map be able to make anb map make it of anp basoalo, mria 
bictions, bouses, lanbs, bcrebitamrnts, mills, pastniecf, .mo 
otber berebitaments anb etfects tobatsoeber, anb of nw 

ffls ft ttit'hn Don 
Chrislotat Colon nu- 
fslro Atmirttnlv nos 
rii'ijis /echo e fasi- 
lUs (/(• caih ttin, v cs- 
prfial mentc in (If. 

Jinnf fjue tltscobns- 
/( s cntl tlicho Kitir 
o(f(ifi», nittynr mt nti 
por tjuf I .-^ptrnmon 
iliii' fon iivit'ta ill 
tho\ ntit'stro Sihor 
t-filuniiiu a en mm ho 
mitstrn f pro t- utili- 
ililtl lit nuislros riy- 
nos, e por qiir .w ii- 
pi ra ifut' los pohlti 
Ions ili-tas tlichos 
Yniliax sf nnmili- 

nut'strii cartit, ilr nu- 
tstro propio tnofuo i 
\ttrtit (■)(■«( 1(1 (■ po- 
iterio rfitt nhsoli,l.' 
lie ifuc ene\tii pitrfi 
ij-.ti rimos UMtr c tisa 
mo% c(>»in HfV I 
tieynit t Sihora n<<n 
rtcono^\fni(s lupi - 
nor inht 
\"^ iliWlos li^en^ lit I 
Uu ullitil para ijui 
iiiiiit e quitniio I'-s 
iluisymiea f por h,- 
I n toiieriUs my i n 
lUt'stra tttia por 
••ynple contrnto i 
maniiit. como por (/"Mii^Km rntrt h 

rciiin por \uttlro ltflam\rnlo e pusi.rema lolunlcl r p.-r 
cohJutldo o rn otrn mantrn qua! quirr qut quitytrdi-a e por hien lontrJn pmladtt (uzn c faca. 
iii\ mayoritilgo o tnoyoriut;:o\. por unii .< r(.>« o trr^ ticrttura\ o por inuchit\ tantii% quantity \,u. 
f tnlit mantra qui quisyenln i hirn into no, furn c aquel o aqutUos u quiil quirr toiii n p,ir', 
iitllo.\ poilittifi, rthoinr ti ^tnr i rtntn.lar , ttn.oiti i qmtar i imnruar *■ iii i<^intar una i iio\ c ir, . 
lisis I- quanta% mm ie:cs t como i tnla mani-ra qut qui^yrrtlm i bun xt\to lo. fuiu , ,».- 
liuhn mayotitilfin o moyoiailf;o\ poiiaitt\ hairr r iapailn in thm Ihifio !.>/..•» i u* t/ru /ij/,, oui\yr 
/r;;i(iiiio o m qual i/uifr a,- 1 ur-lioi hiiO' hti, ,^i„, yu, ,,y,lia liniyt o Imm,!, i ,/, .i^n, ii,/,/,in(, 
fin .irfrt lo c fait a 'U htt"-. m uno -> ,1,,% ,1, i ,,. ,ff.i. p,ii irnti , -i otia\ pri iona^ quf i.-; qu\\oit, 
firn iii(.. ic, lurrr. r qur !o p.c/.iy, to:n r /iv'l ' ''f qualr, quin luvoiVn, f lurimonrt , ,aui\ • 

tirrms c .""i-iftamifnt 


oiroi qualfi fii'-r hfirdamtrntoii r inmr^ e <if 

I 5 ; i 

tlnttcr-, flnb taking 

rear nnD continual 


itc to iia, eaptciiiiiii 

ototc and tioniiniou 

icoUcccD in tljc fliuD 

tl)C a(D of our locti 

and to our Ijouoiir, 

hinffHonia, iino be 

Jiiid ^nufcfl toili lit 

lotjc iipprobcb tijtit: 

motion iinO ccrtiiin 

:tl) in tl)lfl lieijaif tot 

iiff iinD iDucfn iino 

IjinffO tcmpoiMl, iim: 

tunc lino tol)tiicDci- 

nff jtoiir lifetime liu 

in inter tJitioo, or Iip 

jDitii, or in on» an 

D tljink Orrou uiaii 

111 or entdila, Iw one, 

ifl often iinO m outi) 

poD i anfi tljiu "Oil 

JDti to anb toltl)t!rato 

il or entails, or mv 

anD as niani> niorc 

iii> cljoofle lino occni 

It iinti map UMkr tl)c 

ilumbtio, pour rlticot 

lie to indent, toijoni 

irtl)i ant), in Oci'jult 

ur rclatibco or otiitr 

poll; anD tl)iit I'oii 

f anp tjaoaalo, iiina 

millfl, paotiirra, ano 

ooetocr, anb of nw 

pvslrema lolunta:! / per 
tes ptKiadfs fitzrr c idea- 
uhit\ fiin/(M iiunntiii i< w ■ 
II qutit (]uirr tusii II fiijri, 
u ruentar unit i iin\ f u. , 
r n I i\tii I •'. fuiii I 7ut ,1 

< i»/('ft lift Wru hiiii m<t\i>r 
'tnirtii* s lit ti'jut iiilftitnt, . 

I tofliM iJUf t"i , 
/ox < /iiriiif ii'rtf I , irtiin ' 

offitro toi)itl) )>oit bolt> from iia bp rigl)!' i>:ib bD inljeritance-, iiuirr nfi-ws quf von 
anD that of all tbat ifl aforttfaiD and of cHer)* part and parcel ''«■ "<", '-^"W' ''^ 
ti)creof, tDticlj poii note Ijolb anb poacteoa, and todicl) it ap= ^u, ,/, /,„/„ („ ,»,„ 
ntrtainfl to poii to Ijaljf and to !)old until note, and toftltlj I'ou ''>'''"' • ■","''" """,.' 

' , - , . , ...» parte dtUit que nyilia 

map from btntJfortI) bolf >'»0 pouaeaa, au tnell bp fadouc ,eii((/,vf pos^Mow 
anb (jiftflaa bprcnunttationfl, purcl)afle8,bartccfl,et;tl)anBcc(, "« ?<■'•'<'"('■ ""^'- <■ 
ptrmiitationfl or bp anp otijer titUa tobetber of Ijonour or of umenUs , p,»,>rfr. 
profit, or in anp otber manner, or for anp otIjer taiiae or rea^ '''« ''•" '"/«' "''''"«'<•. 
flou tijat map enat, pou eball babe potoer to make and map "Ztt"IcZu,''p,Vn- 
make tlje oaid entail or entailaentirelp according to pour toill numwi.wne^ .■ n,n. 
aiiO free pleaaure anD Diapoaition, aa toell of pour aalD pro-- tTsepll^lllmel'i 
pcrtp <\n^ effecta, entirelp anb completelp, toitbout anp dimi! pKnitrmquiih'nimer 
nation, aa of ani) portion or portiona tijcrcof i ao tbat Pour )rrt.;"ir'/'',"rn('ii',,"i' 
oaiD propertp. and anp part or parcel tbcctof, ma>> deatend ■ '" "'>•" ';»"' '/«"•'• 
inbiolablp bp entail on tbe aaiD SDon aDitgo Columbua, pour '^Z"",,'hJ'"rlTn 
flon, anD on pour aaib aona anb deacendanta on tol)om pou que sen.eUiuiii liuhn 
a\)M plcaae to make anii aljall make tlje aaid entail or cn= „,,^„„ p,„,,„,,, f„„r 
taila.iinbertbe conditiona, limitationa.cbargea, aettlementa, '■ /'vn/fs a i,vi„ 
anD aetiiritiea, nominationa and aubatitutiona of bfi'ro. TiCl''[,Jrlr',''' ,hi 
iiioDta, mica, penaltira and aubmiaaiona totjici) pou map pu-yom luy ./,/.., 
pltaflf and tbmk fit, and totti) anP ordmancca, bequeata, con» t'l'^Z'Ztra'e'c'm. 
tiitiona and todcnanta, and in aucb form and manner aa pou /i'"'" ""'•'i(< ^yn lU- 
atiall oettle, bcqueatb, dicpoae and srant, bp one or bp manp ZZl'" .,u.f%',Z- 
inotnimcnttf, aa aforeaiud. ail tubicb. and etocrp dauae and /""'• » v"'''^ •'•""' 
part tljicreof, conaiderins it to be erprceaed and declared Ijcre ZZe'\]lJet\''.'f,i', 
mot dfl It' It tocre Ijere oet doton and apeciQcb toorb for tootb, chnn,^ inrms 
from note bcneeforttj.ofouraaidctrtainknotolediicpropcr mo-- '',')'"' ''"'Z,'"''Ll 
tion anb abaolute ropal potoer, \Dl)itl) in tl)ta matter \ue toill to mnynrniipi en,i ii,- 
iiot anb bo uae, toe eommenb, approve inn confirm, anb inter= [''^'J'"" l!,'-f''. V„;','" 
Doof tlicrein and in ederp clauae and part ttjcreof our ropal be= dnh..^ iu,\irns hno^ 
crtf anb diitbontp ; ann toe commanb tljat tbe toljole anb ederv '^„,,t',)uMv"r,'/r, h" 
ctauflc anb part tbereof be dalib anb be obaertoeb totoarba pou sfr . /iwrc^^ ' 

ilichii mayiirailgii n 
•i:,t\i>raiii:in i'iinltt\ cnniln'innit t lti»ittt\iiinen. cttrf;ii\. nncit!n-i e /ir"ir;(is, yns/ifuMimcs i \o^titu 

i.ififi. iii'iiliii, rrfitiin t pen(i\ i suhmntotte'i. tjiu ms qui^yeriUi i pur httn ii-lier'le< t- curt qualts 

luitr hiTiienitn^ili i tn(tniiit\ t pintus t c>iniertitt{itti t .,<i,'Unf r pur Ut tiirtttit c utitrterit qtte tos 

iintu/iiri/f s ( tHilfli/rt'i/i* r iU\pu*yer.te\ t utiirfiariii , pur urttl ■• f^nr inucha^ runturin (omo liithn 

L" qua! ti'-iin e laila lusii •• partr- liell'i (ti lert'intn liqui piu > \prr\Mi" e ieitaraii't rnitin \\ lir 

?-]/j^ril .i pillahti: itqt4i fUi . r-.,e%lu f fxpinipiaiiu niti. iie>ti- tt^.ir >J pnra ^^tort^f^ ielit fin ha ttue^ 

:a \:^ttn ti li'rti Id r" priipi'1 tunUii' < po.JcM." it'll/ rli .*i'/i.f'» ill- qtt' enf\tit pnrle if.ri etltn^ (« -iir e inn 

'tuii ''< fvinii^ !• ijpr ni (imn\ ronftr mimiix - > ntr-rfiimeiiti^i ii i-Z/o f i ■ iM'rt . ■■ir. < fitti le lii-iln, nui'sfio 

itCIf' '• .* llhl"! lilfltl I -"III ' ll.fln.KIIllns .^i,/ I O* l(l/(l f x^ll ^l.lll III I' f • Il I* ' tlllll i riS.I - pultr IfUo 

IS? ni i 


, I • 

i '' ' !■ 

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1 'i 

Is i 


ih| , 

• ! 

ynlnnlnhli- nunt' fut- 
lit (i|t;(ir<; c pnr*( .•ik n 
pre jttmus aim quv 
aquclh e cadit cosa 
(' parte detlo seit con- 
tra f%prexo (it'rfcho 
c contra todti forma 
( orden del e sea tat 
e de tat manera i^ui 
de nci;esar\o se dt- 
ticse hazer ispnxii, 
y espt'oat imn(iott 
incsta nui itra rarttt, 
( (/««' no pudusf scr 
<nuf)tthtndu{>i siilit 
f^fticrohdad dtlln , 
ifuf Sill ^uiiri/fii/rt 
hien osy r n tan ctin 
pliiia tnente como sv 
sohrc cada cosa c 
parte e arttculi> detlo 
oiifsr nutstra apro- 
ian{a f U{ent;ia r 
mandado romo r st - 
iZunt r por la f'lrma 
'{Ue enla duha ti*- 
t itra t/Mpw-ivri'in c 
di\pusii,ionts sf f(in 
iuitere. l.o qual tv 
do es nutstra rtif r(Yr/ 
ijue se /rt^rt asy nun 
rnt^arfiante que tus 
'•tros tuestros htjos 
heredrri-s t Ins c/rns 
I uestros pariente\ t 
dehiii'S r dt ■ enditnU \ 
» \rtyn%\tr%i\U\ Stan 
'ifiraiuuins en su le- 
Ultima e n/jmrnfns 
(fue les prrienn,e t 
que r! dicho /><m fhe 
i;n t olnn lurstm hiin 
( aqutl ft aquell< ; 
>i ifuirn ftMcriie^ 1 1 
itfhti iHiJV'iKi'ii'" " 
Kin\('r(i(/^'<i\ nmanda 
ti nit )oria Unrn <> 
a\iin inuv crand e 
ni'ttthlr dema\\'ti drlo 

intJioltibl^ liorl) noti) an^ ior cber, c\)cii rljotio;!) ir, anti tacf) 
cUtifife anD parr ol tt,lic contrary to ripreod latu anb ro cbttt) 
form ano orDinance ttjcreof, anO br dttctj atiD of 0tictj oorr tyat 
erpreoflanb (Special mrntiou ou0t)t necesffitarilp ro tie uiatic m 
tUto ouc parenr, anti it coulb not tie tncluDcb m ttje setural ri; 
pr(00ion tbcccof ; M\t^ rl)at tt be ob0rr\)cd aa toell tiitb ag toin: 
pletcl^ ti0 if upon caclj c(mi0e, part anD artfclr tt)f rcof our ap. 
probation, licente anD commanb Ijao been obratncti,attorDinu 
awt) tn mtcl) form and manner acf oball be contatncti in uom- 
0aib biopooinonorotcipogitiono. :dnD tr 10 our pleacfure ttiar 
all rt)t0 be 00 Done, notvoirbsranDins rliar }m\x orljei oono 
tobo ar: able ro inherit, anD ^»our otijer relatibca, kinoiucn, 
DeorenDanttf anD cotlateralfl map be DamnifteD in tt)tirpor^ 
tiono anD allo^joaneeo tobicb appertain ro tljem^ anD rliar lye 
oaiD aoon SDitffo Columbuo, POur oon, anD tje or ttjcp on \uyom 
pou flball mabe rbe oaiD entail or entails, or legacp, 01 ,\[\^ 
mentation, map obtain or Ijatie a tierp great anD notable n 
te00 bePonD totjat, actorDing to rigljts anD municipal latoo, 
pou can leatoe to tbem in POur teotament or laot \sill, anD ijttic 
bp Donationo inter titoOi or tn any otber manner tDliatoomci. 
dnD it 10 our toill anD pleasure tljat tt)e0e 0atD properrtco, 
tublcl) pou 0hall tbu0 incluDe anD place tn pour 0atD cnrailor 
entail0,0l)all be tnaltrnable Atxh inDtti0tbU for eber, ano rt],ir 
tbe person or per0on0 on tobom pou 0l)aU make tt)c saiti rn 
tail or enratl0, anD tbe one n)bo, accorDing to pour Dioposinon, 
0t)all bolD It, or tljose \Dbo 0ban bolD tbem, 0l)all not hr ablr 
to sell, gibe, be0totD, alienate, DiDiDe or separate ttieni, nor 
be able to lo0e tbem, nor sball lose tbem, for anp Debt rtjat 
Ije map otoe, nor for anp ottjer reason or cause, nor for 
anp crime or mi0Demeanour \Dbt(b be map commit, eicrpr rt]r 
crime of leu maie0tp or perDuellio or treason, or ri)c tninr 
of bere0P; anD it is our \di11 anD plea0urc rbat rt)io [n 
ob0erticD, nortDitl)0tanDing rbe latD0 tsbicl) contain tliat 
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dispusy^ion U "ijrrt » l>>\ mitttn non l>-\ futdo undrt m dat ni d>-nar ni imutnut ui laii, 
ni apartar nt I'-s pueda ptrdtr nt puida p-i nin^una drhda qui dtia ni pnr •■tin r ;; • 
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duliones II tray^tnn << irymin de m^ia, U> quol que'emi'\ r ri nurstra mfr\id que \t cunrd' n ' 
inhai ^'onte lii\ Ityit quf .i iuntimin i^ut Im hkivtih/^'us n^^n nviin lui'at aunque \t fti^itn p 



boiiBlj (r, Ann cati) 
its UXtti iinti to t\3txv 
ID of jjiicl) flort tljat 
larilp to lir inabt in 
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titU tl)crfot out- if: 
olitaiiuD, lUcortimu 
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at vom ott)ti- flono 
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Jjtortljci'on tol)oiii 
J, 01- Itptp, 01- ,1115 
rcat an6 notable tt 
inO nuiMftipal latjo, 
jv laat toill, iinD si^c 
manner toliiuootbci. 
)tat oaiD properties, 
n pour oaiti entail or 
l)U for t\)tr, anb tl),ir 
111 make tt)c sam en 
S topourDiopoSitiaii, 
em, Oliall not lie ahir 
oeparate tbeiii, nor 
11, for iinp Debt ttiat 
n or cauot, nor for 
IP commit, ercept tl)f 
treaoon, or t|)e tnmr 
Icaflurr tl)at tt)i3 tu 
totjicl) contani tl|.u 
igl) tt)tP he niaDe tii- 

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r mnnrra /''» tyud/i * '/ii^ 

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tir\ (I nt P"T "tra r,;; t 

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titer [ tii '/lir m i'Udr.j'r n-n 

/oi'rt' tiuntjtte M l^l^itnp'' 



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33 Ux afl It toi 
;rom tl)ifl our 
rttn" olirtptioii 
jottttr of fact, 
;t mai' lit iiftDf 
[jrroboration t 

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rirrf J il"H rrH'il' 
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,u;.r, /,/«(.■<, I. 



rirtiie of at\}> patrntfl dnD rtcitrfptoitoliiUtfocbti' tl)iU niiii' lir \niu,i.i,.,,mUs,i<.i,r 

jMiitfD tycreupoui fliiD Khetoiflt nottoitl)at.iiiDinB iiru> latofl, "I^'^^',,'; ""'£,''"', 

jiinitro, rigl)t0, oroinaiueo, usasro iinb ctioroino, prete^ miV.iV »'.»' in/oir- 

jtnw uno prattitffl, botb tonimon .ind niiiiUcipal, of ttit «'""'' '""'" 'i'"" 

ismgo our prtdetfooorfl, Vnljftl) arc or map he contrarp to ,„/.,„, ..n/rnn-M.-n- 

jliat ((J aforfoaifti anO tijt latoo ar.O riuljro toljitlj Dttlare ("»,««,«, r,.N(«n6.M. 

Hat fltiptbinu Dont to t»)f prtdiDite of a tljirb partv, or ton= ;;,',;,';;;,'; f';;;;,,",;,;',;;^ 

,rart» to (jooD utfagffl ano tiiototiio, Vil)tre(ii tl)f partp ton. /., m,,^ «,»,,, ««,- 

jittrfl tt)at l)t Ifl iniurcD or t)ainnific&, i0 inbalift ; aiiD tl)f lato "'"" ""'' i""r< «. v" 

uljitb Dctlarco tl)at piol)ibitiDt ticbto cannot be rcDokcti,anD ^^IwZT.fsl'r'llZ 

[\m tobftl bctlarc ibat patents ffrantcD contrarp to lato, '.i-i. m /n^ /.v.s , 

annitt and rigl)t, oiiBljt to be ibiolobeptti anD not fulfilled, ■i""'"'- /i"/ ■'>'"> 

""" .» » T u » ./«r riisif /renin n/)ir 

[ten ttjougt,tt)ep map contain anpberogatitiecauocs and otber M<i>ri> iU ur^nn n 
Mfliiraiitefl and non-obfltanttfl; and tl)c lato toUitl) D<- ireo ',""T, r,!w'«»A "',"."» 
iliar tilt protection of tyt partp (intcreoted] 10 proimoed bp w i„ p„ri, ,■»{„■„.;, 
natural lato, and tbatit cannot be taken atoap or redoked, and ,y„'/'„'',ri',(!.'7'',',''/!v 
,t,at tljc Iato0, fltawteo and dalid riul)t0 cannot be reboked, ■/'" ''"■ v"' '"* '''^- 
irctpt bp Corte0 -, or anp otijer matter, effect, qualitp, force or ^,'„V "pu,.,/fr'Vr "'^ 
inp3tcrp,tol)icU I0 or map be contrarp to cobat 10 abobt fltated, '"'""'"' • '"' ''"' '''■ 
rttn tbougb it be urgent or neceooacp or mired, or in anp ]12lT' cmt<T''t\ 
:tt)cc manner. Jror of our oaid certain knotoledge, mere mO' fu,r„ . der,chnd,A,'n 
tun diiO aboolute ropal potoer, tobicl) in tbio bcbalf toe toill -"' ''■"•''■'''•i"'«' - 
iHrtrcioe and do erercioe, ao TSingo and feodercign lordo, "'^2 '."Zn'gm ,711 
itknotolrdgingnoauperiorintbingg temporal, con0idering It ,lu^l^^ ,,u<,r c„hs.<. 
[jtitl)treetpreO0td and declared, |uotaoifitI)ad been Ijerc ott '''■'^'*"'.v"" • •''■• 
joton A\- -rpreooed toord for toord, toe diflpenoe tberetoltb ''J,2lutl, I, ,1,'|"|j,^ 
mt) ah'uuate it; ano toe derogate, take atoap and remode, in ,/Mf i;«f /,i ./r/.rtsi 
33 fi'.c afl It tOKCbro, appertaina and map appertain bereto, 'Map'trit t^pr^.m,. 
from tbio our patent and from tobat is contained tljerein, '!]all!u"',u'Man''<, 
;tcri' obreption and subreption, and edcrp otber obstacle or puru, <.r ^tutuui.- m 
;inptBinicnt,andtoeBupplP anPdtfettBorotbermatterstobat> "'">"''" •■ 'i"< >"• 
jottjtr of fact, of rigbt. of substance and of solemnitp tobicb 'XLl ,'l'/,X»s "n.. 

tmiii'bf needful and useful to supplp for tlje toaliOation and /.m,./,« ur nft.,,./... 

jrroboration tbtreof. dnd toe command tbe most illustrious '"'"' P"' '"''■■■ " 

"^'(i iiutili;ui< r (VIS, I. 
iM. Mi/iiidi/, ii^'fT. mndri". '/Kr i'H"n/Ml i/i7<i sui" tli(hii ,tii m ^^r puttttt tlun tjiii- stil iir^t-ntt 

'.i^r^ano i> rnnT' <» m vtru t^uat ijuifr imntnii < ci dttti ./i./wr niii\lr,t (iir/d ■nirynia < pi "pi,> 

fk" r pitdtrxu rent ahitdultt lit i/Mr rlcsr.i fnirtf ifmnittns usirr , ti siitws fomi< /^ \( si 'iiih,r,in>is 

1 rftnim miirfiitnlrs suptrwi i ri/<i Irtipuni/. ui li rii/n/n n.^ui por t\pn\iiju y i/er/iirm/.) niiiid (V 

■f pMabrti a patiil'td ii</ui tu*%v putsto r t\prr%iiiio, d.^prnsittiios i-onrUn i U> iihm^ttmn^ r t/dc^M- 

•n t t ijuittltiii}% e il(/nii>lrni'i, rn quttnin il i \ln toca e tititpnr r itlfftrr pUt'ii df\to nUt strir filrlii r ^/(*^^ 

T-i.'.l nmtentJii tinla nhrrniim > >uhrn^ii>n t tt>itf "tm t vfiiru/o .. enptn'itinitnin , suphmn^i qutllt\ 

;k'r 'l,ltlt"t, M cfrils ifutlti i ijuu r ii>stl\ i^iti ttr Irt hit f ,lr tlrrn I'n iL W( */<!«• id i li ^"l< ni<i:ltl udn 

-f.iwirliM rpri'lri^i'Sili ij'f \uplti pant tttttiitt^ ttm » (■nrriv6<>r ij( am i/r//i>. /■ r>lilN>/(lrfi".s nl \lliistf t^ymx 



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t>n«,,fr l),m lunn l^rltltt, SDOtl ^Ol)!!, Olir ^tXV Otflr atlD tBtll btlotlttl flOn, illltl 

fii,r.(., Hi„v ,rtr,. , ,jj, ^nffliifffl, prtlfltto, DiihfO, toimtfl, marqiiisto, barono 

'Z uf,mU'''rr,'. >"«>«"«« of omvn, prioi-fl, toimiunOfrfl aiiO oiibtoiiiiiun' 

tmi„!,.,iu,,u,,,om,Un. btco, toiKOfufl Of taotlffl JiiD of fortiBcD aitO iiiitoitiiict) 

marqut^ii, riroi ijoticira, inriiilicrs af our cotitKil, aiibitorg of oiu* cljainbci- anti 

MM,,,, mnt,ir,,M„^ tUtintfr)', alMlDf 3, bailitTfl of our bcmufbolti, tourt .hid t|),in 

r!.'m«Ti:w,rr'"X tfri', tinti all (jotifriiorfl ano aofllotantfl, altalBto, bdilitja, 

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"';,""'" ''''"' ""■ pod mm of all rl)c tirlto, totona aiiO platca of throe our 

< //rtiini r .ifix </ri kiuijtioing anD Ooiiiiniono, Vobo noto arc anb from Ijriirrforrli 

nw.jfri. ,,.«<,;,• . cj|),iii be, to obfltrbt totoarbfl I'ou tbia fabour, tobitii tot tun 

i>Vi/i"c"i dtU\ nufitta 
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^'Mrtii/r.i, mirimn. 
prrhi>%tf%, riffititin %. 
iitvittlrrnx, iMHilirvs, 
»|/l(lil/f» t MHIft 

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(iMrti/f 1 ii//(i( I 

Infitlre^ iii\t"\ nil 
r\lrii^ rryni't c i* • 
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rr upon iiou, in all anb tbrouQl) all, actorblno to \o\m ig 
/rri,,. ,i/r,i;(/,. f 'ill- thtrfln tonraintb, anb not to molfot I'ou tontrarp tbtr'to or 
'•"""''"'•''■"""'"' to ani> part tbtrrof, at ani> time, or in ani> ntiinnfr, or lor 
l"ii!,',rt'.'"!ii',L''L ''"" '""'Of "c rcaflon that ftiflto or map ttm, ano ri|,it thr 
bi0po0ition anb biopoaitiono tobicb I'ou oball niahr nt (tie 
aaib rntail or tntailo, Itgacp or ausmrntationg, accorbini; to 
anH in tbr form anb manner tobicb \uap anb aball be com 
tainrb in tbrm anb in catb of tbrm, oball be prrforiucD, 
rrrciitro, anb put into but anb rtTrctual trrcution, tDitijoiit 
toaitinff for or trpfttiiiB anp otbtr patent or manbatr from 
lis tbtrtupon, or a ortonb or tbirb intimation, dll tsbicl) tor 
tommanb our billtb rbanrrllor, notarirs anb othrr oilicrro voiio 
vrnit ,1, nvui drf at tbf boarb of our gralo, to briibrr to poii, anb to paoa ano 
'l^l'IrZ J,1',.url'r!i ""l "ur patent of pribileBt in tbe moot balib and oiiiruitiu 
./:., iM, /„„,>■..< ,n form tobitb pou map require for tbat purpooe, anb nritljcr tijr 
'"'" ' f"" '"''" " one nor tbe otbtr of pou or tbtiii oball bo tontrarp btrcto 111 anf 
f'TdX' ,'",',i,r'i,'i munntr, iinber pain of our blopleaoure anb of ten rbo'iojua 
lu. tny.m n> f""" marattbio to our tbauiber upou eacb One tbroiigb tDboiu It oijaii,,,, fa,| ,o bt 00 perfomteb anb fulfllkb. idnbfurtbtrmorf tor com 

pilrit iltlld rn (imp" ^ ' "'" 

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purda r qur st cun oaib ptnaltp, uuber tobicb aloo tot tommanb anp notan' 

llrriti n litmla e\fcuni'n run rlrtln lit ilitputyiitin i iJiifiui^i H'ln i/ur JitirrJit Jil ilnho nr.- 

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I iittit unit itetlai %r conltnga r rnntitwrre lyi nfmi'rr ni i\ptritr pttni rlli> •■/rn »jH.s(r,i p- 

Ml mtin>liimnnti' ni \if[untlit ni trtirrit jUM'>n irtn tfunl tini<> mitntiiimi>\ nl nutUtn ihi\n'\'.- 

tnityi'r e piofiinov i* m/mh ^ j\^ialt\ ifur rstnn ittti ttihtti (ir/"s nui\tri>\ \rUim ijur ioh hhr,n r r 

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•Its, f /"» unns HI tn\ nlri>\ mm /d^m/fi in fngan tniit ttl pur n/^bif>i vuintra ^n prnn ,i,i,, .,.. 

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patttcitiit^ nnie nn* tnln nut^lm i nrtt ii,> tjuut i^i.f «■•* »((iiiin. :ifl .I'ifi .^ut ifi- 'r\pta:nir ii,: 

i;i*,in, 'lirtt pr}mtrr\ \\^u\tntt^ \<h iifhn ptnii ^niu ount mnntliim't •■ iji.r' ,fi,itt *i..-i ^ 


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itti li(lol)t& oon, «nb 
innrqiiiata, barung, 
J and out) tomman 
tUD atiD iii\(artilic& 
f of our cljiiiiilKiaiiD 
lolCi, court atiD cbiin 
:0, aUalDcg, b>iililfo, 
oqiiirrd, olliccro iinn 
plflcta of il]cac our 
iiuO from l)fiitffortl) 
itiour, tDl)tcl) tot (on 

KtOrDIUQ to U)l)iU 10 

II tontniri' tljcr-ro or 
iinii miiiuur, or lot- 
It triot, ano tl),it (t)f 
u flball make at rl)( 
\tdtiong, attorDing to 
lap anD 0t)>ill tic con 
g|)all be ptrforiiitD, 
liil trtcutton, toitljoiit 
tnt or maiiDatc from 
uation. dlllDi)t(h tor 
[0 pou, ant) to pdoo iinn 
It \)aliD ano ouilidtiu 
irpogr.anO luitljcr tljt 
r auD of ten (IjOMgjnt) 
r t|)Cougl) \i) 1)0111 It oiiiiti 
J our patent, to cite tijii 
pof tltiUioii, iiMOtr tbt 
toniiiiaiiD iiiir iiotdr' 

i/uf Jisiirdti till c/lr^ll mil- 
f tminrrn ifut rntUiit t >n 
Mini r//o "Irn iMolril (,i'',i 
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I ir/liij ijut ini /i/>r,n c f:! 
uf fttirn «■"" m#«r*(rr '.ii.'- 
it<i rdflrt^rn ^i^ pmrt drdr nu- 
(il uno for •/mm /.pi. ni> K' 
niollr(lr< i/Mf ini inpLur ;u 
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ptrflon obotoinff it to Ijim, a ttrrlfltatt tijtreof oiuiuo toitb ||''" ""'""■'"'/""•'' 

1,10 oiguatiirr, VDbtrtbp tot map huoto |)oto our tommand 10 ',",'„',,,..', t"iJ,m', 

fiilllllto. (f(tJfn (n tl)f dtp of ^urijoo, on tbt ttoentp tb(rD •>■• »«>!■• '■>•>< «. u.-nn 

uf of tbt nicutU of aprll, lu tl)f ptar of tijt natitoitp of our '" " '|';'_ ""'"/''"""• 

lord Iffliifl Cbriot one tboiigand four Ijimdrtd and uiiutp. '"J^',iy ][„'S,!!i'. 

flrtni. ItlifTauiff. ltl)tjDuccn. l.jffrdinaiid vJlDarto of /)„',(„].„/„ ,iu. ,'/,/, 

3ol(do, toccrttarp of tbt Ittinu and of tbt iQuttn our Uordo, i:ur^,„ ,1 v,ynh r 

(iiiiord It to bf toritteii bp tbtir toininaud. ^nb on tbt dorot '"<■'' •''•>' >'' '"•• •'• 

of t|)f fl'iib pattiittoao toritttn tbc follotoing: Jn form, tto^ "''"'• """ ''"' """' 

Dccitk aDottor. Utgiottrtd, laifonoo iDtrto ; and 0taltd. """"" ''' "'"""" "" ' 

Zl)t Minq and rbe Hueen. 

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mill t i/uii(rii|irn(>iii 
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ion Cl)rt0topt)er <Columbu0, our ZH^ 

iiiiral of tbt kTctan, Utttrot* and OPobc rnor of tbt lolando 
\sM l)>ibr bctn di0robtrcd in tbt 3nd(tg: iUllr b>)^f occn 
poiir Ittttra and bJbt bJO mutb plca0urr in Itiirninu tobat '" r " '" ""i"'"' 
roil torott to u0 tbtrtin, and tbat OFod bag granted pou 00 j';,')''^,]|!",|''''"|'l''' 
poi) M tub to pour labour, and giiidtd pou fatoourablp in ]"Z..7.ymiiTnt' 
ttbiu I'ou b'l^Jf btpn, tobtrrin br toill bt grtatlp 0trtcd, and ,„ i„rmii iimiru,, 
w iikctolOf, and our hinQdomg tniil rtccibr gucb great ad^ /<../> ii,fni,,i,i 
janMCC. '^ip It pltaac iPod tbat, btgidcg atrding b"" in "■'"'"' ''"'" ' "' 
tl)io matttr, I'ou map on account tbtrtof rtctitit manu fa '"'" 
tioia'9 from ug, tobtcb. rcgt aggurtb, toill tic confrrrrd upon 
roil iio pour gcrdiccg and labourg dcacrdr. dnd brcaiigc \uc 
will rhat tobat pou bal)t brgun map, bp tbf aid of (Foo, br 
contiimcd and carritd fortoard, and tor art drgiroug tbat pour 
coming obould be gpeedP, it bting for our gerdicr tbat pou 
oijoiild make ag mucb bagtr ag pou pogglblp can in pour 
[01111110. in order tbat ttoerptbing tbat ig needful map be pro^ 
biDcD 111 timt; and becaugt, ag pou gee, gpring bais begun, mi.n ymiw^. \,mo. 
m leot tbt geagon for returning tbitber gboiild pagg bp, iur»(r,H irirm y 
KPtoljttber anptbmg can be got readp in feebille or in otber "'im..i .iiin/.i. pdnn 

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rrnuii qiiitkip, in orOcc tijat imnKDuitc protjioion mon ik 
nuitie for t)l)at i0 to be Done tnliilr poii arc coming |)cikc m, 
rctiirninD;, jjo tbat upon pour return from ijcrc ctjcmtliinit 
mai> be in reat)inr00. JFroni ^Barcelona, tUr tijirticti) tiai> of 

tarcb,(ntt)epcarn( 3 tl)c l&in(j. 3tl)tsDiimi 
_p command of tljc ISmo; ant) of tijc iDiiecn, jftrbin,inti' 
aitareu. JSnli on tbe Doroe it oaifi: 23)> tlr l&mg ,1116 tlir 
!£2ueen, to SDon Cl)rt0topl)er Columbus, rljcir )a&mir.u of thr 
klDccan, mXi Slliccrop anti (f obernor of tlje lOlantis tuijict) uL 
been btscoDcrcb in ttje inbies. 

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]Bon Cbrtstopber Columbus, our ^ti 

miral of tlje iDctan, ilicerop anD iPobcrnor of tt)c loUnbg 
nftuli' found in tbc Tfndicfl: Bp tl)io courier 3 ocna inm , 
tranocnpt of tbr book to^icb pou left t)cre,\Dt)tri) l)iia ticrn dc 
laped 00 long in order ttjat it migbt be turitien occrrtlr go 
ttjat neitbcr tijooe tubo iirc t)crc from (Eiortugal nor aiiponc cigr 
miglit bnolu of it; and on rl)t0 account, in order tljiu it wmh 
be done tl)e oooner, it ifl in ttoo bandtoritinfffl, iio poii toin 
perceide. Ccrtainlp, according to tobat b<i0 been aont aiiii 
0een until noto in tbi0 bu0ine00, it is rccognioed dailv ug bcimt 
tjcrp important, and of great toortb and tueigbt, aim tl;:it mii 
bade rendered u0 mucboerdice tberein,anotoe arc iTrriitlnri 
J /)o.v (;.i,,(,M„; debted to pou ; and tberefore toe tni0t in (Pod tt)iu, dcoion 
(.7.»i nutstr.^ Ainu- lobat b>>0 bccu agrcth upon toitb pou, liibitb 10 to be bcrr 
r,mu,i,imaroi,an,. tborouffblp pcrforuicd aud fulftlled, POU toill reteitic froinuij 
I is.i Keye t.oterna. mucb fiirtljer bOHOur, fadour and addanctment, ac la rcaooi 
,(,.r,w,ij,</,i<nuf,,i able, iind ao Pour0ertice0andmerit0deoei1je. If tbc ttidrr i'l 
m,nte taiittdas rnias fj,,. nabigation febicb POU bfld to prepare 10 finiflbcd.otnr , 1- 
*"''""• ""'"' "" me at once, and for uip 0erdice make great haotc toitt) i-on- 
'."] '"'Ill'" "" '""■ departure, in order tbat, bp tbr grace of our iLorD, it uw 'u 
;' ,""''",7' Pi't ""to effect toitbout anp dtlap, for pou 0ce bote iiiipoitj't 

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punom^supieuiUi- to tcriiifl r^crcii^ J iDoiilD toiol) POU to think fl)f romrar\: 
/... V " frt/M<. ./Mfn orOfr tl)at pou map not on t!)dt account fail or nf^jlfcr to 

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plat u ail" V I Mf-> ciula Jia Sf (riri(>' 1 \t t mu\ fyta\< t y tie ^ran<i 1 atuiati \ \t, \tan{ la. \ tfuc i' 
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i-ivtfrr ,oi ^iMsarrmr>% ^ 10' lo faremfix Sii^fr t Hfl n*g>;io >if l*uftu^al ion *»• >ai<n\.:i 
tttos qut aqui fitan detfrtmnofion. aun tjur \o i rro que el Hey ie iUf^ara .1 tt::,n r 
.^j.(fr\rt que pf'tsa^far ^ /" '-niian-- pm^',' votet^ rt" im de^t:u^1'•y^ m ir\.\i j ^ 


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tp tal)ltt) poti fiabc Dib 
t)i0 courier, tol)o Ijiio to 
iiuc provision mat) be 
I art tomiiisj litntcaiit) 

from l)trc ctjcrnlimn 
na, tlje tljirtictl) Hm of 
ic IRinu, J tl)c£>mti). 
tl)C iDiitcn, jfcrftinanti 

33)' tl'- ISing iiiiD tlic 
ifl, tljtir atmiiiMi of tbf 

tijt lOlaiiOo toljitl) ijauc 

itibUB, our M 

10 courier J ocmd m\ ,i 
t)crr,tDbict) Ijiiobfcntit 
t bf torititn ottrrtln, ao 
It, in orDcr tljiu It mijiit 
nDtontiiiffO, no poii toill 
dJ)iU l)iifl been tionc iinti 
anH tociijlir, ano tl;at I'si; 
in,iinDVoc lire (irfiiiliMn 
not in (fob tl)iu, htoifin 
lou, tol)itl) IS tD be trrr 
poii toill rtteiue from no 
bancemtnt, ass lo tfjooM 
jDfoerte. If tlje ttiact ot 
lart ioflniot)tn,Ofnr .n- 
ht great haotc Voitt) voir 
ct of our ILorO, it map in 
ir I'ou flee l)oto iniponinu 
ff; anbtonte anb mt'orii: 
re.anb toe toill aoburjiic 
take plate liere. In it; 
ijafl been taken toitl) itios; 
tbflt tl)C lime toill torn; 
I to ttjinh tl)e contrarM:, 
)unt fail or neglect to Jti 

III ifUf cnr< t Mi^ii^P' ,1,1 I, ^ 
ilitlittt y \u%l{ta{ia, v ifur i- . n 
ptiaiiio\ (H lhii\ ifue itiiiuii ;. 
ifiir ln» rr^^^>ttfy\ 'It mn nn, ^ 
Uin I utiiii'^ s" 1 1', I'lv t mtt 

^un^||Ull^ ntr rn^iiii/ /.-.■ , 
I i/Uf liqutllil I unlit ,i,i,r(t 
<tf\ ifuttnl" I unptf r.l ^l'•• 
■fi -.Uf (i> (I 1 li- li'iii' ' ;: 
*uf fU4;il/ "t'l "• '/I !■ "I.; 1 
ftcy *«• llft.tit,t <I ri:;-ti ^<ir:. 
ff >iU.If-^» 'n Irx, V > 1 t , ■ 

^mcII^. .«m'*^'*'«» crf***f^ 

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■<, I 

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1 |^ 



e«, > n .i r « nr '«%«f <■■■ • N«^A*^»f 


I [ 







nniDentl|) ant) toitl) Due Ciiurion, do rhar poti mnj) nor be Dccciticti 
,„ aiip nunnei' \))l)ate\)tc. jfrom iDaccclona, ou tlje &Ub Dar 
of rbf montt of feeptemlitr, in tO« pear ninetP=ttrer. J tljr 
iBiiecn. BptommanDof tljcffliittn.ioljnliclaJEtarra. anOon 
riicDocdcttdaib: J&prlje^ticen, to2DonCt)ri0rojt)tcColumbu0, 
her idontiral oC tljc jDccan, anti JEliceroi) and (rotoernoc ot tije 
igliinDd ncVDlp bistoDeceti :n tt)e 3|nDie0. 

Cbe i^ing and rbe £lueen. 
Hon Cl)nfi^topl)er Columbus, our :admt< 

'^ inl of tl)f iTccan ano our iUittrop and dpotjcrnor of ti)f lis 
IdiiDO iictolp Di0(o\)ccrb in t\)t region of tl)c ^nbien: caic babe 
flcrii H)t Itttcrfl Vobitb pou flcnt to tis bp vlnronio be 'Horrco, 
from \»bitb ^f rrctibcb much plracfurr, and toe gibe niani> 
ri|,vi>i<i ro mirlorb (fob,tDbu bass bone 00 nuicb soob m babino; 
lUiiDff I'oii 00 toell in eberptljino;. Mle regarb as a ijreat bebt 
,inD OiTbicc tobar pou b>ibe bone ano labotireb in rbooe parrs toirlj 
oiicl) crcellent orbcr anb forcflisbt rtjar ir toiilb not be berter^ 
aiiD toe b'ibe libetoioe giben anbience to tbe gaib idntonio be 
Corrtd, anb recetbeb all tbat mou sent to us bp Ijim -, anb nor 
less toacf ei'pecreb from roii consiberiiiUf rbe etrremc pobtoill 
anb iifTecrton tD|)icl) yao been anb is found in pou for niarters of 
our ocrbice. Kelp upon it tbat toe t)otb ourselbes to be inuci) 
ocrtJtO anb nbliocD bp )>oii tberein, 00 tbat toe oljall confer upon 
Mil fabotirs, bonour ano abbaneement, as vonr (jreat aerbices 
icniiirc and desertir. •An\) for tbat tbe said Silntonio de 'iHorres 
DcliifcO coining bere until noto, and toe babe not seen vonr 
letters, tobitb bf dib not senb ro tis in orbcr rbar be inigbr brinu 
tl)tin bnnoflf u; .f secureli',and on accounr of tbe burrp for tbe 
Departure of tbese sbips tobitb are noto ffoing, and tobidj, 
oirtttli' toe kntto tbereof bere, toe ordered to be bispattbed toltb 
a t'ull oiipplp of rbe rbings of tobitb pou senr a memorial from 
tt)titcc, and as complctcli' as coiilo possibh' be bone toirbour de> 
Uving rbcm ■. and rbe same sball be done and tamed our m 
icopftr of all rbe rest tobitb be bab m tbarotr, at sucb rime 
anD 111 0iitb manner as be sball declare rbe same -, rbere is no 
opportunirp neto of replPing; ro pou as toe toould, bur toben be 
ijota, if It please i^od, toe toill gibe pou an anstoer and toill com- 
iiunD cberntliino: requisite tberein to be probided. CClc babe been 
Dtrttt at '■ 'huitts tbat biibe been bone ober tbtre contrarp to 
noiir to;. •' ■ toe toill comniiind to be tboroii(jblp remeoied 
inti puni'. - 1 tbe nrrt bnpage tbat sliall be made b'tber, 

j(ti'| at ficahtlo 
ijUi- cunple piirn iiur 
i-n manera aifiuntt 
nn pndays te{ihir cn- 
^(irio. Ih' litlr{tlnnit 
(1 (iiicii ilins (III mr:i 
lie setiftibre ilf tin- 
tenln e Iress ahns. 
¥0 la Hiyna. Pur 
tnanilaiU) ilela Htynit, 
Juan ili'la I'arrn. /•' 
( n/fi.v espaltlos dfzia, 
I'lir la Rryna, a Don 
< hnslnrni Ciilnn s» 
lliiiiranlr del mar 
I" tatiti y I isi> Itiy y 
i">ieijia'ii>r ileliis ya- 
Itfi iiiaiii mi nte hal- 
/ri(/(rs inlaa iniiia^. 

hi Hey , la H.ymi 

5 l>l>.\ I hri'.liiial 
(V>/..n, niiislri' .llmi- 
lante del mar meantt 
y nutA/rrj I t\ii Hiy 
V (ii'ierttailur dilas 
y-it'i^ nueia nimte 
haHaiin% inlas partes 
flila^ Ynilias I imns 
la\ earla'i ijui nii\ 
I'nAlifsds cnri -Ih- 
t"ni<> tie Toire-i tnn- 
tas (/f/rt/fs MiitMos 
miuhr p^rs(■r. \ da- 
mns miahas ^r<i( ia\ 
a niti sfj-M S'iftt'r />ii'> 
7«. lanln hiin I" ha 
lnhn, y t /I ijitrns ( n 
t>>di> tan Inen ffitiadi>. 
la much't tar^f y 
■;< rii', i(» ifis it «f »if<s 
h> iiu< altaai < ys feeh<. 
y Iraiatadn rrn tan 
I'Ui Mil hiT'ien V p' " 
l( v'Mii nl", tjut n > 
putilt srr meiiT. V 
(f-iV i>ii'imi> nvin"s at 

(.lt/>n Intt'Hin .It 

I,>rn!t,y rr(tf>tim)\ tudo In ifui itmel nn\ tnhiastei, y nun se t-iptraia menns de ms Siiiund la mueha 
lunttid, V nfeetim -/wi* de ws if ha lon^ri/c y tn^n-isjc tnla-i ttisas de nuestrit strinin. >(</ ^url^' 
^u( n'i% tenimas de n»i par muehv xerxtdns y rncrtr^dnfici meilu para eas faser mtreedei y hnnrra, v 
:.:T('tnt(innrnta coma ^■uestre^^ yraHdt\ wriiiMi i' re-iuiertn y adeitdan V Jor que tl dtehn tnt"ttl" 
at ri>ire\ tarda tn irnir at/m fa^ta a^iaa, \ ni> iiitifiov ii.*i/>> tue-itia^ earta*, la\ (fuaU\ n>> no, atya 
tit.iid.i" />"' lai trahri il »i mei'ir reiai'dr, y la pi u ui dila paitiua at ,lot nana. .y... a^-"i,. lati, 
I jtitui s ala ara t^ue I" atfui tuptmii\ ' ■ miindainits tuiptithar tan ttitta intihd'>. tttla^ etiun tjut de 
.•..iti enhulxtei par titfmarttll. y t^uant't ma' eamphda aunte \e puttle\e /ii^<i -\ri dii, nt i l'i\. i .t^\ >< 
'tva e eumpUra en tadn la tdra ./u«- W tra\ti atartia al titnpa y tama el /.. i/ixr-rr. no ha lUi^ai de i',> 
t'(ptniifr -nmo 'juis\eram"x, pern ifuanati rt laya planenda a />iik i.'t rf<p*mJrrcfiui.* y mandariunit 
f'iKfr en toda rllo romc eunpti \tt\ aeem"S ando tnai'i deta< < n<iM i;i.f tdla m han feeha Juera tie 
luii.'rii loiuntad. iai t^itate\ mtintiai > mnt hitn itiiictiiat t ea\ti^at , h.ntl peinxr i iii.^t ^u- para at : 

lbs W I 







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i- I ■ 




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h f ■ 

IP • 

cfrnD Brrnal be )Dp0a, to toljoni toe arc flcntiiiiff an orbcr to 
arcanac W coining, anD Icr 0omc pcrgon toljo ma)) g :tm omt 
able to ^ou anD to Jfatyer Jfriar Bu^t atteno to tf)c clKtijc 
..jicU i)e bcarg until it 10 filleti up from Ijerr, diner, otuiiii; to 
tlje burr)) tor tbe Departure or tbe ga'D gijipg, it bag not note 
been poggible to fill it up ; but in tbe nert too)?aar, it it picior 
C?oD, a prrgon guitable for tbe gaiD cbarge gball be appomtcti. 
.from iil^eDina Del €ampo, on ttje tbirteentb of ^pni, n, 
ninetP-four. J tbe liinB;. 3 tbi aUuecn. S)' tommand of 
tbe lliing anD of tbe £^ueen, 3iuan Dc la (L\irra. dnb on rljr 
Ooi-ge it gaiD : I5p tbe Iktng anD bp tbe j£2ueen, to Don Cljrio 
topbtr Columbiig, tbefr dD;niial of tbe Ctean, anD tijcii- 
tLliCTOi' anD (FoDernor in tiie iglanDg nctul)' Dtgcobrrcti m 
Mje region ■-■:. tbe ^iiDieg. 

Zf^t Mins anD tt)e €lueen. 
j0on Cbrtstopt^er Columbus, our btgb 

.sr hizierc, enhnul a 
Herniil de I'ysii, ill 
quttl nos rnhiainiis 
iiutmhr pimpa en 
iihrii su rcnii/ii v <"' 
cargn qw tl lie) ii 
rntiemla tndln tii 
J>i'rsonit qut a voa y 
III pnitre friy lluyl 
piirecierf tn tnnto 
que lie aca Sf proiti-, 
que por III priisii 
ilila ptirliilii <lih>\ 
tlichi'S niiiivs nan se 
puilit Hf^orit prim hi'- 
enilto, peril enil pri- 
mer iiiije, sy pliise a 
/>i".«i. s, prineera <te 
till persona qual eon- 
Hene parii el iltchii 
C(ir^'i). lie Ueilinii 
del ( 'anpn a treze de 
.■Ihnl de nmenlii e 
quntrn. Yn il Key. 
)'•> lit lliynn l'i<r 
niiindadii dil Hey e 
dila lli\nii. .luivi 
detn Parru. /•" in- 

/it> espnidas deyv.1. ^Diiiiral of tbt iglaubg of tbe UnDieg: Cillc batot ocrn 

/'or 1 1 Hey e pur lil 

, '^ , rour lettcrg anD memocialg tobitb pou gent to ug bp corrra 

Heyna, -I Ih'n < nri- '"' 

anD toe b>)De b^D mucb pleagure in learning all tbat poii \Dtotc 
to tig tbtrein, anD toe giDe mann tbandg to our Horb for all 

/( \ ilttiii Yndiiis. 

I Hey I In Hi \nii. 
Ii()\ ( hrislntal ( " 
/iin, nueslri} Almi 
rante ma\i>r detiis 
yiltls drln^ >'n(/jrtt, 

s(r)lil/ Collin >u II- 
ttintinle dil mar 

Ml I ([«(», \tl I IS" Hl\ 

t (ioienwdor mh- of If, gintt toc bopc tbat,toitb bio btlp. tbig vour nnDfrMkinn 

ysiliis nueen meni, ^,|| (,p ([jp ,i,f j|,(j toljfrcbp OUf IjOl)) CatbollC faitb tolll [if 

UiUttda^ cnlai par- 

iiiucb more intreageD. i^nDoneof tbe principal reasons \si|p 
tbia b'lo plcagcD ug go mucb ig bccauge it bas been inbcntcti, 
(ommrnccD anD obtaincD bP Pour banb, labour anb inbustn', 
anD It gcemg to uc tbat of all tbat pou tolb ug at tbe bciunnmi; 
migbt bappen, rberptbmg b'lg. for tbe muat parr, otnincti 
'"'"*'•■"•■'"''''■'" cractip as if pou b<iti gecn it before telling ug. nu turn 
n.i enhastes . ■ -, lu (foD tbat lu tobat rciiiaina to be knoton it toill coiitiniif 
/„rr.,. V '■"■»"» tj)iig. jfcr all tbig tor are unDcr mucb obligation to poii, to 

aviio murhit placer 

dt saber todo lo que por ella\ ni'\ i\t:nmtei. y damns muehas firaiias a nueUrn Sfnor f,. , ;...i . 

illi\ por que esiirrami"i que ton iu ayudn i\lr nrgmm eurfiro sra lahta que nue\fti\ mnM j, 

eatolua sia mueho mas (i( r n r »i:.p/(i /' una drta\ pnni,ipalts ensa\ p"i qui tstu n.i, /•,( pUu\.i,. 

Mill" fj por iir ynerniiila, prnnipiada i aiula p^r lu.Uia niano. Irauij , \ndu\lry,i, i p.n, , 

nos qui IihIo to que al pr\ni,<pv' nus di\islr\ qii< >r pulria ii/t'ii'i|iir la inayr parli i,„i,, - ; 

Milido I ,,iti' lomo \y to omrad, \ iisloaii(i\ qui 'o ■ lo di\r\eii\. I- \pi I anfa l:ni tilt . , n hiinqui 

,it" tomi^ sy lo innradi \ iistoilnti 
que ta por xi'if a\y n .■n;.riua<\ 

qui <t' 

d, 71.1 p" 



I n in o ho ea 

rr /,. 

nDinu an orBcr to 

Ijo nia;i o cm unit 

enb ro tijc cijinjc 

re, fliiKt, otBinu to 

PC (t ijdct not note 

topagc, If It piciac 

flljiill licappoiiucti. 

ccntlj of dpvii, i„ 

13!> coinmanft of 

lU'iM. silnD on tijr 

icfii, to SDoii Cljrio- 

sTcciin, aim tl)cir 

ttol)' Oiotobricti III 

UB, our bigl) 

C8 : ecu \iA\3t ofrn 
M ro iifl hi' (lorrfo, 
(jail tliatiioiitorott 
ro our ILorO for ali 
10 I'Oiir iinocrtdkimj 
rljolic fait!) toiii lu 
liKipal rr>igongi[)i{i< 
r biio liffii iiniciurD, 
Jboiic aiiQ mdiiotni, 
iiioflt part, ottiincD 
iiitf 110. Celt tniai 
ton It toill continue 
oliliuation to I'on, to 

I nutitrii Stnnr f.-.t (,.,! 
h\tt tfur nuf\tiit i(in/j f. 
i/Uf rstii mi! ''il ftiityl 

ijr I \n>iu\l<),:. \ ;..!i, 

1,1 inrty-r funtt t.-ti' •■ : 
(l«i(l ttntmn, ,n /'.■<,, ,fu< 

» < »; (>( .. /)., tiln' I .:'.: 


^^G.iiL^ dt£,-c:liUfi. Si^h^^e ^^ — 

»tC09<t mtf VP-c^i&^^S (£;:Cri 



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_ ^fc. ^1 •^ ^ ^ 


<a»<^^-»Sf*>*»^'** ^« '^^^" ♦*»»»«'• y.**i»»(j» ipvj^ 

JmS^C-S^cX.^ ^ yJJ-f*5-« (U>?r*;f *tlli^.ytf» 



fi»C^ Vie**'* 








confer f>i\]b(irc( upon von fit fliitl) a iiiiiniur tlint iioti totll lir tier)> totlt i.s /.i.-rr mn.,,./,^ 

oitiflficO- ((InD l)ii\)iiiff fltcn all tiMt I'oii torotr ro tio, iilrljouul) doii ./. i.M-irnr ,;„. i... 

otfltril'C all tljiiiija flo fiillp tl)iu it la a orcat ioi) aiiO ticli(i;t)t to rfad m.„^.s .m-v /.„« ...i 

tiicm. flti'l ^^f tooiilti Dcairc oometoljat t"iii-tt)cr, liuiinclp tliat noii (,„(„. yiiv/o /.„/„/„ 

olioiilO toritf to iifl ii\ fliitl) a inaiinti' tljat \uc map !;iio\i! Ijoto iiiani> ,,„, „„,, ,.s,n,isi,s 

lolaiiBfl bate lictii Oifltotocrtti up to tl)ifl tunc, anO tol)at ifl tijt name of 

fad) of tbouf fo ^«')itl) I'oii U'l^f IJitJcn namtO: for altljoiiijl) »ou name 

oomc in VOM- Icttci'sj, tljtp arc not all ; and toO'it arc tl)c namro toljltlj /m/«v im 

the orl)tr(J arc called lij» tljt IndianOi and l)o\u far it lu from one to 

tl)C otUcCi and all tijat pon Ijatic found in catl) of tl)cm, and toljat tl)Cj> 

5,11' fijcre IB in tljrnii and tuliat l)afl liccn obtained from tlje tropo ■i',i;"'""< '/""-"""" 

tol)itl) l)a\)e been ooton c(inte pou toent tljcre, for tlje flcaflon la alreadp 

p.ior at tob'tb all tbe cropo ooton ouubt to be uatljcrcd in. :.lnd tbicflp 

Mc otoirc to knoto loljat all tl)C flcaoonfl of tljc pear are lihc otjcr tbcre, 

111 fiitb niontb oeparatelp, for it arcmo to ua tbat from Voljat pou aap 

inniti i]tiiir{i ijiii ii\{t: 
htrutt iiiiittt iltzn 



lid /i rttt\ 

lur ni>s (.St) ivi< sti/rs- 
my tn tjHf 'iifnttiii>'i 
t/iiittittn yxliii fast, I 
iK/id Si' hitn fiitliiil", 
V alifi ifue (Mrvs 

tlitrc 10 ii (Ji"f'it difference betVoten tbe acaaona tbcre and tboac bere. '/""sfi nnnhr.s ,/„, 

ru'itf.) I' tu tu cttilil 

UtUI. /Kif tjur tlUn 'lUr 

H"nl'nl\s iil^ii»it\ t H 
t :.) ••I' lis t (M /(IS IIMII 

son ("i/iK, \ ii/iis 

nttil-, ^ls l|('||/j) , s 

'/(It /. s lliitium h'-, 
>'mi/h'S I ijUi-.nt" tty 

toili (tarn from tbe flaid liTorrea, and toill ace bi' Vubat be talira toitb It', 'lul !n','ys' fnti'li,', 

g'oinc arc dcairoiia tbat it abould be etateO tobetber tbcre are tVuo 
toiiircra and ttoo aummcra tbcre in one pcar. CClrite tbe tubole to iia 
tor oiir ocrbite, and aend iia tbe urcatcat number of falcona tbat tan be 
jfiit from tbente, and of all tbe birda tbat arc found tbcre and can be 
odtamcd, for Voc abould like to ace tbcm all. ;«lnd in regard to tbe 
tiiiniTO uibicb )'on aent to ua bp a memorial aa nvilii'iil to be protiided and 
Dcopatcbtd from bcntc, toe commanded tbcm all to be provided, aa pou 

jim. ^^le abould like, if it eccm good to pou, botb m order to bear 
from POU and from all tbe people tobo arc tbcre, and aloo in order tbat 
voii miBbtbcconatantlp protjiocd Voitb Vubatc\)cr map be rcquiaitr, tbat 
inctaraucl abould come from tbcnrc, and anorber bo from bencr, cDcrp 
moiulj, aincc tbe alTaira of Portugal arc arranged, and ijcaaela toill be / 
jlilr tj go and come in aafctp. took to tbia, and if it abould appear to 
! Mil tbat It oiigbt to be done, do it on Pour part, and \oritc to ua in Vobat 
iiKinncr vou tbmk tbe dcapatcb abould be made from bcntc. ■Awo aa 
t.nichiiig tbt conduct tobicb pou ougbr to obocroc tbcre toitb tbe people 
ijii l)iitc tbcre, Vue appro\)c of Vobat pou batjc begun up to tbta time, 
,i;iO vou oiigbt fo continue in tbe aamr couroc, gitoing tbcm tbe iitinoat 
jjnofaiiion pooaiblr, but not giDing tbcm anp opportunitp to trana 
,;rr!!0 in aup toiac in tbr tbinga tobicb rbcp oiigbt to perform and tobicb 
• 111 tDill tonimand tbcm on oiir bcbalf. *1ii0 rcapccring tbe acttlcmcnt / 
teliitli t'Oii baDc made, tbcre la no one tobo can gibr a certain rule 
ititiciii, or correct auptbing from bcntc, for toerc tor tbcre prcacnr 
tic oboulD t>ikc pour counacl and opinion tbtrcin, and boto wiucb more 
iciiifi abocnt: Ubcrtforc toe refer it to pou. Co all tbe otbir mattcra 

V J. J ur.lii'is. I'luiit flu-i Ut ts. riKtl f},>r ,'riii(f ninsfin , rri'-iir/ tins fihln^ ,ii(i^ 
f«i.iT(ii inhiar. y dr (1../1U (in nici vuf (1//11 ny. \ s, ifii^ly,r,i: .11,1, p 

...tntii nla^ fi'ini i/ur mn rnhiastn pi>r iin 111. iiii)ri,i( i/ur s, prmtynr. y 
■t mr colli" il'l 'lichii T'lrrt sdAriys, v 'trry\ pur ii qui rl lliiil. (JurrriiUllii 

,'.r di i(is V </r tixttt III tii'ntf qui- altit estii cnmn p.ini qut ttit/rt 'im pintir^fifi 
•i.ifsfrr quf ( (!(/(! iiif' linit^vt i(n<l cili di c/tl '/.- d//tJ. v ''»' di ii tut ^t "tiii, ptu ^ qu 
MlldJdJ. v'"' ildli"! pii/rdl >r 1 inur (li'Urd iiinf, I ./;... v ■■>"> fd 

I r.l'/d l/'dl i/(//d 
I /(( qU' '/j\tM 
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caiioe It to be obariDfb li» rbct'P am, mat na it is contamcQ 11 
tl)c articlra. i)nb in tl)e matter of tbe bounbarn or limit toliitji 

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'"''••* /',',V"v„'!!,''" *"'°''' 'f " ^"e posjflible, that I'oii olioiilb be preaent ft)cif, .mti 
■^ '"" tl)at I'oii olioiilb make it toitlj tUf otijerfl toUo are to act tljtrtm 
on bctiiilf of tl)e lilinij of JPortuijal. 'An^ oljoiilb t|)ere be mutii 
DitTitultii in I'oiir ootnu on tt)ig biidintoo, or olioiilb it rnuii 
ani' iiuonbenicnce in toljat pon art tljere for, dee if poii l)iiiit nw 
brotlirr or dome otiier peroo:* ..uX tl)tre toljo map be atqiMiiuii) 
toitl) It, gibe tliem th; fiilleat information in toritinQ, ano |ir 
toorb of moiitt), anb ebrn bp bratoinao, anb bi* cberv otlic^ 
> "'""^ """" '"■ m.ano bf toljicl) tliep ran beat be inatriicteD, anb oeiiD tlitin 
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Lu,irii,uin n.y cmii,, tol)icl) 10 atfrrtb upon, vlnb tobetljer )>ou arc to go on tlju 
'"'""' •^■ipiK'iiis u bii&ineoo or not, torite to no uerp tulip all tl)at poii knoto aiiom i,nin<i,h jj ,g ,„jttfi. j|,t, ^Oat pou inap tl)inh ouijl)t ro be ooiir fr 

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;.,! .1, i„s., f,.'r ,,u, OM intormatlon, anb in orbtr tbat eberp pretaiition iimp t; 
taken in fuinimcnt of our oerbicc; anb act in cucli toior itin 
pour letter ' anb rljt pcrooiio tobom pou (labctooeab map arciti 
ooon, in order ttjat tl)rp map be able to repair to tl)c pi,uf 
toberc tbe bdunb.up bao tj be mabe, before tbc etpiratioii oi ii;, 
tune tbat toe b'lbe aureeb upon toitlj tbe Isiiiij ot Portiiij.ii, i; 
POU toill ^(( bp tbe capitulation, from ^esobia, on tlir on 
terntb of »luijiiot, in ninctp four. 3 'be feinij. ]| tbc Oiitt ;. 
L".;- command oi tbe Isinu and of tbe jDuecn, JPerdin.iiio j, 
bareo. rfnd on tbe doroe it oaid: Lip tbt Rino and tbc£iufri 
to 2Don Cbnotopbtr ^olumbiio, tbcir ^lob Admiral of th' 

'''>""■"''" ""'"■•' ifltandooftbcjndieo. 

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on jFerDinand and Donna Isabella 

lit> tljc gi'iuc of C^od ifiin^ duD 

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fnntuiii. V P'T t>>Uit% lii\ I'utnrriii i/ur nieior pndirriit %rr ynfirimulus, y rnhtitit nns lo% ,ic,j /^^ 
<i-nlas pnmtrtw ciirnirlifi liut tmiirvn fuir ^lit ctmiUt>.% ^nh^artnu^^ I'lrtu Je ncit f<tittt rl timf-.' ;-, 
. ^/(I ii\rnliuit>. y ifuiir iiytty-i tus 'Uyr ntUo o rfn, rsinitil n"S muy Uffitt mmtt t",i" h>^ur ■' 
t \tit supit'tits y it loi p(ir»(ifp( i/Mr $t lieir hnztr pnni nut\trit mjurnnmon y pata </Uf rn ( i 
pr-ittii li'tti'i tunp'.t ii nufifri' serii(i<', y haznt Uf miinrrd </iir vurstrtu oirftit. y liis (/ui tiw^, 
tnliun itngan prr\t'> pot<fUt purti-in huUrr ii tinntir \t ha 'ir Jairr la Haya antr\ yur \iiutni:: 
titnpo >}ue frnrmo* a\entai>> o-nr/ Hry >u l*urtu(ial. i-mc irrrys p»t !,t > (ipi/i«/(i(i. n /V V^m 
(I >iirz V *rvs </f .-li:o.W.< Wf noirnta * <]ualf>. Yo rl Hey Yo Ut Hr\na. f*i>r man.iad- uV/ H\ 
fiila licyna. hrnand iliarti F mlas e^paUias ./crirt. h<r rl Hry r la Keymt, t l>-^n ' >"!.f 
t iiton su Ahytirante mnv'"' delas yslai litiV.'s Yndias. 

ala.t cfisa% cun I'nr 
t'lf^al, aca st- tmnn 
{U rt" ttfymti* van 
su\ intuixail"! t \ qi4f 
f partita tftn lura 

tuatlit larfia tiwnt 
\<>\ tnhiami>s W ttas 
Uulo iitlns < apiiul,> 
ifut si'hrf rllo s 
hi:ii-rim c pur r si 

alaifiar tntlU* iv « 
i/Ut i<>f mandam 

fi"% part\{ I' t itsa muy 
liiftiulti-^n, \ lie mu- 
('•«( siiht r V ctinj\ani,a, 
<iurrr\am*>\ sy ser 
ptniiiu- ifuf im )iv 
hallasitlfi rtutlo, y 
la fi:nsiili\ (<.n/"S 
('/r'<( ,jut pi'V pnrtt 
ilit /^v ./i I'urtu^a'i 
tfttUi' han ii* inttit' 
litr . Y M il\ mut /'It 

trahtr ii!f:un yncn- 
iinicnfr tnln i/ut 
tndt rstnys ttd sy 
iuistro hermann t. 
"he alf:urn' tiniyi tn>l 

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Ihina Yuibtl pur la ^'rutia Ue Oun tuy ' 

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t tiaio tEorctfl, tbcrt la 
ibicl) It \Daci ton)]cniciit 
itocf, iiiiD to refer pou 
)itl) lf>ortuoal, a ttrtiiin 
totti) l)(f >iint)>i0Oat)oco, 
) DiOiiDljantauc ; ano m 
trtof at liwot, toe otiio 
trr Draton up tl)cctupon, 
late iipon it l)crc, ercrpt 
olioertjt It fiilli', iiiiD to 
31 as It IS toutaiiui) m 
ioiii\Oiiri> or limit tolncii 
J a totrp Difficult niiitttr, 
6 truotmeoo, toe tooiiln 
ID lit prtotnt tl)frc, m 
I vbI)o arc to act tlicrcm 
iiD 0l)OulD tt)cre be iitmii 
itflfl, or otjoulD It riitail 
: for, Oct if poll l)iil)c I'oiit 
c tobo map lie atqnainitc 
tion in toritino, aiiD iir 
(JO, anD hp e\jtri' ott)tr 
fltnictfD, aiiD oriiD tlitm 
bclo ttjat come, 00 tiiit 
t) tt)tiii agalMot tlic tinK 
pou arc to ija on tlii] 
D all tl)at poll hnoto jiioiu 
lb ouul)f ro lie Done, for 
;\jeri' precaution iiiiip ii,- 
i\D act in 0ucl) toiQc ibii 
m ijatjetooeiiD mw aim 
lie to repair to tlic fkv. 
eforc tl)c trpiration ot ti:; 
tl)t Isinu ot li*ovtiiij,il, 1: 
roin &ct;ot)ia, on tlic sii 
tl)t Isinij. 1 tl)e 0.iitt:i. 
l)e iDueen, jPcrDwuuiD a; 
p tl)t Kiina anD tlic Quit!. 
eir I)i0t) dDiiucal of iti! 

Donna Jsnbclla. 

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nlrilj rilrliu. > /ill i(i<c iii.i' 
rr /ii Hii^ii iinlts i(uf w hhm; 
pi>r Id iiipi(u/ri)i"n /'f V^' 
Hr)ii(i. '''"• mrtn./aj.) iid K 
Vy r (<i Krynii, ( ""i '*"!"■ 

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.niicrn of Cflorilr, Iron, ^riigon, totdip, (Frdniitia, Ualrbo, n<v U( ,nuua,it, 

;i,ilfiitia,(fi>litia,'jpaiorta,fefbillc, teiU'Diniii, loitiotoa.Coi. /""<.''» '''"«"" •'' 

jit,i, *urt(.i. Ham, t|)t sdloarbfo, fllgeciiMfl, (Pibraltar anu >''"••;'' '•>'""'''''• 

tbtlaiiarj) IfllaiilJfl, Count aim Coiiiufflfl of airtflona.ano ,,„ ,,, ,,■„/,,„„, ,/, 

lorDfl of iSiocap ano d^olina, SDiihra of idtUrna ana )?H0' M.inmcni,ii,sn,iin, 

uatria, Coiintfl of Koiiooillon anD Ctroaijnr, ajarqiiifltfl of '!' ' '^'^;''*"' •'' '"V 

Criofano and (Pojiano: ^o poii, SDon JIbclfltopljtr Coliim. .w„r,i«. ,/■ !inh,n, 

Inig, our dDiniral of our iglanoo anb uiauilanb, \Dl)icf) bt* our ''''"* "^""-1^. tit 

coniuianD babe bftn bifltobtrto anb art to bf oiotobtreb in ,','1;;,'"'",/,*, /'/!» 

tilt iTcran, in tbc rtgion of tijt JInbled, ann to poii, BDon loljn >/< rw>i>i>i<i. t omit .- 

it lonotta, artbbtaton of tetbiUr, imrmbfroj of our Coun- '"'"'•■"''':: "<"■('• 

til, l)talfb '>i»6 (jratf. liinoto vt fbat toe babe rtaolbeb to com. i'"'',„'„ ''"'"">/,!/.,.',.' 

iiMiin tbat a ceitain fleet be titabe of dome obipg anb foiota, nuiuf, j, .uin.n . 

lor tl)c piirpoflc of being fleiit to tbe oaib Inbiecj, m toell to |J; '^V,'?!''//'";' ',''''/,■ 

maintain tbe lorbobtp anb occupation of tbe oaib lolanba anb (.',r,i,mu,. M>in/i..' 

iiiainUnb, tobtreof poofleoaion baa been tahtn in our name, y." ''• "'^"'"" ' '■ 

as to biacober otUera. 'and tobereaa m orber to form anb [^nZuu'r.Zn'nZ 

rqtiip tbr oaib fleer, anb to furniab It b>it() all tbinga nerea- x'rx i/> </. 

3itv anb BiifHtient, it (a reqiiiaite tbat toe aboulb nominate '" '"";'"" >"'"' ' 

M Depute peraona to attend rbereto and put it in ereciition ; „u,,h:. «um<i,ui.< u- 

il)trtfort,l truating In noii, aa peraona tobo toill babe regard '""• ''-^""''i"'" • " 

to our ocrbice and toill perform toell, faitbfullp and DiligtntlP ''Zr'' f.Zt"' Zl 

tsliiitrbrr toe aball command and rrcommenb to pou, toe do pm,- /i.'.-, )n/irt< r 

[oiiiiiiand tbia our patent to be giben to poii to that effect ; '/„^';; J'"" ,'",'',",,',',' 

BtirrtbP toe command pou to go to tbe citita of teebillc and ,u .s>"h,i '/,'/ "nZ 

:aDii,and anp otbcr citiea, totono, placea and or.iporta of "''^" '•■«*<]■: '■''""' 

il)tir .irtbbiebopric ani fci-'boprit, tobtrtber noii map tbinh '^J;"""'^,,, ^XmZ 

pi'oprr, and cauae to he frcigbtrd and piircbaaed,and piircbaac at^.niwh ,i,- »i,i»</.ir 

lilt) freight, anp abipo, beoarla, carabtio and foieta toliirb ''"' '; ^!''-'" ""'" 

Mil iiMP ate and conoiDcr ro be auitablr and tonbcnient for „„ f,,,M,;.,i,„ 

lilt fliiiD flfcr, from ant' peroon or peraona. dnd if pou aball •■"''i"i "'"' 'i-'"" 

!if iiiiiihlt to obtain tbcm bp tbia meana, i' m aball be able to |,X',',!";^ V^rc^X^l 

ifiit and mar acne tbtm, altboiigb tbep map be freigbrrd to (,m ,/r,/.,i, »,(„< ,• 

.ur pcrflono tobomaoeber, aa far ao poaaible toittimit Doing ''"'■" >""' ''•■ ''"• 

iniiirPi and tor command tbt otontra of the aaid beoaela, 'Z,,Zm.'i'np"u\''',, 

obipfl, foioro and taiabelo to gibe and dtliber tbein to "oii, or r,.,ii..p,i.,r /, ...,/.,,r 

otras. Y p'>rtjut p'irit 
'}\fr y btltrechiir lit tin htt ittmililii V /.I prmrtr >U tnilitx tilt C"^ils iit/'.i m> efilrtin c i,npli !• ' ns 

t ii^(riiirto qut «"i n«t(ihri*m'»< r ttiputiiwn pers-'itttx tfm ttt'lln rn/ifni/tri r /<» poncitn t^n nhm, 

' ri(iiiii.(" tU nil I'lrm ijur <i>vi («/<■' V"'' itunri'i "■<•»' H«»i(rii >irii|i" i hun •• liet i itilwxli 

mmlt l«"y> I" IX' p"' ""' "" /•'"■r NiimJin/" » in.i">ii'>i</iii/n. miinlonu . lar . i(.i niifilrn nirta 

f,ira toi ii' ,la ilichii rawn pur hi i/kn/ lui •>iii'r(/iiiiii>< /ur i r/i/. < iidi. ihjiuiti n'r S,i:ll{ie 

'd/i: f ■'Irrti ijuttt (/utrr ',ihtlit'ie% e iilttti r i'f^aret i pu^'rtin i/i- i»ttr tlr lu <irt^t>hi\fnul' i itht^pmi" 

t iidi enltHiliti<ltf lut cunpit t fii^ayt ftitiir r umpriir , iimpriy% i Jlilryi i/n.i/rs ./uirr tiiiii \ . 

Moi f mrrtif/m f ^KiMi "Ji" ntrilrt r tHtemluriltt -lue cunplri r I'ni ointinirnfri />iir<i /n tli'f'a 

•rmiutit df tfuaUi iiutrr prr "Htl a prrvmtts F \\ pitr tstil tytt rt'tt ltJ\ pu in'r'lii (llfr Ids p>>fi,t,{f^ 

■ "\ar f ft'iucff » iiuntfur ctffi Jirtttili't it i/(«ii/r* f/Mic r prr\i>ittt^, /" nul . v^ri /iiH" ,[*i .- r pu ijrri , 

■• ,in(/i">io> 'i'"> '/urd'it ifc/cii i/uKii >i«oi I n^iiKX . /ut/ii. t cilriiu/.rt ./i.c i » / :. ,(. >i i ui.'i _" i m . 






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lYH./oHM, I/*, (..../.,. ifll or frturftf tl)cii», upon I'oiir piip(n(j ftem He pruf fof 

^•>in./Hf.i .r />rr,i> \]it)i(b rt)ti> aball lir piirdiaarD or frnsQtro bv poii, or tohat 

vur/)i>ri'.ii»(r.></Hr rljcp flUiill tif tiititlrD tu i((t\)3t lUCorDiDS fo t|)t (oiurado aiiD 

irn cmpriiiiot n ji, ■ .igrrrtiinita VoliKl) tl)ci> fltjalt iiiakr tiiiD toiuliior Vuirlj )iaii. 

>.!,/»« « i/Mf .piirrrd ,,nD tl)r Oiuo tjrflacid, oblpa, tar.mflo atiD foioto liiUjinj (if,,! 

./. rM»r u^umi /.I. do piurt)iiarD liiiD frtiuhrfO, I'oii ot)iill bf iiblf to Rt out imn 

...(.(r.K.M . ,l.>rn^.1 (q„|p t|)f III, rtnti pilCbfl' ll)f III VOltl) Jllllfl .1116 llllUimuitlOll, dnj 

pan map ptir\)cp tijrtii Vnitt) iiiiiia aiiD anunuiution, iiiiti piobi 
diong, lino (tiaruro of potuDcr, anb dolbtrra, iinb niitrincro 
<tnU tiukit for \uorh1n0, anb otDcrra.iig a\)a\\ be rrqiiiaitf,,ititi 
>io pon 0|)>]ll 0cr anb iiibor to br aiittablt; iilltobiclipoiioluii 
br libit to tiikc or map take (rom anp placra, parta mi bcgaria 
li>l)crc you map nnb tbrm, papinit tbt otuntro tlirrrot' onth 
if.ioonablf pritffl ao tbtp ouobt to rrttibf for tijciii. iimj 
likftDior POii gliall br ablr to tonatrain anb tomptl ann oibtrra 
of anp olActo \Dl)at0ott)cr,lubo map be oiiiirb for mwii in the 
laib fleet, anb t»t)am pom ooall iiiOise Ht, to 90 tbcrriii; aiio 
fbtP aball br paib and) reaoonablr Vnageo anb oafarp aa th(i, 
oiiUbt to recribr for it. vlnb in orbtr tbat in rrspect ititrtoi 
pon map be able to grant anb map grant aiip accnntp tDl|,ii 
aotber in nnr name tbat map be fltting mxi rcqniaitc tai ,||| 
tbat 10 afore0atb , anb in orber tbat in reopect tticrrot' \m 
map be able to make anb map make all rbe plrogto, oig 
treooeo, 0eiiiire0, ereciitiono, aiiction0, anb 0ale0 of gooDa 
tbat map be ntting anb rrqui0ite, luitb all tbctr nuiOcntco 
i\»lii broenDenceo, anneieg anb conncitd, toe giuc von ruil 
pntoer bp tbi0 our patent; but it to our pleaoure, anti tor 
(ommanb, tbat of all tbat 10 abobeoaib a rttkonimj M\t\ 
atrount be kcpt.aoainot tbr time inben toe oball pleaoc to ui 
ber It to br inoprcteb, tbat it map be entereb in our booko \ul|i(ii 
>ire krpt bp our cbief actountantOi^ anb tbai rberp onr of iii 

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iirrrn i aitnlnnn, 
f itty cimprailit% * 

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miin I niiiiiM r ii:rii 
lifiM r /utIlM. 'ill 
piulti.l, < iiriHiii f/iii ■ 
Irri I'tir r hn%tr\rr Wi 
iiriiiif* I pr f triih>'\ 
e ^il<(i;(ilVi 1/1(111 
ifMllil.1 r pirtitrhi>\ 
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i/i />i>/l(>iil I firnti 1, 
r mill inrrtt\ t ii/inii/" 
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tfiit iiiiitrifir fverr i 
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in(i-fii/ii ri/#i ifiii- 

(un/i/i, /ll i/Nii/ / I- 
l/>li/rl /iiniiir II (iiiiir 
i/( * i/f i/;i(t/i% i/iiii * 
/I'^'iiri * I /iiir/rs i 

»llUliM I'l'H'/i /"* ttlt- 

/iiri/rt /)it^i1iii/ii 11/ '\ 
i/lll^(M ititi'H tin 
JIfllJliJ litinHahl,\ 

i/lli' pur r//iM i/tirit 
nvrr h ifty mimhih 


matierg abotieoaib rrlattng to the 0aib fleet, be bonr 

5uootb before lobn be feoria, teetretarp of tbe liH'iiitr itlii 
. obn, our berp bear anb Vuell belobcb 0on, Vubo iinn ao 

p"iiiutr% riijfrrrtli 

n/.rri.ii<ii^ .1 i/Kii/,, 5,p"„tp of 0111- 0,11b tbie*" accoiintanto, ciwti \u> bio airtlionn' 
anb not in anp otber maniitr. vlnb liketoior ir 10 vm 
pleaoure anb ise commanb tbat rDrrPtbma relattnu to tin 
purcbiioco of arm0, anb amiinniition, anb prn\)ioiona, ,ino 
otbfr tbniga, aiio tbe frcigbtinij of ucootlo, ano other r rpriiori) 
of tbr gaio llrrt, br bone m^ paoaeb before ilic Drputi' ni our 
acniirncr, lubom Xat no notu appoint to tiiio iirtt, ioiiul:< 
VDitb tbe oaib lobn Of feioria, DtpiitP nf mir cbicl accoim 
tanta. ^InO likriuiue, in orber tbai tlirrr map nor tir ii;i> 
fraiiD or brctit in tbr voatico vobicb Voill babr to be pjio 
to tbr men inbo toill go in tbe oaib fleet, it 10 our picjoiirt 

"tmi i| 
/•I, pi 


<fi4itlt s qutfr ofif ^.'^ 

pdtfi yr mill 'hth.t 
fir ntd'/'t r tnttrfli' 1 - 
If ( i/Ut' I unplr ifUt 

iiiyttn rntltn. nl's 

yuit/rt iirrt fidstiii- 

tl tMr/i/n r \,i/(iri(< 

ra^i'Httf'tr tfkr por ,1 

l>> /rum rtirr t 

para qut itrca dtUi\ 

p'-'ln<li < xliirgar r n^nr^:Ut^l^ 1 i/iKt/ yui. r ^eiiutudui rn nuf *(»-» n"nhtr <fUt . "H,(fi^M 

para to i^ual fntin c/ur tiiiK. ,\ I p,tra ./i*. ',fiia ulli> p>t,taiit% /iii»r r fa^'hii^ /m./,h 

prt tniii\. pt nymr\ t mi t iq j 11 \ 1 t r utati s t if «( r fii * i/i hum \ t^ui ixtntni^'iin t mmi \i,r ^,,-,, 

1 1 H tinlas tbf yHi ii/rn( iii\ r <iV/<i n(/rn< lov. atrxntti'tt \ r icti in/ir/rj »<>« liattt' i pmicr <fnph,i, t . 

f \ta rtur\tr,\ (urfii, prm « « nur i/in mi r|ri/ < mandamvs 'fUi tU f<*</» /•' mim* Uu hu w ttn^,t rnion 

tUtnta patit tfuuHit" net ia i/UMyrrtHim matniat trt ifur %r a\yiHtr rit/nf nuistriu Ui,, 

</U( /linen /•'« HUt\it*<\ ttinttuii>rr\ ma\i>tt\, • i/ur •/i«<i/ (/uiir I'lwl (/f/itt \H\n >it*K\% rt,,<i|- 

.7/.T iyii/«ii ar%natia \r fo^'a i pii\r ant* Juan Ji ■S.ina .Vo*/(iri" Uri /*nN{i^r Ih n h„in HWin 

muy iiiro r muy itmii(/<i htt*i t/hr in pnr /n^nr ttnitntr iii/<«» i/nK-i . nfju.r. 

•'jiitiire f. r ( MM Mt ptuiet • ifn 1 n "f r.i Mun* 1 <i .i//.'un(t /- •ifroiy ft nu. iff ii m« t((''i • man /.pn 

^■lif /(f/n /.. i/U* /i'. ,1 (f/»| , l.■nf•t^t^ li ..itU,:- . pi'llii!>-% . iritin/r Ml iHl t Hfo f ifldl M'tiH c ^rf. 
f/r nni|i'» r «'/ir»l ^iH/f.| ,/r/,f W|i ^,| firm'M/il. »f fel^'d . pitit iirttf rl /.';;iir frnirnfr (/, Hkm/- 

r t< ritiin-' i/ur A^wird n^n/iriimm piun r«Ni rtr mit'6i. }unta mmtt tvntl tin ^i< Juan ii< \' r 
fmjrnft tir ff lu »/ff* (*'nf(i(/'rf < »«rtV'r#i, f" tity 'MiirM ■ pi>r i/m*- i-n*-/ ^urliio ,jw \, ■ \urr ifr t ■ ■• 
■ tia fiintt yur tutre aid Juha atmaJa non ,i\a fiahUg m rttcuhirrta al^una ri nuatta mtr^t 


rrfil ii/|fi(nil rl HUiifru tjn ' 



, ^„^ . ^'^ ^ w-y 

' »Hrf| 



• , I I 





II t\ 

'1 ' 



' ' .1 



1 , - 


I ^ 

J I 








rbat tbe appofntmentfl ann mucftrrci of tl)e dafb men be 
niiioc tirfort rbe deputy of otir ctafD ocnbrncr, tinD tt)ar upon 
bi0 terriflcatr, GfiitMrD toftt) t)icf niimc, tl)r cfaiH li^&miral and 
2Doti Joliti Dr Jfongrca mnp mabe our tijc toiirrant for all 
tijat 1)3 afioteoalD ^ ano let rl)c satD Deputy) of our ctjlef accouib 
ranrtf otgn tt)e tfato toarcaiuo, rljat t)e xm}> beep tbe trechoiUno; 
anD account tijereof, in duct) Votoe tljiu \])l)oeter map bate 
ro m ir> t"^? >)ot pap anptbtng tDlt^out letter or dcbemile of 
r^r daiti <at)ntfral anb iSDon Jobn De Jfondeca, cisneb bp tlje 
0aiD beputp of our cbtef accountants, ^nti if, in order to 
perform anD fulfil and put in elfect tobat is abobegatd,or anp 
part tbereof, pou gball babe need of support and aid, bp tbf0 
our i^afD patent toe command all councillors, aggistantg, 
D^obemorg, alcaldes, bailiffs, constables, knfsbts, esquires, 
officers and toortbp men, and masters of sbipcf and foists. 
and anp otber persons tobo sball be called upon for tbat pur. 
pose, to gibe it anb cause it to be giben to pou fullp and eom^ 
plcrtlp; and not to place or consent to place anp impediment 
or obstacle to pou tberein or in anp part tbereof, under patn 
of our displeasure, and of depribation of offices, and of con-- 
O0t(Uton of all W propectp, to eberp one of tbem tnbo sball 
Dorbe tontrarp. ^Ind furtber loe couMnand tbe man tsbodball 
d|)o\D pou tbis our patent to cite pou to appear before us in our 
court>\Bbtt^Pber toe map be, toitbin fifteen daps nert folloto^ 
ing tbe t\ap of citation, under rbe said penaltp ^ under tobicb 
\ut command anp public scribener tobo sball be summoned 
tor tbat purpose to gibe to tbe man tobo sball eibibit it to pou a 
tcrnflcare tbcreof,fligned toitb bis sign^tobtrebp toe map knotu 
t)OtD our command is fulfilled. (Fiben in tbe citp of 23arce> 
lona, on tbe ttoentp-fourtb dap of tbe montb of ^ap, in tbe 
Pfar of tbe natibitp of our ILord l^esus Cbrist one tbousand 
fourbiindred and niiietp^tbree. J tbe fcing. J tbe iDueen. 
3, jFrrDinand :9lbares of Toledo, &ecretarp of tbe l£iing and 
of tie Cueen our Hords, caused it to be toritten bP tbeir com- 
iiunD. ^nd on tbe dorse u ^aid: lE^egtstered in form, l&o- 
Drruk doctor, {deter (Futlerres, Cbancetlor ^ and scaled. 

and [tl)e foregoing] bating been tl)U0 

presented before tbe said itMcaldeo, in tbe manner 
rbar it aforesaid, tbe said Hord Admiral abobesaid 
Drtlartd ro tbe said ^alcaldes tbat forasmucb as 

i,n Hon ponfinn ni ci<n\\enlfin p* ner \.t ptna dtlti nurstra mtr\ttl c *le pnnt{\on dtttis o/nrcs , u'r 
..njiicaiton (/c t'>do% \us hifnr\ ii civiii unn Urltm qui- I" amtrano ht\\ert\ F 'It' ma% nianJ<imo\ 
■il ime ifut u*s e$tii nurstrit tarta moxtrat t- */«!• lot rnpltiit 'fue pares'(t>U-\ .irtfc m-^ . nla nur^trn 
i.'rit tin quirr que noi SfititWH ilrl d\a i/ur ms tnplr.s.ire fasta t^ iiia% prinifros \\^uit"ites 
■ i>iadi(ha pena soltt tjual manditmos it (fua! ijuirr tsjriiano puhltry (fue para rxto fuere llamaJi} 
!ut df endt at que r*>i lit twstriirt' t, (^monio ty^nrtir) con ^a %\fini> por que nos sepamos en mniM 
^f cunpU nkiUra mitndfuin. fhtiiit enla {ihiiaii Je /titr\rlona, a leynte t quatt't itttis del mesi i/c 
tmiV'i (III" del nai,imiento de nuesti» Srnor iesu ^^rIl^» de mill <• quatttnitntoi r nnventti c tri% 
,!ji J Y" el Hey. Y'* In tityna Y*> t'ermtnd ihaies de t'olrd» Stcretiino drl Hey e diUt Htynii 
iUfifn'j .SfntTi'i la Jiie rsirmr/inr %u mtindad-y. h' m ^M e^paldm dtziit^ Hn^istradii en /iirmrt 
/i'.-:'nirii.i l>iKtor l*ero (iutiertc^ than^iller. t- .^tllrdit. 

que las presenia- 
{tnne.% e alnrdes dela 
dicha pente ae fafia\n\ 
ante el tvmente del 
dichu nuestro escri- 
rano e que por fe 
su\'a jirmada de su 
niinbre fafian la /i- 
hrani'a de iodo /o su 
so duho, hs dichos 
Alnnrante e Ihm 
Juan de I'onscca e el 
dichu teniente dr 
nuestros rontadores 
tnayores Jinue enlos 
dichiis lihraniieniiis 
por que el ienp,a la ra- 
son e cuenta dellos 
pormaneraque elque 
Uuniere depagarnon 
paffue Ciisa altiuna 
s\n carta o nnttina 
delon dichos .tlmi' 
rante e Don Juan de 
Fonseca e Jirmada 
del dtcho tentinte de 
nuestnts cimtatli>re^ 
tnaynres. F sy para 
faser v cunplir e pi*- 
ner vn ithra In suso 
dicho o qual quicr 
parte dello mencster 
fitirdei jabvr r ayu- 
daporesta ilichanuc- 
stra carta mandamos 
a quail s quicr c>>n^c- 
)<'S, a^\stcntex, carre- 
fjid'-rc:, alcaldis, nl- 
^uiisi/(\. rcf^iilores, 
laiallero^ft scuderint. 
ijl\ lales e oiaes hue- 
ntis e macstres de na- 
iios «' fustas e otra\ 
qualesquier per-innas 
que pat a t llo fueren 
rtqueridot qui i os In 
din f fi^fif^n dar por 
hten e cnnplida tiiente 
e que cmllo ni en 
parte dellit enharp^n 

(>) pr, 






. Ml! 





1 'i </l\( 

liichus (ti 


rl > 



Altmi itntt 









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it ' 

, i'' ' 

I • " 


>/ ;„, „i.n.s/.T </■ 1)0 flnDfl ir needful to take iitm present t|)e tfaib orisinal pth 

iinan pmcniar i„> tlleffecf, Voaccants atxt) patents abote incorporatcD to ,iii& at 

,iichos prcviit,'j»$ e manp parts ano plates toUtre Ijis riffljt teas tonttrncd, ans 

(ciiuias e cartas t|jat it tsas feattD ant) appcetjentiet) t|)at bp tabing; tljriii or 

nreninnha d, si/so prcSfntinff tttiii tljcp mfffbt be DestropeD or torn, oc tl)dt 

rncarpnnuias a iiiu- j(o,„f niisc^antt Hiiffbt IjrtDpfn to tl)ein or to Bonjc out of 

chas paries, inparvs jjj j„, , aj,ti tijot u) otbtr to atoio tUt Said tntonbtnitncta l)e 

''" " '" ''""'"' '""" prapeD an!) DIO prap t|)t saio aitaldts, Anr) eatlj one of tljcm 

"""" ''" "■'""'" tl)at tbep tooulD botl) toijetyet jointlp inspctt tino eramiiic 

\T Z'',Z"n '^^ ''"'^ pritoileuto, patents and toarrants tot)ft!) Ijt laid tic= 

dohs !iue s'.u per. f"" tl)eth, anb toouio tomnianD 'v-, tj)e saib stribcncr, to 

deryan <> r.,s^.,ry„n t)va\a tip or tatise to bt DtalDn up, .,it transtript, or tluo, oc 

n ttcuHcna .miias |„(jr0, (jjj jjf migbt flnO utebful i (n tD|)ict) said tranotript or 

" '" "''-"'"" '''."'" transtrlpts tbep sbould interpose t!)c(r autboritp and jiioiciji 

"tlun \ 'fmt'uyu' "e l""^"' " ^^^ f"" f^*"^ " "•^''''l'' »••"'" f"'^ credence toljct 
vJfpnrfi./<ir/„j./i. t\itt It sl)all apptat, (list as tf)e said orfjiinal pribilrffcfl, 
cbos yncmiwunies pateuts iind toatrants abobt Intorporated are balid anti olu 
P"''" *■ f"'"' "'"' ''/ tain credence, and oljould order tyeni to be tjlbcn l)iin, oichcd 
uno l'»!'< .V/'Jm, ,' toitb tbefr names, and liketoise bcartnff tbt signature m 
a.ios junto fliffn of luc tfjc Said BtrHjcntr, for tlje protection of ijio 
■ i.,un. fxj.iiiriimj.n riffjjt ; contcminB VDf)icl) l)c said tbat, (f it toerc nctcoaarv, 
r,s ,i,ch.,s prnuujos jjj ()taouB(jt aud did bcBcccb tbe noble offlce of tijt oaiD Ji 
' ""'T '//'^'ftr"' t'^'ffi'- *^"^ tljereupon tl)e said aicaldeu, t)at)in(j accti t|)t 
'',"«/«.'" r»<V'n' «''>"> petition, took tUc oaid oriffinal patentfl, pribiltBco m 
„ ,m ,1 ,/Kh.. f.rr,' toartauts in ttjeir bands, and read tbtm, and catlj one of 
.,m,. que Mc,i» » tUtm, for tljemocHjtSi and as tljtP sato tljem entire ana not 
fizuu saair un Iras- tom, or canctlltd or lu any part ouopicioiiS, tDljcrclm tIjt? 
(,.,/„ „ ,i„s .. mas lo^ sliould not bc leijallp balid. but ratber free from rbcip dc 
</ur viirse. fcct and fluspiclon, tQer botl) lointip declared tbat tbtp com 
.m/ quni dich.. Iras, uiandcd and did command me tbe oaid stribcner to tir>itDiin 
iad.,„irastmivscW'S or caiiflc to bc dtatBU Up froHi tbe oaid patentfl, pritiilcuca 

ynlrrpusyaen su ah. j|,t, toaUailtO OUC tninotnpt, OC t\l30, Or mOCf, ta)l)ltl) tIjC 

innJaJ , dicrtcu, jjj,t, j^g^Q domiial miffbt ash of me and miobt iiiiD lucti 

;r„/i,irt/ para .,ue f(,| ^ ^m, fj gj^jc ,,„{, Xit[\'atX tbCm tO b"" OlffUCO toltl) tttU 

'"i^" '"'"" '' ''"' namefl, and bcanuB tbe oi(jnature and oiijn of mc iljc oji> 

''"'"• *'" r-"!"^'- ocnbencr; in tobicb. and m eacb of tobicb, fbf)'. aiiD citlj 

"ia n'T \ l'"hh \ ""f "f tbem, interpoocd and bid intrrpooc tlicu- aiio ino 

ureiiiu,,.,' e cartas autl)oritp auQ dccccc, lu ocdcr ibat tbcp oboufo a\)ail ,iiij 

; ,,duias or.rm,.(f> Obtain crcOcucc toitbin and toitboiit a court of maiitf 

SUV. ./hK.i . jirma lit aui' tiuit oMd lu aui' plact tobere tbcp inigbt appear, 

,i„i ,ie SKI n.mhr.i lu 0ucb maiuicr and aci compUtclv ao tbe aaiD patents 

, nir.Mv jirmados , pribilctfcs auo toarrauts tjuould abail and utitain crc3r:ui 

ufinados de »ii ./ u' appcariug oriQinallp. UnD of ail tbiB aa it took pljtc 

duhn tscriiano ^t- 

h'S manda\e\n\ dar para ^uardti de su dereiho s>>ttrt ^' tjual dixo <^ue sy ne(esitri'i hera \np', ' : 
I ynplorn el n"hit i)Ji^ti< dei's dtchits alcaldts. [H lue^tt lt>s duhus alcaldes iisin ti dii:h<' y, . 
muntt' tinnaritn las dithas trtr/ii.s r prexiUe)^^ e (edutas urt^inate^ en su\ manos e Uyer'f\ i 
tUas itlns e cada u'li' delhts r pnr i^ue tat iteri>n \anas e ncn rntas ni eafneladat, ni <n ij.'/u^i; 
piirle ttispichiisas p>T </Kr de denehn mm dewistn rater iin/is ciiri( irnfri di l<ni'< u,h , i.. 
pii^iim '/t«*Tiin (i«/»<i, )unlr. mrn.'t </«* mandaxan e mandar'-n a mi et diehit escniann ^ui i,r 
I' Jiztesi \arar ittlas dnhns cartas e pr(i\lte}i>s t \idutas un trastadn n J*>s a mas tits '/yr <l ;. 
Sirt'-r .ttmiranir mt ptdiise « "iii^c mentsler e ^'i/<'j diese e tntrr^asr Jirmadns de sw, n. «-• 
. Jiimadv'j e smadtis <tt mm W di(hn (Krimm* alus quatts i a cada uno ditl<'\ eltus e ctti.i .. 
diltiis ynlerpimian e yixlirpusyirun su ablmdal i duncln para i/ki lalusi n • fi>yistn /r ii /i, . 
/Ni'rf </•/ tn liid*> ttttipo 4- t'if'at </•> patti,itun Itun asy • a Ian cunptida minle (onto t'tliry.- 
larxan ji las dt< has < arias t prr\itti}'>s t itdulas uri^'iH.i/ menti patnititdu E de ludut sU^-'-mn j 


)e 0aiD original pru 
corpocatcD to iiuo at 
toafl tonttvncD, at<.5 
t b;) taking tbr.n or 
peD or torn, oc tbat 
I oc to dome one of 
ID incontenicnccQ Ijc 
nb eact) one ot tt)cin, 
inapctt anO rramint 
ltd tobiclj l)c lalt) bt: 
|)e 0aiti scribcncr, to 
ttanotcipt, or ttoo, ou 
ct) fiaib transcript oc 
autljorit}) ano jumcial 

I full trtdtntc tot)cc 
J original prltilcffcB, 
iteD are tjalio and olu 

bt gibcn l)ini, oiciud 
ng tbf Cignaturt anD 
tlje protection of Ijis 
, If It totre ncicacirv, 

oPBtr of tljc flaiD Jl 
ilOfO, baling accn ttic 
jatentfl, pntJiltgca anc 
l)cm, ano eacl) one of 
U) tbtin entire ana not 
spicioutf, totjcrelu' tt)ti' 
er free from etjeip tic 
rdarcD tbat tliep com 
J otntoener to Oratoup 
atb patents, pritnlcsco 
10, or more, Voliitl) tl;r 
: anO niigUt linD iitcs 
bull oigneD toitl) tljtir 
iD oign of me tl)c oau 

tobicbi fl)'"' 'i»o t'"l) 
nterpooe tlieiv ano liio 

tbcp oboult) a\)ail .i;i? 
lit a court of luoiitf. 
ere tbei' migbt appear, 

II afl tbe oaiD patent:. 

III anO obtain crtJtiit. 
II tbia aa it took plate 

ur 5^ nf(r.l(irM htrdynplni: 
) ii;cii(./.-J , ml" <l ''"'^' ;■• • ■ 
J ,11 JU1 miincj I Uytr-\ ; • 
as HI fiiini/.ii'iii. 11 "> 'iV"": 
ruienttx ill ("•'" 111"' ' >»>■ 
1 •/ Juhii firrllililii qui i,:. :. 
i/u ij Ji'« •< mill 1") 7iir .1 ;i • 
rjL'iiir firmaJot ,(t lu; i. n'" 
da una Jc/dii il("S ' ^i-: -i 
lil/li Jin .yi.vJK.un /r .n^v: 
un/<Iii(i> mmU' liIt) n 
lUfl./.' t./r (..■/">,( Ml'.;:. 

( ! 

■ ( « , 


' :■ 







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t ; ■> 



:' ■( 





• 1 


I . 'I 

I -"^^ On I 

cl 9^«»-^25 ****** rt •** ' 




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I V 

1 / 

1 1 .1 

If ii! 


fijt 0afti lorti aonural oBhtH mt ro g(tt l)(ni a terHfitote ft hMo s,m,r ai- 
anO tttftimonp for tjir pcotcttfon of W r(gl)ti and 3 ffobt "">'"■" '''*" ''"' 
him tbtrtot tl)f«( ont tobicb [ffl tUsntH bp ttit 0aib aUalbcfl «''" '''"' '""^ ^' ' 
anb eatt) of tbem, anb] btarfl tte jjfffnatuct anb fl(gn ot nu, ^^ ,^ ^^ ^_^ _^^^.^^^^^ ^ 
rtf 0aib public jjcrlbtntr. anb it toaa mabe, anb frtratteb, ^,„ ,,(,, ,„,,^ ^,(, ,, 
anb torrttteb, anb tollartb tolt|) t!)f 0aib otlginalu, anb toltlj ,„„; ,.„ [ f.r„„„/o ,i,- 
tatb one of tt)tni, In tl)t 0aib titjf of fetbilU, on tljc uaib bap, hs <uchos n^»^/.^ <• 
aiiD niontt), anb }>m abottflalb. ■''' ""'" •'"" '''""'■ 

f] Jirmadit c si^nni/o 
lie mi f/ i/icfco fs- 
crti'rtBo piihlini. E 
fue fecho e sarijtio e 
cnrrepidp r r<>H(fr- 

3, (Ponutf iRifto, fltribtntr, of fertlllc, taatf preflrnt at tt)c ,„,/„ „„/„, ,/,ffc„s 
aiitl)or(tfation anb manbatt of t^t flaib aicalbttf, anb am nripmai,:, <■ cm c»- 
toitntfli*. [&l(in.] 

fttttt Ruls 

&ttpt)tn br la 
Koca, aitalbr. 

da una dettns tnlit 

dicha (ihliii! ilv Si- 

iilltt mel dichn dyii 


1 aifonuo lutaa, flcribtntr, of fettillt, toais pretftnt at 
tt)C saib autbotiflation anb manbatr of tgr oaib aitalbess, _^^^^ 
anb am toitntflo. [feign.] 

Ptrn liruiz 

anb H. fl?artin Kobrlgutfl, public iscribcner, of fef= 
Dillf, toafl prtotnt at tijc flaib aiitboriuatlon, anb oatjc sinnn drin 
mabt btrc "'p sub" I l^ anb am tnitneoo. i',<c,t. .imjc. 

)•„ (■omn A'lf/n (•(rriinnip de Setilla fuy pretrnle ata ahlorhlad e iimni/iiinii n(" d,ln^ dichns 
Alcaldts t JO lestigo. [Signo] 

y,i AlfoHsn Lucas tscntano de Sfitlla juy pre\in>e alii duha ahlnridad c inandnmientn (Wr.s 
,:icK>,t MlcnldfS e »" trtligr. [Signo i 

f; \;i Martin HoJriguti drriidnii puhlico dt Snilla fuy pre\fnle ala dicha ahluridnd r 
h aiiui mm sig [ ] no r jo lesligo 



, I 

• I 

'-hi ' 



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I I i 

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'i ! 


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M'i. ' i^ 


•'i ( 




I f ' 

",^ 3" ^^^ "^"'^ ^^ ^^^' 3lmen. ^j„fl ,a , 

(r, v/,<,/„, h.n y fid- tMnBcnpt tDtll ant) f.i(tl)full!> trtracted front a toritnuj 

<,'Nn(( «ir.>./.>. </, i,mi torfttcn OH parcduttnt of skin fn t^r ILMin Innctiagc, ant 

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clr/rT"r."u", i iJiiflPti'Off bP '1 nbanD of Bften uilk, ano bearinij tijt ciun 

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ifob, tbe Creator^ in beaben, anD appear tuell DigpoorD to 
embrace tbe Carbolic laitb ano to be itnbiieo loirb goon 
uioialg ; anD tbe bope ig cntertaineD tbat it tbct< tstrt in 
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to be tongtnicteD anD built, in one ot tbe principal igunoo 
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sorrs pnfactos uia. ttoc totU perfonii bp cradon of pour tecp grrat Detotioti anD 
rurn ./<.»iin->( cum coprtl mflffudnlmltp, jou flballDeflpdtc!) to t^c afoceflaiD luaui 
p/emi/ifrfrnwomni j^j^qjj g„j, ifl|andfl upr(ffl)t diiD (PoO.ffannff men, leariuD 
;r,M,nr;ut/.Z; ^»i*^f"l ^^^ cipenfiurD, to morruct tbt aforcflaio natibca 
fatimus fo.siitu,- atiD inl)abitauttf in tlje Cat!)ollc faitb, and to imbue tdem totrf) 
uputamwi gooD tnordljS, u0iMij all bur diligence in tlje premiaecr. iino 
s nic/>i/..- ^j 0trictlt» forbib anp pertfontf tobomtfocber, of toljatflotijfr 
TZoLuLZ'n. biffnitp,eben imperial anb ropal,orof anpeotatc, bcfficcorun 
or conbttion, unocr pain of ercommuntcation latoe octucnria:, 

tobicb tbfPtntlltnnirtberebPiftbrpDootbertDioe.topiroiimrro 
approacb tbc tolanbs anb mafnianbtf founb anb to be fonnti, 
Oi0cobercd anb to be Dt0cobereb, totoacb0 tbe tDtot lUit} ontirt) 
tftras jirmas'posu'. tuMuQ niW} bcatoinff d linc from tbe arctic pole to tljc atiidrctir 
,ifnt uMiu< ad prt- polf,tDbetbtrtbfmainldnD0anDi0lanb0founbanbtobrroiinbDc 

iiicium ihtm naUvi- 

tatw Ihtmini nostn Jtsu thttstt ius ifutsitum •iuhlatum tntiHif^i iiut tiujf\rn (/(ft|.r, ,; ,, 
super mtinditmus ii>hi% in iirtutf sancte ohiUirntti ut Mcut </iirr»i p>-lturm\ni el nun uuhit,i. 
IHU5 pro itstra mrt.u"ui iln->ti'>ne et ref^ut ttui^nitnttttttiitf i n.i tsu- facturos ihl Itrra^ hrm.w 
tt Insular prdiut(t\ iiros prohn'i tt Ihum timtnte^ tinctoi prvtrntox tn JiiU- thatulua ,'t m 
honi\ mnnhus imhumdum iltUtnnrr de hiijti\ (M«nrm drhilam dth^entitim jmi pt,ml^^\y ,j;. 
hihtntm ac quthustunt^ue pcrinnis ruiuict/nyur dn:nitatis ctiiim impenahs et rtji^nhs %tatu\ t,] 
i/iis hurfitnis it/ amdilioms suh excitmuniuUnmis late stntentic pena quam to ip\,i n t„niti\ 
fecennt tncurrant ilistnct,u5 inhthttnu^ nc itii inwias et terrat j\rma% in%tnta\ »t tn\tnun4,:\ 
detritds et detri:emliii xftsus tKcidentem et meridiem tahrtamdo et c<in\titucndo Imtiim 
apolln artiC't. ad poltum antartuum sue terre Jxrme et insulr initnte et inientendt itn: 

ifiui et 

cessumem et a.^signa 
ttonem lextram nu//i 
Chn^tiano prmcipi 
i/ui actuahtir pre- 
ftictai /fnu/rts aut 

Di I nobis m ImmIo I'riro lonirss.i, ac Vum- 
ruitiis J'Hi ChriHti, iju.i lun^iinur m tern*, 
lum omniliii'* ill.irum iIominii»i, ii\itdiil)U!*, 
c.iNtri''. Un\s ft villiK, juribusi)u<' fl juri<i(ltc- 
tionibus ac jHrtmrntii* univrmis. \obiH, hrrnii 
bu'»(jur it MinMHHonbuH \( Htris CastclU' et 
l.rginiiiN Kt ^;lbu> II) (H rj)( luuiii If-nni i pra^- 
ot-iiliuin <i<iri.unu^, concidimu^ tt .iHMk^ri.iiTm^ ; 
*usf|u< t I biri-i» H .i( Micc< ssorrn prA't.ttot 
ill.irum flommoK. * um pbn.i, libti.i »-t omiiimo 
li.i |M)li \t.ifr, et )uriN.>uli'nr, 1- 
inuH, conntituimus rt itcput.iinuN : tin • .ncnti s 
nihilominu'* per hujunmoili donat oiicm, con- 
irsMonrm tt a^Ni^njiioncm iio'ttrain nulli 
ChriHtiano I'nncipi. <|ui actu.tblt'r pra'tatan 
itisutah (t terras firmas |>OHHf-Hcril uh(|ui- ail 
•licturn (tirm Nati\il.ilis Domini noAtri Jthu 
C'hriNli, JUS (jUAMtum nublatum intt-Mifji | pos>ic p 
.lu! aiiff-rn <Itb< r*- I'.t mHu|M r tnaiKlamus 

i ! 

\obit in Mrtuti <»anct.i' 4»b< 'In ntia, ut i>.u: 
jMilluM mini, ft lutn ilabii.timis prtt \r'.ir.i m.uin.] 
tli'\olionr c-t M t{ia ina^naniinMati' voit <-%%i t.i,. 
turo») a<l tcrraN lirrnaK it insulan p^a>•|:t^l^ 
\iroH probos tt Dtum timt-ntrs, tioi ton imnto^ 
ft i xiH rtu!t, ad iiiilrui ntlum tncolas tt h.ibii, - 
tori-s) pra-fatos in rtcb- laibohca it l>rn , 
tn<»ribuj» iinbiifmlun. dt viman <i( In .it;s. dinn. ir 
ill bit. mi ilili^tntiain in prii tniK'Mt .i«lhih<n!<s 
At ipiibuti uint)ui piTsofiii. t Ujust. uinnui 1 g 
nit.itifi,i-ti.iin Iinp(ria! Ki ^.tlis,Hi,itu<«,(<r,i.|>is 
ordiniH, \rl conditionii, sub rxcnmmunu .iiion ^ 
lata* M-nttntM' pa'n.t. (|uam i o ipto. hi *oniri. 
ttc'fTint. incurranl, dnitriitiu^ inbibtinui n- 
ad mAula<t t t ItrraH tirm.i?« in\ tt in\(nnr. 
dan, drtccta.H rt drtt i;rnda?», ^i ^^u^ (Kchitntun 
It Mcridirm. (.ibricando rt ton^tru.n■lo liinjm 
a I*oIo Arctico ad I'oluin Aiilarctu uin, %\\e ut- 
r,i- tinn;i- tt insubr in\u)tj^> <i irnt iiitn'U* ^ :.' 


( 1 . 




Man fui4n. ^ r^ritbu^Jt, -'- - ^ ' 

♦twi" no 



\JM Icwt mcrtlHi mil 

*— — 


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'ivm /Uif vurfm AUMvM 4ni« OiMcitnx^ Um^m 
e*niu*n Uneif txerfut .^ecxltrtitm S^p/ 

I — y» / - -1^. y- --»".. --F^r »»»-- ■ I - I 

a*Ubnf»*^ *>t Uio 4UJUO inj£tA S^*iit'^*'units M honA^' 
MTt UXxfces S<:coyiA.-hif eyLituni'frUi^il*****^ conjty\-kxr 


TifM ^tri^ tccl\J>.jn{t^*r»%\yii4vs S^ tftorfuf -fxAtf in |»t Ji^u? 
JLhaHcx/ co*^fffv3U A/lV»w4-w»< c»nfhfwH#if »*«'«t/»'*^ 


ti nuift* -ftnx^rAtto aiyiiuM'^S^*^*f AtUirnx hoc iCiu 









rittm ^me// 
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, cottrvArljS 

vitf AcUonA^' 

■filtf i»tMi*^ 


to\])itcD($ 3ln0fa or totoarod atu> otf)cr parr \Di)tirE(ocber v t)l)icl) line i^nv //i./ntm nut 

0ball tic Diji^tant from eberp one ot'tbc idlanDot cominonl}) called tic loss m-sus auam >iuam~ 

<a}occ0 anD Cape SLlcrb a Ijunbreb leagued to\sarD0 ttje Uicdr anD c»;i</»(> parum<iuc 

mx^y ^^ >t 1!^ aforcoaiD; for rraoe or anp otljer reason, tDtrljout nnvumUisid.i'iiuit,. 

special licence from j>ou and pour aforessaid Ijeiro and fluccessjortf; bvt msuia ho- i^n 

nottoitl)C(tanOinff tlje Japofitolic conotimtioncf and ordinances, and n(/^'«n/.r numu^ 

(ini) otbcr tl)infl:c( to tlje contrary: tcuotinff m )^\\\\ from toljom pro-- /"'«''"" "'*'"^ 'i ^ - 

ccrd cmptrecj and doniMifond and all good tijings, tljat, tlje Hord '''"' 

Dirtcttnff pour actions, if pou proj:5ccute 00 IjoIp and laudable a design, 

III a fltjort t me, for tlje Ijappincflfl and ijlorv of tl)e loljole Cljricftian 

Dfople, pour labours and etfortstoill attain d moat oucccflflful ifltfue. 

5ut because it t))Ould be difOcult to cont)cp rljc present letters to 

each nf tlje places tobere it irvubt be ei-pedicnt, toe toill and decree, 

of our like motion and knotDlct)g:e, tl)at transcripts tbereof, signed 

tit) tljc W\^ of a notarp public summoned for tbat purpose, and 

niaDc talid toitb tbe seal of some person cstablisljed in ecclesiastical 

Dignitp, or of m ecclesiastical court, sball obtain tbc same credence dichrumiuvntulsp, 

t t'nbo I i-rdcantum 
U'ticis rt t "US vcciihn- 
ten et mct^fum lit 
pycjirtur /.rijunni- 
hii.-i hiihciiilis 1(7 (///(/- 
I in ttlm ill- f.(i/>s(i ttv- 
cultre pffsuniant 
absqtif itstntm acbv 
ndum vt succissn- 
rum lesirorum pri- 

tDitljin and tottljout anp court of la\» and elsetoljere toljcrcoocter. 
\Dt)tcb tbcse presents toould obtain if tljep loere eiljibited or sboVon. 
^l)crct'ore let no man tobosoedcr infringe tijis page of our com-- 
iiunDation, erljortation, requisition, donation, concession, assign^ 
mciu, constitution, deputation, decree, mandate, tnl)ibitton and tnid, 
oc ^irb bold rashness contradenc ir. 23ut if anyone sball presume 
toiUrempt tt)iS, let Ijim knoto tbat bf tDill incur tlje indignation of 
dlmigbtp OPod and of tjio blessed Jdpjsrles Peter and (DauL (f il)cn 
in Uoinc, at Saint iE^etcr'o, in tlje Pcar of the mcarnarion of our 
ItorD one rbotisand four hundred and ninetPtbree, on the fourth 
iioncs of '^i^p^ m the firot Pcar of our Pontificate. (Fratis, bp com-, 
maab of our most holp lord the pope. jFor the derp rct)crcnd 
a.DfisPoccialison bchalfof jlo.llur. d.Conoenino. li. podochararus* 
5D.^?allcms. Registered iii the Jdpostolic Cljamber, :<Jmerinu3. 

cutii )inn obstitittihus 
ci'tistitutinnihus it 
ordmatiDiiiliui <tpi>^ 

StoliciS (t7(M\l/Ut' 

cnntriiriis <]uihus- 
cun-jUf m illn (Ujuo 
iinOtriii ct doininina- 
t, .-s Hi h'lnti runcta 
prorcdun[t] n>tifidtn- 
tiSiiui'ildin^intf D-i 
tmnn itctwi ii.sfrffs -it 
huiu.'i)ninli ^atiitum 
it ItiuddhiUm piopii 
situm firi)'i('iii<inniii 
hnii tt'tnporc cum 
Jvlicitiitv tt f:luna to- 
Uu<i populi ( hmtiitnt ustn /(i/jorfs tt amatwi txitum ftllnisstmum vonsfquiniur. iWium liutn dijjicillv 
t--rit preun.^ literita ac sin/.'u/rt quttfu* linn in juihut < xpfiliin-i fuerit diUrri, \\i>lumu:< nv midu tt siittitui 
^viuUhui dfcvrnimus yu*>(/ ilUiium tninsumptfi mdnu puhlwi nntani indt loi^ati suhwnpii-i, tt M^'h7<» 
,:',licuiu% persvne in (H li sutstutt dti^nitdti mnstitut- mm * urir ruluistur munitt'i tt pmrsu-i Jidts m 
;u/i(t" (( fxtrti (If alios uhilihtt iid hd't'iiturqut' prtstntihwi ad hifurttur si tsstnt txhihitt n/ •..sdHSc. A'((i7i 
,r^i'imnint< hominum lictat han^' piiiiinam W'itre cnnimtnilatt-'ttis hortntinnts m/wiwddfiis doniiti'-nis 
ifiisionn ii^sif^n.ittmis constitutioTWi drputatumis dicriti mantiati in hihitimti'i it inluniatfi in Jnn^ittf 
\,l,i iju^u timiTitri:) ciinttinre. Nn/uis auitem hoc (tctintiiri- prtsumpsirit in dtnitti'mtm nmnipnttntts />«! 
r.c lifiit'^rum /Vfri tt l\tuli upo^tolnrum eius stnoient mcursurum. Ihitum fitrnw tipud sanctum I'ltrum 
.mnn Inr.irnalionii I>ominuf MitlrMmo ifuiulnnf^inttsifti" nona^t 'nmottrtn; ijutirto mmas Mitij, l\>ntijhi!t:i\ 

i,(n iitro pnmn 
„ do. Hur.A. ii 

iiriitis dt miindiito Samtissimi d><mini nostri popv pm rt it rmdissimo A. dc 
\stnino. L. i'odiKhatttrus. IK OalU-tus. Rti^i-itrata in camtra tipo$toluti 

.tmtt mus. 

\.rHU'' aut \«tsus aliiiii.irn <iU.iini:iiini|U4 
jurit m ; i|U.r Iiiw.i ili"»lti .i.jualilMt iriMiLirum. -|u.i' 
^ulii-intir nuniuiwntur <W\o^ \nnvs y C.ibo Vn rdt . 
i:tnlum liuiis \rr*«us <.)nMlrntt in it Mt ri>in m, nx 
l>Tiitcrtur ; pru mt-rcilniH h.ilH'n<lis, \tl ijimm-* .\\a 
■( i.tusa. accp'li-rr ah^-nn \t sir:» .u- 
h' rulum ft Hiun>«»orum \» ^troriim piir'iutni iiin 
...ntit -|Mi-Mh . non i>l)«it.mtil)us i on>.^!tutK>nlllU^ 
.1 oi.lin.itioniltu!* AiioMotui". iiti risqur ^.^>n^rarll^ 
|ijil(iiMUin.|ur : in illo, a .(uo inip' na et liomm.i- 
!;i)nr«.,u' bona ^ unit a proniiuiii, ii'nti.l* iito, i\uo-{ 
iinjjrnlt |)t)mino actus \»-*>lros, m hujuMnoili s.iiu - 
lum »t lau'labilf pmiiu'nitum prost «iiMtntni. bri \ i 
iimi>orr, i-um triu-il.ilr it gloria tnlius [lopuli 
Chtixii.mi, Vt »tri lahoris tt lunatus t xiiinn (t li. i«.- 
vfnum von^r'iiHulur Vt ruin, 'piii liillit It buti 
,>-.i %t lilt >. lilt I at .kI ttii^iil I i|u.i'<|U> l«<i J. Ill >|iiit)us 
' \|ii <lii ^^ tut iil.'lt ti tri.Mtl'tniu^, .u itttttu it <<t m ntia 
inililuis tint rniintt'*, i|Ut»i illai uui It ,lh^u^lpt>>- 
t!l.^lUl pul 'u I nut a I II 11)1 It it'fiiti ^u^•^^.llptl>. I r >i^illi» 

alu u)u^ pt r>nna' in i it It sia'-tii a tlii.'n;tatt ion>litiita' 
>tu C'ur;a- I'".«cK"*a>tk .r inunitis. ca proi-ut lib ^ 
in )u<lu HI 1 1 i \tia .w alia^ uliilibct aillulx aim. qua' 
pra-M-ntihu- a<lli;lH retur. ^i t 'N>ini t .\Iiil.;ta' m I 
('■.It nsa* Nulli t ryo lu>iniiuMn linit liaiu' 
paiTiniin nt^'.lra' tommtniialionis, hortalioms. rt - 
()uiMtii>ius. iliinatMmi>.. i oiut vMonis, a^-^i^'natiuius, 
uMisiitutumi-i. 'irpiitaliunis, <!• en ti. m.milaii. in- 
lii|pi()Otiis t t voluntatis inti niutrt', vt ! ti au^u u int- 
raiu) nintr.iiri . Si \\uis aut- ni h>K alti iilarf pra - 
suinp-t I it. imii^naii'MHin tiinniputt niis I), i. , it- 
It., itoium 1*1 tri II I'a'ili Aposinlttrum > \\i^, ••, 
luivi nt iiuursuruin. 1) ituin Itonur .ipu'l Satuluin 
rttruin. annt' hu-ir* .^ - , i^ lloniinica' inilli miuo 
ijuatlrinm ntfMtn.i lu-i: ■ - no t. iim, .hm! In imn i 

Man. l'"i;"tif.Uu-. lilts,; .tlllio pi illir. ( il Mils 
m ni'l.iitt >.ini tissrtiii I lumiin iit»h i I'.ipa', 
Kt v.i.nthxs.iiio A .1. M. .. i,i)lis, prt) ,|n. I m 
('••list nino I . i'txj'u h.itarus |J (■ itli tu^ U< 
li.ili Ml (. liib 1 .1 Apc^iuliia Am iinu- 

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I ' ■ • J 

,1 ■ I 

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luiiu'iii honi rahiL 
lin Alfirt"- Aliiirt 

Totciitt (iiimus /I'r 

ttintiin ptihhiiiin .« 
fill siriptuin in It 

luiiit liijjirii lulu- 
IHI4S (I. ini'tu tl siiiii' 
till stmthhus ittit'rni- 
iiius (/li'd/ tllitrunt 
t' ii'i^umfitts tnanu 
fiuhlui nvtiiiij iiiiti' 
ri'^iiii .sulfMriplis it 
stfii.ln a'lciiitts pi I - 
simf lu ii-iU^ui\tiiit 
ilignitnlf ciimliliitf, 

■ I 

<,iiah:,s ipiii 1.1 ;i EBCliXOLXlsJamt letters ijatiinffliecndilisjcntlDinflpEttcb 
lens liiiium ■. ut i,j, ,,g, jijj (t ifl afoftaiiiD, flt tl)c rtqiiiflitioii of tljc Ijoiioiirablc 
pnffntur u' nns ,„j„ aifoiiijo Jltjiii-cfl of "(EoUDo, fainilirti: coiitimii) of rl)c 
wspcciis lii r,ir-'>-->- i|^o„^,| iioiiocljoll) of ^fMi\, lif iitcano of tljc imfifrtontrcii 
iiotari' piidlit, III tjirtuc of tijr cliiuflc platcO at tljc cnD of tl)t 
iiforcoaiti ilpootolic Icttcrfl inacrtcD abobr, toljitlj (a ,,g 

;,'i<. hpanif cimliiiui foUotoa : IMit llCCilllflC It VoOlllD lit ftltTlClllt tO tOllbCP tl)f pff: 

'"""'""■" P"" ""- Of lit lcttri-0 to CiUl) of tl)c pliUfO Voljcrc it miffljt be cipfDiciit, 

; Vof \uill lino Dctfct, of one libc motion anD knntolcOijr, tl)iit 

■iiwsuiiin tini- pii. tiMMOcnpta tijci'cof, fliffncti 111' tl)c Ijanc of a notarp pudiit 

tacliirum iiliriuiim OllinillOllCtl fOl' tl)ilt pUfpOCSC, ilUD lIlilOC billiD tOltl) tljC OCill Of 

..i;.,.>/,7ic,in(.ii supt- jjninc pnsion cotJlilioljcD in cttUsdiiaticiil fiigniti', or of ,m 
',!"s,in"uv'nl>^Zi,r fctlfoi'ioncil toiirt, ol)iill olitiiin tljr a.^iiic credence toit|)iii 
'Tr (XrNf Hr.Vm 'inO wiitljoiit iiiii' coiirt of liito iMiD cloctoljcre VDljcrcooclicr, 
iiuKi iiiffiaie inni \ul)icl) tlicoc prcOfiito Vuoiilo olitrtin if tlirn tocrc erliiliitco or 
pii.rnt.s iiunis a.i oljoVon : Uic l)ii\jc orDcrco tl)cin to [ic copicO iint) trancjcrilicD iiiiD 
si.i^'ji;,i <;m(.;i;,' /..>,i DriUun up in piililic form, Occrccino: mxti VDillinu tiMt rljia 
uiiuihu. ,%pi:i„nf pi-carnr piiltlir triinatript or copn al)iil! hcncefortlj oliM;n tiiii 
' treociitc ctjevptolierr, in all aiiD aiiiuuliir platec, in VdIjicI) n 
oljiill lie rrouircD, iino tljiU rljc o.iiD triinatript aljiili obtiiiii 
crrQcncr iinD he rclieo on, luflr iia tlioiiffl) ttjr miuiiuil Irrrcra 
ti)cmacUica oljoiilti iippciir, iinD he protiiitcD iinft prraciitcti 
j[n iill iinD ainuuliir lui)icl) tljinuo toe liiitir interpv-.:N om' 
jrtiiihirii iiiitl)oriti', iinO toe liketoiar iilao interpoar our Drcrrr 
lip tlieae preornta, iiiiD for fuller iinD clciircr cliitirncr of tljc 
premiaro tor IjiUir tl)Oiiijl)t lit to iilTir ouraciil to tljrac prronuo, 
toactljer toitlj tlie aiffii anO ouliacription of tl)r iinbcrUinttr:! 
.<rii uinr ici.sii,^. norart' iippcnOeD. Clicae tljintits tocre Gone in li,u'trloii.i, m 
ticf mumiiiii.i iiiu- 0111 Dtoellinij Ijoiiac iinD in our cliiiiiilicr, on .IfriQ.u', tljc iimr. 
fii/is ,,i ;>.,ir,„i trentlj Diip ot tlje montlj of JiiIp, in tlie pear of ti)c natujiti-of 
/i.iv> lu i<.,/i(i.. ./ oiif i,orti one tl)oiiaanti four liunOrcD anO nincti'itljrcc, m tl)r 
iMi.i n, «,'ms uhth- fifot pfar of tl)r li?>ontilicare ot tlir oaiD moat IioIp (Farlirr m 
hii r,!:waiiu, qu, ^in'iot our UorD tljC iLorO OlrraiiDcr tlie feirtl), Iip dhjimc 
/>r.s,n(i/.i<wi.//.i/..i,- |,(.(,^,Q(.mP it'^opr i tl)cre lieintj prcflcnt tIjr lirncratilc iuid 
prudent men .nicliolaa pillicer, eTanon of nur Cliiurii 
of '_>arcrlona, and prtrr Joljn Clapo and d'^itlj.irl 
Cinoiiro oiir tlcrko, prieatiJ, cliaplaine and diiiiirotito, 
called and auiiimoncd aa luitiicoaeo to rbe atorro,iio' 
ulnd j(, illluiriia Prrre del Clillar, Canon of rlie t)olp tijurtii 
of Compoatella, Upoatolic r^otarp, fercretarp of the Uijlit 
UtHtrcnd ^m\ SMcuo, iMOljop of fe'c^iillr, liccaiioe 1 U),ij 
;.i,Wir.i siir f«iMi'/i(.. prcacnt at tlje aliolic rented picflentation, recrpticin, rfqma;. 
picn,, Mis ;., 1.,.,/,^ tion and inopcttionof tjjc Jpoatolic Icttero iljcreiii; inoeittD, 

iuihtbt\ttur uf^ilthilin 

l:>n\ i)ninihu\ tt sini,'u/M i^uihu% (uirif vppnrtiinitm tp-'Umiiur Ii,i>tiump1um Jltiim J.:mu i! :. 

i!li slttur ac si iirii:iri(j/< s ipM Uu-ri iippitunnt piiniuuiriitur *t pri\intarint'r ^;.iU, 
nmnihus et singuln tiuitnt iltititn nit^ttiim .•r.iiiiritiiiiM l^^^pl4>^MrllU.s intttpi-ntntusifui fat.;.* 
ft dfirilum ptr prisentts I't iM' ilinf'Ui'rtin tl ilnniufiu tiliiinlulm priinissojutn Mf^tili.nt .1 j/n.i'i 
pri ^intibus uniuiiiii in/rust-i i/i/t no/iirii si^ttit il suh^i i ttmnt on pi-niientt iiu\iinu\ iipp' iittt'iu'i: 
.4il:t tuiiunt hfc lliiti hmi'Tt^- .n ti''mi> hitbiLi'ionis nostit I'l ciirwrd noilni i/ic irniris ./V'im: 
nonii ifitfi-fM .luUij, \uh ri-ir(<> tirittliiiliili !tomtni imlU -itui' ■ju.iJiit^i ',im'- i/U'tdnn^iut, un, 
ni'niii:i\iiiui Urltii piitilijii villi s (lUo.'tfM ^iinittwiini iii r ri>i. I\tlti\ thunini n<n1t: 

litXiiHilii litiirtii piiiiul.nti.i i'tiyt ^i\'.i ii'iiM pi imn. fin iiintihu'i ihtJim ti nrtahiltliu ■ ,i f>i... 
liiin I. '"11 .\itholitii I'lUifr- n^'ilii mU^u liituhinnfii nM\ (imnnicn tt t^rlrii Jfhnum I ,ri . j. 
MtihiirU liiHi>rtt\ tierii i\ pit \hitrri\ t apt I Inn I \ it /iiiri./irti j/iii.t «"\^ni It ..'i/'«s nii ptimiw.i i . 
li. (7 rii^ilfM it fi:ii .-l/i.ifin /Vtri iiW I lUili ^iinilr mtfMf I iiinptistrUnnr I t1HvHuu\ A' ': 
Mus ■IpW'liilli u\ Wm .rrii f'lA.iMll /'"( thiiiUt J\p.iliit\.\ ipl.i mpt \et I rtat tu>. ./t«J.i pi'tu.^^ 
:.tfiiitunt np'ytli'iiittinpniitini'in n^ittntum pr< .- nf.,fi..nj. ii /'/I'-i", r..^i.i wli'in. it 


tuf SI r<M nt I \h\h\tt 

1 1 \ oh%U fMr \p'i{\s 

^ \K tnpliin ffuin<i,n t- 
mu^ it tiati'^siimi <;• 
IN pul-lh (MM f-iriii,:m 
rtiitt:n dill I ttt ut- ^ 
tt H)lrntes ut huii 
ptrst ntt tnit.sumpt' 

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ion ot ttje l)oiiaiicablc 
iiliiic toiuinuo of tl)c 
of ttjc tmtirrtonttcii 
iitcD at tl)c CUD of tl)t 

ilbotJt, VdIjICI) to ,13 

tilt to tonbcp tl)t prc: 
It ini(jl)t lie cvpttiiciu, 
1 ant) knntolcOijr, tliat 
nti ot a notiui' public 

\),ilin toitl) tl)c ociil of 
tical Oigntu', or of an 
amn ci'rDcncc toitl)in 
«scVol)cvc tol)crcfloc\)cr, 
tl)Cl' Voccc cibiliitcd 01- 
CD lUiO ti-auflcnbcD iino 
anD toillino, tijat tljio 

Ijcnccfoftl) obtain full 
liii- placcc. m toljid) it 
iMiiocnpt ol)iill obtain 
gl) tl)c oiiuuial Irttcra 
oDutct) auD pi'caciitcti. 
ic t)ii\)r iiucrp-"-':? oiii- 
,00 intcfpooc oiiroccrrr 
tlfilfCf ctjiDciuc of tiic 
raciilto ttjcoc picornto, 
on of tl)C iinDcituntrf!! 
c Done in ■Joavtclona, m 
cf, on j? I'lQiii', tl)t nine 
ic I'cai'of tl)c luumit'.'Df 
anO nintti'«tl)vcc, in tl)c 
iD inocst l)oli' .(Father in 
•r tl)C feiitl), bi' QiUinc 
lent tljf lifiicrablt ano 
lanon of our Cl)nrcli 

CUu'o iinQ iPittul 
llama ano oonicotica, 
loco to tljc aforcoiiD, 
anon of t!)r lioln tlmrtli 
feftrctari' of the Uujlit 
rcViillf, liccaiioc T, to.u 
ition, rctrption. r'cqnio;. 
cftcro iljtrcin, inofrtcD, 

lumflum Jiil<m f.:t mi it i. 
r (/ /iri sifi/tirin/' r Ijui^U' 

)ritPli>si>lI(>il M(;H'/r.rli n (M.i'i 
niiVnli i/u«iiiim .ipp- mx iuw 
rril niiidir >i\r u'lcnv ./i. im: 

fr.I^'i IIIH' i/U.r:lllll,;ili;.>lil: 

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ltd <( 'V/ni .'.hiMii. I :i : 

ItlN r. ..'l''ll> ll' /iHlllU.:! 1 

<iiIlfM>>ft/.'iIMt ' iIHi »1M U\ A 1 

:fn \ri iflniiu., (iiM /'i'"!.!. 
f.U■■>•^. r.^i.l-.h ■"'. II " 

vfl^iivc yet noS ixx^eiUf A xe^PiifUu>eM ht^t^hiUfuin 
X^ymUmU 10Vicivm*% ly^fn/vM ltn]ff»*nt m \mh CUUtpuf^ 

UfJi'a^ L 

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jiw^ ',♦! eStujltA d^ihtht^ cffi^Oitittf^ l^ti cMxie e^ZcfL* 


...4^ ex^jhf ^d*iinj.tiiiO> >i-e%M AC Alui vikk .'JU 

y^y ^n^i;) Ai.i>ii*pf*y; e^fpjydtt ^^o^Mf^ 


tta^vwcei^ ^Acutuxm pfn^flou,^ AjniUP m-i!!> fntHbti^f* 


m#»v> 3i<iS tsrefoiircii Uvc-llAixjs 0(-k*>\\ Ju.rll') 



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nerUs f^nyo^ i^^i*' nutif^U^ «S|^ri»tiAa/^J^f»v»w' m^il 



►tip ♦-n.Q'C^S/j'* V^^HV 

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t ri\' 



iinD at tit int(rpo0ition of tfie Otcrtt aiiD t|)t rtempUStatfon, ti'cnunqu, wi,rp.,. 
aiiD all ano flinffular orOcf tftfngjj, tobilor, M <\(otm\t, tUep :;,;;:X:;::T//,';r,',' 
tDcrr ti)U0 tieiug Donr, ercctiteti >inb recftet), togrtber toftb tt)C iiin^'u/<.« .;»». u. ui 
before >nanieO to(tnc(JOcs( ; ano tfato ano IjearO all aiiD Ulngular p'^""'"''"'- >r. "i 
tje ttifiifftf t|)Utf Done, ant) took note thereof, from toljl-^, lip Z^'unacuL 'pZl'- 
commanD o( tbe aCoreoaiD UorD ]5i0|)op, J Ijabe DraVsn our tl)e "hi'i'i^ Uinhus pn- 
preoent (natrunient, falt!)full|) torltten b|) anotbec perflon,9l "",'iJ"j';-,7„;,7s-' 
being ottupieo to(tl) otycr atfairfl; ano 1 babe eiremplifieo rJje >"'.".','/, 'ilXV'i m 
afoccflalO dpofltolic Irtterfl abobt inaerteo, ono bearo tbeni ""''"" ""•"/'" •»• 
reao toirb tbe tjer? orlglnala, ano tbt)> agree tooro for voorO; r;,r«m"p.V«t,m 
anti, being dummoneO anb reque0teO, J babe fligneo tbem >n. «/ns.>aup.i«.w.r. 
toitb ntp u0ual anO cuotoniarp 0(gn ano name, In faitb ano *^'"'"^;M''';'-^<^"/'- 
ttatimonp of all antt omgular tbe premweo. Jlillb(tb 0a(O /„ci,ih.,mn,iiJ..,p, 
tcantftript toa0 corretteo ano collateO bp me, tbe tinoertoritten "''^'O' pr>j\icun,,u, 
notary, tDitb tbe 0aiO original Ootument from tobitbitrnas 
(CtracteO, in tbe moot noble anO moot lopal citp of ^ebille, on 
^I)»c0t>a.<', tbe tbirtictb Oap of tbe montb of iaDcctmber, in tbe 
I'car of tbe natiOitp of our HorO Jm\a Cbri0t one tbou0ano 
Qbc bunOrcO ano ttoo. {Ullitntooco tubo toere preoent to 0ee >"' >• '^'""» m/.">"</ui 
It torrecttO tnitb tb-^ : iginal: tbe bonourable ano Di0creet \[r,7'Z"ulu^''^''. 

nitvi tnjiihm i7 (c \ti- 
miinium umnitim it 
siriLiut'itum prftnts- 
siifuni rt>i:atus tt 
rofuisifus. h'.l quid 
liichii tnisldil'i /Ml 
corri^itln t' c >nctrltl- 
ilo pur Hit fl mittiiin 
Ultra r(cri;i/". lonlii 
'ilihit t'lnfittiiil I'rl- 
ijiniil t>n<ti fui- MUtt- 
t/i> ( n/ii m'i\- riiihlf i 
inuy Ifiil ^■tl'^iall lii 
>>( I ittit.-lui It V tr,yu- 
III 'liiii ill! WIS i/i 
ili:u mi/m'i', iinth) lUlii 
n.'Ju i'iitU <lil niiisiru 
s,nnr ./i ill t hi tst" 
ill unit < ./uiriii iitns 

Hlirm apust'iliiiis 
siipiriiis insvrl,i>i ix- 
t'lnplitu lie abstultit' 
lit |iiu.<rul(iiii iiiiii 
priipiis iirtcinnliliU', 
ft cnrntintiit ilv itrf'K 

men (Fomto J|3itto, crnbener, ano fi^artin oe idpamontc anO 
jo^n dTon^aled Contero, inbabitanto of tbe 0aiO cit)> of 
&ct}ille, calleo anO 0uiumonco for tbat purpo0c. 

|D. Rup0 il^ntana, iapo0tollc Jl^orarp. 

jiiD 3, ^ero }&uva d^ontana, €lcrb, of CorOotia, ilpootoltc 
jl^otarv, being ouinmoneb anO rcquc0teO, toao present, to 
ijctijcr tDttb tbe aalO toitnefloro, at all anO cber>> particular 
of tbe contents of tbts Oocumcnt of parcbntcnt of our 
moot boll' Jfatber, ano 3I aiWo it anO took note tbcrcof, anO, 
ticiiig occuptrO in otber atlairs, cauocO it to be lonttcn 
out faitbfuUp b}> anotbcr person, anD 'jibt unOcrfligneO it 
ujitl) tbi0 inp custoinarp cigu, in proof ano testimony of 
t|)E ttutb. pero IRuio oe i^oiuana, /Sotarp. 

1 i/ci.%s linns. I'l \li- 
,ysquf jktTun pruin/u ii viUii currr^'ir conrf uri^mal. Ins hunrrailua v Jiuntos larimei O-i'ims 

.Villi) rjcriia»ii, r Martin Ja A)/amunlt e Juan 'Vo»ijii(rs Ciinteru iiiiims dtia ilkhii (Miul /r Ni - 

i:!Ui parti tstii UiimaJiii »• rogailus 

R Huys Montana, Solanu Apvslolico. 
F. yii I'rfu Uuyi Vontiinn tlrngu tlr ('uriluni, niilarm iD"s(')/icc qui ii /i)i(r f m./ii ciisii ihl" 
I- nlcPiic/" tntsta i jciiluni lU piir^iimimi i/i7 nurstm muy sitntn pailrr, in unu cunlvi Jiiln,^ tistii^ui 
priitnti fuy I Iti \y i tn nt>til i> ruihy r pi'r otro JiA mriltt l>> t\^ • >iriiir icupadn di ntti'\ ri,i,N). 
u> I i/uli' ml (ii(>s(i<>i/>rii(A' ty^ni' I" m/is^jin. in /r r tatym n u Jr imlaJ, ri'nnilv < ni/uirii/ii 

Peru t\ruii lit Miinttina nutariu 

HJ7 p» 

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.^1 ■ I < 

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■J V: . 


<• » 1 

•ttliXFJ XiS •' trattfltript totll aim fa(tl)fiillv taken 
frt:ii a Drclararion atiD ttoo toarrantcf >inb a miaoiiit Ictrcv 
of tbr IKtnn: iinli iJDiirrn our 1lot-D0, toritrcn oii paprr, ,inD 
0ia;iuD iDitQ t|)c(r ro^Ml nainctf, aa I7 rljrin iippciUcD, the 
tenor toljrrcof, one afrrr tijr otl)cr, itf aa follotoo. 

Cbe Btng anD tl)e €lueen. 

ttKX^j^'tt tot Declare anb eommano to be Done m the 
niattera of properti> belongmu to SDon Cl)ri0topljer Coltnn 
(nig, our idDmiral of tlje iDcean. 

jFirtftlp, ttiat in toliat concernct t|)e contribution of tbc eisi)tii 
part of tl)e merclianDicte tuljicl) toe noto commanb to be ctenr 
to ti)c ciatD ifllanba anD iiiainlanD, and of tliat U)l)icl] oball p 
from Ijtncefortt), tlie ciaiD kIDiniral, upon Ijio ouppliMn;; thr 
eiiibtlj part of onci) inercbanDise or cdDinir t^t Daliie tticrent 
after tbe to0t0 ano crpengeg tobicl) aball be inciirrtD therein' 
0f)all bate been flrat DeDutteD, map jate for Ijimocif tlir 
eiffbtb part of tbe proRt Voljicb oyall be DcriDeD from tlje o,iiti 
mrrcUanDtse, conformablp to tbe capitulation Dralnii; teitii 
tbtfl matter Voliict) Ijad been maDe voitli Ijim. 

llketofoe, foraomutb m tbr CommanDer L^obaDilla tooli for 
bimoelf certain ijolD anD ictDCl0 anb otber mobeahic poou 
lanDeD propcrt», anD lilie 0toch, tobicb tbe oaiD ijfiti 
in tbe i0lanD of l}iopaniola, betauoe it la tbe proDiitr ano ic 
benue of tbe oaiD 3nDir0, toe rommanD tbat lirot of all tlicic 
be paiD from tbe oaiD rbiiiQo tobtcb toere taken from bun tlic 
coot0 anD rrpenoro anD toagco Wbicb 0ball be Due anb a\)M\ 
babe been rrpenDeD 0ince tbe 0aiD dDmiral tocnt laot time 
to tbr 3inDiefl in tbe pear ninctp^cigbt, after be arcibrD m 
tbe iglanD of t?[0paniola -, for altbougb* bv tbe capitulation. 
tbat outlai'l 10 at tbe cbarur of tbe 0aiD vlDmiral, pet it 10 
unDergtoob tbat be 10 to pai< tbr 0ame out of tobat ump he 
obtainrD from tbe oaiD ]inDic0i anD of tobat 0ball rcuiaiii, 
after tbe abobe0aiD bao been paiD, let a total be iiiaDc, ano 
ten part0 babmo brrn formeD, nine 0ball be for ua ano 
tbe tentb for tbr 0aiD dDmirali anD out of tbe oaiD niiu 
partg tor toill pai> tbe toa(;c0, co0to anD rrpcn0e0 tobicb biilir 
been lalD out anD oball be Due until tbe oaiD bopase tobicli 
toa0 maDe in tbe pear ninetP ciQbt, tobin tbe ilDiniral tuj^ 
m tbe 0aiD islanD of t?i0paniola^ fora0mucb ao toe iiiaDc 
bim a grant of tbat part of tbe oaiD crpenoco for tobicb l;c 


m r pel minit siiciulu 
lie una iltclaralimti 
e r/0.1 i'etlulas V unit 
I III la miHxaiftra ilil 
Hiy t iltia Heyna 
nuvilrni SrAnrfj f-i- 
triptaf tnpapiltfir- 
iniiilas lie SMS rrn/fj 
ni'nhrei, it-fiunii pur 
ilhit /iiiri 1(1(1, lu 
Ih, nor ilelat (/Mdli i 
unit rnpiit ile oirn 
n este que se si/iue 

II Wfv I la lliyna 
§/ OijUi mil iliilara- 
tnn* e manilitttios i/iii 
M fafia mlas ruiiii 
1/1 fasunila luranli i 
a t*iin ( hnsttiial ( " 
/(in nuestro llmi- 
ranleilel mamfeann 

^ Pritntrrt mrnfr qui 
tnlii que tin'a itlit 
mntrihuimn 'lila 
'ihava parte ilil,i\ 
Mil rriii/iTini que nm 
ii^^iirn Miimi/nttiov 1 1- 
/iiiirndiii/iifciM yWiii 

I lurrn Jirme. t ^ls 
ijiii yran lU aqu\ lUte 
/.mil', qui rl iluhii 

timtranti p.'fiiiNi/ii 
/.( »H haitt parte ileta\ 
/ii/n mririii/iiiiii " 
</iini/ii la rsli»i(i|i'<n 
ilrtlat, tacaila^ pri- 
Hirri} las ffi.iM^ I 
L'ili(ii.l que tnelli' si 
JtztireH, a\a parti ii 
la ithata pa-ti i/i / 
pri'techn qut i/r/ili 
'itchan mrrfrtf/rr 

II iii'ifn, cimfi'rmi 
a la capitulafion qm 

I nnel eita Jeeha qui 
\nhre eito Jtspani 

^ Otriisy pnr quant>' 

I I t I'lmniiaili'i Hmaililla /■■nn. tnsi ^^trtl' i*ri' r ;mv<ii t tifri'> hent\ muihli i t- rdyiri r ^i*»i<-i \tnt, . 
que i7 iIh^I" .llmiranti ttnia enla ysia h^spaH"la, pfrque aquelli' e\ fruto e rrnta itelas ilitha^ yndun, 
inanilitnos que ante ili tmlas i oj.ii, m pn^'uen 'ela\ ilichas cv^ai que le futri'n lomailas las n.irji 
I f:asloi e nuelitns qui fueren ileniti\ e si oiieren fecho, ilrxde que el ituha .-ilnnranti pintrima u: 
fui alas >'ni/i(H el anv i(r nmenta r mhu, lUique fur llrgajn enla yi/n f-'\pannln. por qui aun^u, 
aquellv por la capttulaiton es a car^o ilel tliehu Almirante perv entieniiese. para que In iiya ,i'r. 
pafiar ilelii qui dtlas liuhas Imltas >r iii/i/urririr, t Itli' que nstare f,;gailii tu iusu ttuh 
St h^a una sutna, e fechas thr: partts. lay F;:*ri'r iirim para nii%, e la ilezena parte pai.: 
1/ Jicho .llmirante, i iltla\ ihiha\ nuexi partem, ni'> pii^'Uiwin.N Ivs iuelilus r mstas t i-iiid . 
que 5,- han ftihv i n ■liitenn fasta il tinhv iiaie que n /izi> il ano ile tunenta i mhn ,/u, , 

tlmtrantr fue inta 'iiiha y\la l'\pani'Ut. pur quantv itu* /i /rjimoi nicniti Uila paitt ^u. 


int) rd(tt)ftill)> tjkcii 
anD a miooibc Icttti' 
rittcn 01) paper, ano 

rtjcin iipptaitD, tijc 


nb ro be Done in tl)c 
Clinaropljcr CoUim 

ritnition of tl)r ei(jl)tli 
I toiiuiiiinb ro tu otnr 
of tliar \]}|)icljot)all p 
on 1)10 aiippli'inu tl)r 
jmtj tljt tjaliic tticitof, 
111 lit iiKttrrrD tlitrcin 

jiitic for tjimscif tlic 

tirritJtti from tlic ojiti 
itiilatioii Dciiling toitli 


ler 13oba6illa tooli t'oi 
atljcr mobciililc uoooo, 
tl)C OiilD ifltimiral l)clt) 
10 tIjc protiiic; aiici ic 
CI ttjiUfirat of 1)11 tl)tVL 
•re taken from l)im tl)c 
0l)aU lie Due ant) oljjil 
imiral tocnt laot tinit 
It, after be arriticD m 
1), bp tl)e capitulation. 
jatD ilbmiral, pet it lo 
t out of tobat iiiiip lie 
of toljat 0l)all rciiiaiii, 
t a total be uiabe, aiiD 
• oball be for no .hid 
) out of tbc oaiti Mine 
lb ei'penoeouiljicl) lia\i( 
tbc 0alb bopagt toliKl) 
kubm tlje ilbiniral bjo 
oraamuct) aa toe uiaDc 
ecpenoco for toljicl) Ijc 

nuihli i r rny-iti r si'imutnli, 
to I rtnin dtlat Juhas )'m/i.ii, 
' It furrvn tnmttUai Wis citifji 
itiiho AlimTiint'. p'ntnma u; 
\Ui h'\f>nhnht. per t^ut itun^^u^ 
licniiisi, parii qut la iiyi dt- 
, start fufidilo III suio Jut' 
nii5, r la iliztna f.irfc pm,: 

IlPJ lUcWi/s r UPS/llJ I IMll.'i 

ano lit fiuifHta t inho i^ut <. 

no, rritf;iti </r^f partt lyui 



YTT ^"t^^ ^ H^P* ^4« V*^ •^^ "W* 




fMBMtttf • 

HHMU^ »»t<H«- 


(mitrtAf : 




t^ U Of^AMA ^«»-#< 9^-f«l|«« n^UCtAi^ 

«# 5^*5 .3*m»-A^M^ 

A»M0kS A 






■(-OMA (S^ ><M e/^MM«Lk 





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i3 Cj7ia ?-(^,cvJf l*l^,C".-nfiH*^iCVr\^ 

^,^S-«^ H,.;>**MtfV(5t^ ^2>4«t»w»ji^ (3-^MKti*v 

.X>f*> ^ klk|Vt*M« VS »1K>«*^ ^^»H^ 



i I 


— v*- 

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tuiid IliUilr. vInD tlir diiiD sdOmiral gl)>ill pap fi'oni rl)c aafb rn/>in ,m,„ ,i„hm 

tfiifl) parr tol)atftcr ir al)iill br prolico fl)iU Ijc oVntfl mdi. ^nw-M. /•; w .(nh. 

UlOllilllV . nil' pClOOIlfl, il3 UDllliral. AUmranU- il,h duha 

iltzina fiirlv pafiut, 

Itfin, tbiit m rtapttr ro tl)t tiutlc toliicl) totre taken from /-. nut «. m<„f:uar, 

'\jtn» ar our coor, attljciiulj.arcorbing to rtjc oaib rapiriilarion, </»< i/rno. />,iiiirM- 

ti)c tootfl and crptiidrfl tuliitl) Ij.itot liceu iiuiiiico tljtrcm lormmt,- „ h/^.hihm 

wcrf tu lit DcDiittcD, aiio out of ti)c rrmamOf r tljc gaiO tlDiiiual /"f^'"""' "'""' ■■"- 

ttiio to Ijiitoc tl)c tciitl) part, ncticrtljclcaa, in orOrr to oljoto "i"""'' 

Ijiiii fatioiir, toe tommaiH) tl)at, toitt)oiit Dcoiictmij tljt oaiD < yun,iu.,n.,um,i„ 

tootfl and cipcnaciJ, tlitrc lie reiiDcrrO to l)iiii tl)e ttntlj part „/„, .aUi,„ , „, ,/, 

of tlje oaio tattle, aiio firot aim oecoiib poiiiig Voljicl) I)atie am .^ ;.«» //,.«./.. .1 

btfii otitained tliaefroni ; and ti)e nine parta ol)all remain nuxfni cmh,. .„<„,. 

iiiiD fall to no,— Let it lie lialid toljcre it oai'fl que Vuritten iiunntiiu, M^„miia 

ow an eraotire on tliia pane. iinim u,i<,iiii„(i„n n- 

(II KID i/mirill (iM 

IrciM, toe tommand tl)at tl)erc tie returned and reotorcd to i"<m« r ^n.f.i i/ur 

iiiiii all tl)r ffarnitiirc of liia peroon and liouoeljold, and pro- nuu,, <, hm i,j 

sioianfl of torn and tome, tol)ittj tlie ilomiiiander looliadilla >i'i" rttuini. ,1 ii.h.r 

[oDk from l)im, or tljei'' mot daliie, toitl)oiit our liabinQ; to '""«""'• imii ''• 

rtttide ani' part tliereof. ""■'■ '« 'li'tun imrir 

pitr W jiiztr Hiirtrt/ 

Irein, ttjat turaoiiiiicli ao the flaid Commander 23ot)adilla, >iiii>i /nm < i/ui <>n 

jmcino; ottier tl)inu;ci tol)icl) lie took from tljt oaid ildmiral, nxir /.iv </i,hi,r>ii. 

took from Ijim a tertain quantitu of otoneo, toliitl) totre from '"« >■ p">''" '■■ »» 

flie ooiirte from to(jencf tl)e gold tomeo, and toljitl) eontain "'"i'ii/"<'n/in/.:rnii 

,1 portion of gold i toe eommaud our Cobcrnor of tlje said P'"^''' ''''" ''"^'"" 
laliiiidfl to reteilie a detlaration upon oatlj from tt)c oaid 
Cmimandcr Liotjadilla of tlicir niimlier and anco, and to 

1/1(1' i/l7- 

ciiiot tliem to lie reatored to l)im, in order tliat tljt'' 
Divided and dtotrilnitcd in tljr manner aforro.iid. 



Item, toe command to be reatored to rbc oaid ■A 

nuirro toitli tlieii fn.ilo, toljicli riie aaid ^Idmuai hu 

liiigliiinDinan 111 tlie "(ndieo, and tv-i lioroeo tolr 

.lOiiiiial poaocfloeo, one of toliitt) In hoinjlit iron 

mD rlK otl)er lie Ijao from I113 marcJ, toljicli tbc 

nuiiiDcr l=>ol).i0illa took from liim, or ftieir mat oaliu, vuitljout 

l;i.3 licinij bound to ijibe no oiip part tlicrcof. 

Utiniuhi I 
piu pnrli' 

lo *jsf/'iin (II 1(1(1 c/(i\ 
nurte parlu <iuttltn 
t JirKjUfii piirii n"» 
I fl/d i/is (/«(■ i'\- 
■f'tn ^M^ic rti\tlu t n 
• imii. 

i ! .'I iiiiini/(ijii"> 
4c /( wiin /'iiM(i(/('s 

risliluyili'<, liiilii', 
/ill (i/iii i«« i/i.ii( pit' 
^iina r cdJd t lunll- 

itfiii, foraoiiiiitli A^ tlie aaid .Idmual otatea tliar Ije oiitfera »i.n("< ■<•■ pm, im.. 
iiiui' in tliat Ik doca ivn appoint toptaina and oiticera i"-' •' <'<">i"i'i"ii"r 
tlif ol)ipo Xuljitli \'.'C ai ' noVxi ordrrnnj to go to tljr lolaiid 
: fiiopaiiiola, xnlijui Ijc allraea tliat Ije toaa to appoint 
::t(]iDino: to tlic oaio tapitiilatuni, toe declare tliat ointe 
'!: Oiiin ciprama and oificrio Ijolif been aliraOi' appointed 
v our commaiiD, toe toil' m fiitmr orcicr ■ippoiiitnienta to 
[It made conformabh* to ttji oaid capitulation. 

/iMi<>i le Inmo. 

.11 Jlislll iWllllllllKll 

^yn 1/1(1' Mill (ivdiiiHS 
/( (11 «r pilrli' ii/(,'i(iid 


5 yim i/u. por 

l/Hd.lfil r/ i/li/'(i t 'I- 
nrni/.li/.ir llolil.u.'ul tnirr i;(r(I' - Idl i/u. (iilIKi ill i/li/in .limit ililtf. le (ciiiim (ici/d rdTldc/in/ id' 

i((/r,M i/Kf drtrt 'If/ niiffiinir-M/' . H'/f nii((' el orn i/wr titnrtt pttrU iW ino, Hiiini/diiins 11/ tiui\ttn 
i.utnisiliir ililiii ihiliii y>l,is ijHi rrphii ilrclarii{iim ilil liiJui ( niiienilitilnr llmtuiilUi cmx jurii- 
li'if', t/i(dnfii.< I- (/i(r /iitiidniii iTrtu f ^rlii\ fti^ttn restitttyf pdrii i/kc stptirtttn c i/fiii/dn tula 

.:ifrd i/«i tlichii r\. 

('It su^ 1 fills i/i(t' (/ ilii-hu 

limit iititi l> tiiti, utiii i/ur 

inntliiilnr lloliUldltl, n tK 

W.n tihittiliutitt'i i/Ui v(*iiH ti\litu\il,i\ ('/ ./i( /'" .l/iiiii'iin(r </"* y^'idl'' 
I'.mirnttlr iimpnt ilt uti l,ilrail"r m/di />li/iil. 1 il.i .di.i/fi"i i/iic 1/ ./a/'' 

'ifrii lie (icmiliin, • vtnt i/ii* 1111) i/ism y. ijiids, i/ur' /.' (cm" r/ i/ii''.! ' 
.i/ii rf(imii(iim \ytt ijut" ni'-t rtVii i/c i/dc piii'(f ii/^iinii i/i/Zo 

ff^ii /ii'r i/ydfifti r/ i/i(^(i .-thtiiitinlr iltzr i/i(f r('(i/'c d/;riiti'i ,11 ri" /in'iici f/ i/i' ciiptUtiit'i t 

: .:lf\ liit'i HdiiK* que nt>\ ii^ntti tntinUiiitiu^ \i d/ii \\tti Kspdhdi'fl, 1/1(1' \tf<utttl la tiirhit mpiti* 

1 1/ ilMc 1/1(1- dl 111 i/i-pi'ilii'i, i/i ^V"i"^ '/ui /" r t/ur yd r.Wd pinieytiii pot Ithfiltii tltttiutiuto, i'\ 

i iiipi/iinci 1 "fti'.iitc\, '/((I iMr/iinfi iiiiiiii/dirtniif ./iir xpnirfd iiifl/iiriiii' ii/ii dii/>>i 

;'f!i/<M p'li 

J- 1 

I I 






*u Uii |22 

^ 1^ I zo 

IL25 i 1.4 






^^/^ oS. 





(71«) •7a-4S03 








"i ir 


'?!■ I 

« M 

1 I 

ii , < 

1 I.I. 

' ■ 

•I f 

? I tent, tor Dtclace anO tommand tdat tiie 0a(ii atimfral map 
ront liencefortt) bring pearlp from tbe fslanD ot 1?f0panfoia 
one tluntireD anD clttitn qufntalo of brasfl, on account of the 
ttnt6 pact toiiicl) tie f0 to tjatie fn respect of tlje tijoiicdtiiD 
qtimtai0 of brasil, tobfcb 10 to be gitoen pearlp, b!> our tont: 
manO, to ttie mrrctianttf toftt) toljom an agreenient bao been 
ttiabe tbereupon, because, bp tbe agreement tobicb toao matie 
tofti) tge 0ailJ mercijanttf, ^\a portion is ecccpteb^ tojifcb 
[number] tbe said £IDniiral cniops for tbe term contaiiteb in 
the saiD agreement of the tfalb mercbantS: anb aftertodrDa 
[qc Sb^ll tnfo?] tbe tcntb part of tobat fS^all be obtained. 

'Jteni, tbat forasmucb as tbe abmiral beclares tbat tbe Coni: 
manOer ffiobabilla bas paiO some bebts of toages anb ot^cr 
tbmgs in tbe saiD island of Dispaniola to some persons to 
tobom ncitber toages nor anivtbing else teas otoing, as toili 
appear bj> tbe books of tbe said officers, and can be probcti and 
SQOton-, toe command tbat if be sball babe made pa;imcius 
to persona to tobom ncitber toages nor anptbing else tuiio 
due, tbe said Admiral sball not be obliged to pap tbe same. 

Item, forasmucb as tbe said Commander loobadilta took 
from tbe brothers of tbe said jadmiral a certain quantit;) oi 
gold and fetoels, because it toas acquired bp tbem as bp an 
administrator of tbe gobernment of tbe said ^ndics ^ let ten 
parts be made of tbe tobole, and the iadmiraf shall babe tljc 
tcntb part, and tbe nine parts sball remain and faa totio^ and 
in regpect to the furnimre,probisions, plantations and botioca 
tobicb tbep beli;. and the gold tobicb tbcp possessed fortljmga 
of tbcir oton totjicb tbei* bad sold, upon probing tbat it Vuas 
of this nature, nltbougb toe babe some right tbereto,tDc tiialtt- 
tbem a gift of tbe tobole of it, so tbat tbep map dispose tbcrcar 
as of tbeir oton proprrtp. 

Item, It IS our toill and pleasure tbat tbe said i^dmtral sball 
Keep in tbe said island of pispaniola a person toijo oljall 
attend to tbe affairs of ^ia propertp and reccibe lobat tjc 
ougbt to babe, and tbat it sball be laionso ^antbco oc 
Carbaial, Contino of our bousthold : and tbat the oaiK 
aionso ^ancbes dc Cardatal, on bcbalf of the said Admiral, 
Sball be present toltb our inspector to ditto tbe mcltms 
and mariiing of tbe gold tobicb sball be obtained 111 t^c 
said Indies -, and shall, toitb our factor, attend to tbr trano^ 
action of tbe affairs of tbe said mcrcbandise. :dnd Id; 
command our (Fobcrnor, and accountant, and justices 
and officers tobo are noto, or sball be, of tbe said 13 
lanbS and mainland, to fulfil and cause to be obscrbcb 

I'll' I. 

§ Yten tteclaramos e 
mandamos que et di- 
cho Atmirante pueda 
traer de aqui ade- 
lante cada aho dela 
ysla Espanola fien/o 
c bonze quintates dc 
brasit, par razon de- 
la di'sena parte que 
ba de rti'f r, a respcto 
dehs milt quintatts 
de brasilgue se ba de 
dar cada aho por nu- 
estrn mandado, alos 
mere ad ere scon quien 
csta fecbn asicnto .<«• 
bre vllo, porque por- 
it asiento que se tomo 
contos dicbos tnerca- 
deres rsta a{tlitada 
su parte, dtlo qual 
gnzt' et dicbo Atmi- 
rante por el tienpn 
conienido enel dieho 
asyento detos dicboH 
dcla desena parte dv- 
to que sv sacare. 

§ Yten que por quantn 
it Atmirante dist- que 
lit omendador lioxa- 
ditto ba papado al- 
f^unas delhtas df suet- 
do, e otras cosas enla 
dicba ysla Espahota, 
rt alfiunas personas 
aquien no se devia 
sueldo nin nira cosa 
atpuna.sefiund pare 
(era por tos libros 
dehs dtcbos nji^iates, 
e se podra provar c 
mo$trar, mandamos 
que sy vviere pagado 
a personas aquun 
no se devia suetdtt ni 
cosa alguna que tl 
dtcbo Atmirante non 
sea obligado a papar 
to semejante. 

§ Ytem par quanto et dicbo Comendadnr liovaditta tomo alos hermanns dtt duh* Almirant* (ic/,; 
cantidad de om e joyas, por que aquello fuv adquindo por *//".v. canto por quien tenia ^'"ii rnjii, n 
delas dicbas Yndias, de todo aqudto it fofian dies partes, e la disma parte aya tl Alnttruntt. - 
las nueie qutden e Jinquen para nit\, e que tn quanto aU>s atavms e manttnimuntos e cmiucos r 
casas que tenian, e tl f>ro que tniercn dr {ii%a\ que aiian lendtdtt \u\as, proiandntit qut fin- tiisti 
condi{u>n, qui aunque aquith ten^aouis al^und dtreeho, nns tes Jaztmos merged de tmlu tlln ptn.i 
que Japan drtto como de cosa suya prvpia. 

§ Yten es nuestra merged e votuntad que et dicbn Atmirante tenpa enta dicba yala Espahula pir\«nii 
que enttenda enlas cosas de su fazunda « r)(i/iii /o que it '*iiete i/c (ii»r, c que sta. Alunsn San^h,\ 
de i'anajat contmo de nuestra easa, e que el dichi> Ali>n-i'> ■^anihr% de f anaial, pur fmrtr dil duh. 
Atmirante este presente ion nut\trit teedor a iir fumiir e tnarvar it nrn que mloi iluhii\ \\l,i\ . 
turra Jirme <»■ ovien , e ton nue\trit factor irttitnda tntas losas dtla ni^'r^ uit i<»« diltis tluh,I^ 
merradcruis h mantlamns at nuestro lioiernailitr < iimtador e Jw.ticia^ t "fm,ili\ ^uf 
<i/:"i(i sitH •' futrtn dtta\ dHhas yila:* t 'iena prme, que tumplan t fapan ^biir.idr 



. I- 

^ 1 

n/ii i/iffcii vs'ii F.spanu',,1 p, n. nj 
- airr, e qut sia. -ilMsn'. i 
:lr < ilriajill. pur partr <i,l n;.''. 

IS i/r/il n.>!iiul(i"n I'r/in ii;.!;- 
(„r 1 /ic(i<lil> 1 .lyniii/n i(i,i 

.^S^wwfTa jl 1 



is -' 




) I 

I ' 

1 J 


M 'J 




'. I 

I' I 

\i t. 

'i; > I 

I'; ■• 

•' ,' 


^eC^fT^ ^*Wi ^^^j» r^'ff^ c»^y£»^ 
r SW ^(5^# 3*-f».>r Su4ei.^(0^CXr^J}t '(^ <fUs^ 

I ifll 


*j)l)iU W flbotJtflam, in flo fnc aa ir flljrtll lie otic tofit anb /„ s,«„ ,/,>*„, .,i 
plnioiirr, anD, upon the aaib Slionao ^iincljco be Cartiai'al >ii.<ini„ nmsin, ,iur- 
oljoVuinij miRicient aiitoorirp froip M)c Otiii) dbuitriil, to rcnbei' <• ' . ivUmuuijiun. 
to Ijini tijc poction of the polb te :.j oijiill Dctono; to Ijfni on > 7«i m"s(i,iH(/.< »/ 
attoiintof tIjc ttntlj in tOc flaid iodinb, iifter tlje toflta anb <iuhi> .-w.m,, s,m:hes 
ctpenfleo Ijabe lieen bebucteb, anb also tIjc pcoflt on tlje mei;= ''<• ''"'((/«/, pmhr 
(Ijaiibftfe tor t\)t efabtlj pai-t toljidj the aaib abinlral sbalt '""'••>»'■ ''■' ''"''" 

■" • ' - '-'^ — - ' -" ' - Aliiiininli\lf (iiiiiiii,: 

iunia ptirie iltl urn 
i/Hi h />t)-/<H(S(itr<, 

fliioto tl)at te contciliiiteb'to tlje co^'t thereof. 

jtem, foraaiiiucl) a tlje 0afb :9bnucal \tCii facmeb out tl)e . 
atlicca of Bailttf anb JEiotac;* of tbe aaib lalanb of li?(apaniola /"" rnson dd duzim 
for a ccctain ttcin, toe coninianb tijat.tljc moncpa anb toOat= <^«'" i'"*'i>s'« »<"" 
cbct tlje aa(b offitca aljall Ijatoe probuctb ano becii tooctlj aljall •'"* '•" "'*''" • «"^- 
lic bibibcb into ten pacta, nnie to be foe na anb one for tbt ',"•' ' '^"'"' '"""" 
fjaib dbimral, Qirat of all bcbntting; tye coata anb cipcnaca '*" ''' ""'^""'"•'"■• 
of t|)C paib olDceca ; anb bctaiiae tl)c ptraon toljo Ijelb tlje ^"' '' , '"" /';"■';■ 
oaib notai^Bljip voaa not obligcb to gitje a fittb auin for it, toe ''"' '""""""' ''"*" 
comnianb that upon beinff paib for Ijta labour l)e la to renber 
all tijat |)c U>i<s rcceibeb, in order tljat it nia^) be oiDioeb, aa 
iiforeaaib.— ILet it be baiib \uljere it 0a!>a por el, Vnyiclj la 
terittcn ot)cr an erasure on tt)ia page. 

'jtiin, that the!' return to Ijim t!)t bookfl and toritinffci tohitlj 
tocrc taken from Ijini -, anb if awf of tijein ahall be requircb 
far tlje abinlniatration, let tljcre be dratun a tranacripr ai(tncb 
tiv a public atribeurr, and let t|)e oriQiinala be bclitiercb to 
l)ini, aa aforeaaib. 

'jrciii, that in tohat concerns freight anb protjiatona, tlje aaib 
vlarbaidl la to cr.iop the tohilt of it, accorbinff and in tlje 
Oiimc manner aa our otijer ollicera aljall rniop [tlje lihr J. 

illl tIjat ta aforesaid, and tbcrv article anb portion thereof, 
U)C tommanb vou, our (Fobtrnor anb our jaccountan:, and 
other ofQcera, and luaticra, and persona of the aaib islanba 
,ind niainlanbs, so to perform anb fulfil, in ebcrpthingc awW 
li^ cbcrvthiuff, as it is containeb abode. >dnb in fulfilling; it, 
vm are tc gibe anb bcliber to the saib Admiral and his 
luothcrs, anb to aupone loho shall habc his procuration, the 
things abobcsaid, toithout ani> impediment being ottered to 
l)un therein, ^nd rou shall not act contrarp hereto. i)onc 
iinf ranaoa, on the ttocntp^sedenth bap of September, in tlje luruumamiim,, 

^ — . - ... ^iitltjtchn i.ii 

/i' ./.'.(' bii iti lu'i 

t/iti Sf partil I.., Mo 

r/u/)ri t s, WlUl «> i/ls 

por rl qut. Ill I s<rifthi 

lomnianber be Uares, our (^obernor of the 3nbies : Cille Ijabe s.v.r, nnu,. . „, sm 

.Umirimtf anT fju- 
i.-itti inltt custtt ittUo. 

§ >'(i n pnr iiiianto il 
il'ubn .lliiiiranli' oid 
iirfHihi'ln Itts ttji^itis 

l/t- ilt.^ltziflldf^ll t' IS' 

irii'iinirt dlti dnhii 
ydn /■.'vpiii;.i(ii, /i/^/ 
(i.r/i) liml'K, mniuti 
miis (j:tf t":i thtiiitii 
ilis. f In ijue Ins i/i- 
vhns oJi(ios a^rtiit 
ritttaitn c lalido vi 
fdpaii iHiz p(n7. s, 
its HUfit sian fiaitt 

»"S- ( /•! UlUt full It 1 1 

ilichii llinnililli, sil- 
citnilii pnuiiTii (Ml nil 
?il< riisliii c 
(/(/ips tlithtis f>Ji\ iitlt \ 
I'' pur ijue il tjiif (i nut 
Ut lii'.hit ( \( rii ii«i(i 
nt> t -itititt i'/)/iv<i(/" It 

iLtr pnr I tin cn\tt 

pcar one thousanb llbe hundred and one. 3 the I'ving. 1 the 
^ucen. by command of the ISing and of the iDuecn, if aspar 

Cl)e £ttng and tl)e €lueen. 

•it •..{.< 

ne\KSuliui para la nr^fu^}^\,^u•n s* 
ios nri^maUs forMo lUchu t s 

^ Yien que fnlo ywi* toca al jUli 
c'.-rM(t pfisiircrt los otr»% nutstms 

IM.Wln (dntil .'it * l>tri>\ i'Jt^Ulti 

pi. -nil. 

;7. itUlt 

umplays irt/oi/.. t- />"r t uin 
tlmitanti i .ius hrt iinttt,i\ t 
u M(i pur\ti> ynptiiinmntit .tl^utio 
iuii >/t' \ttienhrt i/i null i- ijmnti nt- 
Hiy t (/r/d Htyna, (utspur i/. fitiZf 

f manttnununto.'*. e.->Sf ./ Uwho Carviijtil i/f t<nlit lU, 
t-i'i rii<ii t paitt itlio, uutntlinn^\ ii os W n:i.\t* 

S I' JU*tl[ IfCi t pi I i'HilS Ji 'ills ituhtfi \ J.l'. I /((' ia\ 

l; ((/)(/ ( 

J f 

"inn til iusit St I onth 'If I 
.1 quitn an p"./(i mu ri- i 
/' Hon /(( \ I Mj'i .:/ 
. t MM" an.>> Yit il lit V 

If r;(.h/.i 

fl> Ml, s ,}u. , 


t-n t umphi n-U-lti </i v< ( i nli i <•»< ys 

Is I "tdi \UMt ^/a/'lI^, \\'l<IUt t}li ll't 

t'txha r« (ttaiiiiia, a iimiw r s\iti 
>'■> ^: lit VHii i'lir ntitn ui in dil 

f '>\IIMt ilhfti 


Il Hi} , /.I litytui 

Yn ii.i.' 


1 K ■ 

jl : i 

! '' ■ 

\< i 

i '{1 I., .; 

^1 t 

(I I 


I . t\ 

; I 

t ;. 

tn/inns, (iTCd dehs 
rtisiis^ ijuv fl Cftmen 

t'lnin, e siihre la for- 
niii t/ttr uhn r/t* ti-niT 
ill I iicuiltr nl i/irfc 

»>. ./.<;.irm/o coiniiianlicD iiDii I'clarcD tiie orotr t^iat ig to br obderbcb in 

la „r,i,n qui- » ha c/r vgijat 1)00 to bt Doiu totDacbg 9Don Cbrioropbcr Colunibuo 

unir rni„ qur »i hn guv abiiiical of t()C Ctfiin, atib 1)10 brotbfM, teflptttdifl; the 

<if taitr cm Don tbinfffl tobul) Coiiiiiianbcc iSobabiUa took from tljcni, anb in 

i hrniovai inion «u- reg,,f(| (o tl)e focm tol)ic() 10 to btobgerbcb ;n rcnbcrinit to 

.s/r„ AimiranuM ((jc flalb abtiiical tl)e portion of tbt tentb anb eiflhtft tohitii 

"""""'"""'""*"■ be 10 to rcccibf from tUe mobtablt Boob0 of tftt Jofanoo anb 

ru .1 >m<-n niiilnlanb of tbc 0>iib kDccati, atib ftom tt)r mtrcbanbigc b)blclj 
„,„'„,,,„„ ,,; voe oball 0e»b from bcncc,a0 pou tolll 0tc bp oiir0a(b bttlara: 
tfon anb commanb gigneb toftb our nanu0, tebUl) toe bo com-. 
manb to be oibtn tijem tbcrriipon. 'ZHtlcrefore Vnr tijarge poii 
to ingpert tl)e 0aib betlaratton, anb to tatioc tl)elr 0a(b goobo 
i/.mrnnff cmia to bc Oflibtreb to tl)tni tonformoblp tjertto, anb to rmocc to 
pini,' ,1,1 iiuimn . tt)e 0aib dbmiral \a\)at belongg to bim of tbr abobtgaib, m 
ochina ,,u. *,i ,ian,r fliitU toiof tl)at tftt flalb Jilbmltdl onb Ijfg brotberg, or tDl)otbcr 
./i/iis Aifnrs mu,hu» (jijaii |),ii)c |)|0 protiiratlon, map obtain tbt tobole tbcrcof, 
,i,in-i ysins , iierra j^nb if tl)t golb flob otbft tl)ing0, tol)icl) tbe galb Commanbtr 
tirmr d,i ihchn mar j«,otjabilla tl)ng took from tbfm,g|)all babe been gpcnt or golb 
■'"•'">"■'■ '■''" •""•- lip Jim, tot tommanb pou to tange tbtm to bt paib tbtrrfor 
""'"'"; ■'■" ""' ''' at onte. Mlbat toag gpent In our gerblte ig to he palb to 
"''' "•""""'""• "- rbem out of our propcrtp, anb tobat tbf galb Conmianbtr 
^h"''n!.^r!-aZc!lr!^ Bobabilla gball babe gpent on btg oton affairg ig to ht pais 
,..-,■ mamiamuni,, " tbtm out of tfec goobg aub ptoptrtp of tbt galb Com; 
/r>..„;,/,. ,/, nutsin.s manbtt. dnb pou gball not bo tontrarv brreto. SDoiir m 
'...«/.,>, que u,hrt fi- OFtanaba, on tbe ttotntp elgbtb nav of the montb of fecptrni 
/ ,/.v,,in»i,/,ir«..j(Air ber, In the Ptar one tbouganb fibc bunbrtb anb one. 3 tl)c 
/■ r ,mi, nvs i,>< %mg. 1 t()r iiDuccn. :&p commanb of the liiing anb of tijt 
"•""•la t.qmieays iDuccn, (Bagpar be (f riMo> 

'11 ilnha iltclaraoim. 

. n^rm. arlla ,., ^f^f |^ing flltD t})t ^Utttl, 

/iii'wvs intrefrar l:is ^ tr ^ -^^ 

duh'u^ JUS Ai,n,«. XXittGCXlO be 13r(blegca: iliUr babe orbrrtb an agree. 

< >i.ui/ir ai ,iuho ment CO be mabe toitb 2Don Cbrigtopbcr Columbug, our kit): 

.i!,inranu,c„ninq,„ miral of tbc Ccfan, tbat in all tl)c mercbanbige tohicl) oijall 

1. />. r(,nf,f M., su. bt conbcpeb to tbe jnbieg bt map guppip tbe eigbth part, anb 

'" '"''"• p'"- "«">'- map eniop tbe tigbtb part tbat gball bt gaintb tbcrton, at^ 

>!/ qui il i/if/xi .((- rnrhlniT .irt nnii hull are hn .in .iirrmitrnr li.irt hcoii xias. 

I'lll'.jrt/t', t sus hir- 


l,idu I It, I vntrtf^ailns. 
h' \v tl or, I I i.(ril5 
cns(i\ quf any el i/j- 
t/'M I '•men,laii'tr Ho- 
Kuii'la les tiimu. i 
.'lit r 

corbing ag pou toiU gee bp an agreement tbat bag been matte 

toltb bini, gigneb toltb our nameg. 'tlbtrtfore toe commanti 

',""' " ''""" ? pou to gibe uim account anb topp of all tbat tbe tntrcljan 

" ' '"""■'""' "• mat amountg to, toblcb toe bo noto commanb to bc conijepcti 

to tbe gaib Inbieg, in orbrr tbat, if he gball begirt, l)e 

map guppip tbe gaiD eigbtb part tbereof, toblcb pou arc to 

rccrtbe in our name from tot gaib dbmiral, or from tlje 

pergon tobo oball habe b>g procuration, anb to gibe bim a 

faMa,!,, ,. ten- rcccipt foc It ; aub rcccibt It In monep or in mercbanbige, oo 

M,i,: ,„s .>i,in(/.im<>< It oball gccm goob to bmi or to tbe pergon tobo gtjiill 

qu, ui„ t.i^ay, lu,. babe |)ig procuration. Ann if bt gball pap it in monep, 

^'1. {■•if,tr l.ii que 

fur i:iisla,lii en nueslm srriijn srles pague dr nuestra faitenda, e In que el dichii ('omr»,la,li'r 
/.I'lii 11//11 liiiiTp t'(i!/(ii/ii m ius (nsa» prnfitas %elei fttfue del,^\ hienet e fatunia ilil dtchn < nmtn- 
■ tailor, t non Jagtide% ende ill. h'tcha en (iranada, a t-rynte e ,tch,> dim del mn de Setinnhrr de 
mill r quin II nl,:\ , uii,, iin.'S )'.. ./ liiy >'" Vi H,ynii I'nr mandado d,l H,y e ,lthi Uryna. 
(iaspar de iirizi,. 

II Hey , 1,1 Heyna. 
§ A/.WKA'O ttr /iriitexca. mi»i avemos m,ind,ulf tomar asyenttt enn thin Chriitnval t'oinn nuritr,, 
Jlmiranlt dtl mat "Cctant>. que enhntai 1,1^ nurcaiteriai que \i llrtaren alas Yndiai, pnn^ia Ut 
othai'a partr, , un^i dila '«7*(irii parte, qui \t i:annri eHella\, sii^un,! rerryi p<>r un anyento que \r 
ha ti'iiiiid" puna,!,' dr ni,isti,i\ it,'nl>rr\ l*,'rendi nci t"i mandamoy qur I, ,ti'y% rdion , 
tcpui ,ie t,id„ 1,1 que tnontan toi iu,riadtria\ qui ai!,>ra mandatn"^ lletar alas duhas tndtai, para 
que sy qutsiere. p l^'d enitlas la duha olhara parte, la qu,tl mehld l,>i ,n riueslr" n,,nt>ri liel 
,luh,i ^tmlranle. ,i ,1, qiiun >u piider .nere. , I, dad ,arla ,ti pae„ dill,,, e r.|<''i.//i) m diner,, ,. 
,nla^ miriadrruis qui lul ■ a juun \u ptidit ..lur. te pai,\\itre. h sy en diner,, I,: paiiitr. 

t li 


t i0 to be obdcrtocti iti 
rtsroptirc Columluio, 
)tl)rr0, ceopccting rljc 
ok fconi tbtni, and in 
erbcD in renDcring ro 
ntt) ant) eiabtt) tobtclj 
D0 of tbc iofanoo antt 
dr nicrcbanbige Vobttlj 
rcbp our0(ifbocclara> 
ic0,tDbfcbVDe bo tom> 
crrforr toe cljarsc )>oii 
ati0c tbrlr 0aiD gooto 
rrto, anb to rtnocr to 
I of tbf abobcoaib, in 
I brotber0, or toljocbcr 
n tbe tDl)olt tijcrcof. 
tbc 0aib Conimanbcr 
ibr brcn opcnt or solb 
m to be paib tbcrcfor 
rblct t0 to be palb to 
[be 0iifb Conimaiiticr 
n affairo 10 to bt paiD 
:tp of tbe 0a(o Com. 
arp hereto. SDonc m 
:btniontt) oCfecptrm 
orrb iinb one. 3 tl)c 
f tbf lining anb of t!)c 

jiibe orbereb an agrrc: 
:t Colunibuo, our i\ti- 
rfbanbloe tobicl) oljali 
\p tbecigbrb parr.anD 
be ctaineb tjjrreon, at- 
u tbat ba0 been mafic 
berefore toe communti 
all tbat tbe mercban 
nmanb to be conbrpcfi 
[ be 0ball beoirc, Ijt 
eof, tobtcb r>oii arc to 
Ibnural, or from tbc 
. anb to gibe bim a 
9C in mercbanbitjc, ao 
be per0on tobo oball 
all pap It in moncp, 

'n f/ui' tl ilicbn ( 'imitmtiiilor 
/iKimiil i/t/ iliehii ( iiinn. 
IS ttrt mt% lir Sttiemhrt At 
il./ii ittl Kiy r ilelil Itryim. 

n (hrt\tovnl t'ninn nutxtr^^ 
en itlil\ >'r!i/t(lj. pnn^tl ul 
rri'\\ p'T un (tsyrntti tjur \^ 
ultimii\ f/bt- /t i/t'^1 rtntin , 
tr ft/. If ittihtn Indun, f'ltTti 
\i>\ in riui Wrw nonhrt i/.i' 
1//11, I- r«|i'ili//c) in i/inirr, . 

t' sy rn lintrit tu pactiri 


1 i 

"i r i 


f \ I 

i^h- ^^ ^ 



l,::iv Jt^5> 4»».w>t 4ik**vJ](^ .«HiH^fi! G^KS^JhTJKj***,! 



)»oii art to rttain tbt moiupci tebtti) it gljall iiitiount to, in ocbtc imi'i ,n ,„y /.„ ..,„ 
rbat ?oii ntiiv rrnDtr ttriii to tol)oiiiaort)tr toe gjjiill coninianD minin ,,„e ,mUi, 
potii >ino rntrr tbe account of rl)c vuOoIr in tl)( liooha tobiclj vm """"'»'<. pnro <iui- 
jiccp, ill orDtr tbat toUat Ijt otjall Ijatc to receipt of tUe prolir "•>"'»>' ••>»'ii"». « 
mai» tdtrtb? be aottrtafntb. fAnn vou citiall not bo tonttiuv ''""■" ""' "" """'■ 
hcrtto. SDont in OPranaba, on tbr ttotntp-oebfiul) baj> of tijt '/""»""• /■ "'""-"' 
inoiitl) of fcifDtfnibtc in tl)f I'car one tl)otiflanb HDe Uimbreb and '";"<'"■'■ ''"'" >■"'• 
one. 1 «!)« K'nu. 1 tbe iDueen. Bj. coinmanb of tbe lUinff ;'■'':'.?;: 'Z 7. 
anb oftbe flDiiten. dPafloar be OPi-nio. ''"T '^ ', " 

t|)e dDiiten. (Fagpar be (f i-i?io. 

Cl)e i^tng and tl)e €lueen. 

Mi't iliili (iit tttf% 
(/»■ w7ifni/»rc lit- mitt 

anus, y,, (■/ Hfv. 
)'" III llryna. I'lir 
miiniliul'i till liiy, e 
(lilii Hiyna li(f:pnr 
lit' finzm. 

SI' ttU'riKiie In qu 
iii'wri' lie iiirr iltl 
prill echn. F. noil fii. 
fiiiili's emir al. h'echii 

!OOW''^!)f""''pber€oliimbufl,oiirabni(raloftbeiflIanbflanb •"'■">"'■<'«. ok^i'-- 

mainlanb toqitb are in tbe vTcean in tbe rtQion of tbe 3lnbito : 

ecu b'lbe rteen pour letter of tbe ttoentw olttb of jFelinian», ano 

rbooc tobitb r'oti cent tberetoitb, anb tbe incmoriatg tobitb pm 

gdbt 110 ; iinb in reopett to vonr uapino; tbat in tbto bopage iip> 

on tobfcb poll are aointi, poii tooulo loiob to go lip \oav of (iis. 

piniola.tDe babe alieab)* tolb pou tbat, as it lo not abbidable tbar 

in tbis bovage, tubereoti pon are noto going, anp tune obouib be 

loot, pou are to no, in anp caae, bp tbio otyer \oap ; but on pouc 

return, (Fob tnilling, if it obalt appear to poii to be necesgaip, ri iin i h iiiynn. 

m map return bp paooing tbtre, but onip to otap for a oboit , „„,. ,. , ', , . 

time, betaiifle, ao pouflee, ittoill be conbenient tbat tobtn pun ,„/„„'„„„„„ „'„' 

t)abf rrturneb from tbe bopage upon tobitb pou are note going, r„„,,, ,/,,/„, ,.;,„, . 

tof obouib be immebiatelp informcb bp pou in person of all tb^u turm urme 'uue , ,n 

rou obdll babe biacobcreb anb pcrformeb tbcrein, in orber tbat ,»</ mm i,m'im.,ai,t 

tiD pour opinion anb abbice toe map probiOr tbcrrupon tobat map fmrte lUia, ymimv 

li(0t fulfil our oerbice, anb tbat tbe tbingg neebl'ul for barter iimm luisiru lein, 

WW be probibtb from btnce. ''• "v"' ■■ 'o< iii- 

fi'hn rii, y Ins iju,' 

inrctDttb toe oenb pou tbe inotniciion aa to tobat, if it pleaor •■•"•Hn <n6i<t<f.], y 
our Uorb, pou are to bo in tbifl bopagc; anb In rcflpcct to tobat '"' "i"H..riii;,.i que 
POU oai' abaiit (Portugal, tor babr toiitrtn tbcrton to tbe ISing "'" i''<'"..v "'"V' 
of jDorfugal, our oon, tobat lo appropriate, anb toe brrctoitb ''''>' ''"' '""'" '''' 
oriiDi'ouourletter.tobicb POU rrqiitateD for bia captain, tobcrein ""'-''■ '"'"'' '">" 
tocinformbimof Pourbcpartiirf tor tbetoror,anb tbat tot babe •/"•■'■"'>''','/""«'/"" 
brcn informeb of bifl brparturc lor tbe raat, in order tbat if pou ')','„','"'" '" '" 
mcft on tbf toap pou iimp one anotbcr a'J frtrndo, and ao " 
It 19 fitting tbat capraino and oubiecto of hiiigo, bcttoecn tobom 
ti)crr 10 oucb grcar kinabip, lobe and fnciidabip, obould treat 
OMC anotbcr, telling bun tbat toe babe gibcii tlie dame command 
to POU , and toe toill procure tbat rbc l\ing of Portugal, our gon, 
oliall torite a oimilar letter to bio oaid captain. 

I'Uillii plii:iiiiil'i ,1 

Kropccting pour petition tons to permit POU to take toitb POU on /'m w m piir,v- 

{ ff le que stTi! flic - 
.ani'. P"ilrlS htilirr pur Itlll ile /iiHlIiAl. /'111. I ililillili < porn, pur i;ui' ic'llli' lecl'i 1 com erna que huilln 

h>i dri iiiipf nquc iifnira inys >r.iiriri, lui/^o ynli>imiiiio% de i"< enpirsoiiii ile l"ilii In que enel imim./i". 
Mladii, y Jf'l"', piirit que cnn {uislro pureirr y min./.j pr'ieiimoi sol, re elln to qw mm cuniii'it n 
nuiiiro jfriifio. y lat coiai iir|Y]iiriii« parit ei rr^fiilr ne mn se proieeit. 

{ Aqui lo, rnlniimos la ynslructinn ilelo que />/ii:u ri./.. ,iiiui >;i " 'n-r n.\. 

(i.'u que ilesy\ 'lil'oitUf^'itl, no\ I'lMiiiMin, sohre ello itl ttey de l*ortuiiiil iii.e\ti 

, \r\ tnhuimm ii.fUi til uri/rt nurifrn que tle\\"i pitrit .,« iijpitnn, en q'n h tii-iinoi ^ 

it:iiiti pontente, \ que tiieinos xuhiiin su yda fazia rl lunnte, que ,\ rH' iinuno 

Imliyl los Klliil nios olros lomo cmii..'ii>, y i.iicn ., rnzon .i,,r (iilMr lu/ndrin. v 

fntrf quten ay litnto Hrliilo amor y iimi\Uul, iiiirmiote qor U' iiii\m<i itimio, iminuut' 

• ,ir«iiiiii que rl Key lUI'nrlugal nuesln, hiio, r\,riia otrn i,il miln at doh.i .1. i.ipit.r 

./u. /...,•,,,„■ 

■«, 71 rp.lia 
il'iue il^'ii. 
se pii I da 

lunpo iilf^uno, in/. I. 

do (in., layi por I sle 

I'tio litlllltl.i que Ilia 

no I , III 
tsle mil 
I II I ay 



. -1. ./, liil^f, V 
/.. qui ("III II II,- 
tiler I IK ,/r.i \(/ii 
..< tof'arde, 1.1, 
-III/, s ./,• Key,. 

a 1..^. V / 1... II 






1 1 


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<• I •', 

.Ml/. ' 

^ r' 

I.I, I Kip (I i>..n tl)i0 tiotfiiffc ^oiir aon SDon JFrrDinanD, anD tljiit tbt allotodntc 
^llll>m(^> luriiro \abicl) 10 ffitJtit to Ijim map Drbolbr upon pour flon SDon SDirgo 
/DIP. V i/i(i/.i riiiii'ii tot opproDr ttjertot. 

/i',!«"/'.,,.'',i ''i"«',«'(.'i'i IRfOptttiim toUiit I'ou flap About tolflbino to take one or ttno 
Ai».iin"-/>/ii<ii<<"'> pergonotoljo hiioto avibit, toe approt)e tbcreof, protnoct) that 
i>ou Do not incur Delap ttjcrebp. 

Ueflpettinu toliat pou gap ohout part of tl)e gain beins a\\}tn to 
tbe people tobo go toitb pou (n tbofle obtpfl.toe anstoer tyat thru 
•ire to ffo 111 tbe flame manner afl tbe otberfl biitie sont. 

!) till i/MC Jityi l/ur 
i/'it'i ndi/i f tttiiir uit" 
II i/<M <yiK itfltin ilitl- 
ii^'ii.iini'.(p/if:i i/i/(i>, 

I'lllflf/ l/IIC pill l//'l 

iiiij[«"ii.< i/f/cn^'iivv 

U III) ifut iltiys c;ur 
ijur fiiiili ilitdfiinnn- 
( lit 11- i/iirii (i/ii ^'infi' 

ilfl to tbe ten tbouflanb piecefl of nionep totfcb pon mention, ir 
bag been agreeb tbat tbep flboulD not be mabe for tbig )}oviat 
until more ig geen. 

^be potooer anb artitlcn> tbat pou aflh for toe b>ibe alrcitp 
vur III mil i.r rn- orbereD to be fiirniflbeb to xou, ag pou toill flee. 
..... nil. 1... ./..•mi... ^toptttino: I'our otatement tbat pou toulb not gpeab to ajottoi 
•'"' '"""■ ''''"'"" ijnuiilo anb tbe licentiate ^Ifapata on account of pourbepatriirr 

toritt to no btrp fullp anb in betaii. 

iirirt i/Mi' ^ITI| yilii /.■. 

!i I. lit III.: mill I'll 
f.M lif'</.i i/ii. 
i/rn.i, sr iKiii./.i i/i.i 
rtii Jf Jiiiiiin /i.T 

I l/f IlllJIf /llldl ./111 

iiirt. I, i.ii. 

'J l>ltn [lvllrl-,l I- II. - 
litlrriil ./Kr .iViililn- 
./iiv.. I... iiiirn... VI 
iiiiin<i'iii/.i proMtr . • 

Ml. IfllV* 

CClitb rcQarb to tbe otber contentg of pour memorialg anb Ir rtcr: 
rrgpecting poiirflrll', anb pour 0ong anb brotberg, betaimr, .u 
poii gee, toe are on a loiirnrp anb pou are about to bepiur, it 
cannot be attenbcb to until toe take up our reoibence in oonic 

aKe up 
toatt fo 

.il/i.ll i/rtil plillda 
I .irii III ni>\ /.. iiit.v 
Itlr^n I fiiirliCithlt 

plac, anb if pou oboiiib \)A\}t to toatt for tbat, ttie boimut upon 
vobicl) I'OU are noto ping tooiilb be loflt , tberetore ir lo better 
tbat, gince pou are beopatcbeb toitb eberptbtng luccogarp for 
I'our bopaae, pou ghoiilb get out at once, toitboiit ann oclap, ano 
tbat tbe cbarge or oolieiting tobat tg tontaineb in tbe aj:o 
ineinoi'ialg glioulb be left to Pour gon. ilnO reflt agouieb tlj.u 
toe toere inucb bistrrooeb about Pour impriflonment, anb I'on 
I'ourgeir perttibeb it cleailp, auD it toag toell knoton to all -, loi 
I'l i' Z'l ,'MMn"!t birectlp toe toere atoare of it toe orbereb it to be remebito ; .hid 
i/.'f'.r In ■!,!.. \ !■; ''"" '""'*" ^^' fatoour toitb tobitb toe batie altoapg orbereb pom tn 
/urn, n/.. 'i npniii ,i. ''' frcatcb : anb noto toe are mticb more indineb to Ijononr jna 
treat pou Mtvv fatoourablp, anb tbe fabourg tobicb toe bate tjii 
ferreb upon pou gball be fiillp oboerbeb to pou, accoroing to tijr 
form anb tenor of our pribilcgeg tobttb pou bolb tbercof.toittiour 
being contiiilieneQ in anvtbing, anb pou anb pour gono olull 
eniop tbein, afl lO mat. >Ino if it gball be neceggarv to confirm 
tbcm imt\D, toe toill conftrm tbem -, anb toe totll tointnana 
tbat pour gon be put tn poggeggion of tbe tobole. tilnb Iicpoiid 
tbifl toe babe tbe toill to bonour pou anb confer fabouro upon 
POU ; anb of poiir gonfl anb brotbera toe gball b>ibe gucb care 
ag ig mat. idnb all tbifl it toill be poggible to bo if pdii ore cm 
ifi/r.n r'liM,. i/w".. opeebilp anb tbe cbarge tg left to pour gon, ag baa been oaio. 

I .(nm... iiifiiiiiin.. > 

II. J lie fiarliilii Hi. I. fill. I. mlimtir it)li' /j.l.i i;i<i />iii,iiii.. ilt niirnl.. en iilfuna pitli, , \\ ,,f 
I'llrsnUi til i\ptrtir si ptrdrnil <l iia^.f iiywi il^'nril iiiyi /*iir r.t.i c. iiii^or ifyt purl dt tud't In iii. 
;isariii piirii tur./ri. i iii^'r iiM\. iU\piithitili', in. piiiM\. tuef^ii tyn lAfrnimii nf.i ii/^.un... \ ifutdi .i 
lurUrii Jijii il tarpn ilr \"ltfitiir In irntmutn rn l<'i i/iiA... iiifiM..riii/r.». Y tinrd pnr 0trt" 
lyui- tit lursfiii priiiftn no. pt... tnu<ht>, y hiitt In iitfti ii.s y In iiino.tur.'n (u./.>i tUt.-. 
mente puts t^uc lur^n tjurlti \ In .iiiri/iiiiii). rrmri/iin. y >ii/'i'^'. rt ftunr cnfti^iit m. 
iMiiii.j. miinttit'ln tralar Mrmprr, v ti^nnt utiimni inwr^-. mm rn in* hnnrntr y tritl ir mu\ hun 
V hit iiiiTfii/i . i/ui Ins /rnciii... frchiti ».i. .rr.m ^Miiir./ii /.m rnlrrii mtnte, ii^untl Inftrni y l-n ■ 
lit nur\trn\ /.I iii/r^'iii.. ifue ililltii Irnfyt, *vn yr tncnta innlrn rllnt. y to. y tutilrt>x fii,,\ t; ;,. 
iryt c/W/ii. ri.nio r. ra;i.n, v .i mtiiiiM.. tuitr i..n/ i/r niiii.i lii\ cnnftrnutiiiu'>i, \ t 
1 uf.fri. hin innrt'liirt mn\ pnnit tnht pn\ry\nn ./. tniln ill" >' m iii.i. ./u. # ./.. Iini w. i<7iiifiii/ ./. !■ 
hrni nil V tiiiif mtr\ritt\, \ tit ftini v htrinnnn\, ni., /riniin.i. rl tuytliitln ./k, fv m;..!.. . 
(...,'... ifu ,rpo>/iii Itiitr yindt 11.1 in ^u.n "itt, y lyur./.iniin < / .ui^'u u i u. >fi.. yi;i', to... tiUitiuh 

i, (Juanin aln ntt 
i.nfrnii/.. tn iki .(re 
ni>iM..iiii/i. V lilriii 
I'-tuntr II ii.« y I 
I Ml i/n.i Jiin% y hi i 
mtinnt, pnrqur ctmi 


iljAt tbt ollotoaiKt 
iir flon 8Don SDitgo, 

to taht ont ot ttoo 
tctof, pro\)iOcl> ttjai 

Oiiiii btino ai\)tn to 
tot anfltotr tyat tl)tu 
] ^atot (jonc. 

l|)ltl| poll tUtlUlOM, It 

itaOt (or xW tJOMfic 

(or tDC t)ii^c alrciitp 


t not aptdh to SDoctor 

tint o( viow Otpactiirc, 

intnionalfl anO Ittttrj 
brotlitvfl, httiiuflt, iVi 
rt about to btpait, it 
mc rfoibtntt in oomc 
; tljat, ttit tjonact upoit 
tbrrttort it lo bcttti 
•vi'tbinff ntttotjarf for 
toit^oiit anr otlar, .inn 
tontaintO in tJ)c oa:a 
jnb rtot aooiiitb tt),it 
nipriflonnunt, anb fon 
totU knoton to all ; lov 
It to bt rtiiKbitO ; iwi 
t altoapo orbcrtb von tn 
t intlintb to IjonoucaiiS 
irOto»)itl) tot babe ton 
to fou, attoroinu to tl)f 
I'oubolDtbtrtofi Without 
111 anb rour oono oliaH 
bt ntttooarv to tonlirm 
anb tot toiU tonimann 
tl)t toboU. ^1"D bti'onD 
mb conftr taboura upon 
jt oball ba\)t outt) care 
iblt to bo if I'Oii act out 
oon, afl 1)1^0 ^ft^^ °'"°- 

„|,|,.|- nut pK" <i' '">^' '" " 

Ultnim..-il.. .i/»;un". > ^u'i- 

,„n.i/.». >' '""'' P'"' I'"' 
k („ iimoH'Tiiii I01I..1 till' 

,, h,.nrr(lr V '""I"' '""V *■"" 
,n,nlr, u);unil /"rmii v '•" 
, ) nil y lunfriii fti.i I' ; 
|„„,,o ('!> r..'i/ifmiiii'""'. > 
III. I (rNr»l"> li'lunl.i'' ''■ ■ 
,„„. fl .uy.dicf" ■/•" " '"•"" 

ii4..iii.;y". '"" 

■ titil did'- 

^j^,teeJ. A^f^^ii^HW ji.«.^«!*— ---^ 



yjp Utf 9tT00 « < ■■!■ 11 i— — — — — — i* ' ly 

— — . ^ 

Ui ♦»»««♦- 

aWe eIUm>4$lt**^<c^yi« ^"** ^ ¥** fl^ ***^ f>M*>& frnA^ 




;» I 

. '.!^ 

7^f^s0^-^'^'^^^7^'^^*I^' -^V^- 

jnB 00 tor rntrtdt |iou rlxr tijtrr map tit no itiiv In pour v my Kit r.^p.rMin 

orparrurt. ifroin AUtcncia acta tCocrr, tbr roiirttctui) oap i>» m ^M,i(r<i /«» 

or dpiirti). II) tilt ptu lone iboiiaanOI Abt liunOrtD anD ttno. '<''" <"> «>" ''iMitx* 

jtbcliinB. 3 t|)f kDiirf n. Up toiiimanft of tbf Tiling anO "' i "'"«('« ''•'« 

of tit fflucrn, d^ipd JPcrfO Dt iJliiiafan. dno on t(jf borof ''"■"• " v*'"" 

of tbf flaio Ittttr toa« toritttn Ht foUotolnu: Si» tl)t Titnii '''" ''• """'" ''• 

,mB kDiiftn, to H)on Cbrifltoplitr Colunibiifl, tlitir idonjiral ot ''""""""• ' ''"•• 

tilt i0lanD0 anD inainUnD tobttb act in tjjt kTttan in tbt rt< """ * " '' "'^ 

j,onottUt1nDit0. ,„„,„.,/^„ «,> . 

-hitf tran0tr(pt \Ba0 tollattd taitlj tbt oaib oiiginal Ottla. ''''" "'>""• •''«'"' 

ration anB toarrant0 ano Ittttr from to|)l(t) It toao otritjtO ^. ^^,^^ „p«w,m 

i„ tl)t prtfltntt of tl)t publit otrititntro of tettillt toUo ,;,,„ ,,„,,„ ,„„„ ,,. 

iitiu'kto ano fligntD It tout) tl)tlr namt0 in ttotlmonp, in tt)r tuui iKn/)!.. (,. 

o,uo flip of tetbitlt, on t|)f ttotntp.0tconi tiap of t|)t mont() "»."<"'"'. ''-^ -' 

t i»artt), in tbt ptar of ttjt nariDitP of our teaDioiir Itouo '''> ' '" "'>'""• " 

^ _ __ Hun < hrl^l<lt<ll (•!■ 

:Dri0t ont tt)ouoano Otot biintirtt) and ttoo. 3, (Homto jRlt to, ,^^ ^^ ,^/,„,r„n(, 
fltrH)tntr,ortottillt,am to(tnt00 [ J. 3,idlfon0o iLutao, ,,,,«, ,,/„, , ,,,,,,1 
otritJtntr, of tetttitit, am toltntflfl [ J. yirni.. »i.f ^m f»ir/ 

miir iiririifi" n/n 

jno 7i ^artin KoDrigiito, ptibllr otrititntr, of fc)t\]itlt. p,„i, mh YnJias. 
cjiioto tl)i0 tranotript to tit torirttn, anD t)<)t)t brrt inabc mp 

^ . ^^ i / 1/1 lirfliiil'i /lie 

omnl 1, ano am toitntflfl. 

i„(.di i/,((iir.i(iinii r ii.fuliM » i.irdi, ii.i)>in(i/M "ilJr /i<i Kirrtidi, <•« prrifHiiiI iWiu firmaiin 
,,/,/i,„i il,S,itl,i, 711, (.. .>7,'>i" <■ >r.iinMiii i/i lui itMi/iiM m (. ifiiHiini" Mi/d ilnha olulml ilr 
vn.'.'.l ■! "V"'' • ''"' ''"" '''' ""« ''' '"'"■I", '"i" ''•' 'iil"."ii"lli ''•• ni.rid" Vl/iil./' r /.lU 
I t>rMf>' 1/'' 'ni// r •/tiinifnfoi r i/»i9 (inoi. 

).. (.limn A'lilu furiiiim) c/t- .Vii,(/ii vi Itftinn 

(. , , V.irhti l<iiilri)(ur\ runiitn.i fuhtini rd .\,ii(/ii /i 

jiia r lu (rsfi^'ii. 


)'.i l//<'il< 

rrrlit i tir diWil./i' i yi< il'/ui iiim 


I' I 


L * 


: : ( 

I/- , I 

w :,il ' 

V' i1 ■ 

II H' 




I i 

\i .11 

V ' 'V: 

1 ! 

[Note. — In the original Codex the 
nine vellum leaves^ numbered Liv /o lxii, 
arcy with the exception of the foliation ^ 
blank on both sideSy as if Columbus had 
contemplated adding other documents.^ 

'•' . \ 

'^1 1 

\ ( 



i: » 



^hi 1 

!1 ! 

^ t: 

f ' I I 

1 i 

'f ' 

) f, 

/: ' 


[Note. — In the original Codex the 
nine vellum leaves^ numbered Liv /o lxii, 
are^ with the exception of the foliation^ 
blank on both sides^ as if Columbus had 
contemplated adding other documents.'] 



^H " ' 

J; : I 

. I ^ 

'■■ r. i 

i lit 

C))t Capttulation. 


,' , ., 

t '■ 




! f i 

, (r. 

-tiTiK tljfnfftf prapen for, anD toljlclj ffour l?iffl)nejJc(ctf gttjt and gritnt to SDoa Cftriotootitrj 
Iui]tmi0 (10 0onie rtcotnprngc foi* tnljar Ijc Ijad tiidcotcccD tn tljt €^ccan0, anti for t1)e tjo^a^e \uhiri V 
toit!) tUc Ijclp of CPoD, Ije Ijao ciiffagcD to malic tijcrcin m tijc oertiicc of |?our liiiyljuecflf o, arc rljc follow 
u capttuhonn. JFirfftl?», tljiu pour ll}iffljncfiflefl, as actual ILorM of tl)c tfaiD iTccaiifl, appomr 
vosita suptivii- fconi tljt0 &atc tyc dalD 2Dou €t)ri0topl)cr ColuniLui0 to lie )>our \lDmtnil 
qui- \iustnis in all tbo0c I0laiib0 ivxt) ntanUanti0 \j)l)lcl) bj> Ijto acnljitp auti inQuQtii) 
0ljal[ be tit0co))creb or acquircD tn ttjc oaib oceans burmo; l)i0 lifctlinr tint] 




Jan c i>to 

iiiinaihrnchnstoiai iiheto(fle, aftcr lj(fl dcatlj, Ijtfl Ijcirfl anO oucccflflorfl one after anotiicr in 
(oinnifuiifrumi^ious pcrpenut?s iDitljiilltbe pre eminences anOprcroffatitje^appertaininiT to tliE 
Mt.'H iieh </«, ha jj^^ij, pjQjp^ ^jpjj ,n jijp jj^,„,p pijim^pi; ^g g^on jaifonoo CEnriqueo, poui liMitii 

iui/( (/Hi rt^'onr ccHt/ 
ityuilii tit I>ios hit ill- 
fazer, pt>r ittas vn 
.\iri'i\io ilt I'uistras 
.tUtza^, Sim /irs i/wf 
it stiimn 

^ /Vitmrd m. n/t t/uc 
I H(.s(r((.s . //(('.Sf/s O'- 
titi> .Snores t/ur snn 
(/i/(f.^ liichas marts 
i'\tanas fasm liitiiic 
ti^'-ro al ti.ihi) Ihm 
( hristoval ('i>lon su 
.Mtnirante tn todas 
finiit ijut por su 
mano t ymlustrui si 
(/( S( uhniau <> i,'ii/iij- 
ran i nias il}ihas 
iiiiiri s ii',tanas para 
liuranti su i ulat lies. 
puts ill! mutrt't a 
sus furiJi res t suh- 
1 ( s.i't s i/i (j«(i tn (j/rn 
ptrpt tua tut ntt tun 
tiulas atfutliis /ir. - 
^l Hji»un{i(is ( /III r- 
ri-^ittyias pt 1 1< ni- 
mntts al tal iji\i" 
f \ttiun i/ui pun 
.■fli'n\n F.nriifUts lu- 
f «fr (J I^rll)'dnft Ma 
V"f i/t' < astilla t /*'5 
<./r»>s pr(((S<')(S tnr/ 

t H S N S 

I'l'izi a Su:s tltcsas 
./uii.'i i/« f n/i>mn. 

'"'I'l aDiiiiral of CatJtllt, iinD IjljJ prtDtccoooro in tiK caib office Ijclb it iii tljcir 

Ddstrfttfl.— 'Jt 00 plfiifltfl tljcir lliictjncOiJco. joljn oc Colontii. 

Hilictutcfc, tijiU Sour iMQljncgsicd appoint ttjc dalb 2Don €t)rtcstop|)tr to iir 
I'our CUiccrop anb (Fotjcriior (Fciicral in all tIjc oaib (Olanba anb niiiin 
iunbs aiib in tbe lolanbs \uljitl), act aforccfaib, Ijc ma)> bic(co\)cr aiib .uqiiitc 
in rljc oaib stas -, anb tijat for tIjc pbcrnincnt ot cad) anb anp ot tlicin 
Ijc ma}> mahc cljoicc of tijrcc pcrooiio for caclj office, anb tljat ffoiir tintii 
nccacfl iiiai' oclcct and djoooc tIjc one toljo oljall be moot Ociiiicciiiinj 
poll -, and tfjiics tlje lanbd tol)lcl) our Itorb ctljall permit Uim to btacubciano 
ocquire for tlje atvWc of 6'our liicljncfloco, toill lie tljc lictter p\)ciiuD - 
^t go plcadccf fijcir Ii?igljneo0e0. Joljn be ^Toloma. 
5tcm, tijat of all anb ctjcru hinb of mcrcljanblflc, toljctlier pcarla, prccioiig 
stones, Qolb,0ilt)er, cpiccs anb otl)croli|cttganb uicrclianbigctDljiiraDtDcr 
of tol)atcbcr btnb,name anb aort.VDljitl) iiiai> be boitgljt, Darrercb,iiiacoiitit9 
acquircb anb obtafncb \uitljln tlje liniits of tlje oaib vlbniiraltp, ti^nr 
l;>igljnca0c0 ttrant front note Ijcnccfortlj to tlje oaib iSDon CI)riofopl)ti,'aiiD 
toill tliat Ije map babe unb tahe for liimsclf, tIjc tcntlj part of tljr vulivir 
after bebuctinij; all tlje erpenged toljiclj map be incurreb tljcrcin, oo tiiat 
of toljat oljall remain clear anb free Ijc map Ijabe anb take tljc triuli p.i'i 
for bimgelf, anb map do tljcretnitl) as he pleaoco, tt)e otl)cr nmc part3 
licing reocrbeb for ffour tiigljnroaeo.-it oo plcagco tljcir JiiijtjiKaacj 
T[ol)n be (loloma. 

S.ibcVDicc, fljat if on account of tl)c mcrcljanbige tolilcl) Ijc miglit hniuT t'lcin 
tlic gaib iglanbs nwi lanbs toliiclj tijiis, ag aforegaib, mai) be acqurrcD i 
biflcobcrcD, or of tljat toljicl) map be taken in crcljanoe for tUc cfiinic trciii 
ofl)cr mcrcljanto Ijcrc, any ouit gl)0ulb arige in tIjc place toljcic tl)r or^ 
commerce anb traffic oljall be Ijelb anb conbuttcb ; iWH if Im tlir pr, 
eminence of |)tg office of ilbmiral it appcrtainO to Ijim to take coiuuuiiur 
of fliicl) ouit , It mai' picaoc fiiour Diijtjncogco tljat l)c or luo bcpiitr'niij an 
anotljcr lubgr, ol)all take coffnijancc iC'crcof anb uibc lubBiiient m tlir ojm: 
from Ijcnccfortl).- Ht go plcaocg tljcir li;>i5ljncggco, if it appcrtaiiia t.i i: 
gaib office of ^Ibmiral, accorbtng ag ir wao Ijelb bp ^)bmiral SDon x\[(mi: 
(iCnriquei anb otljerg Ijig oucceggorg in tljeir bigtricto, anb if it lie iiijt 
tniinian Jo|)n bc Coloiiia. 

,Uitni„s. •jff,,,^ ((,,,( ,„ j[| ,|jf bfaacifl toyiti) map be equippcb for tlje gaib triUTit.i:i; 

biigtnegg, cad) time anb Voijcncticr anb ag often ag tlici* map be cqiiippt; 

tlje gaib SDon Cljriotoplicr ^Columbug map, if lie cljoogeg, coiurili:;i. 

■; o(r,.<v 7i.< I U.S. anb pap tlje eigljtlj part of all tljat map be gpent in tlje equipment, anti tijji 

tills lltt S.IS hiU'tl til 

ttichti Ihm ( hnsli'ial su I'lsn lity e fiinti natit>r fitttrrat tn ti'Jin titt ituhas y slits i lurrti fir mi r y\l,ix lyw. i f^ 
iluhii ts tl lUsiul'iiert n ^'iiMiirc tnlfts ttichax mttrrs r ./.vt pnr-i </ rt^imitnti' (U cdiLt una i (^uii/t/uur ./.i/.iv •_ 
(/ili"n (/( trts pi rn>nas pitrit mJit l'fi^l'^, y tfUt I'utstras -tltisin tomiti y tsci'ian unn el i^ut tuns fuii< >,u u^-. 
t asy Sfrrtn tininr re^ldtis Ut\ tirrrits i/iit- nutstio Srhoi U litxitrir fitUiir i- ^nnilr d s*ti1(U) ilt I utilnis l'^^. 
I'hizt' II Su s' .llttsii s.. Juan lU <V»^»m^l. 

^ yti'n que t'nlas t qutiles (/uicr metcadirias s\ ijun r sum /■( r /.is, pudras pn-\ unas. nr'i, pliita. tsp,'^fn,l. \ > 
t^uitUs t/uier cimiix t nurtiuitrnts dt tfual lyiiur ispmt. nonhrt i mantra tfUf sr cimpraren, tnu-aitn. ^;.■.\;■ - 
^nnariti t tnitrtn tttntro dtlns litnitis tltl duht> altmrantatt^it i/ur litnjt at;i>ra I'uistrns .Ittfias fa:tri nui . 

itiiho tinn ( hnstiiitit, \ ifuitrtti i^ur iiya, y tit-it- para '•y la ttziiui p.trh </. t"tli, i//,. ijuitadiis /»(, im,,iv 

hizitrtn ttitll" p'-r mantra qui: ■it-lu tjui tfuttlart tyupiu t tihrt- aya r tiimt !a i/ffimii partt- parti sy riii,r,r" t '; 
ditln .1 su uiluntatl tjuntantlf Ins utras nueir parties para \'urstras .iltrsas. 1*1 ast a :ius Alt tuts tunn dt ' - ; i; 
^ Ofri'sy qut s\ II latisa dtlas mtrcadunas qut tl trajrra dtlas dichas ys'as t tirrra t/ut asy I'luin ./kA- r 
L'ttnaitn n dtuculirurrn i i/i7ii, tfur tn tri'ifut dt aifUtUas st titmartn acit de idros mtrtiidtrts na^iirr yht:' <u^ ■'. 
tntl li>i;ar ttundt tl duho C'lmtrlwt trati' ai- Irrna t fiira tjut s\ pitr la pi chtttiinin{ui tit su iijt\ii' dt rI^»n^ :i: 
pt rtt-nnrrii cini'^tr ittl tal plitit pit fja a I ui stra s ' .tttt sa s ' qui tl >> su tt ntt ntt t n n ti" iut: ti'mtzta t.t t,h : 
r asy, I" prifira tUndt af;''ra. I'last a >u.\ tllisas s\ prrttnt\i at duhi- nfi^m dt alnnrantt sr^un qui I itn.:. 
atmirantt Ii<,n Mtmsf l-nrujuti t /", fdrt,\ sus sulntst}it\ tn sus ittstriti'S t syindu justv Juan dt ( ■I'ln.; 

^ Yttti ijui tn tinliis li>s naiit's tfur m annartn para tl dull" trtitu t nii;'-!,:,; n 

I 'lutindi' t uttiiitas itzis M arnuirtn qitt piuida tl dnhn 1 >"» t hrislinal I fti.n \\ .;, 

I'^ntnt^utr I papal la 'nhaiti partt dt todu l,i tjut ,t i^astaic mil anna: n ! 


orant to aoon Cljciotophtt ! 
, iinD for tl)C t)0)),i5c Vuljitli nni 
I- lliiffljiKflflto, art tljcfollotoi J 
frl)C0aitiirccaiia, appoint 
imluio to be )ioiic laomiiMi 
Ijio attibit!) iinti intiiionii 
i£f fiucinff 1)><J lifetime, anti 
iflora one iiftcr anotl)tc m 
;oncfo if nnquro, voiii- lii|jii 
c fliiiti office bclo It in tljcu- 
loljn De Coloiuii. 

(aiO aeon Cljrifltopbcr to lie 
Ijc aatO iSlaiiti!] ano main 
e ma)' oifltotjer aiiD acquire 
t of tad) anO aiip of tlicni 
office, anD tljat goiir ImijI] 
\)M lie luocst flctbicciihlc to 
permit Ijim to t)ioco\)Cf ano 
111 lie tljt liettcr plicriuD.- 

K, toOetljer pearlo, prcciouj 
wi mcrtlianOioc tuljataocDtr, 
boii(jl)t, Dartertti,6iatobcitD, 
tlje oaiD atmiiralti', fm 
: oaiD aDon €l)notoplici,ano 
Ijc tcntlj part of tl)r \a\]v\[ 
be incurrcD tljercin, oo tlj,ii 
at)c aiiD tabe tl)t tciuli pan 
caoeo, tt)t otl)cr nine pa;ij 
1 plcasJto tijtir !?iijl)ncootj. 

ttDl)lcl)l)emiCl)t brinitfroiM 
'oreoaio, inai' be acqinrcDi. 
ercljanse for tljc oanic trcm 
in tl)C plate \ul)Cff rl)c on; 
iDiittct) i anO if Im tlir pr; 

10 to Ijiin to take counnantt 
tliat lie or 1)1(3 Dcpiiti',nnti act 
iD uH)c iiilnjnient intlicojir: 
cootfl, if It appcrtaina ta tl; 
tlD bp ilDiiiiral Son illt'oao; 
: DifltnctiJ, nni if it be mcst. 

uippebfoc tl)eoaH) tralTicaa; 
ten ao tlitu map be eqnippt: 
i>, if 1)C tljooocfl, cuntriliai; 
•nt in tbe equipment, ant) tijjt 

,\(ill t (irrrii /irilti r ^.(./i i(i.c 
tic itttlii unit t quillifuur j'i/.".t ■ 
(cm un.i el i/n< "iii'i /"' " ■■u >•'■ 
tnar tl smuio tU \ut\trdi I'lo. 

((iriins. itrit, pltila, rJpi'ifii.i, \ ;. 
tuf u- ctmprtiitn, tritcaittt, f.j.'.'.:'--, 

11 lundin lllisat Inztn mn,.: 

(r-c/l. till' tlUlttltltIS Itn •">■!> ,.■ " 

./riimil ptirli /•ilnl \v irilini'. . '; 
.'lilt II .'1,5 .(((rJil> lu,m dt I ■! -'. 
IS f litrnl ijut tt\y lonv' .in'" ■■ 
• Int^i tntrttitUrr\ nui i< n / /;(" .lu ■-. 
Miintniiri tit vw itjuiti i/i iihntt ■■'' 
(i 1 n n li" iui: itmiKcii M l.i i 

i<> tl, almircinlt Sfijun .(m I'i ii. 
i^fiii/ii;us(o, Juan tU ( In:: 
ilichi> Intit' t nii:' ■I.:.: i 

< fcriid.iii; < i'/"ii M 
iMlsdln ini/ .irilKi; n / 



, 5 

I' :• 

l'\ t: 

r (9.H<»>#<N:5wft»s iIU<^1m^».^^« •^■^4-f^M«fLs> tf^ 




' t.< 


* ! 

i1 < 


. I 

Ilk(to((it \tt map tabe atiD take tit tieiti part of ttir pcoBttf tfiat map lanHen aya < Hett 
rttfult from dutg equipment. 3t 00 pleaded tbtfc HHnnviatfi. 3|oi)n Mprovichoia ocha- 
B( Coloma. •"» P"''* ''«''' I"' "■ 

sullart dila ial ar- 

iS,Mt ace ffranttb anD HetfpatcbtD, \»(t|) tte replied at your ^(gbnetftfetf '»«<''<■ '''«" " '«'> 
at tje eno of eatji artitle, (n t|je toton of toanta Jfe it la msi of ;'"""' ■'""" ''' ^'"■ 
(Eranaba, on itbt 0ebenttentb bap of laptil in t|ie pear of tbe natibitp of ''""''■ 
our toabiour JtWfi Cbri0t, one ttiou0anb four dunbreb anb ninetp'ttoo. § .son ohrgmim « 
1 tbe %inff. 31 the a^ueen. TS>p commanb of t|ie %ins anb of tjie ikspachaJan conias 
itaittn, lobn be Coloma. Regfdttreb, Calcena. nspueaias de lues- 

tras Atleaas en fin ilt 
(nda un capilulo m/n villa dt Sanla Ft dtla I'ega dt Granada, a diet t aytte dial dt abril del alio del na(i- 
mitnto dt nutstro Salvador Jesu Christo dt mill t quairo (itntos t novtnta e dos anus. Yo tl Rty. i'o ta 
Hryna. Juan dt Coloma, Htgistrada. Caliena, 

221 C 2 

• 'I 

) 1 

^ I 

i ' 

• ' 

. i \ 


i' ii 






1 1 

•i f 

1 1 

I ? 

.S'r*(iri'.i fj to sipui 

'tiXkM'ti MaXkXdTLmtttaina to t^t apnKral, IKtrroP anh (Fobetnoc of r|)t irij,,,| 
(oc tbe Bing ann dDiittn our lorDO, 10 tljt follotDlnff. ' "'"^ 

/.o ^Kf /ifr/mfff (i< 3|t apptarfK bcrp tltarlp bp tbc capitulation iiiaDc toitb tl)tii- l}iijl)ntfl(jta 
.iimirnHit Ik,. //.;> atiD 0l|{nrD tDitb ti)ttr copal naiiitfl, tijat tljtir l>igUut00t0 grant anti 
' '•»'<T«<i./i.r </r/n,i aijpto to tj)t 0aiD iSDniical of tbt 3ln6it0 all tUt prc-fmiiuntM uiio n;( 
>"''''" r"-'-' "'^t^ rogatibro tot)tc|) rtic atiintral of ii:a0tilt tA0 anb |)olb0i to totiom bp 
In ihym, nur,ir,„ |,(0 pfn,i[fge (t appcaco ttjat tl)frt bflong0 tlje t|)(cD part of all ttiat he 
0tiall gain; anb con0tqutntlp tlir sabniiral of tdt 3nbfr0 ouglit to babe 
rljr tbirb part of all tljat bt \)M galneb from t^t I0lanb0 anb iiiainlanD 
§ Muy ciaro parnt tobfcQ tit I)a0 bi0cobrrrD anb toljltl) remain to be diocobcrcb^ bctanoc 
/.or /,i r<ipi/i((,i|i"fi rtiatuin (n rtftrtntr; anb al0o be io to babe tl)f rtntb anb fiobtl), au 
ftcha cm su> Ml- ,ipprar0 in t\)t tljlrb anb flftlj article of tbf 0alb capitulation. 

(riiii f jirmiula ile 

lui rtau, mmhret ^M If aiiDont 0l)all tolol) to argiic tbac rbc tljirb part grantrb to rlic 
./u<- .sui iabmtral of €a0tile must be unbcrotooD to be of tijr niobcabico tl).it i)t 
Mi.jr^im f con,e.ien a'i)M QAux bj) 0ca, aub tljat tl)C (laib i0lanb0 bcinff flrin lanb, c\)cii 
.if dicho Mmirnntr tbougl) t})tj> iiiap bc gaintb b|> 0ra, tbc tbirD of tijcm boro not bcloiii; to 
Ma3 ) n./iR] lodnf tQt 0aiD idbiuiral because lanb 10 imniobcabic : 

las prrheminrnfias _ . . . . 

< pnrronaiivn, que llo tl)l0 tljc 0aib idbmiral replied anb 0ap0 tliat 11 muot be oboribcn 
ha t ucnt ti umi- tl)at bP tljc 0aiQ capittilation tbc oatb iilbmiral of Caottlc 10 nanicQ m 
ranu (/>' (aMiihi at ^abiiiiral of tl)e ^tn, for b)l)itl) cauoe tbf ibirD part of tebat be g||,ill 
quat pxr su pniii- gam b}> Ota 10 grautcD to bmii bccauoe neitber luriobiction nor olBce lo 
lejo /i,i.Y(r ftricnr- gititn xo ftlm lu artp otticr part, anb it tooulb be becp inconbenicnt jiij 
irih la r.r,in parte an iinrca0onable tt)ing to gibe b'"' a 0bare (n tobiU 10 outoiOe bio offitt 
>u imi., h ,,ue ganare. jjj ,( (g 0aib, proptcr ofBciuiii batuui bcneftctum, becau0t tbe benefit luo 
' f'"' f"''^"""''-. '' anb mu0t b>be rt0pect to tbe office, and not to tobat 10 outoioe it bin 
. hmranu iieias ) n- fbc abiiiiral of tbc juDico Ijao bcfn appointed anO nominated, lUtorD 

lirfia parlr 
/'• quf ha 

. . , Ing to tbe tenor of tbe oaid capitulation, aa iddmiral, not of tbe oci, 
I. ,)i,f ha 'lanZh ^"' tiV^tOfHv aub copcciallp ot tbe Jndieo and mainlano difltobcrtti 
'itiJ, vj/,i. e lima '"'I f ^f biocobcceb lu tbt iJDcean; tnljfCfbp berp iiwtlp appertainoto 
hrm, out ha dcscu- b"" tbe tbitd patt Of tbt oaid ioland0 and mainlanb tobitb be Ijikj 
h,nU' V ijutdan for gaiucb b? ererti0ing anb u0ing bi0 ollice of iddmiral -, and 00 ntuat fir 
,i,>e„hnr prrquf rr- undcr0tood and interpreted tt;e pribilege of tbc oaib admiral of laonlt 
I Hum iM r<t. r.nic. aud tbt artlcIc tobicb refers tjjcrrto , for it 10 berp manifeot tbat (tcri< 
y lanhufi ha ,h riirr tbiiig ttiuot bc undcrotooo secundum 0ubicctam materiam, et occuiiDiiin 
ri dianw r mhau; qtialitatcm pcrflonaniui ; and bp gibing it anp otber meaning, the ojii) 
...nm partir mil pribilcgc and articlc iDOUld bc of uo btncflt to tljc 0aib ddmiial of tt)r 3n 
/fr,rrr. r 7«in(.. J, .0 . bttau0e, [not] t.iliing tbe tbird of tbc 0aid 3ndie0, from tDbtiut i)t 
utpiiuio Ma ihcha ,g rj||iiral,ondnotbeingappointcd)Jdmiraloftbeoea,becoulOotillirao 
tnpi(i</<i(i<m (jiij ,( pf ^ijjjf ijp „„ui,t jjaii, (,,, fl,a, ag [leing outoibe bi0 iiiriodittion aim 

$ E M aifunn qui- ofBcc ; 00 tbat tbt 0aid acciclr >ind appointuicnt tDOuld uot bc of ani'iiDDaii 
ixrr ariiuir que la (AQt , and 0ucb a tbiug 10 uot to bc allcgcd, bctauoc cbcrp U)ord placcD III a 
i,r(,a parte cimfc- contiact mu0t bc opcratibc, and mu0t not be interpreted a0 ouperttiioiio 

(/i(/ii nl Mlmirante de 

t'ni(j//(i (f dcie entendrr d<lii muthle que ^anare por lamar e que piir ser las dichas ytlas '.erra firme que oun^ui 

Sean ganadas par la mar nnn perteneft el terfio dellai al dichn Almirante por ser tierra ynumerable \ ynmutiiHt 

que toda cnxa se due tntindir. j»ri umtliirn ^iilui i t.iin iii.ilt n.irn it •>* i iiixluin ijii.tliLih m pc 
ilartdntc ftra ynttli^ertita H"« Mrxirta n<ida «/ duhu preiilUju e lapttuln til duho (/niHiii;, 
aridu t[ tit^to di!ti\ duha\ )'ni/iiM c/i dondi el 1% .llmtrante f mm .,vin'f<>< n- 
lUiatU dtli> qut panasi put la irutt pt>r ur fuera 'it 



Wr/iiv Yndta^ purqut \ntt' lUxando t[ tit^to _ 

•ttltuidn flmiiante ifr/il mar ruin pi'dtia tiln p 

me iiiiii mar mm fuxn la iiin ftoif luiiinf iitii' qut f:anii\t fittr tti iruir fii>r ier juera 'it \ 
jundni'tn t t>ji\i'i tie luanrra tfue rttm aptomhttna natta tl tluht> capitulu e cunstttmifn y tat ci'ia wn > 
de dtiyr pur que caita ptilabra puesta tn un inntratt' dtie t-brar e ni-n tide ier ynttr-tetrada suptrj\l\uti mtn' 

f< \ II 

, w » ' I 1 I 

• anh (Tobrtnoc o( tjt jfnJ 

D( \DirU tl)cii- l}i|j;l)ncgoca 
; t>i0UiuO0t0 liraiit aiiD 
K prt>rmliuncrQ ani pvc: 
anO tiolD0} to toljoin iiu 
tblcO part oC all tliat t)c 
t|)t3nDft0oiialjt to l)iii)c 
tt)t iflUntifl ano inalnlanti 

tic Di0cotjcret! -, because 
tl)r rtntb and tiubtl), ag 

lb capitulation. 

ttjirD part grantrt) ro tijc 
ot t|)c niot)cablt0 tijat lit 
d bcina iirm lanb, ctjtii 
f tijcm Docs not bdoiiQ to 

tUat 11 imi0t be obatr\)ti! 

1 of Caottlc 10 nanicb m 
irD part o( tobat bt o\)M 
r iiiriflDiction nor oiHttig 
be berv tncoifbenicnt m 
I Vshat 10 otitsitic l)ig ofitt, 
ni, bctau0c tl)c benefit Ijiio 
) U)l)at 10 outgiDc it but 
D anD noniiMatct), hccoid 

klDiiiiral, not of tIjc ocj, 

aiiD iiiainlano bistotcnti 

t)er|» iiiotlp appertiiing to 

inainlanD tDQitij l)t |)J9 

IDmiral -, unb go imigt dt 

)c gaiD abiniral of iliiotilc 

ticrp manifegt tbat tt)cri< 

in niatrriaiiii, ctgctiinDuiii 

IP otijcr meantne, tl)c giiic 

iiegaiOidbmiralof tlic3n 

lb 3nbico,froinVDi)tiKtt)t 

If tbcgca.bccoiilbgtilllrgo 

oil tgibr 1)10 iiirigbictionanD 

ttDOiilbnotbeof anPiiDban 



ifrni ytta\ ' .rrrit ftrme ^ut tiun^u, 
■r tirrra ynumtr(ihle j ynmuliiHi 

capituln(i"n rl dichn Umirjnk i, 
In 111 (rr(iii parte i/f(.. que tiinni, 
f MIM(^(> yncf>niimtnte e ema n n 
hent titiuin, p"r i/uc tl heneJtH'^ Ki 
fM hij s\'tli' cntliluiil'i r ni'nhrdi 
\n r Mitaltula mente ilittti >n</hi, 
juittt mtnU If pertenf^t lit /<fii.: 
lie \u <7i(i.' tie ttmiriinte t lUy it 
taptti'tii ijUr (It/ Sf riflrrr id tni.; 
,im tl •tMuntlum mMiit.itim ptt- 
iu r capitulo lit (/u7ti> .f/niirii<t:, 
■/ rs .f/mirnnfr r ntm .lytrt'/it < n- 

prtr la imtl fn't itr fucra </f k;i 

(■ (tin.i/i/u(it)n )' till ii'ui Hon '. 
fr ynttr^-irtraitit iuptij\t\uii mm'' 




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' ^1 •'. 

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I I 

houi itiiicl) inort in tl)id iiiiirtfr of tiiicl) grtar (niportiince iinD utility antt 'ludiio "■»■ "imu 
itiorp to tlitir l>io:t)iuaara,obtiiiiut) At litn* lirru coar aiib tntriioiir imp Diin- "n.. </<' (<m(<i >np'>r- 
ittr to tdtif jonour, or u(i'(]oi\0, 01 proptrri' ,uiD toitl) tb( Oiriucoi rlok of '<i>i,iii r iWi/k/'k/ <■ 


ifr, lid tuaa tt)c acitcial ouiiuon, iiitb not Vuicljout confliDcralilt ripenar, ro niunnUtSutAiitMn 
(lic0aiD ^lOiniral i JFoi' \ul)icl) leaoon t|)e rtnti) part onlp toonlb be rtoaroeD imk/h cm muy pma 
.la ,1 Dtrp flinall tliinu, not to mention tOe ciijljtl), becaiifle tljtit belonua to f"'" <• '>" n"i«""' 
hull in reflpectof tlje coflt of Ijio proportionate part, anb flo fliiiall a retoin- P'i'nro 'i' hmnra m 
mat for oo (jifat a cerDite tooiilti be a toerii ginall oliare, ant) toOat tlje '/'■ p'"'""" "' ''' 
cuitblatoo flap ifl lierelierii appoflite, quia beneficia printipuin ountlatifl. 7'"" ' '"" s'^""" 
oiine interprttanba. Jdnb therefore tlje fatjoiirfl tnnferreo bt> Prlntefl imiflt ''">'"" P'''*"-'' '^"•"" 
lit imderotoob to be \)eri> ample Mxts tomplete, eopeeiallp tbofle of moot ei> 1," "","'"' "f'"''"' 
ttlltiit anO eralteo |£>rinte(J like tlieir IDiubnefloeo, from toljom more tljan ',„''', '.^n'.'ljui 
irDin ani> otberfl are to be erpettco tlje moot ample fabonro. sano on tOio „„,,"„„,, /w m 
.itteiint fbe oaio tl)irD part, altOoiiQl) it oeemo Mtrv oiiiall, belonno to tUe ;,„„( raznn ,erm re- 
o,iiD .Ibmiral. jFor toe oboertoc tbat (11 tbe eompanleo tol)icl) ace focmeft puimin pnr muy pmn 
aiiionof mertbanto, the inonatrii anb cotinoel of one partner are rechoneti <.>vi s.,i„ mtnu 1,1 
JI1D (onoibercb in oticb a iiigl) degree tbat ao great a part belongo to bnii afl i<.|ii'iit parte, «<, ha. 
to (|;c otbcr tol)o otipplieD tbe moncp, if in lonoeqnence thereof t|je profit ntUi mmnon Ma 
lUcriico, cDen tbougb it be from the actual monri> of the other. t}oto much •"''ayaporqut aqutt- 
iiiorc in thifl taoeof the dbmiral, toho hao erercioeb aDimrable anb incre^ '« '•• p"-'«""rf p<>r 
cilije inbiiotrp, anb at great coot anb riok to hifl peroon anb to hia brothero " 'P''" ■'•'" <■"''" ''' 
,mD foUotoero • CClherefore 00 much the more 10 he reaonnabli' entitleb to '" '"'" f""'' ' ""^ 
liabt the thirb of the toholc, ao toao reallp the Intention of their ll^ighneooco. /""" f^'^' ;'"■'"• 
Jno 10 cotablioh the iriith of thifl, toe perceibe that their «>ighnefloea ijitje '""" '"" '■""'' "'': 
to tliooe toho 00 to the ^nbieo fite parto out of oir, jub four parto to thooc \',!'i.'.,i h,,n Zn, 
\i)l)o habe leofl than fltr, anD the abminiotration of itrcitorp, tolthout anp ' 
noli, the rjab being noto open mh octure anb patent to all. Silnb for con< 
fu'iniuion of tohat 1 allege, ao 10 containrb in mani' pntotlegeo of the oaiD 
jDiiiiral of the Inbtco, the oaib ilbmiral totnt bp commanb of their li?igh> 
ncooro to gain neither ohipo. nor foioro nor annthing from the oca, but, 
nprcoolp. lolanoo anO mainlanb, m 10 eopecialli* beclarcb in the pribtlegc, 
iDl)ich might rather be tallcb a rttoarb, in elcden leatjeo, at the bottom of 
ibclraf anb beginning of the prit)iltor,toherein It capo thiifl: Silnbbecauoe '■< /vmfi/in «.• ./r- 
I'oii.ChriOtopher Coliimbiio, are going bf our commanb to btfltotjcr anD '"• ""'""'■'■ "'"p'l- 
pin lolanbo anb mainlanb, et cetera, feo then, if the gain toao to conoiot '>""" • •""> '""- 
of lolanbo anb mainlanb, it follotoo that the third part muot be of the gam, f,'','('" /-r^^,','!. "'?,'!. 
aiiD being the third of the gam, it 10 a manifeot fact that the thirb of the 
loLinoa and mainland tohich haDe been gaineb belongs to theoaiD tidmfral. 
ilnD tolthout doubt it muOt be bclirlicd that if at the beginning the oaid <dD. 
iniiMl had aohed for a greater oharr it tooiilb habe been granted to hmi, the 
UilioU bring of \)\a acquiottion, nixtt a thing of tohich there 'am no erpecta^ 
tion or bnotolebge, and a thing bri'onb the memorti and dominion of their 
inuhntOfleo. Chno then lo a complete and diotinct anotoer gilien to thooe p'"te aunque p,m(e 

m\nimii It ptrlentsi,!! 
n' (/it''" llmiranlt. < a nirmm i/Wi mliis cimpnnun qui •n/rr iiiiiriii/tri-i se fiitrn que en lanl'i unnio e\ re- 
iiildi/ii f temilii III ynilu\lriii r miM i/r un nmpniirn ,■ tunlii parte !•■ perline\e f':nii> nl nlm que pusn tlineroa, %y 
ivr ii\l'\tt lie ciqurllii iivn ilitnf mnriiMi i/inii"i ilil "tro rrsullit lit ^Miiiiiii ii'. (Juiinl" nuts en life ciiiii ilel Almi- 
■ iinir il quill ''I' "fcriic/ii vii'iu'riil <i</niinl/>ifi' r vinrfyWi- i f"il irrunc/ eintil e pelif^ni ile su perMina e ile 314] 
liimtini'i e cryiuti'\ pi>r In quitt titntit rtiiu tie rn:tin hit lUiiier el ten to ile tiulu cmnn leriiitilertt tnente fue la 
iiiMi(i' n ile Su[ \ llttiit < I' que c i(" ir.i irr./ijc/, tehenmf que S'lii lltetat ilan ti/m que iitn ii/iH Yniluts iltliis 
■.i\\ I'ltrtu /«< (I"'". ' "'"' qie "irniii c/e/iK ( im o /)ijr(n Ins iiuittm.e ^'nn rnii| mn ile Itnrit syn ninfiuml pelifiru 
iihtrl" il fiiiiiinii r ii^eiiurailti • imIciiiiiAi d IihIih. /•' /iiini n^nfirniitijun illn que i/itu inmn n- mnlnni' in muihus 
;trn//f)"> ilil (lichn llmiriinli i/rMi >iii/i(ii i( itiihn llmininlr fue pur imtnilaili ile Sus llle\iis ii ^'irmir nn nam 
ni /ihMj ni iimi ii/j;u>iii ililiimitr iiiiK i iprmi menli ysliit e (i.rni /inn. i"iiiii Mnnliilit mmle (.■ iliie enel pre- 
ii/.'.f,'i'i que mm ir pueile i/'iir merieil en hnnze /171H en fin ilelii Jujn r primipm ilel ptettllein, en que 1/1:1' a^y 
/■ lie r que i"i < hriiliixnt ( nlnn nii/rs /"T nuetlro maniliiiln ii i/mu/>rir, y iiii'iiii n/iis .■ tierra Jinne tt cetera. 
I fun *v '" t'liiimi 111 mill lie ■•rr ndis e Itirni firmr nuetyilnil e\ que hi tenia parte <rii ilila panan^itt e 
nriti/" el lii\ii' lirla /iinnniiii midirni I'un n i(ui' el (inM i/r/m \\lai y tierra firmr gimm/ns prrtent(en nl 
,11. ^' ilmifante r lyn 'luMa le ilete crehir que ly 11/ piiiiipm nu.iii pethil" il iliihn llmirante iiinv'"' parte 
't /uiiii i'/"i^rti/ii \\eniti< t'niti lie tu tfiiriiinitii f </. n'*ii que n>i ana nmi^una uperan^a ni nutnta e inm i^u^ 
,.,1 /i..r,i i/i/ii imiiiiiriii 1' iiHitiii i/i Sus l/dsii. I<y </i<i lunpliila . c/iir.i mente \e tisponile alas que nmtrn 


n priipatytii la que 
ihien las sngrailas 
leyes. i|Ui.i lirllitiii.l 
I'riiii i|iium suiil 

l.ilisiimr inl(r|w- 
ir.iii'l.i. /■■ pwo5 /ill 
ir(n/ii fichas p/r 

hntisymm e nll"S 
enmii Sut .lltesas,ile 
i/iU'M mm que tie 
iilriis ninpuniis se 
eiperan aniplisymat 
lllc'r(ii/il. /•' p'lr r«- 
/.i la i/ic/iii (ir(i(I 

i i 





li^ AM 
., t III' 

Hill ' 

niojiur,n,yjH,ia tB^o «t«ll Mflfcr i||i rontr<ri>, iitD II tpp«r« fuitlip anb manifrftlp that 
V iinra mtnit par,,! i|)( i||irD p«rt of t^c 3|nDl(0 (inD iiialnUno btlongt to itif UM Htmirai. 

l'J!!Z"Jvn!',T. anO,«lntr tbr tent* 10 mo« rtisrnt, rciDcttlna ttr r(gbtt,alihougt tdat lo 
/ir> > A A. mr at Jicho aIoo Dcrp rHiOmr, ftt i( it br alltcto «g«init bmi, tb«t (It oiigbi not to |),ibc 
Knirriiifr. tbt Mlo tifbtt or tbt mfctbanDift anb ibins* tonbtjitb anb tarrirb m thr 

0Dfp« tDbitb totnt to biftobtc tbo«r tobitb totnt to tpt pratl« [pi«rl noht 
$ Ypariiuttidxnmo r|f0| ,„( g,h,r p^rtfl of bl0 iUibinfraltp, tobiU bttsag in tbt ifllanb of ttig 

11 clnritymn, •■ • -' ■ -• -«^ — «.. _^ . ^ «.. _.,^ .. 

lift tKhrtt'f] 

niitiqut Ian 

MiHv (litrn pira ly 

mnliatl $r iliiitt 

i/iit Nil hn lit nif r tl 

tticht inhavo drhl 

ipirrriiifrrini t fiuiii 

/^ iiulaa t Irayilni tn 

/o.i natins tfut han 

\ili< n dtieubnr aim 

ifut lurron aim ptr- 

1(1) t itirai parlts iltiu AlmiraHUulfn inlanin ijue rl f iMi'A tnln yila t'fpaSnla m i«rii|i» >/> Sub .Ilium, iliii,„, , 

i;k» mm eimlnhiiyit tl ilicho .llmiranlt rn tt armaiim i/r/Zm, rtipimili ifui a tl mm tt I' mi'lijicu la vi'n ilr (n/, , 

niiriHi Ni al Utnpi> ilria parliila Jut rrfurrii/ii ni miiiii'ii, ,v pi'f ttio (iimii ilt /urr al yxnranlt iiut putila fult^.i , 

VKurimciii lit nifumi /nso mm It currr litnpo, ma» In ynoramui tyn ningiiHa duhJii, da Itgilimn m utniii.n, „,,, 

ifi(i/M|ii>» pi"' rnlrrii h aty tt iltil rtilutir t rfriyr piir ttit rata qur tl .4lmirnnlt taly^fau iifrtiirKiliiti n i,i 

Inhuyr pur .iM parit al prtiruli « putiU ur tl culpaiio, mat anlti lu [lot] qui no It ban HvlyJuaUo lit y«r /,„„, 



ymo.aftrta p,„„oi« |n tbt fltcbitt of tbtic I>igbnt0flt0, 0a;lnff tbat tbt 0aib mnmm 
in tl quai 0)0 not tonttlputt totoarb0 tbtit tqiiipititnt } b(*n0\Btr0 tbat tbt tropdtdi 
an M'>t n ^f ^^^^^ tot00tl0 toao not notlRtb to bmi.nor tt tbttinu of tbtir brpartuu 
'" bib bt rtttlbt anjf btnianb or notltt -, iinb tbtrtfort, a0 br iiirt timt Boca 
not run again0t tbt ignorant tobo can probt Ignorancr or anp ract, tun 
ignorantt «itboutan)> hotibt afforb0 a Itglilniatt tttii0t anb tbrn tompittc 
rt0tltution. unb tbu0 it niii0t bt rt0olbtb anb afflrnitb in tbi0 caar, th,it 
tbt iapmiral rulQt0 bi0 part bf> olTtring to contrlbiitt bl0 ob'tt at iijr pre 
0cnt tiniti nor tan bt Dt blamtb, but catbtr tbO0t tobo bib not norirn to 
bint tBbat tbt; totrt bounb to noilfp. 

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i? ■ 

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;• J ' ij 


m\f Mt mtn\tnt\p that 
Si to tbf ««iO dtmicaf 

, that 6r Plight not to h., Of 
tt t(t ptarl* [pr«ri ftoht 
toag In ibt i0iant of iua 
na ttat tbt «alb idnmirai 
lit timt of tbtir brpartiirt 
orr, i0btiu;riintttio(a 
inorantf of ani* ract, bm 
biiir Ul« 0|l«rt at tbr pre 
o«r tBtio bib not notiri> to 

»ri 1(111 lit Su§ .illttiit, ./iiin, 
lit i« /■• Holijito la yirt lit i„i, , 
nl yniiranlt yur piKi^n fit,l,n,( , 
It, Jit ttftlimn '»'Kiii(iinriim, , 
Kit taly^lmr .i/rfiim,/,,,, ,i ,, , 
It tun milyjiitiiio /u yur (.,,„, 



■ I 

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I I ■ M 

!■' ', 

! 4' \ 

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>; f 

^i-Tlff X}GLC£XLjB^3S.'ti.XOXl of totjat btlonga, am tan anu ouffljt to belouff, to tlje 
^.c^Otniroi oftge 'inttitft bj> t)irtiie oC tije capitulation ani apccnunt toiiiclj ije niabe tnitt) tUric 
nifthn(0dt0> ^tl^^t) totnxft t^t title aiiti rfgljt tdat t|)e saiO ^aontical ano 1)10 DesstcnDantd l)atie to ttje 
gliiiDli anD ntainUnti in t|)e €>cean, id tlje rollotoing: 

'Srtie jfirflt SIrticlr. /-/i <'ec(ainfio« </t/o 

jfirfltl?, bp t!)e fiMt actltle tl)eic Hjioljnetffltd maDc Ijim tljtic £ltimical ?«« pf rffiffc <• pcr- 
of tl)t KJliinna ano nialnland Diatotoerrt ano to be DltftotieccD in tlje '••"''("■ P""'" ' '''''"' 
Ctcan.toitl) tUe pre>cminentec( anD actocDing anD in tljc ssantc manner «' *'";"^ ."""m'l'e 
atf the aDniiral oE tl)t gea of Caotile tiajJ anD IjolDff Ijisi aDmicaltp ^Mf^Y P'T'"" 

ill i)is( Difltntt. 

f nsirnfo 7U1; cim Sus 

fjfrrrt Jirme del 
mar cffuno, ts fs/c 
que se sigue. 

Ki i'rimero(.'apitutn. 
§ t*rimera menfe ptir 

(Tiianbt (ir 

of ttic tDliolc tooiib. 

(for Declaration btrfof it i& to be noteD tjat tfje aDniiral of Caatile Ijafl ,uie:as ji-.a, ^w « 

til) W priDilt(je tl)e tljirD pact of toljateljtc ia ijameD or \)t oball gain at ei tuuin c derecho 

gra^ toljereforc for tl)i(( reason fljeilDiniral of tijc inDicsoiiQljt to l)at)e vuc time w i/ir^u 

tic tl)irD part of tlicm (tlje 3iiDictf), anD of r'l tijat id gaincD in tljcm. Mmirante, y sus dc- 

for, Qcantins ttjat tt)e aDniiral of Cadtile Doetf not Ijabe tt)c tljirD 
(cccpt of Vohat i(( pincD on tlje Kca tobereof he is aDiniral, tlje aDini= 
ril of tl)e jnoito ooiJbt to baDe tbe t^irD of tbem, mf\ of all tbat is 
gamcD \>v. lant) fn tt)cm. 
f lie ceason is, because tbeir t>isbnesses conimanDeD bmi to gain is-- 

IdiiDS anD mainlanD, anD tbereof especially tbcp DcsignatcD l)im aDniu , ,, 

rai, ano from t^em ano in tbem Ije ougUt to babe bio retoaro, as one " f"'"™ "p""'" Mi;.ii[aiiica.iiiiro 
u,i)o is aomiral tijereof, ano tubo gaineo tbcin, at muclj risk, tontrarp ^^;;^ '""'.'m.w;. 1^% ttr ov.m",. 

to tje opinion of tbe tobolc toorlD. ,,,,„,, ^,,,„, , ,„,,,„ 

'Ebe feecono article. jiim" dcscuhurtas e 

5p tbe secono article, tbat tbeir liigbnesses maoc bitn tljtic iLlicerop /""^ desa,h,yr .m; 
,inb (Fobcrnor OPeneral of all tbe saiD islanos anO inainlanD, toitl) '""'; "('«"<> f""'"'' 
fatiiltj' to babe all tbe otiicrj. tobicb appertain to tbe gobtrnment, cvtcpt /"^'''""""nri'<s < se- 

liiat tijeic DigbntssfS coulo appoint one out of tbreejano aftcrtoaros ^""' ' " '" 

tbeic l')igbnessts maoe bint a nets grant of tbe satO otntes in tbe pears 

iiinctpttDO ano ninet}>=tbree, b)> a pribilege bestotucD, toitljout tbt saiD 


Ct)c trplanation bereof is, that the saio offices of Cliccrop ano (Fotoernor 

liclong to tbesatO aomiral, toitbtactiltP to appoint all the otficecs of the 

olEceo anb magistracies ot the saiO ]j notes, liccaitse tbcir lilgbncsscs, 

III rttoaro anD as it toere pavment tor his labour, anO for the erpense 

\sl|i(b tbe saiO ;«10miral incurrco, in OiscoOering anO gaining the SaiO 

ijiiDitO, maDe bun a grant of tbe saiD cilices anO goOetniiicnt, togctber /,„r(. dii,, </«, «. p,<- 

tolll) tlje SaiO fatllltl'. na -> ,; ^..imin iiila 

fo: It IS a tierp cure tbdig that, at the lirginmng, the saiD aomiral >>uirpor,iii, p.^r (-la 
boiilO notbrOiopootO, nortooiilo ani'inan babf bccuOispoocO (totDarOs "'■■"" •' "'""'""'■ 
tt)t imDertatiing^ consiOering tbr risk ano bauuo, if in rctoarO anO ''''"' ''"'"'* ''"' 
Dapintnt for sucban enterprise tbcir liigbnesscs tuoulD not grant bim ""J '". '"''" /"'/'' 
fit saiD offices ano gobcrnment. ''■ "" ''' ""' ■ > '''''" 


/ V 

tnlit uutnvra 

ifut tl .thmrtintv t/t- 

Ittmur di ( astillit ha 

tuttf su (ilmiran- 

tiuliin tn su litstrito. 

I'ltra (hitiirarion 
(/i W(i. ( s (/(■ mititr ifuv 
(7 Almirimii t/c ( ti- 
stillit tttnt por su 
/)»( iilltj') ta tt'r{itt 

axtr /(I 
(/i//<r iltllas 

(/«( lUt tilts ■ 

i f(i puc\to que rl .-tlmirante lU CaittUiJ no nya ct ffrpfiM f terciit] salto dilit que sc f^nna por Itt mar dt dnndc 
tl ti Almirante \ cl .Almirnnte] dvlns »i(/i(M t/rir it\t r tl ter^in dtllm, y i/c fci/o lo ijut por titrra entllns ,it' piitia. 

\ in rnznti f,i por que Su\ -^Itizm ysUis t ttfmt Jit me Ir mandunm nitnar, y dtlttjs svhijlitdit ttuntt It- t:tuliiti>n 
\lmuanu, y dellas. y nti'.Uis dett- aivr tl finhirdim cotnn quien f s .tltnirnntr dtllas y cim tntichi' pWii^ro cvntnt 
'.I -pMiyon df tt'do rl munJi) las ^rtno. 

( iipitutn S,-^und<K 
^ Por el $ff>undn capituh qut Sus Altfsas U hiztrri>n su I n.t ny, y (ioiemadnr ffeneral de todtU las dtchas ys* 
irtj t Urrrit Jirme con facuUad qur ofii ir todv% los (>/i(i'is t/w. prrtfnf\fn aht p'ni'rna(inn e(t'hti> df trtss Sus 
iltfzas pu'ittien nonbrar «/ uno, y de^purt Su% .tllrzai Ir hi:itr-'n ftutia mtr\fd i/t'ns duhos tji{i'*s intos 
rti.ii i/f nmrntti e di'i, y noxenta r tris por prtt ilUrto otorpado, s\n la duha iondii,'i<'n, 

i Id declitra^tfn di^to *•,$ qur al duhn tlmtrantt perttnti,en lo\ dichits l'fi^^^'S t/i I mo rey e (ioiernador, con 
liiiultad dt ponn ttKios lo\ ofi{iaUs dtto\ vfn i, s, V maci^tratos dilas duhas ) ndhis. por qut- Su% ■llttsa'i itt 
^k(ttitriion. V iil*^ pn^'o dt \u trill ah'. V iosUi qut tl dn ho .thnu itntt- /'lift i m i/t Mobtyr, y i:anar las duhas ) n- 
.iui\ U ttiitron m€r^^d ./»/■'.» duhn\ i-Ji^uny ^(iurn*i( infi n>nla duha faiultad 

i I a mu\ (irrf/i totii rs qut at ptln^lplo <l dnho Almitanti non .m dtspusura ni pi r^ona nli:una >• oiii r it •ii\ 
;'ur\(t). tuatii^tdo rusf^o r aitntura ^y *n f^alitidun i paf^v dt tat yupma Sui .llttiit:> nun U otor^aran lui ut<.hi'> 
. fttitji, y ^uv rntntuH. 


.'/.■<. I i/iH' i;V,t' </«,• 
L,//;'i //i /nt/i\t.i 

ii- li\lo tl miimlo. 



■: if 

) I 

. 1 .1 

Vi I., 

I, ■' 



) ' ■ I- 

1.0S guaUs Sus Ml- jaftftf) tt)inffi< tljefc tiiffljntMeiJ fufltlp granted to Will, (it ocHec tt)at t|)e 

iezas justamente le 0a(ti aDtitfral iitfcbt be t^t tiioce tifff|)i? beneRteO, gonouceD ano txiUtH 

oiorgaron par que m tjjat tijfnff tDljerefn <)e jiad reniiereD t|)em uutl) tKgnal oertite. 

fuese lie aquello cim 

que Ian sehaittdo ser- $ov tlje Haiti iSDnifral tootilD rtceftie beep Ifttle ^onour, oc pectapd none, 

vifioiesfmiaeuiicha ttieti t^ouffl) Uc tfljoiilD ijfllje otljec papnunr, if in tljat lanD, atquireti bv 

.iimirante nnits que jjmt toft^ (SO mucfi DifBf.uItp, ttjeir Ijifftineflsjeff toece to appoint anotlitc 

antes aprvvechaih ,„ jjjg p(,itf . am, (((nct foc fltitl) juflt taujjefl (je Ijiifl lietu enDotoet) toith 

honrrado y subii- tyciit, tl)c 08(0 officejj aiiD ffoljernment )u(jtlp beloiiff to tj)c jjalo abtiijcal. 


§ la muypnca hon- flnti betau0e tioto, tDl)lle tt)e 0aiD :at)ni(ral teas peaceablp etectitingjii 

rrn o easy mnf^una x\)t flecbice of tljelc l?iB|)neMtff, tl)e fiaiD ofiBcea in tbe s(a(D JntKeu.tijtp 

redhiera el dtcho Ai- (jabc DcpntjeO IjiHi oE t^c po00e00ion tijertof uniii0tlp, and contnirp to 

miranie aunque otro ,iii reaoon and ciffljt, tD(t|)oiit bcinff 0untmoned, or l)eard or tonbitteti 

pop" <"'"•" si en tye 0aid admiral declarco l)tl)a0rttcited tberebptoerptjrtatiniurji, and 

aqueita iierra par el „„,tj, offlijonflur Ml ^10 ptr0on and lo00 in 1)10 DroDtrtp i and attordina 

n,,i tantapena ^ana. jg (^j jj^jj, jpfjjjj jj apptaro tUarlp for t\)t foUotoinff rea0on0. 

(/(I *us .tllezas oust- 

iran oimen su lupar ]Bttau0c t\)t Oflid admiral could not be dt0poiled or drpribed of bifl aaiti 

rfy.osyemernafwn. ^'"fH actording to lato. 
§ >- pnr que apora Silnd in bring depribed toitbotit iti0t caiioc tt)e oaid admiral reccibth 
('( .hcho Mnurante great iniurr, aiid great iniii0ttce toa0 done to t)imi and tben b? lab) r